1. Speaking of dogs, why I ride a bicycle 250 plus miles a week.
    Her name is Alice, a mut, wienerhiemer pit bull mix, she is a muscular 70 lbs.
    This dog is extreame intelligent, more so then any dog I have ever seen.

    Let’s examine the issue of a cage, and training a dog to live in a house.
    My opinion of humans right now? Let the dog shit all over the floor and let the humans roll in it. Looks to me that they will.

    Alice? Caged from birth, until about age two, not having a cage, as she is my Alice, best escape artist, from any cage.

    You have a wonderful family, truth I see, hope your dog turns out as good as my Alice.
    Where ever I go I speak to much truth, then get kicked out.
    For letting me post? Thanx

    • One question? Why crop their ears? Like we crop our males, as we cut off the tip of their pens, perhaps it makes the dog angry? Yet what I see? A dog in a loving home raised by our Jack as I advise he stay their and raise the dog.
      Perhaps our dear owners love each other? It would be beneficial to let Jack take junior to Crossville, as she could learn to hate Christians personally.
      Like, putting the dog on a long leash, letting it loose when a Christian walks by.
      I did that with one of my dogs, helped me escape a blue city.
      Said where two gather
      I Am

      • Vaxxcinati9n and cropping adogs ears, both the same as I see things.
        There was a robot guard, called public safety on my bike trail, as he followed me into a parking garage lot, as I engaged myself phone, tracking the storm I was in, he drove by giving me that menacing cop look.
        Fuck you rent a cop.
        Policy? Going to whip them the bird and take off on my bike.
        Rent a copy? Will beat him to death if he gets outta his car.
        If I didn’t post for awhile I am dead, rejoice as I died in battle.

    • My evangelical princesses drink, call it a bloody Mary, she said know in a bloody rag, said absolutely no, because I love you,

      Ever watched Agora the movie? Any witch identifying her beauty

      Gets her end, bet she said it was worth it…..

      The end male female Spirit

      Letting ne post


  2. Well Jack? Big Mike being president? Just what the doctor ordered! Evangelical mericans? My family being chief among them, worship Jews, and that 51st State and their little war, all in on merican bombs going over there. Just like my Jewish cycling pals, worshipping themselves and their money, all for the 51st State.
    Without merican vangelicals none of this possible, as my vangelical family believing their God has anointed tRump the little jew of their affections. As they worship at his feet and it would be sweet irony to see big Mike put behind the Resolute desk.
    Stock up on Vodka and bloody Mary mix, the show is gonna get good.

  3. Barry was humiliation enough. I don’t remember where I read this and I’m paraphrasing, but the idea was something akin to, if a Negro or a woman is permitted to have a position of perceived power, you’re being shown that you’re finished. Once Negros and women were permitted to hold office, professions, and jobs that had been the purview of European men, it was a signal the public was being let in on what was heretofore a secret; that they’d never been in control of anything at all.
    If the “smart” shekels think it’s going to be Big Mike, then they’ve already made plans and set in motion how Biden will ‘voluntarily’ give that huge campaign chest over to BM. I assume BM is able to read the teleprompters as well as Barry could. Chitcago will either be completely locked down or an utter zoo. After that it’s going to be FF time anywhere and everywhere from sea to shining sea.

  4. The greater responsibility of protection will be for the Doberman, as it should always be understood by the owners. Happy Snappy will have to learn to avoid being harmed, and be friendly to earth humans, no matter what. I have seen that Contessa Archetypal Face before, but for now, only in older European Movies.