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Home Library The Voice – by Elizabeth Gould, Paul Fitzgerald

The Voice – by Elizabeth Gould, Paul Fitzgerald

NEW PUBLICATION DATE: JANUARY 10, 2012 In the year 1099 a group of men rode off to Jerusalem in search of the Holy Grail and found themselves trapped in a 900 year quest for wealth, god-like power and everlasting life. Over the course of time their mystical quest transformed them from mercenary Norman warlords to feudal princes to modern businessmen through magic and reincarnation, but their mission remained the same; control the crossroads between heaven and earth at a critical moment in the earth’s planetary cycles at the end times and establish a utopian god-like reign over the planet forever. Was there magic in the past that could predict the future? You bet. Were their seekers who could tap into secrets hidden in ancient parchments taken from the holy land and hoard the knowledge for their own benefit? Undoubtedly yes! But who were these conspirators that sought to enslave the Holy Grail to their purpose? And will they succeed? The answer lies in The Voice, a novel of dreams and visions that brings the past into perspective and the present with all its mind-bending technology and homeland national security obsession into stark relief.

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