The Clash of Two Forces
A primordial drive or memory beyond the living
An endless love of blood and pain
Biblical dilemma, to covet what gods not giving
Though the tears provide relief like summers rain
Always deep inside I can still feel the pain
In the distance I hear the surging flood
And in my dreams and visions cascades of blood
I look to heaven and demand a reason
And my only answer is the hunter’s season
The mirror casts an accusing reflection
Admonishing you for a casual inspection
Is it the wreckage of expectations flown to high
Or the clash of two forces that never can die
I only hope that in troubled sleep
You can hear the unborn children weep
Although life’s uncertain and filled with surprises

The sun always sets and the sun also rises 
– By Jack Heart

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  1. William,
    Part of my search is to take the English language away from its materialist basis into what might be called paranamasiya…which is language functioning on many levels.
    What this means is the use of metaphor and written images that encourage contemplation and interpretation.
    This is not a new idea, but in English, it is an abandoned idea. Ancient Greek functioned in this manner, and so did the Runic languages of the Aryans.
    There is some fine work on Runes coming out of Britain, which attempts to meld old and new systems together. Fortunately, the British understand history and tradition, so they have a leg up.
    Why do I work at such a thankless endeavor?
    I'm glad you asked. Because right now is the time to end Empire. You know Empire, William. It is that which tells you to turn away from the correct course, and embrace that which is both alien and parasitic on your own heart. Right now thousands of Americans are resisting Empire. The Lakota are resisting. The Bundy's are resisting. Occupy resisted, and every day more say FUCK YOU to Empire,and take back their birthright.
    The way Empire tries to play this is to channel the take back into previous forms of conquest, to offer that saccharine synthetic taste as organic. Fine, then lets just step back a little further, and lets use Runic time to re-moisten the pen of the past, and bring it alive and becoming into the present.
    The control structures only work as long as they are occluded.
    The flow of time is in three directions, but here, in this kingdom of the mad god, even his dementedness cannot but pause the movement of the life force back to source.

  2. I just gotta answer this one before I try to get some sleep because it is so good, I mean I never even caught it, excuse my style but after about 24 hours it does begin to falter. Morrison was drunk half the time and stoned the other half, just like me 27 years ago. Use her nine? Use her for what? I want her to leave here with me, she knows that. There is nothing any of you have that I want. Like I once told a friend of mine that you no doubt know, you all remind me of a bunch of flies jockeying around a steaming dog turd looking for the best perch. Your only worry with that is if she gets me to do what she wants, which is annihilate all of you…

  3. Jack,Was listening to the Door's LA Woman and found these lyrics very interesting:"Well, I'm the crawlin' king snakeAnd I rule my denI'm the crawlin' king snakeAnd I rule my denYeah, don't mess 'round with my mateGonna use her for myselfCaught me crawlin', baby, windowGrass is very highKeep on crawlin' till the day I dieCrawlin' king snakeAnd I rule my denYou better give me what I wantGonna crawl no moreCaught me crawlin', babyCrawlin' 'round your doorSeein' everything I wantI'm gonna crawl on your floorLet's crawlAnd I rule my denC'mon, give me what I wantAin't gonna crawl no moreI have crawed a whileC'mon crawlC'mon crawlGet on out there on your hands and knees, babyCrawl all over meJust like the spider on the wallOoo, we gonn' crawl, one moreWell, I'm the crawlin' king snakeAnd I rule my denCall me the crawlin' king snakeAnd I rule my denYeah, don't mess 'round with my mateGonna use her for myself"LA Woman is a great Door's Album.Nine

  4. Damn, Mike, "obsequious dementia"? I sure like the way you handle the English language! I enjoy the depth of truth which your prose lays openand for all to consider. Keep it up my friend. Personally, I would like to read more of your thoughts…

  5. Jack, I Don't believe in the God of the Bible. However, many around me do and one must tell them the truth when they can handle it.I believe what you are talking about is the old religion that was quashed by Roam and I know what they did trouble is the Evangelicals have to much power in America and it could be Trump's job to reign them in once and for all.And so I never was one of "them" and am looking for truth wherever it leads and it appears our rulers are not of this world it seems.Anyway, I do enjoy your work…Nine

  6. Its rather strange to me, that abrahamic devotees are so fond of describing their various delusions as if force of numbers lent some veracity or truth to them.
    I suppose the great thing about being on the bus hurtling towards that cliff is that you have so many like minded to sit with, singing hymns and praising jesus. In between formulaic responses, one can imagine great fantasies, the best one being the delusion that anyone on the bus has even the slightest clue about why they are roaring toward that cliff.
    It would be pathetic, this cluelessness, if not for the endless damage and pain needlessly inflicted by this suicide drive.
    It would be possible to view it rationally, if the riders had not already so poisoned rationality as to make it unusable.
    It would even be a moment to wonder at, that so many find such comfort in self destruction, if those bus riders weren't working overtime to ensure that big plunge at the end leaves a smoking ruin of what used to be a living planet.
    I have studied and observed the mind warping infection that is judaism, christianity, islam, scientism. I could do this because by the time the bus riders came for me, I had already seen and experienced and known more than their usual victims. The truth is that abrahamists are cultivated to obey, not to investigate. They are incapable of comprehending their plight, but they are fully capable of seeing those who don't want their fucking bus ride as objects to be misused, oppressed, defiled, and destroyed.
    Here's a little piece of verifiable history concerning the biblical jesus. He only exists in the canonical record. Now, anyone not suffering from the abrahamic infection might justly wonder why, if this dude ran around healing, casting out demons, and starting a new religion, no one anywhere else thought it noteworthy enough to even mention him.
    Well, unfortunately for the abrahamists, somebody else did, and they are referred to derisively as…Gnostics. Wonder of wonder, the Gnostic jesus bears little resemblance to the biblical creation. Maybe thats why the christians murdered the Gnostics, and spit venom towards them to this very day.
    I could go on for pages, describing how the triumph of christianity in Europe was one that followed generations of murder and torture.
    I could illustrate how the christian mindset turned my ancestors into victims of a predatory and vicious ruling class. I could describe how christianity wiped out the ethereal nature of the European, and replaced it with an ersatz materiality that both retards the development of human faculties, and instills a world view that is at best antithetical to comprehending reality. I could show how the European soul consistently and repeatedly has fought to slough off this straitjacket, and each time the success was checked by drooling ideologues whose obsequious dementia empowered exactly the wrong people again and again.
    There is no record, anywhere, or should I say no GENUINE record, of the abrahamists bringing anything to anyone besides more torture, death, and pain.
    The internet is literally choked full of pages of bullshit and deluded lies supporting the abrahamic suicide pact, from laughable ooos and aaahs over kindergarden level numerology, to fantasies of quick trips to heaven without death. Its all there, days and weeks of mind numbing bullshit to be absorbed by the willing.
    Here at least, this kind of bacteria is not allowed to infect readers.

  7. Well KMB you signed it nine, they understand very well what it means; if you are one of them and not her I pity you, not. I don’t need anything KMB, that’s been my answer to a half dozen of them at least already; it’s about what I want and that I take. Your god? Do not even get me started on your god; he will be a coward to his last dying incorporeal breath, a sneak that hides from the Snake. Ever see a Snake kill a rat? First it embraces the rat and the rat really doesn’t know what’s coming, it’s still got that stupid Bambi look on its face. Then the Snake starts to squeeze and fear washes over the rat’s expressive mammalian face. It starts to scream and rats they scream a lot like humans. But the Snake, it doesn’t care, in fact it has no ears, it doesn’t hear and has no way of sensing the rat’s pain even if it did care, which it doesn’t. It just tightens its coils some more and rat can no longer draw in enough air to scream. Then it starts to kick, its little feet much like tiny human hands wildly search the air for something that’s just not there, a way out. Gradually the kicking subsides and the rat finally goes limp and the Snake releases its coils and slowly and deliberately, actually you could say fastidiously, swallows the rat head first wasting not one hair on that rats body, about a week and a half later the snake will defecate a blob of excrement that you can see was once the rat, now just a pile of shit, same thing it always was but now it’s just a lot more obvious… and the Snake, its ready to eat again…
    Now do you really believe that Snake was going to ask the rat for its life force before it took it, let alone needed the rats consent to do so? You want to ask your rat for something before he makes the ignoble exit I just described maybe you ought to ask him for the thousands of years back that he and his vampire friends have stolen from your lifespan and every other human that has ever lived. Ask your god for that. Better ask him before the Snake takes it from him because once the Snake has it you can’t ask him. He has no ears. He can’t hear…

  8. Well Jack,I am with Sam Huston the founder of TX…He used to get stone drunk and go to Methodist Church meetings about banning alcohol and preach to the choir and after the meetings head to the bar and get even drunker.Course when the fight came he was ready for Santiana and out flanked him and a defeat in minutes.Since I am an evangelical and preach the "sanctity" of gods word I would say he loved his enemies…course enmity from his word yet with the power to rewrite it …." Biblical dilemma, to covet what gods not givingThough the tears provide relief like summers rainAlways deep inside I can still feel the pain" of course you looked within and he gave you what you needed.We Evangelicals call it the spirit led life course we are in the minority yet there.Your poem was just wonderful yet much of it I do not understand.course I am not that smart first born Catholic then converted to Evangelicalism one thing I do know is the game…Nine

  9. Thanks for the reply.

    Please let me know the title of the book, most of my non-fiction reading is the www, I usually wait for the AAUW book bag sale for my fiction fix (I am a readaholic.) and get grocery bags full of pulp fiction at $5 per.

    I dropped by to leave a thought I had concerning just that subject of shaping opinions on the www. I read a story in a local news outlet-

    I then thought "Now I know why shills assange/snowden are in the news." I wonder who is holding the "dead man switch" for Harold T. Martin III's 50 terabytes?

  10. Yes, how about that talk of war, weapons, and stockholm syndromes?
    Lets talk about the assassination of JFK, clearly just the work of another lone nut, you say. Lets review the Vietnam war, started by an attack on American ships launched by a small primitive country, you assert. No deception. Never mind that the pattern of starting wars by deception was worked out long ago.
    Lets talk about the weaponization of education, John Gotto, just another malcontent, you shout. There is nothing about education that follows Bertrand Russels' plan for mental dissolution.
    The media, and that endless parade of local petty criminals really is the news. Nothing ever happens on higher levels, and if it does, its always someone else' fault. Remember not to question your leaders, they are really good people, rock stars even. Hey, y'think Billybob will play the sax on TV again? Thats' the real question, right?
    Yeah, there's no war going on to worry about. You might have noticed the increasing, crushing poverty descending upon your neighbors, but dude, don't look too close! The interpreters of reality, your Brain in the box, are going to point you in the right direction.
    Y'know, I think Anonymous has one fantastic, but unsaid point. Its all up to our own positivity. If we stop thinking negative thoughts, the whole universe will transform into one big dance party! Yeah, I can't wait!

  11. “look at it spreading.”
    Yes look at it… Does that scare you? It should… I assure you nobody is mongering any fear here, it is all in your own cowardly yellow heart, you have run out of children to hostage, if I was you I would be afraid too, very afraid

  12. fear mongering, stockholm syndrome, quiet weapons for silent wars tools are all that seems to hang around this site. the light bearers of darkness did say that would create a magnetic chain of thinking and look at it spreading.

  13. Yes ETA very soon, we will close the circle then I will put up the last poem which deals with doing just that, the only ones who have seen that one work in a certain nebulous branch of the government that has to do with shaping opinion on the internet, I believe what they do is called harmonic analysis, based on the Fourier transform system, the book you may have seen, I hope so, because if you haven’t you are very close to a certain character in it, now dead but not, to describe him as relentless would not even begin to scratch the surface. As for the stripper, yes infinite, that is what I am trying to tell her…

  14. Well Mike the one you walked away from was for rest and recreation, this is the real one right here, right now, maybe you always knew that and figured why bother when I will just be redeployed right back there the next day. Besides it was so nice to see all those friendly faces led by you and waiting when we landed on the shores of VT over 3 years ago. The enemy here is completely clueless but they make up for it with a fanaticism that has been beaten into them for over 1000 years, I fear they really will never surrender, like the poem says there’s a storm coming, oceans and rivers of blood, more than even the Christians could ever drink. Welcome to Valhalla’s last feast…

  15. Take any flat two dimensional object, paint the sides opposing colors, and then stretch it and twist it 180 degrees joining the opposing edges. That is the symbol for my religion.

    They chose to demonize "The Tree of Knowledge" of good and evil, assuming we(yevgeny zamyatin…) were and always will be too naïve to see thru.

    Take that Mobius stripper and twist her so you view her as a sideways 8 and realize how infinite reality is/was and will be.

    The above were my thoughts back in the 1980's when I lived at houseasaurus, the blood gutter in the basement, child burned to death in my room, and the FBI agent who ignored the cloud of hash smoke when I answered the door are all minutia.


    PS- loved the poem…

  16. The War is far from over.
    Yes, the peace treaties, the coercive documents that followed the unreported genocides were force signed.
    Yes, the drooling acolytes, murderous whores, and closet traitors were installed with the shackles of deficiency.
    The sweet smelling lies existing in their clouds of perfume to hide the rot and decay, stemming from the illusions of truth given to you by the ruler of this twisted shit can reality, and all his willing lackeys.
    If you don't fight, what will you become?
    Dying in a broken hospital bed, next to another casualty, one too stupid to realize how he had been used, eager to invade and feast upon my dreams.
    There the vision presented itself to me, the warring armies, soldiers wielding weapons of red and blue beneathe a cold, alien sky. They asked nothing. They expected nothing. They fought and killed and they died.
    The voice asked me if I wanted to die.
    Thoughts turned sorrowfully to those who relied upon me. I knew the need. I knew I had more to do, and I left the vision, to return to this hell, bearing new wounds and new marks of battle.
    The war is far from over.

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