Installment 1 – By Jack Heart
Alright, let today be the first day of the rest of your lives.  It’s getting ridiculous, people sending me links to Henry Makow and all the stupid shit I hear people saying and posting. I couldn’t help but notice a headline in VT (somebody has to) today about the Qabalah being at the root of the New World Order. That’s not really true; it’s the Christian and Muslim insistence on bringing a water gun to a gun fight that has made the new world order everything it is today. Intellectually and spiritually if you do not know the Qabalah or one of the similar systems of Magick available, you are useless in this fight. In fact stay home, those that do are gonna make you dance just like a matinee puppet, just like they do devout (ignorant is the right word) Christians and Muslims and to a lesser extent Jews (their Rabbis know the deal). First off some real science; there is no such thing as particles. They know this and have known it or at least the science behind it, since WW II. It is in the very Nature of the DNA of my target audience that –just like in the movie The Matrix– this reality can be tweaked, even changed if you are good enough, by the power of your own Will. They need their gods and their machines. You don’t.  This, all of it, is nothing but a two-dimensional projection that is processed by YOUR consciousness into this miserable world the Human Race lives in.
The Magi have always used this fact in the service of themselves, their kings and their gods to keep you miserable; “Les Misérables…” the guy who wrote that; Victor Hugo was a Grand Master. They farm you like a bee keeper controls his hive by controlling the queen. That is the occult meaning behind the bee being a symbol of royalty. There are entities that feed on human misery, pull it out of the ether or projection if you will, just like a clam or oyster pulls nutrients from the sea. Those that feed them are handsomely rewarded. Didn’t you ever wonder why them dime store Jesus preachers live in 30 room mansions and the pope got more gold than Fort Knox? Why those table cloth wearing degenerates in Saudi Arabia all have private jets and harems? Why that Jew has more than you do? There are things in this world, the things that move it, that you just would not believe unless you have seen them. I wouldn’t. If you are going to interact with them you better learn how, otherwise you are food for the beast. The Qabalah is the best place I know of to start.  We can begin by learning how to spell it properly. It just goes to show how sneaky the rabbis are that they never correct and even encourage the goyim to misspell it, spellings everything in the Qabalah. Obviously, as you can see, it’s spelled with a Q; Qoph, Beth, Lamed and Heh. According to the standard Ben-Yehuda’s pocket English-Hebrew Hebrew-English Dictionary QBLH means “receipt; receiving, reception [starting to fucking get it yet?]; tradition; cabals, mysticism…”            
I’m not going to be teaching anybody the system, do it yourself just like I did. But I will teach you how to use it. Here’s an important primer I published a while back about how to derive the two true names of Yahweh, as you cannot bind a disembodied entity without knowing them. Jehovah (YHVH) and Yahweh (YVHH) are anagrams, the wrong ones. It’s forbidden by Jewish law for anyone but Metatron, another name for god (some say an archangel, I don’t), to teach the real ones. But then again I have always been an Outlaw…

The 4 Hebrew letters of Jehovah’s name; YHVH, are called the Tetragrammaton. They are an anagram. YVHH or Yahweh is also a four letter anagram. There are 12 of these anagrams one for each of the moons cycles within the year. They are read right to left: HVHY (Jehovah), HHVY (Yahweh), YHVH, HYVH, YHHV, HVYH, VYHH, YVHH, YHHV, HVYH, HHYV, and HYHV. The Zohar says: “two names of the Tetragrammaton for the first is indeed a perfect name, but the latter is thoroughly and completely perfect.” The two names are due to the nature of expansion and contraction in existence or as the Zohar says “the living creatures rush forth and return.”


How do you spell a spell? – Orage

Spelling is a linguistic process of phonemic orthography (correct writing) with the necessary letters and diacritics present in a comprehensible order, usually with some degree of standardization; it is “the conventions which determine how the graphemes of a writing system are used to write a language”.[1] In another words it is interpretation of speech sound (phoneme) into writing (grapheme). Spelling is one of the elements of orthography, and highly standardized spelling is a prescriptive element.
Spellings originated as transcriptions of the sounds of spoken language according to the alphabetic principle. They remain largely reflective of the sounds, although fully phonemic spelling is an ideal that most languages’ orthographies only approximate, some more closely than others. This is true for various reasons, including that pronunciation changes over time in all languages, yet spellings as visual norms may resist change. In addition, words from other languages may be adopted without being adapted to the spelling system, and different meanings of a word or homophones may be deliberately spelled in different ways to differentiate them visually.

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  1. Classic Jack; he's back!
    And I reckon when peeps have started sending you shit from fucking Henry Makow dot com, amigo, it's totally understandable that you've been a wee bit quieter, of late. They never learn, do they: hook, line and sinker.
    Clearly you are reaching the wrong audience. Well, that is unless you fancy yourself becoming a baby-school teacher as a bit of a side-earner!

  2. Yes, Mike, I very much agree that "one is never alone when one surrenders to the reality of the spirit".

    I appreciate your wisdom teachings…Thanks so much!


  3. Yes, Serenity.
    I'm very much in the thick of all this. I am happy for you to have found your place, like my buddy Ken. It takes a special person to embrace another culture without falling into familiar traps, but anger, hate and racism are also alive and thriving amidst the "indigenous", at least amongst those I'm familiar with north of the border.
    If humanity is to survive this rite of passage, it's going to be via pulling ourselves up with our own bootstraps. This is nothing new.
    The Healer, the laughing savior documented so vividly in the Gnostic gospels didn't bind humanity with empty rules for their fun and exploitation by a self serving control complex. Rather, the effort was placed toward the work and direction required for the return to the Light. Deeply unabrahamic. Deeply true.
    Here in the west, the task is immense. Yet the pearls are there, and appear whence the seeker is ready.
    Natural time is not dead here, just masked via noise. I don't feel alone, because when one surrenders to the reality of the spirit, one is never alone. All the control mechanisms can be melted away, and the genuine sparkle of eternity revealed.
    Best wishes,


  4. The tragedy of this false superiority and pathological delusion is that it separates humans in so many heartless ways. With loneliness being one of the greatest modern social ills it is obvious "the journey to recover one's totality" is more crucial now than ever before in the history of mankind.

    For far too long the cult of the intellect over the compassion of the heart & soul has done perhaps irreparable damage to modern urban cultures. I, too, am blessed to live in an indigenous community South of the Border where genuine caring & intimacy are an everyday experience & deeply felt along with the peacefulness of "natural time".

  5. Hi Jack,

    I just love tara's perspective.

    MK Says…

    "In terms of Tara, she is who she be. She, and those who hide under her umbrella are here for their own purposes, of course they don't really know what they are, yet maybe they will discover this in time.
    Perhaps the question is not who is fierce enough, but who finally realizes they have nothing left to loose."

    Great stuff.

    course I am of course about good news.

    that is what an evangelical is the bringer of good news.

    I gave up on the news since its all fake and wants me to take sides in a war.

    Who again is my enemy?

    I am slow on the uptake..

    thanks for your open posting policy


  6. Speaking personally, I very much hope you are right, that Maria and her Norns and the whole crew found their way out. Sometimes I sit and wonder what life would be without the vengeful desert God and his endless armies of mad acolytes. It speaks volumes that in any endeavor his visage is painted on all the walls…
    I have modified my picture of this reality many times, knowledge and revelation have a way of doing that. Yet despite decades of application, I've never been able to discern anything about the abrahamist certainty that is in the least bit beneficial to people and planet.
    You do often mention rising leviathon, and it reminds me of the Raven Chant, a fragmented piece that has stumped academia for generations, so much so that few know of its existence.
    In terms of Tara, she is who she be. She, and those who hide under her umbrella are here for their own purposes, of course they don't really know what they are, yet maybe they will discover this in time.
    Perhaps the question is not who is fierce enough, but who finally realizes they have nothing left to loose.


  7. I would not trust anybody but me to tell you about any of those entity's you just mentioned anonymous, but then again maybe that's just me and just because you don't even know how to spell Qabalah you are still qualified to write about it…

  8. You and Tara are going to get along just fine Mike, I told you we are keeping in line with the Norse motif for the gods, which I believe is the way the Goddess herself wants it. Black people did not invent the Rap Duel; the Norse gods did. To tell you the truth although a little less theatrical White people are much better at it; witness you and Tara, or this

    The Zohar reads like a press release from Yahweh himself with its endless boasting and unquestioned fealty to an entity that by his own words is the very definition of a Tyrant. There is no reconciliation of the two systems. As I showed you with that excerpt from my book Rosarium Philosophorum, the system that came out of Frankfurt Germany in the sixteenth century and used by C G Jung to illustrate his union of anima and animus, recognizes the Human Race as in a state of bondage to a Howling Beast who vomits forth his bile and calls it a creation. It seeks to break the chains of that bondage at all costs. “Dam the Torpedoes…” as they say and let’s just see who is fierce enough. It probably began for this epoch of the human race with a visitation by the Goddess to some Knights Templar during the crusades where She instructed them to form a secret chivalric order in southern Germany, Austria and northern Italy. These knights would be entrusted with the task of guarding the Gral [Bloodlines] for the final battle between darkness and light. This order, shrouded in shadows even to other Knights Templar, was to be known as Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein; in English; The Lords of the Black Stone or SS. SS is really just an abbreviated acronym itself for DHvSS. Orage and I outline all this in vivid detail and documentation in The Black Madonna and the Swastika part 6 of Black Sun Rising. It is my conclusions that the Germans in fact won WW II and using their advanced technology, because of its potential to burn down the whole creation, constructed this world as an alternate reality to arouse Leviathan in, hence our holographic universe.

  9. Jack,
    This happens to be an image, the Tree, that many have discussed recently. The comparison and contrast between the Qabbalistic and World Tree images usually deal with immediately apparent distinctions, like your commentators' observation concerning roots.
    Yet even if we compare surfaces, we run into very different world views.
    I dunno Jack, how one can effectively translate or reconcile Qabbalistic thought with anything other than abrahamic points of view.
    Certainly, some elements, themes, motifs are to a certain extent universal, yet upon deeper examination their modus operandi is pretty unique.
    I've puzzled over this for far too long, getting absolutely no where. Those who have attempted a reconciliation, like Karl Wiligut, ultimately discover they are in completely different territory incomprehensible to anyone else.
    I suppose this statement will lead to Tara triumphantly screaming that it's further proof of my negative outlook. She can have her victory.
    What I am left with is a curiosity, an interest, where the few correspondences are intriguing. I actually do detect a type of thought that strikes me as both irritating and perceptive. It is, most assuredly, a complete system.


  10. Jack Heart – In the Talmud's Bava Basra 74, 2; Rabbi Yehudah teaches that “if the male and female Leviathan should ever consummate the world that the God of Abraham has created would be made desolate.”

    Jack Heart – But as Orage and I have told you not every Jew is of one mind on this; this is the great lie perpetrated by the children of Abraham and bought into by most Jews themselves; "as they trade in their hours for a handful of dimes…"
    Like • Reply • 51 mins

    Jack Heart – Rabbi Shlomo ben Aderet the thirteenth century Talmudic scholar known simply as the Rashba taught that Leviathan was the union of mans intellect with his soul, the same as the marriage of the anima and animus to consciousness in CG Jung’s interpretation of Rosarium philosophorum.
    Like • Reply • 1 • 50 mins

    Jack Heart – So what do say !@#$ are you fierce enough to arouse Leviathan?

  11. We are watching Tara and Mike reenact an ancient tradition among the Norse Gods when they would all gather in the feast hall and two of them would have at each other verbally. Freya was the most feared for this; even Loki wanted nothing to do with her razor blade tongue…
    I hate to go off topic here but we recently had a really good exchange of comments on the Jack Heart Writer page which I’m picking up at an anonymous answer to !@#$, a very knowledgeable man himself after !@#$ did an information dump on the Tree of Life, Sepher Yetsirah to the Jews and Yggdrasil to the Norse, in the comment section (Everyone is welcome join Jack Heart Writer on Facebook)

    Anonymous – All trees depicted above miss their roots, !@#$. How very fitting for desert dwellers… Detached, rootless, not part of the cyclus and no nourishment by the waters of life, the wells? Give me a fucking break. Yes, yes relevant, yet incomplete, no interaction, the work of a shoddy copier, easy to spot if one possesses discernment. I know that I know little, but please do entertain me.

    Jack Heart – The Mem, the second of the 3 mother letters Air being the first and Fire the last , is representative of water, as is Binah the highest Sephiroth before Kether which is the crown of god. Binah is the eternal sea and the mother of all life. This is where Schlomo makes his first big mistake when he tells himself the heads of the Dragons are broken by the waters. Another words they cannot incarnate, or at least the male can't, Schlomo is keeping the female in live storage for judgement day when every good Jew will get a piece of her in the great feast that will be held by Yahweh. Schlomo also likes to tell himself that Yahweh castrated the male, Schlomo needs to believe this because his Rabbi's have told him that if the male and the female should ever mate the Judgement s against Yahweh and all his works would multiply in the scales of what that union produces; Leviathan. Yahweh and all of heaven, earth and hell would be crushed in ensuing execution of those judgments by Leviathan.The Book of Job is a warning that nothing can stand before Leviathan, and Yahweh spells it out for his acolytes when he tells them of their goyim, "no one is fierce enough to arouse Leviathan then who is it that can stand before me…"

  12. Frankly, I agree with Dr. C.
    However, my perspective is somewhat different than his. A friend who studied the Mayan calendar, and still lives with them found for himself a pleasurable rhythm of life, and a natural sense of time.
    In the "developed world", natural time is barely recognized, and in fact is marginalized in every way possible. This synthetic ersatz time is actually a living metaphor for all aspects of the developed world, and those who reside within it.
    Now, the theme we are treated to is that we have progressed beyond the grunting primitive state of our ancestors. In fact, we are all so superior, so tall, that the societal icons are now imagining an escape from their own humanity.
    Unfortunately, there is another explanation for recklessly assumed hubris, and it is the condition of delusion.
    There are a number of effective paths out of delusion, but few, make that very few, are willing to apply any effort to the task.
    So, people will simply invent more easily accessed delusional fantasies to justify being cowardly turds, and one of the biggest is the idiotic, vacantly grinning allegiance to a demented positivity.
    The cult of the positive isn't really positive at all, it's a crazed denialist fantasy based on negating both personal and collective truths about existence.
    I could detail how this stemmed from an initial rupture with reality called the abrahamic pathology, but I have already done this multiple times, so I'll skip to the next point. The only effective strategy to return to soundness of mind involves the journey to recover one's totality, a journey outlined by Jung with magnificent insight, one in which the prize is nothing less than soundness of mind.
    But today, this is passe', because tall man can't find the will to even begin, delusion being preferable to tall man. Thus is everything doomed to be run into the rocks by psychological cripples at the wheel, thus the next dark age doomed to arrive.


  13. As a holistic nurse I've often observed when a person's own unacknowledged darkness is repressed or glossed over with "positive thinking", it increases the risk of manifesting chronic disease. On a mass scale humanity seems to be acting out or projecting this inherent sickness onto one another & the world at large. Until each one of us looks within at our own unresolved shadows, we remain distorted and imbalanced.

    Carl Johan Calleman has extensively studied the Mayan Calendar & sees humanity entering another Dark Age. He indicates that a lot of people believed that the end of 2012 would bring a new Golden Age & they are quite confused or in denial with current circumstances.

    Balancing light & dark in oneself requires a deep commitment, as the "Long, Dark Night of the Soul" testifies.

  14. After reading both responses above, all I could do was smile.
    Hah, if I ever did have the misfortune of being Tiaras lover, I'd have to check to make sure I had all my appendages in the morning! So much for the queen of positive.
    Yeah 9, it just keeps getting better…
    Thanx for the laugh!


  15. course ya gotta love tara,

    MK says..

    "Thus the positive person throws in to solve problems, navigate situations, and help achieve goals that affirm friendship, family, and self worth. Since none of these distinct areas are currently affirmed by the ruling paradigm I am forced to conclude that the current mania for the positive, which we already determined involves a complicit endorsement for that paradigm, is not truly positive at all."

    to simplify all politics is local.

    I was just listening to the beatles…

    Its getting better..or so they say..

    "t's getting better all the time
    I used to get mad at my school (No, I can't complain)
    The teachers who taught me weren't cool( No, I can't complain)
    You're holding me down (Oh Oh)
    Turning me round(Oh Oh)
    Filling me up with your rules(Oooh)

    I've got to admit it's getting better (Better)
    It's a little better all the time (It can't get no worse)
    I have to admit it's getting better (better)
    It's getting better
    Since you've been mine

    Me used to be a angry young man
    Me hiding me head in the sand
    You gave me the word, I finally heard
    I'm doing the best that I can

    I've got to admit it's getting better(Better)
    A little better all the time (It can't get no worse)
    I have to admit it's getting better (Better)
    It's getting better
    Since you've been mine

    Getting so much better all the time!

    It's getting better all the time
    Better, better, better.
    It's getting better all the time
    Better, better, better.

    I used to be cruel to my woman
    I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved
    Man, I was mean but I'm changing my scene
    And I'm doing the best that I can (ooh)

    I admit it's getting better
    A little better all the time (It can't get no worse)
    Yes, I admit it's getting better, it's getting better
    Since you've been mine

    Getting so much better all the time

    It's getting better all the time
    Better Better Better
    It's getting better all the time
    Better Better Better"

    great song


  16. Give it to Mikey. He won’t eat it. He hates everything.
    I was going to let it go. I really was. I’m going to tell you a secret sweetness and honey. You are the problem. You who hide behind a never ending supply of $9.75 words that are used in an attempt to intimidate others and make them subservient to your intellect. You who puke your vitriolic and apocalyptic diatribes into the collective to satiate the hunger in your rotting soul. You with your Napoleonic and self pitying rants are food for the sickness that ails us all. Without you and your ilk the disease dies and turns to dust. You would be laughable if you weren’t so fucking tragic. Take a moment to ponder these cruel indictments of your character. How can this bitch be so sure of herself? How dare she step where she was never invited? There is one reason, lover. Time has no power over the spirit and will of man. I am a representative of the human race which you seem to think you are solely responsible for and in that capacity I am letting you know that your concern is not needed. In other words, and rhetorically if the saints still love me, WHO DIED AND LEFT YOU GOD?
    Wth all sincerity,
    Gang of One

    I run continually into the headwind of POSITIVE.
    Generally, the wind blows from those who demand one or two things. 1) The support and affirmation of the current paradigm, and by extension, the safety and security of the individual within it. 2) A grudging admission that the current paradigm is changing, with a bent towards the proverbial soft landing.
    Inherent in the positivity demand is a peculiar assertion; because all this stuff going round in the modern world is so real, and because the individual irons in the fire are so tangibly hot, it is just impossible for this whole thing to go kaboom. The result is a desperate clinging that does nothing for the mental, much less spiritual condition of those involved.
    In both cases, the demand to be positive revolves around a deep terror, a dark forbidden possibility that becomes all the more powerful due to an unwillingness to visit with it.
    This shadow is now haunting the entire world.
    The epicenter of the demand for the positive thus transcends any genuine expression of what one might normally attribute to the positive. If we examine closely the issue of normal positivity, we come quite close to usefulness. Thus the positive person throws in to solve problems, navigate situations, and help achieve goals that affirm friendship, family, and self worth. Since none of these distinct areas are currently affirmed by the ruling paradigm I am forced to conclude that the current mania for the positive, which we already determined involves a complicit endorsement for that paradigm, is not truly positive at all.
    So, if current positivity enforced with a blind, cultic, fanaticism-and it certainly seems to be, then it is really nothing more than another barrier to clear perception.
    Doubtless it can be painful to watch grown men and women spew forth mendacious delusions, expecting everyone to climb aboard their version of the nutjob express. Whatever else it might be, it certainly is not positive.
    Deploying the normal definition of positivity, being useful in a fashion that affirms the basic structures of human survival, requires a rebellion against the current paradigm.
    So, the ultimate positivity is in the doings, not in the desperate propping up of a diseased and corrupt paradigm.
    From this point forward, no one better demand my complicity in covering up their unexamined terror, because I have no more patience for it. What are you doing to improve the chances of the survival of the human species?


  18. Thanx, Serenity, but it is you who are the eloquent one here.
    Alas, all too often I allow the brutality and abuse of my life to speak. Violence and pain do nothing to elevate the human condition, yet instil behavioral responses that can be near impossible to mollify.
    If we follow the narrative, the cosmic organizer-so often mistaken for the creator-crafted according to a glimpse, a reflection of higher, finer reality. Thus the ethereal, transcendent quality of nature is genuine.
    I forget the name of the Roman poet who cursed the invention of the sundial, as that malefic device that divided his day. He was correct, of course, that the imposition of artificial time in no way benefits human happiness and integrity.
    The fact that you are aware of natural time is exceptionally precious. My hope is that you can awaken this realization in others.
    Best wishes

  19. MK, I understand "the natural exploration & discovery that is our due" from my own direct experiences. Crossing the river or jumping into the flow makes for intrinsic clearing & renewal as well as opening one's spirit to the deeper mysteries. I'm grateful that as a child I grew up in the countryside running barefoot & free on Mother Earth with acres of natural beauty to ride my pony in, vast woods to explore, ponds & creeks to wade in, wild animals to commune with unafraid…all within the stress-free rhythms of life not found in modern cities. Being blessed with volumes of time to just be, that "still small voice within" had time to grow & evolve…which has served me throughout my life. My vivid imagination & ability to dream as a child allowed a spontaneity of spirit which education & society was unable to erase from my innocence despite the pressures to "learn". Trusting oneself & one's own direct experience is the key, as you so eloquently point out…

  20. No pity required or desired, Tara.
    The Tibetans have a very good point, in their depiction of the ceaseless motion of the wheel of life. What binds the soul to the wheel is the animal ignorance of blind urge, but then, you know that, or should.
    Why we assume that humanity is destined for a bright world of happiness and joy is in many ways a key to much of our current condition, and to our refusal to implement measures to prepare for that pendulum swing.
    There is a great pattern to consciousness. It is not indeterminate. Doubtless, the pattern we are woven into is but one of myriad possibilities. This means that the interface between pattern and consciousness is malleable. This means that nothing is truly and irrevocably determined.
    The problem is, Tara, that to awaken to this reality takes a lot of work. Few simply grasp this.
    Another aspect is the fact that conditioning, habits, repetition all build specific ranges of actions, and from this comes a collapse of possibility. Thus is determinism made real, thus the "Mind Forged Manacles", thus the "Black Iron Prison".
    Can you grasp this?
    Left to itself, the River explores all possible paths across the terrain. The pattern provides structure, and it's essence dissolves the structure to allow for new solutions to the finding of the way.
    We are kin to that river, but we are interfered with on very fundamental levels. This interference retards the natural exploration and discovery that is our due.
    I wish you well Tara.

  21. Tara, you of many voices, whom do I address now?
    Let me ask you a question. If someone is wandering clueless into a busy street, is it compassionless to yell at them to get the Fuck out of the street?

    Truth is, majority of the time it doesn't matter if you shout or whisper. Humanity is only intelligent when deploying intelligence, which is not all that often. You know this is true, if you're honest.
    We're all forced to navigate the fucking traffic, lady Tara, only the shitheads are soothing you and feeding you the poison of their demented science before seeing if you go splat in traffic.
    I am very positive, mother Tara, because I would never do that to others. I prefer you go through heavy traffic knowing there are busses, trucks, and jalopies driven by psychopaths.
    The truth is, that even as I lay dying I had to deal with this fuckwad who invaded and feasted on my dreams. I couldn't even get peace to go and die, until I occluded my dreams from Mr Fuckwad. Think about that, Madam, and then bitch at me again for not being goddam positive enough.
    I'm going to tell you that shitstem is failing, that the war is going on right now, that humanity is not on the brink of a great awakening, and that putting your faith in authority figures was a big part in humanity's failure. There is now only yourself to raise the vibration of the morass.

  22. Please. I'm begging you M. Try to find a positive thought. You like a song? I like this Purpose by 311. I mixed reds with those blues and they're mixing icky.
    It's all kinds of weird and I know weird cause I've been living there my whole life. Hapless. It's ramping up like a bitch. I can't even not notice it anymore. Now I gotta go back through all my files and try to put it all together. Somebody spilled coffee on my hard drive yo. At least you know what's going on. I have basically no ifuckingclue. Well I kind of do but it's freaking me out. I'm going to figure it out. Until then, I'm thinking about you. Good thoughts. Good thoughts. Mike's all good. He's good. He's chillin' like a villain. I've been doing it. Everything is going to be okay, I promise. It has to be. Please don't get get super pissed at me. I need you.
    Your Friend,

  23. Yeah, spelling.
    Today it's highly standardized, with an aim of paralyzing cognition. Such was the purpose behind the Dept. of Education. All documented by John Gotto and others. Queen Bee symbology works quite well here. Of course today the psychotics at the controls are killing all the bees…
    But then that fits in quite nicely as well.
    Part of the reason only Christian era Runestones are easy to translate is because variation, creativity was being driven out of the Northern European mind by those demented abrahamic fucks.
    Christians, Muslims, and Jews have no need to fight the shitstem, because they are the shitstem. Just because this very shitstem will isolate and murder large groups within it doesn't mean it's not their shitstem. Just because it will savagely fleece the faithful, and gleefully devour their agony, leaving them broken and shattered, has nothing to do with the devout nature of the faithful. In fact, the faithful demand this abuse, idolize it, enshrine it in their holy books.
    Wars are seldom won by the better men. That's why history is always fucked with, to make the shithead slime into the good guys. You want proof? When was the last tour to Eisenhower's death camps??
    Humanity had a great opportunity to grasp the principles behind life, to embody a higher and finer function. We were at the doorstep, but we just couldn't cross the threshold. After reaching so far, the pendulum swings back, into the grunting primitive thrill at the inflicting of limitation, pain, loss, and mistaking this for power.
    Want to see some punishment?
    Look the Fuck around.
    The inability to clean the filters that manifest reality means that projection is dark, flawed. It's inevitable now, the gibbering insanity, the swooning of the terminally misinformed are but a preamble. In the time to come it will be hard to recall how close were to stepping beyond this sad, pathetic world.


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