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Welcome to the Jack Heart publications website.

On this site you’ll find the internet’s largest available compilation of Jack Heart’s compelling publications, links to podcasts, and continuing commentary.

This site was developed in response to Jack having his site on Patreon taken down without reason. Additionally, Substack, the alternative to Patreon, shaves hits/subscribers and can’t seem to get their hit counter to display anything correctly. Jack has also been shadow banned from the major search engines. Google has been shadow-banning Jack’s work for a number of years. There now, you have the reasoning behind Jack moving the publication website to an Icelandic server, a place where freedom of speech is still free.

Jack, Orage, Phil, and all the contributors and commenters welcome you to a place where you can speak your mind. There are some rules to the new site and on the policies page you can review those rules. The Golden Rule applies. If you do happen to find your comments are being edited or removed it is only out of a desire to keep the site writers from facing trials and jail time in the new European ether-sphere.

The works of Jack and everyone involved nowadays must be in compliance with a multitude of laws; European, East Asian and Californian to name a few. By developing this site to be compliant, and keep Jack out of jail, you’ve certainly already seen the cookie notice on the front page load of this site. This is a one-time cookie notice not to be seen again if you don’t clear the cookies of your browser. Additionally, you’ll notice there is a block on the user registration page that requires agreement with the policies of this site. This again is a one-time check the box for compliance. We thank you for your understanding.

Many of you have followed Jack’s work for years. We appreciate you for following across the various websites and hundreds of posts of Jack providing the truth as he sees it.