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Deutsch Jack Heart Newsletter September 2021

     Montag, September 13, 2021 Jack Heart Newsletter September 2021 Aus dem Englischen von Georg Stein.   Dieses Video sollte man gesehen haben Jeder, der dies liest und meine Arbeit...

Esoteric Evolution by Jack Heart & Orage

This article was first published in May of 2019 exclusively on our Patreon page Esoteric Evolution. Then in Veterans Today as, A Brief Review For...


CUBA IN THE CROSSFIRE By Joe WentrupStreet protests erupted across Cuba on July 11, 2021, once again placing Cuba in the worlds spotlight. I’m...

Die schwarze Sonne geht auf – Zweiter Teil

Wer genau waren die prä-kolumbischen Besucher? Dies ist die Geschichte von Akakor im schwülen Amazonas, den Höhlen darunter und dem Jaguar. Deutsche im Dschungel....

The Borman Faction III, Rat der Götter by Jack Heart & Orage

Before 1933 when Hitler assumed power, not a single “god” among IG Farbens “council of gods” supported the National Socialist party. In fact, four...

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Z Plan part I by Jack Heart & Orage

The cover picture is taken from the original Causa Nostra...

Z Plan 3, Zombies in the Zero and the Great Reset by Jack Heart & Orage

Perhaps the reason we are living in a hologram...

Voice by Happy Parrot

Life is death and death is life, someday all...