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Jack Heart


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July 13, a Birthday and a Shooting

When we came out of Cipollini an Iranian family was taking pictures in front of it. 50 thousand$ it doesn’t even work

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The Fourth of Jew-lie

We've been calling him CGI Joe for two years for a reason: Sage of Quay® Dispatch: The Biden Charade ( appears to be on...

France X, in the Footsteps of Otto Rahn by Jack Heart & Jon Valentine-Lee

We awoke to the appalling heat that would hold the entire Occitan in an iron grip till the day we left France at the...

Unpublished Work from Alec Newald: The Hierarchy of Propaganda from an Off-Planet Perspective.

Forgive the oxymoron in my sub-heading here, of course there are little or no nuts and bolts in my interdimensional experience. It’s always a...

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Project 2025 – My Introduction

Project 2025, Mandate for Leadership, The Conservative Promise, 2023...

“The Naked Truth and Stylized Truths in the Eyes of a Cycle Full of Honest Intentions” by Happy Parrot if the history of the world is only...

The Fourth of Jew-lie

We've been calling him CGI Joe for two years...