Time has no power over the spirit and will of man

Policies in plain language

This website, jackheartblog.org, is designed for those who visit and share their research, analysis, intuition, thoughts, and experiences. We do not believe it to be an echo chamber. As such, for each user to have the best experience and get the most out of the site we do not censor comments out of hand. The policies linked below explain in minute detail the policies we use to operate this website. Within the Jack Heart Organization Blog we believe in freedom of speech and the free sharing of ideas in the comments sections below posts. We know for sure that the readers and contributors on this site are smart, articulate, have large amounts of common sense, and are connected to one another in many ways. Users on this site are logical, emotional, and godlike beings who should have no need for ad hominin attacks or other logical fallacies when making an argument. Opinions are welcome, as are references and citations to support one’s viewpoint. Ultimately you will each draw your own conclusions based upon your research and experiences.

The Golden Rule Applies.

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