For people who have been following us that have not read my book, I’m going to start telling you a little bit about myself and the best way to do that is to just start publishing little pieces of my book. I wrote it right after the Skinwalker piece, after people I know started turning up dead; shot in the head from the backseat of their cars, just like they used to in the bad old days. I figured let me put this down for posterity and after consulting with the guy whom everybody knows was the one doing the shooting, I did with his blessing. I was very careful not to provide any evidence or hearsay that would have implicated him, but he didn’t seem to care. Maybe he knew what I didn’t, he always did. He would be dead himself shortly after the books completion.
Although after the book was done, I kept telling him to read it before it was published he never did. He never wanted to, even though one wrong sentence could have put him in jail for the rest of his life, after he helped me write it, calling me all the time to make suggestions…
He had even implored me to just self publish after strangely enough, or at least I thought so at the time, I couldn’t get it published. Now you all know I can write a little. Non-fiction, with the subject matter it deals with, backed by a plethora of eyewitnesses and municipal records? The Manhattan publishing houses should have been in a bidding war over it.  I even started out; or rather he started his career as the most feared man to ever walk the streets of NYC, with what really happened with the Amityville Horror, minus a few facts, like how Jim told me who was up there with Butchy. Later I heard Jim died as soon as I began writing the book, so that didn’t matter either. Anyway I figured instant best seller and movie. Instead I couldn’t get any of the top publishing houses to touch it, even though I wrote a query I knew would get a dead man’s attention. I couldn’t understand it until the offices of Suzanne Gluck sent me back a partial manuscript certified mail at their own expense. This is never done in the publishing industry. You wouldn’t be in business very long. Inserted in the manuscript, maybe by accident, was a memo from Samantha Frank, Office of Suzanne Gluck to Madelyn Knaster, Office of Courtney Braun. It said “Per our conversation – please find attached a very odd query we received in the mail today. I just wanted to make sure we have a record of receiving it. Please let me know if you have any questions.”  

I stopped trying to get it published after that. I had started writing for Veterans Today and by then I knew what a National Security letter is. So for your enjoyment (and mine) and all the people who are dead (Marlena, Phil, John, Jimmy and Jim as it stands right now that I know of) as a result of me writing it, some the best friends I ever had, Orage will be publishing excerpts from it that are pertinent, as we give a detailed elucidation of the science, the real science, the ancient science that the “sub-creatures,” the “Untermensch,” the chickens in this “chicken farm,” were never supposed to know…      
Note: Federal Copyright by Jack Heart © 2013. Citations of this material for review purposes only.    


By Jack Heart

Chapter 38
As I studied all this I began to notice bright green hairs growing from my head. I plucked them out and never told anyone until now. The day finally rolled around where I would start my sentence. I popped about a dozen valiums and met Wolf in court to appear before Judge Vaughn and be remanded to the Suffolk County Jail. Vaughn was a pompous pig of a man, corpulent and red faced from years of alcohol abuse. Everyone had informed me that he was Suffolk County’s ‘Hanging Judge.’ He thought he was going to lecture me. I ended up lecturing him. Wolf told me later he had never seen anyone get away talking to Vaughn the way I did. With the price of admission I was paying I was going to get my money’s worth. I was sent to the ‘Farm’ where I slept for two days. When I finally woke up I was called out of the dorm and met by a corrections officer who was a fan of my sister; Reinhardt Heydrich. The corrections officer had me moved to the kitchen dorm and gave me a pack of cigarettes.
There were about a hundred guys crammed into a single ‘dorm’ with no air conditioning. There were six dorms for inmates in the Yaphank barracks. Most of the inmates slept on double bunks. There were about a dozen single bunks in the back of each dorm for the most part equally divided amongst the Black and White sections. The kitchen dorm was infested with roaches and mice and smelled like shit and used socks. They gave me the bottom of a double bunk in the front, but for the next two days I stayed by the glass encased corrections officer station up all night  reading under its lights. I had a new book to go along with my mother’s new boyfriend; Marty Myers, who owned Total Health, the intellectual hub of Long Islands Occult and New Age movements.
The book was titled ‘The Greatest Story Never Told: A Scientific Inquiry into the Evidence of the Fall of Man from a Higher Civilization in Antiquity.’ It was signed by its author Lana Corrine Cantrell, written as a thesis for a medical degree and privately published as a book. It now sells on Amazon for over a thousand dollars for a used copy. Cantrell uses her medical training along with a thorough exegesis of the Vedas and insights derived from Zecharia Sitchin’s interpretations of Sumerian cuneiform to present a theory that mans actual life span should be about a thousand years, the same as the biblical patriarchs. Cantrell makes a medically documented case that the original skin color of the human race is green and that the different races all suffer from having adapted to breathing an oxygen depleted atmosphere, forcing their blood to turn from its original copper rich blue to red. All three races; Mongoloid, Negroid, and Caucasian, suffer from various afflictions due to a shortage of copper in the bloodstream. Caucasians are the worst. The afflictions are even more pronounced the lighter the skin gets. Cantrell points out hieroglyphic tracts that talk about the Pharaohs sending in their shock troops which they called ‘the kilted ones.’ Cantrell also has a doctorate in archeology. She uses her medical and archeological training to produce a lucid argument that the kilted ones were the ancestors of the Celts. In the pre-diluvian age human civilization was concentrated in the Mesopotamian and Indus valleys. There the Caucasian was bred only for war. It is Cantrell’s contention that the White man’s aggressive disposition, which is symptomatic of his medical condition, makes him an unsuitable ruler of the world.
I only had to run the big industrial dish washer after each meal and I was allowed to take whatever I wanted from the kitchen which was loaded with fresh produce from their farm in Yaphank. Just when I was starting to think it wouldn’t be too bad, some big Black guy comes over to me and tries to give me a mop and a bucket telling me “I’m the dorm rep Mr. Floyd. Everyone who comes in this dorm has to take a turn cleaning the bathroom.” I said “first of all Floyd you better forget about me ever calling you Mr. And if you don’t get out of here with that mop I’m going to be forced to beat you to death with it.” It started a big thing in the dorm but some of the Black guys in there knew me from the streets and advised Floyd, an ex-sergeant from the Vietnam War who had the younger kids calling him “Sergeant Floyd”, that I was extremely dangerous. I told him that he could not be the dorm rep anymore because I was. He could be second in charge. Actually I had went in there with every intention of beating the fuck out of the first suitable victim and when Floyd showed up waving that mop around, I figured he was volunteering for the job. I then made an announcement to the dorm that I would be taking a single bunk in the back and I didn’t care which side it was on. Saying “you all look like sub creatures to me!” The White guys quickly made me one. The one little shrimp who had to be moved to a double bunk objected, but he wasn’t even worth swatting. I put him down to be dealt with later.
My behavior was causing a furor amongst the Blacks, who made up the majority of the dorm. At the time, the Five Percent Nation of Islam was taking America’s prison population by storm and the kitchen dorm contained all the ones that had juice in Suffolk County and weren’t going upstate for long ‘bids.’ They were insisting to Floyd that he must represent the Black race against me in a death match in the basement of the kitchen. I told them anyone who thought they could do it was welcome to go down in that basement with me, but Floyd was the only one with any real balls. The next day he did and they locked the door behind us. I knew he didn’t want to fight me so when we got down the steps I said to him “you know Floyd these guys are fucking crazy. Where the fuck they think they are? Attica? Yea me and you should kill each other in the basement and one of us will die and one of us will catch a body. I say we go back up there and tell them that we are co dorm reps now.” Floyd liked that idea. He was scheduled to be released in two weeks anyway. So that’s just what we did. My first official act as ‘co dorm rep’ was to have the little shrimp White guy who had objected to my taking his single bunk beaten up and thrown out of the dorm by the Blacks. They liked this and it helped loosen racial tensions in the dorm considerably.
I started an intense regiment of training with a couple of Black guys and a couple of White guys. In no time I was doing a thousand pushups between chairs and a thousand dips between the bunks along with about a dozen sets of curls with up to two hundred pounds and other weight training in the yard every day. It wasn’t long before every young stud in the dorm was trying to keep up with me. Nobody could. Martial arts were practiced in the bathroom, out of sight of the correction officers, with a lot of Black guys remarking about how glad they were that they had not tried me when I first came in the dorm. Keeping in mind that I had actually grown a couple of green hairs not a month earlier and that I had also seen the one time Eric injected heroin with us his blood was blue, I kept reading that book supplementing it with everything Nietzsche and Plato ever wrote.
Yaphank Correctional Facility became my personnel kingdom just like the strip clubs had been. But this one had corrections officers, so I had no use for violence in this kingdom. I didn’t need it anyway. I controlled the food for all six hundred inmates. Once again everyone was “trying to please me.” I had four lockers; one was filled with cigarettes and one with pornography. When you wanted to jerk off, I gave you something from the ‘library’ and told the other inmates to keep out of the bathroom. You gave me some cigarettes. I had a very extensive pornography collection, because everyone who was leaving the jail gave whatever they had to me. I found a Hustler Magazine that featured as its centerfold a woman that looked just like Dianne doing it from a kneeling position on top of the guy. I didn’t lend that one out. That one I used personally, every day, a half dozen times a day. I would like to say that the correction officers at some point started looking at me strangely, but they had been looking at me strangely ever since I had come through the gates. One day they took me out of the dorm for what they said was some kind of routine examination. The examination lasted for hours with one woman ‘doctor’ questioning me as to every facet of my life before I had come in there. She was particularly interested to know how I had gotten the scar across my left rib cage. The scar I had from my communing with the leprechaun on the night after I had stomped Annie V. I lied to her, which I never do to anyone. I figured fuck these ‘people!’ I knew what the game was now and I also knew that they weren’t supposed to be making the rules, I was. I didn’t take any drugs nor even smoke pot during all the time I was in there. Not that there wasn’t plenty of stuff available. The Bay Rats had even brought me some pot during one of their visits to me. I took a couple of hits out of a joint and I gave the rest away. I knew I was ‘metastasizing’ and I didn’t want anything interfering.
Every night after Muslim prayer the Five Percenters would spread their prayer rugs in a circle and do what they called ‘knowledge lectures’ for hours. They never played cards or did any of the frivolous stupid things that the White guys did that I refused to participate in. I heard them calling each other Gods and I was fascinated. I told them that what they believed in and what I believed in was basically the same thing. Aleister Crowley had taught that every man and woman is the terrestrial manifestation of a star. We are all Gods. We are all stars. There was about thirty of them and at least twenty wanted ‘me to be the first White man to ever sit in on a knowledge lecture.’ The ones that objected objected because I ate pork and ‘I was a white blue eyed devil.’ I pointed out to them that I had brown eyes, that a couple of them had blue eyes, and the book I had been reading every day like it was a Bible said exactly the same thing about White people being human devils. They told me to wait two days, that ‘Knowledge’ was coming in on the next transport from upstate and they would have to ask him. He was an acknowledged spiritual leader of the Five Percent Nation of Islam. When Knowledge came in the dorm a couple of days later I was not disappointed.
He was an extremely intelligent and articulate brother. He told me he had been hearing about me upstate and he would be glad to have me sit in on the knowledge lectures but I had to stop eating pork. I asked him what the big deal was about eating pork and he told me that ‘the pig is genetically modified from a human being and that eating pork was the same as being a cannibal.’ Cantrell had been saying the same thing in her book but she was saying it backwards, as I was told. Cantrell was saying that the human had been genetically modified from the pig and that evolutionists deliberately lied about this when they claimed that apes were human’s closest relatives in the animal family. She proves her point about pigs being closest to man genetically beyond a shadow of a doubt when she points out that only pig organs can be successfully transplanted into humans. I wanted to hear the rest of the knowledge lectures and I certainly didn’t want to unnecessarily be a cannibal, so that was the last day in my life that I have ever deliberately eaten pork or anything cooked with it.
The basic premise of the Five Percenters was that Islam is the religion of the ‘natural man’ but not that all Muslims were Gods. They believed that ‘only five percent could ever be a God.’ That ‘the Gods must rule over the others.’ It was similar to what the Spartans believed about other Greeks which the Spartans called Helots. Only Five Percenters did not believe that a man’s ability to be a God was passed through lineage like the Spartans. In fact Knowledge when pressed could not say with certainty whether a man even had to be Muslim or Black to be a God. This was ‘why I was sitting in on the lectures.’ The first thing he did when he got to Yaphank was to ban the praying by those who were in ‘the Nation.’ He told them “a God does not grovel before another God.” In The Secret Gospel of Thomas Jesus tells his disciples “if you pray you will be condemned.” Then he tells them “Do not tell lies, and do not do what you hate, for all things are plain in the sight of heaven.” Heaven knows who you are and what you want.
I was told that ‘at one time before the White man’s history the Black man ruled over the earth but he ruled haughtily. His punishment for this is the current epoch of bad karma and the White man’s subjugation of the Black man. This epoch will soon be coming to an end and the Black man shall once again assume his rightful place on the thrones of the earth.’ All over the southern foot of the Mexican valley giant stone heads of brooding Black kings have been unearthed. They are fixed with defiant stares as if daring the defilers of history to explain them. Many of the stone heads have been disfigured and deliberately buried by their proceeding Mayan populations as if having committed some unforgivable crime. I told them what I knew that verified what Knowledge was teaching them. Sometimes I would speak for long periods during the knowledge lectures and it was the most comfortable I ever was among a group of people. I stopped combing and cutting my hair because no natural man does these things as indicated by the story of Samson and Delilahin the Bible. This was not a rule. There weren’t really any rules for a God, only that ‘he must conduct himself at all times with dignity.’
Somewhere during all this Phil came into the jail. His first meal was snuck in on the food cart, a twelve pound eye round roast beef cooked to perfection by a corrections officer cook just for the occasion. I sent notice to the dorm rep of the dorm he was in that Phil was to be extended every courtesy they could think of and that whoever thought of extra courtesies would get extra food. I only saw Phil maybe once or twice while he was there, because to see him I had to deliver a food cart. When I did he told me “I’m tired of Richey’s gangster shit. He’s now clearing over a hundred thousand dollars a week and what is he giving us? A couple? I found a really hot looking barmaid named Janine. Your really gonna like her. Me and her are getting an apartment. My mothers on her own and so are you. You don’t need me there. Go back and get Dianne. That’s all you want out of those places anyway. I took a truck load of fireworks from Joey already and he ain’t getting a dime. I am going to try to get more as soon as I get out of here. They can consider that my severance pay. When I took over that agency for them they were supposed to give a real union and real benefits to the dancers. Now they’re not even paying the new girls. Their only working for tips. My father was a union man. I should shoot both of them right through the fucking head. But I know you got to go back there. I’m only staying until then. You get out of here you’re on your own. I’m out of there!” I tried to talk him out of it but Phil was adamant. He said “they think this is a fucking monopoly game and the one with all the money left at the end wins. They replaced you on weekends with ‘Sergeant Slaughter’ from the World Wrestling Federation and another guy named Mark Tendler who used to be Bruno Samartinos tag team champion partner. Richey bills them as guest bouncers. All they do is sit in the corner all night. Jimmy is the only real bouncer. They’re going to get me killed. I’ll be leaving before that even comes close to happening. Tell Richey John’s your new partner. One day Richey’s not going to be able to get his key in the lock because someone broke a toothpick off in it.”
Every night a brilliant star would remain suspended over the Black section in the overhead windows around the top of the dorm walls. The hotter it got that summer the brighter the star seemed to burn. Everyone asked me what star it was but I had no answers for them. No one slept until it was really late and I never seemed to at all. I read all night by flashlight. One night when I was the only one up in the dorm I glanced up from my reading and noticed all the lights were out in the hallway and in the correctional officer booth. Beyond the bars that sealed the front of the dorm there were shadowy figures moving around in the darkness. There must have been at least a half dozen of them. They were dancing widdershins just like the dwarf I had seen when I was a small boy. I wasn’t the only one who had saw this, some of the Five Percenters also had. One told me confidentially “I always wake up late every night when everyone else is sleeping. I have seen stuff here with the walls where things are just in the wrong places. I have never been so scared in my life. I don’t want to know what’s going on in here. I just want to do my time and get far away from here.” We were speaking right under the observation booth and I heard the corrections officer inside answer the phones incessant ringing. He said “Anti Christ.”
When my uncle and my cousin Andrew finally came for me in the middle of August, I was ready for anything but I had only one order of business. I remember I hardly said a word. I watched out the window as the sweltering heat bore us westbound on the Long Island Expressway. I put on my Walkman and listened to Rocket Queen. I had been introduced to Appetite For Destruction by some of the younger White guys while I was in Yaphank. I knew I was expected to follow the script, but so was she and at the end of that song which was the end of the album she gave it up to me.

My book is  


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Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god Paperback – January 5, 2021


  1. "Dam I got nothing but heavy hitters on here, you guys are going to scare away the general readership, its alright people, orage is not screening the comments (i don't think), anyone can post a comment…"

    …We are still reading Jack, just a wee bit too busy to comment…

    "Never mind that Bob, where is my dam beer? This should be the last thing I write (what I'm doing right now)and after that I demand a beer, a battle axe and a pope…

    Glad to see this latest installment Jack. If you need some distilled spirits to wash off that battle axe when it's all over, I for one will donate a bathtub full for the cause.


  2. Oh don’t worry I will LV. Did you know I knew Preston Nichols far better than Peter Moon did? My ex wife once called him a fat pervert and ran out into the middle of the busiest highway on Long Island over a suggestion he had about how Her and I could fix this mess? I’ll let you guess about the suggestion and She was playing him and me anyway as I’ve since found out but he obviously knew all the back then in 94. I think She knows what they really think of Her now especially after we clued Her in on the Chani Project’s real intentions…
    That was in 94 I been learning since then, maybe we can talk about the 96 fires around the Brookhaven Lab, incinerated half of Long Islands pine barrens, or fuck it maybe we will even talk about flight 800, we were all true believers at one time. Or maybe I wasn’t so much, maybe it was them who were getting taken for a ride. I have been waiting a long long time for this. All that other shit that was strictly business, this is personal about as personal as it gets…

  3. Yes,start exposing the secrets of the "parallel worlds" on this holo-deck.I have a link I'm currently researching.Katherine probably knows about it,especially after that last article.Maybe you can find something of interest in it for your research. ( https://sites. google. com/site/greenlandtheory/ ).SuaveBel is having a similar adventure over in Turkey. (https:// storify. com/SuaveBel/anatolia-calling-the-terror-template-has-arrived )Stay safe!

  4. I'll be watching for the next installment, Jack.
    Yahweh, the deranged demiurge. I used to think the abrahamics manifest a mind virus, but after some pondering, and your series on bacteria, I've modified my perspective, I now think the whole complex is a parasite that locks us into this inverted reflection and feeds on us.
    The difference is perhaps subtle, but a virus seeks to merge with its victim, whilst a parasite seeks to destroy the host.
    Parasite is a much more accurate description of the abrahamic infection.
    I don't usually delve into this issue of race beyond my own, because this society has turned it into a cesspool of suspended thought and strange Judaic fantasies. If you want to be shut down, railroaded, labeled, and sneered at, just take a different view on race beyond the official nonsense.
    I will say this much, we weren't genetically modified from the Boar, and we weren't created by arrogant brown people to wage their wars. This is exactly the purview of those abrahamic ideologies, to use whites to fight for them. Take a look, it's still going on today.
    Alright man, more after pt2.

  5. What has been done with the Dogon is just a splendid illustration of what I just said to LV. Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen worked 25 years, 18 before they even made their first breakthrough, to unlock the secrets which they no doubt, most likely by way of French Rosicrucianism, knew the Dogon were keeping. Because those who exist conterminously with the human race feared being exposed, most likely this time to an already castrated pope, they were slandered, a whole race ridiculed and the scientists, good scientists, actually not only accused but set up to look like lairs. And now ironically enough, because irony is part of the Sacred, another word for karmic justice, those very same entities that feared being exposed are now under attack from those who did the job on Griaule and Dieterlen, for them. But maybe they just think it’s an accident that the world’s water supply is systematically being contaminated…

  6. There will be no more secrets after this LV, I mean entities should have their secrets, it is part of self, the reason raison d'être for existence of the parts instead of just the whole and when I started writing I fully intended to let all keep their secrets, even from each other. But what I have found here is secrets have been abused, each one working against each other instead of together to build a better place for all. Lie upon Lie has been told, precept upon precept, line upon line, here a little there a little and you all fall back; to borrow a maxim from the book of the accursed. I wanted just one thing, don’t get me wrong I did not expect it to just be given to me but I did think we could work something out. I did not expect to have to wage war against an entire world. But that is what I have gotten and unfortunately for that world; that is what I do…

  7. Ahhhh! The Dogon…..what I could tell you about the real fisher kings…….well one day not to distant you and all else can read about the Dogon……Love ya work Jack love ya comments even more. Lots and lots to come from me Jack and very soon. But really keen to read your words……going to have to compare notes on the the little green people though….talking Dogon and out of Africa my friend

  8. I knew that one would get you, sorry Mike just a little shock treatment because you know I really do care, I’ll send you part 2 or what I have of it probably by tomorrow night but now that I have gotten some preliminaries out of the way I can really work it, so far just some astrology really, but what is highlighted in red will be adjusted because I made a mistake, we all make mistakes, that’s what it means to live in one of these disgusting flesh bags. I mean what do I know about a Jewish “science” like astronomy, never wasted a single minute of my life span on it. But this will be a Norse theme because I am all too aware of how painfully the colored races have suffered under the popes thousand years but nobody, nobody, has suffered more than the Norse and I am, just like Yahweh but with a penus , a big fan of Vengeance…

  9. Tyrone?!?
    Jack, that's hilarious! You know how many hoops I have to jump through just to post at all.
    Those Goths (Tyrone) threw away the oath of their blood to grab the low vibration mendacity of the fucking demongod, just about 180 degrees away from where I stand.
    When I was very young I would stare for hours at images of distant galaxies, didn't even grasp what the hell I was doing. Just stared and listened and wondered.
    This was before the punishment really began.
    Nope, not Tyrone, Jack.
    Oera Linda, fragmentary as is everything under this sun, clearly relates that we were last upon this planet.
    Those mystic Norns, the Vril, had only begun to return us all to the way of our blood, before their work was abridged by the self congratulating slaves of the Judeo-Christian murder/suicide complex.
    Yeah Jack, the empire you have documented and instructed us about again and again.
    You know I'm there as long as I can be.
    But I'm sure as hell not that demented assholes Tyrone!!!!!

  10. I think you really need to read the book before you make a snap judgment like that Mike, Jesus in a white dress (LOL!!! You like that one Mike?) I thought Tyron wrote this for a second. I did say medical evidence didn’t I? Read my comments about what she said in my very first piece for VT, I don’t trust her or should I say Sitchins interpretations of the cuneiform either , in fact I don’t trust anyone’s, nor do I think they know, outside of Lubicz, the first dam thing about the Hieroglyphics either. We are in Africa right now, I don’t think we are going to have to go all the way back to the Cyrillic, the Norse have given us more than enough. You would be amazed at what the pope has buried in Africa, wait to you see part 2 about the Dogon. We are not even from here Mike and you know I think Sagan was nothing but a Jewish pimp in a cheesy yellow suit charged with founding NASA’s bogus alien religion (right NASA? Because you know we have the pictures don’t you? Dr. Collette Dowell gave them to us after a little persuasion…), so don’t start thinking I mean a different “planet” pleeeease? Don’t believe one single academic objection to what Marcel Griaule had to say about the Dogon. Those are all based on the “research” of a fucking Mormon shill named van Beek whom I will destroy the same way I destroyed Hawass. But van Beek may not even require a whole paragraph. Stop worrying Mike, you read part 1, you have an idea where I’m going or rather where your going I have no intention of surviving this if She don’t. For me this is Ragnarök. We are the Norse and you are going home my friend but I will tell you what. The pope and all his ilk must be wiped from the face of this world first and I don’t mean just lose the meat bag I mean cease to exist. You are the one who gave me Mircea Eliade in the first place. As Midnight Oil said about this world all the way back in 87 (that’s what this book where the excerpt is taken from is about) when this was supposed to take place: “The time has come / A fact's a fact / It belongs to them / Let's give it back.” Yes and let’s try to repair some of the damage that evil piece of shit in the pointy hat did to them in the name of the White race too. They didn’t know there could be a white wedding part 2 but they do now Mike, they do now…Relax my friend this is what you have lived all your life to see, enjoy the show…

  11. Cantrell certainly is not correct.
    Her theory appears to fall in with that of a number of academics, none of which are worth a second glance. Obviously, her intended audience is white, so she is going to tell us all that the current genocide on Europids has some greater significance, and to get in line.
    Forget It.
    I've had to deal with this crazed suicidal/homicidal mindset long enough to recognize it, and sorry sister, but you are one fucked up chic, Cantrell.
    If you really want to know where white folk originate, you will get in with the latest coming out of Russia. There you will discover 20,000 year old swastikas, a recognizable Europid from 36,000 years ago. Here's another one, if you trace the path of the Runes, it leads East.
    All this is right there in our history, no room for fucked up suicide jocks.
    As far as the warlike nature of whites goes, I guess Cantrell never spent any time studying the Olmec, the Maya, the Aztecs, the Swahili, the Benin, the Arabs, the Turks, the Huns, the Mongols, the Jews, the Lakota, the…well the picture should be obvious.
    What is happening right now is not only misunderstood, or completely misconstrued, it is of a nature that outflanks and renders impotent the ministrations of a worn out world view.
    I despise self hating cowards like Cantrell, and I take great pleasure in the realization that they won't even be remembered in a few more turns of the great wheel.

  12. Dam I got nothing but heavy hitters on here, you guys are going to scare away the general readership, its alright people, orage is not screening the comments (i don't think), anyone can post a comment…

  13. My man Alec, its hilarious. I got friends in all the worlds and I got friends with friends in all the worlds Alec, about two seconds before your comment posted i got an email from one of the latter. Want to know what he said. He wanted me to make sure we talked about loosh and its various flavors. i told him the man that made loosh famous just posted a comment, of course we are all working together we got the finest generals in all the worlds, you know who they are…

    I was worried about you, you haven't been posting on NSAbook,thought maybe they cloned you and you were off watching football games and reading Donald Trumps "autobiography…" You guys should see what I am writing no; Lucifer in the Temple of the Dog. I will send it off to Mr. Roads when I send it to VT, probably around Halloween (when else, not that I'm ever trying for that it just seems to always work out that way), after all Mr Roads is the star of part 1, I think I may have more quotes from him than I do words from me in that, got a section about your boy Bruce Cathie and Harmonic 33 in there too. You guys are going to love it we all out did ourselves on this, as did Mr. Roads in Ancient Aliens, everybody keeps emailing me how wonderful I am but without Gordon Duff and Duncan Roads I ain't shit. I'll be sending you a real email soon, stay wise and stay healthy my friend and by the way they were using the prison systems for initiation into the mysteries, in fact that's what Attica means, it was the ancient Greek city of initiation…

  14. Never mind that Bob, where is my dam beer? This should be the last thing I write (what I'm doing right now)and after that I demand a beer, a battle axe and a pope…

  15. looks like we are both working-moving in the same Jack, writing wise anyway. True enough mankind was switched off for want of a better terminology some few thousand years ago. I'm working on the cure, as well as trying to explain the cause. Both seem to have bought tickets to the show by doing time behind bars as well. Seems a common theme if you upset enough people by speaking your mind and acting as if the don't own you.
    Ready to read more, keep it coming.
    Note I sign things with my real name, 'they' already have my number, the rest I'm not worried about anyway and never did.

  16. Looks like a great start to another fantastic work Jack, thanks for the personal invite. Although the haystack is big, the people with the "correct" vision can always pick out the gems….thanks gain. I'll have to send some beer your way here soon.

  17. Thank you LV. I put your Hunter S. Thompson link up for the peanut gallery, I see you guys all found this on your own. I still didn’t even put this up for them, let alone the general public. Nice to know somewhere, somebody appreciates the work we have been doing. I have to write a little introduction then I probably will do a mail out and I will definitely put it up for the peanut gallery. Since someone has decided that my book is a National Security issue and they have seen fit to prevent its publication by anybody but myself (that ain’t gonna happen, I will except nothing less than all the shekels one of the big Manhattan publishing companies have stuffed in their mattresses, my best friend is dead over this! The money for this book belongs to his children and maybe a little for hers and mine) Orage will be putting up bits and pieces of it that are pertinent to what we are doing. This is the first installment. Not all of Cantrell’s book is true but enough of it is that Schlomo saw fit to launch one of his patented anti-Semitic letter writing campaigns when Ancient Aliens attempted to pick its theme up (like they do with all our work), about Satan really being the good guy in the bible, after I first broached it in VT. Woops I guess Satan isn’t a Jew, so there is no way he can be the good guy and Schlomo doesn’t even want it discussed in the MSM. I wonder why…

    The human life span has been shortened by at least a thousand years maybe more by the depredations that are inherent with the deliberate srtupification of the human race, Cantrell doesn’t have any answers (we do) but she sure does point out the causes and the forensic evidence.

  18. I like your captcha.The last link should be ( of the book, "A Scientific Inquiry..",she is on key about the oxygen.Aaron Air was producing ozone generators that were tops in the market.Right after 2000 his site went offline,later replaced with a porn site now sitting there empty.Don't know if he's dead or ?. Orgon is now considered toxic.

  19. Good to see ya have another article Jack.Just finished Katherine's article.Great comment you made.The movie "They Live",was really an Indian viewpoint of things.Great read on a famous anarchist over @( ran across an article at VT that was from this site ( which has excellent coverage of Turkey.Pass it over to the VT publishers.

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