Translated by Geog Stien

 “…The first duty of a Cuban soldier is not to die for the homeland, the first duty is that the enemy dies for his…”


Good morning comrades. Havana, Cuba. First free territory in America. 08:23AM, hello Fidel.


One fine day, in a work meeting with Fidel, I asked what happened if someone did not understand what was being said. Very simple, Fidel replied, explain it again, until they understand. And I have spent my life explaining everything that can be explained.


It is true that before this present world, there was the era of fire, of bronze, etc., today’s era is the digital era, the fastest and the most vulnerable, and it is vulnerable because it is extremely subjective. As any convinced in Marxism and materialism, and not superficial, this subjective tangle does not affect me, it only bothers me, indeed, the doubts of those on the side here. They bother me more than the “advances” of those on the side there, for a very simple reason: from those over there, one does not expect anything, from those here, one expects everything.


Well, let’s turn to Ukraine and the current military situation. Why is it called a special military operation? Because it is what it has been, and it has been determined by the number of men and means deployed on the ground. Yesterday I explained, but apparently it was not understood, the number of men involved in this operation. 170,000 men on the Russian side and about 250,000 on the Ukrainian side (they have lost 101,000 men, not counting several thousands which they have additionally lost between 06/09/2022 and 02/10/2022). Of those 170,000, the Russian forces themselves have not exceeded 80 or 85 thousand. the rest have been the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s militias, Wagner, Chechens, etc. And in turn, within these 80 or 85 thousand, there are several bodies or various institutions, National Guard, Land Army (450,000 troops, 1,700,000 reservists), Navy (150,000 active troops), Aerospace Forces (165,000 active troops), Airborne Troops (170,000 troops, 90,000 of them active troops), Strategic Missile Troops (81,000 troops).


We are not talking about any partial mobilization, much less general mobilization. We are talking about the effective and active personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Of those 80 or 85 thousand, let’s assume that a little more than half are from the ground forces, let’s say 45 thousand, these are barely 10% of the Russian Ground Forces, not counting the reservists, only the active ones. And why is this? For two fundamental reasons: because Russia is conducting a military process within the framework of a special military operation and not a war. And the second reason is that Russia needs to win three parallel conflicts:


  1. With the West, and it is long-term, especially what we understand as the new world order, and for me it is more important than the military operation.


  1. Militarily, to put an end to Nazism and all anti-Russian expression in Ukraine.


  1. And, above all, it must win a Russian speaking population in the east, south, and north of Ukraine, and for that, it cannot develop military actions that affect the civilian population in these areas. During the Second World War, Russia had no intention of annexing Germany, and particularly Berlin, go and see how the city was left behind.


The conditions have changed today in Ukraine, Russia accepted the incorporation of 4 former Ukrainian territories, adding to a fifth that was already in the Russian embrace, since always, but administratively, since 2014.


Russia woke up 118,000 km² larger, not counting the 18,696 km2 of the various provinces still occupied by Ukrainian troops.


Cuba measures 110,860 km2. Do you think it would take the US 7 months to take all of Cuba? They would spend a lifetime, and they would not succeed. Because here we would fight until the last Yankee, none of that until the last Cuban. “…The first duty of a Cuban soldier is not to die for the homeland, the first duty is that the enemy dies for his…” (FpS).


Russia will begin, this month, not right now, but rather at the end of the month, a different phase, with a different character, it will leave aside the special military operation, and will begin a war without declaring it.


  1. I’m not a threat to anyone, including myself, wouldn’t give anyone the satisfaction. I’m waiting for the day the law no longer matters. We there yet? The law certainly doesn’t matter to the criminals and criminal traitors in government have killed millions, they deserve the death penalty. The only legal authority these tyrants have is the legal authority they’ve given themselves.

    I’ve been told to kill myself by many Jesus loving Israel loving Trump supporters was doxxed and threatened by the Reagan Battalion when I was on Twitter years ago, had over 10K followers but I’m done now was never in it for myself. Reagan Battalion still got a Twitter account? I know who they are.

    People have never listened. I started questioning everything and waking up after the Iraq War based on a lie. There are people in the game, Alex Jones types, as soon as they get a hold of something you know nothing is going to happen. Alex Jones is a fraud.

    I don’t trust these Obama loving vaccines salesmen at VT. These clowns never criticize Clinton or Obama, and I’ve never seen them criticize people like that warmongering dingbat Nancy Pelosi or people like Chuck Schumer, you know he’s evil. Will VT be endorsing Gavin Newsom?Obama supported ISIS, he supported taking out Gaddafi and he sold out to the original slave traders a corrupt compromised worthless piece of shit like the rest of them a Hollywood supported traitor to humanity. Obama is an Uncle Tom, he’s Black Bush, he drove the get away car. I bet none of these clowns that support Obama live in poor black neighborhoods, and they were all over the George Floyd riots supporting it trying act like it was a spontaneous organic uprising.

    These people will never civilize their twerking black attack dogs. I’m actually becoming a racist and an antisemite although I do support the Palestinians and other good people are real semites. I’m sick and tired of their trained monkeys. Fuck them. They get no support from me anymore. These people use black people same as they used white people to fight their wars. I’m right about these Obama loving vaccine salesmen. They lost credibility.

    I’m beginning to believe that Trump wasn’t responsible for the bioweapon, he’s just stupid like George Bush. 9/11 was planned during the Clinton Presidency, he had more than one opportunity to takeout Osama Bin Laden, he didn’t because they needed him alive so they could blame him for 9/11.

    I think we’re all wrong, it wasn’t just right wing Zionists and the Bush Crime Family responsible for 9/11 even if they were involved they didn’t plan it the people pulling puppet Joe Biden’s strings planned it. I hope they developed a bioweapon so they can get rid of their worthless black attack dogs they’ll never be able to civilize at this point, they’re beyond help, and they are violent twerking savages. MLK was the boomer generations George Floyd. Boomer generation the most fucked up generation of sellouts, traitors, and degenerates this fake nation ever produced no loss when that generation dies off I hope they all got vaccinated.

  2. Most of the people at VT would offer their wives to George Floyd for reparations. Fuck these Obama loving vaccine salesman. These Christian’s on here are fools, they got nothing without it, and they will never admit it’s all bullshit. Still a Jew lie like the 4th of Jew Lie. I’d piss on their war memorials, they’re not heroes. Most Veterans are fucking brainwashed losers, every Veteran served since at least WW1, including me. I’m not afraid to admit it. People will never wake up, it’s too late to save America. I’m a fool to even care. They’re not wrong about the useless eaters the world would be a better place with about 7.5 billion fewer people. I apologize Jack. Some of us are beyond help, there isn’t a pill or anything the VA could provide will solve the problem. I don’t use alcohol or drugs by choice, and I don’t smoke. I will never go to the VA again even if it kills me, and that’s why I will never go to the VA again. I shouldn’t even be online, deleted everything years ago. You should delete every comment you suspect is mine. I hate America. I’d piss on the American flag, wipe my ass with the Israeli flag, and burn that rainbow flag. America is dead to me already.

  3. I’m surprised a tough guy like you didn’t threaten to beat me up. I’d beat your fucking ass Jack no problem.

  4. I have to make one minor correction to my comment. Because they’re all involved with the perpetrators, not their. Yep that shit bothers me. It’s probably because I spent my entire early adult life serving our rulers in their military. I’m a perfectionist and a trained killer not a New York Times best selling author. I wasn’t SF or a secret agent just an ignorant brainwashed fool isn’t ignorant or brainwashed anymore. I’m deprogrammed. Didn’t they make a movie about people like me years ago?

  5. I hate to admit I had a Gab account I eventually deleted due to the dumbfuckery. These people are practically fucking retarded, including the Christians that claim they’re not Zionists but support the same ideological belief system and say nothing about Israel being guilty of ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and crimes against humanity the US is guilty too because of Israel. I’m not going to be nice to anyone anymore. It’s do or die time.

    These people don’t care about the truth, they’re idiots, they want to believe China is why America and the world is what it is today. These people don’t care about anyone other than themselves and Israel, they’re a serious problem, they’re why the lunatics are in charge of the insane asylum. These brainwashed morons still believe Osama Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11 and China was responsible for COVID the lunatics on the left believe it too. It’s always someone else but never Israel the New World Order is Zionism, it’s actually Judaism, their agenda is Talmudic. It’s so obvious why places like Chicago elect people like Beatlejuice for Mayor, and why conservatives have never conserved anything, they’re losers, they even lose when they win elections.

    Republicans and Democrats are totally sold out to Zionism and Israel is the Jewish Mafia the most sinister and evil Global Organized Crime Syndicate ever existed, it is ancient evil. 1/6/2021 is their justification to crackdown, their unjustified justification for their phony war on domestic terrorists same as the planned preventable attack on 9/11/2001 was their justification for the phony war on terror, even Rudy Giuliani was out front same as he was after the planned preventable attack on 9/11/2001 the truth they’re all covering up because their all involved with the perpetrators. Trump supporters lured to Washington D.C. are no different than brainwashed Saudi hijackers were needed so people would believe Muslims flying airplanes brought down the towers. Same perpetrators responsible for the bioweapon and bioweapon vaccines aren’t safe and effective, people are still dying, millions more will most likely die a premature death.

    The FBI are enforcers for the Jewish Mafia, Texas and Florida involved in everything same as California and New York. If it were up to me I would have sent every refugee created fighting the phony war on terror to Texas, Crawford Texas, and I would have offered Palestinians Florida with the right of return when radiation levels were safe because I’d give Iran a nuclear weapon and my approval to use it.

  6. It’s not possible to save America, and it shouldn’t be saved. The subverted usurped United States government is a rogue lawless out-of-control criminal regime a Zionist gangster puppet regime the government is a threat to its population a threat to the world and humanity the people at the top of the pyramid have parachutes and bunkers. They deserve the death penalty. They’ve killed millions, millions more will die. These traitors to humanity shouldn’t be allowed to decide our fate, we should decide theirs. It’s Zionists, mostly on the right, won’t allow us to free ourselves from the Zionist stranglehold, Zionist Christians. If there’s a hell they’re going there, there is as much evil emanating from many of these fraud preachers and Donald Trump as there is anyone.

    There isn’t a Zionist isn’t a traitor to humanity. Karma is what’s coming to the land known as America. I hope the military suffers a devastating and humiliating defeat that the people here in the land known as America suffer the results of yet another Zionist war they’re supporting. People need to know what it’s like to be on the other end of an American freedom bomb. My only satisfaction will be telling people they deserve it. You’ll never reach these brainwashed Zionists, they’re as despicable as the people they support and worship because they believe they’re God’s chosen people. It’s all a lie sorry if you believe it. At least I won’t die a fool. I doubt this ends peacefully, and it won’t end favorably. Anyone believes we can save it is as delusional as anyone is delusional.

    Hope at this point is for fools, and so is voting. Best to stay healthy as possible, you won’t be getting healthcare, you never did. They’re not done killing people. They’ve been contributing to and causing Veteran suicides, and mass shootings. It all started about the same time they started prescribing psychotropic drugs/SSRI’s. It doesn’t matter, they’ll never solve the problem they created on purpose, their solution is the agenda, people blame the gun but it doesn’t matter not at this point, it’s a futile effort, it’s a waste of time and effort.

    The majority white Republican Party dies with the boomer generation and the coming demographic shift, it’s dead already, and the other party won’t be saving anything, they support their Talmudic agenda too. They’re all sold out, corrupt and compromised, involved with the perpetrators, and they’re all involved in the coverup, many were involved in the crime, they’re all guilty. They all serve the same master.

    I’m honest with myself. My own senses and intuition I will never ignore again. I’m not playing their game anymore, it’s a losing game the team owners own both teams, they’re the only winners, they’ll rule over the ashes.

  7. If Southern California voted to join Mexico I would support it, they’ve retaken it anyway, it’s the right thing to do. They could then expel anyone isn’t Mexican and doesn’t speak Spanish or support their culture. I would also support parts of Texas being given back to Mexico since they’ve retaken parts of Texas. I would support Alaska becoming part of Russia if they voted to secede although there are language barriers, still a historical precedence. Same with Hawaii the US never had a right to Hawaii not like China with regard to what is known as Taiwan today. Taiwan is China.

    People don’t realize Russia, historically a real nation like China, is fighting for their independence and sovereignty much of Ukraine is Russia same as much of the United States was and is Mexico again plus there is no way to avoid the North American Union. A nation is its people the North American Union won’t be a nation.

    The American flag is fake, its been a fake flag for over a hundred years. Saving America isn’t important but stopping the warmongers fighting Russia is important. America is already a lost cause should have never existed, and now there is 8 billion people on the planet. America is a cancer like Israel. The past no longer applies, you’re already a minority White man, you need allies not enemies. Fools supported the people want to replace you, you fought their wars for your own subjugation, eventual enslavement and eradication.

    Fake and gay America, traitors and faggots support Israel. I fucking hate America more and more everyday, including Israel first traitors to humanity and America, they’re as ignorant as it gets…Ameritards. You’re not a patriot unless you support Israel said the idiot traitor. Wear a bib to your next Trump rally so you don’t drool on yourself. It says more about you than anything the fact the lunatics are in charge of the insane asylum, and they’re winning despite any temporary setbacks. Do or die time unfortunately most of you are going to die loving Israel. I’m rooting for the good guys that’s not America or Israel.

  8. 9/11 was an inside job the reason more than any other in recent history we’re forced to endure this hell today, it should be the focus, we don’t have time to enlighten people will be enlightened by the truth the truth about 9/11 opens the door to enlightenment.

    9/11 was the final nail in America’s coffin, they’re going to bury America if people allow them to do it. They’re a threat to humanity. Same perpetrators losing economic, geopolitical, and military power are responsible for the bioweapon and bioweapon vaccines.

    Israel is shedding support the whole world is waking up to Israel, their support is an illusion same as most everything else although the results are real. Ukraine is still all about Israel, global power and control. Russia is fighting the New World Order. Henry Kissinger is probably right, he may be off a few years, Israel doesn’t last a hundred years.

    We’ve been sold out by sellouts and traitors the threat is from within. I won’t defend America. Defeating the United States government is our only chance to save ourselves from the government and ourselves from ourselves and save the world. They’re the traitors, traitors to humanity. Disclose the truth about 9/11 you will be able to disclose the truth about everything else. Their media is the enemy. Traitors support Israel. There isn’t a Zionist isn’t a traitor to their own people, nation, and humanity no matter their race and nation.

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