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Perhaps the reason we are living in a hologram where nothing is real is due to the fact that we are all dead. Time very well may have ended at the end of 2013 just as the Mayan calendar said it would. The date was pushed back to 2012 so people wouldn’t panic when what they were told was comet Ison appeared in the sky at the end of 2013. The great German Mayan scholar Wolfgang Cardon was murdered to enable this deception and when Karl Brugger, Germanys top investigative reporter found out, he too was murdered, recklessly machine gunned down on Ipanema Beach, his hotel room subsequently broken into, and all his notes confiscated. (1) (2) (3) It worked. The transition from living to dead went noticed, and since the consciousness of seven billion people cannot just cease to exist a new reality was constructed past and present. Time does not matter in a dream. A sharp external noise can be explained in a split second by a dreamer with endless details that would take the conscious mind hours maybe days to construct. There’s a worn-out platitude about your whole life flashing before you at the moment of your death… The dire situation that man’s collective soul finds itself in was recorded metaphorically by the iconic master of cinema David Lynch in his enigmatic episode eight of Twin Peaks 2017. Those who are called the Illuminati understand that this is a dream but what they do not understand is a dream has no future and the best of dreams can become a nightmare in the beat of a living heart. The Mayans with their numerical system based on six were remnants of a Sumerian civilization that lived conterminously with its Gods. The Sumerians used a numerical system based on six. The Maya calendar is divided into thirteen Baktuns each equaling a hundred and forty-four thousand days and the calendar resets to zero when thirteen Baktuns are completed. This is the great reset; the reset of what David Bohm called the Implicate order and Mircea Eliade called the sacred. To the materialist entangled in the explicate order and mired in the profane consciousness can only be continued with a mechanical vector. It must have a robot host.   But a new world also must be created. The Mayans believed that creation happens at the black hole. At the crossroads an image will appear in the sky. According to the Chilam Balam or Book of the Jaguar Priests the road from the stars will descend from the sky and the thirteen Gods of heaven and nine Gods of hell will come to earth. In the interim Xibalba, the maleficent and phantasmagorical world of the dead would manifest here on earth. Above the sky seems to be held in place only by a spiderweb spun daily from the fuselages of phantom planes. The moon wanders aimlessly across the night sky, one night in the West the next in the East. Winters last seemingly forever and when the sun […]
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The Bormann Faction, part I by Jack Heart & Orage - The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends ( Bormann Faction Part II by Jack Heart & Orage - The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and...

Voice by Happy Parrot

Life is death and death is life, someday all these sweet things will be just mine.Silent Dagger strikes the conformity of haunted nightAwakened Souls…Are you ready to fight?Are you ready to tear down the blue handsome light?Some tales don’t...
America's Church: The Invention of The Evangelical Christian Movement by JOSEPH JORDANOne of the most sociologically unique aspects of the United States is the everlasting prominence of Evangelical, or Born-Again, Christians. The group is known...
Magic Numbers
Jack received this presentation in an email of from An American. Magic numbers have been around as long as we've developing counting.Phil's first thought...The manipulation and interpretation of numbers and matrices is to me the better...
Rules of the Game I’m guessing its about time I publish this. You could call this an interoffice memo between the Jack Heart team. It was written in 2016 when I first became self-aware, more frankly, in other words I was told who I was. The bold italics is me, everyone on the team received it, some liked it and I suspect some didn’t, they want fire, black fire but all of them have followed it to the letter and for that I salute each and every one of them. I’m publishing this now for those of you supporting me who didn’t get one. It’s time you were fully briefed in, I’ll write another truth about Jack Heart too. You are entitled to know everything, and you will, just let me finish Z plan, and I am obligated to tell you. – Jack     There is a cabal behind the chaos. Yes but I do not think it is chaos we are fighting but rather Order we are fighting here. It is an order so profound so unbalanced by any deviations that the individual faces dissolution just as sure as total chaos brings it.   Book: Part 9, Wisdom, first sentence; ‘In the east lay negation and the west damnation so we travel north and south just to stay alive.’ They have strayed too far to the east, adjust the course to the left, bring them chaos just like you have been doing… they can’t stand it… They use religion to foment the chaos and create divisiveness. Again they use religion and order to create divisiveness, religions so dogmatic that they must destroy all that do not conform to their own tenets. The god of Abraham conducts the symphony and all that resists his overture must be destroyed. We must change the tune, the band and most of all the conductor.   They believe in Gods far older than the God of Abraham which was created from the stories stolen from the worshipers in Babylon. They believe the truth which is why they so fear us, mankind believes a lie which is why he is not even an afterthought to them, there are so few left…but those that are we must teach them the truth and arm them with a weapon in which they may finally be able to defend themselves and one day take back what is theirs…  There are other entities on this planet besides human which are of greater intellect and power which can remain in the background. They are in contact with me, they have been useless till now but maybe I can change that, I plan on showing them this… The world is provable as a hologram, basically interfering waves of energy being beamed at angles from outside the construct. Otherwise how would there be an equinox where the entirety of the “planet”, flat or round experience 12 hour days twice a year on the same date. Oh but heaven forbid you should say that and deviate […]
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The Supreme Bible of God (
The sequence is exactly as it takes place on my iPhone as snaped by my nieces’ boyfriend in the beginning of December 2019. He was referring to me as the Grim for the Grim Reaper and none of us had yet heard of the Bluestones yet. Shortly thereafter across the street PC Richards, Long Islands electronics giant and highest profile billionaire due to his incessant advertising for over twenty years backed over his wife in his driveway and killed her on the eve of Christmas. That’s when things got Grim. The Truth About Jack Heart In A Dream Within a Dream Edgar Allan Poe asks, “Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?” (1) David Lynch’s Twin Peaks the Return imagines “we are like the dreamer who dreams then lives inside the dream.” It then asks, “but who is the dreamer?” (2) In the Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan I wrote: “what I think and do becomes songs and pop culture and what is pop culture and songs become what I think and do. I do not know if I am the reflection or the image.” When I gave the manuscript to Christopher Hayden, General Michael Hayden’s son and the guy who really runs the NSA, to read back in 2014 he picked that particular line and sent it back to me with the remark that I had no idea how much alike we were. I didn’t yet but I was learning…   As a teenager my room was about fifteen feet off the western property line which was demarcated with a six-foot stockade fence. When I was about fourteen my towheaded crabbing partner Herby moved out from the house next door with his father and a middle age couple on their childless second marriage moved in. The Seltzers love child was a Black Labrador named Brandy. They both worked during the day and left Brandy out in their spacious backyard to while away time till mommy and daddy got home. Brandy’s idea of whiling away time was parking himself right on the other side of that stockade fence adjacent to my room and barking nonstop from morning till evening when they finally returned to let the beast in. I was attending high school till one o’clock when I would return home and try to catch some sleep, in preparation for the night shift at Stanford Applied Engineering. Every three hundred hours I worked there was worth a half a credit for school and I needed nine hundred hours to graduate at seventeen. Brandy would not just bark but he would periodically work himself into snarling frenzies like a rabid dog but his were seemingly calculated to disturb my sleep. After a couple of years of this I hated that dog more than anything in the world. I took to lobbing two-pound rocks over the fence which the stupid fuck would catch in his frothing mouth. Seltzer finds the rocks in his yard and calls the police […]
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“Holy alien invasion Batman! Is this an excerpt from that movie ‘The Arrival’ or was it really recorded on Jack Hearts doorstep?” – Robin wearing his mother’s pantyhose Andrija Puharich, one of the principle architects of MK Ultra and Hal Puthoff’s predecessor, let’s slip in a lecture recorded on Youtube, whose audience incidentally was brushed out after I attained access to the video, that certain people were powerful transmitters. By situating them properly along the ley lines the Nazis planed on creating a collective neural network for the human race through which they would broadcast their own reality. (3) 3 – Puharich , A. (2015, February 8). Psi Clips. A Day With Andrija Puharich Part 1A (15:12– 17:50). Retrieved May 6, 2018, from A Day With Andrija Puharich Part 1A ( 
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Synagogue 1000 Corpses - 1/14/2024 - Dollar Vigilante the runohwhat a fun!Is the Moon finallyrunning from the rising Sun?What have you done?Why runWhat have you done?why have selfish fun?Tunnels of hateor just another Jewishsecret...