A look at why people have guns in rural America. Or, I eat pork.

So, here you folks go. We were asked to share pictures of the feral pigs that I encounter. This is the beginning of the end for these critters. Not only do they do damage to habitat that I have specifically modified for deer they will destroy a pasture or a garden in no time. I have a neighbor that has a section in a pasture that looks like it has been plowed. It wasn’t a plow but the nose on these beasts that “roots” for food.

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Notice that this is a different view in the woods. The deer feeder is off to the right in this shot. As you can see there is now a trap in the woods. There is a stick proping open the door so they get used to going in and feeding.

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The middle one has domestic coloration but that hair on his back tells the story. These young boars will make a mess of coyotes down the holler a fine meal.

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So far I have counted up to a dozen (12) at one time on camera. Various ages among them, with a couple of big sows.

In case you haven’t encountered stories about feral pigs here is a quick primer. First and foremost the boars can be very agressive. The sow when protecting young is even more so. They are very smart omnivorous creatures. These buggers reproduce at least 3 times a year with litters up to a dozen or more. Since the devastation of natural areas there are very few predators in the woods and fields to keep populations down. They cause untold damage to farrmers and rachers crops and pastures. If they find your garden unprotected by fence or hot wire they will clean it out.

When I sent the first photo to some friends and family I got some interesting responses. The one I liked best was from my wife’s brother-in-law who said “looks like you need a machine gun.” Sometimes it seems so…


  1. Looks like a whole lotta shaken bacon go ‘in on. Pork: “the other white meat”. It is said that pigs can make a human body just disappear, down to the last bone.

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