Golden Torus
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“Somebody/Something” knows how to tune the ethereal electromagnetic waves that comprise physical reality as we measure it. Why is it that that we are seeing such an increase in “Foo Fighters” and glowing “Tic Tacs”, the orbs in the sky, sea and close to the ground making crop circles? These “objects”, in my opinion, are localized manipulations of the fabric of reality called space-time. Rabbit trail warning…we shall see what the Skinwalker Ranch team comes up with regarding the orbs and the Einstein-Rosen bridge they have supposedly determined is on the ranch. Can a controlled wormhole also provide means for projection of the etheric waves through space-time? Hmmm, why not? There are empirical studies showing faster than light electron pairing. But, can one make a bridge on demand?

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If it is all for show, a projection upon the consciousness, “who” is the Director and Producer of the program? Is it you, or me? Are we on the cusp of discovery or destruction, or both? Is there a big picture beyond our individual bubble of perception and thought? Maybe.

From Edgar Cayce to Seth Speaks “channeling” has grown to encompass an entire corner of the internet; much like the supermarket tabloids before mainstream electronics, or UFOs. So, it appears we receiving data for incorporation of “fringe” thoughts and philosophy into human consciousness. News that doesn’t fit the good/evil, Gods/Devils seems to be the order of the day.

As I develop new patterns of thought, leading to new thoughts and actions, I ask to what end is all mainstream media manipulated? Why? As with the foregoing regarding channeling and foo fighters I am left with the question to what end is disclosure (manipulation of mass consciousness)?

There are many pieces of the puzzle shared with Jack Heart every day. Those pieces are often found in the comments offering an alternative philosophy to emerge as those thoughts once offered often become reality.

These were my thoughts this morning as I was having my coffee after Jack and I discussed the latest information passed to him and after my scan of the latest comments on the Human. I post these thoughts as an opening of discussion and sharing of the intuitive knowledge which the contributors do so well in your comments and posts.

Cheers, Phil


  1. So, lets talk about schlomo, lets say we let him kill and remove all the palistianians from isnotreal.
    Whats the upside? nothing left for them to bitch about and ask us for donations to the greater Israel project, and next we can stop listening to the evangelicals whining about the place. The tours of the holy land can resume. everybody is happy.
    As an american, I could give a fuck about isnotreal. And the Ukraine? not even a flying fuck. If I were schlomo I would throw a big bone to the American middle class even bigger than legal unions and social security. However, they arent that fucking smart are they Jack…..

  2. A new poem Jack and Phil.

    “Three body problem




    said this where two gather

    Their I will be

    Said Paul

    Spirit is

    I Am

    I see it in action

    moving like the wind”

    • No kidding Jack and Phil.

      Saw a Badger on the bike trail today. In wisconsin the Badger is a huge symbol.
      Didnt know how he could stand the smell.

      Me, at a rest stop on the trail, ran up the bluff, but I saw him as he let me photograph him even though the stench was overwelming, I left soon, couldnt let him sufffer much more….

      Like the wind

      she blows…..

  3. Project Gateway.
    Robert A. Monroe institute.
    Robert A. Monroe brought to modern consciousness the concept of Loosh.
    R.A.M. experienced spontaneous out of body experiences, yet was banal enough to risk his marriage with OOB liasons with other women.
    He famously reported his meeting with Jehovah, which he chalked up to another blah entity demanding worship.
    R.A.M. was able to establish, for a materialist power mongering elite, that oobes retrieved usable intel.
    R.A.M. set up a foundation. It might still be a thing, teaching people to oob travel.
    Not quite as big a deal as one might think. What does one think shamans were doing to bring back souls?

    • Interesting comment Mike. I too have seen REM site. Although didn’t spend much time there. OOBE does answer a great many questions. With a strong enough will (amplified psychic signal?) manifestation of matter into form, serendipitous occurrence etc. As I think of FTL or interdimensional travel manifestation/coalescing at destination seems easiest to get beyond physical limitations.

      • I’ve been aware of the work of Monroe, and his institute for a while now. Project Gateway was the spook state looking to discover the effectiveness of psychic travel, out of body experience in, we are told information acquisition, so they partnered with the Monroe inst.
        Just like with remote viewing they got some of what they wanted, but it appears they ran into a conundrum: in order for the effort to achieve aims, they actually needed gifted people, and again, working on connecting the dots, they damaged and destroyed those central to the projects success.
        Oobe really isn’t as easily defined as one might think. Monroe established rational parameters, but most of these are directly from his own framework. One example: he described zones-not worlds, not dimensions, but zones.
        Its too much for me to put into comments, so lets just say those zones were unique to him.
        Monroe also established a lot of modern spiritual doctrine-loosh, for instance, and the idea that the recently dead have staging areas.
        Lets just say I don’t find things to be that simple.
        It seems what really gave the spooks their hard on was retrievable info from this world. Funny, because while it does work, it has to pass through the filter of the traveller who isn’t fully present. There are often some oddities. For example the bilateral symmetry can be completely reversed.
        You can say its just me with this final point: gifts need to be put into action in ways that improve human development. If they are used for other purposes some really screwed up things happen. I think those screwed up things happened, and further, I see this as significant to the current crazed state of the world.

  4. Great post, and great comments I don’t understand the meme, but what can you do… you can’t get them all(joke)

    What coffee do you drink, it must be Zee most potent One…


  5. I added a meme on the bottom that I shared on Fritter three days ago. I’m not supposed to be on Fritter, but Phil fixed it so that I have a very limited presence on there. Limited but potent, I can sense the Free Mason term; all eyes upon you every time I go on there just like I used to do on Facebook. I get Lynches message and I get it loud and clear. I have concluded my business with Diane which is why I was exiled from Facebook. One bird in the bag, now for you would be transhuman abominations that would dare call yourselves gods.

  6. For the longest time now, we have been living in the grey world, the twilight between night and day. We have learned to become fingernails and dead tools for the vain hope that this was done to improve ourselves.
    So it is that we still think we are born to serve.
    The universe never demanded such from us.
    Evola recalled the time when fealty was freely given, never commanded, and this secret is the reason for there to be so little understanding of the these times before. It could only be so for the bond to be real.
    The change from fealty given to fealty demanded creates a lack of vision, and so today mankind only sees power, or feckless urge.
    The secret of the German science, and the secret of fealty.
    Everything circles, everything cycles. The linear only manifests as an expression of the cirle.
    When the ancient ones described everything as a sphere, they described emanation, how the flow of life force occurs, how it all cycles between being and not being, and how opposing forces pulse from the establishment of firmament.
    The gods are real, and can be experienced.
    In dreams, the animals walk as people.
    Yet the modern mind declares it all to be from oneself, because there aren’t twenty others to say they saw the same detail, whilst unaware of the current below.
    Personally, I’m tired of the midget world of commanded love, run by cowards and parasites who think they are gods because they destroy in secret. I’m glad its done.

    • It is all over, except the getting there from here. Thanks Mike. I always see pearls in your words.

      For me fealty is granted as an honor, respect and a loyalty earned through action and example to those of high character. It must be freely given or it is slavery to a laird or falsehood. Fear will never beget fealty, only Stockholm syndrome.

      • Phil, great talk on electronics and that nutty Sabrina.
        Love the meme, the guy projecting outside the body, nutty sabrina always talks about the “Aura” as I might have to take another look at her work.

        “like a sea

        like the silver surfer

        the sea of information

        Like the cosmos within

        we surf

        Said this I am the way


        • just curious, type in sabrina wallace bitchute and see what you get.
          The human aura or everything is Spirit just like the Navive americans taught.

          Sabrina lectures on the electronic roads and how all roads are tied together like I could give a longer lecture on how the mail moves.
          In Jack’s seminal piece on Lucifer called the temple of the dog, we swim in the sea of Spirit. If science wont admit to the human body having a body part called the aura like crazy Sabrina pontificates what else does the science lie about?

  7. I saw your thing about staying in ‘Auld reekie’ there Phil. I hope it was a ‘bonnie braw bricht moonlicht nicht’. The camera obscura nearby was where my favourite film director Donald Cammell was born. He was a true visionary. A scion of the Cammell-Laird shipbuilding company, located on the River Mersey. They built the Shenandoah here, and she surrendered here too. His film ‘Performance’ is a magickal ceremony committed to celluloid. A work of alchemy, and a hymn in praise of the divine feminine and the notion of her intercesscion to facilitate masculine redemption.

    • As I remember it the moon shone quite bright over the castle one night. Edinburgh is a wonderful old town for walking, day or night. It was also where I had one of the finest French cheeses ever, aged Mimolette.

      Mr. Cammell seemed quite the character from the short bio I just read. It seems he followed his own path…

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