David Bohm said there was an implicate and explicate order, with the explicate order being the distorted image that those mired in materialism witness of the implicate order, which is the raison d’être for existence. Mircea Eliade said basically the same thing except he called the explicate order the profane and the implicate the sacred. Much, most I dare say, of what we have written is of the sacred and henceforth all else will be. Heaven burns and the world burns with it.

Every story has a beginning and an ending. Everything in between is just a story. Once shamans made up stories how we got here and called them religion. Now academics make up different ones and call it science. They always got a story, and each one is different from the last. They just keep telling stories until they got no more left to tell. Let me tell you my story, it just may be the last. – Jack Heart

The Fall

In a place before time began, the dark and formless void was pierced by a point of light. And from that light, in four directions, more light expanded, till each direction became conscious of itself. Each of the four lights had become separated from the original point, which was so much greater than the darkness. In the original point, they had existed in ecstatic bliss and wanted for nothing because they were a part of everything. Now, they were profoundly lonely, so they divided themselves and became male and female. In the time before Egypt, they were known as Ogdoads.

Intertwined in ever shifting colors and shapes, each male and female explored the other in an orgy fueled by boundless lust. Their ecstasy generated uncountable writhing forms, convulsing in pleasure, each one more erotically alluring than the last. All were perfect. To behold them, which none but their creators could, was to be overwhelmed with desire. Periodically the fornications of one or the other of the four pairs would reach their frenzied climax, and the original point of light from which they had come would seize them from the inside out and bath all that was near them in brilliant glowing bliss.

With each climatic crescendo of the four pairs lovemaking, the light would expand further into the void. The darkness fled before the approaching light in terror, nothing could stand before the great light. Soon, it would envelope the entire void and the darkness would exist no more. The forms generated by the four pairs all defined perfection itself but the most perfect of all came from Sophia and Lucifer. Compared to the forms produced by the others theirs were startlingly better and the great light shined brightest in them.

In her vanity Sophia became obsessed with her reflection in the forms she and Lucifer had produced. She became convinced that alone she could generate the purest form of the great light. Then all the glory of conquering the darkness would be hers and hers alone. She resolved to make love only to herself and when she did a flaming beacon appeared far off in the darkest reaches of the outer void.

Lucifer was incensed and the other two pairs that could see it fearful. Sophia, fascinated by the flaming light, continued in her erotic rapture and the flame grew brighter. It was coming at the great ball of light the four pairs had already produced with incredible speed. When it smashed into it all was shattered and hurled in every direction of the void.

Wherever there was not a remnant of the great light, the darkness swiftly filled it. In the center of the exploding light appeared the flaming light now by far the biggest thing in the void. From it issued a thundering voice that shook the void itself: “I Am Abraxas, and I am that I am” and thus did time begin.

In the many worlds created; fractals of the source, each one duplicating the scattered source with slight variation, dwelled the fallen eight ruled over by the tyrannical Abraxas. All together they were nine. They existed in perpetuity in a place called Sirius, and from there they emanated into all the worlds.

The worlds were all connected by portals or Lorentzian wormholes to the three-star system of Sirius. Periodically near a place now called Earth a dark star would appear and drag the nine through the black hole from whence it came back to Sirius. This ferry back to Sirius occurred at regular intervals every thirty-six hundred years and there the nine and all their children could bask in the thermal radiation, light in a perfect black body spectrum, of the Black Sun.

Because it was all that was left of the original point of pure light that had appeared somewhere around what is now called Orion the black light had the power of rejuvenation. The return of the ferry back to Sirius was traditionally awaited in the Temple of the Dog in the shadow of what is now called Mount Yengo in the Blue Mountains of Australia. Sirius because it always follows closely behind Orion is called the Dog Star.

These were their days, and these were their nights. There was no sun as we know it today, nor was there a moon. A day was thirty-six hundred years, and the nights were longer. The nine would become synonymous with the nine worlds of the hyperboreans, a race of super beings the fallen Ogdoads created in the far north to be their equals.

The four gates of time had been sealed shut and there was no more need for a gatekeeper, so Abraxas took the name of Ialdabaoth, or child of the void. Anu was his title. The fallen Ogdoads stayed as far away from him as possible which was easy because he had created his own world called Saturn. There to amuse himself he would create beings and nurture them until they had built thriving civilizations, then he would smash their city’s down and kill the beings in the cruelest ways he could imagine. He had once eaten alive his own children as Sophia, now called Asherah, their mother looked on shrieking in horror.

The fallen Ogdoads emulated the Anu, and all created their own worlds, Asherah’s was called Venus and Lucifer now called Marduk called his world Mars. They would not speak to each other again until the end of time but always they remained bound by love.

The fallen Ogdoads interacted on earth where they divided time into days for the bright light of the sun and night for the darkness and the pale light of the moon. Earth would be neutral in the perpetual war for the void. They covered it with lush forests and jungles, competing to outdo each other in creating new flora and fauna. Unfortunately for the exotic plants and animals they created nothing lived very long on earth and by the Anu’s decree all they created must regularly consume each other for sustenance or die immediately.

Appalled by their Anu’s cruelty and lonely the Anunnaki, as the fallen Ogdoads referred to themselves, created the Hyperboreans at the furthest point north. Ialdabaoth seldom even came to earth and if he did it was only to kill things. He could kill all he wanted right in the Mesopotamian and Indus valleys.

The Hyperboreans were hermaphrodites, male and female at the same time, born complete, and spared having to quest for the other half of their soul as every human must do. They would live forever as long as they could renew themselves in the light of the Black Sun. They were gods in their own right and it was inevitable that they would assert themselves as such. There was the promethean rebellion and Marduk exterminated all of them that could not escape into the interdimensional cubby holes that riddled the earth in its northern and southern extremities. The fornications of Asherah had made Marduks heart the hardest thing in all the worlds and on Mars war was waged perpetually as a pleasure greater than lovemaking. Even Enlil, as Ialdabaoth had taken to calling himself, feared Marduk as the fiercest of the nine.

On earth, the three pairs still intact sired children which were called Nephilim. Asherah, who swore to never have children again with Enlil, experimented on creating forms that she would imbue with Zoe, which was the essence of her own soul. There were animals and even plants now that shared the soul of the Goddess. They were called Chaioth Ha Qadosh. There were races of beings that only she and the other eight could see; nymphs and sylphs, fairy’s, leprechauns, and Gnomes. For mischief, she created the Djinn who could take any form they wished.

Dearest to her heart were the Men and Women she created with the help of the others. They looked much like the Hyperboreans, a physical representation of the most beautiful of the forms she and Lucifer had generated, only lacking the burning light of Lucifer. So that the men and women would not grow arrogant and opinionated, as the Hyperboreans had, input from their pineal gland was blocked so that they could perceive only what they needed to survive and what threatened that survival. Spiritually they were unable to evolve to the height of the Djinn or Chaioth Ha Qadosh. They would be male and female just like the Fallen Ogdoads, separate like the day and the night.

They would live for thousands of years in their prime and for the ones who saw the light of the Black Sun much, much longer. Their capacity for problem solving was equal to the gods that made them. They were her children. In the Mesopotamian valley they called her Innana and Ishtar. In the Indus valley; she was called Anahita and Tara. In the South along the Nile they called her Isis and in the wild southern jungles Oloddumare. In the North they called her Freyja, but she had many other names on earth.

When the Nephilim saw the beauty of the woman they sired children with them. They taught the children writing, irrigation, farming and cosmetics to make women even more seductive. They taught them to use Magick to command the spirits, the Djinn of Asherah and even the fiery Shaitan of Marduk to build great cities and monuments of stone. They taught the human race how to govern by laws and above all to respect the fallen Ogdoads as the parents and overlords of both the Nephelium and the human race. They taught the human race to always make sacrifice to them, whether it be blood, deed, or ordeal.

Under the watchful eye of the Nephilim the earth became known as the Garden of Enlil but fortunately for the human race Enlil had not been to the earth in millions of days. He had been preoccupied wiping out the current occupants of Saturn with a plague that slowly and agonizingly dissolved them. He had given them a cure, but he made sure he had given it to the most greedy and stupid among them. He watched with glee as the cure was withheld until it was too late.

Eden Lost

Delighted with himself Enlil arrived on earth to boast a little southwest of the Mesopotamian valley in a place called Baalbek where he knew a great temple had been built for him. But unbeknownst to him Asherah had also instructed the Babylonians, master magicians who called her Ishtar, to build another temple with fifteen-hundred-ton stones in commemoration to the virility of Marduk. It was to be called the Temple of Solomon, or the Sun of Man because Marduk was now the brightest thing in the void. Asherah was making overtures to Marduk, and Enlil who considered her his whore even though she was his mother, went berserk…

As was customary among the Anunnaki, Enlil had taken human form for his visit to earth. Because the human form was the most aesthetically pleasing the Anunnaki always wore it on earth. Only they accessorized with whatever animal parts they deemed appropriate. Enlil had chosen deadly cobras for legs and the head of a rooster because the fighting cocks magnificent red comb acted as the crown of Anu. His torso was that of a mighty man and when he slammed his unyielding fist into the ground, the whole earth shook. Fifteen-hundred-ton stones cracked in the quarry. Many of the columns on the two great edifices collapsed bringing a cascade of stone down upon the Shaitan who had been working on it.

The fearsome demons fled in terror back down into the fiery bowels of the earth from whence they came, and the thundering voice of Abraxas issued forth from the sky on every corner of the earth. “I am Anu, lord of the Anunnaki and I have no equal among them.” With the swiftness of thought he scoured the earth and saw all the humans and their mighty cities built of stone. In Babylon, he saw an enormous tower dedicated to Marduk, whom the humans worshiped over him, but even more troubling was what he saw in a city now called Aleppo in the western end of Mesopotamia. There they had been taught by the Nephilim, whom he had not even known existed, to look to a star they called Nephîlā′ and the constellation to which it followed like a dog as the place of the Supreme Being whom they called Ain Soph Aur or the Limitless Light…

In the East, where they called him Indra and in the West, where he had many names, the humans made sacrifice to Marduk and directed their prayers to Asherah. Enlil shook with rage and brought towering waves boiling down upon the hapless cities dedicated to Indra that dotted the Indian coast, drowning the inhabitants, and submerging the cities forever. In the West, he caused the Mediterranean to burst its bounds and flood into what was then northern Mesopotamia but is now the Black Sea. For forty days and forty nights rain fell in torrential sheets, streams became rivers and the rivers seas. In the city dedicated to Nephîlā′ all were drowned, humans and sons, daughters, and wives of the Nephilim. The Nephilim escaped by turning themselves into aquatic humanoids, but they would never again live on land.

Dry land was to be found only high up in the mountains, where the few humans who had survived made their way. There, the survivors built a great bonfire, making sacrifice of any finery they may have had left and their remaining incense. The Frankincense, Myrrh and Sandalwood made a sweet-smelling cloud that wafted down the mountainside to the now quickly receding water. One by one the Anunnaki appeared by the fire.

First was Thoth, he was always the swiftest. Then came Anat, Asherah’s bloodthirsty sister, feared by all except Marduk and Enlil. She was followed by Samael, whom the humans called Ptah. He had personally given them the secret of steel. Then came Asherah followed by Irkalla, whom the humans called Hecate. She usually had no use for humans other than to torment them, seducing the most beautiful of the men, then killing them. Next appeared Enki. His skills in Magick were surpassed only by Asherah herself. Finally came Demeter who had created the plants that fed the humans and the animals. Sweet Demeter was appalled by what Enlil had done.

Marduk, whose tower had been hurled into Enlil’s newly created Black Sea, wasn’t coming. Henceforth he had but one raison d’être, to kill Enlil. When Enlil did finally appear, he was gloating and pompously made his way toward the fire, but his path was abruptly blocked by Asherah. She spoke sharply to him as no one ever had before: “I alone made you and I alone can destroy you. I kept hoping that in time you would acquire wisdom and understanding and be worthy of your title as Anu, but now I see it will never be.” Her usually seductive voice now cracked with rage and the whole mountain shook. She tore the adornment of Lapis Lazuli from her neck. The beads bounced on the ground and shot in every direction, as if they had a life of their own, and they did.

Each of the beads of pure Lapis Lazuli on her Magick necklace could be used to command the Djinn. Thoth went racing after them and he got a few, but no one knows where the rest went. Now she spoke in a voice just as thunderous as Abraxas: “You have killed my children not once but twice. On this necklace do I swear eternal vengeance upon you. I give it to the remaining creatures of the earth, so now they may hold power over you. The fate of the great Ialdabaoth is now a matter for the creeping crawling things of the earth, and you will know from this day forward your fate has been sealed…”

Enlil was visibly stunned. He’d never been challenged before. He produced a scepter, mounted on the tip was a glowing black rock from the dark star of Sirius. He pointed it at the seven of them huddled by the fire and said: “since you all like humans so much, from here on you shall each have to live as one, you will grow old and die just like they do. You will then be born again and repeat the same process, over and over. But now I have poisoned the sun and under it aging will take place much more rapidly.

And you Asherah, you filthy whore, you dare to curse me? You will be born over and over as the whore you are; you will know only sorrow. You may rule eternity, but it is I who rule time. You and the others will not know freedom until you once again feel the light of the Black Sun. Only now the ferry is broken. This black stone was its engine!” There was an enormous flash of lightning, thunder shook the earth, and he was gone…

This was written as a prologue for a book I was asked to write by a well-known Hollywood persona. The book is an ongoing project for both Orage and I. It will be labeled as fiction which finally frees me to say what I know but cannot prove according to the stringent academic standards we have imposed on ourselves for the last eight years. It should be ready by summer but if you want to read it as it is written you can join our Patreon site for as little as five dollars. Here are the links to the finished parts. 

Prologue – The Fall, a story 

Part 1 – Before There Was Darkness There Was White 

Part 2 – The Twentieth Century Begins & People of the Abyss  

Part 3 – Aleister Crowley at Boleskine Manor & Mythic Men and Mythic Cities 

Part 4 – Vienna, the City of the Goddess 

Part 5 – Master of the East 


  1. No hurry, we dropped below five hundred a day but now we're well above it again, somebody needs to do a collected works of Jack Heart with comments, I ain't got time but this stuff has an international audience and in sane world Penguin would have put it to hardcopy already…

  2. One of the joo's that got shot by Rittenhouse looked remarkably like the little man that our "FBI man" took out in Twin Peaks season Three. LOL

  3. I was at the local goodwill a few months ago and found a wonderful copy of the soundtrack from the movie The Sting. America is nothing but the long con Jack.

  4. Jack,
    I am working on a piece.
    Its coming together in sections, which is unusual for me.
    At this point, COVID is a masque for forces at play that most are unaware of, and getting to a description that is comprehensive is the next step.

  5. I am a fan of said vaccine Jack as my daughter who works at the local subway got interrogated by her asswipe boss about the vaxx as he pontificated about said vaccine that he just gave to his 5 year old child. He was using his position of authority to bully my daughter. Frankly I hope he dies along with his family.

  6. Frankly I've believed Kyle Rittenhouse is a crisis actor since Bother Nathanial (an NSA opp) was the first one to produce the "shooting" footage last August, the jury out for 3 days sealed the deal, the old pregnant pause for drama, a fucking circus. I’ve already said this starting from George Floyd to the rioting in Kenosha which obviously was everything but encouraged by the police, has all been staged. Keep the dummy Black and Whites at each other’s throat while we “vaccinate” them. You can’t see this is all one big show all I can tell you is you probably need a booster…

  7. No discussion of our dear Rittenhouse? A god dammed german I see who just about got gunned down. The only thing they could do to nail him was to blur the video.

    Ever hear of Rolling Coal? No one did that in Kenosha today.

  8. And you want to blame the Catholics Jack? I am patton in my local community as I can muster the men. no need for me to muster anybody as Spirit directs a life.

  9. Write it Mike and we'll publish it, I'll even do a mailout maybe the girly men at VT will publish you, I see they publish Jonas. I guess because he's a non threatening Black man, I'm a White nationalist because my sperm is worth four times more than theirs or their readers…

  10. I got an interesting fact for all of you, unvaccinated sperm is going for four times more than vaccinated sperm at the sperm bank. Not only has the law of naturel selection spoken but the law of the free market. Am I supposed to be pleased that the republicans finally created a coalition to fight that disgusting puppet's handlers? Well I'm not, how many of those buffoons' qualified their participation by saying they are pro vaccine and are vaccinated. At the very least that shows a lack of character and judgement, I don't need any faggot like that on my side, go home to mommy motherfuckers, literally, before this get rough because its going too…

  11. We already outlined them in the Bormann Faction. That Rapport geek concurs. Stan where have you been? You know I worry, for real too, this comment section should have an obituary…

  12. Dr. M. follows a tried and true method to discern a linear path to decode COVID.
    However, if we examine the narrative, what we discover is that the core issue is cognitive rather than physical.
    Here we are struck with a classic case of filling the blanks of the unknown with a proposition that is unchangeable, and resists all attempts at examination and analysis.
    First, we have the notion of a deadly disease, conveniently a virus, that is ferociously attacking humanity around the world. To support this assumption, any number of fraudulent statements are issued in a form that prevents them from being seen in any other context besides hype and fear.
    This is extremely useful at this stage, because any injury and death caused by the shots can be blamed upon the mystery illness itself. This is phase ii of the program, where the danger and damage can now be exponentially advanced.
    This comment section is too short of a format to allow a comprehensive explanation, however it must be noted that the shots themselves are still comprised of undefined ingredients, a fact which allows compositions to be regularly changed to achieve targets and goals.
    I have written here rather extensively on the subject of Humanity's true nature, higher power, and transhumanism. All of these aspects and more are most strongly at play.
    We dedicate our feasts to the old gods
    For it is they who protect us.
    We flee from the lust for death
    For it She who contends to ignite
    Our potential.
    We discover our essence within
    Perceptive Awareness
    For this is who we are
    Identity is the car
    To take us through
    This rite of passage.

  13. Jack, was pondering your story and I was thinking about how Spirit created the mother. There were four pairs in the beginning as the narrative never says where they came from however, a remarkable woman decided to expand her light and from the Narrative: "In a place before time began, the dark and formless void was pierced by a point of light." Simply another definition of Spirit as its a mystery.

    So, the star of the narrative is Spirit I see. As Spirit shall fix the mess it created. Just an observation.

  14. There has been a story, an evil story, that has come down from the high priests of interpretation.
    The story brings division, ostracism, and destruction. The hate for the other cannot transform alchemically in the divided psyche, and this then functions to become a wedge, only in need of a hammer to begin to separate the human will from source. This has been known for a long time, and it takes many forms.
    The current form is designed to be final hammer put into the wedge.
    The USA has long been hijacked by deceptive control strategies launched by cowards who hide behind official faces. They always support the official face that is most destructive, most divisive, and they kill those faces that dare to see even a glimpse of something higher-JFK.
    The war is now entering a crucial phase, I have called it phase ii and have been laughed at and mocked for daring to claim this, yet it is true. It is as I have been told.
    The true war, the war that has raged since the dawn of civilization has destroyed countless attempts by the acolytes of total control, and their resistance, to build upon any gains they might have achieved, until now.
    The hijack of the human system is an intrinsic aspect of the new forms of control both conceived and realizable by those who pull the strings of "global society".
    The call to join this ascendancy is becoming more shrill, more psychotic, more devoid of any natural basis. This is precisely what one should expect from a tyranny of synthetic synapses built upon the dead structure of the murdered innocent, and it comes with a most terrible price.
    Of course this latest generation of high priests of the wedge also require their acolytes to attempt to deflect the cost they have incurred.
    It is, a desperate effort for those who just realized that they cannot achieve the level of domination they knew they required for ultimate success.
    But the war always gets more intense with desperation.
    Amazing times to live in.

  15. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2021/11/09/privileged-teen-to-ran-down-6-cyclists-during-prank-finally-charged-with-something/

    VT? The above is simply how stupid that they have become. They let a depraved goof ball like Ian Greenhog run the place and expect good information to come out? Cyclists? They all are buying expensive Ebikes since they all took the fucking jab. Good on them. LOL

    The way things are going I could win the tour at 64 since I am a pureblood.

  16. Well, I don't mind pointing out a few things for free.
    The oldest war humanity ever faced is the current war, and it continues to rage because it is as much within humanity as without. Look at the current gene serum injections everyone erroneously continues to call vaccines. The essence of them is a use of dead DNA in order to hijack the host organism. This hijacking turns one's body into self attacking, self mutilating, self destructive slave to the hive mind. There is more, and it's even worse, yet the key takeaway here should be the self attack directive.
    Looking back to 1307, there were certain forces then that were determined to destroy the human connection to higher realms, yet their victory was incomplete.
    Today, they believe they can finish that war.
    If you do take the shot, you are agreeing to submit your life to the cause of turning humanity into a genetically engineered slave race dominated by the transhumanist grid. China does have something to do with it, since they are turning all of modern life into a digital antenna, but the real battle is in the arctic, where American rockets are attempting to seal off this planet.

  17. We are already at war with the CCP not necessarily the Chinese people. The bio weapon was released as whom would benefit? The Chinese people as they can not feed themselves.

    A wise warrior would hold off and let the weapon do its work. As Like Duff in Vietnam many of America's best called for air strikes on their own position.

    Warning you see.

  18. I spent yesterday in very disturbing communication with people I have in Asia, these are serious people, you know the type that used to read Veterans Today. They feel war with China is eminent and now unavoidable and if I told you who they were over a billion people would be in the market for bomb shelters but I can't say no names that's part of the deal being me, but that is also an example of how wired in I am, you can pay Glen Greenwald five dollars a month, and its worth it I have, to attack the MSM, you can pay me five dollars a month to get a glimpse behind the curtain. No more free rides, I took a monetary beating giving people the facts on those "vaccines." As Schlomo likes to say; "NEVER AGAIN!!!"

  19. For those who support me we all go out of our way to answer any questions they may have, the bulk of which come in private messaging but some of those posts are open to the public. Consequently, so are the comment sections. We most recently posted Sir Henry At Rawlinson End, a madcap spoof from the eighties about the British aristocracy post WW II. Then my cousin the Sage of Quay, and the guy most responsible for removing Paul McCartney from the Beatles equation and adding Crowley’s bastard son Billy Shears, came on and explained why the movie is just one more legacy of Aleister Crowley, stuff I didn't even know. So for the cheap fucks sitting out here in the cheap seats there are many free treasures to be had in the comment sections of the open posts on our Patreon page. Here frankly I don't give a shit and more often than not I just shoot from the hip…

  20. We have private conversations about the work over on the patreon page as of course Jack has always advertised.

  21. Just an observation but perhaps the beginning of tyranny?

    From the narrative: "The darkness fled before the approaching light in terror, nothing could stand before the great light."

    Dose science not say that the Dark universe is like 95% of what can be observed? Do they not call it visible light? Perhaps I am mistaken.

  22. "Wherever there was not a remnant of the great light, the darkness swiftly filled it. In the center of the exploding light appeared the flaming light now by far the biggest thing in the void. From it issued a thundering voice that shook the void itself: “I Am Abraxas, and I am that I am” and thus did time begin."

    Of course quoting the narrative, it is noted that "He" came out of the void? As he scattered the light across the universe in a mighty act of creation and sent the four pair scrambling.

    Is not more light better than less? Clearly there was more after he came or am I perhaps miss reading the narrative?

    The eight became the Nine because of her as I don't see that as bad as its a matter of perspective. Makes me ponder the wonder of her. The very original wonder woman.

    Just an observation.

  23. Why Mike that is exactly what we are doing now but for now on I get paid to do this shit. Yea we'll revisit the Templars but not for free. "They got their last click out of Jr," free click that is. Anybody wants to read it can pay us their five dollars and read it as its written on Patreon. As you must know this blog has the bulk of its readers overseas, shit average per week is 1500 in America and 2000 in France alone. We get anywhere from 20 to 200 in country's like the Ukraine and Poland. In fact I was on the phone with my man in the Ukraine last night…

  24. She is lost

    He can't find her

    never apart

    like a movie

    love never sorry

    together from the beginning

    A point of light

    right in front of me

    upon a screen

    Gospel I see

    talk to me

    destined to be together

    from the beginning

  25. Yeah, well when the Russian military invades Ukraine to depose the thoroughly corrupt and suicidal Nuland Neocon regime, which is immanent, there will be about 300 stunned experts, and they all write for VT.
    Sorry to Mr. D. ahead of time, but I don't think he realizes that the echoe chamber he created is no longer significant.
    It's time to revisit the Templar heritage, not simply as a historic watershed moment, but as a resonant field that holds great potency today, now.
    Simply put, the current transhumanist ascendancy is a decrepit dream of terminal cowards who hide behind the facades they manipulate. However, there is another facade that stands direct and open in the land of Fatima, and it's power is unmatched, because it hearkens to Source.
    The battle rages as we write. I only aim to do my part, however humble, in this destiny, determining for the human condition.

  26. Thing is Mike VT has chased all their legitimate readers here, they don't want to hear anything good about the vaccine, as if there is anything good to say. Had to delete my last comment, let us just suffice to say Dennis Rappaport recently plagiarized our work from the Bormann Faction III, commenters on another site where he felonious "work" was published called it immediately, I don't know why these guys can't credit us, we get an idea from somewhere we credit the author. I feel sorry for the people who read these types of people of very low moral fiber. But I digress, I won't run a pro vaccine article, and that is about the only criteria I have except great writing, I run Kaminski articles and don't agree with half the things he says but he's a fucking great writer and so are you…

  27. Interesting.
    I am currently working to place the forces we are dealing with in an understandable context, so writing a piece may very well be the best method to present this case.
    I'm surprised you would think that I might endorse "gene therapy" injections. For one thing, these injections are the vehicle for the transhumanist agenda, THE vehicle. I am deeply and permanently opposed to the transhumanist agenda, for reasons I have already detailed.
    Somewhat amazingly, I actually find congruence with the description provided by Archbishop Vigano concerning the gene therapy injections.
    Let's be very clear. The current injections are not vaccines. They have no similarity to vaccines in behavior, application, or effect.
    The word vaccine is merely a Trojan horse for the ignorant, and those who demand that you subject yourself to it have zero rational evidence to support their demand.
    Writing to commence shortly.

  28. Well Mike I had the numbers on this blog over 20 thousand reads per month but seeing as Phil and I deemed it our duty to write about COVID invoking the wrath of the intell community and the fact that I am writing a book and no longer have time to post on here the numbers have recently dropped back down to 15000, you want you can write a whole piece and we will post it here. Just don't go endorsing "vaccines (we don't murder children here)" and you can say whatever you want.

  29. Appreciated.
    Unfortunately, my primitive device is strangely incapable of following youtube addresses, it brings me to a page with privacy agreements…who says censors have no sense of humour?
    Amazing attributes of Gnosticism filter into all stories with any spiritual resonance in the hearts and minds of those who follow such stories.
    If nothing else, Gnosticism provides the tonic for powerlessness, a paddle for those who run the river in their tiny craft.
    This isn't the first time humanity has descended so willingly into madness and subservience, but it may well be one of the most significant of such events, for the simple reason that it truly is the few who can provide balance to the depths of howling insanity, through the sheer realization of awareness.
    We certainly won't find any leadership with the Catholics, who are consumed with their own civil war. It's almost ironic, that the Pope has sold out to the transhumanists, but it did give him the opportunity to mark the start of the second phase.
    The rite of passage for humanity continues to unfold. It is true to observe that things get most real when one's back is to the wall.

  30. We are living in an echoe.
    Our time is not just our time.
    We are obsessed with the demon,
    A fantasy, a mime.
    So many worship death,
    Eager in her delight.
    They forget there is no true other,
    When there is neither darkness
    Or the Light.
    Few feed the old Gods
    With their stuff of sustenance.
    They do not know in their ignorance
    They who hold the burning mushroom at bay
    Or why
    In princely sleep
    They think it's up to men.
    Alone and shackled the mute spirit
    Brings the dawn
    Of the vision beyond the black sickness
    Transhuman is the bond.
    The great separation
    Slavery and death
    Is the moment to grasp the wonder
    Ponder destiny with essence.

  31. Jack's one helluva mental wave rider and like you the subtle Otto Rahn drops really are nuggets that seem to connect this reality to something else. A clue that's just waiting for people to read between the lines and make their own connections. I always got that disturbing feeling of the tragedies here somehow not actually happening as though it has happened, but it really hasn't either. As though a lesson is being taught and most are completely missing the point. A war is still being played out yet one side seems to be holding fast as I screamed for them to do something. Again, missing the point as I continue to do even to this day I'm sure. If the false world we live in fell away today people would scream in horror like I did before the adjustment into it later coming back and whispering to let it all go its not real and the horror isn't that bad. Breaking the illusion for others almost makes you feel like a monster but the bandaid must come off. I am almost positive that this world is manifested by the collective consciousness because of something that happened back then and the masses can't or are unable to compute it and thus are all rocking themselves curled up in a corner with their arms covering their head.

    Tragedies upon tragedies. I love a hallmark ending but I love a greek tragedy that hits you in every way possible more, but even I get tired of the greek tragedies and I'm just waiting for everyone else who says they hate them to get tired of it as well. The truth is they love them still.

  32. I guess its possible we have a Tulpa here or in the alternate as that has been spoken about. So Rahn is controlling the timeline, and yes I agree it would be nice to be on the right side of the Fourier Transform one of the days, or years, or milleniums. Rahn obviously had information contained in him or given to him to split the timeline maybe knowing our world blew up in the 1950's according to Lynch. Or he wanted to be able to play out the He – She conundrum that you've been living Jack. I didn't mean to take the thread off base but thank you for your answers, very helpful. Thanks.

  33. So yes I'll tea off on the jews, traitors, blacks, and whites as I see it because I'm here and have to deal with this world consciously while I'm away from that other, but I do so carefully and not with the INTENT of hostility on a personal level when dealing with wholes. Only because I know better and came to the same conclusion 20 years ago as Jack. Whatever the barbie play house reality is here yes their is a deliberate conflict by smashing us all together with the intention of genocide, but when you see the puppet master you also realize whatever is going on or meant to happen must be done with everything which is the reason why they're smashing us together and creating this hostility to begin with. It must be taken down together or it wont be taken down at all and I say this I'm willing to sacrifice everything to do so it was that important. Bigger than you or I or my race or their race. It's all or nothing and that's just the truth of things as I seen it and spent those last 20 years trying to find the belief system that would best assist me to uniting peoples and not creating this false superiority system that never was, and that was National Socialism. It's actually not a system its just a way of feeling and being, that's the secret. I realize uniting other people was almost impossible but you have to try. All the while doing it in the REAL fashion and not this corny hippy liberal were all the same we all need to love each other and intermingle way. I mean the real. I don't like black people or want to be around them, but I don't want you genocided either and the people fucking with my people are the same ones fucking with yours so lets deal with that shit and solve our problems afterwards kind of way.

    So as you can see I'm living in both worlds. The worlds of the Jew Jew Jew everything people, but also in this one. It's a delicate balance and I hope its going in the right direction. I'm still blind these days and that I do remember was part of the deliberate process of intention I set forth before this 20 year ride. I guess we'll find out sooner or later but its good company that makes this ride worthwhile as its awful by yourself.

  34. It was when I finally realized the good guys for what they were and the honorable struggle they were facing that I felt I mastered this plane and what was going on, but it didn't tell me how to fix it it was so broken and I was just a child. It was only then when at the peak of my "na-na-na-na-na-naaaaa I know whats going on" that I was propelled into the next level without my deliberate intention. I saw the jews for what they were but I saw the traitors as well and it didn't make sense why someone would betray there own from this limited perspective. That's where I came face to face with the force pulling the strings and that my focus on this world alone is done and I needed to see things from another perspective. Let me tell you, Jack isn't wrong and it was my conclusion I came to. I love my people as every race should and I see the jews as you do and Jack and Orage make no qualms about on the subject, but I saw something else and once you see it you can't go back to the petty level I wish I could stay at like before. I realized my earthly form is limited by the 5 senses to some extent. I can't help but be cautious when I know better walking in an area around blacks by myself, but I can't assume they all have hostile intentions either even if the inner nature is far different from mine as mine is to them because we are uniquely different. Likewise I can't do the same with the jews. I just know better and it's a cause for a lot of conflict internally for me personally.

    It's as if walking between two completely separate worlds and trying to find a way to bring them together, because that's what we're actually doing. At that next level I remember being tossed from higher to lower to lower to higher states of consciousness and you know what I was left with like a sad puppy? But what about the jews aren't they important? I thought that was the end all be all from this perspective, but they really are just small players and I can't tell you why or explain it to you no longer but I do know that and the last 20 years was trying to rediscover why. It's bigger than them and from a higher consciousness standpoint most people were slaves whether they knew it or not on a whole multitude of levels. Even as I spoke this alone in my room I realized I too was a slave as when the force left I was sucked into this confusing malestorm again where everything just became warped including my thoughts, what I thought I knew to what I know now, and most certainly my emotions yanked on like a puppet by his Geppetto. The knowledge we see on this world and our natural "gut reactions" are just memories of that higher force we lost complete access to to help us navigate our current circumstances. It doesn't tell you anything about the situation you must determine that course daily and blindly. It can only give you a warning bell, how you interpret that is always up to us with what knowledge and awareness we have.

  35. I'll share a little something with you that's been haunting me for the last 20 years since my youth KMB. As an ever inquisitive mind trapped with you all in confusion I spoke unto the heavens that all I want out of life is to know the truth since the "American Dream" of what life is all about just didn't satisfy me and served no grander purpose than self appeasement. Is life really all about growing up learning everything about what we are told is "history", as if its not already programmed into your once entering this reality and its just self-reaffirming, go to college, work a low end job until you graduate college and earn a high paying job, meet a girl, get married, have kids, get a dog, and own a house? Then what!? THEN WHAT? That's it whats the point I said aloud this is stupid and meaningless.

    I eventually through frustration was possessed to know the truth whatever it maybe. I read between the lines and the text seemed to speak to me and I felt it. I felt my imagination run wild in the history books and realize in my mind that's not how it was played out in the text and it puzzled me deeply. I was bored of it all it made no sense it was insanity at its finest driving me mad but I focused on this world and came across WW2. Those rare moments the light bulb goes off and what otherwise just was putting me to sleep (history books) woke me up. I thought if the good guys one and the evil ones lost then this world must be inherently "good" and that's where the disconnect happened and the spell started breaking because I saw unspeakable evil everywhere in this victory. So I decided to "break bad" and embrace my inner darkness and one-up evil itself and go toward the darkness thinking I would out-terrorize it with no care in the world because I hated what FELT like pretenders in their victory.

    So my mental masturbation with the evil ones 80 years ago I sucked it all up and became it internally. You wanted a monster I became it until I started once more reading between the lines and seeing what others somehow couldn't. The truth and it broke me out of an otherwise dark path I was heading towards. All of this carefully crafted mind you by the victors who god out of all the wars came down and held their hand with moral righteousness. I started to realize I was playing right into their hands by going the path I was headed and why you see so many "apologetic neo-nazi's" since WW2 when the jewish grip finally clamps down on them. It was designed but there was something there. It was a humiliation ritual as I made the right choice going against the grain but how I went about it was false and a trap simultaneously. When I saw the losers for what they are they had not lost themselves but had carried themselves in a far higher standard than what I was allowing. Knowing the truth or seeking it does not make you a better person that much should be obvious, but it was a humbling lesson. It did bring me out of the dark path I was quickly heading to and my emotions were flooding back to me as my sympathizes grew for what had happened. Since then I began to strive to be better in all areas and fields and not be so quick to judge and assume as I once was.

  36. It's astounding, time is fleeting
    Madness takes its toll
    But listen closely, not for very much longer
    I've got to keep control

    I remember doing the Time Warp
    Drinking those moments when
    The blackness would hit me and the void would be calling
    Let's do the time warp again…
    Let's do the time warp again!

    It's just a jump to the left
    And then a step to the right
    Put your hands on your hips
    You bring your knees in tight
    But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane
    Let's do the Time Warp again!
    Let's do the Time Warp again!

    It's so dreamy, oh fantasy free me
    So you can't see me, no not at all
    In another dimension, with voyeuristic intention
    Well-secluded, I see all
    With a bit of a mind flip
    You're there in the time slip
    And nothing can ever be the same
    You're spaced out on sensation, like you're under sedation
    Let's do the Time Warp again!
    Let's do the Time Warp again!

    Well I was walking down the street just a-having a think
    When a snake of a guy gave me an evil wink
    He shook me up, he took me by surprise
    He had a pickup truck and the devil's eyes
    He stared at me and I felt a change
    Time meant nothing, never would again
    Let's do the Time Warp again!
    Let's do the Time Warp again!

    It's just a jump to the left
    And then a step to the right
    Put your hands on your hips
    You bring your knees in tight
    But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane
    Let's do the Time Warp again!
    Let's do the Time Warp again!

  37. Wilhelm Filchner, how did I miss that name. It's drops like these that have me constantly easter egging the comments almost daily. I've held similar reservations about Serrano and he drops hints at this throughout his writing where its like you can see his earthly human form present itself again. I was here but I wasn't here. I said some things but don't know why I said them or how I came to them it's as if they knitted themselves together and I had to speak them. The beauty is in the entendres I swear it. The more there are the more magical they become.

    As to the hints for anyone still lacking. Serrano constantly talks about whether he's been dreaming or whether this lucid "surreal" moment in time under a timeless sensation is actual real. The only difference is, like myself, I hold conscious memories of those moments where the thoughts, movements, and things said were mine yet I don't recall why I was doing or saying what I was yet it appeared in those moments conveying to people as though they're all that it was meant for or if you're lucky doing it in a Hitlerian prose to an audience that should be so lucky. Sounds glorious, and it is, until you return wiping your eyes wondering what the hell did I just do and why are people staring with no recollection except your ego feels embarrassed somehow as if letting slip something you wish you hadn't.

    Likely Serrano was insane, and I'm proud to join him in this journey and toast such a rarity wherever he may be.

  38. That's from Titthakara, I see they did a Wikipedia entry on it, they should its been read by tens of thousands of people, but I am sorry anon you are living on the wrong end of Fourier Transform, but to put in simple mystical terms, black and white here only, I think. Rahn found the grail which wasn't really a grail, and used it to split the timelines, he's using thinly disguised metaphors in Lucifer's Court when he talks about Titthakara and his rock collection at the end, Hitlers a young man and that blond he's with she's looking fine. Rahn is writing this timeline right now, that would be in the Time Domain but, you are in the frequency domain. I say we conclude our business here, I am tired of being an adjustment in the time domain…

  39. Rahn had been in possession of the Grail in all likelihood since late 1931, when he abruptly “departed Switzerland for the second time and made his way to the southern French Pyrenees, after having stayed a while in Paris, Provence, Switzerland, Spanish Catalonia and in Italy.”19
    19 -Graddon, Nigel. "Chapter 3." Otto Rahn and the Quest for the Grail: The Amazing Life of the Real “Indiana Jones”. Kempton, Illinois: Adventures Unlimited Press, 2008. Web. https://books.google.com/books?id=KlUQqA8hcvgC&pg=PT56&lpg=PT56&dq=polaires+grail&source=bl&ots=q5iUGr5lIo&sig=uO3R5XjwoQcI7NsmOvITtL4uXeo&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwixrdDC8t7ZAhUGxVkKHYMlB-IQ6AEILDAA#v=onepage&q=polaires%20grail&f=false.

  40. Thank you Jack. I remember seeing the movie 'Lost Horizons' when I was a girl which was based loosely I believe on Shambala. I wonder if in this fake artificial world we live in if the inhabitants of Shambala are still here with us or in another world. Seems that the world we live in is completely cut off of from say the world back in 1930's etc but I could be mistaken. It just feels that way. Anyway, Cheers Jack!

  41. Doesn't seem like you got anything confused to me anon. The rest of the story is being published as I write it on Patreon and it will cost those that want to read it 5$ a month. Wilhelm Filchner no doubt made contact with Shamballa, the secret city of the Hyperboreans, over a hundred years ago. Serrano is what we call a walk in, I write it he confirms it. Time means nothing here and because your "intelligence" communities failed to grasp that fact and thought they could sandbox us the human race is paying the consequences, I don't like it anymore than you do. Talk to the homos at Langley and MI 6…

  42. I guess I might be a bit confused about the Hyberboreans, I just read some more Serrano and his book called something like Resurrection. He infers that the Hyberboreans were the white gods and what seems to be, on behalf of Serrano, very much nostalgic when referring to them and Hitler. Did some of the Hyberboreans go 'roque' and turn on humanity? Thank you Jack.

  43. I've always preferred the company of bikers to mobsters for just that reason, bikers don't kill their friends because somebody told them too. In fact its far more likely they would kill the guy that told them too. I come from a long line of hardcase's, my father was a golden glove finalist and his father fought over 30 rounds for the bare-knuckle championship of Brooklyn. I got beat up every day till I learned to fight back, probably the most important thing my father ever taught me; too bad Americans seemed to have never learned that lesson. Nothing wrong with beating a boy once in a while, otherwise you get what we have here, the great American snowflake. You like that lady’s? You better you bought it…

  44. There was a Golden Gloves (5 times) pugilist; Salvatore Amaretta; "Sal."…. the man who brought The Hells Angels Colours to New York…. a tough man…and with a heart bigger than he was….I met him when he was in his 50's; a truck driver doing pier work.

  45. The individual human being is in the end responsible for their own choices as plenty of information was put out there to choose not to take the vaccine however, its a moot point.

    Many many will die this winter as even yesterday I received a lecture from a friend about the vaccine after they both received the third shot.

    They of course were so proud of their choice and had to virtue signal to me.

    Covid? Its a new religion as I am a covid heritic.

  46. It's long overdue Jeff, long overdue. Which is why I will no longer waste anymore precious time writing essays that take months to write only to have them shadow banned, the hit counters turned back and marginalized while I see imbeciles being hailed as leaders of the opposition. I rest my case on my body of work, now we will write "fiction" like this for those that are going survive phase 2…

  47. Why should they not look for someone to blame? People showed good faith to their leadership. Stupidly perhaps but only some of us had the time and the required paranoia to understand the necessity of avoiding the toxic shots. No, those in positions of authority failed and misled the masses, at best. At worst they deliberately led the masses into a trap. A great reckoning is due to them.

  48. My Jewish friends are all honorable men even though most are vaxxed as in time the truth about these horrendous shots will come out and people will be looking for someone to blame as of course will never blame themselves for their own errors. I see terrible times ahead of us as I am in agreement that anti semitisem or hatred of other races must not be tollerated.

  49. I can't even listen to them anymore nine, anyone blaming this shit on Schlomo to my face gets popped right in the eye. I just came from NYC, the Jews there hate Biden more than the rednecks do and many of them although vaccinated will not be getting any boosters. I wouldn't be surprised if Ian, an MI 6 agent who specializes in communications by his own admission was responsible for this video. We are all in this together and hating Blacks, Whites or Jews is breaking ranks and should be punishable by a firing squad. Check your prejudices at the door motherfuckers, no matter how well founded, because this is war and we must present a unified front…

  50. https://www.bitchute.com/video/H88wFnuU3M7G/

    This is what I am dealing with with those that only watch bitchute videos about Jews and refuse to read articles such as your Borman faction series as I am supposed to blame my Jewish friends for Covid? There is a parasite in that Jab along with other very nefarious additions.

    I am sure you get plenty of videos to watch but the woman in the above videos is clearly defining that nasty vile Borman faction as she gets the narrative wrong on the holohoxe.

  51. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    2 The same was in the beginning with God.

    3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

    4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

    5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not."

    Your translation of Spirit is much better.

  52. "In a place before time began, the dark and formless void was pierced by a point of light. And from that light, in four directions, more light expanded, till each direction became conscious of itself. Each of the four lights had become separated from the original point, which was so much greater than the darkness. In the original point, they had existed in ecstatic bliss and wanted for nothing because they were a part of everything. Now, they were profoundly lonely, so they divided themselves and became male and female. In the time before Egypt, they were known as Ogdoads."

    That right there is scriptural cannon. Just saying Jack….

  53. We have Australia openly calling for unvaxxed people to be put concentration camps. Will they do this in America? Perhaps they will then its time to load that gun and go out with your boots on and take as many as you can with you.

    We shall see how this plays out….

  54. Jack, was out with a friend and we talked about our friends and family's whom have taken that shot and my point about SS is how many people have died.

    It will be better for us when all the arrogant vaxx mandaters fucking die right in front of us because only then will we ever have any kind of chance to take out the likes of Biden and Harris.

    The cycling world I am in is now a vaxxed world. All racers and athletes must be vaxxed or your done. This has happened to many people and many organizations as our world will only survive when enough of these so called "humans" die. The dead are real and more will come. Tell me, what else can we do when all around us are vaxxed out zombies?

  55. What the fuck is a 5% increase nine when the price of meat and gas has doubled? I don't know how you can get excited about this stuff, I want Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and all excremental spy's who put them in office dead, and I've just been suspended for inciting violence on Facebook for saying so. That would excite me…

  56. I get you Salve, sorry if I was short with you but nobody tells me I better since I fought my Golden Glove finalist father to a draw when I was thirteen. Orage checked him out, 111 books? I'm trying to write you guys one book, not the above that comes naturally, but the rest of the historical documentation to go with our story do you know how much time and work that entails? If I lived a thousand years I couldn't write 111 books. I want things perfect because that's how much I care about you my readers. Almost as much as I don't care about the morons who watch the MSM, and read the shit that passes for literature on the New York Times best sellers list. Never the less Orage does say there is value in there and he will wade through it and ferret it out because I cannot, as good as I am with words, express to you what he brings to the Jack Heart brand. We're working on it my friend…

  57. Why did Social Security give out the largest raise in forty five years?

    To cover how many have died in that particular demographic.

    Deception and cover. Duff 101…LOL

  58. "Lucifer was incensed and the other two pairs that could see it fearful."

    Which pair could not see the disaster coming? Kind of like folks that take the so called vaccine.

  59. I better is dead, I killed him when I was thirteen years old, I don't even know who Maximilien De Latayette is but I'm sure he doesn't have a legion of MI 6 and CIA agents trying to contain his stuff on the internet for the last eight years. You want to learn what they never want you to know read, start with our Behind the Bush pieces and work your way into Black Sun Rising, you want to be entertained and hear your favorite authors theory's regurgitated this is not the place for you.

  60. It's a grand love story that ends in the first cosmic divorce yet the love remains as perhaps the story is not over? I think Orage pointed out that the creation is out of balance and so Christianity became patriarchal as Sin was passed from the Woman to the man via the apple. However, Sin was first in the heart of the woman as she could create alone and take the credit all for herself.

    Imagine his rage Jack over the betrayal?

    Great writing as it was quite thought provoking.

  61. Well following the precedents of David Lynch I won't explain my art but I will say this nine, yes she created all this but you already know that. He cursed her and she cursed him, he is the master of time but she is the master of eternity. Of course the effect of his curse will take place in time but time will end. Then what will happen? And as you so astutely observed Marduk lives outside of time, as promised he will be back…

  62. The Bible covers all of this however, the narrative is backwards as its main character could be argued to be the Spirit.

    Most believe that the main character is Yahweh. That entity is evil just like the gnostics always preach about.your narrative says that all of this was the creation of a woman.

  63. According to the narrative this world and all in it were created by the female entity including Abraxas. Lucifer or the male counter part according to the narrative had nothing to do with any of it.

    The narrative also states that Abraxas has more power than the female that created him since He cursed 7 of the Nine to human existence.

    No mention of the fate of Lucifer as he is perhaps outside of this creation? And that the Anu vanished leaving this world an utter mess as they say like above so below.

  64. One more observation Jack from this wonderful piece of writing, Her Son created with more power than him as was that not her purpose for this whole ordeal?

    Him not at the tip of the spear that day. Question begs to be asked as did they both leave the war?

    Turned in to a human but still in charge

    best women are Evangelical Jack…..

  65. Let me just cross my legs and rest my chin on my two palms like a child as I anxiously await the next part where you begin to link the Vril women, Antonia Contenta, the unique boyish hair cut, the theft of the black stone and the Lords of the SS. You are a fantastic storyteller whether you believe it in its entirety or not is beside the point. A good story gets your mind and the subconscious conscious mind stirring in all the right ways.

  66. A terrible wrong has been done to Loki, just as Apollo/Lucifer in Otto Rahn's Lucifer’s Court. Keep in mind the Norse called Sirius Lokabrenna, the torch of Loki, again the Light Bearer. And as you say "Humans are merely a canvas upon which the marks are made…"

  67. Since Jesus is Lucifer we have a saying in the Evangelical community.

    No weapon formed against us shall prosper.

  68. Jack whom gave the one she created his mighty title of Anu ruler of the Nine?

    Like my former employer, arrogance will be their downfall.

    And seven of nine were condemned to humanity yet He never showed up to that great Bonn fire after the fall of Eden!

    Even a mother condemned his behavior as is no reconciliation possible?

    The fruits of reconciliation are always peace

    A fruit of Spirit.

  69. Ah , the chiaroscuro of the Gods , while the Humans are merely a canvas upon which the marks are made ,according to the Procession , the slow ascension towards the Rebis becomes a deeper soup of soul , spiced with the antics of Loki and Raven , for some reason the Trickster is so prevalent nowadays ……..

  70. There is the actions of Amelius; Cayce mentioned him; if memory serves. He knww in order for him to complete his work; he would need to defeat Death and Master Time; Ariman.

    It has been Done.

  71. David Bohm said there was an implicate and explicate order, with the explicate order being the distorted image that those mired in materialism witness of the implicate order, which is the raison d'être for existence. Mircea Eliade said basically the same thing except he called the explicate order the profane and the implicate the sacred. Much, most I dare say, of what we have written is of the sacred and henceforth all else will be. Heaven burns and the world burns with it.

    Clearest words ever