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Behind the Bush Part II


The authorized version of history is designed to keep you stupid. It starts in ancient Greece with “The Father of Lies” Herodotus and ends with that vile convicted criminal Dr. Zahi Hawass making it up as he goes along on your television.

Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti Christ & Armageddon

by Jack Heart – Part 2

The whole concoction is now a metaphorical desperate man clinging to a tree. A tsunami of reality borne on an untamed cyber sea is crashing down upon him.

A hundred feet beneath the waves of Japans Ryukyu Islands lay a step pyramid carved into solid stone. All who have dived on it know it is an artificial structure.

Yet those who have never dived on it claim it must be a natural formation because it would have to have been constructed at least twelve thousand years ago, before the glaciers melted and at a time when “there were only hunter gatherers that lived in caves and were incapable of building anything.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Let us begin in the “New World” where they have horded “their gold.”

Academia claims this “is a natural formation.” Incompetence? I think not more like the blatant application of the Asch Paradigm.

High in the Andean mountains lays Tiahuanaco where diorite blocks some weighing in excess of 400 tons, are precisely cut and fitted like the pieces in a LEGO Erector Set. Diorite is even harder than granite and impossible to work with even now.

The blocks typically weighing in at between 100 to 150 tons were quarried on the opposite shore of the lake, ten miles away. The primitive building techniques of the Inca are easily distinguished from the original edifice which has been torn apart by some unknown cataclysmic energy.

Some of the original structures were buried in up to six feet of sediment. The altitude is over 12,000 feet and rain is practically unheard of in the area falling at the rate of less than nine inches a year.

The overhead soil erosion which would be necessary to cause the kind of emersion in the soil that Tiahuanaco was found in is physically impossible. Sea horses which are only found in salt water are unaccountably found in the fresh water of Lake Titicaca. It has recently been discovered that the ruins extend into and under the water of the lake.

Diorite blocks cut with precision beyond even the finest craftsman of today.
The method by which the original blocks were fitted together

A hundred years ago Professor Arthur Posnansky made an intensive fifty year study of the ruins. In his 4 volume work titled Tiahuanaco, The cradle of American Man, first published in 1945. He presents archeoastrology evidence why the Kalasasaya temple in Tiahuanaco must be at least 15,000 years old.
Unearthed at the site was a 7 foot tall idol of an ancient Andean God that the Inca now call Viracocha. Serpents are depicted ascending each side of the statue.  The academic dissembling of exactly who or what Viracocha originally was is mind numbing and that is exactly the way they want it.

But one thing is certain. Viracocha was a serpent God, a sun God.  He is always depicted with a radiant head and serpents prominently displayed even in sites as old as Tiahuanaco.

Viracocha, over the Gateway of the Sun at Tiahuanaco, clutching a serpent in each hand.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

A few hundred miles to the northwest of Tiahuanaco sits Ollantaytambo allegedly built by the Incas in the Fifteenth century. Ollantaytambo is nothing if not a stone indictment of academia for its role as a willing accomplice in the subjugation of the human race.

The Inca’s primitive technique of stacking much smaller and ill fitted rocks can be easily discerned from the perfectly formed and fitted Andesite, boulders, an extremely hard igneous rock, that constitute the foundations of the ruins.

Observe the pebbles stacked at the top and in the background.

Nobody is that stupid. They are deliberately lying! It is common practice to build upon the ruins of ancient cities. Mexico City is built atop Tenochtitlán Rome is built atop Rome. Nietzsche said beware the fish eyed scholar. Hitler knew just what to do with him. 

An objective examination reveals the original, and much older, constructions at Ollantaytambo were destroyed by cataclysmic energy just like Tiahuanaco.

Ollantaytambo is called The temple of the Condor because of a natural wedge shaped stone that has been fashioned into a makeshift sacrificial alter by adding a carved stone condor head to drink the blood of victims as it runs down into a well below the beak.

The Condor is the largest vulture in the world. Academic hacks will tell you that the Condor is the symbol of the Inca sky God but common sense should tell you that the vulture is the symbol of death.

All through the Andes great blocks of extremely hard stone have been worked with a craftsmanship that defies explanation even using the cutting methods employed by modern craftsman.

The truth is that the “Incan Empire” never really even existed. They were nothing but a bunch of half naked savages squatting on land that was not and still is not there’s. A hand full of Spanish warriors walked right through them.
The gold that “Francisco Pizarro took from them” was not theirs anyway. He was sent there to requisition both the real estate and everything on it by their masters and the Inca royalty knew it, as they still do today. The same scenario took place with the Aztec. But none of you will ever meet an Inca princess, let alone get her to hint at the truth to you, so let me go on with my story and prove it to you.

To their great credit the Inca are not liars like academia. They have been telling anyone who would listen from the start that they built none of these things. In Inca legend Ollantaytambo was founded by a brother and sister sent by the Sun God. They had in their possession a golden wedge which was able to burrow into the ground of its own accord and somehow enable the siblings to build the city.

In Isaiah 13, 12, the twenty-first century addition of the King James Bible, Yahweh launches into one of his endless tirades bellowing “I will make a man more rare than fine gold; even a man more than the golden wedge of Ophir.” In The Talmud,  Tractate Gittin Folio 68, Solomon enlists the help of the prince of Demons Asmodeus to find the Shamir which Moses brought out of Egypt. The Shamir had the ability to split rocks.

In the Bible Solomon had an alliance with king Hiram of the ancient Phoenician seaport of Tyre. The King constructed a fleet for Solomon so that he could sail to the mysterious lands of Ophir where he extracted huge quantities of gold. The gold made Solomon the richest King on earth. The ships plied the earth and once every 3 years brought Solomon copious amounts of wealth from all the far flung corners of the world.

Aside from the first temple Solomon is also credited with building another temple in Lebanon where the mysterious Temple of Baalbek now marks the veil of history that has been erected and tended to by academia.

Lebanon’s Baalbek; another inconvenient site for academia’s talking chimps.

By their own traditions Jews have always been Magi who command demons through the power of their demon God. In the Testament of Solomon, supposedly a firsthand account, Solomon used a ring engraved with Gods “secret” name to command the demons to build the first temple.

Even in the oldest of their Talmudic traditions Shir Hashirim Rabba 1:5 which scholars can date back almost to the time when Moses and the Sanhedrin of criminally insane Qabalists looted Egypt. It says “everyone helped in the construction of this Temple – even the spirits, the hobgoblins, the angels.”

But let’s go back to the New World, or shall I call it Ophir? Let’s see exactly where it was that the wandering Jew was wandering.

It was first mentioned in De mirabilibus auscultationibus,  a collection of natural history facts attributed to Aristotle, that the Carthaginians were building colonies in a land beyond the pillar of Hercules. A land that had navigable rivers and since there are no islands with navigable rivers in the Atlantic the author could have only been referring to America. Didorus Siculus or Didorus of Sicily next gives vivid details of its discovery and colonization by the Phoenicians in his massive 40 volume work Bibliotheca historica.

What should be taken into account but never is because of academic dissembling is that the Jews were a force to be reckoned with in the ancient world. Rome’s first order of business, in order to become an empire, was to sack the Jewish outpost on Rome’s own doorstep; Carthage.

This was only achieved after the Punic Wars; blood soaked conflicts which lasted almost a hundred years. Perhaps a million maybe more died in this conflict. Carthage inflicted 80,000 deaths upon Rome’s legions in the battle of Cannes alone.
Because the Romans knew how dangerous Jews are being founded by Jews themselves, as you shall see if you read on, they slaughtered every man, woman and child in the city when they finally did sack Carthage. The Jew never gives up, ever, that’s what it means to be a Jew.

The Western world was now at war with the Jewish world. The two empires sat across from each other like WWI soldiers occupying opposing trenches. The dye had been cast. Three desperate wars for survival would ensue lasting over twenty years.

The Mithridatic Wars would only be concluded when Rome under Pompey the Great defeated the forces of the Armenian Empire under Mithridates VI also known as Mithridates the Great or the Poison King because of his penchant for drinking poison to toughen himself up.

The homicidal Jew king fled with the remnants of his army to the furthest corner of what was left of his empire in what is now called Georgia. Where, after personally murdering his own son the king of Scythia for what he perceived as disloyalty, he committed suicide.

Now Rome was free to attack the heart of the malignancy. They did so by occupying Jerusalem the same year the Mithridatic Wars were concluded; 63 BCE. What followed was two hundred years of practically unremitting bloodshed.

Josephus, who is one of the few historians who can be trusted, where they didn’t redact his work to include Jesus, says 1,100,000 Jews alone were killed in the first uprising. With legion upon legion slaughtered. Masada, whose defenders committed suicide rather than give up, was the closing battle.

It was no aberration. Jews always fought till they were utterly annihilated with the women and children fighting in the streets of Jerusalem right alongside their men. The festivities were not just confined to the land. The Jews had their own navy which according to Josephus controlled the sea off the coasts of Syria, Phoenicia and Egypt, hardly the simple goat herders of Hollywood history and the religion the Jews concocted for their slaves; Christianity.

There were two more major uprising with innumerable small ones between. Finally culminating with Bar-Kochba rebellion from 132 –135. There were 580,000 Jews killed in that one according to Cassius Dio. He tells us many Romans also “perished.”  Rome was victorious but by then the Jew had infected her with his homogenized religion for “goyim;” Mithraism.

They would tweak it a bit, probably laughing when they cast a Jewish carpenter in the role of Sol Invictus, then rename it Christianity. For now on the Pontifex Maximus would wear a Yarmulke and the western world would serve its Jewish masters only challenged once in over 1700 years by Hitler and the NAZI’s.
A child could see the resemblance of the Step Pyramids built in America to the Ziggurat’s built in the Mesopotamian valley. There is a vast preponderance of archeological evidence attesting to a Semitic presence in the New World right up until the time when European colonization seemed to cast an unwanted light upon it.

Yet the Davenport tablets, Dighton Rock, and Grave Creek Stone have all been attacked with what can only be described as a zeal born of panicked desperation. Leading this kamikaze attack is the Smithsonian Institute and the monkeys on Wikipedia that are trained to serve the ancient Jewish agenda of deception. They even have names for the orders of demons who help them to do this; Chaigidiel those who obstruct and Satharial those who conceal God.

Whenever a Semitic artifact is found in America the academic hacks will invariably clamor in unison that it is most certainly a hoax because there is no supporting evidence of a Semitic presence in western hemisphere prior to Columbus. Yet Salvatore Michael Trento of the Middletown Archeological Research Center, an organization composed of many practicing geologists and anthropologists, spent years cataloguing and researching these enigmas. He is adamant about his conclusions that “they were built and inscribed by Celtic and Phoenician Old World Traders.”

Coins that were found in Kentucky and Missouri in 1932, 1952, and 1967 commemorating the Bar-Kochba rebellion and dated from 132 –135 AD have been ignored or dismissed as frauds. The explanation for this one is so absurd that it’s actually worth noting. The coins were minted, distributed by Sunday school teachers as a reward for good attendance then lost and found by sharp eyed observers. They admit its conjecture and they don’t know who minted the perfect replicas and what Sunday school teacher handed them out. But again it must be because they say it must be.

The Newark Holy Stones are arbitrarily dismissed, even though many scholars have attested to their authenticity, because their discoverer David Wyrick expressed a belief that the lost tribes of Israel settled in America. Only the Mormons are allowed to say things like that because as we shall see they are a renegade branch of Masonic Judaism themselves.

The Smithsonian has been destroying evidence of Jewish occupation of pre Columbian America for years and laws such as The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act have been passed to stop them. But there is a smoking gun in this case that not even Wikipedia can gloss over.  It is a documented fact that nine museum certified Egyptian mummy’s dating from between 1070 B.C. to 395 A.D. tested positive for nicotine and cocaine, substances only found in the New World. These were rigorous scientific studies conducted by German scientists under Svetla Balabanova in the early nineties.

Academia, this time led by Oxford, openly expressed apoplexy. When they could not explain the mummy’s condition without admitting contact between the pre-Columbian Old and New Worlds the mummy’s were sequestered in the vaults of the Munich museum. When she attempted to conduct her own independent analysis the Keeper of Egyptology at the Manchester Museum in England, Professor Rosalie David Obe, renowned author and the world’s foremost expert on mummification, was refused access to them “on grounds of religious respect.”

The Bat Creek Stone was excavated in 1889 from an undisturbed burial mound in Eastern Tennessee by the Smithsonian’s own mound survey project. Cyrus Thomas the director of the project whined to anyone who would listen that the curious inscription on the stone was “beyond question letters of the Cherokee alphabet.” In the 1960’s scholars, Henriette Mertz and Corey Ayoob, noticed a little discrepancy: Thomas had been reading the stone upside down. When properly orientated the only thing that is “beyond question” is that the inscription is ancient Semitic.

Semitic languages scholar Cyrus Gordon later confirmed that it is from the first or second century A.D. Gordon translated the inscription as reading LYHWD, or “for Judea.” He noted that the broken letter on the far left is consistent with Mem, in which case the word would read LYHWD[M], or “for the Judeans.”
Subsequent carbon dating of surrounding biological matter yielded dates from 200 to 750CE it should be noted that Cyrus Thomas said of the Davenport tablets that they were “anomalous waifs,” that had absolutely no supporting or contextual evidence to aide in their authenticity.

The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone besides serving as evidence for pre-Columbian occupation of the Americas by the Jews also serves as a warning for Zombie archeologists contemplating a resurrection. The boulder which sits on the side of Hidden Mountain in New Mexico not far from Chaco Canyon, which is very important as we shall see, bares an ancient Hebrew inscription of the 10 commandments. Discovered in 1933 by one of their own; Professor Frank Hibben an archaeologist from the University of New Mexico.

Hibben’s held degrees from both Yale and Harvard but saw his distinguished career systematically dismantled and his credibility constantly questioned. The chimps of academia made it a point to dig up half of Alaska’s tidal zones in a relentless effort to discredit some of his findings at Cook Inlet. Hibben it turns out had misidentified the strata in which he had unearthed evidence contradicting America’s inhabitance before academia’s cherished bench mark of Clovis Spear Points.

Clovis Culture is archeologically identified by the presence of Clovis Spear Points. According to academia’s chimps man migrated from Siberia across the frozen straights of the Bearing Sea some 14,000 years ago into the “New World.”  He then fanned out across the Western Hemisphere settling from north to south. Academia insists this format must be followed by anyone looking to make a dime in the field. Yet repeatedly verified carbon dates for the Pedra Furada sites in Brazil show people in South America some 45,000 – 60,000 years ago.

No one has ever even found a Clovis Spear Point in Siberia or anywhere else in Asia. The points actually appear to be a slight modification of the 30,000 year old Solutrean Spearpoint from Europe. “Clovis spear points” only appear in America some 13,000 years ago and then disappear a few thousand years later along with much of the fauna in the Western Hemisphere.

Little is known about the past of the enigmatic Yuchi tribe of the Southeastern United States except that they were once a large and very powerful tribe who frequently acted as high priests for surrounding tribes. They call themselves children of the sun and were decimated by the neighboring Cherokee in 1714.

The Cherokee were instigated and armed by Whites. The Yuchi’s appearance and language was and is, respectively, like no other tribe in the southeast. They are thought to be responsible for the mysterious serpentine mounds that dot the area.

The snake swallowing the cosmic egg is the most ancient and hollowed of all symbols representing the inevitable final victory of Lucifer over the demiurge, a restoration of what was before the demiurge was created by the Goddess in error.

The Feast of Succot has been observed in Judaism since the first days of Solomon’s Temple. It is observed in the harvest season of fall, on the 15th day of the seventh month of the Jewish calendar. It is celebrated for eight days during which the celebrants live in booths, covered with branches, leaves, and fronds while they meditate on the ancient patriarchs.

The Yuchis celebrate a harvest festival which is identical to the Feast of Succot. Every year on the fifteenth day of the harvest month they live in booths with roofs open to the sky, covered with branches, leaves and foliage. During this festival they dance around a fire and call upon the name of God. Dr. Cyrus H. Gordon who translated the Bat Creek stone was convinced after sitting in on the Indians festival that they were celebrating the Feast of Succot. He exclaimed to a friend sitting next to him “They are speaking the Hebrew names for God!”

The Yuchi language is extraordinarily complicated and difficult to learn. Incredibly enough the dinosaur or great lizard figures prominently in Yuchi stories and ceremonies as does the snake. The word for dinosaur consists of no less than five morphemes; sothl’an ahsh’ee chahthlah’a meaning respectively lizard, face, orifice, red, and big. The word for snake spirit is Shawano.

We now interrupt your reading for a shameless commercial announcement. 

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Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god Paperback – January 5, 2021

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Comments on VT: Behind the Bush – Jack Heart – Part II

Behind the Bush Part I


Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti Christ & Armageddon


By Jack Heart – Part 1

There are 9 parts to this essay. If you read all nine of them you will know what you were never meant to know or at least what they meant for you to never know. This essay could have just as easily been titled the Jew and the Snake. But I want to be clear that when I use the word Jew I mean Talmudic Jew and their Rabbi’s; the priesthood of a “blind and ignorant God.” Technically I myself am a Messianic Jew but I fear I may be the last one left on earth.

Let us look each other in the face. We are Hyperboreans” thus began Fredrich Nietzsche in The Antichrist his declaration of war upon Christianity or more precisely Judeo Christianity. In sixty two paragraphs he turns the most formidable mind the world has yet seen loose in a scorched earth campaign against every notion that has ever been used to enslave and degrade man for the last two millennium. The problem is you were never supposed to see it. Shortly after writing it he would go stark raving mad, an ignoble and abrupt ending to the greatest intellect the world had ever known.

A year before The Antichrist was published and a few years after it was actually written Brother of the Third Degree was published. The book is required reading before going any further into the initiation of any authentic Masonic Order. I do not mean the “Rosicrucian” societies and various “Knights Templar” clubs where the overindulged children of privilege play at being Magi. I mean the ones that trace their lineage all the way back to the Brotherhood of the Snake first referenced in writing in the ancient Sumerian cuneiform.

In Brother of the Third Degree there is a very thinly veiled reference to a famous German “mathematician” who after undergoing initiation started publishing their secrets in his work. He is poisoned with something to make him go permanently insane. Only Nietzsche’s close circle of friends had known what was in the Anti Christ at the time Brother of the Third Degree was written. But 1888 was a year in which Nietzsche had put out a prodigious amount of work, his best work by most accounts. His mental breakdown is one of the most inexplicable events in the history of academia and its causes are still debated today.

Nietsche displaying the Hidden Hand

Nietzsche did not seek them out. It was the famous occultist and composer Richard Wagner who sought Nietzsche out through the mad poet Ernst Ortlepp. Ortlepp would be found dead in a ditch a few weeks after meeting Nietzsche. They cover their tracks well as you shall see. But it was through Wagner Nietzsche was introduced to their secret agenda and stash of ancient manuscripts.

Nietzsche was born into the order as most of those who are in it are but he was more than capable of arriving at the conclusions of his magnum opus without them. In fact he openly scoffs at Wagner in both the essay and The Case of Wagner; the last piece he published before he went insane.

Almost a century later a young Jewish poet would take the name Bob Dylan and proceed to handle the English language in ways that would have made even “Shakespeare” envious. Again they sought Dylan out through the inexplicably famous Allen Ginsberg with his bad poetry and their counterfeit “flower power” revolution.

When Dylan learned everything he needed to know of their true agenda he rejected them with a scathing indictment of their crimes against humanity called Blood on the Tracks. Just like his hero Dante, the greatest of all poets, did almost a thousand years before when he condemned them all to hell in the Inferno. Shortly thereafter Dylan would become the singing artichoke ranting incoherently about people stoning him and becoming a born again Christian. He has not made any sense since and never will.

I know these things and the things I’m about to tell you because I laughed along with them when right out of high school we first heard Frank Zappa sing “Wanna buy some Mandys, Bob?” We were sitting right next door to the house you all call the Amityville Horror House, in my best friend’s house, a house I grew up in.

I can’t say much more about me until or if they ever publish my book but are some of you beginning to get the picture now? Good because Nietzsche didn’t write The Antichrist for his own generation. He states that right in the preface. He wrote it for only the select few of the coming race. The ones Hitler told his bodyguard that they must fight on for right before Hitler disappeared into the distorted pages of history.

In the thirteenth year of the twenty-first century we stand in the doorway to oblivion. We look into the yawning abyss and wonder how we got here. The Christian prophesy’s of Armageddon now seem a foregone conclusion as the army’s of the globe gather around the “holy land” in a simmering cauldron of lies, deceit and malice.

Fools mutter about the judgments of Abrahams malignant God. But it was men who brought us to this place, men who curse that God’s days and are ready to rise up their own morning. There have always been such men; those who curse the day, “Those who are ready to arouse Leviathan.” But it was a man named Aleister Crowley who finally put it all together.

Exactly what did Crowley do? Ozzy Osborn knew enough to ask the question “I wanna know what you meant.” But I doubt he was capable of understanding the answer. He was probably satisfied with Dubya’s explanation, whatever it was, when he left the White House on May 4, 2002 basking in Dubya’s cryptic public endorsement “Ozzy, Mom loves your stuff.”

Crowley is the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room that gets ignored when they tell you about WWI and WWII. But no one’s going to send a missionary to their livestock. You will not dine with the queen tomorrow nor fly to the Riviera at the duke of Westminster’s expense. And the Bush’s, they would prefer that you just go on killing for them till they kill you.

W B Yeats was perhaps the greatest poet in the English language. Yeats and Crowley spent their lives working towards the same end and started out as brothers in Magick. They ended up sharing a mutual loathing of each other. Yeats thought Crowley out of control to the point of madness and completely amoral while Crowley thought Yeats pompous and in gross overestimation of his own abilities. Apparently they both knew each other well.

Crowley in the course of his prolific writing said much, far more than his aristocratic followers wanted him to say. But in the end Crowley only said what he wanted to say, Yeats being the artist that he was left every piece of his soul on the pages of his work. So let us start with Yeats.

The coda line of Yeats poem The Second Coming “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? ” may be the most quoted line in English literature. Intellectual gymnastics abound in attempts at its interpretation but in order to understand Yeats words it takes more than a cursory understanding of the occult traditions to which Yeats spent a lifetime steeping in.

Written in 1920 and published in 1921 The Second Coming was one of fifteen poems in a collection titled Michael Robartes and the Dancer. To understand the poems meaning it must be taken in context with the other poems in the collection which it appears. It is no different from concept albums of the late sixties and early seventies like those released by The Who, Dylan and others. The collection merges Magick, sex and WWI all inextricably bound together in a dark spell intended to conjure a reckoning with the God of this world.

Magick is the way the Golden Dawn spelled the word magic in order to delineate the religion from parlor tricks where rabbits are pulled from hats. Yeats devoted his life to the teachings of the Golden Dawn. To say it was an obsession for him would be an understatement. The title of the collection should tell Yeats more knowledgeable readers that he is dealing with resurrection. Yeats had already killed Robartes at the onset of WWI.

According to Yeats “Michael Robartes is the pride of the imagination brooding upon the greatness of its possessions, or the adoration of the Magi.” That quote is from The Wind Among The Reads written in 1899. But as Yeats became more enmeshed in the occult Robartes took on an identity of his own.

O blessed and happy he, who knowing the mysteries of the gods,
sanctifies his life, and purifies his soul, celebrating orgies in the
mountains with holy purifications.— Euripides.

In 1913 Yeats wrote a short story titled Rosa Alchemica. In the story Robartes appears at his door after a 15 year hiatus and forces Yeats with mind bending incenses to accompany him to a temple by the seaside where they are besieged by an irate Christian mob. During the night Yeats participates in a ceremonial ritual with a cult similar to the Golden Dawn. When he awakens in the morning he finds that the ornate temple has now become an old barn and he is unable to rouse Robartes and the rest of the cult who are in a trance like sleep. As Yeats flees Robartes and the cult are stoned to death by an enraged Christian mob.

By 1913 Michael Robartes was no longer Yeats muse. He had metastasized into one of the Golden Dawns infamous hidden masters, the praeterhuman entities whose disputed existence and direction caused a schism within the group. Robartes now has his own agenda and when Yeats asks him why he doesn’t fear the Christian mob Robartes replies “I and mine are long past human hurt or help, being incorporate with immortal spirits, and when we die it shall be the consummation of the supreme work.” Robartes agenda so frightens Yeats that he finds it necessary, for his own reassurance, to symbolically condemn his life’s work as a fraud and orchestrate Robartes death at the hands of a Christian mob.

At the end of the story Yeats delivers Robartes eulogy as a reflection of his own vacillation renouncing the deception of “Legion” rapped in the imaginary protection of his Christian rosary beads. Yeats trepidations did not last long. As we shall see by 1916 he was straining at the bit to pull off the “great work” single handedly.

According to Rosicrucian writings which along with William Wynn Westcott’s translation of the Sepher Yetzirah spawned the Golden Dawn the great work can be understood as an “evolutionary” adjustment that transcends generations designed to bring about the resurrection of the hermaphroditic super beings that were the predecessor of man. The ones the Greeks called Hyperborean’s.
The prerequisite of the great work is to bring about the birth of Horus the Avenger. It is he who will slay God to avenge the murder of his father Osiris the God of light and widowing of his mother Isis the Goddess of Magick.

In the eyes of the Magi every organic organism from the time of that blasphemous usurpation has been forced to participate in a self perpetuating cycle of murder. The collective soul has been bound to a world where every living thing must consume the nearest next available living thing to continue its own existence.

Life itself is nothing but cursed to be born again and again into endless perdition. The architect was mad and the construction the product of an incompetent imposter who would dare call himself the one true God.

The ancient Hebrew sages had another name for him. They called him Samael; blind ignorant God. That is why they perpetually rebelled against Moses. They knew the God of Abraham for what he really was, a blood thirsty demon. This is the darkest secret of the doctrine called Gnosticism; rites that were practiced in the underground catacombs of Rome. The subterranean mysteries trapped between heaven and hell that would become the seeds of their own antithesis; Christianity.

The Sphinx is the symbol from a time out of mind when Osiris ruled over beings that were living Gods. Dante once said that every man’s heart is halved at birth and he must spend his life seeking the other half. When Osiris reigned that was not necessary. Men were born whole. It was a time of light, the time of science. Not the idiotic monkey sciences of today that are just as bad as the faith based religions they would supplant but real science, the science that was rediscovered by the Copenhagen School of quantum physics.

Three hundred years ago a philosopher and Christian shaman named George Berkeley first postulated the idea that matter, corporeal substance, the things man finds so familiar and comforting to behold and to touch, are only ideas in the mind of the beholder. Berkeley’s revelation was called immaterialism. Now it’s called quantum physics. For two hundred years philosophers tried in vain to refute him for the last one hundred years quantum physicists have been proving him correct.

The ‘Slit Experiment’ proves that what man calls matter is intimately entwined with those that are observing it. ‘Bells Theorem’ proves matter has no location at its source, ‘Quantum Entanglement’ that everything is everything else. Time, and space itself, are constructs of the observer. Nothing can exist if there is nothing to see it. As Berkeley said “esse est percipi,” to be is to be perceived.
C G Jung translated all of the ancient alchemical texts he could lay his hands on.

C. G. Jung

As the brilliant psychiatrist he was Jung knew intuitively that gold is used in them as a euphemism for the soul. Alchemy was not a pseudoscience but a religion practiced by all the learned men of the renascence including Isaac Newton himself. Its tenets were concealed from the unwashed masses by obscure symbolism that could only be understood by its practitioners.

Jung translated the manuscripts from Latin. Before him men like Paracelsus, Nicholas Flamel, Raymond Lully, and John Dee, translated them from Aramaic to Latin. Semitic scribes had already translated them from the languages, many long dead, in which they had originally appeared in the Library of Alexandria. There they had been gathered together as the spoils of war by Alexander’s invincible Macedonian armies.

These men used that knowledge to bring the renascence to the western world, men of fearsome intellect, fearsome enough to defy even the pope. Some paid for it with their lives like Giordano Bruno but none ever bowed to the pope like Galileo. They did not need a Pontifex Maximus to bridge the gap to the sublime. These men were already there. They were, to paraphrase Nietzsche in Thus Spake Zarathustra; great golden beasts who no longer need a God because they are not afraid to be their own God or as Edward Bulwer-Lytton said “the coming race.”

God will not just abdicate his throne. In order for man to ascend back to his rightful place he must depose of God. Yeats knew it, Crowley knew it, the Illuminati knew it before them and anyone who has ever known what was in those manuscripts knew it. Turning metal into gold indeed but gold is just a rock. The idea is to turn men into Gods.

Therein lays the conspiracy of the conspiracy. It’s not against you. They have owned you for thousands of years. Their God gave you to them to keep them amused. You are and will be just collateral damage. Within those manuscripts is the secret for creating, no resurrecting it has lived before, a super being the crowned and conquering child, the only thing that their God fears according to the Zohar itself; the Son of Man or if you prefer the Book of Job, Leviathan.

You think this madness? I think you blind. As Dylan told you “your mind is full of images and distorted facts.” You think you are descended from a monkey then I think you very well may be but I must tell you now better to be descended from a dog. A dog does not need a diaper if he is to share your home. A dog will almost never turn on you and chew your face off. A dog will defend your children and help a blind man across the street. A dog will even tend to your animals. A dog will willingly die for you. Have you ever seen a monkey do any of those things?

There are reptiles that are smarter than monkeys. Crocodiles find them quite tasty. And if you believe in evolution there are reptiles that are smarter than you. Darwin never intended for the theory of evolution to include you. He wanted to wait and see what the fossil record had to say. It’s been almost a hundred and fifty years now and that record has spoken quite clearly “there is no missing link!”

Evolution itself is an untenable theory. Darwin’s finches never became anything but finches, the same thing with the cichlids in Lake Tanzania. Given millions upon millions of years they remained the same species. Animals adapt they do not evolve. A cichlid must stay a cichlid. It can never be a shark or even a goldfish. It’s the same thing with the finches. Alas they can never be an eagle, or even a sparrow.

You have never even heard of Charles Otis Whitman a brilliant biologist and zoologist. If actually accomplishing things is your criterion he was far more brilliant than Darwin or any of his monkey worshiping colleagues. In the late nineteenth century he set about to once and for all prove evolution as a fact in his specialty the breeding of pigeons. After about twenty years Whitman finally gave up and concluded evolution was nonsense.

From every media pulpit trained poodles posing as scientists repeat their obscene mantra that humans and chimpanzees share 96% of the same genetic material. But medical doctors whose job it is to save lives use only the organs of pigs when repairing the human heart. When the conquistadors were weaning the cannibalistic Aztecs from their diet of human flesh they gave them pig as a substitute. They taste very similar as certain Rabbi’s already know.

The evidence is starring you dead in the face yet you cannot see it, flashing lights, ringing bells and sensuous phantoms conceal the treasure of your birthright. In every far flung corner of the earth there is “Evidence of the Fall of Man from a Higher Civilization in Antiquity.” Read the book it’s by Lana Corrine Cantrell.

And in every far flung corner of the world the Jews and their agents have been there to cover it up! Hitler did not pull them from a hat to play arch villain for him. He merely pointed out the facts as he knew them. The internet will allow me to point out the facts that he did not know.

Michael Cremo and Richard L Thompson also wrote a book; Forbidden Archeology. There they expose the lies that have been told to you by charlatan chimps posing as scientists in the service of their Jewish master’s. In meticulous empirical fashion they lay out the systematic campaign of suppression of any and all evidence that might contradict academia’s ridiculous theory, which rightly should be called their lie, that civilization is only 10,000 years old. The book is to evolutionists, peudoscientists, as a cross is to TV vampires. They cannot refute it. They can only recoil from it in horror and pray to their monkey God that you never will read or even hear of it.

You are not made in their God’s image he is made in yours. It is you who have fallen from a realm which the blasphemous God of the Jews can never reach. He is no God at all but a demon parasite that feeds on your life force in the same manner his chosen people feast upon the meager sustenance he has provided for your maintenance. And just like his people he is a glutton. His patriarchs once lived for a thousand years. You will not live a hundred.

It’s not your fault you are an idiot. Always remember what Dylan said “your mind is full of images and distorted facts.” “You’re an idiot babe it’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe.”

I have looked out from behind these eyes for 54 years. I am weary now. I’ve seen things that no man should ever see and those are just the things I remember. I have PTSD right down to my very soul. I got more metal in me than a pentagon peacock wears on his chest and I am racked by pain from my head down to my toes. But rest assured while I write this I will not take as much as a sip from a beer. This is for you, men who fight, men who are not afraid to die; the only kind of man who is worthy of respect, the only kind of man who is worthy to rule. This is a new world with new rules and it’s yours if only got what it takes to take it.

We now interrupt your reading for a shameless commercial announcement. 

My book is  


Buy it NOW!

Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god Paperback – January 5, 2021

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This is by no means all the sources used in writing this 9 piece essay just the ones I hardily endorse. There are many links that will take you to other sources and some are taken from oral traditions, books that are not supposed to even be in print and things I have seen with my own eyes. Put your faith in nothing except your weapons of war. Check everything I’ve written. Only fools and Christians believe in things that cannot be proved. Crowley teaches his followers to be skeptical of everything. When someone asks you to believe what cannot be proved they are wasting your time. And time is the most precious thing you have. — Jack Heart

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Comments on VT: Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti Christ & Armageddon

Comments on Veterans Today

Black Sun Rising III by Jack Heart & Orage


Cover Picture: Camacotz or Camalotz, said to have killed most of the denizens of man’s second creation by ripping off their heads.

In the Book of the Jaguar Priests or Chilam Balam it is written that the road from the stars will descend from the sky and the 13 Gods of Heaven, and 9 Gods of Hell will come to earth. The Maya believed that the end was the beginning and the beginning the end, in destruction would come creation and creation destruction. It would happen at the black hole. At the crossroads, an image would appear in the sky.


The dark kingdom of Xibalba would manifest upon the earth. Xibalba is inhabited by winged creatures with the body of men and the heads and wings of bats. These creatures are blood drinkers and hostile to man. Most fierce among them is Camacotz or Camalotz which means “Sudden-Bloodletter.” Camalotz, depicted as the figurine above with an erect penus, killed most of the denizens of man’s second creation by ripping off their heads.

The Cthulhu mythos is the nightmarish legacy of H. P. Lovecraft. He wrote the old ones were sleeping in the bottomless depths of the oceans until the time when the right astral alignment will awaken them, and they will once again walk the earth reigning over an unspeakable kingdom of darkness. Their return is awaited by a priesthood of bat winged humanoids who bide their time concealed by darkness in the unknown recesses of the earth’s forgotten caves.

The Mayans themselves are a people shrouded in darkness. Somewhere in the ninth century Maya civilization suddenly ceased to exist with the city Cancuén, their center of trade in what is now Guatemala, abandoned in an orgy of violence. The aristocracy of Cancuén; thirty-one men, woman and children were recently discovered hacked to pieces and tossed in what was their palace cistern. Eighty yards away in an unmarked shallow grave was buried their great king Kan Maax. The massacre took place around 800 CE. (1)

The Mayan calendar — just like the story of Akakor and the true names of Yahweh — is based on the number 13. The calendar is divided into 13 Baktuns. Each Baktun equals 144,000 days. When all 13 Baktuns are completed the calendar resets to zero and the Mayan doomsday scenario takes place. Mainstream archaeologists say the Mayan calendar began on August 11, 3114 BCE.

Using this genesis date, the destruction of earth should have taken place on December 21, 2012. But in the epilogue of Chronicles of Akakor Karl Brugger states “According to the Chilam Balam, the books of the jaguar priests of the Maya, history begins in 3113 B.C. The German Maya scholar Wolfgang Cordan connects this date with a mysterious historic event of great importance.” (2)

By moving the beginning up one year, the ending is moved up one year and the destruction of earth should have taken place on December 21, 2013. It doesn’t get any more historically important than that; and that is why authorities elected not to share that information with the ignorant masses. They were told Comet Ison was approaching…*

Brugger doesn’t say what the historic event was, but Wolfgang Cordan was the foremost expert on Mayan hieroglyphics. Historical records indicate that he died in 1966 at the age of fifty-six while in the field doing research. They also indicate that his friend and closest colleague was killed six months later. The index cards to Cordan’s until then academically definitive work on Mayan hieroglyphics; a comparative dictionary of Mayan writings, have never been found. It’s as if they never even existed…

Cordan was the lead linguist in a huge expedition composed of some ninety archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania under the direction of William D. Coe. The dig began in 1956 and finally ended in 1969. The effort, unprecedented to this day in Mesoamerican archeology, unearthed ten square miles of the enigmatic Mayan city: Tikal, with its most imposing structure being Temple 1, the temple of the giant Jaguar.

Tikal Temple

The Tikal expedition unearthed five step pyramids, three hundred and fifty houses and enough artifacts to stock a museum. Temple 1 rises a hundred and fifty-four feet above the plaza and Tikal itself is situated in the middle of an impenetrable jungle canopied by trees up to a hundred and eighty feet tall. Although the interior of the Tikal temple complex is connected by a finely cobbled network of walkways, there are no roads into the surrounding jungle.

The fresco and artwork found on the site depict only priests in acts ranging from fertility ceremonies to human sacrifice. Craftsman and agricultural workers are conspicuous by their absence of representation. William Coe is on record as remarking how it seemed unfathomable that such an advanced culture could be developed in such an inhospitable place that seemed to be unable to support more than just a few huts. Wolfgang Cordan speculates that although Tikal’s inhabitants made children’s toys with wheels, they must have transported their goods on sleds because no working wheels were found on the site. (3)

Estela 6 el Tortuguero

About two hundred miles to the west of Tikal is Villahermosa, the capital of the Mexican state of Tabasco. Four of the pieces of the now infamous monument 6 are displayed there in the Carlos Pellicer Museum. Monument 6 is in actuality a well preserved carved wooden box commemorating the death of Tortuguero ruler Bahlam Ajaw or Lord Jaguar.

It consists of seven pieces all together. Another of the pieces is in Metropolitan Museum of New York, but the whereabouts of the other two is unknown. The box was salvaged from Tortuguero, a Mayan site discovered in 1915 not far from the city. Another German Mayan scholar — Professor Berthold Riese of the field-leading Bonn University — describes Tortuguero as the western most emblem province of Palenque.

Emblem Glyphs denote Mayan city states. Dr. Riese goes on to say that although short lived the site was one of the most important for Palenque. He published two scientific papers on the interpretation of monument 6, one in 1978 the other in 1980. They have never been translated from German. In 1981 a cement factory was built on top of Tortuguero destroying the rest of the site…

In the shadow of the cement factory the disciples of Michael D. Coe; White Supremacist, CIA asset since the Korean War and acknowledged by academia as the foremost expert on Mayan hieroglyphs since the untimely death of Wolfgang Cordan, work feverishly to interpret monument 6. Their incoherent products run the gamut, but they all seem to agree that Bolon Yokte “may ‘descend’ ye-ma, y-emal.” Bolon Yokte is a Mayan God usually associated with war and discord but also creation. In Mayan, Bolon means nine, and it is said he will come to crush the nine lords of the night. His calling card is blinding light.

In 2004 yet another of those meddling German Mayan scholars wrote a master thesis Tortuguero, Tabasco, Mexico – History of a Mayan City, depicted by their glyphs. Sven Gronemeyer’s work was however published in English, “updated” of course, in 2006. He translated the monument in six parts.

The first part pays homage to Balham Ajaw’s ascent to the throne. The second describes the Star Wars that the Mayans, particularly Tikal, incessantly waged on each other. Star Wars could only be initiated with the rising of Venus as the Morning Star. Mayan wars would be held in abeyance until this happened. As noted in the monument, these wars were usually culminated with the decapitation of the prisoners taken in them.

In 2013 in Uxal a few hundred miles northeast of Tortuguero on the Yucatan Peninsula, like ants that won’t go away at the picnic, German archeologists unearthed a mass grave of twenty-four Mayans who had been beheaded and dismembered. The always annoying Germans suspect the remains to be that of royalty because many of the skulls have jade inserts for teeth. (4)

Comalcalco brick

No worries but for our intrepid hero Michael D. Coe and his army of sellout zombie archaeologists. The brick has been sequestered, presumably with the two missing pieces of monument 6. The glyphs are so badly damaged on the fourth part of monument 6 that it is doubtful whether even Wolfgang Cordan himself could have made anything out of them. Dr. Gronemeyer passes on that one.

The fifth part describes the ceremonial burning of a house, the erection of images of Balham Ajar and the Mayan ritual of ruler binding.

Burial Chorcha

previously it happened, it was completed for re-birthing, It was 2 days, 9 Uinals, 3 Tuns, 8 Katuns and 3 Baktuns before the 13th Baktun is completed on 4 Ahau 3 Kankin. Then it will happen – darkness, and Bolon-Yokte will descend to the…

Image 391-0-2

These quotes are from the Zohar which instructs the Qabalist on how to use them. One is for conjuring and the other banishing. They are Yahweh’s proper names and as far as I know nobody’s ever published them before. When Rabbi Moses de León published the Zohar he would die the next year. A couple of years later the Knights Templar would be rounded up, charged with heresy, and burned at the stake. Less than a generation later the Black Plague would lay waste to Europe.

No doubt when I published part six of that series I made powerful enemies but as they should understand by now; they also have powerful enemies. The more astute readers of Black Sun Rising should be starting to see why.

The Mayans were not savages. It is you that are the savage; “The White Barbarians” of the Chronicles of Akakor. The creation, what is for now the world of the living, is based on thirteen. The Mayans understood how to use this. The Germans, at least their leadership, knew exactly who the Mayans were, because they broke with Empire at the beginning of the twentieth century, working together with the historical Ordo Bucintoro, which will be explained in later parts.

Amazon, German researchers, 1935

They have the Dresden Codex and have had it since it was first sent to Europe by Hernán Cortés. That is why they were traipsing through the malaria infested jungles of South America in the Jary Expedition * two years after National Socialism assumed power in Germany.

Revelations, which is a Qabalistic book that brands the Christian religion as a creation of Judaism, tells its goyim that 144,000 thousand shall be saved. The 144,000 is the number of days in a Baktun, and the Germans had the good sense to want to prolong those days for humanity.

Human existence, as it is known now, is cyclic. When a cycle is over it goes back to reset with almost everyone dying, and a Star Wars is fought over the souls to be harvested. The Mayan priesthood, who were master Qabalists, knew this and had the exact calculations for when this cycle, the current cycle, began and ended.

In part 1 of this essay, I said the fulcrum of the lie was that Judeo Christianity was founded by simple goat herders. Now I will reveal the purpose of the lie. The purpose of the lie is to keep from you the abyssal horror of the truth. You are the goat. You are livestock farmed by soulless alien races that exist in a temporal ether and derive their sustenance by what is permanent in you, your soul.

None will be saved by a dead man nailed to a stick, and few will be saved by denying your physical senses, fewer still by a pantheon of gods who are among their tormentors. Only man can save man, which is why the one thing the king of these alien races fears is the Son of Man. He is close now, poised at the doorway of time nursing an insatiable hunger for vengeance. That is why you are all still here and Bolon Yokte is not. Let me introduce you to reality. Morgan Freeman is not a scientist; he is a Hollywood actor.

Einstein’s vaunted theory of relativity is wrong. Einstein was a misogynistic amorphous blob of a fraud whose only real talent was a talent typical to most frauds, plagiarism. Ironically enough —and these “gods” do love irony— the most brilliant human alive today is a rather engaging woman named Lisa Randall. Einstein would have loved that. He could have humped her leg while stealing her notebooks.

Bell’s theorem synthesized from experiments based on John Stewart Bell’s 1964 paper titled On the Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox, in which he tried to prove Einstein’s theory of relativity correct but instead —just like Charles Otis Whitman before him proving the theory of evolution wrong while trying to prove it correct— proved once and for all the non-locality of matter, invalidating Einstein’s speed limit.

Objects and events can and do interact though they are to close in time and separated by to vast a distance in space to be manipulated even by something traveling at the speed of light. Everyone who has ever had a premonition should already know that. As the old saying goes the fastest of all things that fly is thought.

In Quantum entanglement, electrons can be emitted in pairs with their spins dependent and opposite from each other. If one is negative, the other will adjust to positive. When the electrons are separated the adjustment continues even in experiments where the electrons were separated by over a hundred kilometers. As soon as these particles are examined with instrumentation, the adjustment ceases, and the electrons go back to random spins. This is called wave function collapse.

Many modern technologies are beginning to rely on Quantum entanglement, state of the art technologies like Quantum computing, Quantum cryptography, and Quantum teleportation. Scientists have already succeeded in teleporting complex sets of information using the rules of Quantum entanglement.

In the slit experiment, subatomic particles up to the size of buckyball molecules exhibit the characteristics of both waves and particles when according to Morgan Freeman science they should behave only like particles. When equipment delicate enough to observe them is added to the experiment the wave function collapses and they will behave only like particles. 

Since the very first days of relativity, science was aware of the probability of Einstein Rosen bridges; wormholes that could act as bridges through both time and space and violate the limitations imposed by the theory of relativity. For many years it was believed that travel through these wormholes would be impossible because in the center was a black hole whose own center was a singularity which would rend anything passing through to its smallest possible particles.

In 1988 this scientific maxim was proven mathematically incorrect when using the equations of the real discoverer of relativity, Hendrik Lorentz. Lorentz published the Theory of Relativity in 1904, a year before the plagiarizer Einstein. In 1988 Lorentzian Traversable Wormholes became a probability. In 2009 over the frigid night skies of Norway one of these wormholes was caught on video.

The priesthood of Tikal did not need roads or wheels to travel through the jungle. Many people have reported an anomalous atmospheric condition called electronic fog. Bruce Gernon gives the best-known account in his book The Fog. While piloting a plane to Miami he was engulfed by a fog that was penetrated by a spiral tunnel. He flew through the tunnel for a period of what felt like a few minutes. When he emerged the plane was already over Miami and 40 minutes had gone by.

In every far-flung corner of the earth, spiral petroglyphs testify to prehistoric man’s awareness of these portals. During significant astrological alignments, sun daggers pierce the center of some of these petroglyphs as if marking periods of time when they will open up or take travelers through them to desired destinations.

There is a Mayan ball field in Chaco Canyon and forensic archeologist; Dr. Christy Turner has found a skull with its teeth filed into points like some demonic carnivore; a practice seen before only in the Mexican valley. In any court of law on earth, the evidence given in part 3 of my Behind the Bush series would put a Semitic presence in America’s Southwest at the same time the Mayan priesthood was abandoning Tikal.

It is a scientific fact that the Dene carry markers for Haplo Group X, Hebrew mitochondrial DNA, in their blood. The Dene sequences suggest that they acquired the Haplogroup X relatively recently, about 1000 years ago. Unfortunately, there is no capital punishment yet for teaching zombie archeology to school children, so academia drones on without facing the much-deserved consequences.

In part six of Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti-Christ & Armageddon, I presented overwhelming circumstantial evidence that the Sepher Yetzirah, the Qabalistic book of creation, is Quantum physics. There is an incorporeal eleventh dimension called Da’at in the ancient Hebrew schematics of the universe, and to this very day the existence of an eleventh dimension is hotly debated in Quantum mechanics. When that eleventh dimension is added to the equations, particle physicists call it M theory. With the addition of the eleventh dimension, what the egg heads call elegant equations are made possible and they do not blow up into infinity. Infinity is the criterion for what is false in subatomic physics. One cannot have infinity in an “elegant equation.”

In M theory, also known as String Theory, the smallest particles are in actuality two-dimensional dancing filaments of energy that interact in ten dimensions plus time. The oscillation of these string-like filaments produces all the different particles that constitute the universe. The oscillation of the strings themselves is contingent on the geometry of each of the dimensions they interact with. String Theory was seen from its inception as the potential Holy Grail of science, unifying the gravitational forces of relativity with quantum mechanics and the behavior of electromagnetism.

Pythagoras has been called the father of String Theory because he taught his followers that existence was produced from harmonic vibrations like the string of a lyre being plucked from different positions. His theory about the music of the spheres and their ratios anticipates the discovery 2700 years later of Orbital resonances which guide the planets through their methodical orbits. Many legends and stories were spawned by Pythagoras’ legendary intellect. But in a story very similar to the birth of Jesus, Manly Hall asserts that Pythagoras was born in Syria some 2800 years ago and schooled by Rabbis.

In part 3 of Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti-Christ & Armageddon, I wrote about the Skinwalker Ranch and the National Institute of Discovery Science; a front for the Department of Defense. The DoD has little interest in ghost busting.

There is a war going on right now between gods and gargoyles, demons and angels, men, and machines. Those of you who do not have access to the underground sanctuaries just narrowly missed becoming casualties of that war, no thanks to the DoD either.

A Skinwalker is just what it sounds like; you may be sleeping with one tonight, watching TV with it and sitting down to meals to discuss the latest absurdity of what it and its kind have pawned off on you as your culture. You are at a distinct disadvantage. It knows who you are. You have no idea. These are the hidden masters of the Abrahamic religions, the malevolent shape shifting reptilians of David Icke, the “ultra-terrestrials” of John Keel and the “control mechanism” of Jacques Vallée. They are The Gods of Eden from William Bramley’s book, and they live through human pain and sorrow.

Jacques Vallée and John Keel — the two most brilliant men to ever study the UFO phenomenon — both came to almost identical conclusions. In Passport to Magonia Vallée theorized that the very same entities man once saw as angels, fairies, and leprechauns he now sees as aliens and UFOs. Because the entities have no true form, they appear as man expects them too. They are control mechanisms; consciousness’s that operate within the parameters of man’s perception. Keel went one step further when he postulated that these beings live “conterminously” with the human race in dimensions that are beyond the periphery of man’s perception.

Vallée was vehemently accused by the UFO community of falsifying information in one of his later books, when he referenced a flying refrigerator like object terrorizing peasants in South America by draining their blood with a light beam while they hunted overnight from blinds in the jungle and slept in their village huts. Realizing that the whole UFO phenomenon was a new religion for fools, Vallée stopped writing about it after that and put his prodigious intellect to better uses.

Fools may believe as they wish to the peril of their own souls, but from Göbekli Tepi to Ollantaytambo, to the rites of Baal and Moloch, which means king in Hebrew, on to the Maya, Anasazi and Aztec, these entities are all blood drinkers. And it is Yahweh; Moloch of the Jews and Christians, that demands that the blood of animal’s men slaughter for meat be reserved for him in the kosher rites of Orthodox Judaism.


The “Chupacabras” reputedly draining the blood of livestock in the Mexican valley bear an uncanny resemblance to the Gargoyles that were festooned all over European architecture during and after the Templar’s period of preeminence. Something has been carving up livestock in Americas Southwest since the late sixties. Cattle mutilations have been documented since Skippy the horse in 1967. Scientists at the Skin Walker Ranch ascertained with forensics that the mutilations on the ranch were done with a long blade and shorter scissor-like instrument. Just like the elongated claw and teeth that once graced the anatomy of certain dinosaurs.

At this moment flying majestically into the Dark Rift in the northern night sky is the constellation of Cygnus which is a latinized version of the ancient Greek word for Swan. Many claims have been made for Cygnus aligning with ancient architecture including the pyramids but there are 2 striking things about Cygnus that are facts. Close to Deneb, the brightest star in the constellation, an emission nebula duplicates the shape of North America right down to the Gulf of Mexico.

Moon and NGC7000

Cygnus is also one of the major sources of cosmic rays bombarding earth. The other is the Crab Nebula whose birth was recorded by the Anasazi. Aside from neutrinos, which don’t interact with anything, cosmic rays are the only particles that can penetrate the earth’s surface down to a half a mile or more and they have been proven by American geneticist H. J. Muller to alter the DNA in fruit flies.

Cosmic rays interact with the earth’s magnetic field which in turn interacts with the Schumann Resonance. Some scientists have postulated that the Schumann Resonance is the very life breath of the Earth herself, governing all the forces of nature. It effects human behavior and has been linked in scientific papers to suicide rates. There is also a growing awareness that it affects sunspot activity and human health.

But the most striking thing of all about the Schumann Resonance is the man who discovered it, Winfried Otto Schumann. In 1937 the occult Vril — now organized in an armaments factory called Antriebstechnische Werkstätten OHG, Munich — began its continued flying disc development program with official Nazi Party backing under Professor W.O. Schumann of the Technical University of Munich. Dr. Schumann had worked with The All-German Society for Metaphysics on the Jenseitsflugmachine from 1922-1924. Jenseitsflugmachine is German for “Other-World Flight Machine” or “Afterlife Flying Machine…”

Black Sun Rising VI, the Black Madonna and the Swastika by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (

Black Sun Rising V By Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (

Black Sun Rising IV by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (

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Black Sun Rising II By Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (

Black Sun Rising I By Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (

Analysis of BSR 3 and BSR 4


* Comet Ison, the strange tale of the Chronicles of Akakor, the stunning machine gun murder on Ipanema Beach of the German Walter Cronkite; Karl Brugger who was breaking the story, and the Jary Expedition, are all covered respectively in:

Black Sun Rising I By Jack Heart & Orage (

Black Sun Rising II By Jack Heart & Orage (

1 – Wilford, John Noble. “A 1,200-Year-Old Murder Mystery in Guatemala.” New York Times. 17 Nov 2005. Web.

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3 – “TIKAL Millennial Empire.” DER SPIEGEL 8/1966 2 Feb. 1966 Web Translator, Web.

4 -“Maya dismembered their enemies: Researchers discover a 1,400-year-old mass grave at Uxul, Mexico.” PHYS.ORG. University of Bonn, 10 Sep 2013. Web.

5 – Stevenson, Mark. “Mexico notes 2nd Mayan reference to 2012 disaster.” The Seattle Times [Seattle] 24 Nov. 2011WayBackMachine Web.

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Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan by Jack Heart, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble® ( Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god: 9781736288016: Heart, Jack: Books

Lucifer (reblog)


They say that ignorance is bliss. If this is true when the postmortem is finally performed on western civilization it will be found that it expired from its own bliss. Everything that you have been told since the day you were first old enough to communicate with the other wretched beings you share this planet with is a lie. Men and Women are all born with the ability to see. In a baby all the synapses of the brain are connected but as they grow older those that are unnecessary to an existence that is indeed nasty, brutal and short are dispensed with in the interest of survival and partially reconfigured to work in a socially acceptable manner. The strange memories many people have from infancy are not the allusions of post natal confusion but rather the residual images of a few months spent with a brain uninhibited by the need to distinguish potential threats and potential gratification.

As the brains reticular activating system kicks in man becomes a denizen of Plato’s cave; a hairless chimpanzee who sits frozen in place with their back to a fire and watches shadows on the wall cast by the procession of reality that pass’s between their backs and the fire. Plato said that if one of the chimps was ever dragged from the cave and forced to watch the whole spectacle from a hole in the ceiling above that they could never go back and sit with the other chimps and endure their bestial chatter. Times have changed since Plato prowled the earth in his endless quest for sodomy; in order for your children to even have a future some must make that journey.

If you put ten people on an island with limited natural resources it won’t be long before a few of them form a covert  alliance dedicated to gaining control of those resources. It is human nature and it is also a blockbuster TV show; Survivor. The snickering that go’s on about conspiracy theorists among the Pseudo intellectuals who have gained control  through corporate takeover of every facet of the media is a paean to the monumental stupidity of the human race.

Those who think they will find intellectual sanctuary in the esteemed halls of academia should know that the Grosvenor families of England and America who are also known as the Dukes of Westminster and are related by blood to the Percy’s who changed their name  to Pierce, as in Barbara Pierce Bush, upon migrating to America, after being linked to a Plot to blow up English Parliament, founded National Geographic. National Geographic serves Chaigidiel (those who obstruct) and Satharial (the concealment of God) by descending on every discovery that threatens to expose the dogma of evolution and anthropology with a crack team of academic assassins and debunkers.

Any physical evidence is whisked off to be secreted in the possession of the Smithsonian which in turn is controlled by the Grosvenor’s cousins the Smithsons. The current Chairman of the Board of Trustees of National Geographic is Gilbert Melville Grosvenor, who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005 for the Society’s leadership in Geography education. When Dubya pins a medal on you you can bet that you have served the devil well. What passes for education today is nothing more than a cultist indoctrination into the service of promulgating human servitude.

Those of you who seek solace in the embrace of a beneficent Christian God should know that their love has been given to a hollow idol. When Jesus walked the earth forbidden knowledge was still available for those who sought it out. Alexander had conquered the known world in his insatiable quest for knowledge. Scrolls from the far flung corners of the earth which were the priceless spoils of his invincible armies had been gathered together in one place which was called the library of Alexandria. The building was accidentally burned by Cesar in 48 BC but the manuscripts were saved and dispersed throughout the city.

It was these manuscripts that gave rise to Gnosticism which were the original teachings of Jesus as they are still preserved today in the Secret Gospel of Thomas. A story is relayed from this time about when Jesus whispered something into Thomas’s ear and the other Apostles, curious, questioned Jesus as to what he had told Thomas that he could not tell them. Jesus replied to them that if he told them the rocks on the ground would turn to fire and rise up and consume them but it is known anyway that what Jesus whispered into the ear of Thomas was the verse of Isaiah: 28,13. “And the word of the lord will be to them precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little, that they may go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.

The priests of this deceitful God could not tolerate the likes of Jesus exposing their evil deity and from then on a ruthless campaign was launched to extinguish all traces of the light of the truth. Paul dissembled everything Jesus had said, Irenaeus made Jesus a heretic in Jesus’s own name and finally Theodosius burned all that could be found of the manuscripts which were the source of Jesus’s wisdom. When that was not enough pope Innocent the third unleashed his dogs of war. In what was called the Albigensian Crusade; the brave knights of France murdered every man, woman and child in the south of France.

It was a desperate effort in genocide to wipe from the face of the earth the still flickering light which was concealed within the tenets of Chatharism the other Christianity that you hear nothing about. Chatharism was an alternative Christianity that was at the time threatening the debilitating and eventually lethal brand of Rome; spiritual shackles fashioned by the priesthood of Set who were Innocents masters.  When one of his battle hardened Princes dared question the slaughter he was being asked to perpetrate on his own countryman in the name of God. Innocent replied “kill them all and let God sought them out”.

What is most painful is the relentless campaign by the conspirators to slander Lucifer’s name, to pervert Lucifer’s eternal quest for a reckoning into a validation of their avarice and depravity. The hour of that reckoning is now at hand and I can promise you this: it is they who will be held libel. Since this generation lives in the hour of the final battle, which the priesthood calls the Equinox of the Gods, it has been allowed glimpses of the truth. The manuscripts which Theodosius thought he had expunged from history suddenly reappeared because what the ancients called the fire of Zarathustra cannot be extinguished.

The sacred fire was rekindled with the blood of men spilled in the opening battles of a war that has yet to be settled, and with the discoveries of the Nag Hammadi Tracts and Dead Sea Scrolls the truth was resurrected. As the last martyrs were slain in the sixties the prophets were allowed to sing their song one last time. In ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ when Mick Jagger crooned mockingly with satanic seduction “Just as every cop is a criminal And all the sinners saints As heads is tails Just call me Lucifer ‘ Cause I’m in need of some restraint ” the devil was being restrained and forced to cryptically tell you the truth; cops are the opposite of criminals (usually), saints the opposite of sinners, heads the opposite of tails and Lucifer is the opposite of the devil.

All the would be luminaries who read from their “good book” without ever having bothered to learn Latin or Hebrew are the monkeys praying to a nuclear missile in the ‘Planet of the Apes’. Lucifer means light bearer in Latin, in Hebrew it is HYLL (when capitals are strung together like this it is purely a transliteration and not necessarily the pronunciation) and means mourning star, roughly the same thing. It was the HYLLYL Pharisees, the priests of Lucifer that defended Jesus against the ShMY Pharisees, the priests of Jehovah, and taught Jesus that the entire Torah could be summed up in the golden rule “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”

Gershom Scholem, the most brilliant Hebrew scholar of this century wrote that the greatest mystery of the Qabalah was concealed in the true name of Lucifer he gives it in Hebrew as AYLTh HShCR NGH CVCB which in translation means instrument that brings the light of the brilliant star but AYLTh besides meaning instrument can also mean gazelle and Jesus is referred to as a gazelle in various apocrypha and Gnostic Tracts. Even those who presumed to edit and change the words of the master in the synoptic gospels and the lying priest himself , as Paul is repeatedly referred to in the Dead Sea Scrolls, dared not spew the blaspheme that today pass’s as Christianity.

Lucifer as the morning star appears in the new testament only twice once in the synoptic gospels; Peter 1:19 “And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts; ” and again in Revelation 22:16 “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.”

Revelation also makes cryptic references that Jesus is Lucifer when Jesus says in 22:13 “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” with this theme repeated again in 1:8, 1:17, 2:8 and 21:6, this is an incantation woven into the symbolic tapestry that is Revelations, that is why it is repeated five times to conform to the five points on the pentagram. Herein is Gershom Scholem’s mystery: ShCR is a word with a plurality of meanings it can mean daybreak but it can also mean nightfall or darkness so within the true name of Lucifer is contained the alpha and the omega of light the same alpha and omega Jesus lays claim to in revelations.

ShCR also has a third meaning and that is to search
, and search Lucifer must because God, the one you call Jehovah and the Egyptians called Set, has taken Lucifer’s bride and concealed and imprisoned her within his creation for she is the life force that animates that creation as well as God himself this is revealed in the Zohar where God says that he can only exist within the Shekinah. The Zohar goes on to say: “with this woman are connected all those things which are below, from her body do they receive their nourishment, and from her do they receive blessing”. She is the one that Jewish sages call Malkah (a derivative of the word Malkuth which encompasses the entire physical world, everything outside of the dark matter and dark energy) or the Shekinah; she who is in exile. The ancient magi called her Zoe. The Egyptians called her Isis or Nuit and the Christian shamans still loyal to Lucifer called her Sophia dividing and concealing her within the three Mary’s of the New Testament. In her physical form she has been known as Baphomet to the Templers, Vril to the Nazis and now electromagnetism to the mad scientists working in collusion with the conspirators.

Every human being with half an education knows that the most opulent church ever constructed and perhaps the greatest expression of the architectural arts is Hagia Sophia  in Constantinople ( called Istanbul by its usurpers) and after its construction in the fourth century it remained the largest building in the world for over a thousand years only being superseded after it was overrun by Muslim hordes and turned it into a mosque. Hagia Sophia means Holy Wisdom but Sophia besides wisdom is the name of the mother of God and the abducted bride of Lucifer. She is described thus in a poem (Perfect or Primal Thunder) among the Nag Hammadi Tracts: “For I am the first and the last. I am the honored one and the scorned one. I am the whore and the holy one. I am the wife and the virgin.” The other tracts and Pistis (faith) Sophia, a Gnostic book translated by scholar GRS Mead even before the tracts were discovered immediately following WW2, tell her tale of woe: Sophia was one of the eight original Ogdoads;  four pairs of “Aeons” or Arch Angels who manifested God trough their sexual relations before the advent of matter. Sophia attempted to manifest God without her consort and her actions disturbed the balance and matter subsequently came into existence along with the resulting God or Demiurge (Jehovah, Set, Ialdabaoth, Abraxus many names but always the same entity) and Sophia was now trapped in the world of matter and at the mercy of her own arrogant creation.

In order to glorify himself the demiurge attempted to create man to worship him using as a template the distorted images of the angelic world that Sophia fell from but when he used the matter to form man he found that he could not animate him without using the same life spark from Sophia that had created himself  this is why men have the innate ability to be ‘Gods’ equal and know better than God himself the difference between good and evil. In order to make his creation self proliferating it was necessary to bind Sophia to matter the Demiurge accomplished this by imprisoning Sophia within matter and forcing her to undergo endless incarnations as a women of ill repute.

The Templar (the forerunners of the free masons) were told to gather in the places frequented by woman of ill repute and Mary Magdalene Jesus’s bride is depicted as a whore.  The true role of the savior, who is Lucifer the original consort of Sophia, is to save his lover Sophia and thus through her redemption will this whole blasphemous creation be rolled up. Lucifer did not fall from heaven nor was he cast out, he has no use for this Gods heaven. He comes of his own accord like a vengeful bolt of lightning from unimaginable heights aimed at the dark heart of this demon God whose “creation” consists of a series of organisms each perpetually consuming the other:

From a gilded cage reigns the captured queen
Upon the eternal stage unfolds raptures dream
Two armies march on the dreams beginning
There insolence sanctioned by easy wining
While at the waters source
In the shadow of the great rock
They search for the force
That will open damnations lock
And in the name of the queen
They guard well her dream
Tending to the fire in its pale white glow
On one side the yes the other the no
There is a stirring of the eye
Lightning leaps across the sky
And the divine paradox
Descends the trail of the ox
Like a wolf loping across frozen fields
He sweeps over the camels path
Blinding light provides his shield
In a wasteland scorched by wrath
He is the prince of hate
And he is the prince of love
He is the prisoner of fate
And the cutting edge of the dove
Forever cursed to travel alone
Guest of honor upon the great stone
The rattling sword reveals his pride
Beneath the scar that marks his side
Come again Lucifer son of the dawn
Come again Lucifer face the prophets scorn
Take no heed of the tyrant’s warnings
Come again Lucifer and bring the morning
The king is coming for his queen
Break the spell and end her dream 

First published by Jack Heart on Open Salon JULY 11, 2010 2:13PM 

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Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god Paperback – January 5, 2021

You of the whirling wings,
circling, encompassing energy of God:
you quicken the world in your clasp.
One wing soars in heaven,
one wing sweeps the earth,
and the third flies all around us.
Praise to Sophia!
Let all the earth praise her!
— Hildegard of Bingen

Janus Head Papua Guinea

Janus Head Ivory Coast

An Interview with Jack Heart

Sage of Quay Radio Hour with Mike Williams – An Interview with Jack Heart


This show aired on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 on the Pyramid One Network.

Host Mike Williams speaks with Open Salon and Veterans Today columnist Jack Heart. Mr. Heart discusses his research into alternative history and the foundations of his popular esoteric articles: “Behind the Bush; Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti Christ & Armageddon”, “The Cross, the Rabbi & The Skin Walker” and his current article series “Black Sun Rising”

Update and overview:

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Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god Paperback – January 5, 2021

Answer To Evil (reblog)


 Answer To Evil

There has always been evil in this world and there has always been good. On the right we have mercy on the left severity. Man has always traveled the sunlit path in the middle because in the east lies negation and the west damnation so we travel north and south just to stay alive.  

It’s hard to say where it all first began to go wrong. I am inclined to agree with Nietzsche when he lamented the advent of the printed word and railed against newspapers: “they vomit up their bile and call it newspapers”. To give a pulpit to every superficial idea that has never even withstood the test of time because someone stands to gain from it is surely cultural suicide. We get half-baked theory’s about the ascent of man and twisted little cocaine addicts assuring us that it is every man’s secret fantasy to diddle his mother. Capitalism doesn’t help by the time real thinkers figure out that Apes did not build Tenochtitlan or that sex with one’s mother or for that matter goats is really quite repulsive somebody’s already reaping financial windfalls from the erroneous idea and like any good businessman they use the profits to promulgate the sanctity of the error that brings their prosperity. Mass-produced stupidity is self-perpetuating. 

Maybe Nietzsche was wrong, just a man who told too many secrets for his own good, after all he did give Gods eulogy a bit prematurely. It all could have started when Martin Luther nailed that pamphlet to the door that’s why as he died he confessed to being haunted by the suspicion that his life was just the devils tool. Thanks to him God no longer had a representative and the devil was left all alone to make the prosecutions closing argument. Without a divine imperative it is left for rabid wolves to Shepard abandoned sheep. In the end you will realize they have been planning all this for 1000 years ever since the Templars found what they were looking for beneath the cursed city of Jerusalem. It has reached a crescendo now and America the last bastion of righteousness has been overrun with the children of Dr Spock, a generation of overindulged monsters every one of them thinking that the ability to barter over cabbages in the market place entitles them to be kings: “And I laughed to myself at the men and the ladies who never conceived these billion dollar babies”. 

Why do good men express awe at the humanity of Godless Savages? blog/rwnutjob/2010/11/16/amazing_6_year_old_hiv_positive_chinese_kid Let’s name some names: Madison Avenue, Wall Street, Hollywood, the Board of Education, and last but not least our own priests. You want to blame the Jews right wing nut job well go ahead you are perfectly within your rights. Why do supposedly righteous Rabbis sit in mute horror while Shabataian Frankist Jews speak on behalf of the entire diaspora? Do you think they too are Jews my good Rabbis? They are no more Jews than you are TzDQ. They use your Torah for toilet paper and when the time comes they will blame the Diaspora for their crimes like they have done over and over again. I tell you now what you already know, it shall be your light that shall be extinguished. And what of our Christian priests, what stand have they taken? They hide behind their pulpits and preach 2000 year old lies: oppose not evil, lest you become evil? Paul was a liar, he was the lying priest of the Dead Sea scrolls, a Roman collaborator, and a ShMY Pharisee, the same people who crucified Jesus. Jesus told you to sell your cloak and buy a sword, his true followers fought the Romans to the death at Masada. There is not one among you, Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, who is worthy to call themselves a priest of Christ. The war has already begun. UN troops of the New World Order have fired upon the citizens of Haiti, because the Haitians who are Christians objected to being infected by a fatal disease carried by the Nepalese infidels who have invaded their country under the UN banner. The young men of your congregations belong in Haiti, not halfway across the world securing opium and oil for the enemies of God. 

Haiti is the only Black Country to ever gain its independence directly through war with a western power. For 198 years today Haiti has existed in relative peace, as compared to many of its neighbors bordering the United States. Although Haiti has always been poor, its people were able to maintain what sane men would call an idyllic life in a Caribbean paradise through the subsistence farming of rice. Haiti has been depicted in the Caucasian media as a New World Darfur crawling with blood thirsty zombies, witch doctors, and a population hopelessly infected with AIDS. According to UN figures Haiti’s actual violent crime rate is 5.6 per 100,000 as compared to Americas which is 5.7. Haiti’s HIV rate is 2.2 as compared to our capital Washington DC which is 3. As can be surmised from these figures the people of Haiti are devout Christians. With the passage of NAFTA Haiti’s small farmers were ruined as were their American counterparts, the only difference was Bill Clinton actually apologized to the Haitians:    

The failure of subsistence farming led to the concentration of Haiti’s people in the hastily expanded city of Port au Prince. In 1/12/10 Haiti a country with no seismic history inexplicably suffered an earthquake of magnitude 7 fifteen miles WSW of Port au Prince resulting in at least 300,000 dead. The American military responded to the disaster with what looked like an invasion force for all intents and purposes. According to scientists such as Dr. Georges Michel Haiti sits on top of oil reserves larger than that of Venezuela and vast untapped gold deposits:  

All the usual suspects have now shown up in Haiti with plans to rebuild it, the Oil Company’s with BP leading the Blitz; Monsanto, Bill Clinton, and Dubya himself, who of course is in charge. The first lady Michelle Obama has harangued Americans nonstop on their TV’s to send money for the Haitian relief effort and although most Americans responded generously and the Red Cross says they spent 106 million to date, Haitians are still living under blankets, with less than 5% of the rubble resulting from the earthquake removed from the streets of Port au Prince, almost a year later. Haiti is also without medical supplies and faced with a virulent Chorea epidemic that has already taken over a thousand more lives in the stricken nation. Cholera did not exist in Haiti until Nepalese troops of the UN erected their sewage facility on the edge of a tributary of the Artibonite River, Haiti’s largest river and source of fresh water. Nepal is a known source of Cholera and in spite of independent collaboration by camera crews of Al Jazeera and reporters from the Huffington Post that the sewage facility was overflowing into the tributary, and in spite of eye witness accounts that drunken Nepalese soldiers were using the tributary as a urinal, the UN is insisting that its tests are not showing a relation between Haiti’s Cholera strain and the one endemic to Nepal. When an American reporter writing for the Huffington Post showed up at the Nepalese base with some Haitian students attempting to document the raw sewage leaking into the tributary from the sewage facility, her access to the facility was physically blocked by Nepalese soldiers wearing smirks instead of uniforms:  

The Haitian people will not roll over and die peacefully for the disaster capitalists and their UN mercenary armies they have a proud history of fighting back. Inevitably the first shots have now been fired. On Tuesday, a man was shot by a UN mercenary during an exchange of gunfire in Quartier Morin, near the country’s second city, Cap-Haitien. The UN said the “soldier” had acted in self-defense. An investigation has been launched. Cap-Haitien, the country’s second city, has been cut off as of 11/16/10  from the rest of Haiti after a day of rioting shut its roads and airport leaving more than a dozen people wounded. Clashes in the town of Hinche injured seven Nepalese mercenaries according to local radio. 

Anybody looking for in depth coverage of the dire situation in Haiti will find it on Ezili Dantos blog: Extra link: 

Originally published on Open Salon, NOVEMBER 18, 2010 2:51PM Updated links, added images.

Attica: The Lie (Stauros)

Rabid wolves Shepard abandoned sheep
Lamentations of the Goddess disturb our sleep
In seven palaces we are permitted to dwell
Seven Palaces on a foundation we call hell 
The saviors been commended to an unmarked grave
And the Whores still here she never was saved
As furious dogs bay through a moonless night
The whore becomes queen and takes her delight
They prostrate on the ground to the most ancient of deceptions
While the church propagates doctrines through immaculate conceptions
And the defiler of the tomb the robber of graves
Is challenged by a God who hid in a cave 
There’s an obscure passage through the vault of time
But in a violent creation amid the swirling sublime
Precept upon precept and line upon line
Here a little, there a little conceals the divine 
We are hurled through the stars
Only to plummet back to earth
Bound by a chain of flowers
To a circle of death and birth
And the precept upon precept
Is a delusion of the illusion
Not even the child of the void
Can cross the line of confusion 

First written by Jack Heart on Open Salon

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Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god Paperback – January 5, 2021

Afghanistan – the Shadow of Evil (reblog) by Jack Heart

Pashtuns – North Waziristan

[Editor’s Note: It is a treat to introduce this first piece from Jack Heart, somewhat new to the trade and self taught, but you would never know that from what you will see below. We like to do a long piece every now and then, usually a historical one covering a complicated subject over many years.

We all did not have much East Asian history in American schooling so today we have a condensed course in the history of the Pashtuns up to present day. Jack did quite a job pulling all of this together which taught me a lot.

I did a special magazine layout as it was both  a challenge and fun to go hunting for the right mix of images to help bring Jack’s historical tour to life. I hope you enjoy. I sure did…Jim W. Dean]


Press TV asks – “What do you think is the root cause of the violence in Kashmir and the ongoing crisis there? How do you think the crisis can come to an end?”

 By Jack Heart with Jim W. Dean editing

A rare historical photo of a Pashtun fighter

At the end of the summer of 1947, after centuries of exploitation by the British, Colonial India had finally broken free.

Through the Indian Independence Act ratified by King George on the Sixth of July in that same year the former colony became Islamic Pakistan in the predominantly Muslim northwest and Hindu India in its heartlands to the southeast.

The air had just began to turn crisp and the leaves in the apple orchards were showing their first hint of color in the high misty valleys of Kashmir, India’s enchanted northern crown. It was in this idyllic story book setting that the inhabitants of the Baramulla district awoke to find themselves under attack.

Hordes of hereditary warriors from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, an neighboring area claimed by Pakistan but traditionally controlled by the Pashtun tribe, rolled into the countryside from out of the west.

The Pashtun had declared their intentions for the entire Indian subcontinent. They were not about to confine their activity’s to their traditional battlefield in Afghanistan and the northwest frontier of Pakistan.

The British had not been gone a month before the Pashtun embarked on their interminable quest of war for God and Pakhtunwali. They would drag the fledgling Pakistani army, still commanded by recalcitrant British officers, into an attack which would end up carving out about forty percent of Kashmir for Allah, Pakistan and their self appointed partners; the Pashtun Tribe.

The area appropriated included five of the highest peaks in the world. Perhaps upon those peaks the Pashtun will find Zun the God of the mountain tops, the mysterious God before Allah in who’s name the Pashtun waged their perpetual war.

Almost twenty years later on the other side of Pakistan, by the shore of the Arabian Sea, lay the rapidly expanding city of Karachi. Millions of Mohajirs, Muslim refugees from India, had settled in the city since Pakistan’s independence.

Linguistically and ethnically isolated from the rest of the Sindhi speaking providence of Sindh, the Mohajirs had thrown their support to Mohtarama Fatima Jinnah the sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founding father of Pakistan. It appeared the almost unanimous vote from the two and a half million residents of Karachi might carry Jinnah to victory in the country of then 45 million people.

But her opponent in the early 1965 election was military despot Muhammad Ayub Khan and he wasn’t ready to relinquish the control he had held over Pakistan since 1958. With the help of his son; Gohar Ayub Khan, he flooded the Mohajir neighborhoods of Karachi with truck loads of axe welding Pashtun tribesmen imported from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Pakistan’s claims to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are nebulous at best. Pakhtunkhwa literally means area of the Pashtun in the Pushto language.

The law of the gun ruled

It is a place that has always been the designated area, immune from governing, where the Pashtun kill each other when they don’t have guests to kill.

It was a field trip of mayhem and murder by the seaside as the tribesman ran amuck in the streets of Karachi using axes and knives to maim and slaughter hundreds of Mohajirs. Fatima Jinnah would lose to Ayub Khan in the blood soaked electoral results.

The legacy of a military dictatorship in Pakistan would last at least until 2008 when strongman Pervez Musharraf resigned under intense pressure from Britain and America over his impending impeachment trial. Asif Ali Zardari is the current President of Pakistan.

In December 2011 Ex-CIA official Bruce Reidel said in Washington DC that amid speculation over Zardari’s future he believed that “the creeping establishment of Pakistan’s fifth military dictatorship is underway right now.” On January 15, 2013, Pakistan’s supreme court ordered the arrest of Zardari.

It is believed they are planning to accomplish this through the military who will then appoint its own President establishing yet another military dictatorship de jour in Pakistan. Both the ethnic rioting in Karachi, a fifth military dictatorship, and the war between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, still simmer today.

They are the Pashtuns gift to the Indian sub continent. Meanwhile history’s eternal warrior wages yet another war with yet another super power on the home front in Afghanistan. This time its against America. As the time before, against the Soviet Union, the Pashtun call themselves the Taliban which in Pashto, the Eastern Iranian language of the Pashtun, means student.

Eighty five percent of the Taliban is Pashtun. They would like the world to believe they are students of Islam but history tells a far darker tale of what the Pashtun’s curriculum is and what it has always been.

Afghan policemen – Kabul 1879

Ostensibly the Pashtun heartland; Afghanistan, became a country in 1709 but it has always been a country, by default. In all of recorded history no power on earth has been able to conquer and hold it. Over two millennium ago the Pashtun were known as the Bactrian in the West. The first mention of them in western history was made in Greek. It was in reference to the suicidal charges they made against the Macedonian king; Antiochus.

Although the Bactrians lost the first battle they just kept coming back until the Macedonians were overwhelmed. According to the historian Apollodorus of Artemita, writing a hundred years before the common era, the Bactrian’s went on to conquer an even larger portion of India than Alexander himself did: “the revolt grew so powerful on account of the fertility of the country that they became masters, not only of Ariana, but also of India.”

Archeological artifacts indicate the Kushan Empire was founded in Bactria in the first century of the Common Era by Kujula Kadphises. At the height of its influence the Kushan Empire encompassed much of the Indian subcontinent. Justin, writing around the third century of the common era, in ‘Epitome of the Philippic History of Pompeius Trogus’ calls it: “the most powerful dominion of Bactria, peopled with a thousand cities.”

Many believe the Pashtuns are the legendary Aryan’s (àrya in Sanskrit; meaning noble, loyal to God).The Rig Veda refers to the Pakthas along with the Jadu, Kuru, Sivas, and Bhalanases, as the àrya tribes that fought unsuccessfully against King Sudàs in the Battle of the Ten Kings.

Some scholars debate this and consider it just a linguistic mistake that Pakthas and Pashtun sound similar but the Pashtun people themselves are firmly convinced, even naming Afghanistan’s air line; Ariana Afghan. Strabo’s; The Geography, written two thousand years ago clearly states “Apollodorus says that Bactriana is the ornament of Ariana.”

When there were no outsiders – Afghans fought themselves. When there were no outsiders – Afghans fought themselves.

The Kushan Empire fragmented in the fourth century and for a few century’s the Pashtun fought each other and the Hephthalite’s, or White Huns, that were sweeping in from Central Asia.

Later the Pashtun held their ground for hundreds of years against the the hordes of Mohammed as the prophets army’s swept everything else before them.

The tribesmen had their own God, a God they called Zun, depicted as a golden idol with eyes of ruby’s. When the Pashtun could hold out no more they accepted the God of Islam.

At the turn of the tenth century the Pashtun came under the rule of the legendarily ferocious Turkish prince, Mahmud of Ghazni, his successors were just as malevolent.

The Ghaznavid dynasty was overthrown in the middle of the twelfth century when the tribesmen could no longer take their insults. They were replaced by the Pashtuns own version; the Ghurid dynasty, which invaded and occupied what is now Turkey.

The Ghurid’s proceeded to build their edifices with bricks that were carried on the backs of the enslaved Ghaznavid noblemen. Its said the mortar was mixed from their blood.

The Pashtuns vengeance would last about a generation. In the early part of the thirteenth century the Pashtun’s Islamic fervor would bring genocide from no less formidable an adversary than Genghis Kahn himself. When the Khwarezmian Shah slaughtered Genghis Kahn’s emissaries in Iran the Pashtuns would pay the price. But initially they routed his expeditionary force.

The Pashtun could not hold the field because immediately after their victory they started fighting amongst themselves over the ownership of a horse. Genghis Kahn was not used to losing battles so he resolved to systematically exterminate the Pashtun.

In the aftermath the Mongols occupation even he was appalled at the level of violence he brought to the land of the Pashtun. It is said upon his old age that he confided in close friends that he thought he might have went to far in what is now Afghanistan. Never the less the Pashtun survived, they always do.

When the blood lust of Genghis Kahn was finally satiated the tribesman waged more war against Genghis Kahn’s Muslim descendant; Tamerlane. The tribesman then incarnated himself as a warrior poet; Khushal Khan Kattak, and fought the mighty Mogul empire for two more generations.

British Troops added to the foreign graves in Afghanistan

The Pashtun stood against the British Empire three times at the height of that empires power. The first war lasted from 1839-1842.In one incident alone twelve thousand civilians and thirty five hundred English and Indian soldiers were massacred.

Major General William George Keith Elphinstone was escorting civilians through thirty miles of mountain passes along the Kabul river and had been given safe passage by the tribesman.

Its said that only one man survived. The second war lasted from 1878 to 1880 and featured the battle of Maiwand, a battle made famous by poet; Rudyard Kipling. At Maiwand the tribesman inflicted a devastating defeat on the British, killing almost half their soldiers from a force of twenty five hundred.

The third war was in 1919. It was initiated by the tribesman over the Indian judicial systems perceived mistreatment of a sixteen year old girl. It ended with the Treaty of Rawalpindi in which the British finally recognized Afghanistan’s independence leaving Amir Amanullah Khan as the undisputed ruler of Afghanistan.

Amanullah Khan set about on a mission attempting to modernize Pashtun tribal life, pushing through Judicial reform, woman’s rights, and resting control of the military from the Mullahs. Although he was popularly supported in urban areas of Afghanistan he was deeply resented by the rural chieftains who ignited the Khost Rebellion from 1923 to 1924.

The rebellion eventually forced his abdication and exile in 1929. He was succeeded by a bandit; Bacha-i Saqqa. Saqqa was in turn hung by Mohammed Nadiq Shah. Nadir Shah ruled from 1929 to 1933 when he was assassinated by a schoolboy; Abdul Khaliq Hazara, at a high school graduation ceremony. Hazara’s family and friends were tortured, raped and killed, even though he acted alone.

President Najiibullah hanged by Taliban – 1987

After undergoing many months of interrogation and torture himself, Hazara was given a public execution.

The executioner asked Hazara which finger he pulled the trigger with, which eye he took aim with, and which foot he stepped forward with, then gouged out his eye and cut off the corresponding body parts. After dismemberment Hazara’s body was shred in pieces by a bayonet.

Nadir Shah was succeeded by his son Zahir Shah who introduced many reforms and ruled peacefully till 1973 when he left the country for medical treatment and was displaced by his cousin; Daoud Khan.

With the help of the military Khan abolished the monarchy and ruled for five more years until he was murdered by the communists in 1978. Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviet Union in 1979. The USSR would leave battered and defeated in 1989.

History bares irrefutable testimony that the Pashtun is hardwired for aggression and his immutable code of ethics; Pakhtunwali, morally equips him with the temperament of a rabid pit bull on steroids. The Pashtun is obligated by Pakhtunwali to avenge any wrong that has ever been done to him, and that does mean ever.

In Pashto this tradition and cultural requirement is called “Badal.” Many Americans labor under the mistaken belief that the saying ‘revenge is a dish that is best served cold’ was invented by the Sicilian Mafia. It was not. It is an ancient Pashtun proverb. It is for this very reason that the northern half of India will never be safe.

The Pashtun, many from the Yusufzai and Bangash tribal branch’s, had ruled for century’s in northern Indian lands called the Rohilla States or Rohilkhand. The Rohilla States extended to the city of Patna far in the east of India. The area that constituted them is currently known as Uttar Pradesh and is part of India. It has a population of over 200 million people.

Historic Pashtun fortress

The Pashtun had first come to India during the Ghurid dynasty and stayed on as mercenary’s in the service of the Sultans of Delhi. Many became horse traders and wealthy landowners.

Parlaying their military talents with the disintegration of the Mughal Empire these itinerant warriors carved out their own independent principalities.

They were driven from these rich agricultural lands by an alliance of the British under the command of Colonel Alexander Champion and an army of Sikhs, Hindus and Shiite Muslims, under the command of Persian Shiite; Shuja-ud Daulah. The Sunni Pashtun were under the command of; Hafiz Rahmat Khan. The two sides met in an apocalyptic battle on April 23, 1774.

The Pashtuns were badly outnumbered and outmatched but they were game, they are always game. Iqbal Husain the historian and author of ‘The Ruhela chieftaincies. The rise and fall of Ruhela in India in the eighteenth century’ gives an account from a British officer saying,

“It is impossible to describe a more obstinate firmness of resolution than the enemy displayed; numerous were their gallant men who advanced and often pitched their colors between both armies in order to encourage their men to follow them.”
The battle ended when Hafiz Rahmat Khan was struck in the chest by a cannon ball killing him instantly. The Pashtun dispersed from a battlefield where thousands of their fellow tribesman lay dead.

What happened next would give rise to century’s of seething Pashtun hatred. Colonel Champion and Shuja-ud Daulah remained on the battlefield for three days dispensing raiding party’s to loot, pillage, and burn, Pashtun settlements throughout the countryside. Many of the Pashtuns that were not killed outright but were forced to convert to Sikh and Hindu.

Iqbal Husain describes Colonel Champion and Shuja-ud Daulah’s actions as “ethic cleansing.”As their code Pakhtunwali dictated the Pashtun never forgot this and it became immortalized in their folk songs and poems.

The incident would give rise to Ahmad Shah and his followers. Ahmad Shah was a early nineteenth century messianic figure from the Rohilla states who taught and waged a permanent Jihad against “the bondage of the infidels.”

Malala Yousafzai – Pashtun girl shot in the head by the Taliban

It was said that when he was a child his mother would help him organize mock skirmish’s between the children of the villages with one side being the true believers and the other the infidels.

Charles Allen author of ‘God’s Terrorists: The Wahhabi Cult and the Hidden Roots of Modern Jihad’ writes Ahmad Shah’s followers were a Mahdis cult who proclaimed themselves “Mahdawis” or one who claims to know the secret meaning of the Quran. He notes they “always carried swords and shields, and all kinds of weapons.”

There would be war upon war of reckoning with the British and Sikhs and an abiding hatred kindled for the Hindus and Shiites. Sayed Ahmad Shah would be deposed by the Pashtun themselves when he tried to stop them from selling their daughters into marriage.

Eventually the Sikhs would “martyr” him. But his message of jihad against the infidel would live on when his students founded Deobandism and laid the foundation for todays Taliban. Pashtun “Badal” wearing its by now familiar disguise of Islamic fanaticism would result in the Sepoy Rebellion in 1857.

The rebellion came within a hair’s breadth of expelling the British from northern India and it led to the dissolution of the British East India Company in 1858 when British Parliament took direct control of Indian affairs.

Charles Allen insinuates that the Sepoy Revolt only failed because the Pashtuns of Sittana and Patna refused to cooperate with the mutineers from Oudh because Oudh’s long dead Shiite leader Shuja-ud Daulah had perpetrated the ethic cleansing in Rohilla almost a century before.

An Islamic school that was spawned in the Sepoy Revolt reopened in 1866 in the small country town of Deoband about 80 miles northeast of New Delhi. The school taught a blend of Sunni adherence to a Shari’a (law and moral code) that remained immutable after the tenth century.

Afghan Girl Scouts – 1950′s

The students of the Deoband school blended their dark age philosophy with the Sufi mysticism espoused by Sayed Ahmad Shah and the mystic who had influenced him; Shah Wali Ullah.

Deobandi madrassa’s (schools) sprung up all over the Indian subcontinent but particularly among the Pashtun.

In 1919, the Dar-al-Ulum (sacred madrassa) at Deoband established a political wing called the Jamiyatul Ulama Hind. In 1970 Jamiyatul Ulama Hind won the largest number of national assembly seats in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the second largest number in Balochistan; another Pashtun stronghold.

In 1971 the election would result in Civil war in Pakistan between the east and the west when the military president, upon learning of the election results, asked Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as Sindhi chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party to form a government. The Jamiyatul Ulama Hind is now the primary opposition to the moderate Pakistan Peoples Party in Pakistan.

According to The Heritage Foundation nearly 65% of the total madrassa’s in Pakistan are run by Deobandi’s. In India the hard-line Deobandi school of Islam has the support of only around 20% of India’s Muslims and the more moderate Sufi Barelvi school has a following of over 75 percent. But as any Muslim Indian can tell you it is the Deobandi school which is fawned over by India’s congress.

At the end of march 2011 in what can only be described as a shocking display of India’s cluelessness to the dangers of radical Islam India rolled out the red carpet for a state visit from Abdur-Rahman Al-Sudais the mad Wahhabi Mullah from Saudi Arabia who’s hate filled sermons are legendary throughout the Islamic world.

The arrival of Al-Sudais as the first-ever imam of the Haram to come to India was intended to impress Indian Muslims with the stability of Saudi Wahhabism and its solidarity with the Deobandism of the Taliban.The Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind requested that when he goes to the parliament, Al-Sudais should be spared a security examination.

Al-Sudais has been designated by the JUH as the supreme world authority for Sunni believers and therefore above the supposed indignity of a security check. At the time of Pakistan’s creation the Deobandi’s, landlocked in mostly Hindu India, worked furiously to spread their Naqshbandiyya-Sunni-Hanafi-Deobandi interpretation of Islam outside of India.

Pashtun Elders

The Taliban is a direct result of those efforts. According to Deobandi teachings it is everybody else’s fault that Islam lags behind the rest of the world in practically every criteria of civilization.

When the British finally left the Deobandi’s shifted seamlessly from demonizing British imperialism and exploitation to demonizing the Indian Hindus who they said were oppressing Muslims in the disputed area of Kashmir.

Later when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979 the Deobandi’s demonized communism and when the Soviets left and the Americans entered they seamlessly switched to demonizing U.S. secularism.

On the behest of his God the Pashtun fights total wars. As a result, many of the most important relics of early civilization have been disappearing into private collections or, because they offensive to the Pashtuns medieval mentality, are being destroyed outright.

Right after the Kabul Museum was hit by a “stray” Taliban rocket in 1993 the looting began. In 2001 it reached a crescendo in the Bamiyan Valley in the Hindu Kush mountains. When the “Students” blew up the world’s two largest standing Buddha’s, fifteen hundred years old each, one of them 165ft tall.

Taliban destroyed 1500-year-old Buddhas

After the U.S. deposed the Taliban, through the Northern Alliance in November 2001, Afghanistan became a grave robbers paradise.

In refugee camps on Pakistan’s Northwestern frontier collectors take shopping forays through the camps and place orders with refugees to be passed on to local war lords in Afghanistan.

These warlords openly brag that the collections displayed in their living rooms rival those displayed in the Kabul museum.

One private collector named Martin Schøyen managed to smuggle 1400 priceless ancient Buddhist manuscripts out of Afghanistan and into his farmhouse in Norway.

The area encompassing Bactria, and where the Pashtun now live, was once called Gandhara by the indigenous people. Gandhara was an important seat of Buddhist learning and the Scholars of Gandhara traveled east to India and China where they were influential in the development of early Mahayana Buddhism. The inhabitants of Gandhara were first described in the Vedas thousand of years ago as cosmic beings.

The thirty second book of the Avatamsaka-siitra, now available only in Chinese and Tibetan translations says “In Afghanistan there is a dwelling place called ‘Producing Compassion’ where enlightening beings have lived since ancient times.” Some mystics have speculated that this is where the legendary subterranean kingdom of Agartha and the seat of the Melchizedek is located.

The European legend of Prester John, a great Christian civilization concealed in the east, is often cited as evidence. Gandhara is the only region which figures in the seven notes of Indian music: re, ga, ma, pa, dha, ni, and sa. Ga is Gandhara, symbolic of the vigor which flows through the blood of time. It eternalizes the youth of Gandhara.

Prester John depiction

As long as twelve thousand years ago; Zarathustra, founded the earliest religion based on a fixed scripture. He is said to have been born in Bactria.

The capital of Bactria was Bactra, known to have had a sanctuary dedicated to the Zarathustrian Goddess of water and fertility; Anahita. In the Avesta, the sacred texts of the Zarathustranism, Bactra was called “the town with the high-lifted banners.”

Before it was named Bactra by the Greeks the city was named Balkh. Balkh is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Balkh is considered to be the first city to which the Indo-Iranian tribes migrated from the North of the Oxus and Amu River. Archeologists have dated the beginning of Balkh civilization to five thousand years ago.

But to the south of Balkh in what is now Balochistan, lay Mehrgarh where eleven skeletons have been unearthed with dental drill holes in their teeth. The skeletons have been dated to be between 7500 and 9000 years old. A report in the April 6, 2006 issue of Nature said Italian researchers working at a cemetery discovered drill holes on at least eleven molars from people buried in a cemetery of Mehrgarh.

If nothing else the land of the Pashtun may be the most important archeological site in the entire world but what Afghanistan is really rich in is opium. In Afghanistan the per hectare poppy yields are more than three times greater than in Burma; the traditional supplier of the worlds opium before the twenty first century.

Forty eight and a half kilograms of opium per hectare are yielded in Afghanistan as compared to 15 kilograms per hectare in Burma. Two thousand five hundred and seventy five tons of opium were produced in Burma in 1993.
By 2007 Burma’s opium output would be down to two hundred and seventy tons. But in the meantime Afghanistan’s output, down to almost nothing by 2001 under the Taliban, steadily increased under American occupation reaching over 8000 tons by 2007. By 2009 Afghanistan controlled the production of over 90% of the world’s total opium supply.

In 1995 the Unocal Corporation signed an $8 billion deal with Turkmenistan, a country that borders both Afghanistan and Iran, to construct an oil and gas pipeline. The eight billion was part of a larger deal for two pipelines intended to transport oil and gas from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan and into Pakistan.

Early in 1998 in Washington DC testimony was given by John J. Maresca vice president of international relations for Unocal to the House Committee on International Relations, subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific. Maresca claimed there was anywhere between 60 and 200 billion barrels of oil and 236 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the Caspian region.

Isabel Hilton

As early as 1994 the American Petroleum Institute had been wildly asserting that there was 659 billion barrels of oil in the region.

Maresca estimated that with a pipeline through Afghanistan 870,000 barrels per day, the then current production of oil, could be increased to 200 million barrels a day by 2010.

In the wake of 9/11 The Pashtun Code by Isabel Hilton, an article published in the The New Yorker at the end of 2001, may have been the last real attempt at professional Journalism on Afghanistan by the wests main stream media.

In a first hand account
 Hilton paints a tragic picture of a geographically untamable land ruled by tribal loyalties and warlords, where making rocket launchers is a cottage industry and the Taliban is viewed as the only functional force of law and order.

Although Hilton is sympathetic to the Pashtun to the point of naivety she minces no words when she writes: “Domestic violence is regarded as the main entertainment of village life.” She paraphrases cultural anthropologist Cherry Lindholm, who studied the Pashtun, describing their family life as a small scale internecine war with the strong learning from infancy to dominate the weak.

She writes that in Pashto “The term for a husband who does not beat his wife is “a man with no penis.”” Women’s rights are traditionally nonexistent in Pashtun culture.

Woman have always been treated as a form of property, like land and wealth. They cannot inherit nor, according to the Taliban’s Deobandi interpretation of the Quran, learn to read and write. They are usually married off by arrangement at the age of fifteen.

Rough punishments for Afghan women

In fact under the Taliban women were regularly beaten in public for walking to loudly.

Recently a Pashtun tribesman performed his patriarchal duties according to a Taliban edict and gunned his daughter down in the middle of the street for running off with the wrong cousin and about a hundred and fifty school girls ended up in a Kabul hospital because they were poisoned for having the audacity to want to be able to read. It has never went well for Pashtun woman but under the reforms of Zahir Shah they had reached the status of human beings by the seventies. That all began to change on July 3, 1979 when President Carter, under the influence of madman; Zbignew Brzezinski, signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the Soviet sponsored regime in Kabul.

The Soviets managed to keep Kabul relatively cosmopolitan until National Security Decision Directive 166 was passed six years later. Under this directive Afghanistan was flooded with money, stinger missiles and even textbooks for warlords, all earmarked for the Pashtun marauders. The Soviets were finally overwhelmed and the Pashtun triumphantly returned Kabul to the dark ages.

Isabel Hilton relates a Pashtun proverb by which they live in their preferred condition of war without end: “Me against my brother, my brother and me against our cousins, we and our cousins against the enemy.” Four hundred thousand of these savage tribesman have been armed and trained courtesy of Bush and Obama’s policy’s to build up what is euphemistically called the Afghan National Security Force.

Pashtuns have been fighting forever

It must be a euphemism because the Afghan army has never once prevented an Afghan leader from being overthrown, or murdered.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is likely to end up being overthrown by his own military, as is an Afghan tradition. Since he is widely viewed as a bandit chances are they will hang him like they did Bacha-i Saqqa.

Some estimates for Karzai’s life expectancy after substantial NATO withdrawals in 2114 range to as little as two weeks. The Afghan National Security Forces true purpose, in the meantime, appears to be killing NATO soldiers in what are called “green on blue incidents.” From January 1 of 2008 to April 10, 2013, a hundred and thirty NATO coalition deaths have occurred at the hands of their Pashtun “ally’s.”

Green on Blue incidents accounted for a full 15% of NATO soldiers killed in Afghanistan in 2112. There have been 76 separate attacks by Afghan National Security Forces on NATO coalition troops, forty-four in 2012 when NATO announced it would be withdrawing in 2014.

Before the American military machine had even put a boot on Pashtun soil Hilton asked “Are the Pashtun loyal to the Taliban? (The majority of the Taliban are Pashtun.) Are they loyal to Pakistan? Or are they loyal only to themselves?” The answer was obvious then. Its now painfully clear.

A place where even the old men fight – and like it

The Pashtuns pretentions of being the mystical heirs to some enchanted Islamic code of ethics is made completely untenable by their preoccupation of prostituting economically disenfranchised young boys, called Bacha Bazi in Pashto. Bacha Bazi is a cultural practice which is equally sickening to Christians, Jews (the Pashtun consider themselves the lost tribe of Israel), Hindus and Moslems alike.

In Pashtun culture corruption is considered a virtue second only to the murder of ones enemies.

Over two years ago Drago Kos, head of an international watchdog committee that was set up to rein in official Afghan corruption, threw up his hands in disgust saying: “We will have no problem to leave as soon as possible.

If there are no changes, there is no point for us to stay. We are out of here!” Everybody wants out of Afghanistan and if everybody gets their way India and Pakistan will be left holding nuclear pistols to each others heads with the Pashtun clamoring for Pakistan to pull the trigger.


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What can be verified began in 1972 in a sweltering bar in the city of Manaus. The isolated city adorns the jungle’s navel where the black swirling waters of the Rio Negro flow into the vast brown water of the Amazon. There German journalist Karl Brugger met with a deeply tanned and lithely muscled man of obvious European descent.

The man spoke broken German, Portuguese and Quechua Indian. He was reputed by the Yaminauá and Cashinahua tribes to be a great chief and called himself Tatunca Nara.

Brugger, leery of the man’s claims as to his identity, checked with the authorities in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Manaus and Rio Branco. What he found was documentation beginning in 1968 when the White chief had saved the lives of twelve Brazilian officials whose plane had crashed in Acre, Brazil’s wild and uncharted jungle province bordering Peru.

Tatunca Nara had obtained their release from the Haisha Indians and brought the officials in to Manaus. He was vouched for by officers at the highest level of the Brazilian Secret Service. From 1969 – 1971 he had led the Indians in their doomed war against the encroaching White settlers seeking to mine their homeland in Peru’s untamed province of Madre de Dios. He had fled across the border to Brazil when the war was lost.

In Rio Branco, the capital of Acre, Tatunca Nara managed to enlist the help of Bishop Giocondo Grotti in his ongoing efforts to obtain aid for his people. But the Bishop died in a plane crash three months later. Peru was now unsuccessfully seeking Tatunca Nara’s extradition. It seems he was the real-life Tarzan and held in the highest reverence by Brazil’s military, which had no use for Peru.

Above: Tatunca Nara on the left, the turtle tattooed over his heart pretty much marks him as SS. We shall be talking about that.In ancient India, China and America it was believed that either the world man lives on is, or is supported by, a giant turtle. It should be noted that the shell of a turtle is hollow with openings at the top and the bottom. For the connection between the turtle and the SS see ‘The Black Madonna and the Swastika’

Tatunca Nana would recount to Brugger the history of the Ugha Monguhala Indians, a race of White Indians that were chosen by alien demigods to be their emissaries on earth. He said he was their chief and gave Brugger an explanation which began fifteen thousand years ago with the book of the Jaguar in the Chronicle of Akakor.

Golden ships appeared over a South American continent without mountains whose great river flowed from the eastern ocean into the Great Lake of Titicaca then out to the western ocean. The occupants of the ships, 130 families of White-skinned blue-haired humans with six fingers and toes on their hands and feet, came down to earth and brought civilization to its savage inhabitants.

The blue haired demigods claimed to come from a far-off place amongst the stars called Schwerta and to seal their covenant with them mated with the Ugha Monguhala, which means Allied Chosen Tribes.

The infusion of their blood made the Ugha Monguhala the chosen servants of the Former Masters, which is what the Ugha Monguhala sometimes called the blue haired demigods. Aside from having five fingers and toes, they looked just like them: tall with bluish black hair, protruding cheek bones, and sharply delineated noses with almond shaped eyes.

The Ugha Monguhala were the only White skinned people on the continent. And for 12,453 years, through cataclysmic wars and natural calamities that pushed this world to the brink of extinction, they would remain as the new masters, the descendants of the Former Masters.

The Ugha Monguhala built great cities of which Akakor; their capital was the greatest. It was built fourteen thousand years ago in a high valley between the frontiers of the two countries now known as Peru and Brazil under the guidance of the Former Masters. Akakor means second fortress. There were three fortresses.

Akakor, laid out in accordance to the four sacred points of the Former Masters, was surrounded by a high stone wall in which there were 13 narrow gates. The largest of the buildings within the walls was the Great Temple of the Sun. In the time of the Former Masters there were 26 smaller cities around Akakor. All of the cities were catastrophically destroyed 13 years after the departure of the Former Masters. They also built 3 great temple complexes, forbidden to man, to be used only in their own ceremonies. There was a pyramid in the middle of each and one could still be found eight days journey from Manaus.

For the Former Masters, the pyramid is not only a location but the symbol of a place between life and death, another world between this one and the next where time runs different. To them the pyramids are a link with a second life in that ethereal world.

With the arrival of the White barbarians, the Ugha Monguhala would have to eventually destroy Akakor and flee to the hypogeum city beneath it, which is an exact replica of the one above.

There are twelve tunnels in the subterranean Temple of the Sun that connect to twelve other underground cities which are arranged in accordance with the constellation of Schwerta.

The hypogeum Akakor is the center with the other subterranean cities radiating out from it. These cities were constructed for them by the Former Masters, and not even the German soldiers who settled with Ugha Monguhala in 1942 could figure out how they work.

Even after years of painstaking and methodical study, both the lighting that bathes everything in an incandescent blue glow and the ventilation systems remain a mystery. The flag of Akakor is a Black Sun Rising over the sea.

When the Former Masters left this world in 10,481 BCE, a war ensued between them and another race of demigods with the bodies of men and heads of animals. The war destroyed not only the earth but Venus and Mars too. Sometime during all this the moon settled into orbit around the earth.

In 10,468 BCE, what can only be described as the crustal displacement postulated by Charles Hapgood took place.

The earth heaved up into giant mountains freezing people in place. The great river changed direction and steaming jungles sprouted from its banks swallowing up vast tracts of land. Massive tidal waves drowned the big islands in the western ocean. What followed was over seven thousand years of barbarity that only ended when the waters of the great river rose up to flood the land and the waters of Lake Titicaca flowed into the sea.

The flood killed most the inhabitants. One of the Ugha Monguhala went up to the surface and built a raft to preserve the animals. After 13 moons passed, the animals were brought to dry land on the sacred mountain.

In 3166 BCE, the book of the Eagle begins. The Former Masters returned for three months and left behind two brothers: Samon who went to the east over the ocean and found Samaria; and Lahasa who stayed with the Ugha Monguhala and once again made them a great empire. It was said of Lahasa that he was a God and could not be defeated in battle. He would transform himself into an eagle for 13 days and rise into the sky for 13 days and walk towards the sun for 13 days.

All the tribes bowed down before Lahasa. Under his direction they built Machu Picchu. Lahasa would frequently take his flying disk across the ocean to visit Samon, his brother in the east who founded the Empire of Samon. To strengthen the ties of the two empires, Lahasa built the city of Ofir at the mouth of the great river, where it became the trading hub between the two great empires.

After three hundred years Lahasa returned to his home in the stars but he left behind his flying disk made of an unknown golden alloy.

He also left behind a strange vessel that could pass over mountains and water. It had seven long flexible legs, three in the front and three in the back that terminated in rollers and were attached to a silver bowl. The alien vehicles were left behind in the Temple of the Sun in the subterranean Akakor.

For a thousand years, Ofir was the richest city on earth until it was finally sacked by barbarian hordes from the east after Lahasa’s departure. In 570 AD fierce warriors, calling themselves the Goths, came in dragon ships from across the ocean.

They formed an alliance with the Ugha Monguhala and with their knowledge of iron and superior martial ability they crushed all the other tribes, including the upstart Inca who had been challenging the Ugha Monguhala for supremacy.

In the book of Ants bearded White men once again arrive this time in tall sailing ships during the early sixteenth century. The Whites sweep all before them, except for some resolute woman from Akahim, the sister city of Akakor and another of the three fortresses of the Allied Chosen Tribes.

The women came to be known as Amazons and made a gallant stand against the marauding White men, as numerous as ants, who deceive, plunder and murder in the name of the cross, the lying symbol of their false god.

Eventually the Amazons were forced into a subterranean existence, as were the Ugha Monguhala. In 1920, prince Sinkaia defiantly urged a limited war of retribution on the White barbarians. After shedding much blood in outlying settlements, he sent eighty Ugha Monguhala warriors through the subterranean passage system to emerge in the courtyard of a church, a citadel of the lying cross, in the heart of the city of Lima. They attempted to free some captive Inca nobleman, but all the warriors were slain after a fierce battle.

The heroic stand gave the Ugha Monguhala a moment of pride, but no real victories. The White barbarians brought a four-hundred-year period of sorrow for the Chosen Servants of the Former Masters, a time when they sang the song of the Black Sun.

“Woe on us
The sun shines black
His light covers the earth with sorrow
His rays foretell death
Woe on us.”

In 1936, the Ugha Monguhala captured four women from the town of Santa Maria. Three drowned trying to escape but the fourth –a German missionary named Reinha– becomes the bride of prince Sinkaia after renouncing the cross. Princess Reinha bore prince Sinkaia a son; Tatunca Nara. After four years Reinha returned to Germany and brokered an alliance between the Third Reich and the Ugha Monguhala.

The first Germans arrived in Akakor in the dry season of 1941. By 1945, the number of two thousand agreed upon German warriors had been reached. They brought armaments and trained the Ugha Monguhala in the use of modern weaponry. The plan was to attack Brazil from the interior while Germany seized her coast, but it never materialized. Germany was overrun by its enemies, marooning the German soldiers with the Chosen Servants.

When the gold mines of the Inca were discovered in Peru, the Germans used their knowledge of modern warfare and weapons to keep the gold crazed White Barbarians from penetrating far enough into the jungle to find Akakor. Tatunca Nara is informed that one of their vassal tribes captured twelve high officials of the White Barbarians and, after being ordered by his father prince Sinkaia to execute them, Tatunca Nara disobeys. Instead, he brings them into Manaus. He uses the officials’ gratitude to try to broker a peace, and although they try to help him, he is unsuccessful.

From 1968 – 1970 the incursions of the White Barbarians are escalated with the discovery of oil reserves in Madre de Dios. Eventually the Germans and the Ugha Monguhala with some of their vassals are driven into the underground cities. They destroy all evidence of their existence on the surface.

When prince Sinkaia dies, Tatunca Nara becomes the chief of the Ugha Monguhala. Still in hope of brokering peace he journeys to Rio Branco and meets with the high priest of the White Barbarians. Tatunca Nara gives the high priest two documents written by the Former Masters and convinces him that he is who he says he is.

The high priest returns to Akakor with Tatunca Nara and is given three documents of the Former Masters to convince his people that the story of Akakor is true. He goes back to the civilization of the White Barbarians, and they wait for him for six months. He never returns and they later find out he is killed in a plane crash and that the Vatican is now in possession of the documents…

Over twelve millennia ago, the Former Masters summoned their beloved servant Ma before they left and told him “Ina we are going home, we have taught you wisdom and given you good counsel. We return to our own kind. We are going home. Our days are completed. Keep us in your memory and do not forget us. We shall come back when you are threatened.”

In the end the priests of the Ugha Monguhala prophesize that the White barbarians will find Akakor and see in it their own mirror image. War will break out in the place where Samon founded his empire and gradually spread to the whole earth. The White Barbarians will reap what they have sown and there will be few left. Then the circle will be complete, and the Gods will return and once again walk the earth with man. [1]

The death of Bishop Giocondo Grotti in the obligatory plane crash was just the beginning of the Cirque du Soleil that would become the legend of Akakor.

In late 1972, Karl Brugger would attempt to find Akakor. He took along a cameraman and Tatunca Nara. Somewhere on the uncharted Yaku River within sight of the Andes, the canoe capsized, and they lost most of their gear.

The demoralized Brugger and cameraman turned back for Manaus in the canoe. By now thoroughly irritated by the whining of his over-civilized companions, Tatunca Nara takes off into the impenetrable jungle to see his people. He takes with him only the loin cloth and war paint he is wearing. Brugger and the cameraman make their way back to Manaus without him.

In 1984, Karl Brugger was gunned down by an assailant wielding an Uzi-like submachine gun on Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro.

He was with Ulrich Encke whom he was training to replace him at ARD a Consortium of public broadcasters in Germany. The ARD is the second largest broadcasting company in the world.

Brugger was retiring so he could make another expedition in search of Akakor. At the time Brugger was at the top of his game. When a memorandum was made public that was issued by Chilean strongman Augusto Pinochet naming the foreign correspondents in South America to be spied on, Brugger was on top of that list. [2]

Ulrich Encke’s live report was broadcast only once, on Bavarian Radio. The next morning the assassination became a “fatal highway robbery.” Encke’s original live report was never heard again on German radio or anywhere else.

The truth is an unidentified man emerged from the crowd placed two shots in his target, one right through the heart [3], and then melted back into the crowd. In fact, the only theft that appears to have taken place is when men who identified themselves as representatives of the German consulate ransacked the dead man’s room and removed his research on Akakor.

The subject of Akakor as never been adequately researched in English but there is much written in Spanish, Portuguese and German. One particularly well researched Brazilian piece is titled OLIVRO PROIBIDO DE KARL BRUGGER (CRONACA DI AKAKOR) A CIDADE SUBTERRÂNEA DA AMAZÔNIA or the Banned Book of Karl Brugger (The Chronicle of Akakor) The Underground City of the Akakor.

See the source image

The author Rodrigo Garcia Veronezi says that while researching archives from Nazi Germany, Brugger unearthed the mother lode in the form of a 1945 film documenting the construction of a top-secret base in the heart of the Amazon by elite units of the SS equipped with submarines and sea planes. Veronezi goes on to say there is evidence of Nazi teams arriving in the area right up until 1965. [4]

See the source image

Needless to say, the film has never been made available to the public but there is a film in German documenting a 1935 expedition the Nazi’s made right into the very heart of the Amazonian darkness. The Jary Expedition, 1935-1937, classified by SS intelligence, financed through NSDAP/AO and overseen by Himmler himself, was ostensibly part of the Guyana Project and is documented in Documentário: Expedição Nazista na Amazônia (Vale do Jari) 1935. [5]

The Guyana Project’s stated purpose was to explore the Jary tributary of the Amazon near French and British Guyana for potential Nazi colonization.

To this day no data has turned up on the Jary Expedition nor is it mentioned in the film, but its leader would later become the Third Reich’s acknowledged number one expert on aerial photo reconnaissance interpretation. [6]

Not long after Brugger was assassinated by his would-be mugger, as if on cue Zionist occupied Germany’s Federal Criminal Investigation Office issued the absurd statement that Tatunca Nara was in actuality Günther Hauck a man who in the photographical “evidence” appears more like a grown-up Eddie Munster than the photograph they produce of Tatunca Nara wearing his hair in the same style.

Frankly, Mrs. Hauck looks more like Tatunca Nara

Hauck is a deadbeat dad from Germany who disappeared in 1967, giving him one year to catch a flight to Brazil, become Tarzan, lead an Indian revolt as the acknowledged chief of the most mysterious and feared tribe in the Amazonian rainforest, save twelve Brazilian politicians from a tribe of known headhunters who considered him their leader, and in his off hours learn and memorize more about forbidden archeology that the entire cast of Ancient Aliens combined.

Zionist occupied Germany would also accuse Tatunca Nara of murdering just about everybody who ever disappeared in the unexplored regions of Brazil’s northwestern rainforest. They even demanded his extradition without a shred of proof even of Hauck’s unpaid alimony.

Fortunately for Tatunca Nara, the government of Brazil laughed at them just like everybody else in the world except for Zionist-occupied Wikipedia.

The Zionists, ever vigilant self-appointed guardians of all information dissemination in the western world, never give up, especially when it comes to their field of expertise, character assassination. In 1990 Zionist-occupied Germany’s media darlings Rüdiger Nehberg and Wolfgang Brög collaborated to produce Borg’s film Das Geheimnis des Tatunca Nara (The Mystery of Tatunca Nara), supposedly an expose of Tatunca Nara.

Das Geheimnis des Tatunca Nara played well in 1991 on ARD for Germany’s version of America’s Huffington Post crowd, but those that know the facts don’t buy any of it. The February – March, 2011 of edition of Nexus Magazine ran a cover spread on the whole Akakor story appropriately titled Twilight Zone. The piece in the well-established and equally well-respected magazine begins on page 63 promising its reader excerpts from Karl Brugger’s “rare book.”

See the source image

Thanks to Nexus, the book is no longer rare or banned and a link has been made available to the book in its entirety in this article. The piece in Nexus ends with an editor’s note: “We are well aware of the German documentary which, based upon the book by Rüdiger Nehberg, purports to prove that Tatunca Nara was a fraudulent German worker named Hans Günther Hauck. However, I remain of the belief that the Tatunca Nara exposed in that documentary is not the same person described by Karl Brugger.”

Someone that knew the real facts of the story; that it was Rüdiger Nehberg, who was suspected of being Buggers murderer by Brazilian authorities [7], might just jump to the conclusion that Nehberg was using Germany’s Zionist-controlled media to smear Tatunca Nara and cover his slug-like trail.

An example of Nehberg’s journalistic integrity can be gleaned from the story he relates about how the insatiable serial killer Tatunca Nara, apparently on a whim, attempts to shoot Roldao Pires Brandao in front of the entire expedition. Brandao was an archeologist representing the Brazilian government in the 1978 expedition to find Akahim. Nehberg claims that as they both wrestled for the gun on a canoe the gun went off shooting Brandao through the arm and causing the cancellation of the expedition.

Famed adventurer and Swissair pilot Ferdinand Schmid witnessed the whole thing. He says of Brandao ‘he kicked the completely unsecured gun out of the boat and the boat touched the trigger. He had the barrel between his fingers and the shot went into his right hand. There was a flesh wound, which I treated and bandaged.’ Of Tatunca Nara’s whereabouts during the incident Schmid says ‘He was preparing camp for the night there on the plateau with his knife. I could see him well. Brandao was alone on the boat, and he alone triggered the shot. [8]’

Suspiciously enough Brandao would set out again in a few months without any of the Europeans or Tatunca Nara. His expedition would be financed solely by the Brazilian government. In the August 1, 1979, issue of Veja, a Brazilian newspaper, it would be reported that the expedition had found Akahim.

Photographs were published with the article, but since then access to the area has been restricted by the Brazilian government and nothing more has been said about Akahim.

Not to be outdone by the antics of anyone Jesuit trained circus clown Erich von Däniken threw himself headfirst into the melee. In his 1973 book Gold of the Gods, he said he had been shown the underground tunnel system in Ecuador by Janos “Juan” Moricz a well-connected Argentinean businessman of Hungarian descent. Moricz claimed to know the location of both a tunnel system and a pre diluvian library of metal books hidden within it.

Prior to his 1969 expedition to find the library, Moricz had met with the Ecuadorian president and came to an agreement that he would control any discovery he could document. There is no public record of Moricz having found anything during that expedition but nevertheless, unlike von Däniken, his reputation remained untarnished.

Moricz pet theory was the Magyars of the Carpathian Mountains of Europe are of American origin and are the post-apocalyptic founders of Sumerian civilization. The theory was and still is endorsed by many accredited scientists from around the globe. [9]

In a March 1973 interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel, Moricz denied having shown von Däniken the tunnel system, but he did not deny its existence saying that it was guarded by a tribe of Indians and that it had been shown to him by a man he would not name.

Moricz would eventually befriend Scottish adventurer and writer Stanly Hall, admitting to him that he had shown von Däniken a smaller cave named Cueva de los Tayos. The Tayos cave supposedly also connected to the larger system and would lead to the library. Hall organized a huge 1976 expedition that was a joint venture of the British and Ecuadorian militaries.

Hall’s expedition included over a hundred scientists and specialists. Astronaut Neil Armstrong was its honorary leader.

Cueva de los Tayos was mapped out, but no metal library was found, nor was any entrance into the fabled tunnel system of the Gods.

Moricz died in 1991, but that same year Hall was able to trace Petronio Jaramillo as the man who had originally shown Moricz the library.

By 1998, Hall was in the final stages of organizing another massive expedition which would be led by Jaramillo, who had never divulged the library’s location, when he received word in England that Petronio Jaramillo had been assassinated right in front of his home in Ecuador…

“The White Barbarians are destroying their own world with their false beliefs. They are blinded to such an extent they do not even recognize their origin. For only he who knows his past will also find the way into the future.” ~ Chronicles of Akakor

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Audio Analysis Black Sun Rising 1 & 2


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We now have 660 subscribers, no doubt it would be a lot more but obviously there are idiots in high places who still feel I’m in need of some restraint. Those of you have not been following our writings since 2014 may wonder how we have gotten to where we are now. Therefore, because I am obligated to deliver the message to whomever has ears to hear it, I will be reproducing them, starting from the beginning, with an additional audio reading and, eventually, commentary. – Jack (11/26/2022)

“We shall see them again at the epoch of the Revolution.” – Abbé Louis Constant (Éliphas Lévi)

Just what made comet ISON go poof? What can be seen looking up through the looking glass? What sprang forth in Göbekli Tepe 12,000 years ago? Just where did the Templar get their silver from? We delve into the sweltering Amazon jungle to find traces of hidden origins. — Orage

Comet Ison was discovered on September 21, 2012 by astronomers Artyom Novichonok and Vitali Nevski. Where the 2-kilometer-wide projectile came from was a mystery to scientists then and still is to this day. There was speculation that the comet was seen before in 1680 by a German astronomer but due to the comets trajectory which would hurl it out of the solar system after it passed the earth that speculation is nothing but the wishful thinking of intellectual eunuchs trying to inject “scientific” continuity where there is none. 

Almost two thousand astronomical observations were used to calculate a light curve that would make Ison brighter than the full moon when it passed the earth in late December. Socially challenged egg heads from around the world rejoiced that they could spend the holidays imbibing fermented apple cider and squinting through their telescopes. 

But the more pragmatic scientists worried that the comet might actually collide with earth. Those apprehensions were dispelled when Ison was inexplicably disintegrated while rounding the sun before its final approach to earth in late November. On December 18 NASA brought the Hubble Space Telescope to bear on what should have been left of the comet and found nothing down to magnitude 25. Comet Ison is now galactic dust.

On the thirtieth of October 2013 noted political commentator and renowned international intelligence analyst Gordon Duff ran a very strange article titled What Can Be Told in his flagship publication; Veterans Today. The short piece warned his readers in no uncertain terms of a possible impending calamity of biblical proportions. VT readers, many of whom are soldiers, veterans and intelligence operatives were warned to stay in “prepper mode.” Dark allusions were made to comet Ison and Mr. Duff quoted an unnamed source reassuring those observing it that “they aren’t crazy there is really something very wrong going on.” A photo purporting to be from the Chinese Space Agency showing “anomalies near comet Ison” accompanied the article. The anomalies appear to be two very large artificial structures shaped like right angles or L’s suspended in space.

From October first to the seventeenth NASA was shut down with fewer than six hundred of its eighteen thousand employees being allowed to work. The agency’s social media accounts, profiles dedicated to mission updates and spacecraft all went dark. 

The work stoppage was part of a government shutdown in America with 800,000 out of the federal government’s 3,300,000 employees being told not to report to work. The reasons given for the partial shutdown by Americas lobotomized media was infighting by the Democrats and the Republicans over the spending budget. 

In the article Mr. Duff hinted that those reasons were ostensible at best and that the approaching Ison was the real reason for both the shutdown, the systematic arming of law enforcement agencies like they were a branch of the military, erection of FEMA camps, disappearing nuclear inventories and removal of top nuclear force commanders. He goes on to ominously tell his readers “weapons systems have already been launched” in a cooperative operation with the rest of the world’s nations “just as President Reagan had predicted in his UN speech.”

On October twentieth, 2013 the quickly growing alternative news source secureteam10 posted a video on YouTube purporting to be a clandestine interview with a NASA whistle blower. The informant using the pseudonym Dr. Norton said he was an outside consultant currently working with NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office

Dr. Norton began by cryptically alluding to knowledge within NASA that would change the very foundation of mans belief system. There was then what is called on the video a “mysterious disconnection” which perhaps in reality was just a theatrical pregnant pause. The interview resumes with Dr. Norton saying that on January 22, 2012 he was called to the McDonald Observatory in Texas, the second largest optical telescope on the continent. 

When he arrived by plane in Texas he was met at the airport and escorted to the observatory by agents of Homeland Security. There he met with four other scientists who worked for the observatory. They invited him to peer through the telescope. When he did what he saw caused him to have to sit down for a minute. 

In the lens was “an array of massive three-dimensional black structures; in space, in straight line formation, advancing in the direction of planet earth.” Dr. Norton said the objects had been observed three months before, but they had moved millions upon millions of miles closer in just months. The structures were now close enough to examine by using what the listeners are told is sophisticated detection equipment provided by NASA. 

The listeners are then told the structures are composed of an artificial metallic carbon reinforced material estimated to be several thousand times the structural hardness of what can be produced by known science. The objects appear to be protected from space particles by a deflection device similar to the magnetic field around the earth. Dr. Norton describes the objects shape as being a three-dimensional L, exactly like the objects pictured in Gordon Duff’s Veterans Today piece published seven days prior to the videos release.

By January of 2013 the objects had been tracked to about 200,000 thousand miles past Mars. Once they reached that point they instantaneously vanished and were undetectable to NASA’s instrumentation. Dr. Norton said he was told by a colleague that at the beginning of October 2013 the objects reappeared, aligned themselves in circular formation and docked on the dark side of the moon concealing them from observation by earthbound eyes. Dr. Norton’s colleague maintained that the shutting down of NASA’s observational apparatuses was essential in keeping these events secret.

Nobody but the most avid readers of the Huffington Post needs General Michael Hayden to tell them that Ison is a very thin anagram of the word Sion, as in Zionist. Astronomical bodies are usually named after their discoverers but not in this case. 

Ison is the acronym for International Scientific Optical Network; Novichonok and Nevski’s employer, a night survey program with twenty observatory’s and thirty telescopes all around the world. But ISON is primarily based around the Black and Caspian Seas, an area known to have gifted the world with the Ashkenazi Jew, the quintessential Zionist.

As I have said before; the authorized version of history is designed to keep you stupid. It starts in ancient Greece with “The Father of Lies” Herodotus and ends with that vile convicted criminal Dr. Zahi Hawass making it up as he goes along on your television. 

The deception called history is examined in depth in my aborted nine-part essay Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti Christ & Armageddon. The fact that the series was halted at six by Veterans Today at the height of its popularity speaks for itself. The fulcrum of the lie is that the Abrahamic religions, which are the very foundation of western civilization, are the product of a tiny tribe of nomadic goat herders of Semitic descent. What they are in actuality is the most current reactive agent of a malice that has ruled over this earth for twelve thousand years. 

The pestilence began in Asia Minor in a place called Göbekli Tepe and spread like a malignant cancer enveloping the Caucasus and Middle East, then swallowing up the noble civilizations of Egypt and India, laying waste to the ancient citadels of the gods in the Americas. The Veda’s and the Avesta tell the tale of woe; battles fought and lost by the noble tribes of earth against the progeny of hell and their demon king whom his servants now call Yahweh in the Jews case and god the father by the Christians. 

These army’s of darkness were huge and before the time when their scribes rewrote history; invincible. When the tides of war finally turned against them and they were defeated on the battlefields they resorted to cunning and guile to maintain their malevolent hegemony. For thousands of years they have relied on secrecy and deception. As the great French poet Charles Baudelaire, a man who truly knew evil, once said; “La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas.” The devil’s greatest trick is to convince you that he does not exist.

Columbus’s theatrical “discovery” of the New World would remain as the greatest Psy Op in history for over half a millennium till the Bush’s incinerated three thousand people and demolished half the world’s financial center, then blamed it on a terminally ill family friend to start WWIII. 

The Jews had been coming to the New World for thousands upon thousands of years. There are biblical accounts referring to it as Ophir the land where Solomon looted his gold. Its discovery and settlement is recounted by no less authorities than Aristotle and Didorus of Sicily. There is a vast preponderance of archeological evidence. All this is in part 2 of my Behind the Bush series. There is also genetic evidence which is presented in part 3. The Knights Templar began frequenting the New World as early as the twelfth century which is the subject of part 4 and 5.

There is a seal documenting the Templar presence in the new world in the French national Archive. It is shown as a partial picture in Colon Llego Despues; a book coauthored by Jacques De Mahieu and Martinz Roca. The seal bears the inscription SECRETUM TEMPLI. At its center is an Amerindian figure; dressed in a loincloth and wearing a head-dress of feathers. In his right hand the figure carries a bow below it is a swastika with curved arms and beside it an “Othala,” the rune of Odin:

Othala – “Oh-thall-ah” – Literally: “Homeland” or “Ancestral Lot” Esoteric: Inheritance, estate, noble Governs: Rightful inheritance from ancestral holdings Collection of numinous power and knowledge from past generations Acquisitions of wealth and property Right understanding of global unity Security, safety, protection, the walls of Asgard Ascension to King amongst men Realization of Paradise “… It refers to a transcendence of geography, both planetary and cosmic… One is at home everywhere. We are simply the human tribe.” Or you can take the ADL’s word for it, which lists the Othala as a hate symbol. You decide.

In 1536 the conquistador Don Mendoza reported a well-maintained roadway running from the Brazilian seashore through the Cerro Cora Mountains in Paraguay and into Potosi in Bolivia. Potosí was founded as a mining town for Spain in 1546. Over the next 200 years, more than 40,000 tons of silver were shipped out of the town, making the Spanish Empire one of the richest the world had ever seen. 

But before that starting in the twelfth century the Templar’s had flooded Europe with quantities of silver such as the western world had never seen. Cero Cora is a range of small mountains extending 50 kilometers west and 250 kilometers south. 

Evidence of pre–Columbian Viking habitation have been found throughout the range such as a ruined fortress, sunken temple, oversized steps and thousands of runic inscriptions. Many of the runic inscriptions have been deciphered and correspond to Schleswig dialect spoken in Northern Germany and Denmark. There is evidence of a silver smelting plant on a mountain known as Cerro Kyse about twenty miles south of Cero Cora National Park. Inscriptions found on Cerro Kyse resemble those found on Templar edifices in Spain illustrated in El Misterio de los Templarios a book authored by Martin Walker. 

Conquistadors reported the early oral traditions of the Indians inhabiting the Cero Cora range as attesting to the existence of a White king they called Ipir. About two hundred miles to the south of Cerro Kyse is a mountain named Cerro Ipir. There is a subterranean vault within Cerro Ipir that extends about three hundred yards and appears to be a burial chamber. But to date all efforts to confirm this have failed because the vault is constructed of an impenetrable concrete that resists both drills and explosives.

The Templars flooded Europe with these coins during the 13th. century

Since Francisco Pizarro and one hundred and eighty-three Conquistadors first strode amongst the Incan Empire like savage gods there have been rumors. Tales told by Indians of a vast underground tunnel system networking the South American continent, subterranean cities inhabited by godlike beings. David Hatcher Childress gives a credible account of these tales and his explorations in search of them in Subterranean Tunnels and the Hollow Earth. The world lost an intrepid and erudite explorer when he took the shekels to become the straight man to the orange guy with the pompadour hair in National Geographic’s comedy duet television show, Ancient Aliens.

The servants of the God of this world are experts at dissembling the facts and destroying the evidence. The Paraíba Stone, proving the early Phoenician colonization of Brazil, was swiped before anyone got to see it. The internet has been flooded by hacks, trained in Jewish pseudoscience’s, sniveling that it was a forgery in spite of the fact that the Phoenicians being in Brazil over three thousand years ago is now as certain as the doctorates of Yahweh’s agents being no more intellectually impressive than used toilet paper. 

No sooner did I write about the Narragansett Runestone over two years ago than it went missing. It was returned though. How were they going to smuggle a waterlogged two-ton boulder inscribed by Cistercian monks to obscurity while every cop in Massachusetts was looking for it? But like I told you about the Jew never giving up, the same applies to all the rest of the “lords” servants. Failure is not an option with their god.

Nowhere is this evil brotherhoods cockroach like pathology to hide from the light more evident than in the case of Father Carlo Crespi a Catholic priest in Cuenca, Ecuador, who befriended the local Quechua Indians. The priest lived in poverty and served their community with saintly devotion. As a token of their gratitude the Indians brought him gifts from the depths of the impenetrable jungle that they call home. 

In father Crespi’s collection there were golden plates bigger than blackboards, depicting unearthly scenes of pyramids, ziggurats and temples, swarming snakes everywhere, Griffiths, elephants and dinosaurs all engraved on gold, silver that did not tarnish and a malleable metal alloy unknown to modern science. Eric von Däniken in his 1973 book Gold of the Gods shows a picture of a stone disk from Crespi’s collection portraying a lion and a snake in accordance with Aleister Crowley’s list of Gnostic saints, the valiant men who have carried the war against the darkness through its own epoch. Crowley calls his saints “Sons of the Lion and the Snake!” 

All of the artifacts are thousands upon thousands of years old. When the Indians were asked where they got them from they told tales of tunnels with walls as smooth as glass, hidden in the eastern jungle, big enough to drive trucks through. Fantastically decorated walls and abandoned cities that still glowed in an eerie blue incandescence. 

The artifacts have a distinctly Egyptian, Sumerian and Phoenician appearance and are inscribed in hieroglyphs and Paleo Hebrew. Wayne Hamby in his 1977 book Voices From The Dust shows a picture of what would be about a cubit long solid gold plate depicting a pyramid flanked by flora, elephants, cats and writhing snakes on each side with a sun over it. Its inscription is in Paleo Hebrew and should have proved once and for all that the Jews were the Phoenicians. 

If you try to Google the book you will find excrement has been smeared all over the search. This time it’s Donnie Osmond; Voices in the Dust. Google apparently feels the third rate singer whom was relegated to obscurity almost a half century ago is more relevant than the most important archeological find ever. It doesn’t just stop there. Father Crespi’s museum in Cuenca was burned to the ground twice; in 1962 and in 1974 destroying much of the priceless collection. Upon his death the Vatican seized the rest and made it disappear but the pictures remain some on the bottom of this link. Still not satisfied Yahweh’s servants have spread the absurd rumor that the diminutive little Italian priest was the escaped Adolph Hitler and the artifacts the lost Nazi treasure.

In 1624 a man named Francis Bacon published a book in Latin titled The New Atlantis. Francis Bacon aside from being widely acknowledged as the father of empirical science is suspected by many to be the real identity of William Shakespeare, the poet laureate of the Rosicrucian. The book is strange and out of character for Bacon, a tale of voyagers lost off the coast of Peru who happen upon an uncharted island peopled by a race of super men.

After first being rebuffed they are shown mercy by the supermen who feed them and allow them a period of grace for convalescence. During that period a spokesman for the supermen teaches them the history of the island and of the past epoch of earth. The spokesman tells them that the islands inhabitants are mostly Christian but they grudgingly tolerate Jews who in turn grudgingly tolerate them.

The spokesman seems to be describing genetic engineering when he says of the animals of the island “We find means to make commixtures and copulations of divers kinds, which have produced many new kinds, and them not barren, as the general opinion is.” 

The spokesman goes on to say “Wherein we find many strange effects: as continuing life in them, though divers parts, which you account vital, be perished and taken forth; resuscitating of some that seem dead in appearance, and the like.” Of the flowering trees and fruits of the island the spokesman says they are made “greater and sweeter, and of differing taste, smell, color, and figure, from their nature. And many of them we so order as that they become of medicinal use.”

The marvels of the island are not limited to the husbandry of its flora and fauna. The spokesman says “We have also fair and large baths, of several mixtures, for the cure of diseases, and the restoring of man’s body from putrefaction; and others for the confirming of it in strength of sinews, vital parts, and the very juice and substance of the body.” 

And hundreds of years before planes and submarines were even dreamed of by any but Leonardo da Vinci the spokesman says they have vehicles that “imitate also flights of birds; we have some degrees of flying in the air. We have ships and boats for going under water and brooking of seas,”

The inhabitants of the island also possess the power of illusion and can make the uninitiated see whatever they want them to see. They are administered too by a priesthood called Saloman’s House, named after Solomon whose lost books they possess. They remember times long forgotten by old world history when the Tyrians, Phoenicians and the Chinese navigated the earth with great fleets and the greatest of all the nations was Atlantis. 

A continent now called America which was drowned in a deluge when her rivers and streams overflowed. All the animals who could not dwell in the tree tops for an extended period were drowned along with most the people who slowly starved to death on the top of their buildings. “So as marvel you not at the thin population of America, nor at the rudeness and ignorance of the people; for you must account your inhabitants of America as a young people, younger a thou- sand years at the least than the rest of the world, for that there was so much time between the universal flood and their particular inundation.”

 Peter Wilhelm Lund and Charles Darwin were contemporaries. Lund, the founding father of Brazilian archeology and paleontology, was exploring the province of Rio de Janeiro when Darwin passed through in 1832. It is doubtful whether the brilliant Danish scientist soiled himself by even meeting with the English charlatan although Darwin would idolize Lund throughout his own career. 

Lund found and documented evidence of Viking settlement from the Orinoco River to the Rio de la Plata. This is acknowledged by academia yet no one seems to be able to produce that evidence. Stranger still; during the excavation of a cave uncovered by drought in 1843 Lund, by then the most preeminent archeologist of his day, found evidence of human coexistence with long extinct animals. The implications of his discovery were so disturbing that Lund would retire within the year claiming ill health. He would live another thirty seven years and never again return to Europe.

In a lost letter that has recently been found and published in Danish Lund describes how the bones, undisturbed from their ancient strata, had been sorted out with the skulls in one pile, fingers in another, each body part to its corresponding pile. All of the skulls had been neatly cleaved with one mighty blow from an axe like instrument. The remains have not been properly dated to this very day and you can bet they never will be. 

But nowhere is the desperation to preserve the secrets concealed in South Americas boiling jungles more apparent than in the story of Akakor. It’s hard to say where the story begins. Was it fifteen thousand years ago when the sky was filled with gleaming golden ships that scorched the plains below them with fire and caused the earth to tremble with the thunderous sounds they made? 

Or was it in the darkness of the earliest hours of WWII when SS men and their family’s disembarked from submarines at the mouth of the mighty Amazon River and made their way clandestinely into Brazil’s uncharted interior? There are few pictures to document this and no more eyewitnesses left to talk about it, only story’s handed down to the next generation of Brazilians who make their home on the untamed river. But the German intelligence agency Abwehr had many secrets and the Germans are efficient. The Germans have always been efficient.

Those who swear fealty to the energy of Othala come to know that working toward heaven on earth is heaven on earth. This runes vision of a united world is an inevitable impetus because of the power of ordinary, everyday, peaceful people interacting together in a mundane way, profound in its simplicity…

“Sauroman believes it is only great power that can keep evil in check. But that is not what I have found. I found it is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folks keeps darkness at bay. Simple acts of kindness and love.” – Gandalf in The Hobbit

Treat others as you would like others to treat yourself – The Golden Rule

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