All this bellow was written in his Book, and all this were available to him for his today’s scheduled presentation….All here is purely and entirely fictional.

Pure work of Fiction, not reality.


The Holy Grail (French: Saint Graal, Breton: Graal Santel, Welsh: Greal Sanctaidd, Cornish: Gral)

G is 7

RA is AR-Sonne/SUN

L is 12 or 1+2 is 3 (L, or l, is the twelfth letter in the Latin alphabet,)

3+7 is 10, number 10 ends the cycle and 3x 7 is 21 is 3, Three sides of the holly Piramyd..the pathway that the light under number 7(G) must pass.

3 x 7 777 -somebody wrote a book called 777 and Other Qabalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley

Al-are we missing here one letter…..or is La




Al-Alfather-or ALL visible, observable cosmos/Universe

Courting-Troubadors-in Lucifers Court

O TT O -RA- HN -AN is ON-in German Licht is AN, which means ON, is our Otto our guiding light(AR/RA) out of this Mess?

Meaning of “an” in German

an means: “on”, “next to” (LOCATIVE) or it doesn’t have a translation (TEMPORAL)

O is 15 1+5 is 6 OTTO equals O/6 Cross or Pi and another O/6

Letter T is


T, or t, is the twentieth letter in the Latin alphabet 6/2020/6 or 6/22/6 6+4+6 is 16, or 1+6 is 7

6x4x6 is 144 or number 9

9×7 is 63/9 and 9+7 is 16/7

T above and below make a cross

Two Ts put side by side are Pi, pi

Image of PI…LINK:

Pi occurs in various mathematical problems involving the lengths of arcs or other curves, the areas of ellipses, sectors, and other curved surfaces, and the volumes of many solids. It is also used in various formulas of physics and engineering to describe such periodic phenomena as the motion of pendulums, the vibration of strings, and alternating electric currents.

Most beautiful light can be observed by the 7 colors….it is the light of this world in your eyes….Eyes receivers of projection….Seven colors create a white prism.

(Sir Issac Newton experimentally proved that white light is made of all the colors of the rainbow.)

The truth is in your eyes and in your Heart.

The brain is just a receiver, and translator but in the end, all that you decide is a matter of a HEART.

Lucifer LUC is fair-like fair winds- this light will take you places…special places.



Court- without c is ort-in German in place
LuC/ I/ FER-ORT-TOR (Tor is door or gate in German)


The Real You must see the true light in this world and the Gate: TOR/ORT will open

The quest must be just…life must be lived well…

If not all that you will see is Red or in German ROT /ORT/TOR

Be the perfect Knight if not you will enter into the realms of Night…K-NIGHT

You will be out of sight and out of the mind of favorable Light….

EYE or I E Y E

The rune of life is in the middle, but if we put E and E, together number 8 or two cubes will be formed..and light will be distorted.

Because everything acts as above so bellow…..action have reactions….

And all together have consequences….No/BODY-Vessel, Avatar rides for free.

Eclipse Black Sun in front of the White Sun, Or White Sun and Moon are the same size and what is seen behind, the dark background is the Black Sun?

YING and Yang in the Sky-Total Eclipse of Your Heart….

The reason why eclipses are very potent for magick rituals…

Does this picture make sense to you…..or the so-called Eclipse?

Black Sun is a representation of the third eye..other two(left and right) Eyes are representations of the Sun and the Moon…

The thing that we call thought is born out of total darkness and trusted into the bright light of the world.

Black SUN, the Source of projection has 12 rays, and we have the Wheel-like Zodiac with 12 rays.12 apostles,12 nights of the Round table with the Sun Symbol in the middle….

12 is 3 1+2 is3 but 3 is 12 again multiplied by the number 4 4×3 is 12

four is the sides of the world,4 seasons,4 stages of life, birth, adolescence, manhood/womanhood, and death

Death, return to the source, but all that said if we include Hyperborean technology

Then the GRAAl is The machine that manipulates reality, and whoever owns the Graal owns the world….

HEIM to all Heimdal Alle da heim

RAin +BOW-bowed; bowing; bows-to usher in or out with a bow

To exit the Show, to acknowledge the true reality of this place, because “All World is a Stage”

RAinBow Bridge-Ra in BOW-rain is the reality that will change, become fluid like water…alchemy

Spear- without S- Appear-but we read APEAR

S is 19 letters of the alphabet 1+ 9 is 10 end of the Cycle

Appears, from nowhere or it must be manifested, by doing good deeds, CATHARS-cathartic moment-to be clean to be pure from materialistic shackles of this world…

SUN is SOUL or SON-only true SUN/or Son may pass the Gate…

Allfather must be challenged…

7 seals or something else…7 zealots/seals 7 wells in Montsegur,7 hills in Rome(Seven hills of Rome

The seven hills of Rome east of the river Tiber form the geographical heart of Rome, within the walls of the city.)

Washington DC – The city on seven hills

1. Capitol Hill

2. Meridian Hill

3. Floral Hills

4. Forest Hills

5. Hillbrook

6. Hillcrest

7. Knox Hill

In biblical prophecy, at the end of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed. Will this city be Rome, Washington, or some other city?

ROMA-AMOR again?

Cathars were Zealots, called by the Catholic Church/CC 33

Castle is a form of a Fort-All Forts/orts have hidden doors, and gates, they are mostly built in the Mountains or surrounded by a body of water…water is a conductor.

The conductor helps or amplifies the potency of the flow of the Current…



con·​duc·​tor kən-ˈdək-tər 

Synonyms of conductor

one that conducts: such as




a collector of fares in a public conveyance

a railroad conductor


the leader of a musical ensemble

an orchestra conductor


a material or object that permits an electric current to flow easily

Copper wire is a good conductor. compare INSULATORSEMICONDUCTOR


: a material capable of transmitting another form of energy (such as heat or sound)

Mountains or Hills are called Rocks…ONE rock to rule the ALL?

Old English hyll “hill,” from Proto-Germanic *hulni- (source also of Middle Dutch hille, Low German hull “hill,” Old Norse hallr “stone,” Gothic hallus “rock,” Old Norse holmr “islet in a bay,” Old English holm “rising land, island”), from PIE root *kel- (2) “to be prominent; hill.” Formerly including mountains.

Schwarze Sonne and Swarzes Stein are interconnected….if this is a machine then you need a remote…to change the channels so to speak.

Is Graal a missing piece fallen during the Eclipse from the Black Sun…CROWN is Corona, visible during eclipses?

Comet, who cometh?Baphomet

“The Final Transformation of Baphomet”

“The final transformation of Baphomet occurred in 1854. French ceremonial magician Elphias Levi re-imagined Baphomet into a figure he named the Sabbatic Goat. Representing the universe in the form of binary opposites, the Sabbatic Goat incorporates elements of the hermaphroditic stone Baphomets and the symbolic ideals of the Templar Baphomet myth. He mingled these elements with Occult, Kabbalistic, and Catholic imagery.”

 “The Magna Figura Baphomet goes back to the work of the secret scientific section in Germany, which was small compared to the Templar center in France. “Baphomet” was often misunderstood. This can already be seen in the Templar trials. But it was only much later, when the Templar order no longer existed, that Eliphas Lévi, already mentioned, alienated in the XIX. This may be remotely reminiscent of the East Asian yin-yang symbol, but that would be a misunderstanding. The Templar depiction also has nothing to do with the alchemical idea of ​​two halves of the human being, which the Templars would have decisively rejected. Rather, we find ourselves here entirely in Gnosis. Before World War I, the Ancient Near Easternist Edmund Meyer defined Baphomet as of Old Babylonian origin.”

Proper Baphomet representation

“There is always the rumor that the Templars worshiped a devilish head named Baphomet (see also the main article about the Templars). However, what it really means can be seen from the word itself. The original form is Akkadian/Babylonian and is called “Bab-Come”, which roughly means “Gateway to the Ray of Light”. Through translations from Akkadian/Babylonian into Old Persian, from there into Arabic, then into Greek, and finally into Latin, it was deformed first to “Bakome” and finally to “Baphomet”. The word actually describes the invisible magical sun (ilum), also the black sun, the source of the divine powers in this world. Special figures were used to attract this force. They show a male/female double head, which is supported by the plait of the female part. It symbolizes the eternal male and female ILU powers, which in their union become the all-creative power. By the time the Templars got their hands on one of the magic stones, they were already making small figurines of Baphomet; however, after obtaining the second stone, they were in possession of both powers, male and female, and could begin a very special project: the creation of the Magna Figura, the Great Baphomet. The idea for creating this figure most likely goes back to Hubertus Koch and was put into practice by Grand Commander Hugo von Weitenegg. The project was carried out by the Secret Science Section, not by the Templars as a whole. The Magna Figura Baphomet was a magical device whose function for the knights lay not in that time but in the distant future. When the time is right, the two magic stones can be put together in such a way that the figure creates a vibrational affinity with the magic sun. Without the wooden base, the figure is 1.25 m high and is probably made entirely of gold. The octagonal pedestal under the figure is said to be decorated with numerous precious stones and provided with a drawer into which the Garil is inserted. On the apex of the double head, there is a hole intended for the Ilua.

The Great Baphomet was mainly located in Vienna or the surrounding area. It is unclear where he remained after the Templars were smashed. In statements of the Inquisition, the possibility is assumed that he was taken to Tempelhof (Berlin)”

We are All in this To GET HER(together)

Swarzer Stein has fallen from Lucifer’s Crown and when they are joined together….normal reality will be established.

But if this a Hologram, some people are not real, and they can never leave this place or, even worse fate awaits them, they will be like this place erased permanently…

As he have written this above TV in his room started to flicker and change channels, it was the weirdest thing.

Nobody has sat on the remote, nobody had even touched the remote. He picked up a plastic thing filled with a sea of buttons and said right now!?!, when I am writing my conclusion, final words, this is happening…an omen?

This old TV, which I almost never use just went off by itself…

TV was in a frenzy the channels keep on changing on their own and annoying clicks(sounds of a change of channels) would not stop.

After a few minutes of this craziness, he decided to pull off the plug from this crazed beast, and finally, the TV stopped with his outburst of craziness and the screen went dark.

Grail, Cathars, elusive Goddes, Catholic Church, Otto Rahn, Hyperboria, and silent voices of the runes were still spinning in his mind.

With every new step going down the stairs in his building, he was not sure how his colleagues would react to this discovery…it was no doubt, but the feeling of new possibilities that would this discovery enabled.

The new routes will be open to questioning….but he was cautious, he knew all this could vanish if certain organizations decide to bury his work…

it has happened before, he would be not definitively the first martyr killed by the people who don’t want to see a true renaissance of humanity.

Many researchers are buried together with their great deeds and ideas…some “people” simply despise the idea of the world that doesn’t always hang in the balance…

Can he finally make the breakthrough, and open human minds and hearts…does humanity as a group wants to change ill-guided ways?

His head was bursting with new ideas, the world was about to change or he will become another casualty of the system, which doesn’t take the idea of any change lightly.

The auditorium for his grand presentation was extremely large, but he was worried if this message of his should be said, at all, Were Otto Rahn and Runes guiding him all this time?

Is this what is all about, his life will be seized in measured in this one moment, this one presentation…

Will he be the next madman of science or the next frontman, bearer of the Light, stricken by Lucifer’s light and guidance?

Can he truly change the world with this one speech?

will this be enough?

Can this one guy, almost unknown till now change the course and direction of the human mind?

His mind started unstoppably almost out of control to think about new possibilities and the tragedies that new discovery would bring to many.

What awaits him on the other side…is he alive and others are just binary walking, talking computer codes…

Is the book, still written as he thinks?

, is free will just an illusion a necessary mirage created form for many so they would not go mad?

What about those poor souls who are stuck in this machine for thousand and thousand years?

How would they react…would be a feeling of gratitude or wild uncontrollable anger?

What if your daughter or your son is just a binary code, ones and zeros, could you take it…or will you decide to go on and live in the haze of this involuntary illusion?

Is what we call Grall a missing piece that restores the reality, true reality, this is the reason why this piece of hyperborean technology was so shrouded in mistery…and many idiotic postulates and unethical series of lies are invented by church and others modern conjurers

to keep this lie, this world going?

Nikola Tesla knew this world is a machine…but he didnt go too far, how else would he get the money for the research…he was smart.

The one Who has the Graal controls the world…

maybe this should be the title of his presentation..he thought.

“Without change, something sleeps inside us and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.” Frank Herbert

….he remembered the line from a popular Book.

Entering his car, and running towards his bigger adventure he was undecided, torn…it his head was the song from Clash: Should I Stay or Should I Go”

If I go, there will be trouble
And if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know

Do I have the right to shatter people’s dreams, even if they are made up, a product of false, simulated reality?

Suddenly he was not excited anymore…

The car started off without any trouble, but the blue car didnt move an inch….

Should I Stay or Should I Go”?

It was not a lack of courage, he got that in spades, but the burden on his mind started to shrink him on the spot.

To be or not be…suddenly had a different meaning…

How you tell the almost whole world, you know guys, there is this, very funny don’t exist, you are part of the program that came to live…and if we plug this last part called Graal, many of you will be literally erased from this program.

A program that simulated world events for thousands of years…how do you tell somebody you are not alive?

I am sorry but You, never existed…here, here are the flowers, good luck in your future endeavors…

You all are part of the story: everyone has a part to PLAY in this adventure.

All these great deeds and timeless adventures in Human history, all part of the story?

They say Hyperboria was a mythical place, never to be found…Aurora Borealis..the guiding light, smoke signals from the north, is the entrance to Agartha the exit from this wretched place?

What would exit look like for those tormented souls?

How many would be able to keep their composure and not lose their minds?

He was already late, it seemed like time has stopped running and this moment was endless…he thought Time..what is time.. actually..a joke, a freaking joke!

Black Goo is a liquid that is an acting purifier, a purifier that takes souls that are not usable anymore, or malfunctioned….

For Highly advanced machine you need higly advanced lubricant,black inteligent Oil,together machine and Oil create perpetum mobile in theory.

But what happens when Black Oil/Goo in this case is reprogramed or even worse becomes self aware and loses his primary function…

Has the program and its Mad Hatter- programmer gone insane and they can stop but continue to indulge in this immaculate insanity, stop this perversion of existence?

This world could be saved, inhabitants keep intact and left alone, but Grall the last part must be put in the machine so reality can be restored…

Is this my mission here, to kill this illusionary beast and help the poor souls that are stranded here in this neverending Dream?

is this the reason why I am allowed to give this presentation, to so many…

In the Sea of Answers, I still had a mountain of questions….

Time stood still, the car was running..all I had to do is go into the arms of my destiny….but for some reason that old blue car and I were standing still…no momentum was built, nothing was moving.

Lately, machines started to act, the mandella effect was created, and many could see that something is wrong in this place…Sun was different Colour, Moon was every night in a different place, sometimes he stood where just Sun went to sleep…it was almost hilarious….The change was on the horizon.

Names of the popular song changed overnight and sometimes changed back to the original state/name…in a span of just few days.

Names of the street have been “supernaturally” changed, a variety of products, tv celebrities died and then lived again…

Whole continents moved from their usual places…Australia was not any more place called “Down Under” because she was too close to her oceanic brothers and sisters, a group of islands popularly called Indonesia

Cuba was a small island not that close to America, but now Cuba was a big island, one could almost swimm to the other side and unpleasant adventures in the sixties between Two big military powers didnt make sense anymore…Bay of the Pigs and the whole nuclear fiasco…was for not delussional mind highly questionable affair.

World has changed and it was like nobody cared…has the mind and soul in this place already been broken…programed to do as they have been told..he would not question that obvious fact.

Soul…where the actual Soul the human body or somewhere else….The soul is a more quantum connection between the avatar and the source…Black Sun than something that lives in the human body…

Throughout the known History that was available to commoners, the Grall was presented as this mystical chalice or cup that one should drink of and then become an immortal…The trick was, there were already immortals walking among us, but they didn’t know who they really are, nor the year or place that they inhabit.

The Truth was Graal was needed, it was a missing link so one can truly become alive…but it was a different form of know these so-called elites are always giving you the truth, but inverted truth…this way they stay “illuminated” and others persist in this abnormal state of being, they don’t get to manifest their true form…

So they wonder lost and broken indefinitely…

All that will change, maybe my presentation will be the final nail in the coffin,and many will finally realize what they really are and most important where.

But I am already late, maybe too late, how about I upload my thoughts to the world, and give my thoughts through the means of the Internet?

Hyperborians, are you there….I shouted loudly in the dark night…

No answer, I thought so….

Then for no reason, radio started to play off like a Tv set before….no matter what he would do radio kept changing stations and the volume and loudness of the incoming sounds.

He was not scared..he just said… OK, I understand I should do this… don’t get crazy on me now.

I get it, I have to do this, this is the sign….I’ll do it don’t worry…

I will pass the message, you just keep my thoughts online…do we have the deal…

The radio went silent and then a song from INXS started:

“Never Tear Us Apart”

Don’t ask me
What you know is true
Don’t have to tell you
I love your precious heart

I was standing
You were there
Two worlds collided
And they could never tear us apart

We could live
For a thousand years
But if I hurt you
I’d make wine from your tears

I told you
That we could fly
‘Cause we all have wings
But some of us don’t know why

I was standing
You were there
Two worlds collided
And they could never ever tear us apart

(Don’t ask me)
I was standing
(You know it’s true)
You were there
(Worlds collided)
Two worlds collided
(We’re shining through)
And they could never tear us apart

(Don’t ask me)
You were standing
(You know it’s true)
I was there
(Worlds collided)
Two worlds collided
(We’re shining through)
And they could never tear us apart

I was standing
You were there
Two worlds collided

Add on: Arthur and the round table, sometimes in the middle is the image of the Sun and sometimes is the Graal.

TYR rune and so-called life rune Y are connected: ONE forms the spear, hands down, and the other is Life, hands in the air…Y is Yggdrasil, Meaning: Sun that is in man, and is again connected to the sacred three.

Tainted Love, Dream On

Day holds the night, nights hold the day

another twilight, another stage fright

by your side

another precious second lost

all have given to this strange nod

World again lost

in hot frost

burned red toats

runaway blinded toad

Never lose your fate

don’t accept the game of hate

sounds of you,

blessings have come too soon

midnight love bathed in a silver spoon

Stranger things

hot desert unforgettable winks

stumbling sailor drinks

Dancing estranged winners, obeying sins

calculating devilish mind has been

lost behind

Tainted love, calling from above

Dark skies,

hope that flies

Love lost in the desert

in the land of the eternal frost

The roster is comming home

Black star

Black moon

Hollow light

Dancing sight

running fright

Vampire in the ghost town

the song that is too loud

The human heart pumps red blood too loud

don’t make a sound

time has come

to go home

or dwell under the wrong Sonne

alone, without the stars

naked in scars

tainted by the black farce

silly romance

donated violent, intoxicated trance

dark vengeance and even darker romance

The last train has left the station

love lost in the hearts of many nations

all are on a deserved vacation

demented vaccination

the subjugation of the mind

hot translucent rain

poured on the heads

frozen lead

Death man’s hand

just because she can

Boiling weather promised without one shiny feather

Summer has almost gone

are you done,

is bravery gone?

Faul smell

foul lust

October rust

Eyes lost in the neverending dust

world comming down very fast

Snow turned into a wild blow

Who wants to know?

Wild rabbit and his deadly habit

the forgotten street that feels without the host

face that looks like a ghost

Sounds of you take me through

Your hair is now my black affair

Your skin is my road to win

your beautiful eyes my only sin

Glory and fame are just lame

dispersed and tame

this story is for you

this story is for me

all that is left is us three

You, me, and the story

our sacred morning that calls for the glory


of the hearths

silent kiss of the falling stars

hidden from indoctrinated wars

the world is passing by

the blue sky will never die

Our eyes, our naked skin

dancing tremors, distant erotic favors

The flavor of running time, frozen dime

cursed beehive

the mad world that thrives

we will leave all this nonsense behind

with, one perfect try?

maybe even say a final goodbye

My love time has gone

we are not alone

best to come home

before all is done

under this dome

favor and deadly kiss

hunters miss

Tainted love, tainted, roaming spirits

the flower is hidden behind the cover

This or the next world is for us

the secret lovers

fallen Angels you and me

two hearts that can see

are you ready to flee,

my love?

World in reverse

World in reverse such a wonderful curse

Even the birds are flying backward

how lovely and how terribly awkward?

Stone doesn’t sink, water doesn’t flink

Men and women do not think

all that is precious sink

without one lazy wink

Inverted nature is getting old

the last paradise has been sold

under one thousand volts

nobody is strong

all just live to get along

The duck is lost in the sky

even she has forgotten how and where to fly

is the end nie?

One word and poor Goodbye?

Or we sail without the northern star

who cares where, just desperately far

far from this place

far from enslaved human race

far from this tumbling disgrace

Love is hate now

Hate is love somehow

garden of pleasures is filled with hidden, unspoken treasures

Life in reverse is a really strange curse

very notorious and wildly diverse

full of pride, full of sudden joy

a devils plaything, his devious toy

Argonauts lost the golden fleece

somewhere in Venice or Nice(Town in France)

so I have been told, maybe a lie or two have been sold?

Life is Wild romance without any protective fence

the trivial pursuit for confused Inuit

Magick wand from the decadent, blind druid

Reality has been broken and now unusually fluid

Is life on reverse such a terrible curse?

diversified slogans for that who feel troubled and absent nomads

Fatality meets abnormality

All is there for the naked eye to see

even the last brave man is trying to flee

the boat is sailing on his back, even he lost his track

is the Human mind ever comming back…

from this raw and dirty one-punch attack?

Minds don’t think all sink

Devil horn, Satans porn, hells dorm

twisted game without the conventional shame

Kids are born old the old is born young

all is synced in reverse all is tumbling in the fast track

is “normal” life ever comming back?

Synchronized Minds, Age of Ai, perverted Medjay

Corrupted magick that just doesn’t want to die?

What are you gonna do when all these troubles come for you?

Will you stand alone or give your naked hand

to be branded or stranded,

caught empty-handed?

Quotations used from:

Again this above is a work of fiction…this took a lot of my time, and really I don’t have the willpower to check for writing mistakes…

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  1. “In biblical prophecy, at the end of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed. Will this city be Rome, Washington, or some other city?”

    You’re in my dreams again. Although this time ones 25 years ago. I guess youth wasn’t on my side at the time it felt like having to cram my homework in before the lights went out and basically was left with trying to hold onto something and decided, “Fuck it Hitler did nothing wrong if this world is good then I choose to be with the bad guys”. Thankfully it took me to the end destination after all there are so may thousands of footsteps that can go terribly wrong it’s nice to walk blindly in the dark not knowing if you’re on land or in the middle of an ocean or even the heights peak. c’est la vie

    I still remember trying to spit out what I saw and knew before it faded but it all turned to shit until now when I held onto weird things I remembered and they all played out after the fact (hah see the futility in trying to change the outcome knowing it before hand?). The best I can say too little too late but helped with me “rushing” all the time to get people active was trying to tell people the future we are in now back in the Backstreet Boy Britney Spears daze era of the 90’s. It was like trying to tell people about aliens back then and getting laughed. In fact I told my invisible friends I ain’t saying shit about aliens and at one pointed laughed at the idea of it. They were serious, so was I. My marbles were already fried last thing I needed to do was start spouting about realities I couldn’t explain. Plus that pull to live a normal life gets to you. I do remember D.C. not having a good time and when it all plays out in reverse it was tragic for a kid to see without understanding the context or time. Now I’m with the Russians on never smiling. For them it’s a manner of deceit, for the jew it’s a way of hiding their demons, for me it’s to hold back my unbridled rage.

    Going forwards only to go backwards I’m looking at memories, dreams, and events and pondering one of the absolute serious questions of our time. What came first? The chicken or the egg? How else could a kid who had know understanding of this reality find himself screaming “is this it? A wife, kids, degree, house, and dog and sit around and die?” being propelled into another reality. Walking through this dream reality to the end realizing it’s not that bad this guy apparently knows what the hell he’s doing only to come back with pieces of this dream to later piece it together as something that happened as I continue walking in this reality. Did him some favors did me some favors living a basic life. I’m wondering if I laughed at the idea of aliens is because you’re the alien you’ve been waiting for. Great article brother.

      • Elian

        NAME ROOT:
        *Hāwélios > Hḗlios > Ælĭānus
        This name derives from the Ancient Greek “hḗlios ‎(ἥλιος)” Latinized as Helius (sun, east, day, sunshine), which in turn derives from the Proto-Hellenic “*hāwélios.” Helios was the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology. Helios was envisioned as a beautiful god crowned with a shining halo of the sun, who drove the chariot of the sun across the sky each day to earth-circling Oceanus and through the world-ocean returned to the East at night. The Greek “ἥλιος” is the inherited word for the sun, cognate with the Latin “sol” and the Sanskrit “Surya.” In Greek mythology, the Heliades (Greek: Ἡλιάδες, ‘children of the sun’) were the daughters of Helios and Clymene the Oceanid.

    • Great comments,

      “I guess it does really boil down to ALIENS in the end really. You’re either A LION or A LIE’N unto yourself.”

      I 100 % agree with this statement, too often we rely on others than on power than lies in us…

      Everything is easier if others don’t do what we expected to do from them…

      Greg, we are the aliens in this world, but that being said this is not a bad is actually a very good thing.

      And according to that profound revelation, we are destined to help each other.

      Thank You, All the Best, My friend.

  2. Honestly, HP, your finest work yet and that is saying a helluva lot. I can’t help but think that the Demiurge and his Archons are a gargantuan A.I. network. Silicon Valley and its daddy, DARPA, is their bitch. Be well, Brother. 88! & Sinn Fein.

    • Thank you, brother.

      “I can’t help but think that the Demiurge and his Archons are a gargantuan A.I. network.”

      Hive mind..and all these fools who got vaccinated are now direct links to these beings through the 5g towers.

      Great observation…

      Cheers brother.

      • Yes, the vaxx’s main purpose is to separate humans from their original neuro network the chakra systems and that energy aura around every human being, the real ones anyway.
        Perhaps even the connection to the Spirit itself, the creator? I believe so as the vaxxed proved that they are part of that hive mind precisely because they took the vaxx. They are the sub or non humans surrounding us like a zombie apocholypse we are the remnant led by Spirit and I have no worries as needs are always met until we are guided out of here physically or through death as either way we are out of here.
        The key going forward is to live life to its fullest and watch things change around you, as you become one with the Spirit riding this illusion of a world like a sky diver rides the wind.
        To me this life is exciting to watch because we are the remnant hated by the current system because we are not of this world. That vaxx is a mark of the beast because once marked your owned by this world and are part of its matrix.
        Just an opinion.

        • I have stones all around me, the Evangelical princess has a stone for vision for the family tom cat. She says that this stone found in our very spiritual Kettle Moraine forest improves vision, me and the Tom share the stone. My vision has faded same as his but for the stone we would both be blind. Now we both can see enough to function in our current environment. Not perfect, but enough sight to get along in this world with a bit of dignity. Dignity? The way of the Spirit as we zig and zag around the various realities.
          Belive as you please.

          • Thank you Nine, great comments.

            Nobody here will dispute the power of stones, and how they can change the flow in the house or on the property…yes is true we are not of this world…Injected with nanotechnology, became one with the system, Skynet if you wish, by letting them be branded and taken over or recognized as a part of the machine.
            This is the sole reason why these new freshly formed “units” will tirelessly defend the system.
            Cheers brother.

  3. Utterly exquisite, pertinent, and dare I say prescient of you brother. You hit the proverbial nail on the head more than once and rammed it home nicely…
    12 and 7 are always there staring back at us, like 9 and 6.
    Interestingly, when I opened this up to read (during a teams meeting that was not holding my attention), teams crashed and my laptop had to be rebooted… Five times, until I put the phone down and stopped reading, at which point the laptop worked fine.
    A clear sign that you’re on the right path, the right track, at the right time…
    Everything is shrouded in allegory, but we’ve cracked that code and now it’s time to write the new allegory for the man to come, and it looks like you’ve already got a headstart on that front my friend…
    We all have much to thank you for HP!

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