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Behind the Bush; Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti Christ & Armageddon – 4

by Jack Heart


The Christians sacked Jerusalem under the burning sun of July 1099. In the finest tradition of Yahweh they slaughtered every living thing in the city.

The first Crusade brought victory to the west and with Christian power consolidated in the Holy Land a little over a decade later came Bernard; a charismatic mystic and nobleman from Burgundy. Along with thirty five other young noblemen from Burgundy Bernard sought admission into the obscure Cistercian Order founded in 1098 just a year before the fall of Jerusalem

By 1115 Bernard had already become a Catholic icon that would be hailed posthumously as; Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. He was as blood thirsty a saint as ever occupied the central stage of history. His sermons against the Cathars in the town of Albi would ignite the Albigensian crusade and the prosecution to death of the “heretics.” In addition to being a euphemism for the extermination of the entire populace of Languedoc the land grab wiped from the face of Christianity the last vestiges of Gnostic truth.

The homicidally psychotic saint’s words and famous letter would shortly spawn the second crusade and his uncharacteristic intercession on behalf of the Jews in Mainz would save the Jews from Christian wrath during that crusade. In the meantime the Cistercian order was catapulted to prominence by the infusion of nobility and became the right hand of the Pope.

When Bernard arrived in Seborga in Northern Italy on February 1117 he joined Gondemar and Rossal two of the young nobleman who had joined the Cistercian order with him. Templar archives found for the principality of Seborga indicate Gondemar and Rossal had been sequestered there from all the way back in 1113 to guard a “great secret.” A year later they were joined by 7 other noblemen; Andre de Montbar; Bernard’s uncle , Count Hugues I de Champagne, Hugues de Payns, Payen de Mont Didier, Geoffroy de Saint-Omer, Archambaud de Saint Amand and Geoffroy Bisol.

Eight of them arrived in Jerusalem on May 14th 1119; they were joined years later by Hugues de Payns who Bernard would later nominate to be the first Grand Master of the Templar’s. Upon their arrival in Jerusalem the Templar’s were met by its freshly minted Christian King; Baudoin the first of Jerusalem. He personally cloistered the Templar’s in what was said to be the Stables of Solomon.

The Templar’s immediately launched the first great archeological dig in history. In 1867 the tunnels they dug were excavated by England’s Royal engineers. The Templar’s had bored straight down through 80 feet of Solid rock to an underground labyrinth beneath the ruined temple of Solomon. What they found can only be speculated on. When the Royal engineers reached them the chambers of the labyrinth were empty save for a few relics left by the Templar’s themselves.

The main excavations of the Templar’s were completed by the end of 1127 when all of the original members retuned to Seborga. They were met by Bernard and under great pomp and ceremony he ordained Hugues de Payns as the first Grand Master of the Templar’s. Along with their counterparts the Knights Hospitaller the Templar’s proceeded to become the primary powers in Europe for the next two centuries.

At the dawn of the fourteenth century the reacquisition of the Holy Land was looking less and less feasible in light of the recent futility of the third Crusade. King Philip IV of France had grown leery of a centralized power within his kingdom, a power with an independent army, unrestrained by borders, and whose fealty to both Pope and Crown were questionable.

Phillip had accrued insurmountable banking debts and cast covetous eyes toward the Templar’s wealth. Through intrigue he had managed to get excommunicated then unexcommunicated. In the process the pope that had excommunicated him, Boniface VIII, died and was replaced by Phillips boyhood friend Pope Clement V.

When the Templar’s refused one of his many demands for funding his endless wars Phillip acted with the help of his puppet pope. At dawn on Friday, October 13, 1307, scores of French Templar’s were simultaneously arrested by agents of King Philip and charged with trumped up charges of heresy. The Grand Master Jacques de Molay was burned at the stake but most of the order escaped along with one of the richest treasures in the known world.

There is record of 18 Templar ships being in port at La Rochelle, France on October 12, 1307 but by the next day they had vanished. In the aftermath the Swiss suddenly became renowned warriors and bankers, Scotland independent and Portugal emerged as a great sea power.

Long before Columbus set sail for the New World maps were circulating around the royal courts of the old one depicting its coastline. In 1513 Piri Reis an admiral in the Ottoman Turkish court copied a map from older sources. Some of the sources had been rumored to have been used by Columbus. The map is now called the Piri Reis map. It depicts the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica.

The Piri Reis Map with North and South America super imposed below it

The map hardly provides evidence for human interaction with beings from outer space as proposed by Erich von Däniken and the Dänikenites but it does show a reasonable facsimile of the South American coast with a mountainous spine running through the interior. The mountains can only be read as the Andes. The map shows the Atlantic Ocean close to its actual proportions. Antarctica is shown 600 miles north of where it should be and in spite of the ranting of the Dänikenites is not clearly depicted. But it would not even be discovered for another 305 years.

There should be little doubt by now that academia would like nothing better than to dismiss Antarctica’s appearance on The Piri Reis Map as a stain but unfortunately for them in 1531 the entire Antarctic coast was accurately drawn by Oronce Fine in what is now called the Oronteus Finaeus Map.

The Oronteus Finaeus Map 1531

The Antarctic makes its next implausible appearance in 1614 on the cover of SIR WALTER RALEGH’S HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

“Sir” Walter Ralegh one of their own, murdered by his pope for talking too much about city’s of gold.

On March 31, 1492, the Edit of Expulsion was signed by the monarchs of Spain at the prodding of the papacy and their hatchet men who comprised the Inquisition. The deadline for Jews to leave Spain was August 3, 1492 the Ninth of Av or Tisha B’av on the Jewish calendar.

The ships set sail before dawn on this day of fasting commemorating the destruction of both Temples. On board was Luis de Torres who was fluent in Hebrew, Chaldean and Arabic. Columbus expected to use Torres as an interpreter when they encountered the lost tribes of Israel. The expedition’s doctor and navigator were also Jews.

Columbus would need a Jewish navigator because he would be using a metal astrolabe invented by Avraham Zacuto a Jewish professor at the University of Salamanca. The instrument was used in accordance with Zacuto’s astronomical tables and gave the exact hours for the rising of the planets and fixed stars. Zacuto’s astronomical tables, called Ha-ḥibbur ha-gadol, were in Hebrew and would not be published in Latin till 1496.

It is common knowledge that right before he sighted the New World Columbus and his crew bore witness to mysterious lights in the sky. What is not common knowledge is that Columbus was later hauled before the inquisition for saying the lights took the form of a Jewish Menorah.

Columbus predicting the lunar eclipse of 1504.

Columbus was heavily financed by Jews, among them were Juan Cabrero, royal chamberlain of King Ferdinand, Luis de Santangelo, chancellor of the royal household of king Ferdinand and queen Isabella and Gabriel Sanchez, treasurer of Aragon. Ostensibly, with the exception of Zacuto who fled to Jerusalem, all these men were converted and called Marrano (swine in English) Christians by the Catholics.

Although these men were called pigs they were allowed to keep their immense fortunes and pretty much ran Spain in spite of the Inquisition. In fact the letter formally announcing Columbus’s discovery of the New World was addressed to Luis de Santangelo and it was from Santangelo that Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand would hear of the expedition’s success.

By 1556 it was forbidden in Spain by the Inquisition to print any books about America without special license from the Council of the kingdom of Spain. In 1571 King Phillip ordered the confiscation of the yet unpublished manuscripts of eyewitness and renowned advocate for the Indians Bartoleme De Las Casas. The work chronicled the voyages and early exploration of the New World by Columbus. The manuscripts were taken to Madrid where they were assiduously rewritten under the watchful eye of Juan Lopez De Velasco, Censor of the Council of the Indies, who is quoted as saying “the interest of the State is over disclosing the truth.”

The Durán Codex, although it was completed by 1581, wasn’t published until the 19th century when it was found in a library in Madrid. The author of the Duran codex, Diego Duran, was convinced that Spain had discovered the lost tribes of Israel in the Aztec.

Duran can be quoted directly here: “Seeing that their stories are so like those found in the Holy Scriptures I cannot help but believe that [these Indians are the children of Israel].”

“As proof of this, in order to make it clear, I wish to mention the rites, idolatries, and superstitions these people had. They made sacrifices in the mountains, and under trees, in dark and gloomy caves, and in the caverns of the earth. They burned incense, killed their sons and daughters, sacrificed them, and offered them as victims to their gods. They sacrificed children, ate human flesh, killed prisoners and captives of war. All of these were also Hebrew rites practiced by those ten tribes of Israel, and all were carried out with the greatest ceremony and superstitions one can imagine.”

“What most forces me to believe that these Indians are of Hebrew descent is their strange insistence in clinging to their idolatries and superstitions, for they pay them much heed, just as their ancestors did. As David states, in Psalm 106, when the people were afflicted by God, they pleaded that He forgive them in His mercy; but then they forgot and returned to idolatry:
” ‘And they served their idols; which were a snare unto them. Yea, they sacrificed their sons and daughters unto devils. And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.’ ”

Duran also notes the Aztecs penchant for ingesting ceremonial mushrooms “When the sacrifice was finished and the steps and courtyard were bathed in human blood, everyone went to eat raw mushrooms. With this food they went out of their minds and were in a worse state than if they had drunk a great quantity of wine. They became so inebriated and witless that many of them took their lives with their own hands. Under the strong influence of these mushrooms they saw visions and had revelations about the future, since the devil spoke to them in their drunken madness.”

Biblical scholar John Allegro got to the Dead Sea Scrolls early in the nineteen fifties working on them as an interpreter at the invitation of Gerald Lankester Harding the man responsible for the scrolls ever seeing the light of day. Frequently Allegro was at odds with his colleagues. In 1956 he wrote a letter to Roland Guérin de Vaux, the Dominican Priest who lead the Catholic team of interpreters, saying “It’s a pity that you and your friends cannot conceive of anything written about Christianity without trying to grind some ecclesiastical or non-ecclesiastical axe.”

In 1970 Allegro published The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross to the unmitigated horror of the Vatican. The book theorizes that Jesus was a hallucinogenic mushroom and never really existed. The book also provides scholarly documentation that hallucinogenic mushrooms were central to Judaic beliefs at the time the Dead Sea scrolls were written; about two thousand years ago. The Dene speaking people of the Southwest hold hallucinogenic mushrooms as central to their religious ceremony’s to this very day.

Scholars have accused Duran of using the mysterious Crónica X as a source. The similarities between the materials of Durán, Acosta, and Tovar, were first noted by scholar Robert Barlow in 1945. Leading him to propose a now popularly accepted theory that they were all generated by a common source. Crónica X if it ever did exist has disappeared to posterity but its existence prior to Columbus ever even reaching Hispaniola would explain a lot of his more inexplicable actions.

The peace loving and idyllic Taíno Indians, native to the islands of Hispaniola and Cuba, were immediately accused by Columbus of the very same demonic acts that would later be witnessed, detail by chilling detail, when contact was made with the Aztecs decades later. In Columbus’s last voyage the explorer now thoroughly discredited and blamed for much of the atrocities perpetrated against the Taíno doggedly probes the coast of Central America.

Aztec civilization flourished just miles to the North on the other side of the Yucatan peninsula in yet undiscovered Mexico. Columbus would, no doubt, have been vindicated if he had found the bloodthirsty and gold laden children of hell he had been making the Taíno out to be. From the second he first stepped ashore on Hispaniola Columbus engaged in a single minded quest for gold as if he expected it to be there. The Conquistadors who would proceed him on the mainland left no doubts as to their primary objective.

Once again you have been told a monumental lie. Academia’s version of history would have you believe that a man named Christopher Columbus of Italian descent whose primary occupations were bargaining in wool and tending bar cut a deal to become a junior partner with the monarchs of Spain through the Capitulations of Santa Fe.

Further adding to the incredulity history tells you that Columbus was born in the 1450’s so in early historical operations attributed to him as captain or corsair he would have been as young as 14 or 15. As Spanish historians already take for granted the real Christopher Columbus was more than likely Joan Colom Bertran, a Catalan of the Colon Bertran family of Barcelona. They were a highly ranked family of professional sea farers.

Columbus’s signature signed with a hooked X

Colom held similar offices as those attributed to Columbus and there are striking resemblances in his family coat of arms to those recorded later by history to be that of the Columbus family. Regardless as to the real identity of Columbus his signature is on record signed with a hooked X . The hooked X is the Knights Templar equivalent of a dog peeing on a tree to mark its territory.

Janus head Cathargue

(Authors note – this is by no means all the sources used in writing this 9  piece essay just the ones I hardily endorse. There are many links that will take you to other sources and some are taken from oral traditions, books that are not supposed to even be in print and things I have seen with my own eyes. Put your faith in nothing except your weapons of war. Check everything I’ve written. Only fools and Christians believe in things that cannot be proved. Crowley teaches his followers to be skeptical of everything. When someone asks you to believe what cannot be proved they are wasting your time. And time is the most precious thing you have.)

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  1. Dear Sir,

    My name is Ronan Stewart and I wanted to ask your permission to use your picture (lithograph?) of Columbus predicting the 1504 eclipse. I am planning to use it for an article for the magazine Astronomy Ireland, if that is ok. If you could send on any data about the picture itself and where you got it, that would be much appreciated, cheers! You can get back to me on

    Best regards,


  2. By the way I think I am going to like this Orage guy!

    Never hesitate, for upon the plains of hesitation, lie the charred bodies of the millions, who upon the threshold of victory, hesitated for one fleeting second…Alexander the Great

    In each man both the coward and the brave march forth together, so that each will know the opposite of itself……Alexander the Great

    Chance favors the prepared mind………Alexander the Great

    It is more kingly to conquer ones self than to conquer his enemies…..Alexander the Great

  3. Jack
    Doesn't that jewish saying to life likem, say the same thing? I agree but cannibalism is out for me. They need to lighten up on the cattle!

    You know I do believe the ancient Hebrews were given the language of the angels and their teachings. It is just the people who have taken it over I have a problem with. They have greatly distorted all of this.

    Isn't there some ancient saying about "you call yourself jews but are not jews?"

  4. This is a pretty good comment thread. As stated earlier concerning the blood microbe that lives for thousands of years, it is all about life and what we call the stem cell today. There is no telling what happens to the aborted babies, it is all part of the cannibal cult. Some of these so called doctors probably chomp down on them after the process. It also probably relates to the mohel tearing skin off infants.

    It is probably related to the homosexuality trend also. Sperm is stem cell which once was the prerogative of females. Apparently the cowboys want to get into the act.

    Personally I will forgo a few years off my life rather than get into this. We all know the British warlord Constantine twisted parts of ancient manuscripts to produce the bible. There is still some truth there however. "The life is in the blood." Only thing is he was recommending mostly Vedantic diet, natural living in conjunction with the earth and the prana from the air we breath. He wasn't talking about cannibalizing each other.

    You know Jesus has probably been back many times as the avatar of this age. Perhaps Rasputin, Tecumseh and many others. I believe he said I will always be with you until the end. What makes people think if he showed himself, he would not be murdered just like the last time? Just like by the way Rasputin, Sitting Bull, Tecumseh and many other seers? You know that is what happens to prophets in the west … they get murdered.

    I don't know if it occurs to people but they show up and explain how to live your life according to natural law, they do it for the people of their time, not for you or me. Although, it is a funny thing, their words seem to live on. They can do nothing for the dumbed down morally repulsive American coach potato that thinks all he has to do is eat bic macs and belief order to taste heaven.

    Live your life with courage so that even your death will become an everlasting flame … Alexander the Great

    And as always …. choose life!

  5. Speaking of the life force in blood, I encourage everyone to do a search on Ron Wyatt, Jesus blood test/ Ark of Covenant, and see what you find. If authentic (and I do believe so) Jesus blood-cells was STILL LIVING. It had/has 23 autosomes from Mom and 1 male Y autosome. So in other words, normal human blood has 46 chromosomes, 23 from dad and 23 from mom, but Christ was created just below the angels through an immaculate conception (what we would call artificial insemination). 22 chromosomes-autosomes from Mary and an Y from the Prime Creator to this extension of himself into the physical realm, Jesus, the son God, son of Man, the Savior of mankind, in human form.

    People have been looking for the Ark forever. It was found in 82 by Wyatt where just above it in its cave outside Jerusalem was where Jesus was crucified as a sacrifice for all who believe (the world). His blood traveled down the cross, through the crack in the earth made by the earthquake and sprinkled on the mercy seat of the ark (The Ark is the Prime Creator's literal earthly throne) in perfect fulfillment of prophesy. When the main anti Christ "sits where he ought not sit", this Ark will be revealed to the world as a testament for those who believe and against those who reject.This will be the world's last proof, their last warning before the prime/creator-savior comes back exposing the false messiah and his impostor "Jews"/"Israelites", establishing HIS kingdom with HIS true Israel and Judah, on top of the one they labored in vain to erect for themselves.!

  6. Exactly, it'll take all kind of voices; poets, musicians, mothers, mystics and scientists alike. The only choice to make is pro human, and to follow the Golden Rule. For this week, get a few wildflower seeds and herbs, and go plant them wherever there's a spot.

    Here's a conservative writer's take:
    “When ideology is your guide, you’re bound to get lost. Ideology deludes, inspires dishonesty, and breeds fanaticism. Facts, experience, and logic are much better at leading you to truth. Truth, however, is not everyone’s intended destination.

    “It is quite pedestrian occurrence for stupid people to fall for stupid ideas. More interesting, and of greater harm to society, is the phenomena of smart people falling for stupid ideas. Ph.D.s, high IQs, and intellectual honors are not antidotes to thick-headedness.

    “Ideologues forgo independent judgment in favor of having their views handed to them. To succumb to ideology is to put your brain on autopilot. Ideology preordains your reaction to issues, ideas, and people, your view of politics, philosophy, economics, and history.” – David J. Flynn

  7. what I find funny is all the emails I get, all of you watching seein what I'm gonna say next, tellin me what you know, which is fine cause I'll never break confidentiality. But when are you going to talk to each other? Bury those ancient differences?

    "An ancient lunatic reigns
    In the trees of the night
    Ha, ha, ha, ha
    With hunger at her heels
    Freedom in her eyes
    She dances on her knees
    Pirate prince at her side
    Starin' into a hollow idols eyes"

  8. The Germans knew Schlomo quite well. He didn't always dine overseas

    "Tübingen researcher Robert Rudolf Schmidt who examined the Ofnethöhlen in 1901 and 1905, in 1907 and 1908 provided for sensation: Schmidt found in the big Ofnet two nests in which 33 human skulls lay. Ten of them were women's skulls, 19 child skulls and four man's skulls. All skulls were aimed to the west. The nests in which the skulls lay were dyed with Rötel. The female skulls were provided with smart additions, under it 215 deer teeth and 4,250 cases of jewellery snails. All additions were pierced and must have been thread originally to chains or nets.

    Robert Rudolf Schmidt meant, the cranial funerals showed a parallel to an of the same kind working Deponierung of a human skull in the cave of cave of Mas d'Azil and arranged the findings from the Ofnet therefore in the upper Magdalénien what corresponded to the classification at that time for Mas d'Azil. Nevertheless, [1] new radio carbon dates proved that the skulls are much younger and come from the Mesolithic period around 7,700 B.C. [4 [5]] Because Schmidt in the nests also unterpine and cervical vertebra found, is to be assumed from the fact that the heads with skin and hair were carried in the cave, after they had been separated before from the trunks.

    Whether decapitation was the cause of death of 33 persons, cannot be ascertained. Unhealed cranial injuries point to a forcible death, they could have been added to the bodies, however, also after the death.

    Anthropologists like David W. Frayer of the University of Kansas go out from a warlike massacre in the Ofnethöhlen. [6] other theories speak of a ritual sacrifice or cannibalism. Besides, the injuries point to a form of the cranial cult.

    Last the pharmacy council and home researcher Ernst Frickhinger and the archeologist Ferdinand Birkner dug in 1934 and 1936 in the Ofnethöhlen for prehistoric findings."

  9. Now that would explain the burial mounds dating all the back to the "Kurgans," wouldn't it? It would also explain National Socialism's seeming fixation with burning the corpses.

  10. In fact the insanity behind the blood drinkers makes sense to them in a pathological kind of way. That is what all the raping of children, cannibalism and blood drinking is all about.

    Here are a few tidbits about this blood drinking perversion. In ALL blood groups there exists a common microbe that in essence is THE LIFE FORCE ITSELF. During experiments that our team conducted we heated the blood to 700 degrees F and also put it in Liquid Nitrogen. This microbe which is visible only with a highly modified dark field microscope that was custom built for us was STILL ALIVE. We have also tested this on ´mummy dust´. This microbe is STILL alive after 5000 years plus when the mummy dust is placed in a ph perfect solution the same as the “live blood”, it returns back to ´life´.”

  11. It is always interesting the Pagans take such a beating when in actuality when they say the great white spirit, they are talking about the "one god" we hear so much about. It is called the life force or nature and not too many things do very well without it. Sitting Bull you used to take off his shoes in the morning and walk barefoot in the grass to draw the energy of the earth through his speech. This is because he knew what the one true God was all about and he didn't need any books or debates.

    Vedanta is the same way Vedanta philosophy teaches a religion that is not based upon any book or its interpretation by any man or woman, but upon universal truth and upon the eternal laws of nature that govern our souls and our lives and the universe itself.

    It is this one true God, the life force that quickens the pineal gland and gives rise to prophets such as Jesus, Rasputin, Tecumseh, Cayce, Krishna and thousands more throughout history.

    Choose life!

  12. Fascinating post, Jack. It's wonderful that you have your own blog now. Thanks for promoting my book review on Veterans Today. Does blogspot enable you to insert a button for people to follow your posts?

  13. Jack

    Another interesting article. One of the prime reasons for the 'Jews' to sail with Columbus was that they were looking for another place to run their slave trade. They had been booted from practically every Christian nation on the globe and with Spain kicking them out, they knew they needed some place new, far from Christian Europeans, to continue their exploits.

    Duran may have thought that the Aztecs were the lost tribes but this was either an outright lie of his or said because he was ignorant of Israelite history. Just because the Aztec rites and ceremonies echo times of paganized Israelite history doesn't make these Asiatic Indians physically Israelites. The Aztecs travels from north America to inhabit the temples, structures etc, that were already built there. Obviously, their previous construction have both Egyptian and Israelite connections but again, this doesn't make them Israelites just like it wouldn't make the Chinese Israelites if they took over central America and inhabited those sites either.

    The customs and ways of early Aztecs were not about cannibalism etc. They were inititally taught how to maintain a peaceful agricultural society by Quetzquadel (a white man). What they turned this into matches both Israelite paganism and Asiatic paganism because paganism has its roots post flood in Sumeria and Babylon, both of which are "Asiatic" from Japeth origin that made its way west into ancient Egypt thus later corrupting Israelite society away from monotheism into "worship of the Gods" or in other words, fallen angel worship. This paganism was norm among Asiatic tribes of the east as well as though all of the Americas being brought there from the east, not the west.


    Yes, Jesus was not a "Jew". He was a ethnic Judaite of the southern tribes of Israel–in other words what we would call a European-white man today. The so called Jews (In the greek "Jew" means impostor-resembler) were of Esau who had mixed with the Canaanites. Their nation was called Idumea or Edom and was just to the south of Judea. They have always hated the Israelites and sworn, long ago, to destroy them as they are still trying today. 125 years before Christ came on the scene only a remnant of true judaites where left in the land, most living in Galilee. The rest has already been kicked out of the region with northern Israelites,due to adopting paganism, most traveling as far east as Indian and then through the Caucasian mountains to inhabit an almost empty Europe.

    The Esau/Edomites had been absorbed into the Nation of Judah where they took over the priesthood, kingship, culture etc for Rome.The white man Jesus stood up to them on every level, rebuked them as literally from Satan physically and spiritual, and prophesied their utter destruction which came about by 135 AD. They are prophesied to be destroyed very soon again upon the recapturing of the JWO by true physical and spiritual Israel when the authentic Christ returns, exposing their false messiah and his impostor "Jew-israelites" as the frauds they are.

  14. I read the comments on veterans today. It is hard not to agree with most of what Mike Kay says. I don't however believe Jesus was a Jew. He was from Palestine. Of course the myth is he was jewish. I have proven to myself as much as anything can be proven that he did however exist and was for the most part teaching Ghosticism. The Essene scrolls prove this to me. He was talking about pure diet, cleanliness respect for nature for the mother earth and the father which was light. He had no temple no books and was not collecting money. If you read the Gnostic writings of Thomas he was preaching Ghosticism also, very close to what we would call Buddhism today. The two becoming one for the eye to be single. That is male and female tantra to open the third eye or pineal gland. It is pretty straight forward really.

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