Danish Defense shows the gas leaking at Nord Stream 2 seen from the Danish F-16 interceptor on Bornholm, Denmark on Sept. 27, 2022.Danish Defense—Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Translated by Georg Stien

Good morning comrades. Havana, Cuba. First free territory in America. 08:19AM, hello Fidel.

So far no one has failed to comment on what happened with the 3 pipelines of Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, one of them was affected twice. Analyzing the background of what happened, it is not easy to say that it was just the USA. There are probabilities of other states in the area. What is a fact is that there was sabotage, everybody knows that. The press and the West will accuse the Russians, not because they believe it, but simply because it is their role, that is what they are paid for.

I am doubtful about the fact that the Yankees have done that for the following reasons: whoever thinks that the USA wants Europe to depend on Yankee gas before Russian gas, even the Yankees themselves do not think so, it is as simple as that. The USA produced in 2021 975 (bcm, billion), Russia 791 (bcm, billion), while the consumption in the US is 862, (bcm, billion), Russia 565 ((bcm, billion), the differences are 113 for the USA and 226 for Russia, i.e. Russia has twice as much gas to put on the market. But the important point is not the present, but the future. And that is measured here:

These are the countries with the highest natural gas production in the world in 2022:

Russia: 47,805 km³

Iran: 33,721 km³

Qatar: 24,072 km³

United States: 15,484 km³

Saudi Arabia: 9,200 km³

Turkmenistan: 7,504 km³

United Arab Emirates: 6,091 km³ Venezuela: 5,740 km³

Nigeria: 5,475 km³

China: 5,440 km³

US gas is LNG (liquid natural gas), Russia’s is gasified natural gas. Yankee gas is one of the most polluting gases, while its export requires special ships and terminals in special ports. Gas extraction in the USA is carried out by the hydraulic fracturing method, which is prohibited in almost all of Europe. Polluting, expensive, and not so available. There is no way to bypass Russian gas, it is a question of logic, besides, the USA has been able to export since they have had a considerable industrial decline, but the industrialists have already said that when the economy is beginning to reactivate, they will need the gas they are exporting. 

Could they have carried out the sabotage? It is possible, although I think it would not be convenient for them. There are people who think that the US intends to destroy Europe, it is good for them to know that the European Union has a higher GDP than the US itself, and not only that. The US was able to raise Europe after the ruins of World War II, today, the US does not even have money to lend to Haiti. The systematic fiscal deficit of the USA, the colossal foreign debt, a stagnant economy, and the omens of a new crisis worse than that of 2008, are not elements that help to go around sabotaging gas pipelines of a partner of yours, because Russia does not receive gas for its economy, no, it is Europe. 

You have never asked yourselves why the Europeans are so anti-communist with Russia and so liberal with the Chinese communists, because the Chinese communists, without firing a shot, bought the French vineyards, the Greek ports, the European roads, flooded the markets with their products of 1 euro, even buying Peugeot, Jaguar, IBM, and a very long list of European and worldwide companies …

The Europeans have a complex with Russia, I call it the Red Square complex, every time they look at Moscow, they see Lenin, Stalin, the Red Square and its parades and in the end, their leaders are still traumatized with Zhukov. He said it clearly, and he said it in Berlin, after the capitulation “They will hate us for what we did”. 

If I had to choose for the perpetrators of the sabotage, I would go with the “fathers” of the ones we think they did it. Authorized by their “son”, obviously.


  1. Joe Biden is President because he’s old, he doesn’t have anything to lose. They’ll write a history works for them. They haven’t lost yet, they’re winning, even if they lose a battle in Ukraine, they’re still winning, we all lose, they have parachutes and bunkers. Do you really expect a favorable outcome? They don’t care about you. They’re not done killing people, millions more will die. I do believe they lose in the end, we all lose. We’re ruled by psychopaths, people support them, they think it’s progress. I don’t want to save it.

    They will never relinquish power, and they will never hold themselves or anyone else accountable would make a difference, they own and control damn near everything. Here in Soviet America the majority White Republican Party dies with the boomer generation and the coming demographic shift. What have Republicans ever conserved? Controlled opposition, they’re all Zionists support and worship the source of everything they claim to oppose, they’re frauds and hypocrites most of them.

    Soviet America will continue to Balkanize, people will align with their race for protection like they do in prison because America is going to become one big open air prison. America doesn’t exist now, there is no going back to anything the constitution doesn’t guarantee anything the oath is a meaningless formality.

    In the end it will be western civilization responsible for the collapse of western civilization. 2016 was my last election. I learned a lot, and much has been confirmed. I’m not playing their game anymore. I’m ready to get it over with no matter what happens. I don’t want to live like this, this isn’t living. Try to survive the strong will survive hopefully although you will still be fighting for your life. It would be a good thing if they bombed us back to the Stone Age.

    I feel defeated because we’ve been defeated but I’m not going to roll over, it’s my own battle now. I’m not fighting for Zionism and Israel or for your God. I’m not fighting anyone for anyone not for anything Zionist Joe Biden or Zionist Donald Trump represent, and it’s nothing good. I’m done. I’m not doing this anymore. The biggest problem is people willing to serve and protect warmongering mass murdering psychopaths. I don’t support their military anymore.

  2. No no no, the west does not hate Russia for what Russia did. The west hates Russia because everything the west did failed to immobilized Russia. This is what passes off the demented monkeys that pull the levers in the west.
    Populations in the west are now mostly dog food. The demented monkeys have had a pretty easy time of it, so far. But Russia is a real hard case for them.
    The time will arrive when the demented monkeys are dragged out by their feet, before the big man with the noose and the black hood. As they dangle there, food for the Ravens and worms, the next big question on the horizon will be survival.


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