If you think in these times that you
should be preparing for war then you need to think again. The worst time to
prepare for war is when you are in the middle of one.

As I listen to the news around the world I
hear nothing but war talk. There are armed conflicts, including American
shooters, all over the planet. The Russian actions are the least of your
worries in this battle space.

The battle lines were drawn up in the good
ol’ USA a long time ago. Don’t see them? Ask yourself if the Republicans and
Democrats are not at war with you. Every trick in the book, including murder,
is available to those in the parties. BLM, ANTIFA, Proud
Boys, Vax/AntiVax, ProLife/ProChoice. Think about
it, who benefits from the internal strife? Who benefits from the suppression of
speech and thought? You think they’re not ready.

The Army announced as
noted in the Stars and Stripes that the pre-basic training program was being
extended, meaning they got more money. This is the program where the Army spends
weeks preparing someone for the physical rigors of war prior to their entry
into basic training. Now follow this. If I were a state’s Governor and there
were no Regular, Reserve and National Guard troops to call upon in a time of
tribulation I would have already identified a large group of fit individuals
for the state’s duly authorized militia. Or all the able “legal” aged
have been drafted. We move the age to 16
and all those pre training individuals are moved to a uniform. They are
prepared and executing plans.

The power behind every deadly issue we
face as individuals and as a species comes from those who wish themselves more
power over others. They will threaten, coerce, and if need be enforce their
decrees with their “agents” coming to take you to their jail or kill you.

If you don’t see a body count then you
aren’t looking. How many people shot in Chicago last weekend, or in
Philadelphia, Atlanta, LA, DC, or Memphis? What is happening in these US cities
is happening in every population center in the country and around the world.
Guns, knives, bombs or machetes they all work.

Ask yourself why there are such shortages
happening. War brings shortages, full stop. Food, energy, manpower, resources
these are shifted to storage or sent to those who are “defending” your way of
life thousands of miles away, or maybe that bread
unloaded around the block into the big fancy house.

This is currently a world-wide low
intensity conflict between the power brokers and the rest of humanity. And they
are winning. How many people were convinced to take the clot shot? How many
millions will die because of it. How many will die when Taiwan is reunified
with mainland China. Just the threat of it is worth billions to the military
industrial complex. When asked on the CBS 60 Minutes news show if US troops
would be involved in support of Taiwan the US President had a simple answer.  “Yes”.

With Russia and China both claimed
adversaries everyone in the industry of war keeps their national economies
going and their shareholders pockets lined with big money.

Enough is enough was the cry at the
Bohemian Grove. The writing is on the wall. We must reduce the insolence of our
workers and slaves. The evil ones have decided that most humans, every self-directed
being, every
soul, every individualist who believes in freedom and individual
sovereignty must die.

So, we’re being bombarded by wartime
propaganda from all the media to “prepare”. Prepare for energy shortages,
prepare for food, shortages. It is ludicrous; the horse is already out of the
barn. Preparation for war is what the masses are being put through around
Europe, China, even the USA without anyone considering the war has been going
on a long time.

It is a war for the very soul of each
individual. Those crazy, wonderful, unpredictable pieces of the creation in all
of us, the spirit within which makes us what we call human; those who populate
the globe we call home.

We are at war! And you can’t prepare to
fight when you need to fight.

This war like all wars will end. Will
there be anyone left when all the bullets are gone and everyone is too weak
from hunger to fight anymore? I hope so. Preppers have always thought they were
preparing for the big one. In reality they are preparing for peace.

Being alive on this great diverse world is
amazing. Others need to see it. My off-spring should be heirs to the wonders I
have seen around the world. Everyone should be able to meet caring like-minded humans
all across the lands. On every continent I’ve visited and in every country the
same thing occurs. When you sit down for a cup of coffee, tea, chi, a beer 
or a glass of wine, the talking starts. The
things we have in common surface first. The conversations can get long because we
have so much in common.

Also, ask a combat veteran sometime what
tops his thoughts about what he did: if you dare. Topping that old soldier’s
thoughts no matter where or when he fought, he must believe somewhere in his
soul that the fighting was for peace. 
Strange but true. Comes out in many ways yet there it is.

Think now, what is peace? I think it is
the absence of the fear of one’s
death being purposefully caused by the
hands of another human?

I do believe that the strife between
peoples of this wonder-filled world will come to an end. I don’t know if any
will survive. Or will those that make it only be the data programmed into a
cyborg which thinks it is the remnant of humanity. Yet I hope, and I prepare
for that peace. I do this by looking for the common in all of us. The good and
the bad. 

Whom ever comes out on top in this war, (I know I have utopian ideas of peace) will
likely have many disparate pieces of humanity, infrastructure, industry, and
agriculture to get going again. It will not be easy for any who survive.

A framework for bringing about a lasting
peace must be in place long before peace breaks out. When all is said and done
the preparation and planning for bringing lasting peace, where all are free to
be their individual best and encouraged to do so, must follow the heavy hand.

I have spoken with
friends about the time it will take to see change when there are but a few. How
many years, or generations, to reach that time where there is peace, and it’s
an easy peace, not at the end of a gun. 
One friend thought 20 years, another 2 generations. I do not know time
frames but I do know the coming generations need to be self-sufficient 
able to live in community.  They will
need to know their land’s culture, reveling in the good to be found there while
seeing the same things in humanity everywhere. We must look for and build up
one another’s souls.

I mentioned framework, well that is
something you can find the beginnings of in Jack Heart’s Conversations from the
Porch episodes 6 and 7. All referenced of course. There are a lot bigger brains
than mine that will be needed to build a transition plan where the individual
souls that make humanity remain intact.

I do, however, know that there are
documents the world over that lay the very foundation, the ideal, of what a
nation or a state is to be based upon. Documents of that which is the good a
culture sees in itself.  In the United
States it is called the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
Behind that most states within the federation of states have a Constitution or
similar document which brings order to the people of that state. Given that
many states the world over have such documents it behooves us to say win the war
quickly people, celebrate our differences of culture and speech and break out
the peace for those who survive.

There are signs all around us of unknown
civilizations and ancient peoples lost. Are we to be another one?

the absence of war is peace, then the opposite must be true. 


  1. Like it or not we’re at war inside the land known as America the enemy is from within. They’re on the ground inside the land known as America is a British Zionist colony exists to serve its rulers, it’s their economy and government, including their military they will eventually use to mop up. Their not so distant future third world military will be the most powerful third world military in the world with nuclear and other special weapons, even if it’s woke, gay, and transgender, it will still be a military isn’t traditional America. Their future third world military will have ground troops will have no problem killing traditional American’s is every heterosexual White male is their targeted enemy they’re targeting with their propaganda in order to vilify their targeted enemy so people will support the war. They do it before every war they’re planning to fight in order to brainwash and condition the population so the population will support the war. Recent example the phony war on terror the result of the planned preventable attack on 9/11/2001 the British involved. You see it with Iran, Russia, and China too the targeted propaganda in order to vilify their people.

    White people need allies not enemies. People aren’t smart enough to not be used against all of us, they’re as much of a threat as anyone, they may as well be working for the other team, and I suspect many of them are working for the other team in order to keep the so-called threat alive. I despise Hitler lovers too, people that display the swastika, they’re used against all of us, people will run from any truth they do provide. We need allies not enemies. I don’t think it matters at this point, they have a plan, they’re not going to deviate from the plan.

    The purposeful destabilization and gas lighting…politicians, paid political operatives, Hollywood, and their media fomenting hatred and inciting violence. Iran, Russia, China, there isn’t anyone outside of America I fear not their weapons or anything else, they’re not ruled by warmongering psychopaths hell bent on ruling the entire world.

    I’m retired military, means nothing, it means I sold out because I didn’t know any better. Stop giving the military the hero status they don’t deserve. The takeover occurred before Donald Trump came on the scene, they created him too, he was never an outsider, and Joe Biden has been embedded as part of the problem almost 50 years.

    They got away with the planned preventable attack on 9/11/2001, and they’ll get away with the bioweapon and bioweapon vaccines while they play everyone for the fools they are, it’s hopeless. It’s true. I live in reality the results are real, everything else is an illusion, including voting. They need people to vote to give the illusion the illusion is legitimate. The government will never be legitimate, it was subverted and usurped after they surrendered America’s independence.

    You’re wasting your time and effort if you believe it’s possible to take it back. You’re wasting your time and effort if you believe you can save a rotting corpse, it’s dead, there will be no resurrection. Jesus won’t be saving anything, and if a righteous God existed they wouldn’t bless America, they’d bury the rotting corpse, it doesn’t deserve a funeral, it stinks. You’re fortunate I’m not God. I just hope someone has also targeted Israel with nuclear weapons because if we’re all going down we should take them with us. Payback is better than nothing.

  2. Sergeant Slaughterofsky says God loves the Russians and Chinese because the Russians and Chinese will keep Heaven packed with fresh Souls of former earth white N-word trash.

  3. I know that both Jack and Phil don't want to here this but Evangelical Christianity is here to stay and bind together Latinos and whites in a common religion.
    I am seeing this happen and the fastest growing Christian sect is the Assembly of God church.
    One thing they need to do is temper back the zionism and this will fix America.
    Paganism? In America?
    Won't Happen….

  4. The machine. Latinos have in large numbers been converted from catholic to evangelicical Christian in Mexico and South America do to missionary outreach in those areas. Millions are now here and they think the same way as whites.same values and life outlook.
    Also , evangelicals have converted millions here from catholicism to evangelicalism.
    America after the vaxx takes its toll will be majority Evangelical Latino along with Evangelical whites along with Asians and the black population will remain how it is.
    Of course time will tell but the white race commited suicide.
    Good Evangelical Latino churches welcome whites.
    That is a fact and so a common religion shall bind us.

  5. Well Phil, I invite you to live on the north side of Milwaukee or the south side of Chicago or the west side of Madison while being white.

  6. https://www.npr.org/2021/02/22/970378490/illinois-becomes-first-state-to-eliminate-cash-bail

    Better get out of cook county. This will hit Lake County also as those rich white liberal folks voted for this!
    Fly over Illinoisans always say that there is Chicago and Springfield and then the rest of Illinois.
    Chicago north suburban whites are a special breed of retard and the vaxx really brought this out in the varmint.
    There will be plenty of fine homes for the new arrivals.

    • About those fine homes. Don't think so. We just had a small shaker in NW Arizona . I think mother earth is about to clean the slate planet wide. We'll nickname her the "reset queen". If you want more quake info,below link. I will say though, a major topographical remodeling will be a plus for unvaccinated ,prepared survivors.

  7. "Individual Sovereignty" is a modern idea and a huge cause of the problems we are facing today. That and the "pursuit of happiness" as if happiness is somehow owed to us and is a right given by god. Individualism today is a pathology. When everyone demands individual sovereignty, they sacrifice the cohesiveness of their own family and larger racial group. It is a disease.

    Nature and providence are hard and people do everything in their power to destroy nature by coming up with ideas that are, in fact, contrary to nature. American values are a huge part of why the world is presently in self-destruct mode.

    Every modern political movement with the exception of National Socialism has been about the destruction of the natural way of man. In more holistic societies, the individual was always secondary to his larger racial family. The real problem is the global racial problem and the RACE that once kept divine and secular order in place are few, weak, aged, and dying. (Yes, I am referring to the white race). All this talk about how great and diverse cultures are and how we can all get along by talking and drinking together is sentimental, multicultural drivel. The pursuit of happiness and individuality has led to the sickness and lack of racial solidarity of Whites in America, Europe, Australia, and any place White people live.

    The problem is NOT only a rich global elite restructuring society, the problem is that man is spiritually and racially disoriented and divorced from his own instincts. The author of this piece does not grasp what the actual issues are today. I don't care about the chinese, japanese, or some african tribesman from bumblef*ck. I care solely about the white race who are my extended family because that is natural concern. White people are being victimized globally. The author of this article does not grasp in the slightest how the world works, and has placed all value in democracy and americanism which have actively sought the destruction of whites for over 3 generations if not longer.

    • First off I cannot speak for Phil but I will tell you he is a combat veteran and speaking for myself I will tell you any Black man had my back in a fight is my brother, far more than some greedy, avaricious and soft White faggot in a Mcmansion that gave this country, gift wrapped, to the globalist pigs and their Jewish dogs. 3 generations? Bullshit! America did not go full down on the Kalergi plan till the nineties, same time Europe bought into it. Those that betrayed Hitler were White anon, those betrayed us were the same Whites. Frankly I hope the Blacks and Hispanics drag them from their Mcmansions, and kill them, their families and their pets, I will applaud it.

    • Those same white folks,70's, turned their back on the nam vets. The white tribe by and large is done. Is there a worthy remnant of white folks left somewhere? In combat when SHTF, there is no color. Whoever is covering your back,flanks,is your brother in arms.

    • Anon, it sounds like you wish for an all white nation. Or maybe an all white planet. Neither of which are realistic upon this planet, now or in the future. Your bias is plain in your comment. I agree with Jack. I know black and brown people who have the character of soul that I look for in a neighbor or in the fighter next to me. White folks have ineffectively ruled most of the world for a thousand years, where has that gotten us?
      Race is not culture, the two are separate not joined by color of one's skin. Culture based upon race or religion is a common means of dividing that which is common among us. Those arbitrary divisions "justify" the lying, cheating, slavery, murder and war by individuals and nations. When I ook beyond racial, cultural and religious biases what I see most is people wanting to live, work and thrive in peace. And peace must be planned for in the place one finds one's self not where we wish we were. Thanks for the comment.

    • Phil, biological race is not arbitrary. You would have to be blind to believe that. Culture IS dependent on race and it always has been. Blacks could not create Egypt or Greece. Incas and Mayans could not sail around the world. African tribesmen could not design an airplane.
      We are fundamentally different in every way imaginable. Genetic science alone bears that out as fact. The bearers of every advanced culture in the ancient and modern world were whites. I'm sorry you don't see or understand that. The failure of whites to rule properly over the last 1000 years has not been because their race is ineffective, it is because they have been disoriented by a foreign ethos called christianity which decimated Europe and confused the soul of European men and women. It then gave birth to democracy and by default all the insane leftist ideologies that exist today seeking to extinguish the white race. This is why you (and Jack) presently believe the wishy-washy multicult nonsense that you do. You are confused and living in a world that will inevitably correct itself. So I would never say never regarding an all white nation or even an all white planet. The pendulum always swings in the other direction eventually.

    • Guys like you anon will never beat the Free Masons. Their first rule is one who thinks like me and accepts my values is more my blood than my own brother. You offer only divisiveness, a myopic and ineffectual world view and a fantasy backed up by God only knows where you got these archeological "facts…" You are their dream come true and you will still be reading Storm Front when they kick in your door and murder you and your loved ones. We are at fucking war, what do you not get about that? Have we not laid out the facts for you? Or perhaps you were too busy with your assigned reading of David Duke (a moron) and Lasha Darkmoon (a Jewish man). In a war you cultivate allies, not enemies…

    • I am not pro- David Duke or the other person you mentioned, nor am I involved in violence or groups of any kind, because ALL groups are run by the feds. I am a person with a large white family; wife, kids, and grandkids. I am only a witness to the destruction and spiritual disease the greatest generation and the boomer generation brought upon the west, a destruction that really began 2,000+ years earIier but fully manifested its destructive powers in WW2 and after.

      I reject your Freemasonic boogeyman placeholder because it is laughable. There are far more dangerous people than the Freemasons. I am sure you know who I am referring to.

      I could sit down and explain the very real link between race and culture, but you have already made up your mind that I am wrong. Whether you like it or not, probably not in your lifetime or mine, the natural order of things will spade the present world under, not by acts of human violence which always beget more violence, suffering, and pain, but by the Dharma which eventually sets all things right by cosmic violence in its many destructive forms.

      Until then you can continue to laugh at and deride people like me. You will never understand how deep in error you really are until you see how much worse our present-day horrorshow is about to become. Thank you for letting me post, Jack.

  8. I have never seen such brainwashing as military veterans and the covid vaxxine. In my family there is a permanent rift between those who are vaxxed and those that are not vaxxed to the point of physical violance. There will be no reconciliation on the issue. None.
    Unvaxxed family members gather separately now. I blame that military for this and dispise them.

  9. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/air-force-academy-diversity-training-tells-cadets-to-use-words-that-include-all-genders-drop-mom-and-dad

    Send the woke to fight the Russians. Better to keep them busy there so there will be less of them to enforce this in fly over country.
    It will eventually come down to us against them.
    America is already segregated along idiogical lines all you have to do to see this is go to Chicago and it's north suburbs vs it's south side. The south side? Full of urban weaponized black people and the north subs that cater to them with the example being the elimination of bail and diversity taught in school and now critical race theories.
    Basically, white males are the enemy.
    And to any US Military member I will never thank you for your service.
    If you thought agent orange was bad for vets wait until that vaxx hits you all are so Gung ho about.
    Many deserve what is comming.

  10. The biggest scum bags in American society are first and foremost medical workers such as doctors and nurses followed by media personalities and then comes teachers. All of these professions are now over run with woke marxsist ideology all pushing transgenderism and vaxxines and fake carbon based environmentalism.
    And they will push the war against Russia.
    Best to lay low and wait for it to collaspe.


    • How successful laying low works depends on how many foreign troops are on the ground after the nukes hit. Best of luck.

  11. Perhaps the 22 American soldiers that commit suicide everyday have figured this out? To that government once done with you you are considered a liability that they have to pay. They hate veterans with a passion and treat them horribly and they want you dead.
    Now this has moved to the general public. For example, social security paid out its largest increase in 40 years because so many old people were culled from vaxxines and poor medical care.
    Curious fact about social security is that since the vaxx the disability roles are way up in spite of the die off and they of course know that this is temporary.
    The die is cast and most white boomers will be dead in 5 years. The most heavily vaxxed demographic.

  12. Excellent article, Phil. I can't help but think that this realm was earmarked for endless conflict from the beginning. After all, this is the turf of the Demiurge and his kids love war. Not to fight it of course but to profit off the oceans of bloodshed. "Wars are the Jew's harvest." (from) "Zaharoff the Jew: Europe's Greatest Enemy" by Lindsay Nicholson.

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