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The Roman Catholic Church is a disguised or Christianized form of the old Babylonian religion. For many decades it has been working to absorb, by means of Ecumenism, all other branches of professing Christianity. Using certain aspects of its teaching – notably goddess worship and contemplative mysticism – it is also positioning itself to merge with the New Age movement. From this it will mould the neo-pagan ‘Christianity’ – “ancient wisdom in a modern form” – from which the Antichrist will emerge. The Roman Catholic priest is already an androgyne or “sworn virgin”, having pledged before witnesses at his ordination to live a celibate life from that day forward – just like a Burrnesha. Male shamans take a similar pledge. Given that androgyny and pagan spirituality go hand in hand, such formal connections are inevitable. One always leads to the other. Since paganism is the worship of “the god of this world” in his various forms, it is hostile to the God of Jacob. Therefore androgyny is Satan’s sexual ideal and the one endorsed by his religion.
ok then… the devil is in the details. Mirror, mirror … 😛


  1. Fulford?

    You need to read duff and abandon your fantasies as we live in schlomo's world now!

    There are no white hats in our American military as facts in the real world demonstrate as to arrests? Hardy har har he he…


  2. Park your ass and fill your glass, Jack's getting back on form for us plebeians on the regular threads! Keep em comin, Jack.

  3. I’m a cowgirl alright. You know what happened to them? Barbed wire fencing was invented and it put us out of business. The only trouble is that if you’re me you just can’t take a hint, go off, die, and hope to be buried with your boots on. Every minute this reality becomes more unbearable to me. You here, at VT, and Patreon are where I find my only solace in this contemtable “place.” Keep up the good work Jack. I’ve become temporarily morose because the powers that be will be. They hold all the cards, and all the kings horses. As far as the men go, the real ones seem to be in short supply. I said I’d be here until it’s finished and I don’t go back on my word. You gave me a taste of freedom. Now I thirst for more. Thank you again for your sacrifices in pursuit of truth.

  4. Well Mario/Jon may be that the Lady of the House found certain comments that you made lacking in decorum if you know what I mean. See if you can fix it. What is said on there is not going to be said on here. I'm going to abide by Her wishes, I always do…

  5. Basically George there are two types of entities in this world, those that feed and those that are fed on. What we have here and what many of the other feeders cannot stand is the beginnings of a new type of entity; feeders who no longer want to feed but want out of this chicken farm. If you think you may fit into that third category then chances are you have found what you are looking for here. Stick around and pay very close attention to the subtext. To paraphrase Gordon Lightfoot this is a room where you do what you don’t confess. Nobodies going to draw you stick people diagrams. Well, maybe I will…

  6. Well fuck, my pledge couldn't be processed either. I use a debit card, but I made sure to have the funds. Patreon told me my pledge couldn't be processed, tried like 5 times and nothing. Oddly enough I was able to renew a couple of subscriptions to streaming services. I'll try to get it sorted out during the week.

    I'm Mario over there btw

  7. Thanks, Paul,,,I think!!

    Well, Jack and Orage, there's a lot of info here that makes a whole lotta sense. Another spin on things is always helpful,,,and a learned spin at that.

    I was going to ask you guys what you thought of the idea that the Kennedy 'assassination' was probably the world's first "major media – mass coverage" false-flag,,,in other words, it never happened, and like the 'Battle' of the Boyne in Anglo-Irish history, was in reality a kind of judeo-masonic ritual, designed to act out a classical-mythological scenario that ties in with the elites' separate, esoteric agenda for the rest of us….and nobody died.

    But let's not get off track again! I did that once and it was enough,,,,sure initiated some interesting replies and posts, though. So let's keep the Kennedy fakery for another time. I'll look into this Patreon business, seems the shit is steamin hot over there! In a good sense!

    But if anybody else thinks that either Kennedy never existed, or wasn't assassinated in the way that has been portrayed to great effect, do let me know. I've got some sound evidence, but it'd be interesting to hear another's, some time. I personally think it's the greatest bamboozle ever,,,possibly even greater than 911 and/or the shape of the Realm.

    All the best


  8. Jack thanks for reposting Geoff's Myth as a Weapon. Makes perfect sense. I see that there are many "contributors" who still are hanging on to the same rants. Time will tell as the ivory towers come crashing down who made correct assessments of the archaeological records that are being interpreted into new speak. Add then the writings of the ancients passed down through the millennia and we can conclude through "spirit" knowledge and today's science there is a reality each of us can create. The individual reality which is entirely our own we choose to shared with those who have chosen a different channel from the programmer's agenda. Soon the towers and those within will fall…only to be replaced by another set of programs those who are trapped will be unable to avoid.

    A little off subject I know but I haven't said how much I appreciate you and Orage in awhile.

  9. Thanks Jack for reposting that here for me. And my undying thanks and loyalty to you and Orage for having the "testicular fortitude" to storm their fortress of ridiculous "reality" with the pure intention of giving us all a chance to create our own dreams!

  10. As I have said before I raised two daughters. When they were about three or four years old, because I do not believe in Corporal punishment for children, they started to get smart mouths and would answer me with “no you” when their behavior was corrected. I ignored it and by the time they were six or seven they had outgrown it. This is a blog read by close to half a million people. I do not have the luxury of ignoring things and hoping you will outgrow them. Consequently “no you” comments no matter how many words you want to decorate it with will be removed. You want to say Orage or I are wrong then you tell me why we are wrong. George posted a link which is valid to our discussion no matter how primitively written it was, that is why it was put up here and rebutted by me. You want to rebut my rebuttal I’m all ears, slander, name calling, and Facebook tactics will not be tolerated on here. My address has been posted for those who must call me names, try it to my face…

  11. George II, there's Schlomo trying to blend in by turning everyone towards Schlomo-like behaiviour. Post humanism, the new man, man-machine another agenda and yet another agenda. Dominion of thought, in all kind of flavors, again and again offered, everything but the real, effective thing. Let's get beyond the distractions and plastic copies. What we're exploring is summarized by Geoff above, a quintessense of several articles and moldy old manuscripts, woodcuts and certain events in Jack's life. What we're looking for is nothing short of a new, old blueprint. Dream a different dream. The skill needed to achieve this is transmutation, alchemy, not a scalpel.

  12. With just a cursory glance at ancient texts, one finds a multitude of stories of beings with unimaginable power and knowledge. One finds stories of gods and goddesses and magical beings engaged in miraculous feats. One finds tales of a “golden age” in which the gods walked with man. These tales are found all over the world, regardless of culture. To think that all of these disparate cultures would seek to invent the same lies is foolish at best. To believe the academics who shun these stories is tantamount to placing the shackles of disempowerment around our own wrists.

    I believe that we must take a serious look at the myths of our ancestors and approach what we are seeing in the light of modern technology. If our consciousness and the power inherent within it is strong enough to create the reality we are in, it is high time that we learn to direct that creative power ourselves. By using the empowering “programs” of myth and archetype, we are giving ourselves the tools we need to become the artists we need to become. If this life, this reality is in fact a blank canvas, we owe it to ourselves and each other to become the best artist of life that we can be.' – Geoff Dixon

  13. We find ourselves firmly in the midst of a Grand War. But this Grand War is not the kind of war we are accustomed to seeing. It is not a war of bombs and guns and guts and glory. It is a war that is waged against our minds, with the hope that through our minds, our soul can be captured. We,as co-creators of Reality, have at our disposal , an almost god-like power of creativity. It is this ability that our controllers seek to hijack and to utilize to create their vision of a perfect reality. A reality in which we work and suffer and die for them just like cattle. And barnyard animals is more than likely how they view us.

    If we are ever to succeed in our quest for peace and happiness, I believe we must change our tactics. We must supplant their programs of control, with programs conducive to what we want to see in our world. We must take the power of “programming” back from them, and substitute our own.

    The word myth, for far too many people, is synonymous with fairytale. People are programmed to laugh at the naivety of our ancestors who believed so strongly in their myths, that it dictated the way their societies were run. They are looked at with complete skepticism by the modern mind conditioned by a treacherous academia who don’t have our spirits’ best interest at heart. Please don’t think that this was by accident. It is designed to disempower us at a fundamental and root level. We are a society devoid of Spirit, and cut off from the wisdom of our ancestors, the wisdom that vibrates in our very blood and DNA.

  14. Myth as a Weapon – Geoff Dixon

    'In his book, Manu- For the Man to Come, Miguel Serrano makes the following statement: “ Events in the Universe happen in a manner opposite to what materialist science, especially its psychoanalysis, would have us believe. Gods, Archetypes, are not projections of the human mind but the reverse as Plato foresaw: Men are representations of Gods-Ideas.” Contained within this statement, I strongly believe, is an antidote to the poison that is being fed to us daily. The poison that is this world and its leaders who are relentless in their assault on the health of our bodies, minds, and spirits. Each day we awaken to a world that begins its attack from our first sign of waking. Poisoned air from chemtrails, toxic food and water, electromagnetic pollution beamed steadily into our energy fields, and a cascade of sensory stimulation feeding us their ideas, their wishes, their curses that keep us subservient to their desires.

    I am one who firmly believes that Consciousness collapses the wave-function. I believe that our world is consciousness and that our interaction with it is what creates the world that we see around us. When we focus our attention on something, our minds have the ability to take what is essentially pure frequency, and make it appear as something solid. We are creating the world we see around us. So if this is true, why would we all choose to create this nightmare world we see around us? Why would we choose enslavement and destruction and pain and despair ? It is my belief that somewhere along the route of our ability to create reality, that ability is being hijacked by clever beings who have learned to insert their ideas, their programs.

  15. Your a gentleman George.

    “Like I said before Orage, I take offense to the weaponizing of transgenderism. Especially when they cut-and-paste it over true alchemical work.” – Geoff Dixon

    This comment was snatched out of cyber-space and replaced with an idiotic rant about Orage, a guy who has been translated from English into about a dozen other languages, not understanding English. To give those of you not on Patreon a reference to who Geoff is and what his credentials are I am taking the liberty of reproducing a piece he has contributed on other sites of ours.

  16. It seems that there have been times in human history, perhaps even in the most enlightened societies, wherein androgyny was wholeheartedly accepted as part of the norm. Why is it only recently with the birth of the somewhat militant LGBTQ movement that it is perceived as “satanic?” I apologize in advance to the other commenters but whenever I read of this “satanist” agenda I close down. I’m of the mind that there is really nothing new under the sun. History repeats itself and all that we perceive is merely painted in a different light as to appear new and different from what has come before.

  17. Granted, – you along with millions and millions of others; that's why we have the 1% club. They'll keep right on making your decisions for you! Just the way you all like it! What a pity.



  18. Jack,

    My dear credit card got shut off…

    Here is how it went down we were having a party on new years eve and the wife put the mail into the extra bed room.

    course it was my fault since I never go through it…

    then the credit card got expired as the new cards were in the mail as it was my fault…

    so, the bank said you must wait two weeks for new cards…

    funny, as my card has a 14000 dollar credit limit on it as I never use it.

    course, its always best to invest ones money locally…..


  19. Thanks, Orage,,,I can assure you that I'll re-read it again in that light. Still, though, to me given not inconsiderable experience, many of Hollywood's leading 'ladies' are not natural born females. They are neutered males. This fact in itself to me reveals an insidious inversion of the Truth. This is what disturbs me,,,,guys are pinning posters of guys on their walls and grabbing for the dirty wank-sock,,,,and that's not normal. If they came right out and said/admitted it,,,I'd have no problem. Again, it's not about prejudice as far as I and many others are concerned. If a guy wants to cut off his willy or strap in back of his ass-crack in order to wear frilly panties; who am I to stop him? But when they lie about it, and dupe our kids and grandkids into twisted jerk-off material by morphing their OWN kids pre-puberty,,,,well, that's where my problem starts. Thanks for the sane reply, the other's have been a bit odd, to say the least.
    BTW, let me know what you consider to be the real intended outcome of this undoubtedly real agenda (Tgender) if you have the time. It's surely not about grown men running around in women's clothing looking absolutely ridiculous to any normal person. I'd be very interested in being put straight! Should needs be,,,,


  20. I been saying they kissed the goats anus since Tootsie Maurice as my epitaph for the souls forfeited in the name of Hollywood depravity. I said this seven years ago:

    ‘What is most painful is the relentless campaign by the conspirators to slander Lucifer’s name, to pervert Lucifer’s eternal quest for a reckoning into a validation of their avarice and depravity. The hour of that reckoning is now at hand and I can promise you this: it is they who will be held libel.’


    Revelations warns against those who would follow the gospel of Nicodemus.
    Even that fucking wimp Roman Polanski warns them in the Ninth Gate.

    They will get theirs first, don’t even worry about it but let us not marry the Sacred to the Profane in the name of White Trash “Christianity…” The Sacred Marriage has nothing to do with the weird impulses of Schlomos sewer rat’s in tinsel town. Like Orage just told you all this is is just one more attempt by the dammed to drag everyone else down into Hell with them. Mircea Eliade, CG Jung and Joseph Campbell. What do you think “he” pulled those names out of his ass like he pulls everything else that fits in there? These pieces of shit, and we know exactly who they are and how badly they have been compromised, get on the blog and into Patreon and try to throw shit in the game. We can always tell with Patreon too, Orage spots them from half a mile away, but then its verified because at the end of the month they never even pay their pledges, even if it’s just 5$. I guess 5$ buys them another hit off the meth pipe, can’t spare that, and their handlers ain’t putting it up either, they know how ineffectual they are…

  21. thanks for the afternoon read JH that shit runs deep hidden in plain sight

    from google.. I call AI "Connie" always biting me:O)
    Seems male actors who've played women in films are not as rare as you'd think…
    Charlie Chaplin. Actors who've played women in films are nothing new. …
    Alec Guinness. …
    Divine. …
    John Travolta. …
    Alastair Sim. …
    Rupert Everett. …
    Adam Sandler. …
    Ben Wishaw.

  22. The Eternal Youth of Summer has come, descending on a big cracking current, that passes through my coil, until I glow and burn, like the torch of Baphomet, forever now, blazing across my brow.

    Stanley "XY/YX" Del Carlo

  23. The article is taking Magic Love and the male-female and putting it on its head. Seen it before with certain fundis calling the Janus head satanic. Transgender agenda a pastiche, a bad copy of a real concept. Mirror, Mirror.

    Also the article is frontrunning, trying to controll the message and scare away from knowledge, as Jack commented above. Take it as a PSA, or take it as you wish.

  24. When we talk about Rosarium philosophorum, Monas Hieroglyphica or in plain English the Sacred Marriage we are talking about restoring balance between the Male and Female, we are talking about raising up Leviathan, the Son of Man, the synthesis of Male and Female or as the Rashba taught the Union of the Intellect with the Soul for a long overdue reckoning with the Warden of this prison and all his agents. They know how that’s going to turn out, read the Zohar, and they are terrified. I don’t blame them; you reap what you sew and when you Judge; you will be Judged. This is no American Kangaroo court, “no one here gets out alive” and there ain’t no buying your way out of this one.

    As for all the homophobia being expressed on here, I think an individual’s sexual preferences are their own business. Like I said in my last interview, if you are a man that likes other men, good more women for me, I’m selfish that way. That’s the way I raised my own daughters, and I can assure you in spite of any character flaws they may have they are both all woman… Try raising your sons that way and stop worrying so much about the secondary input which you have no control over anyway. Besides, the Spartans, the Legions of Rome, the SS, Achilles, Alexander the Great, Caesar, were all bisexual and had no qualms about it. Would you like to call anyone of them a little faggot to their faces? Better yet if some of you should end up in prison where you belong you may run into a guy called Mother Dearest there, be sure to call him a little faggot when you meet him, let me know how you make out…

  25. Alright this is why I had my reservations about putting this up in the first place. What we have gotten into at the end of the next piece (as of yet unpublished…) is probably the most important thing we have brought our readership to date and instead of studying it, because I knew nothing about it myself, I am wasting fever free time writing this comment…

    Did someone say Nine doesn’t get it? On the contrary if you ask me Nine is the only one that does get it. But maybe that is because Nine has the benefit of access to our Patreon site where I already have explained it to the best of my Understanding which I do believe due to involuntary personal experience with it is better than both Serrano and Jung’s. Now my liaison to Her has asked me not to make this public because She Understands it and that is the whole object of me writing. I guess it’s that old adage about casting pearls to the swine and dogs of the earth thing, the consequences are glaringly illustrated right here. Using that picture, which may very well be the most profound thing ever published (Jung’s idea, not ours) as an illustration of transgenderism is about the equivalent of drawing a flying penis on the head of the Mona Lisa. The occult or esoteric symbolism behind it is very clear and yes it does mean an end once and for all of the hateful, stupid, blind and ignorant tyrant that rules this world; the god of Jacob if you will, Samael if you must but please no more about Satan, an entity that exists only in the fevered minds of drunken and drug addled dime store preachers who like scream it as they fornicate with their own children or when they can’t catch the kids the nearest handy barnyard animal.

  26. George, he IS on the booze. That's why he isn't making any sense. Again. You get used to it. Fence with the big guns on here. Guys who actually get it.


    Since you are shouting…


    by his priest and is this not a clear case of the "Stockholm Syndrome"?

    You know come to love ones abusers?

    Just asking a question….


  28. Um,

    You do not see the forest through the trees sir!

    In your video that you linked to one could call any woman a tranny even accuse our Tara of being one…..he he….

    The issue is the Bible and its mass murdering God so called and the issue sir is the unification of the male and female as our current world of the west is so out of balance towards the male principal with our women suppressed and at least hidden pagan practices in the Catholic Church were a good thing not a bad thing as your links point out yet I will leave this for Jack to explain as my knowledge is lacking on the subject matter….


  29. I think you all are missing the point. The point is about TRANSGENDERISM; not fundy lunatics and what they believe,,,and there's plenty of evidence in the images presented. The idea being to prompt you-based on the images- on to more research,,,if you're interested.


    Jesus! I thought I was dealing with people who could tell the woods from the trees. I was obviously mistaken,,, Over and out and a tad disappointed,,,


  30. If we ever get control of America the deluded Christian zionists need to be put in re-education camps as they are that dangerous but we can vote them out still even with rigged elections as we can pull the lever for the Democratic Party as they will be more responsive to the people.

    Listen to Duff as he is correct!

    Current republican equals domestic enemy

    I swear I will put that on a tee shirt and where it to church…

    A great you tube video…


  31. Wasn’t my idea to put this up but I do think our Christian readership needs to see what exactly is trying to hijack what is left of their religion. There you have it, an inspired essay to return yee to the god of Jacob before it is too late, inspired by the fact that its author Jeremy James once had his ass taken by the parish priest in the rectory when he was just a wee altar boy and liked it. I don’t see one single fact in the whole dammed, literally, thing, unless you count extrapolations from a book that over and over again has been proven to be a plagiarized fraud; Genesis, really? Why don’t we just use comic books? I deal in facts and I don’t see any here…

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