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Home Library El/Ella: The Book of Magic Amor by Miguel Serrano

El/Ella: The Book of Magic Amor by Miguel Serrano

El/Ella is the story of three separate incarnations of the same man burning with A-Mor (Serrano). In each life adventure he begins his quest with the purest of intentions but in the end, something is amiss, something still yearning. The first story in India visits Ganesh and Matsyendranatha. Ganesh and the renowned master Matsyendranatha are both agents of Lord Shiva. Next, as a Cathar, we are familiarized with the dreaming, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, and scratch the surface of a Black Sun.
Finally, we return to the White Gods of America and are introduced to the Great Ancestor who once and for all sets the man upon the right path. The path where one must get out of their own way – which is what the Master kept insisting from the beginning – the Mission. El/Ella is a grand adventure in the scheme of creation.

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