“Since you’re here,” he said “I’ll tell you a secret. It’s really your own destiny. At the bottom of Montsegur a beautiful girl lies asleep. No one has ever wakened her. She is being kept asleep by the Perfect Ones, who are waiting for a savior to comefrom far away. When she wakes, Montsegur will be destroyed and the Perfect Ones will die in the flames.” 

The questing Knight is appalled. “But I’ve come to save Montsegur, not to destroy it. I certainly won’t wake her up.” The last Cathar answers. “The Perfect Ones know what they are doing. They don’t make mistakes. They act according to their destiny and are guided by someone else who thinks and dreams their existence. Perhaps they are guided by this girl. For them the destruction of Montsegur would be a triumph. Therefore you must go to this girl and make her your mistress. That’s the only way to save Montsegur now.”

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  1. Exactly right! There are no worthless men who are regular members of this community. IMO! Hahaha. I don’t like that one I like Wtf and OMg but if it’s in my opinion I like to type it out 🙂

  2. Shaeffer is key to unlocking that Evangelical grip on America and we need the women to step up and say enough to some of our worthless American men!

    I do not know if America can be fixed…


  3. Yeah… I wouldn’t be calling TJ a "faggot" unless you mean it as a bundle of sticks, twigs, or branches bound together and used as fuel, a fascine, a torch, etc… to describe his highly volatile nature. As for my Goddess energy… Don’t worry, because as a “seasoned” performing artist (Middle Eastern dancer) for me, it’s all fun and games, show bussiness being my thing. And should he insist on wanting a show… I’ll make a show of him, just like I did of Bryson. And he knows it! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the bible per say. But these Bible Thumpers, be they Fundamentalists of Theologians, really need to find another channel by which to strut their “holier-than-thou authoritarianism. As science trumps the bible these days when we are now dealing with things like quantum mechanics, multiple Universes and the such… In any event, TJ hasn’t posted anything since my last “shot across the bow” reply to him. I seriously doubt he'll try to engage me any further, or threaten anyone else.

  4. We'll see. While astrology can indeed point where to look for clues… in and of itself it won’t solve a crime per say. For the most part, aside from doing your general readings and your run-of-the-mill mundane predictions, my passion is behavioral profiling within the astrological lens, and teaching.

    Glad you enjoyed the links. And yeah! NYC does sit on a very esoteric location right on Algol's line, but also where there are intersecting lay lines right in Central Park where Cleopatra’s Needle is located. As such, it's not by chance that NYC is both one of the most economically powerful cities in the world, but also the artistic Mecca of the world.


  5. I didn’t mean it to sound like he was doing anything to you. That TJ faggot sorry! I know I shouldn’t use that word faggot. The point was I hated to see your precious goddess energy going anywhere near somebody as stupid as he is. That’s all I meant. I’m just sitting here giggling. Now we just need to get Timeangel to weigh in and we are in shape Lady.

  6. Ok Tara… As per your request I am here. Although much of what I've been reading so far is indeed fascinating… I'm just not sure that as an astrologer specializing in criminal/forensic astrology, I would have much to contribute.

    As for TJ Martin, I doubt that he is neither Frank nor Bryson. They all have very distinctly different voices in tone and tenor. That being said, don't worry about TJ acosting me much further. He has seen how tenacious I was about standing up to Bryson, and he knows that I will do the same with him, should he keep trying to take me on. Between you and me, men like them are afraid of a thick-skinned woman like me who being totally immune to the insults of trolls can totally hold my own and then some.

    Chance are, that TJ Martin will not be posting much on Frank's blog, and will soon be gone just as Bryson has.

  7. 2020. It’s a magic number. They’re going to fix it. They are going to tell us the truth about the Light Walkers. They are going to stop the wars and fix the healthcare and the food. They’re going to let us have Tesla’s free energy and there is going to be peace on earth. I really do believe, Nine. Maybe they’ll tweak the US government so it will more like the National Socialists. Those Schlomos are going to wake up before they destroy their host so that some equilibrium can be manifested. I believe it. Everything in this blog is being entered into the collective so that these things, my visions, can come to pass. At least for a few moments surely there could be a pause wherein peace and good will out flanks the hideous alternative.

  8. Nine,
    If I read that book nobody will be able to fool me. I’m slow on the uptake but I’m pretty good at figuring things like that out if people can just hang in there with me. Just like I’m pretty sure I’d be able to pick MK out of a line up of writings. It’s part intuition I think but mine is a couple of beats off tune. Thanks for sending me over there cause I met that cool lady. I’m going to read that book but I feel like an idiot because I just can’t read Serrano right now. I understand Serrano’s prose but I just can’t do it. I’m so far behind and it looks like that J and O are deciphering the most important parts for me. I want Oprah to be president if that could stop the wars. I want the wars stopped. Plus I want the human compromising child abuse stuff to stop. I just can’t be content in this reality hologram while I know that stuff is going on. I know people think I’m a bankrupt idealist and everyone probably thinks I’m childish. I am. I’m guilty on both counts. Thanks for hearing me. It can be a very lonely business being me and although I love my solitude those pangs of loneliness eat my lunch.
    You’re friend,

  9. oh. Really?!!??!! Okay I’m digesting this. I kept seeing IMO and I couldn’t figure out what it meant until just now. Just to illustrate how slow I am on the uptake. Now I’m much more interested in that comment thread. Wait let me see if Nancy Drew still has a pulse. I’m a volunteer and I’m still here and I’ll do anything I can to lend positively towards our collective liberation.

  10. Bryson is Shaeffer also…he he…

    all the worlds a stage my dear as our Mr. Duff says "Welcome to how the world really works"

    Its also possible Shaeffer is hostage to the CIA or some other nepherious agency if so he is to be pitied as he sounds crazy on his videos.

    What would I know…except the evangelical vote is key to their bullshit….


  11. Tara,

    Martin is Frank Shaeffer IMO….

    I called him out on some of his bullshit that martin character and then I get censored?

    Think my dear…how the game gets played as to what Jack said about giving our enemy any heads up for that matter any quarter however, I think it would be good for you to post over there as if you need any troll advice I am here to help he he….

    Frank Shaeffers book is excellent but he is way to enamored with our dear main stream media for now to be any good for us but maybe in time with some proper education.

    He I believe is key to reaching the deluded American evangelicals.


  12. Okay. Sorry about that. I don’t even remember posting the link and I wasn’t even reading the response comments but my new friend Margarita is now reading you because I posted it. I won’t do it anymore.

  13. I appreciate that tara but when you paste these links up in enemy territory you invite the enemy over here, and since we don't make mistakes all they can is call me names. I don't take kindly to being called names especially by some faggot hiding behind the anonymity of their keyboard, so do me a favor and don't do it anymore, I think i will just post my address to nip that in the bud…

  14. Bryson! LoL! He’s another prize performer who crawled out from under a rock over there at Frank’s party. Between the two of them they couldn’t get it up with all the viagra in the greater New York area! Hilarious!

  15. Tara,

    I always stirred up trouble where I used to work to root out our "poor performers".

    For a laugh someone should ask where's Bryson hehe..

    At least some of his posts were funny.

    Shaeffer' book is excellent as a work of art history yet what is Lynch's work other than fine art!


  16. Thanks Nine,
    I am a class act despite what some people may think and I am taking that as a make my day compliment coming from you. It’s all about considering the source after all ; )

  17. That’s hilarious. We need to get Margarita out from under that troll. He’s a died in the wool dick head. She is cool and the gang. I want her over here where she’ll be appreciated instead of being accosted by an idiot who is not fit to lick her boot heel.

  18. Jack,

    For a laugh

    that Martin post:

    "TJ MartinJanuary 8, 2018 3:24 pm
    Saying Jack knows who Frank is and approves is not exactly a positive nor is it an endorsement anyone with a modicum of common sense would seek … seeing as how your Jack is a deluded mentally addled conspiracy theorist pretending to be a pseudo intellectual ( and doing a damn lousy job of it ) ranting like a lunatic in an insane asylum who is convinced aliens are trying to steal his brain .

    And yes I read Jack’s crap you gave the links to … and suffice it to say .. Jack is the opposite side of the exact same coin Breibart etc is …e.g. … post truth – post reality – post fact – revisionist history and lies at its worst

    Which is to say … I truly hope … if he is even the least bit aware of me ( which is doubtful in light of the circles he is in ) … that your precious Jack hates me with a livid passion ."



  19. I didn’t read his comments twice lol. Still, if the idiots are talking about Jack it just means his popularity is growing. I got my hands full with the gotbot aspergers A-hole tweeky petey on VT as it is.

  20. That guy TJ is a douche bag. Margarita doesn’t like him either. I don’t even bother reading his comments. I’m glad I didn’t I didn’t see that but I won’t try argue with him. He’s a total sissy boy fuk face if there ever was one.

  21. Jack,

    Season three episode 8 with the bomb and nine inch nails just blows my mind every time I watch it!

    By the way you got a hater over on frank's blog as a poster by the name of Martin read our dear Tara's link to here and he posted about you being a "intellectual hack" and that he hated you and then I get censored he he …

    I did not respond to the insult jack as I don't care what he thinks.

    I responded "censored is as censored does" as the guy is a troll for sure..


  22. Just remember Stan, besides the fact that you once asked me what all this had to do with anything, that Twin Peaks 2017 is also called Twin peaks the Return, the "Germans are always on Time," even if they gotta wait 27 years for Saturn to revisit the house of Capricorn…

  23. FYI to any castrates and whoever else is interested. I belong a long way from here and I’ve been around the hard way.
    I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. Please, take it down if it’s short on calories. I don’t want to take license because I’m one of the few ovarian commenters around here but this is not to be missed in my opinion. Of which there are many ; )

  24. Shout out to the Duffster! I call him McDuff the Crime Dog. I see I can now get a subscription to VT. I may. Those advertisements are so weird. At $10 per month it’s a steal.

  25. Don't say we, not you, not I, not anyone on this comment thread, they don't allow moos and clucks on these threads, I would be surprised to find out any of the capons are even reading this, let them die as slaves, good riddance, "their gods will die with them…"In fact I'm pretty sure most of them are already dead, the walking dead, animated only by their I phones and their mindless drive to use up resources. We're fixin to launch this into overdrive now anyway, did some say something about a Return, oh yea David Lynch, something about Saturn being in our house now, be seeing you soon Nine. “I hope I see all of you again…every one of you…”

  26. This why I love Gordon Duff:

    "I can’t legally talk about the holocaust and many other subjects in Germany. There is no freedom there of any kind. Suggest some find Patton’s diaries, unedited if possible, good story there. Here is what I can state as “Jewish certified fact” from the Jewish Virtual Library:

    In 1940 when the “holocaust” began, there were 4.3 million Jews in territories occupied by Germany, including Germany itself. I am assured that 6 million of these were killed. At the end of the war, according to the same source, 3.8 million survivors remained who mostly immigrated to Israel or the United States, Canada, Britain or other countries.

    I have never taken a math class past normal business school graduate level statistics or advanced calculus so I am not qualified to comment. I just accept what I am told and remain silent. I did take children, on two occasions, to visit Dachau and went to Auschwitz over Christmas 2009. "

    That is how rediculas our occupation has become!



  27. PS
    I’ve been advised by one I hold dear to my heart to construct my comments and hold them in reserve for a little bit. Like count to ten. Be smart and wise you know? I know I should listen to reason but it’s really not how I roll. I’ll try to do better though.

  28. Thanks Nine,
    Now we’re getting someplace..
    He’s going by the New York (suck my dick) Times? And the Post? Only? Jesus Christ! I guess you still want me to read him. I will.
    As to dying enslaved.. WE ain’t French!

  29. I believe we as humans are under some kind of ET invasion as there operation has become severely bogged dow by our resistance as they showed up here hundreds of thousands of years ago at bealback right as "science" is the new "religion" of our occupation as Gordon Duff says we shall die as slaves!


  30. Tara

    Just so you know Shaeffer only relies on the New York Times and the wa post so keep that in mind as he censored a comment about his own book.

    The truth? The evangelical leaders were all pro choice till the Shaeffer clan changed all that which led to the moral majority and our dear Republican Party and who would do that other than our dear intelligence agencies.

    A huge planed mind fuck my dear!


  31. No, It was about someone dying in someone’s place. I’m tired of it. They need to quit it with these manufactured religions. My friend Paul told me a long time ago what one of those high ranking Israeli leaders said, “Christianity has served us for two thousand years.”
    “It’s all made up. There’s no such thing. Like a female with good looks who cooks and cleans” Eminim
    Now with the Islamic State and all that. To me it’s just liner at the bottom of a cage. Just there to collect shit but nobody’s changing the liner so the cage is getting smaller and smaller and stinkier and stinkier.

  32. Why tara, what do mean? Do you mean David’s brilliant comments on that ridiculously anti Semitic piece whereby the pedophiles once again blame Schlomo, this time that they got caught with their penis in the alter boys anus? These comments?
    David Odell January 7, 2018 at 10:41 am
    A classic modern example of ‘fiddling while Rome burns”. A simple question is, how does a group formed by doctrine find itself so easily infiltrated by so many, from the Inquisition to the Pedophiles and Homosexuals of the 21rst century ? Has no one informed the alt-right, that the majority of Catholic priests are gay ?
    When the Catholics were found out, the Hebrews had to be let in. When they were both found out, the Islam had to be created. But this time, there is no deal. It is d, none of the above. Endless argument about who this or who that avoids the basics that stir in the publics mind. Minor adjustment to doctrine, or history is of little consequence. The primary text, and the conversation regarding the days and decans is avoided at all cost.
    • David Odell January 7, 2018 at 10:49 am
    The real discussion to be had, is not semantics, but actual origins of the text selected and the order of the placement. The reasons behind the symbol selection and the stories to accompany them. The oppression of women and the results thereof. The intermingling of spiritual beliefs and the civic responsibilities. The perpetuation of myth as history, and the evidence there. The geopolitical gamesmanship becoming paramount, and the needs of the people discarded like some nuisance. In this, the highly educated find no interest as they banter about blaming this one or that one. And as it swirls the drain, even then they will claw and scratch each other like blind mice fighting over fake cheese.

  33. You see what Odell put on that VT thread, Nine? You see it Banger? Jason is not negotiable. He better make it out of that shithole Salt Lake City. Who has to die so that he can live? What kind of crap is that? It can’t be me cause he’s gonna need me. I don’t believe that hocus pocus bullshit anyway. My son is a soldier and his raw writing talent makes mine look like See Spot Run. Plus, he’s a man and he’s a thousand times smarter than me so he’s got the drop on me. You think I’m trouble? Nobody wants any of it when he gets good and ready.

  34. Oooohhh, Touchy anon. Condescend much? If you’re attempting to insult me you’ll have to do better than that. Religion served me so I shouldn’t have said that in the first place so I deserved that one. Have a nice day unless you have other plans.

  35. I’m trying to figure out why they have those odd writers on there to start with. Barrett once claimed black helicopters where flying over his house. And wassup with that Alexis guy? Don’t get me started on P. James. He got dispatched I guess. I don’t even read those. I guess it’s part of the deal. Tell me why hehe, Nine. You’re such a comedian. Are they doing it just to keep track of who believes what? It must be. Oh well. Keeping up with Heart is full time gig as it is. I don’t have file space in my noggin for anything superfluous.
    Nite Nite Nine,

  36. Jesus is a construct right? He’s Jesus, the dude that looks like The Dude on The Big Lebowski. Just kidding. If he was Jesus he probably looked more like Dave Chappell with hair. That Jesus, he’s such a comedian. Here’s a funny or maybe a bedtime story to supplant “if I should die before I wake.” (thanks a lot Mom)
    Meet Jesus. He’s being nailed to his cross.
    The one with the hammer misses the spike and smashes his hand.
    He’s like “oh no! I’m crippled now and I don’t have workman’s comp.”
    ‘Hmmm. What should I do?’
    Looks around to make sure no one can over hear.
    Whispers in Christ’s ear:
    “Hey man, can you help me out with this?”
    I made that one up and I think it’s hysterical.
    No one else likes it. I do. It’s my favorite Jesus joke. I apologize for taking up thread space with that. I just don’t understand the human need for religion.
    Furthermore who lets a 7 year old read the Old Testament? That’s gotta be child abuse ; – )

  37. Jack,

    I rarely post on VT however, I posted this for Gordon Duff to listen to:


    I do not have contact with Mr. Duff as he is so very busy so please please see if you can get him to see this.

    Schlomo blocked the link as one must copy and paste the link into a new browser he he…

    Mr. Duff asked is organized religion evil? As I would say yes but who is Jesus is still a very relevant question as the bible is the book of our oppression yet all propaganda must contain truth…



  38. Notice the Jingle. Jack and the beanstalk. I love it. You can’t make this stuff up. Sometimes it seems that I would need telepathy in order to transmit all of my impressions of this reality so I apologize if I’m taken the wrong way. I just don’t know what else to do because Jack is the end of the line for me. I’m the slow train which has run out of track.

  39. Here’s to parasites Nine. I’m one as well. Disabled by “mental illness.” My fervent hope is that the money won’t dry up but it doesn’t matter because it’s never going to be enough to live off of on my own. My plan was to put my story in writing. Knowing of Heart is gonna make that even more of a challenge as I know not how to be disingenuous. I don’t lament my “disability.” I don’t lament my 19 nervous breakdowns and add to that jail which was recent. “No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see that our experience can benefit others.” B. Wilson

  40. Netflix have just let another one slip as it so happens: Wormwood. Prepare for a sliver of the Truth as revealed—again—by Errol Morris. You'll recall, of course, that Jack wrote about Olson before. Although y'all'd be advised to ignore jew-boy Seymour Hersch's input. That right there is the red herring in an otherwise very accurate report. But they stop short when it comes to explaining WHY Olson was chucked out the window. Of course. But the breadcrumbs are there.

  41. Netflix is truth…

    I saw them being born…

    Will never stop funding them…no matter what…

    Just watched a new sports documentary about corruption in sports called Icarus on Netflix.


    I assure you I know of what I speak as to cycling race culture as I was much a part of it.

    After watching this please be careful to not blame our Russian pals overly as criminality is a private affair as I expect it always has been Jack…

    If you tell the truth you shall pay a price but in the end truth will set you free….

    I live in poverty and can assure you there are worse things than that.

    I live in an all republican Trump supporting evangelical christian county with a household average income of well over one hundred thousand dollars. Me thinks overall the richest county in America overall….

    I only know two neighbors personally where I live and I view them all as domestic enemies as they want my pension cut and even the meager minimum wages cut to the bone.

    Health care?

    Could you please go die?

    I hope to outlive mum she was one hundred and one…he he…


  42. Well, whoever provided such instruction the money was well invested as now it will come back as memory all that classical training all that is needed is a trigger as the spies say…

    What do the republicans want to cut Jack?

    Art and music and health care and of course real science but what do I know as a parasite on social security as my republican friends are so fond of saying…

    I shall pull the lever for the dems.

    the more progressive and most importantly self funded the better…

    Netflix tells more truth than anything on the internet…


  43. I'm not calling for revolution Tara, they couldn't even feed themselves without their Masters, what I am calling for is to be given what is rightfully ours, before we have to take it…

  44. 5 years French, 5 years classical Dance, 9 years music, and I never learned to appreciate any of this stuff; what an abject bore I really am. Although I did double down on my catechism lessons, read the whole bible by the time I was 7 or 8, really learned how to read on the Old Testament, read the New Testament at the same time I was reading see John run. It is very beautiful in both composition and execution. Song of the Night Wanderer was my favorite part…

    Thank You for this Nine

  45. What is Truth? The sound a genius poet makes on a plastic keyboard (that’s you Jack) as he types his call for revolution-the sound of a man’s strong breath through brass. The sound I make in my head when contemplating Kenning? Perhaps. Yet to be seen. For now I’ll dream of the Tara Bell as brass and shrill and loud. Loud enough for even the dead to “hear”

  46. Nietzsche said that the purpose of humanity was the duality of truth and lie and that man's duty was to seek truth always.

    A tone poem by Strauss by the Chicago Symphony conducted by Sir George Solti…notice the brass section not castrated?

    Yes the horns are loud as they should be why else did Strauss score it that way?

    Its a tone poem you see….

    Finest example I ever did see on how to manage the herd….


    a must watch/listen

    My trumpet mentor playing lead trumpet in this fine score…Adolph Herseth the finest trumpet player ever.


  47. I’m so slow on the uptake. My “wise” cloak of afterthought (lol) Wise. That’s funny. My wisdoms are so great one who can’t bear Serrano, Jung, the Nag Hammadi, forget the Zohar 😉 I leave to you men and women with the capacity for those. Still, there it is taco BELL / The “Natzi” Bell. I never even thought of that while making the above comments. I make no sense to some. Half the time I make no sense to myself but I’m catching up. Thank you for ‘hearing’ me.
    Tara Terra Terrible Tarabelle

  48. Nietzsche had a typewriter. It was reported that he didn’t like it because he had trouble with the ribbon. I found a NYT article about it back in August. Somehow I was commenting with an old moose hunter and he said that, “A gun is a magic mind control device.”
    In Demolition Man, guns were all in a museum. “Criminals” were not imprisoned but frozen cryogenically.
    I couldn’t find the old hunter again to ask him. If a gun is what he says, and obviously he’s correct (at least to me) then what am I to make of this iPhone?
    Feelings begat thought, thought begats word, (and art) words like art possess the power to kill by different mechanisms. On one hand art/word can incite men to kill plus I know there are those who know how to kill with incantation.

  49. I’m not much on theater either. I’m still working on watching the second season of TP but this is bizarre. Art, food, irony.
    Taco Bell puts something like sand in their gmo and hormone injected “meat.”
    That Stallone movie was a flop but the theme reminds me of what we are seeing now with the division of wealth. In the film, downtrodden people were living underground like animals while the rich live in a fake and “perfected” version of reality where Sandra won’t let him touch her because exchanging body fluids is gross.
    Now all restaurants are Taco Bell:

  50. Yeah I like Dark City. People like movies and their interpretations. Saw a funny video recently a guy said Kubrick's 2001 the monolith represents the cinema screen. Funny he said film students kept telling their professors this and it makes them mad.

  51. spoilers for Darkness (2002): they sacrifice 7 children in this house based on a ellispse design, there's a circle with a snake, there's these 3 sisters who are old and have no eyeballs. they unleash hell or something. basically the character gets overwhelmed by darkness. then suddenly appears in another place that seems connected. but actually its hell and they go to darkness again. hard to explain.

  52. The Pure Fool of Wolfram von Eschenbach, yes pure fool for sure. I am eminently qualified. Or at least I was but as we just were sayin on Patreon; the Eye of Shiva is wide open now, what does Cooper say “I am the FBI…” To bad but Daniel we could have opened a really nice bed and breakfast for all the snake bit people in the world, yea snake bit as in Brotherhood of the Snake. Some day we will share strong ale together in Valhalla, hope to see you their Brother Daniel. As Cooper says when he cuts the deck in episode 17: “I hope I see all of you again…every one of you.”

  53. Come to Montségur if you wish. It's always better to see for oneself than to make believe. Our habitat is modest & without pretension. Perhaps you are one of the burnt Noble Ones. Perhaps your soul comes from the depths of Ussat & Ornolac.
    Yet even now the Caves are disappearing. Their hidden recesses & magic play unknown to few are now but all forgotten by those who are rare, & not slaves to the deviating ideas of the World.
    But there is no room for those of a perverted kind in these places. Innocence is the Key.
    You are welcome, if you so wish it.

  54. The mirror can be used to other things than just to gaze at your own reflection. While she was busy doing her nails… Truly look at the 4 knots and contemplate, active passive passive active, for a pair, mirrored.

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