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The Bolshevik Empire had ostensibly collapsed under the doddering puppet president Reagan’s idiotic posing. Things were made available that ‘should’ have been kept secret for a hundred years, and for a brief moment the veil...
A few days ago, I received an email titled “Discovery of Ancient Torah Proves Jews Worship Satan…”  Knowing full well that in Hebrew eschatology there is no Satan I immediately without even checking the facts drove...
Cover Picture The Shoggoth It is said in the Eddas that Loki has been restrained in an unknown cave somewhere in the Nine Worlds, bound to three rocks by the entrails of his own son. Above...

The cover picture is taken from the original Causa Nostra Gallery. (1) It was entered on April 2014. The only other picture in the gallery of a political figure, out of hundreds maybe thousands of pictures of beautiful people living in the lap of luxury, is Ron Paul entered in April of 2012. (2) Forced to speculate I would have to say a Ron Paul presidency with its accompanying return to the gold standard, as Putin has just done with the ruble and Paul promised to do with the dollar, and Americas disentanglement from foreign adventurism, again as Paul promised, was the West’s last chance. Instead led by the stupidest among them, crusading for equality for idiots and slackers, a populist black conman with a transvestite wife and milk carton children was given a second term. The mealy-mouthed homosexual, in fact an Illuminati prince they call Barry, used that term to double down on Americas exploitation of anything and everyone who was not a member of their elitist club. The same elitist club that betrayed Germany in WW II in the name of their global corporatocracy would now betray America in the name of their transhuman global corporatocracy. At that point […]

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