Musings on The Sun Thief; a novel by Cara St. Louis

by Jack Heart

Grifters have a name for people who don’t believe in conspiracies. They call them marks as in a marked target. When people are out to harm you there is no such condition as paranoia. It’s called good sense.

We live in times where fiction masquerades as facts so why not facts as fiction? Americans can ignore Cara St. Louis’s fictional novel The Sun Thief at their own peril. They can wait for their briefing from the National Security Agency or a memo from the Department of Defense but I seriously doubt whether anyone’s going to interrupt Dancing with the Stars. Somewhere above in a plaid patchwork of pale grays and sickly blue’s the epitaph of the human soul may be written in a vapor trail.

Loathsome as clinical psychology may be, the term cognitive dissonance comes to mind when observing the reaction, or more accurately lack of reaction, that most Americans exhibit to the long gaseous trails that crisscross the sky and at times blot out the sun. For those who have been paying attention the environmental consequences are plain to see. Since the eighties the amphibian extinction rate around the world is twenty-five to forty-five thousand times what is normal. In The Sun Thief, as in the actual scientific research, Aluminum oxide is the primary ingredient of an unauthorized or at least unreported spraying program that has been going on since the Eighties. Aluminum oxide is the active ingredient in antiperspirants. It blocks up the pours and prevents sweating. Amphibians breathe through the pours of their skin.

Other environmentally sensitive animals such as bats and honey bees have fared little better. Birds have been falling dead from the sky, sometimes thousands at once, for over a decade. There have been a hundred and seventy five of these mass death events involving a thousand or more birds over the last ten years in just America alone. In Beebe, Arkansas five thousand red-wing blackbirds fell dead from the sky to usher in the first day of 2011. The corporate media did back flips attributing the bird’s demise to firecrackers, never even mentioning the eighty three thousand dead drum fish that washed up in the Arkansas River not a hundred miles away that same week.
In Oakville, Washington about forty miles west of Mount Rainier, a strange gelatinous rain blanketed a twenty square mile area in early August of 1994. Amid rampant rumors of unexplained aerial activity by the military many of the town’s residents fell violently ill after contact with the substance dubbed star jelly by the media. Mike McDowell, the lead micro biologist for Washington State Department of Health, tested the substance and found it was teeming with pseudomonas fluorescens and enterobacter cloacae. Both are bacteria that are extremely toxic to the intestinal and respiratory systems of human beings. Pseudomonas fluorescens feeds on oil and is used to clean up oil spills. It is listed in one hundred and sixty three Pentagon patents for bio-remediation.
Dr. McDowell’s samples were abruptly confiscated by his superiors with no explanation given after he reported that under the microscope the substance would always break into rectangular pieces. Till this day he insists that it was an artificial delivery system, that he termed a “matrix,” for some unnamed microscopic element deployed by the military. Over the last twenty years “star jelly” has turned up all over the world and in America from Arizona’s remote Mogollon rim to Aptos and Fresno, California and North Seattle, Washington.
As early as 1950, in an experiment called Operation Sea-Spray, the United States navy burst high altitude balloons above the unsuspecting residents of San Francisco’s bay area releasing Serratia marcescens a Enterobacteriaceae, as are enterobacter cloacae found in Dr. McDowell’s samples and Yersinia pestis the bacterium that caused the black plague. A man died and many people were badly sickened yet the corporate media pretends Operation Sea-Spray never happened and insists any suggestion that the United States government would actually do something like that are the paranoid delusions of “conspiracy theorists.”
Not to be outdone, in the DICE trials, Britain’s Ministry of Defense would saturate the hapless citizens of south Dorset with Serratia marcescens from 1971 – 1974. Apparently the RAF had practiced infecting the homeland ten years earlier by dropping huge amounts of zinc cadmium sulphide on over a million of Great Britain’s inhabitants. Zinc cadmium sulphide is a known poison and considered a chemical weapon since WW II by both the English and the Americans. Quaintly called the Fluorescent Particle Trials this “testing” took place between 1955 and 1963.

Serratia marcescens most notable characteristics, outside of being a deadly pathogen, are its unique ability to bind iron through the production of prodigiosin the pigment that gives it its red coloration and its resultant secretion of the enzyme metalloproteinases; believed to function in cell-to-extracellular matrix interactions. Serratia marcescens is known to  suppress certain cells of the human immune system. It has regularly turned up in samples of star jelly.

2013 saw hundreds of demonstrations against Monsanto held in cities around the world. This was in reaction to Monsanto’s agents in Washington pushing through the Farmer Assurance Provision in US H.R. 933. The bill forbids, for the fiscal year, any regulation by law of genetically modified crops regardless of the “potential adverse environmental effects” of those crops. Monsanto holds the patents on the seed stocks for most of those crops at least till the end of 2014. The crops themselves have been modified to be resistant to Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round Up, an herbicide tentatively linked to human autism and of course produced by Monsanto. The value of biotech maize, soybean grain and corn, alone is estimated at one hundred and sixty billion dollars a year. Autism has become endemic in America since the eighties. Its estimated 1.5% of all who are born in the USA, up 30% from 2012, will be diagnosed with it in 2014. The global figures are at the most two in a thousand.
Cara St. Louis weaves many of these facts and a lot more into a seamless global conspiracy by a company called Scepter, a metaphorical Monsanto, to control the world’s food supply through bio engineering. Scepter itself is the agent of an unholy alliance between renegade elements of London’s faceless and reptile-like aristocracy and America’s military. Their final agenda is not just world domination but the annihilation of the last vestiges of free will within the human race. They are opposed by a handful of idealists who must risk their lives in obscurity marginalized by a media whose only purpose is to serve their corporate masters.
The antagonists and protagonists of Sun Thief are articulated with a vivid assortment of characters created by Ms St. Louis. But many of the motives and opportunities are all too real, as are the precedents and science. When Eisenhower made his farewell address in 1961 he expressed great trepidations over the growing influence of corporations on a military meant to serve the people of the United States of America. Even before that in a 1954 letter to his brother Edgar he warned that H. L. Hunt was leading a business consortium, consisting primarily of Texas oil barons, that was attempting to take over the government and “abolish social security, unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs.”
Only two years after Eisenhower’s famed farewell address warning Americans to beware of the military industrial complex President John F. Kennedy, in what was quite possibly the most blatant “covert” coup d’état in the history of man, had his brains blown all over a Dallas street. Hunts bloody fingerprints were all over the macabre media spectacle, along with his by now heir apparent George Herbert Walker Bush’s. The carnage also included the public execution of Kennedy’s brother Robert a few years later when he attempted to run for the presidency himself.
The assassination of John F. Kennedy cleared the way for America’s seemingly insane decade long war over a banana patch in Southeast Asia. During the Vietnam War American soldiers on the ground were doused from the air with twenty-million gallons of herbicide in America’s reckless attempt to defoliate all of Vietnam. Agent Orange, a concoction produced by Monsanto and Dow Chemicals, constituted the bulk of what was being dropped on the troops. It contained 2, 3, 7, 8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD).
Peter H. Schuck, author of the definitive book on the subject Agent Orange on Trial calls TCDD “perhaps the most toxic molecule ever synthesized by man.” There is ample evidence proving Dow, Monsanto and the Department of Defense were well aware of Agent Orange’s toxicity even before the defoliation programs inception. Veterans who had been sprayed with it day in and day out returned from Vietnam maimed for life, most would eventually die. They told story’s of being saturated with Agent Orange long after it made any sense to still be spraying the already dead jungle. It was as if somebody wanted to see what would happen.

The main stream media has one job and one job only and that is to keep the farm animals distracted while the farmer sharpens his axe. They will tell you greed is good because the fatter the pig the greater its value. They will show you pretty faces, flashing lights and buzzers and bells because it is the way of the magician to have you watch his left hand while his right hand performs the deception. No less a mind than Friedrich Nietzsche once lamented the invention of the printing press and newspapers because he saw over a hundred years ago how it would be and already was being used to manipulate the mob. Few books are worth the paper they are printed on and none are on the New York Times bestseller list. No one ever tells the prospector where to find the gold but I am telling you that in the Sun Thief there is gold. 

Below are two links where you can purchase Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan. I would suggest you buy it in hardcopy, not because I make more, I actually make the most from Amazon E books, but because you will avoid giving Amazon any money. Frankly you should be shooting Amazon employees in the street, Google too.

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  1. I agree anonymous, until the main stream media is fixed, and each and every jew sycophant of empire is appropriately punished for each and every lie they have told there is no hope for the human race as a whole, that's why we must concentrate on only those who are worth the effort…

  2. Of course they're real, they're sinister, and they're part of the genetic-geo-engineering scheme to manipulate the planet and the gene pool if its inhabitants for profit. There are websites alluding to a plan by the covert powers that be, to merge human DNA into a hybrid with off-planet species – extraterrestrials. Nano technology stands at the epicenter of this depraved experiment. Naturally, the military is the central bad actor in the scheme… the billions they receive in funding, not to mention black budget dollars.

    At this point in this dis-information / misinformation world, the weirder the story seems, the more valid it becomes. The entire illusion we call reality is created using the flow of information via television and the press. Reality therefor, is composed of what sheople are told and presented… nothing more.

  3. John`s comment prompted me to advise readers ya ain`t gonna find this gem at barnes and noble.there`s too much truth for the CIA and the PTB. you have to go amazon or the like.

  4. I was setting outside today talking on the phone to one of m brothers. We were shooting the bull, telling stories and talking about the awful mess of government and the criminals who run it. as we talked i noticed a plane flying high all of a sudden start to spray just for a short period then shut it off. Contrails do not behave that way. after talking for a while, we got off. There was not a cloud in the sky or i would not have noticed it, but the chemtrail had spread out to cover about 10 to 20 acres in the sky, a funny looking cloud. I figure the plane was on it;s way somewhere else and they were just testing the spray bars. Have seen them doing grids. Whatever it is, it is not good.

  5. What is coming out of those planes up there needs to be dealt with. I remember reading a book, written by a top tier CIA official all the back in 52 or 53 when they first started pulling stunts like Operation Sea-Spray, speculating as to the nature of UFO's and the mysterious vapor trails that were appearing over the sky's of Washington DC at the same time the UFO's were. The Google search for contrails has been skewered so that a long and extremely pedantic piece purporting to "debunk" the whole contrail issue appears right at the top of the search. Turns out, according to its authors that a certain amount of Aluminum oxide, Strontium and Barium are good for you.

    Where I live on Long Island thirteen inches of rain just fell in one day; four and a half in one hour and five and half the next. The weather anomalies don't just stop there. The entire Northeastern seaboard has experienced the coolest summer on record. Coincidentally the bacterium Serratia marcescens does not do well in the heat. Maybe I'm just guessing but Serratia marcescens appears to be a catalyst for the various metallic elements that they have been introducing into the atmosphere for the last sixty-five years to organize into nano particles within the human body. But that's just a guess. Why is the military's oil eating bacterium; pseudomonas fluorescens also being introduced? All over this country isolated cases have appeared of what is called Morgellons disease where human beings are sprouting a multicolored, unidentifiable synthetic fabric from open lesions on their body's.

    With even just a casual examination of the available facts the conclusions reached by Cara St.Louis and just about every other researcher not being funded by the perpetrators, that somebody or something is attempting to biologically engineer the entire planet, are inescapable. The evil dream of man as a soulless machine articulated by Thomas Hobbs in Leviathan over three hundred years ago will finally find its realization not through any "great artificer" but in the unrestrained profiteering of globalism, itself just an agent of something far more insidious.

    Informing the masses will do nobody any good. The masses, or more accurately the mob, are at their depth watching Dancing With the Stars. Charles Baudelaire has already told you that the Devils best trick is convincing you that he does not exist I am going to tell you that his second greatest trick was telling you that we are all created equal.The mob is stupid and cruel and invariably must end up as the tool of its own oppression. 95% of the human race are born sheep. I write only for the the dogs and wolves. It is they who will decide the fate of the herd.

  6. I put the percentage at 97%. I used to worry about the sheeple but came to realize that they are where they desire to be. If you try to wake them up they will turn on you. Not advocating the Masons, but they have a rule, they do not seek you out. If you come seeking knowledge, then you will receive. I have adapted that in the case of the sheeple. If one wants knowledge , I will share, otherwise get the hell out of my way and do not try to include me in your insanity, because I am not buying.

  7. jack, it is an excellent revealing book that I read about a year ago. It`s hard to spread the word when most people are watching dancing with the stars. god bless the net but I`m clueless as to informing the masses.too much is already under control.alas.

  8. Its an excellent read John, I wouldn't tell you it was if it wasn't. I'm a skeptic or at least i was till i did the research, people talking about sentient oil from the X files? I don't believe stuff like that, or at least i didn't, I've never seen it. But someone wanna tell me what the pseudomonas fluorescens is all about? As far as the transhumanism I was also skeptical till i read up on Serratia marcescens. That star jelly is just when the nozzles are improperly set. All the pieces fit, one more thing that will have to be dealt with.

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