Bill: Reminds me of something ML said recently “How do you spell spell.”

GE Jimi Hendrix ‘Voodoo Child’ (Slight Return)

ML Bill, you would buchstabieren (spell). Buchenstab= Runes. The traces of how to are all still there.

SB do you have any recommendations on English language books on the Runes? I am currently reading the Edred Thorsson books and the Von List books put out by the 55 club but I wanted to know if you knew of other material that should be looked at?

Bill ML I gathered the same from the article.

ML SB my main takeaway so far is that no one really knows much. I can say that oral plays a much more important role than the written word. It was all Oral until the monks wrote it down. So do your diligent source critique, as always and use best evid…See More

ML Oh and try Willigut in that method. Use the frequency, and you may get the meaning

 Bill Agree that through my study that runes, belief and speaking out loud all are the prime movers in manifesting that which is thought.

SB Thank You ML and Bill I understand your points completely and will do my due diligence and experimentation to this research.

ML SB let us know how it goes. you could do it Richard Attenborough style.

ML Bill, I but scanned the headline, I am deducting all this with reason, used as an editing tool of what is found with all sensing. We got an interesting archaeological find around that Ural mountain will read more

ML On the one side we have to thank the Monks, because source was preserved, in Iceland and Copenhagen, Denmark. On the other hand f±ck the monks! ;p

ML You know they were frequently chased away, or outright murdered. Who? Missionaries.

Bill Those who the inner know are wrong will be sent away, killed if they won’t leave. Pretty simple philosophy when you know your inner and are strong in the spirit that is universal. And in today’s world we are civilised…we are the weak uncivilised predecessors of our forefathers.

GE You guys should have saved this one for the blog, what is this Zuckerbergs Valentines Day gift?

ML we just c/p the whole convo to the blog, if it is ok with the participants. – And a big Thank You Duncan Roads and all the writers, editors (here’s looking at you, Ruth) at Nexus for releasing NeXus NewsFeed, NNF to the pond.

Bill I agree to the blog!

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  1. Whose gonna argue with Cicero? He's on time. I'm just not cut out for vindication. That's my personal nature. My desire is for your understanding. I was merely stating that I let myself get off on the need for the feeling of vindication and was brash enough to spew it out. "Kill them. Rid them from our presence! They are to blame!" All of it may be true but I cannot afford those kinds of luxuries.
    There is one reason and one reason alone that I still draw breath and that reason is that I came to terms with the fact that there is a god and I'm not it. I've got my copy of The Antichrist but I haven't read it yet so I can't have an intelligent conversation with you about Nietzsche.
    I've found that it is a very bad idea for me to place people on pedestals.
    I'm going to go on out there and say that my intuition tells me that Nietzsche may have been indicting "need" more than he was indicting god. Need, it is the crux and can, if not checked, become the crutch. I told you when I waded into these waters that all I have to offer is my personal experience. You let me stay and you welcomed me and for that I thank you once more.

  2. I'm not worried about the piece, Jack.
    Not sure about Peter Pan and Pyramidhead, though!
    In terms of Qabbala, Jews and systems, I've actually been friendly enough to some Jews in the past to sit in a synagogue. I found the experience instructive. I caught myself staring at the roof beams again and again, with the unmistakable feeling of many disembodied people hanging around up there, lost, afraid, not knowing where to go.
    This was just too fucked up for me, Jack, I'm relieved to be done with it. Not to belabor the point, but I have about zero respect for anything called Jewish spirituality just because of this experience.
    In terms of List, his modern Futhark just keeps speaking to more and more people, and his contribution just continues to grow, nigh a hundred years since his death. I understand him, but then, I found Gebser to be straightforward, when others branded him difficult and German.
    Truth is, I don't dictate choices of weaponry, or mysticism. I have shone an uncompromising light on everything abrahamic, but Jack, if it is your thing, so be it. I just wish I could live my own life on these terms, but that just isn't allowed.
    Runes cannot just be summed up in words, because they always had a magical side, a mysticism intrinsic to them. It's doubly difficult for the modern mind because of abrahamic indoctrination, to comprehend the action and interplay of intelligent cosmic forces, and how myth informs it. The process of unlearning bullshit is essential.
    Dead systems provide dead ends, yet living systems offer a lifetime of unfolding. Runes died, and have been reborn because they transcended death. They are difficult, inscrutable, puzzling, and secret. Runes do not reveal themselves all at once, they are arrived at with patience, diligence, and sacrifice. To this day I don't know if the Runes found me, or if I found them. I suppose it doesn't matter.

  3. It’s not that I am dismissing the runes Mike; it’s just that I find List’s system unintelligible. Maybe it’s just me; I have a natural acumen for the 22 letter system of the Qabalah so I am going with what I feel comfortable with. You wouldn’t ask a Samurai to fight with a Claymore sword and you wouldn’t ask a Highlander to fight with a Samurai sword, least ways if you wanted maximum efficiency out of either. I am of 100% Italian ancestry as far as I know but then that means less than nothing. The Italian peninsula is Grand Central Station for all of Europe and a good part of Asia and Africa too. Someone who should know tells me I’m a Jew and that would make perfect sense for this story, so I guess it’s just in my DNA. You should have your language too and as far as I am concerned I will not rest until the Vatican is held accountable for what they have done to the collective soul of the Norsemen. That is why I am and must write The Hammer of Thor & Academic Mythology. Don’t worry we will be getting back to work at that just as soon as I am done defining the nature of “reality” in Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head. When I finish both I will consider all human obligations fulfilled…

  4. I find the death penalty morally repugnant and bestial but in the case of treason absolutely necessary Tara. As Cicero said: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
    Nietzsche lamented that the people of his day were “Only to Human” but he also predicted the rise of fearsome beings that would be much much more; great golden beasts who no longer needed a god because they were not afraid to be their own god…

  5. Jack referred to gematria and the runes, and since this topic won't go away, I'm going to address it.
    Gematria is recognized as the philosophical parent of the more plebian numerology. Gematria is the study of numbers in a Pythogrean sense, an exercise in the study of the unfolding of the cosmos.
    The application of gematria to runic study is an attempt to wed classical philosophy with the mystic writing of the North. Now we know the ancestors held some numbers in great esteem, and that the most potent were those not subject to direct simplification. Coded messages, ingeniously referring to family and position in the Futhark obviously used number. As adventures who were always on the lookout for fine things, trade and number came naturally to them.
    Much evidence exists that number, like the runes themselves, operated both exoterically and esoterically, which is what one would expect from a practical people.
    However, there is another, more repugnant purpose to assigning gematria to runes, and that is the tired worn out academic bigotry of classical civilization as the father of everything European.
    How do we know that Pythogrean philosophy is a poor fit in runic study?
    We know this because the mythic framework of the ancestors did not depersonalize and objectify cosmic forces. Number, when it served in esoteric capacity, was an adjunct to these forces, not a quality of them. Thus, Plotinus' concept of the One, where number equates to a first unfoldment, an essential foundational origin, and the qualities of One illume this concept is a type of inquiry not found in way of the ancestors.
    The runic inquiry is one of gendered universal intelligences. This is the inquiry that opens to a shimmering cosmos of flowing potencies. So, is Jack correct when he dismisses gematria and runes with impatient contempt? If we take gematria in its classical context, then he is most assuredly correct.

  6. Right now I wish I could remember why I unfriended Nancy Drew. I'll bet she could memorize a boatload of numbers and symbols cause that's how she rolls. I don't have it in me. Something had to give and I gave all I had to my heart. Doing that has it's drawbacks. Sometimes it was ugly and it was never cheap. I used to have this thing I liked to say. It was, "that blankety blank puts the -less in worthless." I thought it was so cool. They didn't have a cure for it but they had medicines for me. One of them was called 'the quiet room.' Don't let the name fool you, it's not so great. After a while you get real sick of it. Every time I said that about someone even though it vindicated me and it felt like truth, I put a spell on myself. It was a curse. There is no way to know if I've worked them all off along with all the other catastrophic sundries. Even recently, right here on this blog, I did something similar by posting a link that demanded execution for traitors. That little whistle in the dark rolls somebody under the bus for trigger work. I don't have the sand for watching it much less doing it. I never even considered that until yesterday. The only worthwhile bliss that comes from ignorance is a cultivated understanding of it followed by the audacity to admit it to oneself. If a person is willing then the grace of humility will grant them a sense of gratitude and possibly even humor which can cancel fear and provide the courage to share it openly. So I think I'll look Nancy up and see if she'll have me back. There’s a possibility that I’ve underestimated my abilities in the brain department. It wouldn't be the first time. Someone I love has comforted me many times by reminding me that “we are never above human.” Then again she’s also fond of, “never say never.” I’m so glad I found you all.
    Seek and find and all that jazz,

  7. Orage,
    Yes, I concur. Actually, this is happening as we write here…In Britain, Sweden, Germany, and even Rumania. A folk movement has been reborn. This is exactly what List described in the Aryan vision of time; birth, fluorescence, passing, rebirth.
    Yes, there is a full scale mobilization to check this. The church of the demongod has moved to invent a new face using popular media, and attempting to quietly put old wrongs to bed. In Germany and Austria, the same old Nazi meme is being trotted out again, to force compliance to the globalist death cult.
    For those of us here in brutal dementoland, it's practically impossible to meet anyone who isn't a willing partner to the Semitic desert dynasty or in recovery from it, thus it is often more amenable to develop a solitary practice.
    Perhaps it is most useful to remember that visualization and attunement can only function within the student, thus solitary practice is of no hindrance when the purpose is realization.

  8. The frequency of the runes will facilitate kenning, and, once started, connect us to the well of Urd in a dynamic exchange fashion again. Right now, it may be a lonely path, but rhythm is a group thing.

  9. Well Jack, if we are honest then we admit that the Hebrew escaped destruction. Jewish mysticism, which is itself an eclectic mix, never suffered the injury of genocide, thus the system is complete. Aside from exposing the fraud of Jewish victimhood, it also raises the question; since it never met death, how do we know its an antidote to it?
    Runes did not die for lack of significance, they died because of Judeochristian oppression. Yet upon death came rebirth.
    Jews never had to rebuild their culture, Jack. Guido von List wasn't just reaching for a deeper runic vision, he was rekindling the folk.
    The judeochristian conquests of Europe left the north stripped of their very identity. No Hebrew, no Jew ever suffered this fate, despite the official propaganda.
    It's one thing to fine tune extant systems, another thing entirely to recreate them.
    In my own experience, the runes are called upon to heal injury that is old, very old. Hebrew cannot heal the folk, it was and is instrumental to the injury.
    Marby perhaps best epitomizes the shamanic nature of modern runic methodology…well versed in history and tradition, yet creative within a definitive structure.
    I can attest that Runes work, that they are viable. However, much of runic practice involves realization rather than memorization.
    Jung once wrote about engreifen, and he was so right it's scary. I don't know if Hebrews experience it. They don't seem to, and if they don't then right here you have the reason the judeochristian conquest is such a complete disaster. The Semitic desert dynasty cannot address the Aryan soul.
    So, runes can be playthings for dilettantes, they can be a tool to awaken culture, and they can be a mystical magical tool. What they are depends greatly upon the consciousness of the one who approaches them.

  10. My own feeling on the runes is that Guido von List did not get the job done just like he did not get it done when he tried to conjure the Moonchild before Crowley had to show him how it’s done. I learned “Hebrew” myself, just like Crowley and many others in the Thule Society. It’s a complete system that works as a living language in the same manner as the Runes once worked but has now been lost to posterity. I have little doubt that with the proper administration of torture techniques that they themselves perfected we will get what we need from the Vatican to restore the Runes to life but until someone puts the pope in his own Iron Maiden I am fine with using the 22 letters that are perhaps the only really benevolent gift Schlomo bestowed upon the world, unless you wanna count bagels. What I see morons, mostly new age morons, doing with the application of Gematria to languages currently in use is the equivalent of trying to weld with plastic. The Georgia Guidestones tell you the letters themselves must be alive, tangent and contingent with the DNA of the user, which as the Russians well know is what should have generated the language in the first place…

  11. Ok, the fucking shitbags changed what I wrote, without my consent, once again. There will come a time when they are running for their lives in terror before meeting their terrible end.
    Similarities are not polarities.
    The fuckheads think they're clever, and that is why they are going to die horrible deaths.
    The key is within, as is the lens. External methods and formulas can prepare the student, but the meat and potatoes are the individual's alone.

  12. Speaking exoterically, runic spells are found around the world, on stone.
    To grasp this, one must grasp something of the language, and the weltanschauung of the ancestors.
    The modern mind is shaped by lies it is groomed to adopt. This injures the faculties, which makes them close down to self protect.
    The ancestors shaped their minds via living myth, which requires an open inquisitive set of faculties.
    Thus the modern mind must purify itself, release its armoring, to grasp a magical perspective, to sense how forms contain and shift between their similarities, how they vibrate on different levels.
    This is an ongoing process.
    Runes operate on levels, whether we have cultivated the consciousness to apprehend this or not. Such is why Egil Skallagrimsson observed that the ignorant best refrain from carving, asking, sending.
    The ancestors cultivated strong minds. The runes are only for the strong minded. Pink haired perverts, globalist fantasisers, numb nut sellouts, and willing partners among others are prevented from accessing any more than a surface acquaintance herein.
    Siegfried Kummer wrote last century that all knowledge is fragmented. He is still correct, but I now grasp there are very good reasons for this state.

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