Still #3 on the Top 10 for the week at Veterans Today 8 days after publication, it’s unfortunate for American Black people that they are too in love with their own chains to accept it, kind of adds new meaning to the whole Uncle Tom thing; ‘yes em masser I sure do loves my Jesus and Allah, this here bee’s the work of the Devil and my work bee’s whatever you say it is…’ 
Oh well nobody better ever try to tell me we didn’t try. Ever notice that you don’t get to be a prominent voice in the Black community unless you are flying the banner of either Islam or Christianity? That’s how they are beaten before they can even throw the first punch. Christianity is designed to neuter a man but Islam is designed to cut his heart out… 
Luckily for the Black race in other parts of the world they do not teach their children to throw each other in mud puddles for the White man’s entertainment at his football games. I’m not giving my source on this but those who know who are behind us can pretty well guess them. The publications of these pieces has rekindled the interest of Aborigine tribal elders in coming forward and revealing to the public what until now has been one of the “Illuminati’s” deepest darkest secrets… 
1. They know that human thought/feelings are the cause of problems and disasters, consciousness affects the Sun, which in turn re-radiates it back to Earth.
2. Negative (aka self-destructive) thoughts can attract asteroids to change course and impact Earth. 
3. They started mummification and passed it onto to other cultures.
4. They know about underground civilizations, as well as what are called ETs, and extra-dimensional beings.
5. They once had a very advanced technology but it was ‘no good for them.’
6. Prior to white man arriving, the Aborigines had a very advanced spiritual connection with nature and plenty of food. 
7. In the remote parts of South Australia, explorers record in diaries of blond haired blue eyed aboriginals. This part of the country was isolated by desert for ages. Ancient Aramaic and aboriginal language in that part are incredibly similar which also practices circumcision. Wise men of this area greeted English Officers (freemasons obviously) with hand signals only known to Freemasons, and specifically required a counter sign. 
8. Aboriginals trained the most elite of Special Forces back in the 70s and 80s. They passed on mental techniques to overcome and get rid of pesky ETs that don’t respect them… – dr
– by Jack Heart © 2016

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  1. It is sad that few white Australians really understand or even have tried to understand the natives of this beautifully mysterious continent and most have sort only to destroy their legacy for profit or self gain. those of us that do try to understand cry out at the desecration and destruction of their history and sacred places and the destruction of them as a race. It is known to me that the seek to destroy all pure bloods a genocide in the making yet most whites care more about a bunch of muslims and wars in other countries, yet here we live in the land of mysteries……..

  2. The law of octaves explains many phenomena in our lives which are incomprehensible. ~ George Gurdjieff
    The law of seven is said to be the basis for the seven note musical octave. The idea is that in nature, and in the universe at large, nothing continues forever in a direct line.

  3. Jack,Your comment was quite mind blowing …"They know that human thought/feelings are the cause of problems and disasters, consciousness affects the Sun, which in turn re-radiates it back to Earth."Course the new Agers talk of such things! however, lets take a look at those Wahhabi Muslims and those Schofield bible thumping evangelicals and how they are absolutely one and the same.There Meme is my way or the highway and if not my way I will kill you. Look at the middle east and African wars conducted by those blood thirsty Muslims and our very own American bubbas sent over to Iraq and Afghanistan to wage an American Jihad.All the same…Who is the dumber fock?I thought that Schofield evangelicals were dumb but those Wahhabi Muslims are just in another league worse.Who did this? I mean it has been planned out for over one hundred years.I just loved your comments over on VT to that Muslim person who was taking issue with your article and how you told him that we have a statute of liberty sitting in the harbor entering our largest American city and that was who is in charge.And, the red necks are coming for you and you absolutely deserve what you get!The best comment..a few Jews just kicking the crap out of two billion of you…and..when the Americans come you will piss your pants…It is clear to me at least that the Satan of the bible and the Lucifer you present are very different entities and the thumpers are stupid and indoctrinated.I did not participate in our latest American elections I had better things to do such as picking my nose or raking fall leaves and so on…all empire is doomed…Nine

  4. This last May, amateur archaeologists found yet another Norse site in North America, this one close to the site of the Kennsington stone. Its now in "official" University of Michigan hands, which should worry us all, because this hallowed institution has a history of suppressing genuine archaeological evidence of Europeans in the Americas.
    Regardless, it is now quite clear that the Norse were all across this continent, engaged in trade and commerce, which is exactly what they did in Rus land.
    Of course they fought as well, they were warriors. They didn't cross the ocean to hold transgender parades. Of course, this also pretty much blows the suppression of the Newport tower off its hinges as well, and revitalizes the entire Norse/Templar alliance, which was natural, since the teachings of the Irminsul and Basillidies harmonize and reverberate, thank you C.G. Jung!
    The evidence, for so long viciously suppressed by those who demand you adhere to their distortions, fabrications, and lies is coming out despite their best efforts.
    It looks like anyone who still has any love for their land, their ancestry, and their heritage is going to have to fight for it. The death priestess and her pervert spouse are in bed with the Soros annihilation empire, and they have just gotten started.

  5. ETA, straight lines are mental. Try calculating the coastline of Norway using the straight line concept… and start over again and again as it changes. If you could ever finish your precise calculations, you'd reach impossible length.

  6. “Wherefore all error in the art arises because men do not begin with the proper substance and for this reason you should employ venerable nature, because from her through her and in her is our art born and in naught else: and so our magisterium is the work of Nature and not the worker.” – Translations and interpretations of Rosarium philosophorum, compiled and analyzed by C. G. Jung in The Psychology of the Transference

    I myself have heard that Abraxas is the keeper of the 4 gates of time, “the angel with four faces,” the Christian conception of Satan whatever that bastardization of the Aramaic word Shiatan means to their fever eaten brains. I have also heard that the Dove who crops up repeatedly in the initiation of Rosarium philosophorum is a giant red flag not to interfere with the operation. I think what we have shown in Lucifer and the Temple of the Dog and what every fool should know by now is the Black Hole is an inevitable consequence of the very turning of the time that manifests existence. It is a part of the 3 star system of Sirius which is the event horizon of all that is, the fabric from which the tapestry is woven, the image that creates all the other images…

    This time it has nothing to do with the observer, be they gods or men or the incarnated archetypes themselves, the Black hole will happen or existence, not just this existence, will cease. I really have had enough of this nonsensical self serving and self generated dichotomy about who is good and who is bad pasted together from badly flawed interpretations of what is in Revelations by the very people we have just had to explain too how the universe really works. It should be obvious by now that their all prevailing motive is to see that what they dare think is their cup overfloweth only for themselves. Know them by their works because all their words are false. Like I said from the start every story has a beginning and an end, everything in between is just a story and they are just full of stories…

    I only have 1
    and now 2

  7. "That, and the absence of square peg dogmas in a world with no straight lines."

    All lines are straight by definition.
    Two points define a line.
    Connect them in the shortest way and create a line.

    Off course that implies a static polyverse and father time never would have dat.

    What happens when two parallel lines between four (moving?) points cross?

    How many angels are on that needlepoint and just how fast are they moving those nipples and buttocks?

    Father Time began it all and Mother Earth is the planet we live on, perhaps we should respect their marital difficulties!



  8. Mining cutting-edge academic research, revisiting older takes, taking sagas as a real-world map, the knowledge is there, somewhere. It takes wisdom and discernment to put it all together. That, and the absence of square peg dogmas in a world with no straight lines.

  9. We are doing Whites next, we have them coming out of Sumer but I’m thinking we will trace them back even further than that. The link is a desperate attempt in junk science to get them out of Africa and fails miserably but as you can see with Lucifer in the Temple of the Dog when you take your time and squeeze the trigger it’s a lot easier to hit the target. Africa by way of Australia belongs to the Black Man, as does South America but the White Man has a place too, only it may not be in this world. Racism is the vile spawn of Abraham along with the accursed religions that “teach” their adherents that a crazed animal that was prepared to murder its own son so that its demon god could slake his thirst for blood is some kind of sage. If I was ever to meet Abraham myself I would kill him with a stick. The Greeks and the Romans never spoke of skin color in their writings, as a matter of fact the Romans considered the Ethiopians to be beloved by the gods. Evidence of pre Columbian Viking habitation have been found all along the Brazilian seashore through the Cerro Cora Mountains in Paraguay and into Potosi in Bolivia. There is a ruined fortress, a sunken temple, over sized steps and thousands of runic inscriptions. Many of the runic inscriptions have been deciphered and correspond to Schleswig dialect spoken in Northern Germany and Denmark. There is evidence of a silver smelting plant on a mountain known as Cerro Kyse about twenty miles south of Cero Cora National Park. Conquistadors reported the early oral traditions of the Indians inhabiting the Cero Cora range as attesting to the existence of a White king they called Ipir. About two hundred miles to the south of Cerro Kyse is a mountain named Cerro Ipir. There is a subterranean vault within Cerro Ipir that extends about three hundred yards and appears to be a burial chamber. But to date all efforts to confirm this have failed because the vault is constructed of an impenetrable concrete that resists both drills and explosives. The Norsemen were always greeted as heroes and allies by the indigenous populations they visited throughout the world, they did not turn mean until the Christians tuned them mean…

  10. Jack, will see what I can do about that intro.
    Exploring the methods of control is like a trip down dementia lane. Here's something that people today are just unequipped to recognize; the tools of control are not the things themselves but the way these things are used. Connotations are always played with in the English language, in fact the very meaning of words is regularly corrupted. Gay, gaiety, used to mean a chosen lightheartedness. This word was essential to the English renderings of the ancient Grail cycle. A chosen lightheartedness, in the face of death, is an act of courage to the depths of the soul. The word was stolen ON PURPOSE to remove it from the lexicon, and replace it with sexual choice. Other words change meanings that aren't so heavily loaded, like chassis, for instance, although some colloquial meanings also have sexual overtones.
    Purposefully altering language; gay, is not the same as language naturally adapting and transforming; chassis. We know this shit has been going down since 1830, Horace Mann, 1st secretary of education and 1st class servant of the parasite class set the standard for doing everything possible to wreck education, and fucking with the cognition through words was and is a biggie for these assclowns.
    While the indoctrinated howl and screech over the electoral trashing of their globalist skirt wearing death priestess, the rest of us see a moment of opportunity to grasp once more what it means to be human, despite the defiling and the mounds of shit dumped on us. This time when each of us makes this rediscovery, hold it close like the 5 petaled rose.

  11. Please I am hardly the teacher, the purpose of each individual is to learn and it is there life that is the teacher. My job is to analyze everybody’s lessons, synthesize it and disseminate it among the group. Actually it is more than my job. It is my obligation to both Karmic law and now Her too…

  12. Looks to me like you have written the opening paragraph of out next essay Mike. Of course you will have to condense it a bit and lose the part about the demented Christians pissing themselves as they die if we want to publish in VT. It’s great for the comment section though. I’m also planning on exploring the sado-masochistic and deep homosexual undertones, which I couldn’t help noticing growing up a little catholic boy, of the vile mind control meme of empire. But I know I will have at least Miguel Serrano to back me up if not CG Jung himself. Although Schlomo has been very careful to make sure none of the stuff Jung wrote when working for the SS has ever been released to the general public that usually doesn’t stop Orage… Your name will be in the authors of course, people will love it; you got just as many fans as I do…

  13. The tribes of the East, in a fit of pique, demanded that Ruric and his men leave the land of living forest. They left, to sail to the land of Dan.
    There they met, with warrior kings who had just completed the fortifications to keep out the demented Christians. Everyone knew the invader was not going to settle for destroying the Irminsul, and the people of the Seax.
    There the strengths and weaknesses were measured, from there the countermeasures were launched. The web was woven, the pox of Abraham would be kept at bay for centuries, it would die by the axe and spear, pissing itself in mindless terror.
    To the halls of the Dan did messengers come, seeking Ruric. The hero was called back to the East, to rule the wayward tribes. Weary they were, of the loss of their peace, departed it had with the Rus.
    The great city of Kiev, founded by the Rus. The name of the land given by the same.
    The story of the real overlords is rarely sung.

  14. Yes I know just what you mean but I am reminded of a line from another one of my old favorites about trusting in the forbearance of reptiles. Don’t get me wrong now I love reptiles as much as some love Dogs and Cats but I also know them very well. You can care for them all their lives but if they are hungry and you are available they will eat you and go back for seconds…
    There is only one, one I really trust but that doesn’t mean I trust their judgment, I would be useless to them if I did…
    You know I never read the lyrics to that song but I always loved it, maybe I just got good instincts…

  15. I was glad to see you publishing again on VT.

    Amused at the commentary with the Frisky Kat.

    You may have a case of "I love Lucy"…

    …sit back and remember the movie Highlander…

    "There Can be only one…" Immortal?

    This is the basis of monotheisms ultimate lie!

    Only one conscious immortal in an infinite polyverse"?

    (Spell check note the AI thinks polyverse is not a word.)

    I would submit that their are an infinite number of potential immortal conscious beings that exist now. Many of them will fail. A few will linger for what may seem like an eternity to the aware folk living under their yolk.

    Infinity is not something you can hold on to.

    Infinity is not somebody you can love forever.

    Infinity is not YWHY (u no wht I mn)!
    Infinity is not JESUS!
    Infinity is not Allah!

    I know that all their foolish attempts at "my way or got to hell" are in reality the highway to the slavery.

    The only way to freedom is kindness to self.


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