Leading “LGBT” intellectuals are responding to public demands that they stop performing public sex acts in front of small children at “Pride” parades by doubling down.

Joseph J. Fischel, a Jewish queer theorist at Yale, recently published a piece in Boston Review arguing that performing perverted homosexual acts in front of children is important because it teaches them to reject racism, sexism and homophobia, as well introducing them to visual stimuli he hopes will arose them.

In the essay, he dismisses concerns that performing sex acts in front of children brought to “Pride” by their homosexual parents is wrong because they can’t “consent.” According to Fischel, this perspective is “racist” and “bad for children.” He refers to writings by transsexual blue check Julia Serrano, who states that people wearing wedding rings and publicly expressing right-wing political beliefs violate its consent, and so nobody has a right to demand that “kink” and public sodomy be banned from gay parades.

To build his argument from a legal standpoint, Fischel relies on Brenda Cossman, Stuart Green, Richard Posner and Joel Feinberg — all of them Jewish academic legal theorists — who argue that public sex acts in front of unsuspecting people are no more offensive than racist or “offensive” political speech, and that the distinction between private and public behavior is arbitrary, heteronormative, and should be done away with.

By shielding their children from displays of gay sex acts, parents are merely projecting their own puritanical impulses onto their children, argues Fischel:

When parents or people ventriloquizing parents oppose public indecency at Pride on the grounds that it may upset children, the opposite is more likely the case: their children might like it, and that upsets the parents, not the children. What is the presumptive harm if a child happens upon a guy sporting a chest harness, or sees an adult’s butt cheeks, or even an adult’s genitals or breasts? Would such children necessarily feel violated, or might adults be feeling violated on their behalf? Might the child be as likely to respond with curiosity?

According to the author, shocking children at any age by deliberately showing them grotesque sex acts functions to challenge their “heteronormative” default, as well as potentially make them “curious” and get them to “like it.”

Fischel expresses confusion over white liberals attending “pride” parades with their families because it is fashionable wanting to sanitize the deviant acts performed. He draws parallels to research conducted by recently deceased Jewish “gender studies” author Lauren Berlant on homosexual behavior, including an anecdote about a performance at a gay bar where a man force feeds a much younger man until he repeatedly vomits. According to Fischel, obscene displays of non-reproductive sex in public are radical acts that should be expected and encouraged at gay events.

Last September, National Justice wrote a piece warning that the Jewish community was preparing a push to normalize pedophilia. According to numerous gay and Jewish intellectuals, exposing young children to sex and engaging them in it is the pinnacle of anti-fascist activism and the ultimate blow to the “authoritarian” personality that Jews believe led to the populist movements that gave rise to figures like Hitler and Mussolini.

According to research conducted by Western Journal, multiple members of the San Francisco Gay Chorus behind the recent controversial video “We’re coming for your children” are convicted child molesters.

The mainstream media has responded to outrage over pedophiles singing songs about coming for people’s children by referring to critics as bigots and claiming to be victims of threats.

There does not appear to be a credible opponent to the “queer” power structure, which is backed by Wall Street and heavily infiltrated the government, media and academia. Both parties now celebrate homosexual and deviant behavior, even though racial minority blocs in the Democratic Party and the GOP’s rural white Christian base do not generally approve. Recently, the transsexual activist Caitlyn Jenner, who has launched a doomed bid to become Governor of California, was a headliner at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

That high profile homosexuals no longer feel the need to hide their true aspirations reveals that normal people in America will be expected to pull the front line back yet again in the fight to resist extreme forms of sexual depravity.

Jewish Intellectuals Call on Gays to Perform Sex Acts in Front of Children – National Justice (national-justice.com)


  1. Hitler tried to warn you, you labelled him a mass murderer….stew in your own creation…you were okay with slavery, genocide and wars of conquest against other people so that you could live a lavish life….

    • It's not just America… Unfortunately its across 'most' of the Western World. I see it in the UK, when I travel around Europe too. Its all pervasive and being relentlessly shoved down our throats (no pun intended).
      It is causing serious psychological (and spiritual) stress and damage to our children and grand children… But I suppose that is the intention!
      However, I do see hope in all this, as practically everybody I know/speak to feels the same as I and those here reading this. All are disgusted and enraged, and so there will be a backlash (in time). As with all such pushed agendas they implode of their own volition eventually. Just look at cancel culture and the woke, that is starting to get serious backlash and is eating itself. The same will happen with this perversion, we just all need to give it a helping hand long the way… Stay Virtuous!

  2. I've written this once before and it bears repeating. Me and my siblings were "War Babies", sons and daughters of World War Two veterans. My father, a combat veteran, was U.S. Army Infantry. (when he was old and his health fading, he told me we should have never fought against Hitler's Germany. Little did he know his son would grow up to be an Esoteric Hitlerist). I was in elementary school with two of my brothers in the 1950s (the twilight of white America). My neighborhood was white ethnic, blue collar, mostly Italians like my family along with Irish, Slavs, and Greeks. Construction, factory, warehouse workers and tradesmen. I assure you, if these pervert freaks came to my school, or any of the schools around there, exposing their genitals to us and "teaching" us about anal sex, homosexuality, masturbation, etc. ad nauseum, the neighborhood men would have stormed the school, beaten them and the teachers that allowed this to a bloody pulp, and dragged them outside and hung them on the lampposts. Many of the wives and mothers would have been right there with them. The fact that this isn't happening now and these sub-human, slime degenerates are still breathing and above ground shows unequivocally that America is truly finished. I also assure you that these freaks would have been dealt with immediately and finally in National Socialist Germany.

    • Nine
      22 min ago
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      The human won't let me publish this and perhaps Ian the homo doesn't like the fact that homos are perverts.

      "Same with me Heritic. Jews are doubling down with their perversions but the good news? Their all vaxxinated.

      You have to admit that those who are running the show have made America a laughing stock for all the world to see and why? Vengence for Dresden."


    • Nine
      12 min ago
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      Well Jack, there is a Jewish bicycle shop in very Germanic Dousman Wisconsin and that shop along with the local school board is doubling down on transgender perversions so for me real Jewish perversions are real and local.

      Well why should I be surprised that cyclists would support transgenderism since their very costumes they wear confuse gender?

      Like Heriticdrummer over on the Human posted that America is finished and you know what it's time to sit back and watch the jews destroy the place as you can plainly see that those that run the show have sent the jews in as a biological weapon so add the vaxxines and the place is going down.

      It is so richly deserved and so every perversion released by the Jewish bioweapon let us remember what was done to Dresden.

      My father served in the seventh Amored attached to the third army commanded by Paton.

      As a boy growing up I was lectured almost daily about that allied travesty in Dresden and at the end of his days dad said Hitler was right.

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