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Behind the Bush: Aleister Crowley, Yeats, the Anti Christ & Armageddon – VI

What Aleister Crowley never bothered to tell you.


by Jack Heart

The Radicalism of the American Revolution by Gordon S. Wood, one of Americas most respected historians, lays out the facts in just how Masonic elements orchestrated the whole revolution and birth of America. It should permanently lay to rest the comic books written by the semi literate agents of the Jew purporting America to be a Christian nation. If that doesn’t then perhaps you might notice that a 305 foot tall statue of the Goddess stands at the mouth of the Hudson River, broken chains at her feet.

There is a mysterious hand print on The Declaration of Independence just like the one on the Petroglyph depicting the birth of the crab nebula in Chaco Canyon. The founding father of America, George Washington, was a Freemason and some said Illuminati although he denied it. But if ever anyone says they are Illuminati you can be certain they are not.

The schism among Masons is the same schism that tore the Brotherhood of the Snake in half so many eons ago, the same schism that caused the “Templers to fell the elm in 1188.” The Free Masons have given themselves over wholly to the bestial god of the Jews whom Masons call “the architect of the universe.” The Gnostics called him the demiurge and many other names far less flattering. The Illuminati have aligned themselves with his eternal enemy Lucifer; the serpent who gave man the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. Lucifer is the bringer of light and knowledge and the implacable foe of the god of Abraham who is the god of darkness. Other than the Holy Ghost it was Lucifer who was sacred to Christian Rosencreutz, legendary founder of the Rosicrucian’s. Both Christian Rosencreutz and Adam Weishaupt are saints in the Gnostic Church. Mohammad is a saint in the Gnostic church. They are all “Sons of the Lion and the Snake!” Jesus is not.

The Great Seal of the United States of America is an occult formula for ascertaining the true names of Yahweh. Jehovah, Yahweh or whatever else you want to call him is the lord of this world. The most powerful of all Qabalistic knowledge is the true names of Yahweh or Yod Vau Heh Heh in Hebrew. It is the objective of every competent exorcist to learn the correct name of the offending demon because knowledge of the demons true identity infers power over him. It is no different with Yahweh who is the king of all demons. Qabalists will tell you that only the great angel Metatron can teach you the names. It is forbidden for them to ever be spoken or written, although they are used in the Zohar. In these times of economic hardship I would not want to take anyone’s job away but I will tell you how it’s done.

The 4 Hebrew letters of Jehovah’s name; YHVH, are called the Tetragrammaton. They are an anagram. YVHH or Yahweh is also a four letter anagram. There are 12 of these anagrams one for each of the moons cycles within the year. They are read right to left: HVHY (Jehovah), HHVY (Yahweh), YHVH, HYVH, YHHV, HVYH, VYHH, YVHH, YHHV, HVYH, HHYV, and HYHV. The Zohar says: “two names of the Tetragrammaton for the first is indeed a perfect name, but the latter is thoroughly and completely perfect.” The two names are due to the nature of expansion and contraction in existence or as the Zohar says “the living creatures rush forth and return.”

Much of the Zohar is devoted to the nature of gods beard which is said to be 13 fold and must “ascendeth and descendeth.” This is represented by the interlocking triangles on the Star of David and the arrangement of the stars on the Great Seal of the United States of America. Each of the 13 stars that form the interlocking triangle on the Great Seal symbolizes a Hebrew letter; each of the letters has a numeric value. Y = 10, H = 5, V = 6.

Manly P. Hall

According to Manly Hall’s THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES, called the ‘Big Book’ by Masons, “by arranging the four letters of the Great Name I, H, V, and H in the form of the Pythagorean Tetractys, the 72 powers of the Great Name of God are manifested.” Only 10 letters are placed within Halls Tetractys which is a triangle sitting on its base but the Zohar is quite clear that the nature of Gods beard is 13 fold and must “ascendeth and descendeth.”

Pythagorean Tetractys as given by Hall. Read from right to left it says Jehovah at its base. It is wrong of course, the Jews and their Masonic dogs live by deception.

When the triangles are interlocked the beard “ascendeth and descendeth” and 3 missing letters must be added to fill in the three empty points on what becomes a six pointed star. When the letters are arranged according to the rules of Halls Pythagorean Tetractys using the full contingent of 13 letters, of the 12 possible combinations, only 2 of the sums of those 13 letters add up to 72.

You will have to add the letters yourself. In 1990 when I first learned this I showed it to one of my protégés. He was dead by the next day. With these names Solomon built the first Temple. “They confer power over all demons.” You decide whether its worth the risk.

A 5 pointed star is a pentagram and the Pentagon is a pentagram. The highest award for military valor, the Medal of Honor, is an inverted pentagram suspended underneath the symbol for Yahweh’s true names. Washington DC is laid out like an inverted pentagram; Logan Circle to Washington Circle, to Vernon Square to Dupont Circle to the White House culminates with a line back to Logan Circle. Thus forming a perfectly proportioned inverted pentagram focused atop the White House. This is an occult incantation to Baphomet, the “Demon” the Templar were burned for having worshiped.

Baphomet, a fanciful rendering by E. Levi

When a Qabalistic cipher code called ATBASH is applied to Baphomet and written In Hebrew right to left it spells Sophia, a Greek word for the Goddess. Sophia means wisdom; skill in Magick.

I will give you the most precious of all lessons in Magick, a lesson that I unfortunately had to learn for myself the hard way. It is a secret even the ancients did not know. With her Magick the tyrant God of the Jews can be squashed like an insect. But in the ancient myths Isis never uses her Magick against Set and Hecate is the only Titan who doesn’t wage war against Zeus. Like any mother she loves her son. The ancients could not know this so it is not in their moldy old manuscripts but it is love that binds the Goddess to the God of Abraham, the love of a mother for her son and it is only love that can tear her from him; the love between the Moon and the Sun.

America is a land founded upon anomalous events, some that defy explanation in spite of sciences best efforts. It was plagues that laid to waste 9 out of every 10 indigenous inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere, plagues that accompanied the arrival of the rampaging Christian hordes and paved the way for their conquests. The explanation that the Indians had no immunity to the White Man’s disease’s no longer washes, if it ever did, in light of all the evidence given in the previous parts of this essay. Indeed antibodies have been found in Indians to the obscure Japanese disease HTLV1.

The earliest record of a Magi calling forth plagues upon his enemy is Moses unleashing the Angel of Death in Egypt. But this is not by any means the only biblical plague that marked the birth of America. In 1876, the U.S. Congress declared the locust “the single greatest impediment to the settlement of the country between Mississippi and the Rocky Mountains.” By 1890 the locust had vanished from the face of North America. It is a scientific enigma for which no plausible explanation has ever been given.

An outnumbered collection of untrained farmers and merchants managed to defeat the greatest military power the earth had known since the days of Rome. In the Battle of Long Island George Washington and his makeshift army of 10,000 men were on Brooklyn Heights encircled on three sides by 20,000 crack British troops yet Washington managed to escape across the East River with nearly the entire Continental Army cloaked by a mysterious fog which settled in from nowhere and lasted until they were safely away from the British.

In the war of 1812 the British occupied Washington on Aug. 25, 1814 in preparation to burn it to the ground. The book Washington Weather gives an account of what happened next; suddenly a storm “tore through the center of Washington and directly into the British occupation. Buildings were lifted off of their foundations and dashed to bits. Other buildings were blown down or lost their roofs. Feather beds were sucked out of homes and scattered about. Trees were uprooted, fences were blown down, and the heavy chain bridge across the Potomac River was buckled and rendered useless. A few British cannons were picked up by the winds and thrown through the air. The collapsing buildings and flying debris killed several British soldiers. Many of the soldiers did not have time to take cover from the winds and they laid face down in the streets. One account describes how a British officer on horseback did not dismount and the winds slammed both horse and rider violently to the ground.”

Nowhere else are the Jewish Masonic influences over America more apparent than the rise of the Mormon Church. In the early 1820’s the nation was griped with religious fervor. Jesus, Mary and the Angels were seen lurking in every church and farmyard. In Palmira New York a man named Joseph Smith claimed he had been shown tablets of gold by an Angel named Moroni.

Smith then wrote the book of Mormon chronicling the revelations of Moroni. Three witnesses testified they had met Moroni themselves and 8 more that they had seen the tablets. Written in “Reformed Egyptian” the tablets were copied without Moroni relinquishing them and later translated by Smith through clairvoyance and the use of “Seer Stones.”

The book gives an account of two great civilizations. One came from Jerusalem in 600 B.C. and afterward separated into two nations; the Nephites who were White and the Lamanites whom the book says had a “skin of blackness.” The other came much earlier when “the Lord confounded the tongues at the Tower of Babel.” This group is known as the Jaredites. After thousands of years all were destroyed except the Lamanites and they are among the ancestors of the American Indians.

An Olmec temple

The Olmec are considered the precursor of Mesoamerican civilization and “scholars” have recently admitted that Olmec civilization may have begun as early as seven thousand years ago in the region now called Tabasco. This presents problems for academia because the Olmec had the audacity to be blatantly black. Vast quantities of their art work has been dug up in the land at the southern foot of the Mexican valley, much of it deliberately buried and disfigured as if they had committed some unforgivable crime against the Maya population succeeding them.

Giant stone heads of brooding black kings stare with menacing silence at history’s usurpers daring them to explain their existence. Flawless step pyramids that would have been the envy of their contemporaries in the Mesopotamian valley are left hidden in the ever encroaching jungle lest they cast dispersion on Smithsonian sanctioned institutionalized racism.
Professor Andrzej Wiercinski discovered African skulls at Olmec sites in Tlatilco, Cerro de las Mesas and Monte Alban yet Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Yale University and long time CIA operative Michael D. Coe continues to clamor that he will not except the art evidence as long as no African skeletons have been found in the New World.

Indian scholar R.A. Jairazbhoy states that the earliest settlers of America were Ancient Egyptians led by King Ramses III. He adds “The black began his career in America not as slave but as master.” Globally acclaimed scholar Dr Ivan Van Sertima sums it up nicely when he says: “A study of the Olmec civilization reveals elements that so closely parallel ritual traits and techniques in the Egypt-Nubian world of the same period that it is difficult to maintain [that] all these are due to mere coincidence.”

One of the few Mesoamerican books not destroyed by the rampaging soldiers of Christ, the Jews shock troops then as they still are now, the Popol Vuh mentions Black people that came to America “from the land of the sunrise.” Mayan colored murals from Bonompak and Chichen Itza in Mexico show Black and light skinned warriors together. The author of ‘the Gods of the Cataclysm’, Hugh Fox a professor at Michigan State University, concluded that Phoenician and Olmec funerary masks were virtually identical both depicting the Egyptian – Phoenician God Bes.

 An Olmec statue of what should be obvious to anyone but a complete imbecile is a Black man!

It should surprise no one that the Mormons have access to a history that the goyim do not. The Church of Latter-day Saints is homogenized Masonic doctrine. Its fealty is to its Jewish Masonic masters and their God whom the Mormons simply refer to as the Lord. Mormons love their Jewish masters so much that the ADL had to recently ask them to stop baptizing dead Jews in absentia so they could go to heaven and become Gods like every good Mormon aspires to be. Of course the Mormons paid them no mind. Abe Foxman is not exactly a member of the ruling Sanhedrin. They recently baptized Elie Wiesel even though he is unfortunately still very much alive.

The pentagram is the most prominent symbol of Mormonism and the basic premise of Mormonism is that a man can become a God. In American history it was the Mormons who spearheaded the drive westward towards Manifest destiny while the Christians remained safely ensconced within forts along the Eastern Coast. The Mormon Church went on to become a rival of the great religions settling comfortably in the path of the Skinwalker. The Mormons now control Americas Internal Revenue Service and wield it like a weapon to persecute anyone who might get in the way of the Jewish agenda of a Jewish controlled police state that will provide American muscle for world dominion.

Low-density carbon spherules are shown whole from the Chobot site (a), sectioned and by SEM from Bay T13 (b), and at high magnification by SEM from Bay B14 (c)

There is a black mat separating the current epoch in America from the one that existed before it 12,900 years ago. The mat is extremely common in Americas southwest. The mat marks the abrupt end of over 50 different “Clovis” sites. Although the mat contains Nano diamonds, metallic micro spherules, carbon spherules, magnetic spherules, charcoal, soot, and fullerenes enriched in helium-3, all evidence of a catastrophic fire, academia continues to insist that it was mans hunting practices that were responsible for the sudden and complete extinction of the Mega fauna in the Americas. The reasons given for the disappearance of Clovis civilization are not even coherent enough to summarize.

Iridium has also been found in the mat in quantities large enough to indicate an extraterrestrial source for the Fire. Iridium is one of the least abundant elements in the Earth’s crust but is quite common in meteors.

The Bible tells its readers God rained down fire on Sodom and Gomorrah and sowed the sites with salt so that nothing could grow there. Scientists began to turn up evidence of settlements that had been burned from above in areas around the Dead Sea in Israel as early as 1973. The forensics on the charred remains of settlements southeast of the Dead Sea indicates the fires started on the roofs of the buildings. The Dead Sea is a salt water lake and shares many common geographical features with a land thousands of miles away in the western hemisphere, the land of the Mormons. The Mormons built their city besides the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere, the Great Salt Lake. The area around that lake is where evidence for the largest concentrations of the doomed “Clovis” peoples have been found. In fact Clovis civilization takes its name from a town in New Mexico named Clovis.

Traditionally the oldest known text of Jewish mysticism or Qabalism is the Sepher Yetsirah or the Book of Formation supposedly written by Abraham himself, next is the Sepher ha Zohar written by disciples of Rabbi Akiva ben Joseph; Rabbi Simeon ben Jochai and son, The Rabbi and his son hid in a cave from the Romans shortly after the Bar-Kochba rebellion.

All of these books can be traced back with historical certainty to the beginning of the fourteenth century when they were published in Spain, along with the Zohar, by Rabbi Moses de León, shortly before his death in 1305. From these texts the Tree of Life is derived. Incredibly enough, the Sepher Yetsirah demonstrates more than just a passing acquaintance with Quantum Physics.

The Sepher Yetsirah tells its students that God created the universe from a single letter in the Hebrew Alphabet; the Yod. Quantum physicists working furiously at the freshly minted mega billion dollar particle accelerator in Switzerland, built specifically for the purpose, have succeeded in isolating a single sub atomic particle that appears to be the basic building block of matter. They have christened that particle, otherwise called the Higgs boson, the God particle.

In Quantum mechanics there are 10 dimensions. Since 1995 the proponents of String Theory have solved many of its early contradictions by adding one extra dimension and fixing the number at 11, this is called M Theory. Whether there are 10 or 11 dimensions is currently hotly debated among particle physicists. According to the Sepher Yetsirah the ‘Tree of Life’ contains 10 spheres of existence. But for the last 700 years plus Qabalists have debated whether there was an eleventh sphere called Da’at (Knowledge) between Kether (the Crown) and Tiphareth (Grace).

Jesuit A. Kircher’s rendition 1652

On the ‘Tree of Life’ there is only one sphere which manifests all the other spheres. It is the realm of the tangible called Malkuth or in English the World. The other spheres, although not visible to man, play out their influences in Malkuth. Physicists now realize gravity could not exist unless 90% of the universe is undetectable to the human senses and the instruments currently at mans disposal. They call this invisible 90%; Dark Matter.

On the Tree of Life the spheres of existence are connected by 22 paths. No one knows the number of subatomic particles, but it is believed to be around 20.

In Qabalism there are 4 worlds containing the spheres of existence called Atziluth the world of nearness, Briah the world of Creation, Yetzirah the world of Formation, and Assiah the world of action. Four forces govern the interactions of matter: Electromagnetism, Gravity, and the Weak and the Strong nuclear force.

In Qabalism there are 3 mother letters; Aleph corresponding to Air, Mem corresponding to Water, Shin corresponding to Fire. The mother letters have the ability to transubstantiate to the letters in god’s name; Yod, Heh, and Vav. It is the letters of gods own name which he uses to seal the 6 directions of infinity to create a cube where existence is possible.

Stephen Hawking proposes an infinite number of parallel universes connected by wormholes. Sidney Coleman was once quoted on a tee shirt by his students in Harvard as saying: “Not only God knows, I know, and by the end of the semester, you will know.” He theorized these wormholes are necessary to keep the cosmological constant at zero because with a negative charge the universe wraps itself into hyperspace and with a positive charge it explodes. There are three basic properties of a black hole; its mass, its spin, and its charge.

The most important key to the Qabalah is Gematria wherein each of the 22 Hebrew letters is assigned a numerical value. Every word has a sum. When the sums of 2 words are the same they are interchangeable or used to explain each other. In Qabalistic lore Rabbi Simeon ben Jochai and son wrote the second book while hiding in a cave. The Hebrew word for cave is mearah Its Gematric value is 315(M = 40, O = 70, R = 200, H = 5) the same as the world of formation; Yetzirah (Y = 10, Tz = 90, Y = 10, R = 200, H = 5). The Rabbi and his son were hiding as a result of the failed Bar-Kochba rebellion. Coins commemorating that rebellion have been found in America as have many other Hebrew artifacts. Somehow Haplogroup X, Hebrew mitochondrial DNA, was introduced to the Navajo gene pool about a thousand years ago at the very same time the Anasazi reigned in terror in what is now the land of the Dene.

The word cave appears 39 times in the Old Testament. In the Qabalah 39 is the number of completion, the metastasis of God. The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus is a Christian story about seven youths who in 250 AD escape the persecution of Christians by the Roman emperor Decius when they hide in a cave where they are transported through sleep hundreds of years into the future.

The story is repeated in the Qur’an in Surah 18, verse 9-26. In the Quran the time elapsed, dates, and number of sleepers, are not given and the reader is told that those details are best left to God. After warning the time travelers to stay in the cave and avoid detection lest they be stoned the Qur’an tells its readers: “We caused them to be discovered, to let everyone know that God’s promise is true, and to remove all doubt concerning the end of the world.”According to Islamic scholars these verses were revealed to Mohammed after Rabbis from Medina put people up to questioning him about young men from the past and a man who traveled the earth from east to west.

In the Bible Lot hides in a cave with his 2 daughters after Sodom and Gomorrah are incinerated by God’s wrath. The Gematric value of Gomorrah is 315 (O = 70, M = 40, R = 200, H = 5). According to the rules of Qabalah; Gomorrah, the world of Formation and the cave referred to 39 times in the Old Testament are all America or intimately entwined with her. How did Moses manage to wander through the Sinai desert without once having caught sight of the Promised Land which he was supposedly standing on? Perhaps the right of return is the right of all the earth’s people to return to the site of what was once their greatest civilization; America the Promised Land.

Michelangelo’s Moses depicted with horns

Human skulls with horns were discovered in a burial mound at Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, in the 1880′s. Horny projections extended two inches above the eye-brows, and the skeletons were seven feet tall, but other than that were anatomically normal.

Akhenaton reigned as Pharaoh of Egypt about 3450 years ago. He introduced monotheism to Egypt and some scholars consider his reign as the progenitor of Judaism. For obvious reasons I do not but there is no doubt that the monotheism caused a schism within the Egyptian priesthood.


Upon his death his dynasty was usurped and his son and successor Tutankhamun murdered. The power was again returned to Thebes whose priests immediately set about vilifying Akhenaton by defacing his monuments and referring to him as “the enemy” in archival records.

Akhenaton and his family were hideously misshapen with elongated heads shaped like gourds. In Paracas, Peru; archeologists have found hundreds of the same kind of skulls. The Peruvian skulls have been dated by Brien Foerster, expert on Inca and pre Inca civilizations, to be 3000 years old or older. 

As Jim Morrison said “this is the land where the pharaoh died.”


Akhenaton’s daughter

The mummy of Tutankhamun

Paracas skulls

We now interrupt your reading for a shameless commercial announcement. 

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Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god Paperback – January 5, 2021

— Citations —

(Authors note – this is by no means all the sources used in writing this 9 piece essay just the ones I hardily endorse. There are many links that will take you to other sources and some are taken from oral traditions, books that are not supposed to even be in print and things I have seen with my own eyes. Put your faith in nothing except your weapons of war. Check everything I’ve written. Only fools and Christians believe in things that cannot be proved. Crowley teaches his followers to be skeptical of everything. When someone asks you to believe what cannot be proved they are wasting your time. And time is the most precious thing you have.)

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  1. I believe Mohammed also claimed to have received gold tablets from an angel and Joseph Smith, who I read was introduced to dowsing by his father, have high (non-religious) praise to Mohammed (maybe there is a connection between that name as Mohamed: which I heard was a title; not a name–but that would be for another story). I heard of this stuff years ago, so I admit I might not still know where to find the sources of any of this ("Mormonism: the Halloween Religion" might be the title of the occult origins of Joseph Smith).

    I also read that powerful leaders were depicted with horns. Dhul Qarnyn, who some have attributed to Alexander the Great, was one such one and it is believed he built an iron wall to keep back Gog and Magog (or is it Mog from Magog?) from mankind. Maybe they were made differently, though, or maybe there were also some being with bony protrusions.

    I think a broken-off branch, that were Jews that rejected Jesus, probably altered their ancient works, but Jesus came to fulfill the law and loving your enemies and doing good to those who hurt you is not the teachings of a demon-god (definitely not something a collection of Jews from various backgrounds or the religions claimed to be the source of Christ's life-story and nature would have thought-up). It's possible those cities wiped out by an act of God or the hands of the Jews throughout the OT were like a 24/7 version of "The Purge" and the chastisement was probably merciful for the innocents, who would be just fine in the afterlife.

    I think that leaves us with the Gnostics (the Freemasons probably being their esoteric syncretist successors) being slanderers like Herodotus. Speaking of the Freemasons, I think they were probably harmless till the Illuminati took control. I read a Comte de Vivrieu was one of those Freemasons at the time, but left in terror of what was being devised for their organization and returned to the Catholic Faith, in which he was first baptized. In the 19th century, Pope Leo 13 banned membership of Catholics in such secret societies after realizing in a dream what they were doing and about (the vow of secrecy of the Masons and probably the others probably made knowing of that any other way almost impossible).

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  4. Noticed Jack Heart is, once more, no longer listed among "Featured Columnists" at Veterans Today. Hope that's just because the last article was published back at the beginning of March, and doesn't mean Mr. Heart has been made "columnist non grata" (again). Looking forward to the next article in the Black Sun series, and the missing three parts of "Behind the Bush."

  5. It so TOTALLY is Bill Clinton, Jack. But, if these guys all seem to be tied via secret networks/brotherhoods, or whatever, then I guess that shouldn't be that surprising, after all?

    Makes you laugh, though. Bill made a lot (while president) of his 'humble roots' and poor upbringing in Hicksville, Whereverbama; but according to this photo he was headin' off on hunting trips down to South America!! Probably shooting people for all we know~

    Looking forward to the next installment~~

  6. Did I not say Hamilton was an agent for the Crown? Yes I did. Give what up? Speaking the truth? Ain't gonna happen.

    It is not "Constantine's Book". The different Councils decided to include many authentic letters from the Apostles while rejecting other writings (both authentic and fraudulent). The Apostles writings were to be used as a measuring stick for other scriptural historical writings not found in the "bibles". They also kept out later, other writings that were part of what we call the OT.

    The "Jews" made up their own fraudulent version of the OT around 800-900 AD. This is called the Masoreitc texts. Through their control of the publishing houses, they printed mistranslated (by way of Talmudic nonsense) NTs, that eventually turned the true narrative on its head. This is how they infiltrated Christendom and control most of it today.

    The authentic OT scriptures can be found in Greek. These were translated around 680 BC and then again around 250 BC into Greek by authentic Judaite Levitical (white man) priests and Greek (northern Israelites) pagan priests. Presumably, the earliest translations into Greek were done in anticipation of the Judaites left in the southern Kingdom's return to the land from being held captive in Babylon; this so they could be translated back.

    Lucifer is the name given to whom we call Satan today before his fall. Lucifer literally means "Lighet Bearer or bringer" He was the chief angel under the prime creator savior. He had 3 gifts. Beauty, Intelligence and Music and in his trickery, he still uses these gifts against us today. When he rebelled, he did so because during the creation of man (Man's original body was "angelic" in the sense that it was greater than all other angels and was made in the imagine of the prime creator and his angels) Satan knew that this new creation was going to unseat Satan as the Chief Angel in the realm. In fact, he knew, that this new creation would be so aligned with the prime creator/savior, that all the angels would be forced to worship us, being under us.

    Satan's title was that of the "morning star". When he rebelled, he tricked 1/3rd of the angels to follow him. His name was changed from Lucifer to Satan which means enemy by the prime creator/savior. 3 "days" this war in the heavens went on.(Days could literally mean 3,000 years). One the first day, the new arch angel Michael fought Satan to a draw. The second day Satan first felt pain as Michael got the upper hand. The 3rd day, the physical manifestation of the prime creator (who we call Jesus) came out like lightning and threw Satan from the heavens, INTO the earth. Hence, to this day, Satan and his fallen one's headquarters is in the inner earth realm.The angels had commented that had not the prime creator helped the other angels toward victory, they would have lost to Satan and his fallen ones.

    Just as the body has a heart so too does the earth. The human heart has two chambers and so does inner earth. I theorize that the Garden or Paradise (which is different from the Prime Creator's Heaven or Kingdom) is one side of the inner earth realm. Hades or Hell, Satan's domain, is on the other side just like every word that a man's speaks comes from either the good or evil contained in one's heart.

  7. Js I watch them for the visuals myself but when I know they been plagiarizing my stuff I have to turn them off. Give me 3 more parts and you will begin to understand that none of this is "nuts and bolts," particularly not the science. Nuts and bolts are for cave men and orange guys with pompadour hairdos.

  8. Jack I would imagine those golden tablets were stolen from the indians.

    Alexander Hamilton was Rothschild's son in law and was shot by Jackson's VP Aaron Burr. Ty you should give it up.

  9. It seems no subject can be discussed these days without shadrach married Obednigo mumbo jumbo from Constantine's book. It really does get tiresome. Most of these prophecies are chin friction and key board tapping.

    This is what Jesus actually said.

    Lets put it in perspection, Lucifer is inside your head.

    By the way they have even opened the FBI files, Hitler took a bug out bag and left for Agentina with the help of the crowned heads and the catholic church.

  10. Jack,

    Can you comment on all the TV shows coming out. Especially on this History channels. It seems like everything on H2 is about exposing truth and aliens. Most of it seems to be mixing good factual information and then throwing off the truth with crack pot theories? Either way it seems you can get some good visuals from these shows.


  11. With out going back and looking it up, can not quote it exact, but there was a subversive force or secret organization or movement that George Washington was very concerned about. George was from an very old bloodline, one that had not been polluted with the scum now in charge. Going from memory, about three hundred years ago, give or take, the evil trash started marrying into the old bloodlines. The resulting offspring gave us things like the Roosevelts and Bush minions. One question Jack, do you know why the old bloodlines avoided intermarrying with the Spanish bloodlines? I do not know why, but they did.

  12. Jack,

    sorry to be a bit off topic – but would you please, please explain the picture of Bill Clinton with the shotgun on your black sun rising, part 2, article?? Nobody seems to have mentioned it and it's very curious. Is he really with the German/Indian dude in that photo???? Weird!!!


  13. I also agree about the Mormon religion being Masonic. They have many truths but ultimately, they are an early psy-op by the Jewish (City of London) Crown and British Crown toward these last days- the end of this particular age.

    You said

    "Mormons love their Jewish masters so much that the ADL had to recently ask them to stop baptizing dead Jews in absentia so they could go to heaven and become Gods like every good Mormon aspires to be. Of course the Mormons paid them no mind. Abe Foxman is not exactly a member of the ruling Sanhedrin. They recently baptized Elie Wiesel even though he is unfortunately still very much alive."

    LMAO- so very true and funny

    You said "How did Moses manage to wander through the Sinai desert without once having caught sight of the Promised Land which he was supposedly standing on? "

    Because Moses was wondering around the Sini Peninsula and the "promised land" is both Palestine and America. One to be ruled by Levi and Judah pre Jesus and the other to be ruled by Ephriam and Manasseh post Jesus. If you draw a line, straight through the earth from Jerusalem (now considered hell on earth, rightly), it will pop up in Sedona, Arizona and if you ever lived or been in Sedona (like I have) you can literally feel the mysterious majesty.

    Again Jack, love reading you stuff. We are not that far apart in our understandings but there is a major schism, sorta like the one's you describe of old- huh……


  14. Jack

    Interesting as always and I agree with you about YHWH and the "grand architect" being Satan.The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not YHWH nor the "Grand Architect". He is I am who I am is not "part of this world" controlled by Satan who is still subject to the prime creator.

    I am not sure about Washington as an Illuminati agent. The Illuminati was formed in 1776 and all the founders were very concerned about it, knowing it was a Jew creation. To say the revolution was a mass deception is half the truth. Some were working for genuine Sovereignty while others were agents of the City of London Jews (such as Hamilton) and the British Crown. America did indeed break totally free from British control- our capital was Philadelphia and Separate from the Crowns. DC was is and is the only foothold the City of London and the British Crown had left in America. The Articles of Confederation is the lawful Government that the war was "won" under, where as the subsequent united States is also outside the Crown's creation. The United States and UNITED STATES where Corporations created and functioning out of DC which is again, London, Crown Territory which is different from mainland America, Philadelphia. This is why even today, mainland America is under common, Christian, natural law and DC/US is under Judaic/economic/Admiralty legalities. These are TWO separate entities with TWO different jurisdictions. Today, mainland America is de facto controlled by the fictions out of DC/US.

    The treaty of Paris and other treaties make it clear that the Crown claimed to be owner and creator of the Corporation States of the US and not the uS. If America could pay off their war debt to the Crown(s) (because they took the entire continent except DC) they would be out from under all control so Hamilton brought in the first bank of America which actually paid off these debts because the fraud that was happening only made it seem like America didn't pay off these debts. From then on out, it has been lawful America verses DC/US and the Crowns and right now, it seems like the Crowns owned and controlled by Vatican City have won. When the 3 city states are destroyed, there will be a window of opportunity where mainland America will be Sovereign again, just like they were when King George relinquished all claims to the colonies- supposedly in his temporary insanity. Fact is, if one traces the 2520 yr punishment upon TRUE Israel, they will see that this ended 1776 when they would be restored. Also, America was and is to be a Christian Nation.This has been upheld by SCOTUS IN 1892, 1936 and 1952. Don't confuse a Nation with a Federal Government.They are different entities Almost everyone, 2/3rds of the signers were pastors and Christians. Of those leaders of the Revolution, a small minority were Deists (mostly masons) and a couple "atheists" like Common Sense author Thomas Paine. America's early population was almost all, Christian in one form or another so our Fed Gov took on the character of Christian and our law of the land, is Christian derived as is also our Republic form of Government (in the Septuagint concerning old Israel's form of Gov).

    The seal of the United States does indeed have some occult, Jewish nonsense added, but make no mistake, it is rightly based upon the tribe of Manasseh, which America's white population physically is.

    You said "It was plagues that laid to waste 9 out of every 10 indigenous inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere". Exactly, most of the north American Indians died before the white man's arrival due to the bubonic plague which many believe the Jews let loose. It did kill some 2/3rds (if I am not mistaken) Europeans in Europe proper. This plague that came from the EAST coupled with the Indians genocidal wars against one another, weakened them to such an extent, but the time whites got to America, Indians only numbered around 2 million people stretched over 1/5th the land surface of the planet.


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