Col. Komonyiski

BELARUS is mobilizing more than 350,000 men because of the Polish/NATO threat growing in the West. The RF (Russian) military will complement the Belarus forces.

The Belarus force is well equipped and provisioned with both munitions and armaments as Lukashenko has been able to keep his manufacturing plants in tack following the fall of the USSR and has since activated the industrial complex. Belarus has large food reserves available and is able to distribute manufactured goods throughout the entire CIS the Belarus manufacturing base and quality of product is exceptional.

In the Ukraine the RF has taken out at least 13,000 Poles in the last few of months and multiple times more wounded. They have stopped pretending to be Ukrainians and are now wearing their true Polish/NATO colors. There is talk of ISIS and Al-Qaeda entering the fight, care of the Americans, but I personally have not yet encountered this. China has started to supply the RF with military equipment.

When we were on the front line, we had a commander that we were not overly impressed with. He would order the men to undertake tasks that equated to suicide missions. So, one day we grabbed him fitted him with a bulletproof vest, armed him and threw him into the back of the truck with the rest of the team. After spending 36 hours on the front line, we returned to base with the commander still intact. The next day he had vanished, we expect he crawled back to mommy. Once the word was out other teams started doing likewise apparently, it’s contagious.

General Armageddon continues to inspire and earn the respect of the men. In my opinion it won’t be long before we enter the larger cities and fighting commences in in tight quarters. Then we’ll be face to face with the Ukro-NATO mercs many of them are hardened fighters straight from Syria, Afghanistan etc., however we’ll have our terminators for support.

Some of the lads come across a four-person crew using a mortar against the RF. The coords were transmitted and their position was shelled upon approach we found four women, one dead the others wounded. The mortars are able to hit targets up to 7 kilometers away.

Elon Musk’s Starlink system is faltering and the RF hackers are making Elon work for his money. Recently Musk announced that he wanted the US government to take onboard the costs of his system – approximately US20 million per month – as Musk wanted to exit this scenario. A Ukrainian politician, upon hearing this, publicly voiced that Musk should “f… off”, and Musk’s name was added to the Ukrainian kill list. Mind you, they removed his name shortly after. I would expect that this may cause Musk to regret helping the Ukro-NATOs. The RF believe the US satellites have been taken out using high velocity steel ball bearing of all things (yet to be confirmed).

In the Nikolaevka region the Ukro-NATOs are concentrating their residual reserves. Intel informs us they were planning on gathering 60,000 militants to storm the southern defensive line. However, the RF hit first, with a direct hit on their munition’s storage. Intel says it was full of HIMAR rockets among other things. It would also appear that they have underground quarters near to the ammo dump we expect multiple casualties probably in the thousands.

All counterattacks from the Ukro-NATOs have been repelled and our numbers are growing. I believe there are 50,000 NATO currently on the battlefield, many pretending to be mercs or Ukrainian soldiers.

Our ships continue to drop bomb on targets in Odessa. There is chatter that if he Ukros don’t achieve significant progress by winter than the US may stop providing arms – the stakes are high.

Our Caliber missiles continue to deliver messages to the Ukro-NATOs, recently the Ukrofascists were bragging about how they took out all 18 rockets we consider that to be an exceptional effort considering only 12 were launched and they all hit their targets.

In the Kherson region the Ukro-NATOs keep counterattacking without success. Kiev continues to receive RF airborne messages the city has gone dark, many people are now hiding underground. We estimate that 80% of Ukraine is powered by diesel generators in an attempt to keep the lights on.

Internally the FSB (Federal Security Service) continues to clean house in Russia and my sources inform me that approximately 300 arrests have been made. We fondly refer to them as traitors – those that would attempt to subvert the course of the special military operation.

The Ukro-NATOs continue to attack Russia’s Belgorod we have shot down at least 100 rockets. This is a city of a million-plus people. The Ukro-NATOs are firing at it because it is in range and out of spite, as it is of no military significance.

Recently the Chechens stopped a red cross ambulance, to their horror inside they discovered harvested organs of those fallen. This evil is blooming in the Ukraine, we believe that it has been organized by the Americans. We are regularly finding bodies that have been stripped of their organs. These monsters don’t limit themselves to adults either the organs of children have also been identified, this madness is getting worse. Needless to say, these particular ambulance operatives won’t be doing this again, ever. We have started to collate factual material to present to the ICC, for what it’s worth.

Sourced From Belarus mobilizes 350,000 soldiers as threat increases in west | Cairns News 


  1. No, organ trafficking isn't American, it's far too profitable to be left to the idiots in red white and blue. Trafficking in organs is an Israeli specialty, has been for some time now.
    Yes, the women of the Ukraine are now fighting. It's a globalist thing, has to do with destroying the next generation, a western world specialty. If people haven't figured it out by now, wokism isn't about a happy future for the children.
    I lament for the European soul, tortured as it has been for over a thousand years.


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