, don’t lose your sight

Under the power of the White Sun

New Son will be born

White light carries the message of a sacred right

White light gives him the power to fight

Summerian Summer is done

fear and uncertainty suddenly gone

The soul that travels between two worlds,

unravels a treasure hidden behind the iron doors

astral contraction, a new attraction

a new set of rules for aging fools

Soul and mind finally can dine

They can drink together the best vine

One needs the other

One feeds the other

Two are one, it can’t be undone

Blacks Sun greets the old restless traveler

White Sun waves to the newborn King

All universe tremors and sing

Cosmic orgasm, the audacity of final erotic spasm

The king has finally arrived, he wears the true Crown

All hail!

The new Sherriff is in town

Crown opens the well-sealed door,

told only in dreams before

Materialism fades, beloved soul obeys

There is no more game of hide and seek

We finally meet

Victory has been never lost, it was carefully

hidden forever under the rays of the sun and winter frost

Demiurge is now a sad, broken hollow beast

no more foul souls for him to feast

It is a vortex born out of love directly above

Sun rays bring a final solution

This is the true story of man’s “evolution”

is this how this story ends?

No trumpets, no greeting friends?

Just a story, a few thousand years old

That suddenly unfolds,

Avatar has crossed the point of no return

the frail Human body will burn

Sacred fire, fires the pulse filled with youthful desire

the face of the true Messiah has been seen…

Where have you been?

I was lost in the darkness, in the unimaginable cold,

so I was told

Hyberboria is on the phone, traveler reaches the Home

Enter into the kingdom of old, greets the true Nord.

The Kingdom of Death is behind you,

feel the new Sun on your skin, yes,

you can call this a win,

without the presence of original sin.

Every story must be set free

without any decree.

It is a voyage of the chosen, years ago forgotten

Now they are home, strange energy can be felt in every bone

Thousand years is a long time to live, too many years to forgive

But here days are long for anyone who is young and strong

Sun King, in my heart,

Sun King, in my head,

I have risen from the death

On fair winds, now I sail, I got this feeling no matter what happens next

I will prevail…

Strong and young I am marching

under the power of thousand suns

I’m having tremendous fun

Black Sun, now is a memory of old

A new story must be told

So long Brothers

So long Sisters

This is not a goodbye full of tears

but the new beginning, a new life without the fears

Those who endure will find the sacred cure

It is in your blood, running very hot

Secret so old that I have no excuse

it must be told

Son of the man, listen well and change your fate

This is the one meeting, you can’t be late


I listen to, too many things, too many modern conjures telling us not to trust our gut.

To go places, visit this, that site….One prophet is more honest and truthful than another.

Nobody is telling you to listen to your gut, your Guardian Angel.

it seems all ends in a vortex of blissful ignorance, that never goes beyond certain points that can not be questioned or examined.

Jung and Nietzsche

These people are/were not idiots, Miguel Serrano left many pieces out so that when the time will come they can be put together when rays of evil will burn your skin with a strength of malevolent force never seen before.

Take your picture from 2013/2014/2015/2016-can you recognize the man or woman in this picture, this is how far your conscience went in a span of just a few years….

You don’t know who that person in the picture was anymore like he /she was washed away…forever.

There is no junk DNA under the power of the certain sun, you change, and you evolve rapidly..this can’t be stopped, only delayed.

It is about transmutation, not about injections, Who, WEf, Domains(org) CIA, pdf ukk fgga and ukk, and other alphabet nonsense.

It is not about Biden, Kennedy, Putin, or Trump.

It is about YOU

IDEAS have a life of their own”

Philip K Dick’s speech (interpreter edited out) in Metz, France, 1977-Without the French interpreter, so you can listen through the whole speech without interruption.

“This is Philip K Dick’s famous Metz speech given in Metz, France in 1977. Philip gave the speech with a French interpreter beside him for the audience, but for English speakers, it can be distracting. I took care of that for you in addition to very subtly improving the video quality and doing modest touch-ups to the audio, making it clearer and reducing the humming without too heavy a hand. In the speech, he explores some of his ideas of parallel realities (lateral realities/lateral dimensions), his experience in 1974 (2-3-74), and how they both relate to his novels.”-
Brynnium YT-Channel

Reality is a fluid thing, that can be changed, this nonsense that is prevailing right now doesn’t need to exist in this reality…

it is time…

I mean, they all are here to help YOU, to help humanity.

I have seen this place I know where we are, I don’t need to be here, I really don’t.

And I don’t need your dirty money,f your dirty honey!

Show that Mammons treasure up your Ass!

We don’t need f machines, you don’t need Ethernet, you want to be a Cyber PUNK?

Do you, god luck with that.


We had a dream-The Great Domination of The Mind Léon Degrelle


JUN 2, 2023 This was written on this date and year, and I gave a more colorful statement, than this here…In my humble observation, this song is too good to stay on Substack.

I hope you’ll agree with me.

Cheers, do random good deeds and even this wounded world will start to change.

Personal responsibility is the answer, for you and the others.

We are the last and only defense against the powers of darkness

when they knock, we knock back.

Don’t send another man to do your job.

The “Most Evil” people in the history of The world https://odysee.com/@muflon33:e/EU2u6xll0hLYKXdc:4

Three Books by Charles Fort

Charles H. Fort (1874-1932) was an investigator of unusual and anomalous phenomena.


Charles H. Fort (1874-1932) was an investigator of unusual and anomalous phenomena. The three works in this file, New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931), and Wild Talents (1933), are collections of data from scientific journals, newspapers, and periodicals, loosely categorized by Fort and commented on in his humorous style. Fort is considered the Father of modern UFO studies. Compiled by Robert Bedrosian, October 2016, in 675 bookmarked and searchable pdf pages.

New Lands (1923).

Lo! (1931).

Wild Talents (1933)

Fort’s other important work, Book of the Damned (1919), may be downloaded from the Internet Archive here: Fort’s Book of the Damned, at archive.org.

Fort’s Complete Works are available for reading online: Complete Works of Charles Fort, at sacred-texts.com.

Fallen from the star

hidden in Avatar, not that far

included in the star wars

hidden behind the golden bars

without care, you can be a billionaire

just sell your soul, pay the toll

Own the knight and become the fright

Come in the night

take the children, take them out of the bed

tell the others all Is set

Is this fun?

where is your Sun?

Why are you here?

You all are lost, this is just another of “those” posts

Mailman has not been here so you can interfere

Messages are coming, who is counting?

who is haunting?

In the darkness of the night,

living vampires are fright

dont lose your light and you will be all right

be ready for a fight.

To make a mess, to make them to undress

to show the world what they really are

For many this world doesn’t exist

don’t persist, they live their lives without even using the fist

they are harmless baffoons, cast out in this funny cartoon

They think they are alive, no you are just part of the hive

Your queen has yet to be seen

You are all connected, your brains dissected

thought fallen from empty skulls all you can think,

are sport and round balls

Swimming in deadly halls

nobody answers these empty calls

every day they are more empty in the land of plenty

Brains have been sold to the higher power, they say

they constantly pray

They are looking for the elusive God, that lives high in the sky

to reach him they will try

will he say hi or goodbye?

Will he answer the prayers, another hidden layer

is he there, does he care?

does he work in a mysterious way so he can play,

play this game without shame?

Aliens are there, would you care?

Are they this God, this thought

this searching light, you all are ready to fight

Are they kind, or you all are just very blind…

What if nothing is there?

would you still care?

What if everything is on you

what if you are not the number two

but one, one that must-see things to be done

before he is gone

from this place without the trace

never showing his face

what if all here is just a fools race

A game, a battlefield filled with aliens in the cornfield

Invasions of the greys, even blues

somebody has to pay his dues

even if they do not have the clues

Star Wars, Predator, Star Trek

all in your head?

All in your eyes

director and producer very close by

is he high

or he just can’t realize

he was living a lie

because he does ’t want to die.

Death is not the end, nothing has to be lend

nothing has to be bent

even sent

You will receive what you give

In this life, all you have to do is live this existence right

accept the fight

It is given to you, to push through

don’t be frozen you have been chosen

You can always say no and go

Enjoy life but don’t expect on the deathbed high five

your soul will not thrive and you will not rise

you will become part of the hive

Without own thought, you will wander about in this desolated world

desperately searching for your sword

Actions are reaction

Fools are tools

Life can be a knife

even without the naggy wife

The path wrong chosen is most of the time frozen

suspend in time a real human crime

where is the missing time?

is this all about Nine

Will you be fine?

Even here where death greets the living

where life is filled with things very deceiving

Those who know are part of the flow

ready to go, to feel under their feet white snow

They don’t bow, they don’t kneel

just to be able to feel

The muppet show is in town, mental disease is on the prowl

Remembrance is a new entrance

a new path, just follow the black cat

the Mad Hatter is in town, he wants to see you growl

he wants to see you beg, even to cut off your healthy leg

Will you kneel, just to fell

will you be part of the game

so you can say I am the same

will you go quietly into the night

just to feel you did something right?

or will you say Hell no, I am not part of this decadent show

I don’t bow

I don’t growl

I don’t listen to the blind owl

I am not part of the game I don’t have to feel this unbearable shame

we are not the same…

I am a stranger in the strange land

I found my own band

all is in my hand

future and the past that will last

Now is with me, I have no choice but to follow my voice

Darkness or light?

don’t matter to me I came here to fight….

The Dark City, The City That Never Sleeps.

I am a watcher, Right now I am standing on the corner of the dusty street filled with neverending rivers of people. Smart people, stupid people, people in love, people with broken hearts, lonely people who just waiting for this day to finally end… The town is alive, rush hour is in full effect. Blue Trams are going up and down the main street, sometimes 6 is chasing, nine, sometimes 9 is chasing number 11.

You can but wonder who are busier people who are constantly chasing more time or blue trams that just keep coming and going…

Everything is on the move, machines are being machines and people are starting to behave like machines.

All becomes a twisted game of flesh and metal combined in one song, this song has its own rhythm, its own frequency, and its own particular dance.

I watch them day and night, the river of lost polluted minds looking for more time…Time in this place equals money..and time or money, in this case, should be relentlessly chased even when is no more need for the chase.

When enough is enough?

I keep wondering observing them looking for the right guy or gal to come, to pass me by.

Many faces are lost in digital screens, many of them just teens.

So young but already lost, paying the ultimate price for bad advice.

I am there showing my angelic form, they seem lost, they don’t care. The chase for more time, this thirst is stronger, it eats them alive…

Side by side the robotic dance filled with strange digital voices and devil’s trance.

Blinded by greed street is filled with uncomfortable heat.

In filled blue trams, there are no more seats to be found…

many are cursing heaven and the ground

I just smile and wonder, at this mess and blunder

without the unprovable thunder, lead asunder

Hey, kid! I say with a smile…can you see me?

Yes sir I can, you look strange mister…

yeah I do…hahaha

I should look strange to you, but never mind the differences…Kid, I have something to show you. Don’t be afraid, I am not a foul thing that preys on young human offspring, I am much more.

OK mister, but my mother told me not to talk to strangers…so you know she will find you if you try to do anything bad to me…

I know, I know little friend…do I look like an ordinary human?

Kids look at me with innocent eyes that only a human child can possess:

No Sir you don’t look like anyone I ever saw in my life and I and my friends have visited the Zoo this year…

Even the zoo doesn’t have animals that come close to you!

Really, who knew, maybe they need to catch more exotic birds…just an innocent observation…

Kid you know some birds are not meant to be caged, they are too beautiful to be left to root inside the barrs of some rusty cage.

I am not a bird but I assure you I can fly my young padawan.

What is padawan mister….

I forgot you are still too young to know…something from the movies, you know what movies are?

I know, mister!

I am sure you do…

Padawan is a very special kid, chosen for a very special adventure and an even more special life.

Sound exciting!

yeah, it does, does ’t it?

Here call your mother, tell her that you are visiting the Zoo with your friends, there is a special new bird there that just must have to be seen.

Call her that way she will not be worried, but trust me we will not travel far.

The kid calls his mother and in a matter of few seconds, he says: I can go!

But mister, where we are going?

In a place called The future…it is not where but when…

here take my hand and count to three, OK?

Count to three, and no matter what happens don’t let go of my hand…it is very important that we stay together… understand?

I do…

O.k One….


but you said I must count to three…

you still can…nobody is stopping you…I said smilingly…

Wauuu…where are we, where is everybody?

Kid you are home, but twenty years later…

You are in the middle of a place called…The Dark City

A Dark City?

Yes, Dark City…and yes nobody is alive anymore.

Nobody, just you and me…no tram drivers, no busy people, no pollution, no barking nervous dogs, no strait cats….

Just wind, the sound of the broken doors, and eerie constant silence.

But, but, what happened…wait is my mother alive?

No kid I got to be honest with you..just you and me…darkness and excruciating silence.

And this silence and darkness is why you and me are here…You my little friend need to see this, this must never happen…never.

People are too valuable and this world means too much for my kind, this world must live…

Where now stand the darkness must be the Sun, or the light if you wish, a simplified version of events.

Kid You are chosen, in the years that are to come this will be your burden to carry…

Even if you tell anyone right now nobody will believe you, so don’t even try..or you will risk becoming laffing stock of your class… and we don’t want that to happen..right?

We don’t mister, no we don’t.

You know what I am gonna help you, I mean I am small but I will do anything to save my mother and my friends…

I know kid, this is the reason why it has to be you…You my little friend are more than meets the eye.

10 years from now there will be an event, a blinding event, many people will die and others will gain almost what you and your little friends call superpowers.

Your DNA structure will be altered, your skin will become hard as the hardest steel and your bones will become almost indestructible.

Did I get to be Superman?

Yes, you may call yourself Supermen, a very special kind of person…but my little friend with great power comes great responsibility.

If not treated with the utmost care, what you see around you will be the final result, life as you know it will cease to exist.

Ruin upon ruin, a lifeless desert filled with dark and silence…Hell on Earth.

My little friend, what you call life is a very special and precious gift, an innocent flower, that needs Sunlight and water…if one or the other is left out of the equation..guess what happens….

Dark City…comes knocking on your door.

And Kid, don’t worry everything will be explained to you with time..we got plenty of time.

But mister you said we just have 10 years before this event of yours happens…this doesn’t sound like much time, even to a small kid like me…

Trust me kid we have all time in the world, but once events are set in motion, there can’t be any room for even tynier mistakes…

Now what you call time is standing still…there is no future no past…just present.

You control time Mister?

Yeah, I control the flow of time right now, you can say that I am some kind of time traveler.

When the time will be sent in motion again you will be teleported back to your timeline and don’t be afraid I will be always watching you…You are not alone…say it.

I am not alone…

Good, don’t you ever forget that fact…I gave him a wink.

You know we two boys have serious work to do, and we can’t be late for this party.

When night comes the Dark City becomes a deviant creature filled with “others”, beings that are soulless and can’t leave this place…reincarnation doesn’t work anymore, everything is out of sync…broken.

I can risk with my young padawan to see them, there is actually nothing to see but you can feel when something is crawling on the back of your spine, trying to consume you. These beings are attracted to human essence, to the thing, what you humans simply call the Soul.

In total darkness, the human soul lits this place like a torch lights the night in the desert…

It is time to go, it is almost sunset…

I know you want to see empty trams, visit streets that you know, I know how curious you are…but we can’t do this some other time if you wish so.

I can handle these beings, you kid on another side….you cant…this is not the place for kids.

Right now this is not the place for anyone, nobody can survive here, no mortal being.

Wait, are you one of these super-people..men?


You are, I know you are!

Everything will be known to you in time, have patience…

Sometimes we will jump here so you can learn about these creatures and, most important you must begin with your training.

We can train here in the future without unnecessary exposure…nobody is here during the day…but kid day here doesn’t last long only four human hours, and when time flow is again set in motion we must stay on our guard.

I can jump into another timeline, you my little brave friend…you cant…for now.

I can also use my glow and temporarily heat the air around me to 5000 Celsius, fire burns anything that has the misfortune to be found itself within a radius of one and a half miles…

There is a catch, I can use this only once, after that I can’t jump from this place into safe haven of another timeline, my powers are drained, and I need a few days to recuperate.

This is more last stand solution than an actual weapon.

And yes I can read your thoughts….

You can, could I do all these things?

With time, you must train, nothing comes easy even for super people…as you call them…

OK, time to go kid…your mother is waiting…

Hold my hand and…

I know and count to three…kid smiles

Yeah to three…haha

You are a fast learner I must give you that.


I was there, back in a city brimming with life, full of nervous people, and blue tireless trams. Everything seemed loud, I instantly had nostalgia for the future and the silence that the future will bring to these lands…

Was it all real?

Daydream… maybe…will I get the sign…

I wish that this was the reality, I wish this funny-looking stranger was real…I felt so normal suddenly…

The wind was playing with old papers that have fallen from the nearest trashcan…but there was something written on one flashy piece of paper…paper was filled with many colors, almost like he was glowing, calling me to pick him up.

I came closer, and Paper was just standing there like he was suspended by some unknown force, facing me with the following message:

“Kid you are not dreaming”

Authors note:

Life is in the end a really captivating adventure full of mysteries and fascinating people and many times people will surprise you and in one short second you will see how much beauty surrounds you…in this moment darkness just fades away and you again will become a man with a mission.

Maybe different mission, but the mission nonetheless.

JUL 8, 2023


    • It is said that a fully lit transfigured 3’rd Grader graduate as a 4’th Grader in the same lifetime, meaning when the stepdown transformer burns out, the primary spectral colors of the third eye amp up to the full power of the monadic white light. Things continue to evolve from then on over eternal time, into the cosmic creation. Don’t get sacred crossing the dimensions, no fear.

    • I will, but try to connect the dots in the meantime …It is always better to find the truth on your own than to be given the truth by the other person.

      Cheers, and thank you for the comment.

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