Sage of Quay Radio – Jack Heart – Black Holes, Singularity and the Holographic Universe (Jan 2017)

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Newest Jack Heart Interview  
Can’t say enough good things about my cousin the Sage of Quay, of course I just call him Michael but he really outdid himself on this one, I knew I did a better job than I have ever done before on an interview (not saying much) but he turned this into a must listen for anybody who reads the Jack Heart brand…


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  2. I think you may have me mistaken for someone else Frank, maybe instead of advising me on what i should do maybe you should take up reading. You can start with Lucifer in the temple of the Dog…

  3. The Templars got their endorsement from a then living Catholic Saint, ostensibly to protect pilgrims visiting the middle east, outremer, as it was called, yet in the final draft of the guiding document, submitted and accepted by the Pope, the Grand Master had full and final authority for all practices, observations, military actions, and spiritual direction.
    Thus, the Templars were first an order, with first an ideal, and that order and ideal billed itself as a servant to a jealous, control freak church with a big proviso from the very start.
    The common conception of a christian organization gone bad is an academia led fantasy that like all things from academia, follows a strict political protocol that has nothing to do with reality.
    The Templars were born bad, from the order of chivalry, which was constantly attacked by the church for its heretical and thoroughly Pagan content.
    Central to the Templars was our Goddess, Her, the threefold first thought, and She was always at the core of Chivalry.
    Organized religion, especially the abrahamic creeds, are seen today as some sort of bullwork against a ruling world order gone insane, but this perspective is without a proper comprehension of history. Running to the descendants of abraham for solace against a maniacal and crazed suicide machine is akin to jumping out of the cooking pot and into the fire.
    There are those today, far more advanced than I, who believe that Humanity has lost its chance to move forward, according to the will of Orlog, of Wyrd. They despair of humanities chances toward survival, for humanity simply cannot rise above its black, instinctual viciousness.
    Its hard to argue with this, after all, the history of the Light is a history of savage murder, lies and repression all designed to keep you stupid and lazy and vicious and grabbing for what you think is real, but which is just smoke and mirrors.
    The finest qualities of humanity are outflanked, outgunned, and facing armored bulldozers. Nowhere in the cesspool of the modern world will you find leadership truly worthy of the term, or a citizenship worthy of great leaders.
    In so many ways, humanity has failed its exit exams.
    We, all of us have a simple choice. Its really not all that difficult to realize that the choice exists, that its before us, nagging us to pay attemtion.
    The choice really doesn't involve anyone else but yourself, and if you choose well, your life will be transformed. Delaying the choice, or pretending it doesn't exist, is tantamount to choosing poorly.
    Removing yourself, like Regina has, from mental toxins make it all so much clearer…

  4. Tara, No offense taken. We are in this battle together along with Jack & Friends for the "hidden truths" throughout history up to the present day. Yes, there is a lot of information to process, but it ultimately comes together where you are much the wiser…Serenity

  5. Fabulous interview Sjors with your cousin. He comes over very professional. It really clarified for me what the event horizon exactly is. Have now for sure a better picture what it all means going through this black hole and the change that will come with the pedophile psychopaths at the helm trying to prevent because they clinging for dear life on to their material stuff and power.

    I could not help but think about a comment I heard sometime ago about Christianity and its bastard child Science! All b.s.

    I don't watch television because I despise it like I despise Hollywood with their waving of their magic wand. But you have to admit that people even in our movement are just continuing watching, going to the movies and getting movies out big red boxes. Why? And in the meantime y'all keeping that beast alive.


  6. When people obediently follow a contrived meme, they always absorb and internalize it, justify its place, and build psychological structures with that meme.
    Thus, today you will hear descendants stating their grandfathers liberated "death camps". No one can tell them that work and POW camps weren't death camps, because that would upset their internalized memes.
    No one can tell them the starvation and disease was due to their own food embargoes and terror bombing campaigns.
    According to the Red Cross, Europe had an increase in the Jewish population at the end of WW2. But don't look at things like that, because these are dangerous to the carefully constructed meme.
    Memes also serve political objectives. Payments to Israel for the alleged holocaust fund and support this synthetic state, allow its hubris to expand, allow the poor victims to threaten the world with the Samson option.
    Memes, especially those crafted in the halls of power, hide genuine crimes. At the end of WW2 10 million German civilians and POWs were systematically starved to death, intentionally, by that great champion of freedom, Eisenhower, and his pal Morganthau.
    We hear nothing of this today.
    Memes reflect the thought processes, or lack thereof, of those who internalize them. In the west, evidence is now not only optional, but deemed irresponsible. Thus any shithead can say anything today, and it will be fully accepted if it fits neatly into currently running memes.
    Some might rightfully describe this as reality-free fantasizing, and they would be correct.
    Hopefully, readers will begin to take the steps to extricate themselves from these damaging memes. If anyone hopes to retain basic cognitive function, this is essential. There are even other, deeper reasons to dump the meme cherished by the rulers, principalities, and petty tyrants, but that is for another time.
    Open your eyes, clean out your ears, scrape the concrete off your fingers. There is a whole reality out there waiting…

  7. Oh, my. I'm a jerk! Sorry, Serenity. I didn't mean to insult you. My bad. I wouldn't say it that way because I'm having a hard time catching up with this information. A lot of it is hard for me to understand and that is why I wouldn't say refreshing. That's all. I'm not that smart. Have a good one and again I apologize for the offense.

  8. P.S. I wrote the above comments & still consider you to be quite "refreshing"…a far cry from "Fresca"!!! 🙂

  9. Jack, No, I'm, not Tara, but I have learned a great deal from you since I was first "introduced" to you on VT. 🙂

    Best to You, Serenity

  10. Jheart,
    Remind me never to meet you at an airport. Har, Har. If I'm cute it's probably because I'm pitifully niave. I didn't post that one though. I wrote the one above. I don't know if I would characterize you as refreshing. Fresca is refreshing. You are a straight bad ass genius poet. Unconventional for sure and that boyish laugh is an intoxicating dichotomy. I appreciate everything you all are doing. I'm trying to catch up because I'm late. You know like the rabbit to his very important date? I see you're just going ahead and pulling out the big guns. Hitler. That is a long conversation isn't it? Woe be unto us who are ensnared in a web of perpetual half-truths and lies. As horrifying as the reality is, perhaps, what hurts often instructs. That is my personal experience and all I really have. I need to remain mindful that Temperance comes before Judgement.
    Here, I hope you don't mind mind. I like Dr. Barrett. Thank you, Jack. You really made my day.

  11. wizard of oz stuff sleight of hand.."what is the best way to own a slave?" Let the slave think it's free.. enter the old very old usury system create $$$$ out of thin air and charge interest on it.. invisible chains for the slaves, debt and wage slaves.. cant let them leave the plantation

  12. If we would stop vilifying them and start emulating them maybe we would not be poised on the eve of America’s destruction Anonymous. But I have come to the conclusion that it’s all just like the Phoenix and must rise from the ashes of its own destruction just like post WW I Germany did. Only this time no one will be buying Schlomos propaganda, he has over played his hand just like Hitler predicted he would; ‘Awe look at the poor loan shark, pimp and professional lair his victims are hurting him.’ Yea right…

  13. people say I have kind face Maurice, the kind they would like to punch… thanks for the complements and keep reading, I'm not done yet, with anything, in fact I have just gotten started…

  14. Did anyone ever tell you that you are just too cute Tara, at least that’s the way it comes across on paper, others (of your own gender) have even remarked to me. You are the one who is refreshing. Please keep reading and commenting!

  15. Fantastic conversation. Much food for thought. I wish to add, we've all seen the early 20th century image a wheel barrel full of marks to buy a loaf of bread; Germany goes from there to TV broadcasting the 1936 Olympics to all of Europe. After that, WWII is pushed onto the people of the world. TV, I wonder if hours of TV viewing is related to lower generational IQ's and it's current Movie mentality.

    Projector(Movie) : Receiver(Audience).

    An expedition to walmart or the boardwalk, NOT aired on discovery or animal planet. No Marlin Perkins.
    Great stuff Sir, great stuff.

  16. Jack, What a pleasure to hear your excellent, "enlightening" interview! Your wonderful spirit shines through as you cover such widespread subject matter & bring it to life in a refreshing way. As much as I love your writing, I really enjoy hearing your eclectic voice.Please do many more interviews with Michael!

    I'm looking forward to going through the black hole!

  17. Jack Heart – What you just said about reality creation is exactly what the entity calling itself Thoth told me Mr. Roads

    Jack Heart – I have this stuff all in writing too, one day one of your people got to do a book with it, one day we will all laugh together about all of this now…

    Duncan Roads – So not fair – all the big name gods and beings, tell other people the good stuff, and I have to figure it out myself? Tell Thoth I gotta list of questions for him, starting with the question of free will…

    Jack Heart – LOL, he doesn't like expounding on what he does not know Mr. Roads, what did Crowley call them "illiterate Illuminati" Oh do they hate him, that's why I figure he will do the oppressed a lot more good than the Jesus dude. Next we will give Jesus a hammer, maybe he will stand up for himself let alone others. We plan on breaking the bank with The Hammer of Thor & Academic Mythology, time to shine on the Khazar Empire and the Norse, its the end of the road for academia and maybe the beginning for the real science in the cold light of day.

    Jack Heart – Just think they will have to replace University library's with a complete collection of Nexus, do we get stock options?…

    Duncan Roads – It depends on which probable futures you are referring to 🙂

  18. All I can say is right, right and right. Exactly right! If we are receivers then maybe some people have the newer models and a lot people, maybe most people are working with the old kind that sticks off your house like when we were kids. What about the RDF? They hold all the keys, don't they? Can't be bargained with. Can't be reasoned with. Damn. Reality is for people who can't handle drugs, you know? Something that has that kind of power doesn't make these kind of mistakes though. You put this out there and once something is out there in the collective it can't be put back. This brand of "evil" has a cancer. It's cancer is called Jack Heart and Friends. I have a little different view of the props. Like you said, they are needed. The thing to consider, just a suggestion, some props are really important. Without them you can't tell the story. If you try to tell the average person this information they will recommend you to the white coats. With that said, what I am seeing is an awakening. People are starting to get the idea that they are being lied to about something big. I talk to strangers. I do. I talk to everyone. I talk to people and they say "yeah, I know. They are lying to us. That's messed up." Thank you so much, man. I really appreciate it.
    Here this is for you:

  19. Jack Heart – In all honesty Mr. Roads I think I am more pleased to hear that you listened to it, let alone commented on it this profoundly, than i would be if Obama did, Trump too, don't know if it gets any better artistically speaking, in the writing "business." We will definitely be reproducing this comment after Orage embeds this interview in the Human Blog. Thank you Mr. Roads.

    Jack Heart – And 100% correct, there is no reality, first thing Mr. Duff explained to me in emails, I did not believe it then, I could not but I do now and I got no problem with it, in fact its kinda cool…

    Duncan Roads – Indeed. It is an intriguing concept to consider that humans are tricked in using the 'spark of the creator' inside of them, to manifest a joint shared reality – without realizing it.

    Jack Heart – When enough of them understand Mr. Roads everything will change but until then they will all fall back as it is written in Isaiah 28:13, and when it finally does, and mark my words it will, no man will more deserving to take the first bow than yourself …

    Duncan Roads – If enough people are tricked to expect/believe in a doomsday-scenario, then guess what – they align to a reality experience that reflects that frequency. The Aboriginals here told me long ago, that human's individual and mass consciousness is created here by us, and is then picked up by the Sun, where it is then reflected back to Earth. They believe that negative focused beliefs are destructive in nature, and therefore attract said destruction. An interesting dilemma for those trying to steer the ship at those levels

  20. Right, right, and right! Exactly right! Thank god I finally found someone who wants to tell me what is going on. Okay, I think I get that it won't work without compliance. I don't live in a big city so I don't see as many "zombies" but it seems to me that people are waking up to the fact that they are being lied to in a big way and it's not just about a trump card. I talk to everyone. Strangers. I do it all the time. Once a pebble is thrown into a pond it can't be undone. I hope.
    This is for you, Jack, and thank you:

  21. Jack Heart – That's their endgame Mr. Roads, annihilation, to me its like an impetuous child who has just lost at chess and insists on knocking over all the pieces.

    Duncan Roads – It is certainly the endgame planned by some. They are the ones saying "if we cannot have and run this planet, then nobody else can either". However, there are those who have been negating the above for some decades. Mankind is a created and maintained stock item, a commodity of value to life forms much much higher up the food chain. It is like a bunch of appointed farm managers, saying to representatives of the actual farm owners, 'we are not leaving, and if forced, we'll burn the farm down and kill all the stock'. So predictable … So again – belief and expectation of annihilation is what those lower level overlords actually want you to think and feel, it helps them achieve it more easily.

    Jack Heart – Like I said in the interview Mr. Roads, i have contact with many of them, they tell me this is their chicken farm, the polite ones tell me no its the other ones chicken farm but nobody ever tells me it’s not a chicken farm, and yep 'two hundred and something different races whose root seeds are kept here,' Now that is a well stocked bar but I will have a coffee, black…

    Duncan Roads – Yeah, Earth is a farm indeed, with more commodities on offer than many realize. But it is also a type of school, where the bravest of the brave of immortal beings of spirit come to learn about reality creation 101. Everyone gets what they want. Everyone wins. Everyone IS winning. I have real cream in my coffee

  22. Reproduced here is the Facebook commentary by Duncan Roads on the above interview. For anyone who doesn’t know Mr. Roads is the editor of Nexus Magazine and the undisputed heavyweight champion of the alternative media for the last twenty plus years…

    Duncan Roads – Just listened to it – great stuff. A couple of comments: 1: Your cousin asked about whether the Mandela Effect is changing this reality, and you went off on a tangent (very interesting one I might add). I'd be saying that there is no 'this reality', which is what you were alluding to at the end of the show anyway. 2: The bit about them trying to hold us back from entering the singularity – my understanding is that you are half right. They use the collider facilities to do their reality jumping, or reality tuning, but they are more trying to stop what some term, a 'mass awakening'. This stems from the idea that 'humans' have a spark of a creator race inside them. It is this 'creator spark' that is used to maintain or perpetuate, a 'constant reality experience'. Thus, whoever controls what us humans 'believe' – sort of control what we call reality. It is literally more a battle for our minds and beliefs more than anything else. 3: But the tide of conscious evolving and expanding is unstoppable, and the reality belief dam they erected is crumbling. The CERN-like facilities have been used to try to stem or delay that evolutionary jump – but it was never going to do anything more than delay. The more the delay, the more the result will be like a massively stretched rubber band suddenly let go. Or a dam bursting. Damn – see what you just did to my morning? LOL, best wishes mate!

  23. I confess to a certain antipathy toward modern science, especially its religious side, yet the quantum, the hologram, come close to that clear sound that is the truth.
    Phillip K Dick once described the universe as two superimposed holograms, and of course today we are constantly subjected to the demeaning conclusion that our brains are computers, which of course they are not.
    There is force, and life force, and rarely will the two sing duets.
    The aim of modern science is truly the former, and the aim of existence lies with the latter.
    Science, in its essence, is a method of exploration. Modern science is pretty much just a whore in a toy factory.
    I far prefer personal experience to elegant equations, and the wonder of it all is that such is available to us, always was, it's just the shitheads keeping you a stranger to yourself.

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