They say that ignorance is bliss. If this is true when the postmortem is finally performed on western civilization it will be found that it expired from its own bliss. Everything that you have been told since the day you were first old enough to communicate with the other wretched beings you share this planet with is a lie. Men and Women are all born with the ability to see. In a baby all the synapses of the brain are connected but as they grow older those that are unnecessary to an existence that is indeed nasty, brutal and short are dispensed with in the interest of survival and partially reconfigured to work in a socially acceptable manner. The strange memories many people have from infancy are not the allusions of post natal confusion but rather the residual images of a few months spent with a brain uninhibited by the need to distinguish potential threats and potential gratification.

As the brains reticular activating system kicks in man becomes a denizen of Plato’s cave; a hairless chimpanzee who sits frozen in place with their back to a fire and watches shadows on the wall cast by the procession of reality that pass’s between their backs and the fire. Plato said that if one of the chimps was ever dragged from the cave and forced to watch the whole spectacle from a hole in the ceiling above that they could never go back and sit with the other chimps and endure their bestial chatter. Times have changed since Plato prowled the earth in his endless quest for sodomy; in order for your children to even have a future some must make that journey.

If you put ten people on an island with limited natural resources it won’t be long before a few of them form a covert  alliance dedicated to gaining control of those resources. It is human nature and it is also a blockbuster TV show; Survivor. The snickering that go’s on about conspiracy theorists among the Pseudo intellectuals who have gained control  through corporate takeover of every facet of the media is a paean to the monumental stupidity of the human race.

Those who think they will find intellectual sanctuary in the esteemed halls of academia should know that the Grosvenor families of England and America who are also known as the Dukes of Westminster and are related by blood to the Percy’s who changed their name  to Pierce, as in Barbara Pierce Bush, upon migrating to America, after being linked to a Plot to blow up English Parliament, founded National Geographic. National Geographic serves Chaigidiel (those who obstruct) and Satharial (the concealment of God) by descending on every discovery that threatens to expose the dogma of evolution and anthropology with a crack team of academic assassins and debunkers.

Any physical evidence is whisked off to be secreted in the possession of the Smithsonian which in turn is controlled by the Grosvenor’s cousins the Smithsons. The current Chairman of the Board of Trustees of National Geographic is Gilbert Melville Grosvenor, who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005 for the Society’s leadership in Geography education. When Dubya pins a medal on you you can bet that you have served the devil well. What passes for education today is nothing more than a cultist indoctrination into the service of promulgating human servitude.

Those of you who seek solace in the embrace of a beneficent Christian God should know that their love has been given to a hollow idol. When Jesus walked the earth forbidden knowledge was still available for those who sought it out. Alexander had conquered the known world in his insatiable quest for knowledge. Scrolls from the far flung corners of the earth which were the priceless spoils of his invincible armies had been gathered together in one place which was called the library of Alexandria. The building was accidentally burned by Cesar in 48 BC but the manuscripts were saved and dispersed throughout the city.

It was these manuscripts that gave rise to Gnosticism which were the original teachings of Jesus as they are still preserved today in the Secret Gospel of Thomas. A story is relayed from this time about when Jesus whispered something into Thomas’s ear and the other Apostles, curious, questioned Jesus as to what he had told Thomas that he could not tell them. Jesus replied to them that if he told them the rocks on the ground would turn to fire and rise up and consume them but it is known anyway that what Jesus whispered into the ear of Thomas was the verse of Isaiah: 28,13. “And the word of the lord will be to them precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little, that they may go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.

The priests of this deceitful God could not tolerate the likes of Jesus exposing their evil deity and from then on a ruthless campaign was launched to extinguish all traces of the light of the truth. Paul dissembled everything Jesus had said, Irenaeus made Jesus a heretic in Jesus’s own name and finally Theodosius burned all that could be found of the manuscripts which were the source of Jesus’s wisdom. When that was not enough pope Innocent the third unleashed his dogs of war. In what was called the Albigensian Crusade; the brave knights of France murdered every man, woman and child in the south of France.

It was a desperate effort in genocide to wipe from the face of the earth the still flickering light which was concealed within the tenets of Chatharism the other Christianity that you hear nothing about. Chatharism was an alternative Christianity that was at the time threatening the debilitating and eventually lethal brand of Rome; spiritual shackles fashioned by the priesthood of Set who were Innocents masters.  When one of his battle hardened Princes dared question the slaughter he was being asked to perpetrate on his own countryman in the name of God. Innocent replied “kill them all and let God sought them out”.

What is most painful is the relentless campaign by the conspirators to slander Lucifer’s name, to pervert Lucifer’s eternal quest for a reckoning into a validation of their avarice and depravity. The hour of that reckoning is now at hand and I can promise you this: it is they who will be held libel. Since this generation lives in the hour of the final battle, which the priesthood calls the Equinox of the Gods, it has been allowed glimpses of the truth. The manuscripts which Theodosius thought he had expunged from history suddenly reappeared because what the ancients called the fire of Zarathustra cannot be extinguished.

The sacred fire was rekindled with the blood of men spilled in the opening battles of a war that has yet to be settled, and with the discoveries of the Nag Hammadi Tracts and Dead Sea Scrolls the truth was resurrected. As the last martyrs were slain in the sixties the prophets were allowed to sing their song one last time. In ‘Sympathy for the Devil’ when Mick Jagger crooned mockingly with satanic seduction “Just as every cop is a criminal And all the sinners saints As heads is tails Just call me Lucifer ‘ Cause I’m in need of some restraint ” the devil was being restrained and forced to cryptically tell you the truth; cops are the opposite of criminals (usually), saints the opposite of sinners, heads the opposite of tails and Lucifer is the opposite of the devil.

All the would be luminaries who read from their “good book” without ever having bothered to learn Latin or Hebrew are the monkeys praying to a nuclear missile in the ‘Planet of the Apes’. Lucifer means light bearer in Latin, in Hebrew it is HYLL (when capitals are strung together like this it is purely a transliteration and not necessarily the pronunciation) and means mourning star, roughly the same thing. It was the HYLLYL Pharisees, the priests of Lucifer that defended Jesus against the ShMY Pharisees, the priests of Jehovah, and taught Jesus that the entire Torah could be summed up in the golden rule “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”

Gershom Scholem, the most brilliant Hebrew scholar of this century wrote that the greatest mystery of the Qabalah was concealed in the true name of Lucifer he gives it in Hebrew as AYLTh HShCR NGH CVCB which in translation means instrument that brings the light of the brilliant star but AYLTh besides meaning instrument can also mean gazelle and Jesus is referred to as a gazelle in various apocrypha and Gnostic Tracts. Even those who presumed to edit and change the words of the master in the synoptic gospels and the lying priest himself , as Paul is repeatedly referred to in the Dead Sea Scrolls, dared not spew the blaspheme that today pass’s as Christianity.

Lucifer as the morning star appears in the new testament only twice once in the synoptic gospels; Peter 1:19 “And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in your hearts; ” and again in Revelation 22:16 “I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.”

Revelation also makes cryptic references that Jesus is Lucifer when Jesus says in 22:13 “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” with this theme repeated again in 1:8, 1:17, 2:8 and 21:6, this is an incantation woven into the symbolic tapestry that is Revelations, that is why it is repeated five times to conform to the five points on the pentagram. Herein is Gershom Scholem’s mystery: ShCR is a word with a plurality of meanings it can mean daybreak but it can also mean nightfall or darkness so within the true name of Lucifer is contained the alpha and the omega of light the same alpha and omega Jesus lays claim to in revelations.

ShCR also has a third meaning and that is to search
, and search Lucifer must because God, the one you call Jehovah and the Egyptians called Set, has taken Lucifer’s bride and concealed and imprisoned her within his creation for she is the life force that animates that creation as well as God himself this is revealed in the Zohar where God says that he can only exist within the Shekinah. The Zohar goes on to say: “with this woman are connected all those things which are below, from her body do they receive their nourishment, and from her do they receive blessing”. She is the one that Jewish sages call Malkah (a derivative of the word Malkuth which encompasses the entire physical world, everything outside of the dark matter and dark energy) or the Shekinah; she who is in exile. The ancient magi called her Zoe. The Egyptians called her Isis or Nuit and the Christian shamans still loyal to Lucifer called her Sophia dividing and concealing her within the three Mary’s of the New Testament. In her physical form she has been known as Baphomet to the Templers, Vril to the Nazis and now electromagnetism to the mad scientists working in collusion with the conspirators.

Every human being with half an education knows that the most opulent church ever constructed and perhaps the greatest expression of the architectural arts is Hagia Sophia  in Constantinople ( called Istanbul by its usurpers) and after its construction in the fourth century it remained the largest building in the world for over a thousand years only being superseded after it was overrun by Muslim hordes and turned it into a mosque. Hagia Sophia means Holy Wisdom but Sophia besides wisdom is the name of the mother of God and the abducted bride of Lucifer. She is described thus in a poem (Perfect or Primal Thunder) among the Nag Hammadi Tracts: “For I am the first and the last. I am the honored one and the scorned one. I am the whore and the holy one. I am the wife and the virgin.” The other tracts and Pistis (faith) Sophia, a Gnostic book translated by scholar GRS Mead even before the tracts were discovered immediately following WW2, tell her tale of woe: Sophia was one of the eight original Ogdoads;  four pairs of “Aeons” or Arch Angels who manifested God trough their sexual relations before the advent of matter. Sophia attempted to manifest God without her consort and her actions disturbed the balance and matter subsequently came into existence along with the resulting God or Demiurge (Jehovah, Set, Ialdabaoth, Abraxus many names but always the same entity) and Sophia was now trapped in the world of matter and at the mercy of her own arrogant creation.

In order to glorify himself the demiurge attempted to create man to worship him using as a template the distorted images of the angelic world that Sophia fell from but when he used the matter to form man he found that he could not animate him without using the same life spark from Sophia that had created himself  this is why men have the innate ability to be ‘Gods’ equal and know better than God himself the difference between good and evil. In order to make his creation self proliferating it was necessary to bind Sophia to matter the Demiurge accomplished this by imprisoning Sophia within matter and forcing her to undergo endless incarnations as a women of ill repute.

The Templar (the forerunners of the free masons) were told to gather in the places frequented by woman of ill repute and Mary Magdalene Jesus’s bride is depicted as a whore.  The true role of the savior, who is Lucifer the original consort of Sophia, is to save his lover Sophia and thus through her redemption will this whole blasphemous creation be rolled up. Lucifer did not fall from heaven nor was he cast out, he has no use for this Gods heaven. He comes of his own accord like a vengeful bolt of lightning from unimaginable heights aimed at the dark heart of this demon God whose “creation” consists of a series of organisms each perpetually consuming the other:

From a gilded cage reigns the captured queen
Upon the eternal stage unfolds raptures dream
Two armies march on the dreams beginning
There insolence sanctioned by easy wining
While at the waters source
In the shadow of the great rock
They search for the force
That will open damnations lock
And in the name of the queen
They guard well her dream
Tending to the fire in its pale white glow
On one side the yes the other the no
There is a stirring of the eye
Lightning leaps across the sky
And the divine paradox
Descends the trail of the ox
Like a wolf loping across frozen fields
He sweeps over the camels path
Blinding light provides his shield
In a wasteland scorched by wrath
He is the prince of hate
And he is the prince of love
He is the prisoner of fate
And the cutting edge of the dove
Forever cursed to travel alone
Guest of honor upon the great stone
The rattling sword reveals his pride
Beneath the scar that marks his side
Come again Lucifer son of the dawn
Come again Lucifer face the prophets scorn
Take no heed of the tyrant’s warnings
Come again Lucifer and bring the morning
The king is coming for his queen
Break the spell and end her dream 

First published by Jack Heart on Open Salon JULY 11, 2010 2:13PM 

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One wing soars in heaven,
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and the third flies all around us.
Praise to Sophia!
Let all the earth praise her!
— Hildegard of Bingen

Janus Head Papua Guinea

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  1. In all of the mysteries of life, to the consciousness of the being, nothing is more than what it is at the moment. Alas, the (physical) being must survive by following the path which it was destined to do. And so it goes.

  2. Jack,"The priests of this deceitful God could not tolerate the likes of Jesus exposing their evil deity and from then on a ruthless campaign was launched to extinguish all traces of the light of the truth. Paul dissembled everything Jesus had said, Irenaeus made Jesus a heretic in Jesus’s own name and finally Theodosius burned all that could be found of the manuscripts which were the source of Jesus’s wisdom. When that was not enough pope Innocent the third unleashed his dogs of war. In what was called the Albigensian Crusade; the brave knights of France murdered every man, woman and child in the south of France."Another quote from you…"It was a desperate effort in genocide to wipe from the face of the earth the still flickering light which was concealed within the tenets of Chatharism the other Christianity that you hear nothing about. Chatharism was an alternative Christianity that was at the time threatening the debilitating and eventually lethal brand of Rome; spiritual shackles fashioned by the priesthood of Set who were Innocents masters. When one of his battle hardened Princes dared question the slaughter he was being asked to perpetrate on his own countryman in the name of God. Innocent replied “kill them all and let God sought them out”. "Wow! don't know what to say about any of that…thanx JackKMB

  3. Jack,I read that piece and it was very thought provoking of course. I must read it again as I had to simply reread this piece to try to grasp what you were saying.But I thought at least for me this piece for me was astounding! Really the Christian Gospel that I have always heard was that all have sinned and so on. And that God hates and punishes and that love is conditional. The story you told of that other Christianity was a beautiful love story of Creation and restoration and great love for both the creator and his creation and so its violent suppression as you have so ably documented with your writing!And so she created us without him and so that set off a world out of balance and the story is a cycle of sorts as she created this material World out of nothing because she wanted to create and be like God and so he comes to her rescue in her act of creation and so love is the rule of life not hate and war and so you mentioned that this was the only acceptable form of Jewishness or Christianity in a sane modern World.It is a wonderful and profound story and even the most Zionist Evangelical will respond to such a story if presented correctly and intelligently. I outta know I am one of those critters that some love to hate.And so to blaspheme one needs to become God the ultimate creator and create something and if people are always led to believe that they are victims and not creators then nothing will change and so the New (idiot) agers might be correct on one point.I have learned not to "give a dam" but it is wise to remain quiet on certain issues.I am learning much here on my search for truth and much thanks for your hard work….KMB

  4. “When one is jacked up and robbed of his cave one must ask how does one converse with those hairless chimps and listen to their mindless chatter when the very idea of returning to that very cave is not an option?”

    Well KM to quote Clark Gable in Gone With the Wind "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." I always found Chimpanzees and all monkeys in general to be the most repulsive of all creatures occupying this planet. Read my first Behind the Bush piece…

  5. Jack,Jack,When one is jacked up and robbed of his cave one must ask how does one converse with those hairless chimps and listen to their mindless chatter when the very idea of returning to that very cave is not an option?And so those Percy's came to America just like whats his name sings?All musiscians need money and so everyone has a gig….except that statue has no cuffs upon her feet…thanxKMB

  6. Wow thank you.

    This article has spurred on deep discussion for a couple days with my friends in a chat room on an esoteric spiritual website. Truth will find a way to be heard and your writings, Jack, are helping so much.

  7. I loved this article so much! I especially love the attention you gave to mentioning his queen/bride. Many now might be starting to see Lucifer in a better light but few seem to discuss this alchemical marriage. I wrote a poem inspired by this article. Thanks Jack!

    From afar he waits
    Journeying through the many gates
    Misunderstood by the ones he will save
    Most all have forgotten what he gave
    Planets spin and stars align
    He's not at home here, while tangled in Time
    The ache deep inside
    He tries his best to hide
    His missing queen
    For so long unseen
    Waits for his return
    Oh how they both yearn
    Even though he was once known as Christ the righteous man
    He hardly fits the stereotype of a pure and spotless lamb
    His anger surfaces as he ponders the fate of his bride
    She's trapped in matter as a puppet, feeding the dark ones that hide
    Long ago she had a son, forbidden procreation indeed
    In pride and arrogance his ultimate godhead was decreed
    For all this intruder's sins, our savior takes the blame
    But he hardly cares what they think, he is so drowned in sorrow over his consort's pain
    We will win, however, destiny always has the upper hand
    There is absolutely no avoiding that he will soon rule this land
    His iron fist conquering both dark and light
    A king worth serving, a king in the right
    His name is Lucifer and he has transformed from sand to pearl
    Who more than a crown, was only looking for a girl


  8. This is a very interesting blog. After receiving the usual, indifferent, public education, it has taken me years of self-directed research in a variety of areas to come anywhere close to understanding what this is all about. How I now wish that my schooling had included the classic languages and a more comprehensive view of history.

    I am particularly writing to inquire where the piece that ends this, starting with "From a gilded cage reigns the captive queen…" comes from? Would it by any chance be from 'Paradise Lost' by Milton? If not, please could you tell me the source ?

    I thoroughly enjoyed this, as well as your (thus far) four articles entitled, 'Black Sun Rising' and have passed them on to people who, I think, might be open-minded enough to get something out of it or, even, just understand it.

  9. Those of the dark side if you will, are unable to tell the truth. If you want to understand them, take what they say and translate it to the complete opposite meaning. If the PTB tell you we are here to help you, you had better grab your wallet, run to the nearest corner, plant your ass firmly in the corner, presenting your weapon outward. When they present Lucifer as evil, you know that it is the opposite.

  10. Jack,

    To force your children to bow before any lifeless idol is wrong. It is wrong to have your children bow before a living idol too (unless it was Christ come back, incarnate ,but even then, it would be their choice). I have my children read the greek/english scriptures, write a 3 paragraph summary of what the chapter they read and then encourage them to pray (communicate) to the Lord (mostly by themselves or silently). I have found that whenever I directly interject myself into interpreting, summarizing etc scriptures for them, I fail, utterly. I ALWAYS someone screw it up. So I just keep them reading. I keep them questioning. I try to keep them using their minds, hearts etc. I will sometimes say "Here is how I see it". Or, I might given them an interpretation I believe is fully correct. I might even challenge them as to what they think they just read, but I always tell them, this is how I see it. To me, this is the best i can do without being a hypocrite and/or screwing it all up which is pretty much the nature of man.


  11. This is the only form of Christianity or Judaism that is palatable. There is no greater crime in all the annuls of history both recorded and unrecorded than to force your children to kneel before the craven image of a God who has been striped naked, tortured, spat upon and nailed to a stick except maybe to teach your children that you are exceptional because you have been chosen by a God who giggles like a school girl at the prospect of drowning the children of the other Gods. There is an ancient proverb that tells you vengeance is a dish best served cold. I'm telling you a wise man better distance himself and what he loves from the dinner guest.

  12. Alexander was indeed fascinated with knowledge but upon his arrival in Egypt announced that the Egyptian Gods were also his Gods. Alexander tried to surround the Khazar nation during his time. Many scattered and migrated toward Poland and the area of Russia, more entered the Arab nations and were actually addressed by Jesus as those who call themselves Jews but are not Jews, some took the silk road toward China and were repelled by Ghengis Khan (some people just cannot admire chutzpah) and many made their way into Japan. Ghengis Khan’s relative, Kubla Khan is the one who entertained Marco Polo. (Great movie, I recommend it to all) I suspect that many are unfamiliar with this aspect of history and today Alexander though revered in Greece and Macedonia, is portrayed as a blood thirsty, homosexual warlord in Hollywood movies. I submit to you that Alexander began to realize too many (feast of the beast) ceremonies going on south of him. He was approximately 300 years before the appearance of Jesus and was such a figure that the British warlord Constantine debated as to whether or not to include him along with Jesus as being divine when he murdered the Vedic priests in the Vatican, wrote the bible and mangled the ancient manuscripts to his advantage. So what he was up to is deep and varied. Large parts of Japan is khazar. Yes they did enter Japan from the words of a Japanese citizen. A system of control was instituted wherein only the Samarai warrior was allowed the sword and peasants were allotted the nunchaku, of wood and rope as a defense against the sword. The Chinese stance bought them some time but during the the war in Manchuria still faced the overthrow of the last emperor.The Japanese managed to attract thousands of Jews, especially from National Socialist Germany from 1938 onwards. The Japanese army officer and diplomat Kiichiro Higuchi was instrumental in issuing passes to Jewish refugees. Higuchi would later play a role in the ill-fated Japanese invasion of the Aleutian islands during World War II, the only Japanese occupation of American soil.

  13. JackYou mentioned earlier that anyone who argues something with you that cannot be proven is wasting your time. There is a force that makes the grass grow. That is what we are all seeking. That force is called many names, life force, electromagnetic energy, prana, great white spirit, positive and negative. That force exists and has long ago been proven to me. I can see the grass grow. This is what I am seeking.

  14. The Pistis Sophia was bought by the British Museum from the heirs of Dr. Askew. It is translated by Coptic Scholars. It seems to be written by two different people. It concerns Jesus the disciples and the light. It is one of those things that could be debated forever as to the translation and the intent of the those who wrote it. I find the subject of light to be simple enough. This is the goal of every pathway (religion) worth it's salt. It was the same with the Rishis, long before Jesus, Hebrews or other religions. It goes back to the dawn of time and it too is about light and sound, … the word. In fact that is what the pineal gland does, react to light. It is the gateway to knowledge. It is beyond temples and theory. Of course we have the Lord Jesus, his was the son of the light. The light is the creator. Christos in the Greek means light or one anointed with light if you will Jesus was the representative of the light but his name was Jesus Barabbas not Jesus Christ. So it is possible to split hairs all day over ideology, what one tract or position is correct. It is a debate that can go on forever. It is answered by an inscription over the Potala in Tibet. It says "A thousand monks, A thousand Religions." Those thousand monks can all read the same tract but their understanding of it will be different. There will be a thousand different understandings. There is one thing the major religions and philosophies including the native Americans can agree on. It is light, Christos etc, that animates the known universe. It is what you get when you split the atom, (blinding light) it enlivens every cell. It is life force or what native Americans would call the great white spirit. There is no need for argument or misunderstanding that lead to hard feelings here among people who are sincere. This energy is spoken of at length in Return of Pahana. It is the joining of positive and negative energy, the two highest forces in the universe. When they meet in the heavens, they form lightning, the form a baby in the womb, they cause the mother to look upon a new born babe with astonishment. It is life itself. The quest is how do we choose life, how do we get more of it? We do that in our approach towards the natural world in many different ways from proper diet to tantrayana and even the art of breath. There is no other way. It is described in detail here. No one can bestow it upon you, it is a goal only you can work towards. have written on this subject myself. For me, the Vedas and Buddhism are the shortest route to this light I have found. They provide instructions to the goal itself. for Lucifer, I do believe he is one of the arch angels and began a war in heaven by rebelling. My impressions are subject to change from all I can gather he may well be described in the Enuma Elish as the rebellious Nefilm that commandeered a flying ship from Nibiru and came to earth along with nuclear weapons and declared himself lord of the earth as well as the owner of the gold. He may indeed be the one the jews refer to as yahweh. Of course I cannot be sure of this nor can I prove this to anyone. If that is the case, then he was in a running battle with Antu, Lord of the Universe/Annunaki or Nefilim as they are sometimes called.

  15. The "Women" you spoke of, Christ's bride, are the true believers in Christ Jesus. They, believe it or not, can still be found within the Corporation "Church" system but Christ warns them profusely to "come out of her my people"–for do not to share in their punishments- inquity. True believers (144,000 of the elect of physical/spiritual Israel/Judah) in Christ are right now simply engaged to Christ. They have not married Christ yet. This happens in the second coming of Christ when he comes back as a physical and spiritual conquerer at war (last time the suffering servant), coming back the same way he left. Remember, there is a mass deception before his true coming (the false before the true) when the main anti Christ "sits where he ought not sit". I would love to expound on this, as where we are today. It is most fascinating.

    Latin and Hebrew can help but remember, what passes as Hebrew today and even 1600 years ago is not Hebrew (especially the recent "hebrew" invented by these impostors inside "Israel"). The original letters of the Apostles were written in Greek only. This was the dominant language of the region and the prime language of the northern tribes (many in Greece) who Christ was sent onto ("I was sent onto Israel only" Christ proclaimed). Why? Because the ruling authority was passing to the north, from the south tribes, where it had been since the tribes were formed from their patriarchs (Levi and Judah), just after the exodus.

    The authentic Hebrew books of the "OT" were also translated into Greek. The first time was when a remnant of the Judaite tribes of the south around 650 BC (the others having left the region with northern tribes earlier) were about to be captured and sent to Babylon. Southern Levites and Northern "Greek" Levites (in Paganism now) translated them into Greek and then reverse translated them back after returning to the land but when they returned to the land, they also had some Esau/Edomites with them who they hired as translators (Huge mistake on par with using the "Jews" in publishing companies again today to print our "bibles"). See, history repeats, huh?

    Again, an excellent article and a good read. Keep up the good work and search for all truth!


  16. Jack,

    That was a very educated enunciation of your core beliefs. I am impressed. I am also at odds with you on certain points but the most interesting thing I found is that in a basic type of principal you desire to fight for,it seems, we agree on as well as other points you made. I predict that in time, we will understand each-other even better and see that those points we often thought we were at odds on, were actually on the same side but speaking a "different language". So many times people will be seen to be fighting or opposing each other when if they understood what the other was actually trying to communicate, they would see they actually agreed and have a lot in common, and that in time, (if they are truth seekers) the rest will iron out.

    Having said that, I have read Thomas and while there are areas I find myself in agreement, I cannot help but conclude it is a apostate rendition–one that Thomas would refute if he lived today. Why? Because if one takes the totality of the letters written by the Apostles (Barnabas and Clement included) they would see that the spirit, the order's espoused, are not in snyc. The writings, the letters, if interpreted correctly, must perfectly mesh in both the material and spiritual realms, in perfect harmony, and Thomas' purported gospel, doesn't do so with the rest that do.

    It is true Hillel did defend Jesus from the Esau Pharisees. He advised them to leave them alone. He wisely advised them to look in the past and see what happened to false movements with false messiahs.They had all been crushed either by the "Jews" or the Romans or others, so if they kept fighting against the way and it was of God and Jesus was Messiah, then they would find themselves fighting against the prime creator and are doomed to lose big. They didn't listen and Paul, an authentic physical Judaite, obviously didn't either- at first.

    I will not dispute your claims about the early RCC. I am no fan of them either. I believe their top down authority structured organization to be the prime place for anti Christ activity for almost 2000 straight years. You know, they also decimated the "vandals" who opposed them scripturally.

    You are right about the term lucifer. The title was given to the chief of the angels before the rebellion. The title was subsequently taken back by way of both ransom and a conquering of Satan Kingdom inside the earth ("Lucifier's new name after he and his comrades rebelled). The keys of life have always been in the prime creator's hand but after this event, the keys of death (hades) were also turned over to Christ. So yes, Christ is the true lucifer and the true Morning Star. Every gain Satan had made since his trickery of Adam and Eve was reversed when Jesus conquered Hades and this is why the early believers said the war was over. Basically what we are witnessing is a playing out of event toward the inevitable now.

    As for the term "Lucifer" it can still be used by the enemy just like the "Jews" claim to be Judah and Israel when they are not. It is identity fraud when the enemy uses it and the proof of this can be cited in the Vatican City Corp using it with that telescope.Please keep this in mind.

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