Briefly for those of you who do not know who Harry Vox is, back in the twentieth century he was Zbigniew Brzezinski’s star pupil and protege, the toast of NYC investigative journalism and Jewish literati. In the twenty-first he began to go rogue, criticizing Americas obviously insane foreign policies. By the time of the COVID era and even before with Americas headlong dash to surround Russia with biolabs, he was calling it just as he saw it and was ostracized by the NYC literary community. Off came the suit and tie and just like Zalinsky he took to wearing a tee shirt. His enemy wasn’t Russia but the Jews who have hijacked America and brought it to the precipice of oblivion. Vox attacked them with all the zeal of a man waging a Holy War and sometimes just goes overboard. This video is not one of those times as he displays one of the great minds of the twenty-first century… – Jack      


This video explains how the Jewish banking mafia completely took over the institutions of the US government, media, military and now medicine.

By appealing to to the natural greed of politicians with messages of patriotism and security for America yet nesting within the policies that the Jews implement for the government they have infiltrated, a purely Jewish supremacist agenda masquerading as a agenda that supports the host nation they are able to enlist the entire infrastructure of power for their own secret agenda at the expense of the host nation they are parasitizing.” – Harry Vox 


How they took over the USA (


  1. You do know my high end government computer is blocked from most of this video as it stopped at 26 minutes and became very glitchy. well Vox is on the money with this one as I will tell you its how the whole fucking federal system works as I was there.


  2. If he is not a tool of Schlomo, Jack, he is a renegade Yid. Elon is a very common first name in Israel. Either way, I don't trust the tranny any more than I would trust any billionaire, regardless of race. "Behind every great fortune there is a crime."

  3. Harry Vox is extraordinary and a pleasure to watch and listen to. However, about 2 weeks ago I was watching his presentation on Twitter and its takeover by Elon Musk. To my astonishment, Vox was saying it is a great thing while heaping praise on Musk. A guy who routinely and justifiably rakes the chozen pipple over the coals without pulling his punches, calling them out and telling it like it is, is suddenly admiring a Jew, tranny billionaire who is so obviously fronting for nefarious schemes by his satanic tribe? Musk is a front "man" for the Yids AI interface with humanity scheme. To inexorably entwine people's brains with artificial intelligence thus attaining total control over them, a long tome kosher wet dream. That's what "his" company Neuralink was formed to spearhead. And Vox doesn't know this? Something is seriously, fucking wrong here.

    • Yea the blue check one? It's right after this one. I don't know Heretic; Musk is a cardboard cutout based in the Iron Man comic book I get it and I wonder if he is not a robot himself, but as to him being a tool of Schlomo the verdict is still out on that. He could just as well be a tool of the rival NSA faction…

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