Virginia Rising
By Jack Heart & Orage

We don’t usually do current events because as I was told long ago but had to find out for myself they are all concocted. If you spend your days dwelling on the news you are no better than a hopeless drug addict or a degenerate gambler. We refuse to waste our time with you, it’s Agent Oranges job to keep you amused, we and your overlords whom we write about got better things to do. But this is very different, seems every hundred or so years Virginians attempt a breakout from Prison Planet and its that time again. We will be covering it from the ground floor. I write this from the belly of the beast here in Greene County Virginia. I’m about to hit the road to Tennessee where I will discuss the situation with our military intelligence analyst. The Revolution will not be televised but it will be covered by Jack Heart, this is the first installment, the introductory piece… – Jack Heart

It was a sweltering hot July day in 1863 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Union Army of the Potomac and heretofore never defeated Confederate Army of Northern Virginia had been locked for the previous two days in what is still the bloodiest battle in America’s history. On the first day, the Army of Northern Virginia had missed a golden opportunity to take the battlefield stronghold on Cemetery Ridge from the soundly beaten and demoralized Army of the Potomac when the normally aggressive General Richard Ewell inexplicably chose not to attack.
Now the Union army was firmly entrenched all along the ridgeline. General Robert E. Lee, arguably the greatest military strategist since Napoleon himself, decided the enemy position was vulnerable at a low point in the ridge. His Union opponent General George Meade had anticipated this and made it known to his subordinates in a war council the night before.
At two o’clock that afternoon Lee gave the order to his right hand man General James Longstreet to attack. Longstreet had been opposed to the attack from the beginning and been urging Lee to execute a flanking maneuver that would force the Army of the Potomac to withdraw from its position on the ridge in order to protect Washington DC.
With a nod, because he could not bring himself to speak the terrible command, Longstreet gave the order to General George Pickett. Twelve thousand five hundred men advanced over three quarters of a mile on undulating open terrain in a line that began over a mile long into a hailstorm of metal.
Although the Confederates had pounded the Union position for over an hour with almost a hundred and seventy heavy cannon, their fire had been ineffective, and Longstreet knew it. The line of advancing men would shrink to a half mile as they closed ranks around their fallen comrades. Only half the men would make it, some even taking the position, only in their weakened strength to be driven off it by a Union counterattack. Their furthest point of advance would come to be known as the High Water Mark of the Confederacy.
The Confederates would never recover. Until what has become known as Pickett’s Charge, they had been winning the Civil War handily. The Battle of Gettysburg was their coup de grace; an invasion of the North. If they had emerged from it victorious, as all logic says they should have, there was nothing to stop them from sacking Philadelphia and forcing the Union to sue for peace.
Lee, who had previously been labeled by other generals as ‘The King of Spades’ because of his penchant for digging fortified entrenchments to preserve the lives of his men, had recklessly squandered the cream of Southern manhood by launching a suicidal assault on an opponent of equal strength in a heavily fortified position. Military historians still struggle attempting to explain the great general’s violation of the first rule of tactics, which long ago had been established by Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz that such a position may only be assaulted when the attacker has at least a two to one numerical superiority.
Instead of the Union begging the Confederacy for peace President Abraham Lincoln, who had done everything he could to instigate the war short of fighting in it himself, like a vulture made a crowing political speech over the rotting corpses of the men who died there. The speech would come to be known as the Gettysburg Address. It made the war about something it never was; freeing the slaves. Almost none of the valiant men who died there even owned slaves, and Ewell had been lobbying Jefferson Davis, the president of the South, to free them anyway because he needed more men to fight in the Souths badly outnumbered army.
No one with a fully functional brain who hasn’t been indoctrinated on the divisive rhetoric of their own hidden masters believes the South would not have freed their slaves within ten years. They certainly would not have promised them forty acres and a mule, then reneged in order to force them into rapidly industrializing cities to work in an alien environment in the sweatshops of oligarchs for a quarter of the pay the White man would get. The Black ghettos of New York, Detroit, Philadelphia and all the rest of the Northern cities bear mute but irrefutable testimony that this is exactly what the North did with the slaves it “freed,” despite the endless prattling of useful idiot academics…
The men from the Army of Northern Virginia who perished that hot July day knowingly marching right into the maw of death were by the very definition of the word heroes. But history is written only by the victor, and in this case the victor was an avaricious empire that had begun century’s before on the filthy streets of London. The Spanish American War, whereby the empire would absorb the Spanish Empire, World War one and two, whereby the empire would attempt to break the back of the German people and bankrupt the French would all follow in succession.
Driven mad by its own insatiable appetite for wealth and its unquenchable thirst for power, the empire would turn to the East and the Korean and Vietnam Wars would follow in succession. Aided by its partner in the Vatican, Lie upon Lie has been told in the process, about Western man, who he is, where he came from and where he is going. But the biggest lie of all has been about Americas Civil War and why it was fought.
Common Sense should tell us men do not willingly sacrifice their lives so that the already privileged among them can prosper even more. No one from the Army of Northern Virginia cared whether their oligarchs kept their slaves or not. In the words of Jefferson Davis: “The impartial enlightened verdict of mankind will vindicate the rectitude of our conduct, and he who knows the hearts of men will judge the sincerity with which we have labored to preserve the government of our fathers in its spirit.”
Americas founding fathers, the most important of which all seem to have hailed from Virginia, created an America that was a loosely allied band of autonomous states that would band together only when necessary. There was never supposed to be any Federal Law, only a Constitution and a Bill of Rights to protect the citizens of those states. The men who died from the Army of Northern Virginia sacrificed their lives to keep it that way.
Common Sense should also tell us that laws need to be tailored to the environment in which they are enacted and not the myopic whims of legislators from a completely different environment. But it is the curse of this transhuman plague emanating from Silicon Valley that there are those among us who seek to create a world without free will, to legislate every facet of human existence until the man no longer exists and in his place stands a machine incapable of deviating from its program.
Apparently Ralph Northam, governor of Virginia since 2018, is just such a creature. Having ridden the globalist invasion of Virginia into office, an invasion that has now turned Virginia into a state where a full third of its residents were not even born in America, Northam now seeks to disarm its native residents. In Virginia’s 2019 November election Northam’s party attained a majority“in both houses of the state legislature.” (1)  Amid accusations of voter fraud and gerrymandering he has now made it clear that he is “deadly serious in targeting not only gun owners and retailers but even self-defense experts.” (2)
In response, ninety percent of Virginia’s counties have now declared themselves second amendment sanctuaries. In many cases the county sheriffs have vowed not to enforce Northam and his posse of twenty-first century carpetbaggers’ laws because they fly in the face of the constitution.  Some have even vowed to arrest anyone seeking to enforce the laws. Northam is quoted as saying “there are going to be consequences.” (3) State Rep. Donald McEachin, who achieved his fourth district congressional seat which encompasses all of Richmond when a Federal court realigned (gerrymandered) the districts to favor a Black candidate, has openly suggested calling out the National Guard to enforce the gun grab.
The other day, I had lunch in a place called Sal’s Pizzeria in Stanardsville, Virginia. Greene County Sheriff Steve Smith, a big man along with a deputy just as big, were having lunch with a couple of friends at a table across from me. I was introduced to him by one of the leading citizens of Stanardsville. When I told him, I was a writer and would be writing about the second amendment sanctuary issue in Virginia he told me flat out, with no prompting at all; “nobody will be confiscating any guns in my county…”
I arrived in Greene County, at the foot of the legendary Blue Ridge Mountains, on a Friday night about two weeks ago. A week and a half or so before about four hundred people had turned out “at the county administration building on Tuesday night.”(4)
The board of supervisors were taking a vote on whether to declare Greene County a second amendment sanctuary and the crowd, almost to the last man and woman, had shown up to make sure they did. In the style of globalist propaganda pawned off as journalism that has turned America into a latter day Tower of Babel, NBC sought out the lone dissenter; one Jerry Schiller, a scrawny man obviously starved for attention, and aired his nonsensical reasoning: “It just sends the wrong thing about Greene County. Nobody wants to bother anyone’s personal rights but this is just not who we are…” (5)
Despite Schillers erudite soliloquy (yes I’m being sarcastic) the board voted four to one in favor of the resolution. But NBC was not through yet. They sought out Supervisor Michelle Flynn who had voted against it. Flynn leaves office within the week, will not run for reelection and oddly enough has the same party affiliation as Northam and McEachin. According to Flynn, despite a recent survey showing 82% of her constituents being passionately in favor of it, the “resolution was pointless.”(6) Flynn also claimed that “a Greene County resident threatened her over the phone if she didn’t vote in favor.” (7)
As I already intimated, I am in Greene County under the auspices of one of its leading citizens. I spoke at length on the phone with the man who supposedly threatened her. He asked me, understandably, not to use his name because he has already been slandered enough by a major “news” network and a county supervisor.
He told me that he and Flynn had had a rational discussion on the phone about why she was voting against the people who had put her in office and that he had never threatened her, nor at any time during the course of the conversation said anything that could even be remotely construed as a threat. Flynn’s own brother had called him the next day to explain that she was crazy. The sheriff investigated the allegations, which I confirmed with the sheriff, and found them to be unsubstantiated…
The man who has ties to the local militias told me that up to twenty-thousand men will be in Richmond on the thirteenth and the twentieth of this month, when Northam and company will attempt to undermine the constitution. Antifa, a globalist obstructionist movement with a penchant for violent confrontation, will also be there.
The men from the militias who legally can have been instructed to carry concealed weapons and not bring long guns. He continually emphasized to me that they are strictly “law and order” and in most cases are working in conjunction with their local sheriffs’ departments. They want to avoid violence at almost all costs, but they will not be cowered by a handful of paid radicals…
History does have a way of repeating itself. To paraphrase the Free Masons; all eyes are on Virginia.

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  1. Nine, it's about reaching the ones left with a pulse, feelings, reason. Upright humans, decent folks. Empathy is weaponized, twisted, on lies upon lies. I care not for party politics or ideology nor "religion". The New Left of Europe is serving Empire, like they were all replaced by body doubles, acting against self interest, following their Kommissars. Not unlike what you describe Evangelicals in the US. Any dogma has to be looked at the seems, and rejected if need be. I for one have a life long battle with them, regardless what their nome du jour is.

  2. Correct me if I am wrong Jack but was not that president you hate the most a Republican?

    Decimated the south land

    let the jew carpet beggars? what would I know?

    how history repeats itself….

  3. Lets take a look at VTs Robert David Steel as he is the pro tRump Q, boomer and Republican poster child.

    Stunningly perfect in his role as look at him with his shaved head with the true red neck chin beard boomer look as I can spot em a mile away as they get out of their pick up trucks!

    Absolutely perfect! However maybe I as your new online enemy can generate some of your cheap ass readers to go over to patreon and put some blips upon your computer screen as that is what friends are for!

    Come on assholes put up some cash for Jack……

  4. Civil war will follow Jack of course you know nothing of the evangelicals as they hate America and really the whole world as their religion is the religion of the empire you hate as I am married into evangelical royalty and they are Americas enemies along with the Republican party.

    We shall as friends be on opposite sides of this great divide as I believe the system will be fixed in time with progressive Democrates and reasonable red flag laws are just that reasonable of course believe as you please. Any open rebellion will be put down as history demonstrated with Lincoln and his preservation of the union.

    Right wing conservatives are insane and will be observed so by most Americans!

  5. Let me start by saying I do not own a gun, nor do I have any intention of ever shooting one again. When you know how to use a keyboard guns are for amateurs. Gordon Duff has been selling military assault weapons since I have known him. I think no more need be said about where he stands on this issue; after that one silly little inconvenient fact.

    Now let me tell you why I agree with him. Yes, I am dealing with a bunch of Trumplodites here, completely taken in by Republican ideology that they should have nothing from the government but more taxes to pay, more laws and more police to enforce those laws. But who is to blame for that? Haven’t the “democrats” been openly lobbying and doing anything they can to create a borderless America; where every third world slob is welcome to step in and take your job and whatever little social security benefits you have, so long as they do it on the cheap? This is called union busting and no democrat, and I am a registered democrat whose family fought in the streets to unionize New York City’s garment district, ever supported replacing their constituents with scabs. Therefore, they cannot be called democrats, which is why I refuse here in this piece or any further pieces to call them democrats. They are globalist pigs, addicted to power and wealth without even a residual drop of empathy for the people of this country. They require extermination, and they know it. That’s why they want the tools by which their demise will be implemented. No cockroach can ever be comfortable while the homeowner carries a can of Raid…

    This story is not even about democrats and republicans this story is about a massive and out of control federal government that sees all autonomy whether it be exercised by the county, the state or even the individual as its sworn enemy. I tell you all right now and heed my words, with gun confiscation property confiscation will follow. They must control the food supply, which right now as things stand with all these small farms around here still in operation despite Monsanto’s best efforts they don’t…

    As we said in this piece all wars after the Civil War were fought only to increase profits for Wall Street and Grosvenor Square. They have murdered millions upon millions and continue to do so to this very day because they are addicted to wealth like a junkie craves drugs. They share nothing with the people they tax, nothing at all. Take a ride through rural America where Blacks have been driven too because they can no longer afford to live in the city, take a ride through the rust belt and go check out some White privilege while you are at it. Want to talk about the homeless in California, old people who can’t afford their prescriptions, school systems that turn out whole generations who can produce nothing and have zero prospect for any job other than shooting brown people for their corporate masters.

    You prefer to talk about John Hagee and the evangelicals? Well then certainly let’s talk about him and his pope and let’s talk about the Federal Government and their corporate masters who have obfuscated, marginalized and censored every piece of evidence Orage and I have written and produced proving John Hagee is at the very least a simpleton who believes in fairytales. Back page us and that’s what you get, John Hagee and the pope, they know that and that’s just the way they want it. Now we will see what Others want…

    All of you globalist pigs, their sycophants and their agents better mark my words well. My tour of Europe was just a tiny demonstration. You will wake up in the morning and will have to read the papers to find out what you did the day before. We will eat your children. You will not get their guns, least ways how you want them. Not until we clean this mess up you have created, and we will clean it up, one way or another…

  6. Where I live our so called militia members hate unions and good health insurance and social security and pensions as they want to live in a time long gone as I have many friends and family members whom have gone insane and I simply stopped talking with them.

    TRump will pass and nothing will happen and gun control will happen as I see things.

  7. When the cops come most will shit their pants and a few crazies will be arrested some will fire on the police and be killed.

    The assault riffles ban will go into place and nothing will happen.

    Distraction for sure to rally tRumps base for his re election.

    It will work….and the American dismantling will continue as we circle the drain!

  8. I will go even further as people I know whom are GOP supporters are all pro Israel and are sympathetic to the militia movement here in Wisconsin as I would turn them in to have their guns confiscated!

    Second reason they need to be disarmed? They are evangelical Christian and put a foreign power above there own country as this would include radical Catholics live me Pence.

    They have become unhinged and insane and me at 63 am fitter and smarter than most in that so called militia.

    Fucking joke and I am sure Gordon Duff would agree with my assessment and same probably goes in Virginia as this is the truth I believe so careful whom you talk to.

  9. The future of America post tRump is progressive and many things will get fixed as voting for reactionary conservative idiots is not the answer either since the Democratic Party openly blocks progressive candidates from running for office.

    Case in point? Paul Ryan from Janesville Wi which used to be a high wage union town now devistated by this families policies and then there is the Hendrix family billionaires out of Beloit Wi who bank rolled Scott Walker. Ask Duff he will tell you about these asshats.

    The Democratic Party gave zero support to prevent the GOP Ryan clone from getting into congress after he retired.

    It's all tied into the stacked courts and the citizens united case allowing unlimited money into politics.

  10. Jack, I live in rural Wisconsin as tRump supporters here are demented evangelical pro Israel morons.

    Wisconsin democrats have far more sense as I see what you are writing about as a divide and conquer strategy by our overlords as the principles of the Democratic Party in total are better for the people as a whole.

    I suggest this Virginia Governor clean up the urban violence in Richmond and set an example rather then attacking rural peaceful gun owners.

    Just another ploy to shift the society rightward Jack as please speak with Mr. Duff on these issues however, outward gun confiscations will end in disaster and are unnecessary.

    Well, maybe the revolt will start in Virginia however, run by that God awful GOP as I am going to the gun store…

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