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Cover Picture Source: Pinterest As the subtitle suggests, no ‘system’ is superior to another, and each of us should embrace a philosophy and the practices that work for us. All of us that are manifested here on this ‘Earth’ are aiming to reach the summit of ‘realisation’, and the achievement of our ‘soul’ development, but there […]
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The Shocking 2025 ‘Deagel’ Forecast and Remote Viewing by Metallicman


by Metallicman (first published 18 Aug 2021)

How’s that for a “mouth full” headline. Nah. Not the kind of stuff that you were expecting from ol’ MM was it. But (I am so sorry) I am being “pestered” to draft this up. And it truly is “pestering”, and I don’t like it ok? And don’t bother asking why I am publishing this article now, of all times. I haven’t a clue.

And that’s the way it works, don’t you know. So just enjoy the read, and if this article resonates with you, then great for you! Otherwise, just get some wine, a fine companion, and eat some delicious tasty food… stuff that you can savor and smell.

Oh, and one more thing.

In this analysis we are going to entertain a professional Remote Viewer for his comments on the Deagel Forecast. And given that I am being so insanely driven to push this article out (for God know what reason), I am including the entire conversation with him.

And it goes everywhere.

So buckle up. Some of it might be important to some people, and some of it might not be to others. So just relax and take from this article what is important to you, and ignore the rest.



The Deagel corporation is a minor branch of US military intelligence, one of the many secretive organizations which collects data for high-level decision-making purposes and prepares confidential briefing documents for agencies like the National Security Agency, the United Nations, and the World Bank.

It’s a work of “love” from some retired intelligence assets, and like most of us ex-spooks, it’s hosted outside of the United States. Just like MM here. We have VERY good reasons to do so. Reasons that are far too complex to get involved in right this moment. But we DO KNOW what we are doing. Never doubt that.

Deagel is known, for example, to have contributed to a Stratfor report on North Korea. With this kind of pedigree, Deagel should be seen as a legitimate player in the intelligence community and not merely a disinformation asset.

If so, then it must be assumed that its population predictions for 2025, as well as its industrial output predictions on a nation-by-nation basis, are based on strategic assumptions which are shared and well understood by other players in the intelligence community.

Deagel predictions.

Until the start of the Covid ‘pandemic’ many commentators were perplexed by the Deagel spreadsheets.

Perhaps they were part of a psychological operation?

However, in light of recent events, we are obliged to consider a possible connection between the projected massive reduction in the population of certain countries, forecast by Deagel, and other trends going on right now.


What trends?

  • Devaluation of the Dollar with an out of control American Congress.
  • Strange insistence in using a mRNA vaccine instead of a traditional “dead host” vaccine.
  • A global pandemic that America is just fucking up royally.
  • Desire for a war with China.
  • Desire for a war with Russia.
  • Desire for a war with Iran.
  • China, Russia and Iran forming a unified Asian block.
  • Race war in the United States.
  • Progressive onslaught and control of all electronic media.
  • Looming bubbles in just about every facet of American life.

And so on and so forth…

The Deagel scenario

The Deagel corporation was asked to explain the thinking behind its strange set of population and output figures. While we cannot take its response at face value, it nonetheless paints a picture that is very similar to the world we now see. And this is not an exaggeration at all.


[1] A fake American GDP

In short, they argued that the US government has greatly over-stated the real level of US GDP. This means the country will be fatally exposed when the next economic crisis strikes.

How can the GDP be so high that a full 61% of Americans are so poor that they do not pay Federal Income Taxes? 

It defies rational understanding.

[2] A Pandemic Scenario

They also take into account a “pandemic scenario” – their term – caused by Ebola or a similar pathogen. This, they say, would cause an exceptionally high death rate, placing extreme pressure on healthcare providers across America and greatly reducing economic output.

[3] A financial crisis with the US Dollar

This pandemic could quickly spiral out of control and create an international financial crisis:

“The collapse of the Western financial system will wipe out the standard of living of its population while ending Ponzi schemes such as the Stock Exchange and the pension funds.” 

Trying to figure it out…

They try to explain the predicted dramatic fall in the population of the US by reference to a massive outward migration of millions of Americans seeking economic relief in other countries, but this is unconvincing.

They seem to concede this themselves when they add a further explanatory factor – widespread suicide in response to economic distress. But this too is unsatisfactory.

Their primary reason for predicting a colossal drop in the population of the US by 2025 – a fall of up to 70 percent – is the scale and severity of the alleged pandemic.

As they put it,

“the death toll will be horrible.” 


Here’s a map showing the predictions made in the forecast. You see that Asia is unscathed, while America and the West suffer horribly.

  • Japan will lose 1/5th of it’s population!
  • Australia will lose a full 1/3rd of it’s population!
  • Canada will lose 1/4th of it’s population!
  • The United States will lose almost 3/4ths of it’s population!


By all accounts, historically, the massive drop in population at this time is validated by the “Fourth Turning” predictions. The date and timing all agree with the Strauss and Howe model for America.

This model is United States centrist, and acknowledges that different societies and different cultures have different “turnings” and generational changes.

Casualty Figures

The casualty figures are gargantuan.  They are over and above what one would associate with such things as…

  • Civil War = 2% to 10%.
  • Genocide = from 25% to 99% of the population.
For example; 77.0% of the Tutsi population of Rwanda. 85 percent of the population in the Hutu ethnic group. In Cambodia, 70% of the total Cham population, were exterminated.
  • World War = 6% to 9% of the population (World War II).
  • Global Military Empire = 11%
Genghis Khan’s legacy is one of a ruthless warrior who dominated unimaginable amounts of territory. He slaughtered about 40 million people and reduced the population of Earth by 11 percent.
  • Pandemic = 15% to 60%
The Bubonic plague was a deadly pandemic that wiped out a massive chunk of population in the World during the mid-1300s. In Europe alone the plague wiped out nearly 50% of Europe’s population.
  • Nuclear War = 30% to 85%
  • Economic Collapse = 1% to 30%

An American centered fiasco

Based on historical precedents, and the Deagel predictions, these kinds of numbers and figures can only be associated with an American centered disaster. Not really a global one. Because if it was a global disaster, then the causality figures would be more uniform.


The most likely candidate is a combination of two (or possibly more) contributors listed above. Which are…

Candidate disaster combinations

Here are some of my suggested candidate combinations that allow us to better understand how those enormous population causality figures could be reached…

  • Global pandemic, AND genocide.
  • Global pandemic, AND civil war WITH genocide.
  • Global pandemic, AND collapsing Military Empire, WITH war.
  • Global Military Empire AND Nuclear War WITH Global pandemic.

So, in my mind, as I understand things, the ONLY way that the kinds of predictions (as determined by the forecast) can manifest is through a combination of some very horrific events that happens in one centered geographic area.

So how did they come up with these numbers?

Indeed, these are truly shocking numbers and values. So shocking, that it’s simply not an extrapolation of trends. As an extrapolation of trends show things either moving towards “infinity” or falling into a “black hole”. But there is no way to be able to quantify that data into numbers.

So, how the heck did they come up with these values that they are using? And they have come up with specific values and specific data. And it is all very, highly specific. Such as this…

Specific Data and values

Here’s some of the very specific data that they have come up with…

The countries that will suffer the greatest reduction in population, according to Deagel (as per 2014), are:

That’s pretty darn specific. Don’t you know

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is defined as the ability to acquire accurate information about a distant or non-local place, person or event without using your physical senses or any other obvious means.

It’s associated with the idea of clairvoyance, seemingly being able to spontaneously know something without actually knowing how you got the information.

It is also sometimes called “anomalous cognition” or “second sight.”

Many of us experience this from time to time as an intuitive flash of insight that turns out to be correct.

Many well-known entrepreneurs and business people, like George Soros, Conrad Hilton, Thomas Alva Edison and Akio Morita, the co-founder of Sony, have attributed their business success to this ability.

Remote Viewing Sketch.

And (of course) we’ve all seen natural psychics perform seemingly amazing feats of mental skill on TV.

The difference between natural psychic receptivity and remote viewing is that the latter is a trained skill, a controlled process, that the average person can learn to do, to some degree or another.

History of the Remote Viewing Program

Remote viewing in modern times originates from the U.S. Government’s interests in psychic espionage during the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Back during World War II, the Soviets had heard rumors that the U.S. Military were using psychic communications at sea.

While it’s not clear now whether this was really true, the Soviets believed it. And that is, after all, all that matters.

They started their own psychic training within their military and intelligence agencies many decades ago.

The U.S. Government learned of this program and, in the early 1970’s, decided to create their own remote viewing CIA training program.

Stanford Research Institute Remote Viewing Tests

Money and resources (from the Federal government, and buried in the R&D section of the government) were given by the Central Intelligence Agency to Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

That that time, they were located on the campus of Stanford University. And their charter was to test the possibility of remote viewing.

The goal was to disprove that psychic functioning was real.

No one wanted it to exist.

It was the last thing that the military establishment wanted to worry about, especially if it was a new Soviet threat.

Physicists Russell Targ and Hal Putoff working at SRI were tasked with determining whether Extrasensory Perception (ESP) and related phenomena were real or not.

Physicists Russell Targ and Hal Putoff.

So they set about to locate some natural psychics and test them.

Their first subject was artist, psychic and scientist Ingo Swann of New York City. He had demonstrated an ability to accurately “remote view” weather in various American cities.

Ingo Swann.

He had published some articles about ESP and psychokinesis (the ability to mentally affect distant objects) when he worked with researcher Gertrude Schmeidler of City College, New York (and the American Society for Psychical Research.)

Working with Schmeidler, Swann had demonstrated that he could affect the temperature of thermistors sealed in insulated thermos canisters twenty-five feet away from him. Which (of course) was an amazing feat.

At a friend’s request, Swann sent his published findings to Putoff.

Upon reviewing them, Putoff asked Swann to come to SRI and demonstrate his abilities.

The first thing they had Swann do was to see if he could affect a super sensitive, (electromagnetically shielded) quark-detector buried five feet underground in a cement floor.

Every time Putoff asked Swann to think about the detector (used to detect subatomic particles), the readings from the device would noticeably deviate from the baseline readings.

Putoff was convinced that Swann had special abilities and so the program to test and develop remote viewing began.

Expanded Scope

At first they had Swann view objects in a box: this was a practice he was good at but quickly became bored with.

Swann said to them:

“I can view anything in the universe, this is a trivialization of my abilities.”

A few days later he came up with a new way to do remote viewing: viewing map coordinates.

Targ and Putoff went out and bought the biggest atlas they could find at the local book store.And so they started taking coordinates from the map, putting the coordinates in individual blank envelopes, and had Swann image the places at those coordinates at random.

Global Atlas.

Swann’s coordinate map viewing turned out to be a big success.

But, of course, critics were everywhere. No one in the military, or the government wanted to believe the findings. Indeed, a critic at the Central Intelligence Agency suggested that maybe he had memorized the entire global map.

Swann went on to use randomly chosen numerical coordinates to view randomly selected events, people and structures around the planet. He performed equally well using this coordinate-based viewing system.


Some quick notes on Remote Viewing.

  • Remote Viewing occurs in a sterile workspace. Most reports of paranormal events come from outside the science lab, and when research is done on these cousins of RV, it is somewhat like examining the natural history of some specimen brought in from the wild. When clairvoyance (RV’s closest relative) was done under controlled conditions for research purposes, it was generally targeted at such things as cards or colors, since these sorts of targets allowed easy scoring of experimental results. Remote viewing, on the other hand, was actually developed and first explored in a research setting . And the sorts of targets used for RV research differed from those typically used in other psi research. Targets chosen for “viewing” include geographic locations, hidden objects, and even such things as archaeological sites and space objects about which it was expected that ground truth would eventually become known, so that the viewer’s accuracy could be checked.
  • Remote Viewing is a combination of observed sensings. Unlike most other psi disciplines, remote viewing is not precisely one thing, but rather an integrated “cocktail” of various phenomena. Despite the “viewing” part of the term, remote viewing is only partly about experiences associated with what might be visible about a target. It also involves mental impressions pertaining to the other senses, such as sounds, tastes, smells, and textures, as well as limited telepathy-like effects, and in some cases just plain intuitive “knowing.” RV owes some of these qualities to the fact that lessons learned from research in clairvoyance, telepathy, and even out-of-body experiences — traditionally considered separate disciplines — played a role in its development. In remote viewing, the viewer not only verbalizes what he or she is perceiving, but usually also records in writing, in sketches, and sometimes even in three-dimensional modeling the results of the remote viewing episode, or “session.”
  • Remote Viewing is Structured. Remote viewing tends to be more structured than other psi disciplines. In some important varieties of remote viewing, viewers follow specific scripted formats. These formats are designed to enhance the viewer’s performance in various ways, such as to better deal with mental “noise” (stray thoughts, imaginings, analysis, etc. that degrades the “psychic signal”) or to allow incoming data to be better managed. Some of these structural methodologies are widely used. Other methods are more personal. An individual remote viewer, for example, might through trial and error develop his or her own customized approach.
  • Strict science-based protocol. Proper remote viewing is done within a strict science-based protocol. As mentioned, the remote viewer is kept unwitting of either the nature or identity of the target until after the session is completed. Except in training situations, the monitor (a sort of remote viewing “guide” or facilitator that may assist the viewer during the session) is also unwitting, and external clues or data about the target are carefully excluded. Sessions are conducted in a setting that prevents knowledge of the target “leaking” to the viewer. These measures are important to insure that the viewer does not receive hints or clues about the target in any way other than what would be considered “psychic.”

What is Remote Viewing?

Swann coined to term “remote viewing” to describe the process though you can question whether the information is actually remote to the viewer or whether the process is entirely visual.

Some people are more sensitive to auditory, kinesthetic or other types of sensory information and few viewers actually “see” the target very clearly.

Nonetheless, the name stuck and was sufficient to convince the intelligence agencies to fund the project.

Other viewers were also tasked to help Targ and Putoff understand remote viewing.

Pat Price, a former police commissioner from Burbank, CA also proved to be an excellent viewer. Price used his own system to view where he actually imagined that he was at the distant target site.

Pat Price.

His results were so good that the Central Intelligence Agency hired him to work for them directly.

Back East, another natural viewer Joe McMoneagle, also known as “Remote Viewer No. 1,” worked directly with the U.S. Army and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Joe McMoneagle.

He was also tested and found to have amazing abilities to describe and sketch distant locations. Upon retirement, McMoneagle was awarded a Legion of Merit award, in part, for his five years of remote viewing missions for the military and various government agencies.

Coordinate Remote Viewing

However, Swann was able to describe, with great precision, what he was doing with his mind and attention as he was viewing, an ability other viewers did not have.

This allowed him to come up with a 6-stage system that could be taught to anyone, including you or me. It became known as CRV: Coordinate (or Controlled) Remote Viewing.

Swann’s CRV system is based on separating out signal from noise in your mind as you are viewing.

All the information is recorded during a session, but the viewer puts the noise in a different place on the paper than the signal.

At the end of the session, you can separate them from one another.

The method became the basis of the remote viewing protocols that the U.S. army taught to several groups of viewers.

The program lasted until 1995 when it was declassified; about $20 million was spent over the two decades. It is now part of "deep black" SAP programs and commercial programs for profit.

Princeton’s Random Number Generator Research

During this time, the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR) at Princeton University, run by Bob Jahn and Brenda Dunn, also conducted twenty years of research into remote viewing.

They referred to this as the so-called “micro-psychokinesis”.

They conducted experiments on the effect of human intention on Random Number Generators (RNGs).

They found that, looking at the cumulative results of hundreds of thousands of trials, that their subjects could influence about 2 or 3 events per 10,000 random coin flip.

Thus being able to move the device away from true randomness by thought alone.

The odds of these results being by chance were an astonishing 375 trillion to one.

Open the Aperture of Your Perception

When someone asks you to describe something, you normally proceed to name what you’re perceiving using nouns and symbols.

"I see a man holding a dog". He is on a bench. He is in a park. The dog is hungry and barking at the food in the stall nearby.

Remote viewing is just the opposite.

You begin by describing your perceptions without trying to identify anything about what they mean or what the larger picture is.

Hungry feeling.

You begin with basic gestalts: fundamental, general components of the target site like whether it’s manmade or living or natural. You then proceed to basic colors, smells, temperatures, shapes and sizes.

Only after you’ve been describing the target for a while can you proceed to more specific ideas and possibly names, nouns and more analytical types of information.

Follow the Ambiguity

Our minds are always attempting to draw conclusions from what we’ve perceiving at any given moment.

But this isn’t really desirable in a Remote Viewing exercise.

If you try to do this, you will always likely to be wrong. Which brings us to one of the great paradoxes of RV: the fainter the perception, the more likely it is to be accurate and the less likely you are to feel confident in that perception.

  • In other words, the more confident you are about your psychic perceptions during the session, the less likely those perceptions are to be correct!
  • And the less confident you feel, the more likely it is that your perceptions are right on. How’s that for a paradox?
Someone familiar with the military viewing program once told me that if a viewer finished a session and said with confidence “I nailed it!,” that viewer’s session would be thrown in the garbage. A good session is one in which the viewer has no idea what they’ve been doing or whether it’s accurate or not.

This is very different from the way our educational system, which stresses linear and rational thinking, trains us to deal with acquiring and processing information.

Eventually, you see the benefits: you learn to trust your intuition more and don’t necessarily need to rationalize everything before you take action. You become more spontaneous which can often be a good thing if you’re used to over-thinking things in your life.

Scientific Analysis of the Remote Viewing Program

When the RV program was declassified, one of the two people asked to evaluate the program was statistician Jessica Utts, the head of the American Statistical Association.

She concluded:

“Using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well established. Arguments that these results could be due to methodological flaws in the experiments are soundly refuted.

Effects of similar magnitude to those found in government-sponsored research at SRI and SAIC (another government sponsored think tank) have been replicated at a number of laboratories across the world. Such consistency cannot be readily explained by claims of flaws or fraud.”

And researcher Dean Radin, doing very complex meta-analyses using the results of many studies about psychic perception over many decades, came to the same conclusion.

Looking at the entire population, not just trained viewers, RV is a weak effect, about four to eight percent higher than expected if we were only using our physical senses to gather information: yet, it’s consistently there in everyone.

How Does Remote Viewing Work?

So RV is scientifically proven to work.

But how?

What’s going inside the viewer’s body and mind? How do they access far away information with such great accuracy?

You can pick your favorite explanation but the truth is, no one knows for sure. But my feeling is that it has something to do with resonance, vibration and frequency on the quantum level. And to this end I have generated explanatory template maps for the MWI.

Right brain thinking tends to be free flowing, intuitive and descriptive while left brain thinking is more analytical, linear and symbolic.

Good remote viewers learn to distinguish their own left and right-brain thinking.

They’re good at discerning the difference between the two and can separate signal from noise. Remote viewing tends to be more more accessible to the right-brain type.

Picking Up Signals Through Vibrational Resonance

Where does the information come from?

Well, if you look around the space wherever you are at the moment, the air will seem empty: you can’t see the air with your eyes. But you also know that it’s filled with electromagnetic information from cell phone signals, radio waves, TV signals, etc. So empty space can be filled with information coming to you from distance. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

That information is coming to you through a type of vibrational resonance that fills space-time.

When you have a receiver that is tuned to the frequency of those signals, you’ll pick them up.

All you need to do after that is to amplify the signal.

Remote viewing doesn’t necessarily amplify the signal of what you’re viewing, but it does teach you how to reduce your own mental noise, your monkey mind.

Yeah, but what about Deagel? And the future?

I argue that there must have been some technique, other than “extrapolation of data applied to historical models“, to come up with the data that Deagel presented. And the only publicly known method is via Remote Viewing.

Of course, there is the time-travel, and 5th and 7th dimensional travel mechanisms. 

I have discussed this elsewhere. 

And those are indeed valid methods of "time travel;", but I do not believe that they are actually being used at this time, in this case.

Remote Viewing The Future

Remote viewing the future is possible because time does not exist and therefore it is possible to reach out and link with events that are happening in a future “now” upon the world-line MWI template map.

This can only be done for a relatively short period into the future because the further one looks into the future, the more variables can change what happens.

What happens is that, based on what has occurred or what is going on at the moment, a sort of inevitability occurs.

An Apple Tree Example

For instance, if an apple falls from a tree, there is a strong possibility that it will fall to the ground.

Now, if at a certain time a person walks towards the tree, is it possible to predict if the apple will hit the person on the head or not?  Many variables will come into play that permit the apple to hit the person on the head – or not – so it is not usually possible to predict with absolute certainty such an event.

Under an apple tree.

A remote viewer looks out along timelines and picks up the most dramatic events that are likely to occur. Then the person tries to see what is likely to happen.  But, as nothing is totally certain, they can only predict with greater or lesser accuracy.

The events along any timeline are quite simply projections of “now” events.  The “now” moment is constantly altering but each succeeding “now” moment is dependent on the preceding one to a certain extent.

But given the over all MWI template that most people seem to be using, it can become relatively easy to Remote View upon this template and describe a future that will exist for a wide selection of people.

So, to describe it simply, if one looks at a series of single moments in time, for instance concerning the apple growing on a tree, we can see that the apple ripens and, eventually, falls from the tree.  The exact moment when the apple will depart from the tree cannot be predicted but we know that it will eventually fall.
Once it starts to fall it is simple to imagine that it will hit the ground.

So, imagination is brought into play to predict the future from the last “now” moment. That is why remote viewing is so difficult.  Once we start to use imagination, we are in murky waters.

World Line Template

While every consciousness has their own pre-birth template maps that they follow, most of the maps are derived from a “universal template”.

Most people all share the same "universal template" from which to develop their initial "pre-birth world-line maps" from.

And thus the “terrain” is similar to each others maps (more or less to some degree).

Even though every one is different, and everyone has their own world-line map that they are following, they are all very similar to each other for the vast bulk of humanity (well, at least geographical clusters of people, anyways.)

And people, on these MWI maps, follow them, interacting with other consciousnesses along the way, generating “clusters” or world-lines that are all tied together.

Most people find living on their world-line maps to be easy if they "just go with the flow". They just follow them and "don't climb those peaks" and just go along with what the relative "winds blow" in their lives. And this all creates a situation where world-lines (on different maps) cluster together.

Never the less, the vast bulk of humanity will act as herded animals and cluster together towards similar goals and objectives.

And thus, the Deagel forecast is one that is based upon this clustering of lines. They are apparently doing so for various corporate reasons, being profit forecasts and other such concerns. And to them the map would look similar to an individual map, only that the vector would be for a group of consciousnesses, not just for one singular consciousness.

Such as this…

The remote viewed future for America.

Of course, and I have stated this over and over again, you have the ability to change your world-line template map, and if you don’t like it you can “slide off it” and get on one that you do like.

Running affirmation prayer campaigns for safety.

Of course, the inertia of millions of people following “the herd” and the clustering of their world-lines is going to be rather difficult to stop. But what you can do is slide off their template and move on your own path. And while there might be all sorts of very bad things going on, and the “news” will amplify this, a person who is conducting their Affirmation Prayer Campaigns diligently will be able to avoid a great deal of hardship and turmoil.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand…

So Deagel came up with this forecast back in 2012 that pretty much stated that a lot of bad things were going to happen to America. And by 2025, the nations would not look anything like it looked like in 2012. They predicted a die off of a very significant proportion of the American population and a collapse of the economy, military might and governance.

Then come 2020, we have the Coronavirus.

And many of the things that they predicted, as outlandish as they sounded back then, now seems frighteningly plausible.

Because their predictions were so detailed, and outlandish, it gives one pause to think. Especially now, as Hard-Right, Religious Zealots are blaming China for trying to kill off Christianity. HERE. Jeeze!

I strongly suspect that this forecast was derived though Remote Viewing activity in association with other calculus. And to this end, I consulted with an MM influencer and contributor, our resident Remote Viewing Expert; Blue NarWhal.


Blue NarWhal Comments

Blue NarWhal is a professional in the Remote Viewing Industry, and has done work for both the United States government and private industry. I asked him for his thoughts and opinions. Edited for clarity and for this venue.

Knowing most of the top remote viewers on a first name basis I do have some input for you here. 

As you know the typical result of civilian allied military development projects, where real operational capability is developed, go through a bifurcation.

It is a bifurcation where one strand goes SAP deep black, and the other goes public debunk.

(You know) there's nothing to see here Fred, these are not the droids you are looking for, move along. 

This has been repeatedly confirmed by the best viewers, that there is a whole range of deep black remote viewing corps that...
...That has multiple purposes. 

One purpose is human to alien communication. 

Another is strategic advantage and nonlinear intelligence, called “quantum viewing” now. 

Predictive viewing, is as Courtney says, subject the multiple worlds branching.

The targets are often collecting data from multiple MWI strands to see variations and research options.
Subject to the MWI factors.. (corrected). 

Here below are my top ten candidate causality strands that could lead to major USA population die off in 4 years. I have gleaned these from my RV associates, and other sources, such as really good verified psychics I personally know, and meta analysis ... 

Since each candidate has a lot of detail to go with it, I will start with the titles. 

I think the push to write about this is we are at a global inflection point for breakdown and revolution 4th turning style (Howe and Strauss). 

Following parsimony, certain candidates are just more likely and bakes in the cake. 

But the essential question of where Edwin got his forecast from I think may well have been his contacts in shadow military and recently retired. 

The benefactors and the malevolence on the non-human sources have been predicting this die off as well, and some even (have been) blaming the coming die on entirely ET allied to human elites.

The reason being to enact a scorched Earth policy in response to their getting defanged by the benefactor balance aliens. 

But we don’t need ET in the mix to accomplish this. So likely other factors are more probable.
Now I know you are more likely to want to see how we can understand the dynamics from an entirely human causality POV, because that can hold more receptive water...
Source data candidate of the Deagel USA population reduction forecast and no it wasn’t a typo.

Forecasted for 2025 "top candidate causation" of drastic reduction in USA population ...

[1] Long time plans by globalist elite. Goal for population reduction to stave off CC ruining so much of their asset base in preparation, and thus predicting massive depopulation since the early 2000s.

[2] Long time plans for denationalizing the globe. With the de facto lead player winner likely China, having certain depopulation effects on the most resistant nationalists. (or in other words the "gun toting" USA population.)

[3] China retakes Taiwan. And (foolishly) Japan jumps in to defend them, USA jumps in to defend Japan. Chinese proxy North Korea nukes Hawaii and San Francisco. Followed by a myriad of tactical nuclear events (and chem warfare covertly) from western elite to make their own survival deal with new China global leadership

[4] Virtuous genocide of the vaxxed by the series binary weapon scheme.

[5] Virtuous genocide of the unvaxxed by the vaxxxed totalitarian biomedical martial law state proxy mobs. Since they cannot get the military to do the bidding, UN internment camps spring-up across the USA

[6] Societal Shift. A 4th turning Piscean top down group-schoolers to Aquarian bottom up individualist SOCs - societal shift

[7] Bubbles all break. Global currency crash, petrodollar crash, dollar hyperinflation.

[8] Natural calamities aggravated with the above. Combined with 5 year super drought, massive famine, urban die offs with no resources, more pandemic, more CC extremes, followed by mini ice age super freeze.

[9] Civil war population reduction outcome. With breakdown of US between red and blue, which are unvaxxed and vaxxxed as psychological warfare dehumanization victims in both directions

[10] Vaxxed mRNA die off from runaway variant evolution in the vaxxed bodies, though blamed on unvaccinated, within 4 years 65% of those vaxxed die.

- on this last one, my theory I developed through my own remote viewing is specifically sorcerers apprentice runaway that creates Monsanto like terminator seed immune systems. 

I have a short detail on that, let me grab it...
But before detailing that, here is another ingredient…


OK. We are going to get off the subject for a spell. Don’t worry too much about it. Just go with the flow. If it interests you, then great. If not, then chill out.

On the Cyberpolygon, of which I have been aware for a long time. After all, since I am a cybersecurity professional, I am well aware of this. This will the incidence of a behemoth cyber attack. This will occur soon after all the PR about Cyberpolygon cybersecurity (hits the "news"). As such, it will give the government authorities great “cover” so no one can claim they were asleep at the switch when a national scale false flag cyber attack occurs. It will be an attack of such severity that it is create adequate national security threat pretext for an “internet martial law” to ensue. A situation will occur that can more effectively suppress the so-called "Vaxx misinformation". This will begin by opening the door to authorities literally shutting down the DNS of any and all websites. As well as interdicting all text messaging traffic that is deemed misinformation by their algorithms. No of course, nothing to see here, more along.  Get help. Get back on your meds.  Get jabbed immediately. To save us all! A false flag cybersecurity attack is intended to accomplish the following objectives: [1] Stop unsanctioned crypto-currency transactions, [2] Stop any online resistance to vaxxing, [3] Stop the ability for the vaccine resistant to organize, and [4] Stop any dissent to the great reset that will occur when the stock market crashes (due in part to high rates of deaths among the vaccinated, and the seemingly endless new lockdowns.) The great reset will be touted as virtuous and compassionate. The creeping installation of UN run internment camps all over the US for the unvaccinated will be hailed as life saving. This will be especially true as the unvaccinated are now defined as high risk and potential terrorists. Dependence of the populace on the towing lines of the government narrative will reach an all time high and consolidation of totalitarian power will be complete!   Welcome to George Orwell’s worst nightmare.

Monsanto-like “terminator seed” immune systems

And just like that, my sources become absorbed into the blob that has become the “great Vaxx vs. unVaxx debate”.

Sigh. It only happens with Americans inside of America. If you talk with people outside of America, you just won’t hear this kind of stuff.

I have no problem with use of an injection to control the population is feasible. I have no problem with evil people using it to control others.  I have no problem with reading about the various ideas that people have on this.


Keep in mind, that all of this is a side distraction from the “big event” what ever it might be. And I personally find it hard to believe that vaccinations are a major part of a big “shake down reset event”.

A part of it YES.

But the main part? NO.

Here, Blue NarWhal goes on…

The dirtiest secret is they installed Monsanto-like “terminator seed” immune systems on a large chunk of the planetary population. 


If you don’t get the next booster your immune system will no longer work and you will likely die next variant season. Taking the jab once makes it necessary to take jabs for life.

I told this to xXx and just a couple friends 6 months ago but felt it would be so incendiary to post it anywhere back then. 

I still haven’t.

When I first thought of it this way it was too horrible a thought to even imagine and I thought I must be getting too paranoid. And I am not a paranoid person, just a good data collector.. like yourself MM:)

But now…. 

All the immune systems of the vaxxed incubate or evolve the next deadly variants that precisely escape the last booster just like poor use of antibiotics incubated and evolved antibiotic resistant bacteria. In the case of covid evolution of variants it is the exact same thing.

The only thing they desperately need to pull this multi trillion dollar caper off is to avoid blame for designing the entire thing to operate this way.

If they can mentally and emotionally program the vaxxed to believe only the unvaccinated are variant factories then they can get away with many trillions in profit. 

Dehumanization of the unvaxxed gives them cover and profit to the moon.

The truth is the unvaxxed do not evolve the variants. 

All variants have started soon after introductions of the vaxx in different countries or during the large trials in those countries. 

The evidence is incontrovertible if one reads the real science that is not being faked.

The CDC even recently recommended creating nationwide internment camps for the unvaccinated to keep the vaxxed safe! See how insidious the plot really is? 

Of course you do.

But now they will brazenly lie about variants only coming from the unvaxxed even when the evidence is becoming overwhelming to the contrary. 

The mob will be programmed to literally want to exterminate the vermin unvaxxed.

They will - to the last - direct all the anger of the vaxxed dying from covid variants on the unvaxxed. 

They will gin up a sense of being virtuous to want to send unvaxxed vermin to death camps. 

You know this to be true.

History repeating itself now with the 4th Reich Blue Nazis. You feel me? It won’t be a yellow star but a red covid patch that the unvaxxed will be forced to wear. Don’t believe it will come to this? 

Not long to wait and find out at this point. 

The game is afoot

I totally am nauseous about being right about such terrible things! It’s really just too depressing and insane to believe. But I thought I was insane for thinking the shot was a terminator seed immune system ploy. Now it is becoming entirely true and will continue to be born out.

And sorry, no, you cannot reason with loved ones to not get boosters. The messenger will definitely be shot and reviled. 

The lines have been drawn.

Please pretty please tell me I’m wrong about this - I’ve never ever wanted to be more wrong about something in my entire life!

But this I believe will become obvious when millions of vaccinated begin to die from the next variant their own bloodstreams evolved. I am so already grieving the future loss of my family relatives. 


Because it’s a lose lose game - get the booster to live another 6 months but at the same time getting foreshortens ones overall life span by another 15 to 20% each shot (that is of course if side effects don’t kill one within 3 weeks of the jab each time).

They actually believe they have pulled off the perfect crime to make trillions and trillions of dollars. That’s more than Carl Sagan’s billions and billlions of stars!

In this case only the paranoid may survive and the innocent follower sheep will perish or at the least become so dumb that the idiocracy movie will seem like a probability.

Brawndo, it’s got electrolytes! = 
Pfizer, it’s got electro-spikes!

That’s why Zelenko said it’s a billion x better to have natural immunity.


I know that all of this is a meandering maze off “the beaten path” of what the question was all about. But follow the train of thought. Believe it if you want, or don’t if you want. What ever you do, do not get swept up too far in it.

Don’t get lost in the maze.

Remember that this source is an “insider” in these matters regarding the United States government, and you owe it to hear what he has to say, because SOMETHING  has set his mind down these paths. Right or wrong. Factual or fantasy.

Good or bad.

Right or wrong.

Like a little more of my esteemed lunacy?


The CDC policy guidance to doctors is any death after 3 hours of injection to as much as 1 week after is only correlation and not causation. 

The only side effect admitted to is a little “very rare” anaphylaxis. 

Assignment of causation just so happens to destroy many life insurance payouts - I have collected many reports of that. 

The emerging science does not support correlation but causation. 

I have links to videos by more than a dozen esteemed doctors and researchers that support causation. But these are not the droids you are looking for, move along says the mainstream biomedical cartel.  

There is a 4 part unholy alliance between the government, the media, big tech, and biopharma industry to suppress speech.

Predominantly speech about promising therapeutics.

They will deny causational evidence and malign and de-platform anyone of influence that departs from the “100% safe and effective” narrative.  

The normalcy bias is reinforced constantly. 

If you follow the money and power it becomes obvious that the unholy alliance is both making a fuck-ton of money and getting untold control and power which will never want to be relinquished.  

People in government + big tech + media ownership are heavily invested in biopharma stocks.  

Is that correlation or causation?  

Correlation only of course. The rising tide floats all boats they say. Sure! Move along nothing to see here.  Get the jab.  

Are the 450,000 VAERS reports about side effects of which many thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of life long infirmities happening soon after vaxxing just correlation and not causation?

Is the now repeatedly verified presence of EMF responsive graphene oxide found in large quantity in the vaxxes, which right after injected respond to both magnets and EMF detectors only in the injected site, is that correlation or causality?

Is the well established (but totally denied by the CDC “experts”) safety and efficacy of vitamin D and Ivermection and zinc, which when generally adopted shows dramatic drops in death rates (over 85%) in dozens of studies in many countries, is that correlation or causation?

In every case the mainstream government sanctioned experts refuse to even consider the research into these therapeutics (that are all expired patents so there is no money in it for them) and which if were admitted as being effective would quixkly end the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization - is that just correlation or is it causation?

When any esteemed doctor or pathologist or epidemiologist or Nobel Prize winner or vaccine researcher that worked at the head with Gates foundation (Moderna) or for Pfizer - when they risk their jobs and reputation to report any science that impeaches the authoritarian narrative - are immediately cat-called, maligned, suppressed and deplatformed as misinformation terrorists for reporting their scientific conclusions - is their research data only correlation and not causation?

When every single time I am around vaccinated people I really want to hang out outdoors to visit (without masks on) results in my having lung pain, headache, sore throat for several hours afterward (which then abates right after I dose Vitamin D, Quercetin, and Zinc).. is that correlation or causation? (I am not responsive to placebo and never expected or was afraid of hanging with my friends and relatives. But that is the consequence every time).

Are all the bad science and respected scientific journals who are then later forced to retract their highly celebrated therapeutic-denial studies that support the idea that effective therapeutics are nonexistent and dangerous (even though they are safer than aspirin) - is that situation correlation or causation to prevent losing Emergency Use Authorization and to suppress the idea there are real alternatives to jabbing because it fuels the antivaxxers?

Is the fact of even discussing the virus being bio-engineered was totally suppressed for over a year but now finally being admitted only very quietly in the halls of power, is that denial good science or bad science? 

Is the fact that Fauci and DARPA and other cohorts jointly and covertly funded the Wuhan gain of function research through Peter Daszak, and then patented the spike protein injection using mRNA technology in early 2019 merely correlation or is it causation?

You see, the entire presumption of correlation over causation truly serves the interests of making money and creating more control over the populace. 

When any and all scientific evidence about the dangers of the vaxx or availability of effective and safe therapeutics is quickly dismissed by the vacination stakeholder extreme bias, is that mere correlation or causation?

If the vaxxed have ever never actually read a single source scientific study but only trust the mouthpiece experts which support their normalcy bias that the vax is perfectly safe and effective, and that there are no effective therapeutics - is that denial and dehumanization of anyone suggesting otherwise only correlation or causation?

Well if you are a nice, caring, good and decent person who simply cannot believe the government would lie to you, or that the unholy alliance is evil and greedy, and that there is nothing to see here.

Move along and get the jab and shut up or be dehumanized.

If you disagree - and believe it’s all just random unfounded conspiracy theory that at best is only remote unfounded correlation and never ever possibly causation, then there is no reasoning with you. 

No science that will convince you.  

No evidence you will ever admit to. 

No room for any doubt. 

And everyone who says otherwise are likely to be filthy vermin white supremacist domestic terrorists who should be placed in internment camps to protect the vaxxed, then guess what? 

We will all just have to wait and see how it all turns out and agree to disagree!  

Correlation vs Causation is the defensive talking point for all those in the unholy alliance. 

But now that all people resisting or refusing or promoting anything other than the party line about the the vaxx are literally being defined as domestic terrorists.

Any evidence they report is labeled misinformation, well then, good luck with labeling 50% of the populace of the US as terrorists who should be dehumanized and interned to keep the vaxxed population safe. 

Are these policies going to be correlation to and not causation of a potential civil war between the red check folks and the blue check folks? 

What a pleasant thought.  How unifying.  How desperate.  How immature.  How greedy.  How all so sweetly patriotic!  Yeah sure, I got a couple bridges to sell you. In fact, I got a dozen bridges to sell you, Get in line! Big discounts available. 

Jesus! Man. All I care about is the Deagel Forecast. And here we find that one of my top “to go” people on the Remote Viewing sciences has started connecting the vaccinations of Coronavirus in it’s mRNA form to a profit-scheme that will result in the deaths of millions.

It seems so far out.


According to the 2012 Deagel Forecast, only those nations (that we see today) who are pushing the mRNA vaccine protocol (and who perhaps match up with the rant above) MATCH together.

H Christ! Are we having fun yet?
Just a few side notes I wrote over the last weeks... lol
And you my dear friend predicted all of it earlier this year and last year with the help of your benfactoring inputs as well!

Well, it is true that I predicted much of this kind of stuff. I will not deny that. But it doesn’t need to be so “in your face” and blunt. Does it?

My point is that I am being driven, and going crazy being pushed to push this article (about remote viewing and the Deagel Forecast) out the door as soon as possible, and as a side note, Blue NarWhal is dragging along this vaccination stuff alongside. So there MUST be a reason.

But is the reason important?

Let’s continue…

It’s war, not between China and US, but between elites and populace, between benefactors and malevolent overseers, between piscean and Aquarian change over, between satanic and holy, between horizontal and vertical evolution, and between last past patriarchy and future matriarchy, and between globalists and nationalists
We are arriving quite rapidly at the super size MEI inflection point where large scale global bifurcation occurs, and hence there is a tremendous urgency to communicate the big picture so the order and chaos agencies are seen for the agenda motivations they breathe MWI.

So human consciousness has more choices in the matter, so natural leaders that are needed will arise.
You of course have the Deagel 2020 change of heart write up right....? Worth pasting in here, since it is not nearly as wacky as my stack.

Amen to that!

Deagel 2020 revision to the original 2012 Deagel Forecast

Forecast disclaimer revision in 2020:

In 2014 we published a disclaimer about the forecast. In six years the scenario has changed dramatically.

This new disclaimer is meant to single out the situation from 2020 on-wards.

Talking about the United States and the European Union as separated entities no longer makes sense. Both are the Western block, keep printing money and will share the same fate.

After COVID we can draw two major conclusions:[1] The Western world success model has been built over societies with no resilience that can barely withstand any hardship, even a low intensity one. It was assumed but now we’ve got the full hard confirmation beyond any doubt.
[2] The COVID crisis will be used to extend the life of this dying economic system through the so called “Great Reset.”

The Great Reset; like the climate change, extinction rebellion, planetary crisis, green revolution, shale oil (…) hoaxes promoted by the system; is another attempt to slow down dramatically the consumption of natural resources and therefore extend the lifetime of the current system.

It can be effective for awhile but finally won’t address the bottom-line problem and will only delay the inevitable.

The core ruling elites hope to stay in power which is in effect the only thing that really worries them.

The collapse of the Western financial system – and ultimately the Western civilization – has been the major driver in the 2012 forecast along with a confluence of crisis with a devastating outcome.

As COVID has proven Western societies embracing multiculturalism and extreme liberalism are unable to deal with any real hardship.

The Spanish flu one century ago represented the death of 40-50 million people.

Today the world’s population is four times greater with air travel in full swing which is by definition a super spreader.

The death casualties in today’s World would represent 160 to 200 million in relative terms but more likely 300-400 million taking into consideration the air travel factor that did not exist one century ago.

So far, COVID death toll is roughly 1 million people.

It is quite likely that the economic crisis due to the lock-downs will cause more deaths than the virus worldwide.

The Soviet system was less able to deliver goodies to the people than the Western one. Nevertheless Soviet society was more compact and resilient under an authoritarian regime. That in mind, the collapse of the Soviet system wiped out 10 percent of the population.

The stark reality of diverse and multicultural Western societies is that a collapse will have a toll of 50 to 80 percent depending on several factors.

But in general terms the most diverse, multicultural, indebted and wealthy (highest standard of living) will suffer the highest toll.

The only glue that keeps united such aberrant collage from falling apart is over-consumption with heavy doses of bottomless degeneracy disguised as virtue.

Nevertheless the widespread censorship, hate laws and contradictory signals mean that even that glue is not working any more.

Not everybody has to die.

Migration can also play a positive role in this.

The formerly (known as) second and third world nations are an unknown at this point. Their fate will depend upon the decisions they take in the future.

Western powers are not going to take over them as they did in the past because these (Western) countries won’t be able to control their very own cities let alone those countries that are far away.

If they remain tied to the former World Order they will go down along with the Western powers. However, they won’t experience the same kind of brutal decline that the Western powers will experience so brazenly. This is partially because they are poorer and (obviously) not diverse enough. Instead they are stronger than the Western powers because they are actually quite homogeneous. This is their advantage. And that they are used to deal with some sort of hardship. Though,  not precisely the one that is coming.

If they switch to China they can get a chance to stabilize but will need to depend upon the management of their own resources.

We expected this situation to unfold and actually is unfolding right now.

With the November election triggering a major bomb if Trump is re-elected. (Did not happen.)

If Biden is elected there will very bad consequences as well.

There is a lot of bad blood in the Western societies and the protests, demonstrations, rioting and looting are only the first symptoms of what is coming.

However a new trend is taking place overshadowing this one.

The situation between the three great powers has changed dramatically.

The only relevant achievement of the Western powers during the past decade has been the formation of a strategic alliance, both military and economic, between Russia and China.

Right now the potential partnership between Russia and the European Union (EU) is dead with Russia turning definitively towards China. That was from the beginning the most likely outcome.

Airbus never tried to establish a real partnership but rather a strategy to fade away the Russian aerospace industry.

Actually Russia and China have formed a new alliance to build a long haul airliner.

Western Europe (not to mention the United States) was never interested in the development of Russia or forming anything other than a master slave relationship with Russia providing raw materials and toeing the line of the West.

It was clear then and today is a fact.

Russia has been preparing for a major war since 2008 and China has been increasing her military capabilities for the last 20 years. Today China is not a second tier power compared with the United States. Both in military and economic terms China is at the same level and in some specific areas are far ahead.

In the domain of high-tech 5G has been a success in the commercial realm but the Type 055 destroyer is also another breakthrough with the US gaining a similar capability (DDG 51 Flight IIII) by mid of this decade (more likely by 2030).

Nanchang, the lead ship of the Type 055 class, was commissioned amid the pandemic and lockdown in China.

Six years ago the likelihood of a major war was tiny.

Since then it has grown steadily and dramatically and today is by far the most likely major event in the 2020s.

The ultimate conflict can come from two ways.[1] A conventional conflict involving at least two major powers that escalates into an open nuclear war.[2] A second scenario is possible in the 2025-2030 time-frame. A Russian sneak first strike against the United States and its allies with the new S-500, strategic missile defenses, Yasen-M submarines, INF Zircon and Kalibr missiles and some new space asset playing the key role.

The sneaky first strike would involve all Russian missile strategic forces branches (bombers and ground-based missiles) at the different stages of such attack that would be strategic translation of what was seen in Syria in November 2015.

There was no report that the Russian had such a capability of launching a high precision, multiple, combined arms attack at targets 2,000+ kilometers away.

Western intelligence had no clue.

The irony is that since the end of the Cold War the United States has been maneuvering through NATO to achieve a position to be able to execute a first strike (nuclear) over Russia and now it seems that the first strike may still occur but the country finished would be the United States.

Another particularity of the Western system is that its individuals have been brainwashed to the point that the majority accept their moral high ground and technological edge as a given.

This has given the rise of the supremacy of the emotional arguments over the rational ones which are ignored or deprecated.

That mindset can play a key role in the upcoming catastrophic events.

At least in the Soviet system the silent majority of the people were aware of the fallacies they were fed up.

We can see the United States claims about 5G being stolen from them by China or hypersonic technology being stolen by Russia as the evidence that the Western elites are also infected by that hubris.

Over the next decade it will become obvious that the West is falling behind the Russia-China block and the malaise might grow into desperation.

Going to war might seem a quick and easy solution to restore the lost hegemony to finally find them into a France 1940 moment. Back then France did not have nuclear weapons to turn a defeat into a victory. The West might try that swap because the unpleasant prospect of not being Mars and Venus but rather a bully and his dirty bitch running away in fear while the rest of the world is laughing at them.

If there is not a dramatic change of course the world is going to witness the first nuclear war.

The Western block collapse may come before, during or after the war.

It does not matter.

A nuclear war is a game with billions of casualties and the collapse plays in the hundreds of millions.

He Concludes…

Interesting take and a refreshing relook at the Deagel Forecast

This 2020 is news to me.

Well then good food for thought to have the whole range of inputs for your writing️
The 2020 disclosure is plausible. I don’t know the Deagel folks but do know the Stratford
Stratfor folks and they are similar so I judge this statement from D to be a good picture on why their forecast changed, but it is just the cover story for the kind of crazy stuff I was thinking...

He continues discussing consciousness movement in the MWI.

Consciousness movement in the MWI by Blue NarWhal

Consciousness MWI

What if MWI travel physically nearly does not happen. Only Consciousness travel can change MWI multiverse bulk-phase lanes. (I think this is possible for many people. -MM)

Types of change:
Outer- The world changes and you don’t, mostly.
Inner- You change and the world stays the same, mostly.
Differences in both yourself and the world are apparent.

Sometimes multiverse A can fuse with an existing other you multiverse B and you find yourself situated in a life steam as you with additional foggy life memory if it’s a new you incoming to you.

So the physical idea of MWI consciousness sliding or jumping or transitioning between universes is all fine and good, if the universe fuses them while still remembering a bit of both for the transiting consciousness.

So what is happening in the balancing of consciousness?

The benefactors, [a]. prior to every substantial jump, and [b]. depending on the target MWI universe group the agency consciousness transited is going to, [c]. install locally entangled paraphysical sync kits in the target universe bodies.

If the small moves predict the large moves…

Or did I send this to you already and forgot who wrote it - I have too many unfinished and unsent drafts of stuff to you lol
I think I sent you this as I was assimilating your knowledge into my own framework of understanding... or does this contain specific paragraphs you wrote as I was working through my own take on it...?

BlueNarwhal continues in this interesting line of thought.

Please, everyone, realize that when I “get on a bender or am being pushed” to write or do something, it is SIGNIFICANT. This is most especially true if it is URGENT. It has been my experience that everything attached and associated with my actions may or may not be important, but that I need to include it in my calculus for some reason.

Remember, I only know what I know. The rest is up to youse guys.

Qubit qudit infinity cascade

  • Qubit qudit infinity cascade
  • The universal wave equation as the prime qubit/qudit operator
  • The superposition of hyperlight entangled with both all and one
  • The existence of alternate multiverse laminar access through qubit fields and spaces that preserve equal probability of all
  • The qic start of the universe
  • The bipolar symmetry as a collapsed expression of polar superposition archetype preservation inside local space.
  • And so on through all quantum wave guided evolutionary complexity manifest permutation
  • Where out of the seam of infinity and zero reflects dualistic possibility virtual states of plus one and minus one

The singular all encompassing quantum wave equation of the entire scope of the universe is a hyper qubit/qudit singularity function that entangles across all embedded sub wave time functions.

With that I’m alone inside my own quantum qubit infinity manifold, swaddled in my own bubble creation.

However, yet also paradoxically voluntarily and with love entirely embedded within a collective soul group alignment with and for whom I might sacrifice everything.

The distribution of probable and possible trajectories that deviate out our current world line all depend on soul relevance.

In the surface appearance of the other is a co-seeded by self created habitation for different groups of soul who are mutually co-anchoring commonality.

The Bipolar Multiverse

If I can change world lines…

The prime assumptions:

  • We each exist in our own fully independent universe, (or more properly stated we all live in our own multiverse probability of occurrence trajectories.)
  • Our consciousness interfaces own quantum creative agency with our present manifest reality.
  • Our consciousness is a step down of our soul energy into our physical existence.
  • The Soul could be synonymous with Higher consciousness, the physical reality synonymous with the unconscious and subconscious mind, and the personal self synonymous with the conscious mind relating to their own beliefs, choices, agreements which are in play, singularity issued from our soul.

On one pole you have each soul creating completely independent bubble universes for the habitation of consciousness in physicality.

On the other pole you have a vast population of people (and beings) in their independent universes all fervently believing they live together in a singular shared universe.

Searching for the better explanatory nomenclature.

One idea is there are many different possible collective worlds.

Each have independent persistence and existence separate from our local self awareness.

The dance of illusion of living in a shared universe doesn’t make it unreal, it just comports with how human consciousness creates its own Local Bubble universe.

There exists a spectrum of different novel Global Bubble universes within the multiverse – Earth for example. Their solidity and continuity is not dependent on just one soul’s creation.

That does not mean one’s soul cannot have its own Local Bubble universe make phantom copies of the mutual universes. No, not at all.

We each make illusory copies of whatever large scale mutual universe we believe we are in and do in our usual quarter second wave-particle personal universe lock-in tick rate.

We agree to adopt a set of influences associated to being there. We agree to allow our adoption include our own.

And out of resonant lock with those world lines.

This is really deep and takes the world-line narrative that I have been promoting to that of a mini-universe that we "copy" from the MWI template to live within. An interesting concept and something that I do need to think about. -MM

The multiverse offers all possibilities for soul and consciousness growth, but there is a landscape of alternate probability ‘movement options’ that can naturally occur.

In that landscape of options there are lesser and greater deviating alternate world line moves available to the consciousnesses.

A consciousness can naturally transit into greater degree world line deviance moves if their sum quantum resonance can both entrain and allow it to occur relative to its intrinsic greater/lower likelihood for the consciousness habitation should no active entrainment be engaged.

There are relative world line consciousnesses movement options – or quantum manifestation probabilities – within our personal universal quantum Everett wave function.

Wave function embedded harmonics that intersect with, and offer entrainment access pathways to different outcomes and sequences are a largely passive to activation by consciousness, despite all appearances to the contrary!

These world line trajectories exist out of all the possible alternate infinity qubits

I’m am able to couple with within the singular super wave function.

There are very far world-line variances or trajectories that could cause insanity to engage, except more safely in lucid dreams, but those are not readily accessible to manifest without extraordinary effort with relative shocking, disorienting as new subsumed manifest self-image and world-image radically shift into a new center of gravity of manifest conscious.

I entrain myself to, or am entrained by, various world line shifting options as I may choose, think and feel or choose to allow.

If I let it happen to me I am giving control over to my unconsciousness. If I make it happen I am controlling my own outcomes.

But my options are limited within the superpositional prepositional manifold of my consciousness encompassed by my soul.

It’s got a soul growth agenda.

I have a slight clue, and that’s it.

It about growing the capacity to selflessly nurture collective evolution, and to evolve the capacity to love, to intend, and to romance the soul of greater feminine archetype for inclusion and unity … or of the greater phi masculine archetype that expresses diversity and differentiation …across the many souls in the meta-verse of the multiverse.

Valiant match grids of entangled qubit superposition articulating ‘n’ spatial reduction (quantum collapse) possibilities accessing the multiverse diversity eternity continuum.

Embedded referential meaning and information

Single geometric symbols as containers of all that is sub-referentially defined and associated within its signularity symbols as culimated or concentrated.

Or, alternatively,

It’s subsumption symbols as instantiated singularity event horizon representations or gestalts of specific self-associated component elements held within their symbol mount.

Meaning, as you mount symbols over a subsumed domain of interrelated and contained data reference points…

You might get the accretion of information as explicit subsumption quantum linguistics…

…if that is such a thing…

Remote Viewing and the MWI

You all got a headache yet?

And this one on RV and MWI...

A new working hypothesis:
Predictive remote viewer naturally quantum-couples or entangles their viewing range to be occur across multiple proximal world line probability trajectories in the multiverse.

Outlier world line target coupling by RVers occurs simply due to the collateral quantum attractive influence that higher relative disruptive novelty factors exert on selected souls and consciousnesses, e.g. a group of top viewers all view a disaster scenario that never happens in the world line from which the viewers viewed.

Yet it clearly happened in some nearby world line of greater variance to our own.

Some of these influences can be injected into remote viewing sessions.

This is due to the idea that individual remote viewers couple with targets via universal quantum field or “soul intelligence”.

This target coupling process can allow insertion of universal intent to bias the remote viewer to couple with a more novel world line but less likely or even unlikely the mutual world line viewers are viewing from.

This seems to a form of universal intent coupling with conscious individual.

The effect is to widen the multiple world line range of consideration aperture to provide high value insight about probabilities on other world lines about similar lurking but unmanifest novel high impact eventualities for the viewer world line. Could universal intent (being entangled for target coupling by remote viewers) be making individual intent see outcomes that might happen but likely won’t?

While working with universal intent sentient within the multiverse quantum super field encompassing all our souls and individual quantum clouds, there is no issue with requesting super sentience to limit target viewing hits to only the higher probability outcomes for the present world line in which the viewers reside. Universal intent is certainly willing to limit targeting to single world line or widen the reception aperture to proximal cluster of most probable but yet alternate world lines relative to an anchor referential consciousnesses.

Another different possibility is that remote viewing “picking up signals” of a proximal relative cluster of world lines is likely only possible because remote viewers are evolving souls and consciousness themselves. And despite their proclivity for rationally limiting future probabilities viewing to the world line in which they reside, multiple world lines will be viewed.

The viewers themselves, as do human beings in general, possess individually, in groups and even globally possess the natural ability to shift/move/migrate to different world lines. The quantum wave field of the soul focuses consciousness on inhabiting a physical embodiment existing in nearby variant world lines that furthers soul growth.

This is in turn depends on their in-body own associated outside influences, their own resonant thoughts, feelings, core beliefs and choices that normally bias target coupling to that which holds the greatest growth value for the viewer alone, unless they alter the target description to anchor its viewing parameters to exclude world line coupling that is less likely for the anchoring set of consciousnesses.

The result is remote viewing in any single timeline easily gets crosstalk from other multiverse proximal timelines. If proven, this may predict targeting protocols with means to bind multiverse RV target coupling range to viewing only the most probable eventuality for the timeline in which the remote viewer originates the session, thereby filtering the quantum coupling multiverse range to the most novel punctuated variations across a cluster of intersecting world lines.

For example, one may find some means to construct the RV target description to effectively limit multi-timeline target coupling to only the most large population probable common future for a selected anchor subjects in the timeline as of the session or as of an identified target date.

However, taskers for remote viewers can design target descriptions to block receptive coupling to less than large selected sample group collective likelihoods. This couples the target range to a more commonly desired and likely world line so that predictive RV sessions entangle only relative to and biased from the selected baseline group of anchor parties. It effects a proximal world line variance clamping function to block entanglement with less likely outcomes for this present world line.

World line entanglement blocking prevents viewer intermediaries drifting towards natural attraction of more novel world lines, regardless of present world line probability momentum and mass habitation factors. It simply works to exclude less likely world line outcomes relative to an anchor reference group of persons or beings to thereby yield more likely valid predictive data for the present world line.

And a few more curiosities written and vectored across our mutual fusion being derivatives., LOL!


Blue NarWhal is saying that using the MWI mapping, that it is obvious that in 2012 that more predominant surface topography features of the world-line template showed (at that time) that there was [1] a looming pandemic, and [2] economic crisis. Using available historical and economic data, Deagel extrapolated to a very disturbing forecast.

In truth, they were really close to the mark, and the clustering of the world-lines are STILL on a trajectory for a very unpleasant conclusion.

Now, we need to filter out the “noise” and consider the world-line template landscape topography.

In remote viewing out of America these days, the primary (peaks and topographical) landmarks viewed are related to [1] the strange imposition of mRNA vaccinations, and [2] a gathering storm of strange behaviors on the social / economic front out of Washington DC.

This “noise” of Vaxx, and economic “bubbles” make the current topographical landscape quite rugged and mountainous. Thus, Americans see the topographical mountains all around them, and they cannot see the larger looming mountains past those peaks. It’s a side effect of the incessant mind-controlling Main Stream and alternative media.

The mountains that surround Americans are predominantly ones of…

  • Greed.
  • Media manipulation.
  • Out of control government.
  • Economic bubbles
  • Social re-engineering.
  • Racial divides.
  • Hate. Hate. Hate.

While the mountains in the distance consist of other things, that most Americans are not focusing on. For instance; China. Or the “far away” South China Sea. Or what is going on in Russia. Or Africa. Or South America.

But they are real, and of great concern. For it is the real mountains that are the real issues and the real problems that lie ahead.

The real “mountains” are…

  • Nuclear war with a unified Asia.
  • End of the US Dollar as the global currency.
  • Iran allied with Russia and China, and the rest of the Mideast complies.
  • African middle class growing in favor of Asia.
  • Europe retreat from American influence.

Thus you can see the differences in all the analysis. Those inside the United States echo chamber are combining elements of the United States government narrative of “Hate China; Blame China; China is evil”, with forced mRNA vaccinations and complete incompetence of the Federal Government. Resulting in this bastardized fucked up narrative…

“China stole an American bio-weapon and it was accidentally released in Wuhan, and when caught, they decided to use it to destroy America and all Christians by forcing them to get mRNA vaccinations that will kill everyone!”


Putting all this nonsense aside, let’s continue on our study.

Obviously the 2012 Deagel report used Remote Viewing activity and extrapolation of existing economic and social trends and transposed to the two together to arrive at their (horrific) conclusion.  In 2012, they predicted a major event, that seems to indicate a pandemic or something similar coupled with an economic collapse.

I am sure that remote viewing of this pulled up those “Vaxx hills”, and “Coronavirus hills”, and when combined, the Deagel group  flushed out their predictions as such. I am sure that they did not like it, but the data and the trends, supported by remote viewing substantiated this belief.

Then, last year, in 2020 they revised their forecast. Now, the hills and mountains further out are much closer and clearer.

Before I read the 2020 revised forecast, I believed the following outcomes to be predominant. As you can well read, I said…

Here are some of my suggested candidate combinations that allow us to better understand how those enormous population causality figures could be reached.

  • Global pandemic, AND genocide.
  • Global pandemic, AND civil war WITH genocide.
  • Global pandemic, AND collapsing Military Empire, WITH war.
  • Global Military Empire AND Nuclear War WITH Global pandemic.

And the 2020 revised forecast states…

  • Global pandemic, AND collapsing Military Empire, WITH war.
  • Global Military Empire AND Nuclear War WITH Global pandemic.

The only difference between the two (aside from the order of the wording) is HOW a nuclear exchange comes into being.

Either [1] America conducts a conventional attack against China or Russia (not realizing that it will be against both) and it evolving and escalating quickly into a nuclear war, or [2] A first strike against the out-of-control American government by Asia.

Looking at all the issues, we can make the following statements…

Statements of prediction

Including remote viewing into the calculus, and taking into account all the knowns…

  • The American leadership class does not contain diplomatic professionals. Instead there are unskilled political donors who are making life and death decisions.
  • The mRNA vaccination is a real mystery, and there HAS to be a reason behind using it instead of the traditional “Dead Host” vaccination.
  • The approved 2021 Federal budget includes an enormous military funding outlay that is obviously in preparation for a major war.
  • The American government, and their media are all talking about an upcoming major war with China.
  • American military is retreating from Afghanistan, and four bases in Korea, while making QUAD arrangements with Australia and Japan.

All of this is very disturbing, and considered alone would be cause enough to suggest that a major war is just on the horizon.


America (The United States) is crumbling from rot from within…

  • Racial hate.
  • Proliferation of firearms, and the establishment of armed groups.
  • Balkanization.
  • Economic bubbles.
  • Social bubbles.
  • The wealth gap is enormous.
  • Infrastructure funding is too late.
  • Rules, regulations and laws are all off the charts.

Couple that with a failed bio-weapons attack on China, and the fiasco which was the Trump neocon administration, followed by the bumbling Biden administration… and hard-core Religious extremists, and industry interests desiring of conflict, war and strife (all for various reasons), and you have a poisonous stew.

The “Genie is out of the bottle”, and I do not think that the looming “mountains” on the horizon can be avoided. The inertia associated with the clustering of world-lines is way too strong. So my guess (and I hope that I am wrong) is that the United States will sleep-walk into a war with Asia, and then before it happens, Asia will strike preemptively.

No matter what the details are, the remote viewing forecast is quite clear.

The United States Military Empire is going to start another major war. It is intended to be a distraction from the domestic failures, and regardless as to how much money President Biden is plowing into the economy, it’s not going to make any difference.

America is toast.

Burnt to a crisp; blackened, burned toast.

America today.

And it’s only a matter of time…

And then when the moron, presses the button, flicks the switch, or twists the knob, all Hell will break loose.

All in all, the USA will suffer horribly, and the combination of everything else will only turn a fiasco into an Hellish nightmare.


You can control YOUR reality. And maybe this mountain of turmoil is sitting off somewhere on your world-line template, you can still navigate around it. Remember, after all, for all the turmoil and strife during World War II, Canada, South America, and Africa was relatively left alone.

Maybe you don’t want to move to Greenland, Patagonia, or Zambia. But you don’t really need to. All you need to do is control your little bit of reality. And if you do that, then everything will work out just fine.

Some final thoughts

Keep in mind that the Deagel remote viewed the future correctly. They printed their results in 2012. 

They PREDICTED a bio-warfare induced pandemic. 
They PREDICTED an Australian alliance with the United States.
They PREDICTED that America would start entering a period of "popping" of the various economic bubbles.

All of which came true by 2020.

Deagel did NOT change their forecast for 2025. It still stands. They just changed their thinking on how it would come about.

They remote viewed 2025 in great detail.

There will be [1] a massive die off of people in America, and Australia. The rest of the world will fare much better. And, most importantly, a [2] bio-weapon or pandemic figured predominantly in their calculus.

In 2012, they believed that there would be some kind of bio-weapon or pandemic that would kill off so many Americans. But they couldn’t (for the life of them) answer why Australia of all places would also have a large die off. At that time they never could of imagined the QUAD set up by Mike Pompeo, and that the Morrison government would wholeheartedly want to declare war on China. Instead, they figured that it must be a very serious pandemic with some other mystery event that complicated things in a negative manner.

In 2020, in the midst of the (three agent) bio-weapon attacks on China, and the absolute failure of America in securing it’s homeland, as well as the strong alignment of the Australian Morrison government to the war-loving neocons in Washington DC, the revised reasoning became one of nuclear war. Thus they reasoned that since the 2020 pandemic wasn’t that bad, and the drums of war were beating so loudly, that it must be nuclear war and bio-weapons used simultaneously.

Whether there is a nuclear event, or a bio-weapon event, no matter who caused it, or who instigated it, America will be absolutely and totally devastated. A 70% kill off implies that America would indeed be thrown back to the bronze age.

My advice?

You cannot change what is going to happen. It is pretty much set in stone. The only thing that you can do is to save yourself.

Flee the United States as fast as you can.

Go to a nation with a safer rating on the Deagel scale.

Consider fleeing any nation that is allied with the United States as well. The UK, and those European nations that are part of NATO perform very poorly. Though you will probably have an easier time of it than being the United States, it will still be a very rough life in those places.

It will be a scene out of the movie “Threads“, and you all should get a copy of this movie and watch it right now. And when you watch it, keep in mind that what it portrays is EXACTLY what Deagal predicts will happen to America and it’s allies. Watch it and realize that you have two to three short years to save yourself and your family.

Bugging out.

Sourced From The Shocking 2025 ‘Deagel’ Forecast and Remote Viewing the future – Metallicman

Uniform Poison by Phil Hunter


Cover Picture: Pinterest

He sits in his chair, full of the meds to counter the chemo and pain, reading the latest letter from the VA. The monkeys behind the keyboards have once again said his rectal cancer and lung cancer are not from Agent Orange or from the cocktail he was given in the Camp LeJeune water. Regardless of the evidence, studies, doctor’s letters, and pure logic they still deny him and his family the compensation he earned as a Combat Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine,  Door Gunner in Vietnam, Aircraft Mechanic at New River on Camp LeJeune, Drill Instructor and now a basket case in his chair. Two brothers both Marines, both in Vietnam too, dead and gone to cancers which the VA says were not related to Agent Orange. He continues the daily fight to survive.

Career Soldier working in his garden thinking of all the gardens he has had across the globe. Vietnam, an infantry soldier in garden spot of the Far East, Special Forces, Green Beret, operator  in hell holes all over the planet. 30 years of service to the nation and to the Constitution culminating in a trip to smoky Iraq and Kuwait in 1992. Dust, oil fires, burn pits, Agent Orange, who knows what else. He scoots a few feet along the row of tomatoes and catches his breath before picking up a plant to put it in the mound in front of him. It didn’t used to be this hard. That was before the heart attacks started. VA says the emphysema wasn’t brought on by the oil fires and since they can’t figure out which is causing the problem the Agent Orange caused atherosclerosis in the heart or the lungs they rate him as low as they can, 10%. The blockages in his heart arteries, the Agent Orange caused atherosclerosis, has begun to hit his carotid arteries, surgery to avoid a stroke. No, your arterial problems in your neck aren’t caused by the same thing that caused them in your heart. No, we don’t believe what your doctor says, the Secretary of the VA has said no connection….He drops another plant in a hole, covers it and scoots down the row.

“They denied me again” he says quietly to his service officer obviously he is resigned it is the end. “How is it that they can’t see the reason for my leukemia? I was there before, during and after 6 shots, I had to wear a tag and get checked every Thursday”. The former Air Force Supply Sergeant now 80 something is dying from a cancer no one in his family has ever heard of let alone been stricken with. The man stands tall, as tall as he can, and walks out of the office. Within a week he is dead from the cancer. His wife is left to carry on asking the same questions. “Why is it that there is no record of him being there for the tests?” she asks after her death benefit claim comes back denied too. This was the lot of the man of character who went to his grave believing he had done for his country what was asked, no matter the cost.

The wild hogs in the woods

Wild Hogs in the woods
Why do you need a semi automatic rifle?

A look at why people have guns in rural America. Or, I eat pork.

So, here you folks go. We were asked to share pictures of the feral pigs that I encounter. This is the beginning of the end for these critters. Not only do they do damage to habitat that I have specifically modified for deer they will destroy a pasture or a garden in no time. I have a neighbor that has a section in a pasture that looks like it has been plowed. It wasn’t a plow but the nose on these beasts that “roots” for food.

C[P] R1S1T59F:P0000 BROWNING1 M4 Pl[0360 1080 1439 1439]

Notice that this is a different view in the woods. The deer feeder is off to the right in this shot. As you can see there is now a trap in the woods. There is a stick proping open the door so they get used to going in and feeding.

C[P] R1S1T59F:P0000 BROWNING1 M4 Pl[0360 1080 1439 1439]

The middle one has domestic coloration but that hair on his back tells the story. These young boars will make a mess of coyotes down the holler a fine meal.

C[P] R1S1T56F:P0000 BROWNING1 M4 Pl[0360 1080 1439 1439]

So far I have counted up to a dozen (12) at one time on camera. Various ages among them, with a couple of big sows.

In case you haven’t encountered stories about feral pigs here is a quick primer. First and foremost the boars can be very agressive. The sow when protecting young is even more so. They are very smart omnivorous creatures. These buggers reproduce at least 3 times a year with litters up to a dozen or more. Since the devastation of natural areas there are very few predators in the woods and fields to keep populations down. They cause untold damage to farrmers and rachers crops and pastures. If they find your garden unprotected by fence or hot wire they will clean it out.

When I sent the first photo to some friends and family I got some interesting responses. The one I liked best was from my wife’s brother-in-law who said “looks like you need a machine gun.” Sometimes it seems so…

Jack Heart’s Conversations from the porch – Episode 27 With the Sage of Quay, Jack Heart & Phil Hunter


Cover Photo: Googles Duke of Diversity 

Sage of Quay: “Google deleted my blog. The usual nebulous reason: it violated their “hate” policy. New blog (yep, starting over). Here’s the URL:”

Sage of Quay™ News (

Below is the reckless article in question that has provoked Phil Hunters scathing response at the end of the Podcast:

A Diabolic Gun Control Strategy
By Chuck Baldwin
May 4, 2023

(To subscribe to my columns at no cost, click here.)
My good friend Michael Hoffman recently wrote an outstanding thesis on the subject of the growing efforts of Democrats (and some Republicans) to push the anti-Second Amendment envelope as far as possible. I borrowed the title of Michael’s thesis for the title of this column.
For instance, right now Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee is calling a special session of the legislature—probably convening in July—to take up a Red Flag gun confiscation bill. But Lee’s proposal goes further than any previous Red Flag law: It actually includes many prescription drugs that a person is taking as a cause to confiscate their guns.
The proposed Tennessee Red Flag gun confiscation bill is a MONSTER!
Here is a short list of some of the medical disorders that could disqualify a Tennessee citizen from exercising their right to keep and bear arms, depending on the medication they take:
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (which targets veterans, of course)
• Anorexia
• Premenstrual Syndrome
• Eating Disorders
• Nerve Pain
• Male Sexual Problems
• Insomnia
• Postpartum Depression
• Fibromyalgia
• Hypochondria
• Chronic Headaches
• Attention Deficit Disorder
• Sleep Disorders
• Personality Disorders
• Obesity
Under Governor Lee’s proposed gun confiscation bill, laws protecting medical privacy, such as HIPPA and others, would be suspended, and physicians or pharmacists would be required by law to report the use of medications used to treat the above disorders to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation—which could trigger the confiscation of the person’s firearms.
I hope the people of Tennessee are paying attention, because if they don’t rise up en masse against this communist gun confiscation grab, the Second Amendment will die a methodical death of attrition in The Volunteer State. And that would force every other State in the country to have to deal with this monstrosity.
And, of course, the State of Washington just passed a so-called Assault Weapons ban, as did the State of Illinois. (A federal judge has temporarily blocked the ban in The Prairie State.) And several other Democrat-controlled states are in the process of proposing similar gun bans.
All of these communist gun confiscation proposals are doubtless destined to appear before the U.S. Supreme Court, where hopefully they will crash and burn.
Now, to Hoffman’s awesome article:
April 19 marks the 248th anniversary of the day on which 700 agents of the lawfully constituted government of Massachusetts approached the town of Lexington intent on seizing the guns of the area’s farmers. Eight farmers were gunned down on Lexington Green, after which the uniformed gun confiscators “came under attack by thousands of swarming” farmers organized as “the Minutemen,” a citizen militia armed with the same weapons as the government’s forces. On the day of “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World” in Massachusetts, these United States were founded.
The battle of Lexington and Concord which marked the start of the civil war known as the American Revolution, is too often presented in books and lectures as between “foreign troops” and “Americans.” In order to disguise what was a police action by the royal governor acting on the order of the Commander in Chief (King George), the event is presented in terms of “foreign troops” invading New England, the equivalent in our day of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army landing in Seattle and disarming the local citizens.
By framing Lexington and Concord as Americans vs. aliens, the role of the loyalist American government is overlooked, as is the fact that this was a police action by troops charged with enforcing the law of the land, who spoke the same language and were in some cases cousins of the English-Americans they killed.
Beginning the previous autumn, the local governors of New England began to enforce the king’s October 19 order for the seizure of the people’s guns and ammunition (Cf. Boston Gazette, December 12, 1774). One patriot remarked, “the Decree” that “prohibited having arms and ammunition” was a violation of “the law of self-preservation” and the right to “defend the liberties which God and nature have given us.” (New Hampshire Gazette, January 13, 1775).
A Short History of our Militia Heritage and Ideology
In the 18th century support for American independence was often viewed as the legacy of the “radical children of the Puritans” who pulled the country “in their preferred democratical direction.’
“…according to (Thomas) Jefferson’s autobiography, in May 1774, after news of the Boston Port Act arrived in Williamsburg, he and the set of fellow insurgent members of the House of Burgesses met in the council chamber ‘for the benefit of the library in that room’ and ‘rummaged over’ John Rushworth’s Historical Collection of English documents from 1618 to 1648 ‘for the revolutionary precedents and forms of the Puritans of that day.” (Pauline Maier, American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence [1997], p. 125).
Jefferson’s famous statement that “… the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred to ride them, legitimately by the grace of God,” was taken from a speech by an officer of the New Model Army, Captain Richard Rumbold, prior to his execution by the Stuart King James II.
The English Calvinists who defeated King Charles and founded a commonwealth, argued that “in a republic every man ought to be a soldier.” Those forbidden the possession of firearms were regarded as no better than “slaves.”
“English Puritans and so-called Independents (Congregationalists), Scottish and Ulster Presbyterians and members of the Dutch, German, and French reformed churches—bulked larger in the thirteen colonies of the 1770s, then in any major European nation…No other creed had so many of its 18th century churches burned by British troops, especially in New Jersey, and in the Carolinas, where they were regarded as rebel hornets’ nests. Just as Puritans and Presbyterians had interwoven just war and chosen Nation beliefs into the English Civil War of the 1640s, so they did again in the 1770s…The Anglo Saxon (republic)…has for its lineage the book of a primitive society—the Bible. It is the product of (the) severe theology…of Calvin…necessary for the republican movement.”
“This was not lost on British officials who, as we have seen, sometimes described the revolution as a Presbyterian, and/or Congregationalist war. Edmund Burke’s pointed analysis a month before Lexington and Concord is also worth revisiting: that ‘the (American) people are Protestants, and that kind which is most adverse to all implicit submission of mind and opinion…religion in our northern colonies is a refinement of the principle of resistance.’ In New England resistance was principally Calvinist. The rage militaire circa 1775 has been described as follows: ‘When the actual fighting began many New England ministers became fighting parsons. Ministers exerted their influence to raise volunteers, and sometimes marched away with them.” (Kevin Phillips, 1775: A Good Year for Revolution [2012] pp. 212-216; 568).
The organization of militias in Massachusetts by Samuel Adams and others in 1775 were reminiscent of the organization of the Puritan militias in 17th century England and New England.
In defiance of King Charles I, the English people passed the Militia Ordinance of March 5, 1642 which became the foundation for the Puritan New Model Army organized by Thomas Fairfax in 1645. That army’s officer corps was made up of soldiers promoted by reason of their skill and zeal, not their birth. Distinctions between ranks were few.
In Massachusetts the Puritans could not have survived native attacks without a militia composed of all able-bodied men without distinction. The record of their exploits reflects a peculiar Calvinist dimension of their militia, which can be summarized in four words, “No heroes but God.” Richard Slotkin observes this theology of self-effacement:
“The lack of human heroes in the King Philip’s War tracts is remarkable. Jehovah is the only hero; of the earthly protagonists, very few individuals and no heroes stand out. Special providence to individuals are mentioned…but the nature of the incidents makes it clear that God, not man, is the heroic agent….Not that heroes were lacking in the war….but references to (their) exploits are scanty. John Mason, hero of the Pequot War, refused to publish his account of his exploits, deeming them too immodest and likely to detract from the glory ascribed to God in those events…The King Philip’s War tracts establish the characteristic genre conventions for narratives of the Indian wars. God, never man, is the hero…”
The Gun Elite of the Ruling Class
In every age humanity witnesses the spectacle of persons volunteering to become slaves; perhaps never more so than in our day, when it is freely conceded by millions of “progressives” that only agents of the state should possess high-powered firearms, on the historically illiterate supposition that you “can trust the government.” The ancient wisdom reflected in the warning posed as a question by Juvenal, “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (“Who will guard the guards themselves?”), is ignored.
In the writings of Soviet concentration camp survivors such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn (Gulag Archipelago), and the testimonies of disarmed Judaic survivors of Hitler’s dictatorship, we learn the fate of a people without modern weapons who, as the rightful foundation of any godly militia, are denied the police power which is Scripturally wielded as per Romans 13:4. (For exposition cf. Chuck Baldwin, Romans 13: The True Meaning of Submission [2011]), and Gordan E. Runyan, Resistance to Tyrants: Romans 13 [2013]).
We have among us a militant party of zealots who ardently work to infringe the right to possess firearms; an infringement specifically proscribed by the Constitution. They appear little conscious of the fact that their system will create a class of disarmed lumpen proletariat, upon whom will squat the gun elite of the ruling class.
In 2023, in discussions of the “urgent need” to ban the people’s weapons, President Biden insisted, “We’re living in a country awash in weapons of war. I am determined to ban these weapons and high capacity magazines that hold 30 rounds…Weapons of war have no place in our communities.”
Do Messrs. Biden, Bush, Obama and Clinton reside on the moon, or in “our communities”? The latter is the case, and where they go, so go their guards—personnel possessing weapons of war stationed in the neighborhoods where these de facto aristocrats reside. This is also true of hundreds of thousands of Federal agents and local and state police officers.
At any given time a considerable number of common people in America are under threat of death or serious injury from a would-be assailant. In accordance with the legislative proposals of the Democrat party, these unfortunates would be denied the protection afforded our current president and his entitled predecessors. This would represent a frightening empowerment of one class above other classes of Americans, a grievous inequality that seldom makes its way into the debate over gun control.
Moreover, many thousands of persons designated as VIPs by the government, or by the circumstance of their personal wealth, are assigned government bodyguards supplied with “weapons of war” in the former case, while private security personnel, often former police and military veterans who have a license to possess high-powered guns, are hired at great expense to protect the families and property of the rich, at a cost which is out of the reach of the average American peasant.
These special privileges for the “connected” are a fixture of banana republics and dictatorships which embrace a two-tier law system repugnant to the founding principles of our nation.
At the time of its enactment, Rep. Elbridge Gerry said of the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms that it “is intended to secure the people against the mal-administration of the government.’
“Commenting on the proposed First and Second Amendments at the time, Rep. Fisher Ames stated, “The rights of conscience, of bearing arms, of changing the government, are declared to be inherent in the people.’
“A select militia defined as the only privileged class entitled to keep and bear arms was considered an anathema to a free society, in the same way that Americans denounced select spokesmen approved of by the government as the only class entitled to freedom of the press.” (Stephen P. Halbrook, That Every Man Be Armed: The Evolution of a Constitutional Right [1997], p. 82).
I encourage you to read Michael’s complete column.
As you read the history of our Second Amendment provided above, note the fact that America’s War for Independence, Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights—including and especially the Second Amendment—would not have existed without the dynamic influence of the Puritan and Protestant ministers before, during and after this great nation came into existence.
Today, however, not only do the vast, vast majority of evangelical pastors say absolutely NOTHING in opposition to the satanic efforts to disarm the American citizenry, the Southern Baptist Convention in the State of Tennessee came out in vehement support of Bill Lee’s communist Red Flag gun confiscation proposal.
The great Puritan and Protestant reformers threw off the yoke of both religious and political bondage and created a free nation “under God.” If today’s ministers had had any man stuff, these totalitarian gun control proposals would have never seen the light of day—and America wouldn’t have collapsed into warfarism, corporatism, welfarism, collectivism and wokeism.
But they didn’t, and we have!
It’s a diabolical gun control strategy, all right—and it started in the Twentieth-Century American pulpit and has grown even more diabolical in the pulpits of the Twenty-First Century.
I will never understand how millions of professed liberty-loving, Second-Amendment Christian adherents can take their families to church every Sunday and listen to a pastor for years and years who never opens his mouth in opposition to the gun-grabbing would-be tyrants who are trying to enslave our country.
If evangelicals would be as concerned about what their pastors are saying—and NOT saying—(especially regarding God’s Biblical Laws of self-defense) as they are what their politicians are saying, America wouldn’t be in this fix.
And any minister who could read Michael’s treatise above and not be both embarrassed at how little we ministers have done to ensure that our posterity inherits the same Blessings of Liberty bequeathed to us by the courageous clergymen referenced in Michael’s masterful report and zealous in our determination to maintain the essential safeguard of Liberty—the right to keep and bear arms—doesn’t deserve the title of minister or American.
© Chuck Baldwin

Jack Heart’s Conversations from the porch – Episode 26 With Jack Heart & Phil Hunter


Control Factor, 2003 Adam Baldwin

Referenced Interview with Elana Freeland

Inside Silicon Valley’s New Non-Religion: Consciousness Hacking | Wired UK

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Godmother of Transhumanism and Synthetic Spirituality

The late Barbara Hubbard, a Rockefeller-funded New Age guru, was critical to the development of the ideas, beliefs and technology necessary to market transhumanism as spiritual enlightenment.


MAY 19, 2022


In 2016, the Global Future Councils of the World Economic Forum (WEF) posted a video entitled “8 Predictions for the World in 2030,” which infamously forecasted a technocratic New World Order in which “[y]ou’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.” It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to ponder how WEF oligarchs plan to roll out “sustainable development” policies which will ration consumer goods in a global “sharing economy” that employs transient “gig” workers who will be rendered into propertyless serfs under a techno-communitarian rendition of neo-feudalism. But how will the globalist technocrats of the WEF sway the virtual peasant class to be happy with their permanent state of digitally indentured servitude?

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Enter New Age guru Barbara Marx Hubbard and her endorsement of the HeartMath Institute’s Global Coherence Initiative [1][2], which is propagating transhumanist neurofeedback wearables across the planet in order to digitally synchronize humanity’s collective heart rhythms and brainwaves into electronically induced states of synthetic spiritual bliss. With Hubbard’s transhumanist blessings, HeartMath’s global neurotech network is primed to lull plebs and proles into happy compliance with the “New Normal” of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s techno-feudal “stakeholder” economy.

In this first installment of my series on Hubbard’s legacy contributions to the post-humanist religion and techno-fascist economy of the neo-eugenic Fourth Industrial Revolution, I will historicize how Rockefeller philanthropies bankrolled Hubbard’s Foundation for Conscious Evolution in order to digitally engineer humankind into a new transhuman species baptized in the name of tech-Gnostic “Christ Consciousness” [3]. Furthermore, I will expose how Hubbard collaborated with globalists at the World Business Academy, corporatists at Singularity University, and Eupsychian human potential psychologists in connection with the Esalen Institute in order to establish a techno-communitarian spiritualism that worships transhumanist evolution controlled by Big Tech companies which dominate the stakeholder economy of the Fourth Industrial Revolution [4]. Finally, I will document how Hubbard advanced the globalization of HeartMath Institute’s transhumanist biofeedback wearables which can neuro-technologically mesmerize the precariat into virtual states of happy subservience to the “New Normal”.

In the coming installments of this series, I will reveal how Hubbard’s transhumanist mission to steer “conscious evolution” is steeped in Malthusian-eugenic population control. Additionally, I will unveil how Hubbard’s transhumanist allies from the World Future Society, the Human Potential Movement, and the Foundation for Conscious Evolution are entangled with networks of alleged pedophiles and sexual abuse cults.

To finish Reading Barbara Marx Hubbard: Godmother of Transhumanism and Synthetic Spirituality by John Klyczek – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (

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Phlogistic & Other Silly Fancies by l’aryensoufi

Upon digging into the ethereal realm. A good strong iron shovel at hand. Spiritually penetrating our inner selves. Breaking the pots of our never ending narcissistic enlargement. Descending down & down into the inferior regions of our outward life, down under all corporal imaging or personal or collective phantasmagoria. The more we dig, the deeper […]
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Grounded within Man-made Time by Opeaus Blair


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Guided by the stars has always been an integral part of the human condition. In the ‘ancient’ world, Astronomy and Astrology were considered the same discipline, and these two terms were used interchangeably until the 17th Century. Rulers, Priests, the political elite, and sometimes even the ‘man on the street’ all hired the services of ‘sky-watchers’, to observe and catalogue the movements of the Sun, Moon, and the visible planets. They then produced ‘celestial’ maps based on the Sun’s ‘apparent’ journey across the sky. In fact, Astrology was a central feature of both the Greek and Roman culture(s), with such knowledge and practice (not to mention the inherent ‘worldview’ such sight reveals), being essential in order to have an understanding of science, religion, and politics. Such practices were not consigned merely to these cultures, all have practiced a form of Astrology. From the highly complex Mesopotamian Astrology (which was incorporated into the Greek world, along with Egyptian temple culture), to the Indian (Hindu) Vedic Astrology, Arabic Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Mayan Astrology, and the astrological practices of (American) Indian’s, the multiple tribes across Africa, the Aboriginal’s, and many other (now) lost cultures.

Remnants of these diverse ancient practices survive to this day (although by far not all of them). At its ‘core’, Astrology assumes an intrinsic link between the ‘Earth’ and the ‘Sky’ in which all ‘existence’ is interconnected. The practice of charting the ‘path’ of the sun across the sky became known as the ‘ecliptic’, with the sky extending both above, and below, an imaginary line called the ‘zodiac’. As the sun followed the ecliptic over the course of the year it would traverse through ‘thirteen’ constellations (of which 12 would form the zodiac signs we know today). The common term ‘horoscope’ was originally used to refer to a diagram that an Astrologer would draw (what we now call a ‘natal chart’), which would define the position of each of the planets and the signs of the zodiac at any given time and place.

Ordering the ‘firmament’ accurately required detailed charts and highly complex mathematical formulas, which would prove particularly burdensome and time consuming. And so, at some point around 400 A.D., a device was invented that would change the world forever. That device was the ‘Astrolabe’, what could conceivably be considered as one of the very first computers. The use of an astrolabe enabled anyone with some working knowledge of mathematics and astronomy to calculate the position of the ‘celestial’ objects (including their altitude), the time of the year, current latitude, and much more. Astrologers would find this tool indispensable, whilst sailors found it to be a very handy navigation tool at sea. In fact, when an astrolabe was utilised with geographical maps it became the ‘slide rule’ of choice throughout much of our history here on Earth. The back of a typical astrolabe usually contained both zodiac and calendar scales, which when utilised together by a well-trained Astrologer provided the means to make highly accurate predictions, as well as determine which of the constellations were visible at certain times of the year, and where to look for them. However, one of the most important functions of the astrolabe was its ability to tell the time of day or night (during the day the calculations were based on the altitude of the sun, whilst at night the altitude of a visible star was utilised).

Until the invention of the astrolabe, the Egyptian ‘Merkhet’ (and a radical improvement on the sundial), was one of the most common (and oldest known, at least to today’s ‘minds’) astronomical instrument(s). Developed around 600 B.C.E., it utilised a string with a weight on it (much like the builders plumb line which is still in use today) to obtain a true vertical line. A rib of a palm leaf stripped of all its fronds and split at one end (providing a thin slit for a skilled Astronomer to sight through), was then placed in front of the plumb line. Working in pairs, two merkhet would be used to establish a North-South direction, by lining them up one behind the other with a ‘Pole Star’. Viewing the plumb lines through the sight made sure the two merkhet’s (and each sight) were in a straight line with the Pole Star. This would then allow the measurement of ‘night’ events (by using such with a ‘water clock’ – a clever device which provided a steady flow of water into a container which had measurements marked upon it, thus marking the passage of time). When certain stars crossed the vertical plumb line (known as the ‘transit line’), these movement ‘events’ would then be recorded by drawing ‘night lines’ on a sundial. All in all, although a highly ingenious and surprisingly accurate method, this was also time consuming, and a delicate process which could only be used at night – unlike the astrolabe.

Never content with what they have, man always tends to tinker with things (the astrolabe was already a giant leap from the sundial/water cloak and merkhet). And so, it did not take long before man took the astrolabe and decided to combine it with the mechanical clock in order to produce an ‘astronomical clock’. The journey towards fully functioning mechanical astrolabes took some time (with the Chinese unsurprisingly leading the way – at first), until eventually complex astrological clocks replaced the astrolabe in the early 1400’s. These managed to ‘fix’ some of the problems inherent in early methods. You see, it is relatively easy to find due south from the sun at midday, but at night, man had to deduce that there was a ‘fixed’ point in the heavens around which all the stars would rotate once every day. This is where we find the ‘Pole Star’ (which is currently within the ‘Little Bear’ or ‘Ursa Minor’ constellation), by measuring the distance of the two stars at the ends of the constellation Ursa Major (the ‘Great Bear’), which are known as the ‘pointers’, man was able to identify ‘Polaris’. This is the ‘celestial’ pole; however, this pole was different for the Egyptians than it is for us today due to the phenomenon that is ‘precession’. Until roughly 1,900 B.C.E the celestial pole was ‘Thuban’ a star in the ‘tail’ of the constellation ‘Draco’. Now, Polaris is the last star in constellation Ursa Minor.

Dating some 32,500 years old, the oldest image of a recorded star pattern is contained on a piece of mammoth tusk and bears an image of the constellation ‘Orion’. To the Egyptians and to the Phoenicians, Orion was the ‘Sun God’, to the ancient Arabs he was the ‘Strong One’, and in parts of Africa his belt and sword were known as ‘three dogs chasing three pigs’. One of the earliest ‘star maps’ that survived from the Egyptians (which is about 3,500 years old – according to today’s archaeologists and scientists), depicts a rare conjunction of the planets Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter, all within the constellation of Orion. This constellation was very prevalent throughout our recorded history, and when we view such in conjunction with the surviving records from Babylonian observations of the heavens, and the ancient Greek and Roman records (not to mention the extensive Chinese and Arabic astrological records), one can clearly see the problem of ‘precession’ in play. Precession is due to the gradual circular movement of the Earth’s rotational axis in respect to the ‘fixed stars’. This circular movement produces a slow ‘wobble’ effect, that is gradually altering the length of a year (hence why we have ‘leap’ years). The Earth’s axis completes a circuit about once every 26,000 years, which means that the positions of the stars also complete a cycle in the same time period. However ‘minor’ these small accumulating changes are, one day (as we have many times in the past) we will have to adopt a new calendar.

The Medieval Astronomical Clock (known as the Orloj) on the Old Town Hall in Prague, which was installed in 1410, and is the third oldest astronomical clock in the world, and the oldest that is still in full working operation. Source: Pinterest

Every few years, an article or some news story appears that tells us of how the zodiac signs have been changing their position in the sky over the centuries. Well, in truth, the zodiac ‘constellations’ are still exactly where they have always been. The only thing that has changed, or more accurately ‘shifted’, is the Earth’s axis. So, one could agree with them, that the signs really do ‘appear’ at slightly different times of the year than they used to. However, our current ‘western’ astrology has never really been about the actual constellations. The zodiac signs (and their inherent qualities) are not linked to the physical location of the stars. Astrologers simply use those stars as convenient ‘markers’ for the segments of the ecliptic, which are named after the constellations that the ancient Astrologer’s viewed ‘behind’ them. Astrology is all about ‘time’ and ‘geometry’, not the actual stars (even though it is considered to be the ‘art’ or should that be the ‘science’ of star gazing).

Despite the way we measure these ‘segments’ of the ecliptic, the Sun does not take ‘exactly’ one month to transit across each of the 12 ‘astronomical’ constellations that we associate with the zodiac signs. These constellations are entire ‘areas’ of the night sky, they are like giant interlocking pieces of some grand cosmic puzzle, ‘everything’ in the sky can be considered to be part of a constellation. For example, the constellation ‘Virgo’ is the second largest of all 88 known constellations (by area), and it takes the Sun more than six weeks to completely cross that area of the sky. In contrast, the passage of the Sun along the ecliptic only ‘dips’ into the very northern edge of the constellation ‘Scorpio’, and thus its transit only takes eight days. Neither of these passages along the ecliptic are exactly one month, by any calculation.

Which brings us to the overlooked constellation, ‘Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer’ (which the Sun spends 18 days between November and December travelling through). Our astrological zodiac makes no reference to this Ophiuchus, but some Astrologers who utilise a ‘sidereal’ zodiac do. This is because modern astrology is largely based on the observations, and the charts of our old friend Ptolemy. He noted that the zodiac should ‘begin’ where the Sun is located at the Spring Equinox (hence why the dates utilised for the beginning and ending of each zodiac sign fluctuate slightly each year). Ptolemy’s system divided the ecliptic into ‘seasonal’ signs, each a 30 degree segment structured around the four celestial points: the March equinox, the June ‘summer’ solstice, the September equinox, and the December ‘winter’ solstice. Each season has a beginning, middle, and an end, resulting in the 12 zodiac ‘signs’.

In western astrology we consider only a person’s date and place of birth in order to produce a ‘solar’ horoscope, which is based on the ‘tropical’ zodiac, whereas Vedic astrological principles are based on ‘lunar’ movements. As a result, Hindu Astrologers utilise the ‘sidereal’ zodiac, which is based on the actual positions of the constellations (as a result the dates for this zodiac do not shift). The tropical zodiac has the Earth as the ‘centre’ around which all of the celestial bodies revolve (much like man used to think – that Earth is the centre of the universe). This was based on the principle that the Sun returns to the same point, the ‘vernal equinox’, upon the completion of its circle around Earth. The vernal equinox is the ‘celestial’ event when the Sun is over the equator (usually occurring on 22 March each year), and thus both day and night are of an equal length. According to our astrology, this is the point of time that dictates the first sign of the zodiac progression – Aries.

Therefore, in reference to the ‘fixed’ stars, the vernal equinox moves in a westerly direction (which is opposite to the yearly motion of the Sun), at a rate of roughly 50.26 seconds of ‘arc’ each year. This is known as the ‘precession of the equinoxes’ (or in the Hindu Vedic Astrological terms – Ayanamsa). Vedic astrology also considers this movement in the Earth’s position, and thus the vernal equinox has shifted within the sidereal zodiac as well (by roughly 25 degrees westerly from the zero-degree vernal equinox of our system). Due to this phenomenon, Aries keeps drifting further away (in our astrology), from the Aries point in Vedic astrology. This ‘drift’ is at a rate of one degree every 72 years, which has unsurprisingly elevated Aries almost 25 degrees over the past 2000 years. In fact the last time when Aries was in the same place (that is – on the same ‘plane’) in both astrological systems was approximately 285 A.D. Now, the reader of this story may be asking – so what? Vedic astrology is based on the Moon, not the Sun, so why compare them? Well, the point is, when it is compared to western astrology, Vedic astrology relies on more accurate astronomical principles. That system is more precise (and hence more reliable), than our western system of astrology because it takes account of the planet transits (and influences) in ‘real’ time.

Here on Earth, time has now become artificial, it is removed from the actual cycles, even when we discuss astrology. So (returning to the start of this story), as a result, ‘Sun’ time is different from our ‘Clock’ time. Sun time is based on the principle that the Sun reaches its highest point (the ‘meridian’), in the middle of the day, and therefore on the following day (at its highest point), the Sun will have completed a full cycle. However, the time between the Sun reaching successive meridians is in fact different from the clock time we all live by. According to clock time (in this case, the time in the northern hemisphere), between the months of May and August, the length of the day is close to 24 hours, but in late October the days are about 15 minutes shorter, whilst during the middle of February the days are about 14 minutes longer. But for ‘modern’ man, it is important (or should that be convenient) to have a constant clock time of ‘24 hours’. This variation in ‘time’ has been called the ‘Equation of Time’, and it shows the relationship between Sun time and clock time. This variation has two causes; the plane of Earth’s equator is inclined to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, and the orbit of the Earth around the Sun is an ‘ellipse’, not a circle. As can be seen, we are living in a ‘man-made’ time. For the sake of convenience, man has stopped following ‘real’ time and created something else entirely.

In this ‘modern’ technological world, how we understand time today is largely based on looking at a ‘watch’ (even if that watch is an astronomical clock). Our watches these days are often synchronized with our mobile phones (which are all synchronized via the mobile phone network with an ‘atomic’ clock, usually based on the world’s reference clock on Observatory Hill, Greenwich, East London). As a result, the ‘time’ observed from our watches and mobile devices is accurate enough to not be ‘off’ by more than a second, and this will hold true over the span of millions of lifetimes. Neither the Earth’s rotation, nor it’s revolution around the Sun is considered accurate enough anymore to be used as a ‘timekeeping’ standard. Instead of following the laws of nature (and the cosmos), man has now created a fictitious, figment ‘time’. This is further evidenced by our use of ‘Daylight Saving Time’ (which was introduced in 1884 after a conference in Washington DC, so as to enable communication and travel between different points on the Earth, each of which have different Sun times). Use of such provides ‘structure’ to man’s time here on Earth, by trying to control (or should that be override) man’s ‘body’ clock, what we call the ‘circadian’ clock. The result of which could be having a major health impact on our lives (particularly on our sleep), because we are forced to live ‘out-of-time’.

Now, it is unfortunately clear that man has manipulated, and re-constructed ‘time’, both in terms of the motion of time (as we experience it), as much as the astrological time in which we live. It is worth pointing out that this is still not uniform across the Earth. Just as there are different time ‘zones’, there remain different calendar systems. There is the most widely used ‘Gregorian’ calendar (which was instituted as a revision of the old ‘Julien’ one, by Pope Gregory XIII in 1592); the traditional ‘Chinese’ calendar, which is a lunar rather than a solar calendar, and is still utilised for governing the dates of the important holidays, and for Chinese Astrology; the ‘Hebrew’ (Jewish) calendar, which like the Chinese is also based on lunar movements, each month commencing with the New Moon (making it a much closer alignment with astrological ‘time’ than the Gregorian calendar); the Islamic (Hijri) calendar, which is also lunar based, although unlike both the Chinese and Hebrew calendars, does not utilise leap months or leap days to account for the difference in the length of a solar year. Resulting in the ‘months’ not occurring within the same seasons each time, as they slowly retrogress through the year, taking ‘thirty-two and a half’ years to reoccur at exactly the same seasonal time; and the ‘Persian’ (Solar Hijri) calendar, which is actually the world’s most accurate calendar system, with each year commencing on ‘midnight’ of the vernal equinox in Iran. The Persian version is the official calendar in Iran and Afghanistan, whilst the Islamic version is primarily used for religious purposes. Regardless of the calendar, the different astrological systems used around the world all utilise 12 zodiac signs.

Mayan Astrology is the only known astrological system that is understood to not conform to 12 zodiac signs like all of the others. This ancient system is structured on calculations (undertaken on a yearly basis), that divide each year into ‘twenty’ equal time periods. The principles that underpin it are based on the ‘Tzolkin’, which was the Mayan Astro Calendar. This Calendar consists of 20-day signs (much like our zodiac signs, and the Chinese animal signs), and 13 ‘Galactic’ numbers (which are similar to ‘numerology’ practices we know today. These galactic ‘tones’ add to the day signs, and they inform the purpose, and life path a person is destined to follow). When calculated together, they form a 260 day Mayan Astrological ‘year’. This system also does not conform to the ‘elements’ we see in our modern Astrology, instead they associated day signs with ‘sides’ (directions) of the world – North, South, East, and West. Mayans also used to divide the Tzolkin into groups of ‘nine’ days. Each of those was then associated with a certain ‘Lord of the Night’, which was to represent the subconscious mind (our fears, hidden urges, and desires – and other ‘things’). They are therefore associated with the raw, instinctive, and animalistic nature that is inside of us all (what we commonly call the ‘Id’).

Although similar to the astrological systems utilised around the world today, Mayan Astrology was largely unknown to ‘modern’ man, until the predictions surrounding the ‘end of the world’ went mainstream in the run-up towards the year 2012. Researchers and Archaeologists noted that the Mayan ‘Long Count’ calendar was coming to its completion in the December of that year (it should be noted however that they got their calculations slightly wrong), and for a brief period of time there was panic, until the date passed, and ‘apparently’ nothing happened. However, despite there being no cataclysmic event, what was discerned from the archaeological site in Guatemala confirmed what other ancient Astrologers had already known and recorded. The ‘precession of the equinoxes’, and the Earth’s completion of a full circuit in relation to the fixed stars, every 26,000 years. This relative movement signifies the passing of the ‘Ages’, with each lasting approximately 2,160 years (as was mentioned above, each zodiac sign on the ecliptic has a 30 degree arc, and the ‘drift’ rate is one degree every 72 years, thus 72 x 30 = 2,160). Whilst ‘modern’ scientists believe our Sun to have a solid core with outer gaseous edges, the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, as well as the Hopi Indians all believed that what they termed as the ‘Grand or Great Central Sun’ is actually a ‘portal’ that redirects energy from the galactic centre (the ‘core’). With their advanced knowledge of astronomy and astrology these ancient cultures also noted the perfect alignment of the Sun and Earth every 26,000 years. The Hindu’s divided this cycle into four ‘Yugas’: Kali, Dvapara, Treta and Saatya, meanwhile the ancient Greeks divided it into four Ages: Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

Noted above was that the ‘Pole Star’, which the North-South axis of Earth points to changes over time. This is because our ‘Solar System’ is not fixed, it travels through ‘space’. Its place within the ‘galaxy’ is relatively close to the ‘Galactic Centre’ (interestingly, the latest scientific research places our solar system at ‘about’ 26,000 light years from the centre of the galaxy, with the ‘width’ of the galaxy being about 100,000 light years). Our solar system is resting upon a ‘spiral’ arm that undertakes a similar ‘periodic’ movement in relation to the centre of the galaxy, which also lasts 26,000 years. Now, if you can imagine a vertical movement of our solar system from a ‘northern’ point in relation to this galactic centre, to a ‘southern’ point, where our solar system crosses the middle galactic ‘level’ twice every 26,000 years (so once every 13,000 years), we can perceive that the ‘wobble’ of the Earth’s axis is actually the result of (mirror and component of), a larger-scale movement of our solar system in relation to the galactic centre. Furthermore, it appears that whenever we cross this level of the galactic centre (every 13,000 years), the North-South axis of the earth is completely stationary, and no longer ‘wobbling’, as Earth aligns with the galactic equator.

A modern reproduction/version of a Mayan ‘tzolkin’ astro calendar. Source: Pinterest

Most people today pay little attention to what Astrologers and Astronomers say, beyond the tabloid ‘horoscopes’, sensationalist news stories of another Elon Musk rocket into space that has blown up on launch, or some pretty pictures emanating from NASA showing the Earth or the ‘Universe’. They pay even less notice of ‘time’, beyond what the clock currently displays, what they may have planned for later that day, next week, or next year, and what passes as ‘history’ (for want of a better word) that they learnt in school (and have often completely forgotten about). Their understanding of the shifting of the ages has been reduced to museum exhibits of ‘people’ from the ‘Bronze’ Age, the ‘Iron’ Age, or even the ‘Stone’ Age. They rarely dig deeper, to find out what caused these ‘times’ to change (instead relying on the ‘word’, and opinion of historians and archaeologists). Likewise, despite worldwide coverage, and plenty of in-depth accountings of Mayan culture, and ‘prophesies’ surrounding 2012, the ‘fad’ passed, and now we find ourselves a little over a decade later having (by and large) completely forgotten about what was shared. Such seems to be another fundamental condition of man – ‘forgetfulness’. Despite countless cultures throughout recorded (let alone unrecorded) ‘time’, having spent inordinate effort to observe, catalogue, and chart the relationship between the Earth and the Sky. Most people never stop, and ask the question – Why? What was so very important that the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Hindu’s and the Greeks (and even the Vatican today), would be inspired to take the time to monitor, and even shape their entire cultures around (or should that be – towards)?

Astrology has become detached from astronomy. Much like our notion, and understanding of ‘history’ has become detached from reality. Since the division into astronomy being viewed as a ‘science’, and astrology being a ‘spiritualist pursuit’ (or total rubbish, if you are to believe a scientist), man has lost an essential understanding about ‘himself’, this Earth, and the ‘cosmos’. Therefore, the precession of the equinoxes, and the shifting of the ages, are these days only understood by the few ‘enlightened’ ones. The dawning of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ is occurring all around us right now, in this ‘time’ (it isn’t just a song by ‘The 5th Dimension’). Although astrology has undergone something of a revival of late, it is important to remember ‘exactly’ what astrology is about, what astrology is ‘for’. Unlike astronomy (which deals solely with the positions and the movements of the ‘stars’), astrology has never really been about ‘star gazing’, it is more of a ‘system’ designed to understand, and develop ourselves (our ‘soul’ consciousness and this ‘Earth’). Whilst the exact date of the dawning of the next age remains contentious (at least for those who do not prescribe to ancient astrology and prophecies), ‘science’ is now seeking to provide ‘evidence’ to demonstrate and to measure the ‘changes’ of which ‘spirituality’ has always spoken about.

Detailed scientific evidence of the Earth’s ‘electromagnetic’ shift now confirms that the North and South poles of the Sun are disappearing, and they are transforming it into a single ‘homogenous field’. Which is causing a dramatic increase in the number of solar flares and the resultant magnetic tidal waves that are hitting the Earth (along with an increase in both the number, and the severity of seismic activity). This is regularly reported in scientific papers (if not via the TV). Further scientific evidence includes the unprecedented ‘Ice Cap’ changes, the changing migratory patterns of birds, fish, dolphins and whales, the multiple (and increasing) ‘wobbles’, and the effect of such, including the recent requirement to recalibrate aeronautical maps for navigation due to a change in ‘magnetic’ North, a decrease in the speed of rotation of the Earth (as well as the orbit of the Moon around the Earth), as Earth’s gravity field moves towards ‘zero’. Although these ‘phenomena’ are often attributed to ‘climate change’ today, just maybe something long known by ‘ancient’ Astrologers is actually occurring. Something that has occurred many times before.

Each 26,000-year cycle of the equinoxes should be viewed as more than just a transition of ‘time’, more than just the completion of some astronomical phenomena. Astrology teaches (for those that actually take the time to look and listen), the ‘science’ of the development of our consciousness, the ‘art’ of realisation, and the evolution of ‘Man’ and ‘Earth’. Something that is so much more than the purely physical, material view of the ‘cosmos’ which modern astronomy has become. By being ‘grounded’ in the mire of the man-made ‘time’ we all currently find ourselves having to live within, we have lost touch with something important, and innate within ourselves. The alignment of our Sun and Earth with the centre of our galaxy is now resulting in a greater amount of ‘Light’ reaching us, and with this light comes an ‘awakening’.

Those people in ‘high’ positions of power (many of whom are Shaman’s or Magicians who still follow the ancient practices or are High Priests and Priestesses who have been ‘initiated’ into the ancient mysteries, and thus have access to the documented records of specific periods, including those of Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt and the Mayan civilisations), are acutely aware of what is occurring right now, as it was encoded in the ancient texts. In fact, entire organisations and secret societies throughout ‘time’ here on Earth, have translated (and then made available, or not in some cases) this information for ‘Man’ to utilise in order to facilitate an ‘awakening’ of our consciousness, and bring about the next development of this ‘Earth’. Over the course of this (and prior) cycles there have been opportunities for us to undertake this essential ‘work’, that have been missed. ‘We’ failed to fully understand and/or take action on the information given to man (although it should be noted that in many cases, we were prevented from doing so). Now, we are entering an ‘optimal’ alignment for another go, as man moves into the next ‘Age’. The ‘ancient’, advanced civilisations are assisting us today, many souls have ‘incarnated’ into an ‘Earthly’ form specifically to aid us now, so mankind must ensure that we do not miss this opportunity.

Source: Pinterest

Inside the ‘science’ of astrology are found the ‘secrets’ of consciousness development (the sharing of which is one of the primary ‘purposes’ of this Sacred Sequencing Substack page). The word astrology literally means ‘the study of the Astral’. The planets of our solar system represent the ‘stages’ of man’s consciousness development (as much as they are ‘physical’ objects), with each stage having its own musical notes, associated colours, vibrations, and attributes (some of which need to be cultivated, whilst others need to be weeded out). Our ‘soul’ simultaneously experiences itself on the ‘material’ dimension (here on ‘Earth’) through our physical body and on the ‘astral’ dimension through our astral ‘dream body’. Have you ever had a dream that seemed to be far too real? Such ‘dreams’ may be your awareness of events occurring on alternate planes of ‘existence’. And just like man now lives ‘outside’ of real time, we also pay little heed to our dreams these days.

Man’s waking life is deeply shaped by our dreams (which seem to be within a completely different world, outside of ‘time’), be that the residual memories of a nightmare that haunts us whilst we are awake, or when an artist, poet, or writer is searching through the ‘subconscious’ images of a dream for some hidden meaning. A ‘soul’ who denies their dreams is trapped by the confines of this harsh ‘material’ reality we are all ‘limited’ within, subject to a world as it is envisioned, controlled and created by others. This is the state that man finds himself within today. Buffeted along by seemingly ‘unreal’ events and circumstances, that have shaped the ‘experience’ of our reality. Because we have been ‘trained’ over the centuries to live in an artificial man-made ‘time’, to believe in false histories, and fabricated ‘science’, most people today have therefore lost the necessary connection with themselves (as well as this Earth and the Cosmos), and with it the knowledge, and the understanding of where we came from, and more importantly, where we are going.

Earth is entering a new ‘Age’, and as such, so is ‘Man’. Today’s story is an attempt to highlight this ‘shift’ and lay down the foundation for the stories to come. As such, this is an ideal ‘time’ to share one of the opportunities that was mentioned above. Today, it is the 28 April 2023. We are currently a little over a week into the period between eclipses (between the 20 April ‘New Moon Solar Eclipse’, which occurred in the sign of Aries, and the 5 May ‘Full Moon Lunar Eclipse’, which will occur in the sign of Scorpio). The period of time between two ‘pairs’ of eclipses is known to Astrologers as the ‘Eclipse Gateway’, and it is one of the most potent times of the year (when the ‘energy’ of both eclipses creates a bridge between one state of our soul consciousness and the next). Eclipses are considered to be ‘cosmic wild cards’, that are always significant points in ‘time’ for our growth, and awakening. A time of bountiful energy, reconciliation with our dreams, and thus a time for the removal of any ‘blockages’. So, it is an ideal time to become more aware of that which is currently blocking us individually (as well as ‘mankind’ in general) from being able to move forward. It is very important to remember, ‘we’ are the ‘creator’ of our own lives, and this reality in which we live. Over this period, whenever a new thought, or ‘vital’ realisation, even a dream (or a nightmare) occurs, utilise this eclipse inspirational energy to bring the ‘light’ to bear, and shine forth, for a new day.


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Note: The above video was recorded in 2014, after the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar (the period that got everyone so nervous and over excited). The 5,200 year Mayan cycle aligns with the 26,000 year equinox precession discussed above (do the math’s). Hence maybe why Hesiod and Ovid speak of divergent Ages, they were just looking at time differently.