Excerpt from: 
The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead

by Stephan A. Hoeller (Quest, 1982)

Part 1: The Gnosis of C. G. Jung
A Science Born of Mystery

In this latter quarter of the twentieth century, few would deny the truth of the statement that depth psychology has proven to be one of the mightiest transforming forces of the culture of our era. Emerging from the dark alienation of consciousness that characterized the nineteenth century, the rediscovery of the unconscious mystery within the human mind has become very much like the biblical leaven that made an entire new world of the spirit rise before the eyes of past generations. The German philosopher Martin Heidegger spoke a great truth when he called the nineteenth century the darkest of all the centuries of the modern era; yet it was precisely at this time of the greatest obscuration of the light of the spirit that the two pioneering giants of the unconscious, Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung, were born, in 1856 and 1875 respectively.
Freud was a great discoverer, destined to unmask many things. Psychologists, as well as the public, are still slow to realize the debt of gratitude they owe him. A man of the old narrowly materialistic school of science, whom only practical exigencies drove from the biologist’s laboratory into the healing arts, Freud could do no other than use the patterns of thought of his times. By a tragically ironic twist of fate, the very man whose discoveries ultimately shook the very foundations of scientific rationalism remained himself chained to rationalistic and reductionistic dogma, which he guarded and defended with desperate conviction. Like Moses, he could not enter the promised land toward which he led others, the task of the final conquest thus falling to a younger man, a new Joshua of the mind, whose name was Carl Gustav Jung.
Who was Jung and how did he accomplish the crowning task of psychic pioneering? What were the sources of his prophetic insight into the most secret recesses of the human soul? From whence did he derive his wisdom?
All through Jung’s long life (July 26, 1875 to June 6, 1961) people were puzzled by the curiously esoteric and magical overtones of his work. Here was a phenomenon hitherto unheard of in the world of the intelligentsia since the era of the Enlightenment. Symbols and images of dark and ancient power were resuscitated from the dust of their millennial tombs. Heretics and alchemists, mystics and magicians, Taoist sages and Tibetan lamas lent the treasures of their arcane quests to the wizardry of the modern Swiss Hermes. Gone were the mundane, personalistic preoccupations of the earlier psychoanalysis with its childhood traumas and infantile vagaries, and the gods and heroes of old were no longer regarded as the glorified masks of childish lusts and terrors. Like Venus arising from the foam of the sea, or Athena springing from the brow of Zeus, the archetypes arose from the prima materia of the collective unconscious; the Gods once again walked with men. Above these primeval creative waters of the psyche moved the spirit of one man, the genius of Jung. Well could the learned wonder and the wise be astonished, for a new era of the mind had come.
To those informed regarding the arcane disciplines and theories of the alternative reality tradition, sometimes called the perennial philosophy, or theosophia (divine wisdom), it soon became clear that certain parallels existed between Jung’s teachings and what to them was long known as the path of initiation. As the noted esoteric poet and diplomat, Miguel Serrano, observed in his seminal small work, C.G. Jung and Hermann Hesse, it was as though there were a second language underlying the first in all of Jung’s works. The analyst came to be a hierophant of the mysteries, while the patient became a neophyte, or disciple. Sickness revealed itself as a divided or incomplete condition and health as a state of spiritual wholeness. Analytical psychology began to appear as a dialogue between the individual and the universe, without destroying the personality or the ego after the fashion of some Buddhist and Hindu theories.
The sources of Jung’s work remained a subject of conjecture for many decades. During his lifetime Jung shrouded the origins of his discoveries in a mantle of caution that often bordered on Hermetic concealment. He said again and again that everything he wrote was based on empirical evidence, indicating that no matter how esoteric and mystical much of his work appeared, it always rested on experience in the psychological field. Most persons took this to mean that Jung treated many patients, that he also had access to the practical research of many of his junior colleagues, and that his books were no doubt the result of data gathered from these sources. Of course, there were rumors which declared that he was a most unconventional scientist indeed, and that he associated with astrologers and men of religion. It was also whispered that he, himself, had occult and weird experiences, saw ghosts and consulted oracles.
It was not until after Jung’s death in 1961 and especially after the publication of his remarkable autobiographical fragments, entitled Memories, Dreams and Reflections, that a continuous stream of progressively more daring revelations began to pour forth from the pens of his disciples and from posthumously published notes and letters of Jung himself. From these sundry disclosures we learn that between 1912 and 1917 Jung underwent an intense period of experience which involved a tremendous flooding of his consciousness from within by forces which he called archetypal but which previous ages would have declared to be divine and demonic. A certain amount of information regarding these experiences Jung communicated in confidence to various of his associates, but undoubtedly he experienced much more than he ever disclosed, indeed more than ever will be disclosed. The great explorer often called this experience, or rather cycle of experiences, his Nekyia, using the term whereby Homer described the descent of Odysseus into the underworld. (See James Kirsch, “Remembering C.G. Jung, in Psychological Perspectives, Vol. 6, p. 57) At this time, so we are told, he withdrew from most external activities, with the exception of a modicum of his psychiatric practice. It is even reported that during this period he did not read any books, assuredly a great event in the life of such an avid student of every form of literature. Although he did not read, he wrote. His writing at this time consisted of the records of his strange, inner experiences which filled 1,330 handwritten pages, illustrated by his own hand. His handwriting at this time changed to one that was used in the fourteenth century; his paintings were painted with pigments which he himself made, after the fashion of the artists of bygone ages. He had some of the most beautiful paintings and scriptures bound in red leather and kept in a place of honor among his belongings; hence they became known as the Red Book. According to eyewitnesses, the writings of this period of his life fall into two distinct categories; some are bright and angelic, while others are dark and demonic in form and content. One is tempted to say that Jung, in the manner of other magicians, went through experiences belonging to the categories of Theurgic Invocation of gods and of Goetic Evocation of spirits and that he kept a “magical record” of each.

The rest of this brilliant introduction is on this link

VII Sermones ad Mortuos

(Seven Sermons to the Dead)
C.G. Jung, 1916 
(Translation by Stephan A. Hoeller, © 1982)
Seven exhortations to the dead, written by Basilides of Alexandria,
the city where East and West meet.

The First Sermon

The dead came back from Jerusalem, where they did not find what they were seeking. They asked admittance to me and demanded to be taught by me, and thus I taught them:
Hear Ye: I begin with nothing. Nothing is the same as fullness. In the endless state fullness is the same as emptiness. The Nothing is both empty and full. One may just as well state some other thing about the Nothing, namely that it is white or that it is black or that it exists or that it exists not. That which is endless and eternal has no qualities, because it has all qualities.
The Nothing, or fullness, is called by us the PLEROMA. In it thinking and being cease, because the eternal is without qualities. In it there is no one, for if anyone were, he would be differentiated from the Pleroma and would possess qualities which would distinguish him from the Pleroma.
In the Pleroma there is nothing and everything: it is not profitable to think about the Pleroma, for to do that would mean one’s dissolution.
The CREATED WORLD is not in the Pleroma, but in itself. The Pleroma is the beginning and end of the created world. The Pleroma penetrates the created world as the sunlight penetrates the air everywhere. Although the Pleroma penetrates it completely, the created world has no part of it, just as an utterly transparent body does not become either dark or light in color as the result of the passage of light through it. We ourselves, however, are the Pleroma, so it is that the Pleroma is present within us. Even in the smallest point the Pleroma is present without any bounds, eternally and completely, for small and great are the qualities which are alien to the Pleroma. The Pleroma is the nothingness which is everywhere complete and without end. It is because of this that I speak of the created world as a portion of the Pleroma, but only in an allegorical sense; for the Pleroma is not divided into portions, for it is nothingness. We, also, are the total Pleroma; for figuratively the Pleroma is an exceedingly small, hypothetical, even non-existent point within us, and also it is the limitless firmament of the cosmos about us. Why, however, do we discourse about the Pleroma, if it is the all, and also nothing?
I speak of it in order to begin somewhere, and also to remove from you the delusion that somewhere within or without there is something absolutely firm and definite. All things which are called definite and solid are but relative, for only that which is subject to change appears definite and solid.
The created world is subject to change. It is the only thing that is solid and definite, since it has qualities. In fact, the created world is itself but a quality.
We ask the question: how did creation originate? Creatures indeed originated but not the created world itself, for the created world is a quality of the Pleroma, in the same way as the uncreated; eternal death is also a quality of the Pleroma. Creation is always and everywhere, and death is always and everywhere. The Pleroma possesses all: differentiation and non-differentiation.
Differentiation is creation. The created world is indeed differentiated. Differentiation is the essence of the created world and for this reason the created also causes further differentiation. That is why man himself is a divider, inasmuch as his essence is also differentiation. That is why he distinguishes the qualities of the Pleroma, yea, those qualities which do not exist.
You say to me: What good is it then to talk about this, since it has been said that it is useless to think about the Pleroma?
I say these things to you in order to free you from the illusion that it is possible to think about the Pleroma. When you speak about the divisions of the Pleroma, we are speaking from the position of our own divisions, and we speak about our own differentiated state; but while we do this, we have in reality said nothing about the Pleroma. However, it is necessary to talk about our own differentiation, for this enables us to discriminate sufficiently. Our essence is differentiation. For this reason we must distinguish individual qualities.
You say: What harm does it do not to discriminate? Then we reach beyond the limits of our own being; we extend ourselves beyond the created world, and we fall into the undifferentiated state which is another quality of the Pleroma. We submerge into the Pleroma itself, and we cease to be created beings. This we become subject to dissolution and nothingness.
Such is the very death of the created being. We die to the extent that we fail to discriminate. For this reason the natural impulse of the created being is directed toward differentiation and toward the struggle against the ancient, pernicious state of sameness. The natural tendency is called Principium Individuationis (Principle of Individuation). This principle is indeed the essence of every created being. From these things you may readily recognize why the undifferentiated principle and lack of discrimination are all a great danger to created beings. For this reason we must be able to distinguish the qualities of the Pleroma. Its qualities are the PAIRS OF OPPOSITES, such as:

the effective and the ineffective
            fullness and emptiness
            the living and the dead
            light and dark
            hot and cold
            energy and matter
            time and space
            good and evil
            the beautiful and the ugly
            the one and the many
            and so forth.

The pairs of opposites are the qualities of the Pleroma: they are also in reality non-existent because they cancel each other out.
Since we ourselves are the Pleroma, we also have these qualities present within us; inasmuch as the foundation of our being is differentiation, we possess these qualities in the name and under the sign of differentiation, which means:
First—that the qualities are in us differentiated from each other, and they are separated from each other, and thus they do not cancel each other out, rather they are in action. It is thus that we are the victims of the pairs of opposites. For in us the Pleroma is rent in two.
Second—the qualities belong to the Pleroma, and we can and should partake of them only in the name and under the sign of differentiation. We must separate ourselves from these qualities. In the Pleroma they cancel each other out; in us they do not. But if we know how to know ourselves as being apart from the pairs of opposites, then we have attained to salvation.
When we strive for the good and the beautiful, we thereby forget about our essential being, which is differentiation, and we are victimized by the qualities of the Pleroma which are the pairs of opposites. We strive to attain to the good and beautiful, but at the same time we also to the evil and the ugly, because in the Pleroma these are identical with the good and the beautiful. However, if we remain faithful to our nature, which is differentiation, we then differentiate ourselves from the good and the beautiful, and thus we have immediately differentiated ourselves from the evil and the ugly. It is only thus that we do not merge into the Pleroma, that is, into nothingness and dissolution.
You will object and say to me: Thou hast said that differentiation and sameness are also qualities of the Pleroma. How is it then that we strive for differentiation? Are we not then true to our natures and must we then also eventually be in the state of sameness, while we strive for differentiation?
What you should never forget is that the Pleroma has no qualities. We are the ones who create these qualities through our thinking. When you strive after differentiation or sameness or after other qualities, you strive after thoughts which flow to you from the Pleroma, namely thoughts about the non-existent qualities of the Pleroma. While you run after these thoughts, you fall again into the Pleroma and arrive at differentiation and sameness at the same time. Not your thinking but your being is differentiation. That is why you should not strive after differentiation and discrimination as you know these, but strive after your true nature. If you would thus truly strive, you would not need to know anything about the Pleroma and its qualities, and still you would arrive at the true goal because of your nature. However, because thinking alienates us from our true nature, therefore I must teach knowledge to you, with which you can keep your thinking under control.


The Second Sermon

During the night the dead stood along the walls and shouted: “We want to know about God! Where is God? Is God dead?”
—God is not dead; he is as much alive as ever. God is the created world, inasmuch as he is something definite and therefore he is differentiated from the Pleroma. God is a quality of the Pleroma and everything that I have stated in reference to the created world is equally true of him.
God is distinguished from the created world, however, inasmuch as he is less definite and less definable than the created world in general. He is less differentiated than the created world, because the ground of his being is effective fullness; and only to the extent that he is definite and differentiated is he identical with the created world; and thus he is the manifestation of the effective fullness of the Pleroma.
Everything we do not differentiate falls into the Pleroma and is cancelled out along with its opposite. Therefore if we do not discern God, then the effective fullness is cancelled out for us. God also is himself the Pleroma, even as the smallest point within the created world, as well as within the uncreated realm, is itself the Pleroma.
The effective emptiness is the being of the Devil. God and Devil are the first manifestations of the nothingness, which we call the Pleroma. It does not matter whether the Pleroma is or is not, for it cancels itself out in all things. The created world, however, is different. Inasmuch as God and Devil are created beings, they do not cancel each other out, rather they stand against each other as active opposites. We need no proof of their being; it is sufficient that we must always speak about them. Even if they did not exist, the created being would forever (because of its own differentiated nature) bring them forth out of the Pleroma.
All things which are brought forth from the Pleroma by differentiation are pairs of opposites; therefore God always has with him the Devil.   
This interrelationship is so close, as you have learned, it is so indissoluble in your own lives, that it is even as the Pleroma itself. The reason for this is that these two stand very close to the Pleroma, in which all opposites are cancelled out and unified.
God and Devil are distinguished by fullness and emptiness, generation and destruction. Activity is common to both. Activity unites them. It is for this reason that activity stands above both, being God above God, for it unites fullness and emptiness in its working.
There is a God about whom you know nothing, because men have forgotten him. We call him by his name: ABRAXAS. He is less definite than God or Devil. In order to distinguish God from him we call God HELIOS, or the Sun.
Abraxas is activity; nothing can resist him but the unreal, and thus his active being freely unfolds. The unreal is not, and therefore cannot truly resist. Abraxas stands above the sun and above the devil. He is the unlikely likely one, who is powerful in the realm of unreality. If the Pleroma were capable of having a being, Abraxas would be its manifestation.
Although he is activity itself, he is not a particular result, but result in general. 
He is still a created being, inasmuch as he is differentiated from the Pleroma.
The sun has a definite effect and so does the devil; therefore they appear to us more effective that the undefinable Abraxas.
For he is power, endurance, change.
—At this point the dead caused a great riot, because they were Christians.”

The other 5 Sermons on this link:    

Friends: Are not Faith and Reason two sides of the same coin? Which faith, what reason, what faith, which reason, of course, and in a manner of speaking. Be careful of specious arguments such as those of the above which draw away from these bare bones. Be careful of drawing rash conclusions in hissy-fits after gnashing your teeth throughout the night. You are all better than this.

In Xto,

Benedict XVI (but just call me Joe)


Tara, Thank you for so openly sharing your heartfelt Wisdom! As you may know, when Hagia Sophia, Holy Wisdom in Greek, was translated into Latin, the Divine Feminine was wiped out with the stroke of a pen, thus becoming the male Spiritus Sanctus. As a result, the “so-called” Holy Trinity became totally masculine which has led to a great deal of imbalance still operating pathologically in Western “organized” (mind-controlled) religions.

I agree that there is often an unique quality of innocence in young children that tragically gets “programmed” out of them through education. I was naturally drawn to the stories of the mystics when I learned to read at an early age. At age 4 my son Michael asked, “If God made everything, how did he make himself?” He often used the word “infinity” which neither his father nor me taught him. 

In Man’s Search for Meaning Victor Frankl says, For the first time in my life I saw the Truth as it is set into song by so many poets, proclaimed as the final Wisdom by so many (great) thinkers…the Truth that LOVE is the ultimate and highest goal to which man (humans) can aspire. Then I grasped the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: The salvation of man (humans) is through LOVE and in LOVE.” 

As a nurse I’ve helped people through their death transitions, and the last thing they care about is being intellectually “right”. Instead, they care about matters of the heart, forgiveness, & making amends.

The tyranny of the intellect over loving-kindness and compassion speaks for itself. The schizophrenia of a church hierarchy that burned Jeanne d’Arc at the stake for heresy & then many years later canonized her as a saint speaks for itself.

While philosophers cannot seem to agree on the meaning of Truth, we humans must trust our own direct experiences & open to that which is sacred right inside us. The Christ is purported to have said, “Love one another as I have loved you”. The Path of the Heart is not necessarily an easy one, but it is so very rewarding in opening us in the search for Wisdom/Knowledge.

Love to All


Stan Del Carlo 
Causa-Nostra Templar Baphomet:


When the time is right I will put up the full extended dance mix version, including the time and place of that mutating event made permanent. 


Well Danny, enriched and related are distinct. I’m sure you can follow that. Distinction creates separation, yet separation does not require that which is distinct to operate in isolation.
The All is Mind.
I think we’re even. I found your assertion of the Conquistadors protecting the people to be completely incomprehensible.


Ha, Tara, you are together!
That was beautiful, concise, articulate, and instructive.
My hat is off to you, lady Tara.


Awesome. I get so much out of what you magnificent ladies have placed here.
You are so right about the divine feminine, and the imbalance of a male only divinity. There are several philosophers today who are wrestling with this phenomenon, but they don’t post on sites like this because of the noise they get from detractors like banger & co.
Looks like the board is creaking, so I’ll keep it short,


Tara, I replied this morning to your heartfelt comments above early this morning. However, when I check back to this site, I find my comments have mysteriously disappeared. when I further comment as to their disappearance, they suddenly reappear. So this is my last attempt to reach you on this blog as well as other readers. If this, to, is removed, I will conclude that I am no longer welcome to comment on this blog.

Thanks also to Jack, Orage & Mike for their many contributions.


Since some mentioned hair… Bishop & Olivia

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  1. Stan,
    Another man with a plan. I love it.
    I've read agelfire before. I've read about the third eye. They say that the third eye is shaped like a little pine cone. I heard, and it may have been a rumor, that those can become calcified or something and not open properly. I'm sorry I haven't read your link yet. Maybe, that's a tale. I think I can open mine if I want to no matter what. That's just my intuition. I wanted to respond to you real quick. I've got to get on my broom right now so I can't continue here presently. I assume I'll be back.

  2. MK,
    You are obviously one of the brothers with big plans around this joint. When the eel slinging commences I'm hoping I'm gonna ringside.
    It's true. All is the mind. I'm sold on that now until someone has the balls to disprove it. It's not looking good for that outcome. I don't like to consider that any of the people who are important to me are hurting or even stressed out. I could stand it, M. I could stand to let you tell me all of it so it would cease to burden you as much. I'm not saying you'd do such a thing as to tell me anything. What I'm saying is I'd do that for you as your friend and I wouldn't care what the risk or cost may be. I probably shouldn't say such things but fuck it now. Who haven't we pissed off? You're listening to the wind? That's awesome. I rely on my music sometimes cause it provides some super good clues for next moves. I love it here so much. Sharing here good, bad, and the ugly has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Perhaps even the most. Some people say "You gotta give it away to keep it." I think you're statement was, "this is for keeps." If that's the case then my contention is that we're in good stead.

  3. The objective that I followed was to get this permanently lit. The fragment of Creation in every human being, the Monad, the Spirit, the white light, the pulse frequency is stepped down projecting the 3 primary colors of the solar body that operate through the pineal, pituitary and the medulla oblongata. Here I go now, preparing for graduation day. See you in class.
    The Third Eye Operating As A Three Phase Unit:

  4. Meister MK, Did you say that you are typing out web addresses character by digit?

    Randi Winters: Former inner circle member of FIGU and personal friend of Eduard Albert Meier, tells it like it was and is.
    Somebody really B slapped the common format script out of this article, but it is still readable. Randy Winters in my observation is not playing the role of a detractor, he sounds like he is just relating the objective truth.



  5. Tara,
    I didn't know the music of Ben Harper. I don't listen to much in the way of music. These days if I listen to anything, I listen to the wind.
    I loved your comment about streams and God.
    We are conditioned to view everything as external, but what is external? What is the mind?
    Spirituality is not religion, because spirituality, at least the real stuff, is open ended. Religion is of the mind, it soothes you and lies to you and puts you in a group. Spirituality leaves you gasping and wondering and staring at all those pieces that used to be your world, your mind.
    Yeah, the anger.
    You don't know what I've been through, and I'm not putting it on this board, for some demented psychopaths to fuck with. Suffice it to say I think the time will come when that anger becomes action, and until then it's like wrestling with electric eels.
    Next up, the Christian God is the Demiurgos.

  6. No way,
    I never hated you, M. Who could hate you? The opposite of love is not hate, its indifference. I was driven to it somehow when I first attacked you. Maybe that's right I don't know. I didn't go back and read them. A gotta be careful. I like to read my own comments because I like my own creativity and it gives me a charge. That's god M. I love God. It comes right out of my brain so if I type it out or stamp it down it's trapped there. It's cool. People may think I'm silly with my Grimms fairy tales. Those men had a gifted work ethic. I love Germans. If we could save one group, I'd push them out front. They attempted to write a German dictionary but they couldn't do it. There were too many words. They got about 1/2 way through. You'd have to know these fellas. Half way was not their way.
    Possibly I got it screwed up when I made a conscious choice to interact with you. A lot of people look at me and think it's so easy for me. The opposite is true. I'm an introvert (CJ all the way!) and I always feel socially awkward. I was born with with a lot of empathy and I like messing with it and figuring out the best way to capitalize on it. I felt the anger coming from you. Justified, no doubt. I really couldn't figure it out. I tried to figure out who you were and I knew nothing of you from you from VT. I had no idea what you had been through. That's your narrative and I have mine. In my opinion you, me, Serenity and others let our streams cross like in ghosts busters. I know you probably didn't see that. It was a big joke "Don't cross the streams!" But really if you cross the streams, that's when you get the most power. I understand a little of what the Information Age has done humanity. I'm a sociologist. That's probably an unpopular word around here but I don't care. It doesn't matter. It's just a hobby. One thing, it's accutely important for people not to remain silent or censor themselves especially if an idea seems odd to them. They should say it immediately if not sooner. Interaction with the spirit of zero-negative is a strong deterant. It takes a lot of powerful juice or a lot of straight crazy or some combination of the two to buck it. No one likes messing with bitey monsters who live under the bridge and whose job it is to puke in our souls. The internal and personal call to action is a burden but one we welcome and hope to grow and to support the growth of. Am I channeling Hitler? I hope so. I love that guy. The thing is sometimes that support may not look like support but it ends up being so. I asked you what you thought about my quote that I like. Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing. Self doubt is the enemy. It always has been. They highjacked and twisted all those mythy stories in order to use them to increase self doubt and spread it rather than to point in the direction of liberation from it. You should be ashamed. Get out of this garden and hey lady while you're at it be afraid of snakes especially the one the old man carries around in his pocket. Sorry, I'm not trying to be vulgar. You know me. It's my little self doubt. I have to kind of make light of myself or I'm not comfortable. We're locked and loaded. All this drama. It's what's hot for spring. Truth is I think the resolution or revolution is on way more solid ground that anyone may imagine. Maybe so maybe no. We'll see. I vacillate quickly when it comes to optimism so I could easily change my mind by breakfast. For now, I'll attempt to fear no evil. The devil and I are close associates. He's like my invisible friend. We got 'em on the ropes so we're going to stick and move. We're gonna watch our six etc etc etc…

  7. Oh, there's a perspective, alright; and you and you're kind – whilst blinded by it – are very much in it.
    Looking forward to your magnum opus.

  8. I was remiss in not fully answering your post, Tara.
    I can't type in links and get them to work, I dunno why. Idiotic device will follow links, but dies over direct addresses, at least with youtube.
    I don't hold your ferocious response against you, I just figured you hated me. I'm getting used to that, as you can probably imagine.
    The stuff I have to deal with is far more serious than the scope of one simple human being. Sometimes I see it so deeply I just become transparent.
    I've got some work to complete here, and few more Intel dumps before my welcome here is worn out. Next up is that explanation of how the Demiurgos got confused with The Ultimate Possible, Plotinus' THE ONE.

  9. That auditory event happened in Saratoga, Ca. shortly after the UFO sightings in Saratoga,Ca., in October 1986. It lasted a couple of weeks. The sighting was reported in the local newspaper. It was recounted by one witness and reported to the National UFO Reporting Center in 2003. In August of 1986, was when I first found out about what was going on in Switzerland, of which I have been pursuing that information up to this very moment. That material has to be included in order for your mind to contemplate all the events regarding everything in the big human picture.
    Whats a good giveaway it was a real beamship? The observed release of dripping plasma sparks discharging the excess buildup of negative charged energy. They do that.

    Saratoga visitation 10-86

  10. Well Tara, what you just witnessed was what, in the parlance, you'd call lighting it up.
    There was no point but disruption. Not one of them had a point, or a valid perspective.
    You see, Tara, none of this is about being a religious person. If your religion works for you, and you don't like my writing, fine. Different points of view, different perspectives, just the way it is.
    If on the other hand, you have to sneak in and blind side, and declare yourself my sworn enemy when I don't even know who's perping the thing, well then its a different matter from simple disagreement.
    Best I can figure is that either Jack has a truly wicked sense of humor, or it was a hit by the Christian hate club. Maybe both, but they zeroed in on moi as their objective.
    You saw for yourself, Tara, just how feared and hated the Gnosis is. It's not about religion, its about the future of humanity.
    I kid you not, these psychopaths are already convinced they can abandon their humanity, and live forever. They truly think they are on the verge of avoiding payment for all the debt their vicious psychopathy has accrued, and continues to accrue.
    I said before I won't stand in on their behalf, and now you know why. It's their debt, and they are liable for every penny of it.
    It was their choice to behave in their fashion, and when their debt is due they are going to try to throw everyone under the bus to save their worthless fizzle.
    Guess what, it won't work.
    The abrahamic world is dying. The casual observer thinks it's in slow motion, but they are wrong, this is going fast and its picking up speed.
    There is an old chant I learned long ago,
    Wumbi n'doman
    Wumbi n'doman
    Nuvo rip noyo wanno
    Nuvo rip noyo wanno
    Nuvo rip noyo wanno.
    The snowy earth comes gliding.

  11. Touche, folks, touche. But you have to admit the merry pranksters are strangely addictive! (I think that's the right word!)

  12. I have heard what you described. It has a very unique signature when it passes over. So you think that is the Black Knight satellite? All this time I thought it was an old Russian one.

  13. No Stan, I haven't heard any such to my memory. I'm pretty I'm Tara. That's what my license says. I'm pleased that my stab in the dark assessment may, in fact, be correct. It's cool. He's welcome here anytime if he's a friend of yours. I used to be really afraid of the idea of strange stuff going on in the sky but these days I'm like okay, what was that? no biggie. There is a lot of horrendous and viscous afoot however it's a great time for personal development.
    T 🙂

  14. "Nobody better be sending that lady any fucking junk mail"

    Trust me, hon.People have a hundred million more important things to be getting on with. Seriously, get some perspective, would ya? WHAT do you take people for? (Actually, better not answer that. It's not my intention to make you upset.)
    Reading the Happy Knights dogging MK is where it's AT – the rest of y'all are kinda boring; but the jousting dandies are kinda famous, now! Let's hope THEY haven't gotten bored. With the commenting, that is, not Jack and Orage's posts, of course.


  15. MK,
    It's such a relief to read and internalize your impassioned work. Interaction with you as a person brings this information to life. I'm not even religious but you caught flack from me. There's no telling what that was about. We should go down memory lane one day. I found a pretty cool theme song. Check it out.
    Your 2nd in command fan after Serenity,

  16. I do nots know, it depends on what you are, who you are, where you been and what you did and who and what you are connected with. Have you ever heard what seems to be exterior (not in your head) electronic tonal sounds like Morse code that just come out of nowhere? I have.

  17. Ok Stan I watched the video. You are talking directly to me and asking me if I want to continue. Are you straightaway trying to say that satellite Knight has something to with me? Ok. You know I'm not going anyplace.

  18. My sincere thanks to Mike, Tara, & Timeangel…Jack & Orage, too. I'm taking a break from commenting now, but each of you remain in my heart. If I'm guided to comment in the future, I'll do so. In the meantime, keep on keeping on…

    With Love & Appreciation,


  19. I don't know. There are articles stating it is monitoring the earth for 13,000 years now, recording who has been playing naughty and who has been playing nice. So if you should see the B.K. floating over your house just wave and politely say, "Yo Blackie!"

  20. Sorry Stan,
    It's still there? That's awesome. What is it doing? Is it taking like reading so it can report back to higher authorities. Then these jerks would be under the bus? It's a satellite so it watches right? That's what they're for. K? If that's not right spill it. You can't shock me. I mean I shouldn't say you can't. I'm just saying it feels like the probability is low.

  21. Ok thanks Stan,
    I have seen video of it and I trudged through I'm gonna guess at least 1/3 of the internet sewers looking for this destination. I get confused. I feel like I'm living in several different frames sometimes so I have to ground myself like a lightning rod so you understand I'm sure. I just kind of feel my way down the hall and do the next right thing. That strategy seems to be working out surprisingly well. I just want to help out you know. It's rewarding.

  22. The Plejaren called them the Bafath, the same crowd "Jehovah" belonged to. Here we go now, off into to ancient history of the humans on earth. When it comes down right to it, it was the israelites who where played big time by the human god they worshiped, and the joos of today are being treble F'ed: fake god of creation, fake religion and fake race connection. They would rather destroy the earth before acknowledging this truth, and that is our reality and nothing but our reality and EVERYBODY across the Milky Way knows it.

  23. Judah an Islam are Saturn religions.Also, Jews have Cannite blood.According to the Christian's bible that's two big no-no's.Even if the Jews were to create a nation,Christians are not to help but stand against it.Especially concerning Saturn worship.(www. whatonearthishappening. com/). (http:// projectavalon. get/forum4/search.php?searchid=15217041 ) S.R.M.

  24. Blackie is a UFO satellite that is said to have orbiting the earth in a polar orbit for a very long time and has been photographed many times by nasa. The name Black Knight originated from Tesla.
    The video camera that was used in San Jose had a power zoom 100X lens, otherwise all you can see is brilliant point of light way up in the cloudy sky.
    Why was it so god damn important for the fake imposter "illuminati" to leak out their story to the world they just blasted Blackie into kingdom come last month?
    Yes,everything down has to done by humans, it always has and it always will.

  25. Since we are on the topic of Jews, I need to point out that an entire branch of Gnosticism was a refutation of Judaism.
    After all, it was Abraham who started the whole thing.
    It's in Judaism that we find the template for the divine redeemer, and the development of the concept of literally hundreds of laws, rules, and orders to be obeyed.
    Judaism was first to create a fatal moral relativism, an inevitable consequence of the monogod myth.
    Joseph Atwill, in Caesar's Messiah, lays out a case that the Flavians, themselves Jews, were the orchestration behind the forging of the Christian religion, with the essential help of a brilliant Jewish scholar, Josephus.
    I'm not much interested in Islam, but really smart people like Gordon Duff at VT have clearly stated that Islam is a reform of Judaism.
    I'll take that, because Duff admitted if he wanted to, he could be set up in Israel yesterday.
    This is the reason I refer to abrahamics, the whole scope from inception to the present, it's a mental virus that spreads. We can see the point of infection, and that's where these faculty destroying constructs became enshrined.
    Like Islam, Christianity is a reform of Judaism.
    That branch of Gnostic study, which turned the old testament onto its head and threw out Yahweh as the creator was so hated by Judaism that when Jung slipped up, and revealed his Gnostic nature, that hate flamed into the forefront again.
    This hate was justified by claiming that Jews were victims-again-and that Gnostics are bad, yadda yadda where have we heard this nauseating nonsense before? But the truth is found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
    So we're some Jews Gnostics?
    You better believe that, because it's true. Who else would know the workings of Judaism intimately enough to craft an effective response?
    The Qabbala itself is a heavily Gnostic model.
    Not all Gnostics were Jews, and not all Jews were Gnostic, but this is woven into this tapestry. I'll leave the Jewish question right there, let others better qualified, like Jack Heart, explore it further. For we are returning to our uncovering of the foundation of the Christian branch of the abrahamic mind virus, or should I say, bacteria?

  26. Schlomo is welcome to help any time he wants, I have left that door open for him. Who do you think taught me how to write? The day we get a major podium like the kind only Schlomo could provide, one where I am not restrained by these cyber cockroaches; like Google; is the day the AI begins to die. Kill one and you kill all the rest, one at a time. Then you just follow the body's and they will lead right to the City of Pyramids; there we will find our enemy; cowering for once instead of crowing, and with good reason…

  27. Exactly right,
    I believe, like I said before, I asked for intervention from a higher power. I was suffering at my own and making my family watch it. Later, what I found out was that it was my higher self that I was reaching for. With that said, if I had tried to pull that shit at the time my ego would have put the kybosh on the whole thing and I'd be deader than George Washington.
    You wanna hear some cray cray MK? 😉
    Your comment about the black magicians wasn't up there when I wrote my comment about my suspicions about my grandfather's death.
    Where's that fuckng Rod Sterling? I love that guy. I always had the hots for him but he scared the piss out of me at the same time.
    Full steam ahead M. You're on time. I will try to restrain myself if anyone tries to deter you with nonsense.

  28. Well jack

    Since your site is crazy my therapist says I should write so here is a poem.

    "I would say this about therapists one would owe her money

    If she were any good

    My problems a many

    Therapists help us survive

    The Jews tell the best stories

    a people held together over five thousand years

    My former employer only 250 years old

    Taught me how the world really works

    My conspiracy friends say the "joos" run Hollywood

    And so they do and if I had the money I would hire them to tell any story

    Many wealthy people do

    As I love my dear conspiracy friends

    the "joos" are not my enemy

    My enemy way beyond them"

    Our enemies not of this world.


  29. The posts seem to be working, so I'm going to clean up and clarify the Iggy narrative.
    First, christian myth works in two parts. First part, you suffer like a sonofabitch, then you croak, and get what comes next. According to the story, iggy had a life, got seriously wounded=death, and what came next was his phantasy.
    When a revered character is purported to live according to the official myth, this creates an affirmation of that myth, one which is rarely consciously noted. Those who accept this programming actually believe they are discovering this correspondence between life and myth, and such entrenches the myth as an operative judgment that is immune to reason, experience, or contradiction.
    In short, you create tunnel vision and fanaticism.
    Now, in regards to the contemplation of God, the mind cannot create an image, a concept, or an idea of God. All this is simply the mind looking at itself.
    Thus any divine quality is not God itself, but the imagination conjuring its simulacrum of God.
    Yet what happens when this simulacrum is mistaken for God?
    Well we have centuries of Christian literature to understand this mistake, and it results in crazed assumptions such that some political institution deems itself to be the sole arbiter of this divine presence. That those who cannot understand the nature of this mystery have a one true faith, so true that they are justified in launching an unprecedented crime wave that continues to this day.
    Coming up next is how this intelligible God leads right to the doorstep of the Demiurgos.

  30. Tara,
    I appreciate your concern, thanks.
    The nature of my comments was not intended to cause you any distress.
    My theory is the dumping of at least some of the posts has to do with moving the text into the spam filter.
    Sad story about your Pa, and I know it seems like a platitude, but I know a bit about what death can cause, and it can leave you stronger.

  31. Stan,
    I like those theories. People have all kinds of theories about stuff. I don't know about that Black Knight. What is his objective? I apologize. I mean no offense. They need to dig up like 7000 Hitlers and turn them loose on this place. I don't know why I'm saying that cause it's stupid. I don't like lies and I'm sick of it. The only person I trust is Jack Heart and his friends. That man would never fuck anybody over that didn't have it coming to them. Everything else is superfluous. That's my stance.

  32. Stay Tuned? No thanks, MK – You're probably just going to cry us another river. You have obviously been scarred by much hardship and menacing superstition in your past. We'll pray for you. Honestly.
    Meantimes, Waders on, everybody!
    Love 'n blessings,

  33. Stan,
    What's up yo. There's no stopping. This train is running out of tracks but it ain't stopping. I mean, that's my educated guess. I'm relentless. That's why I'm here. You know what they say? Birds of a feather. We flock together right? I can't watch videos. I don't have enough juju juice most of the time.
    Thanks for posting it though. I think I've seen it before.

  34. Ok that sounds good. I let my mind go to a crazy place. I started thinking about my grandfather who died suddenly when I was 12. They said it was an accident but he was alone. When my mother told me he was dead she said, "Pap's been killed." No one said anything about killed to her. I just asked her two days ago. Then the family said it was witchcraft. He was a devout Christian and but he was a very spiritual man. He was the most important person in my life. He had enemies because people were envious and they did witchcraft stuff to try to hurt him more than once. I never believed in that shit. I thought they were crazy. Then I started wondering if he would be flying around looking for a psychiatrist after he died because he didn't see jesus. He would never do that. He wasn't stupid. He would have never done something that fucking stupid. It upset me that's all. Then I didn't see you up there. I'm still having trouble adjusting to the paradigm shift. I think that's the right terminology. That phrase came to me a few years ago and it wouldn't get out of my head until I wrote it on a peice of paper. It was weird. I think it was around the time that earthquake happened. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. I need to get a grip that's all.

  35. Serenity, don't leave us… we love you. Your calm and beautiful energy will be missed.
    The weirdness is not the blog nor the commentors. I feel it is something else, perhaps we are sensing the dark and demented desperation of the status quo perps in full throttle as they approach their deadline, and we should remain detached, yet be on the watch.
    May all be well with you.

  36. Agree!This blog has the chararistic overload signs.Options?With this quality of info…..Jack, big O,you're doing an excellent job.S.R.M.

  37. With "looking glass technology" you can save the snap;-).Parallel worlds;simultaneous, different realities all on the same holo-deck.About the hair,you are on target.I suggest to all,give it a try.Vietnam & long hair.S.R.M.

  38. Please keep calm, everybody – it's likely that the blog host, engine or whatever is just overloaded with the extra traffic. Nobody is trying to destroy anything. Or anybody. (The) ALL will return to normal very soon. Promise.
    In Xto,
    Joe, C.R.

  39. Tara,
    I get short windows where things post, and long windows where they don't. Right now they work.
    I'm going to develop this entire package. I'm going to show you how a degenerate Christianism not only murdered our true spirituality and gave us this ersatz piece of fucking shit, I'm going to show you what a genuine spirituality is, and I'm going to scrape the concrete off of our souls.
    If I don't have the chance to do this, just remember that it all comes to a head with the kind of Gnosis Jung gave us.

  40. Serenity,
    It's really tough to get comments through, so I can't spend the time to truly develop ideas, because they go proof.
    Jack has been silent concerning my request for your e-mail. I'm going to suggest that you contact him to get mine.

  41. Mike, My comments "disappeared" numerous times a few days ago. Now it's happening to you. Just a coincidence? Sorry to disappoint you, Tara, but it no longer feels right for me to participate here, as much as I've enjoyed Mike, Jack & Orage's writing…

    I wish everyone well…


  42. If you're reading this M and your comments are disappearing. Don't worry. I never give up. These people or whatever they are will not get by with it. I don't know what that means what that one said 500 years. In 500 years what could this place look like if it continues on like this? I'm sorry I just got worried for a second. Cause you said that thing about that rifle that time.

  43. This is the game the abrahamics don't want you to rise above, Tara.
    You want to visit with real black magicians? You'll find them in every "house of God".
    There isn't one of these disingenuous fuckers that has anything but mind control to offer. They don't know God any more than that homeless kid tripping his balls off. In fact, these black magicians probably know less of God than that kid.
    This shit has to stop. It's the worst fucking psyops imaginable.
    I'll tell you what, not only are the Christian hate clubbers NOT GETTING IN WITH GOD, they are confusing the cosmic organizer for their God!!!!
    This is truly hilarious and demented.
    Well see if I can get the posts through to explain this in greater detail.

  44. write away, old son – pearls before swine as far as we're concerned. AND it'll be around for another 500 years yet; jes' you wait and see.

  45. Faster than the speed of light? Someone in my family had some stellar assistance to design such a boat. I'm still hoping to one day test drive the one supposedly bioengineered just for me.

  46. MK,
    I was instructed to choose the god of my understanding but I don't really believe in god. The only thing I really needed to understand was that their was a power greater than myself. That was enough. I once said that human beings sitting around trying to decide exactly what god is would be akin to a garden slug trying to contemplate what I was doing indoors cooking my microwave popcorn. Thankfully I don't eat microwave popcorn anymore. It worked for me to stop trying to play god or even wanting to be God. Anything that is God like the very top one is probably the one that didn't want the job. I don't know if that makes any sense at all. The main thing was that I set aside a deeply entrenched defiance and accepted that most things were out of my power to control. With that said I had to exert every bit of will power I had in order to bend my will to that Way of thinking so it's a paradox. My determination is that everything is a fucking paradox. Once, I accept that it's a paradox I transcend the paradox. People are afraid to think for themselves. It's easier to let someone else do it. Church is all too happy to get that gig. I just wanted to share that cause I guess no one minds if I do. I'm not trying to say anything that would involve needing a referee.

  47. I thought about that and it wouldn't be so bad cause it's really humid here. The desert is dry and it's easier to breath. I always wanted my life to be like movie of the week and it is. They don't have that anymore. It used to always be on Wednesday night. I feel like I've been compensated. He's on his own.

  48. My posts get whisked off into cyberspace, but we'll try one more time.
    Piggy, aka Ignatius of Christian hate club came, is considered the author of a system that is claimed to get one closer to God.
    Never mind that the very pattern of his alleged existence follows the template of Christian myth to an uncanny degree.
    The method for this wondrous transformation is…following Christian myth, which is supposed to lead one into blissful communion with God.
    First of all, take the time to think up an image of God.
    Next, ask yourself, is this image God?
    No? Well gosh, if you can't bring your mind to contain God, why God must be bigger than you mind!
    And if God is bigger than your mind, anything your mind comes up with regarding God is just the mind reflecting the mind.
    Thus, all this Christian contemplation is just a weird mental masturbation.
    Christians aren't getting closer to God, they're just getting lost in their minds.
    No point to any of it, other than fooling oneself.
    Open the doors of perception, said Blake. You will only do so when you leave the dungeon and your chains behind.

  49. West coast time… maybe we're fodder for the next hollyweird script. Please send the residuals to Jack Heart, less taxes! He certainly deserves compensation.

  50. Yes, ignoring rather than reacting to is a wise choice. Hate feeds off itself & returns to sender like a boomerang…


  51. My comments were vanishing faster than Christian virtue.
    So let's try a different track.
    The attack dogs are here because Jack likes them. So, my advice is to ignore them. They can still launch disruption, but by refusing to read their posts and interact, you'll be stepping over the steaming piles of shit instead of slogging through them.
    It's pointless to attempt to reason with piles of shit.
    Piles of shit cannot stop drawing flies and stinking.
    They are what they are.
    I'm currently working on a little mini essay, it's about the piles of shits' little friend, the lie of Christian mysticism.
    I'm sure it will be well received by the Christian hate club.
    Fuck them

    Stay tuned

  52. Shakespeare was correct: "All the world's a stage". With a wee bit of discernment it's rather easy to see the "roles" of the players…court jesters, fools, wise men & women, barkers, idiots, rabble-rousers, heyokas, etc. Jack certainly draws a crowd…a colorful cross-section of humanity itself & a touch of Monty Python thrown into the mix…


  53. Serenity,
    I will respond today hopefully. As far as fights go I view it as a necessary evil. Plus it's kind of entertaining like looking at a train wreck. Us gals are hanging in until everything gets back on track one way or another. I resolve to see it through until the bitter end or otherwise. I think we have an excellent job thus far. That's just my opinion. It looks like it's just down to the three of us. Nobody else has the stomach for it and that makes us special. It would have been a hell of a lot harder for me if y'all had rolled out.

  54. Tara, Take your time to answer. I agree about the weirdness. Lately, it's beyond weird right here in the comments on this blog…sadistic "bar fight" & all. Orage explained that their current system is unable to accommodate the "overloaded" comment section.


  55. Serenity I got your email. I will respond soon.
    I apologize Timeangel I was remiss. Please email me if you get a chance. I would be grateful to receive it. I meant to say that to start with. I just felt so bad for Serenity when she thought her comments were getting taken down. The phone was acting really crazy that night and there was something up in the sky too. I saw it. It was weird. Weird things don't scare me that much anymore but it doesn't make them any less weird. I don't need to know exactly what it is. It's fine. That's my new motto. "Everything's going to be fine" plus I say it really loud and I put stank on it.

  56. Not to worry, guys – you were Revvin' up your engine[s and] listenin to her howlin' roar….
    Metal [was] under tension [sooth!], beggin' you to touch and go….

    But remember:

    You'll never know what you can dooooooo-HHOOOOOOO, until you get it up as high as you can gooooooooo-HAAAAAAAAWWWWWooooo //////////

    haha It's been a blast, guys. But wed better split before the future crimes cyber division kick down our doors!! (Bangar, you are Tom Cruise, of course!)

    All the best, everybody. And its all about the material, remember?

    Danny x

  57. Well, said, Master. Forsooth, thine arse is hither on a Highway to the Danger Zone, it seemeth!
    Your wish is our command, o great one.
    Fare the well, all,
    Yes, even you MK-no-Kay-Ultra-47; have a hot bath and a glass of vino on us. But not any of that French shit, mind! ugh!


  58. Well, Mikey, I'm not sure about your hot-wire to the Great Mind, but I do know that it's a serious case of pot calling the kettle black when it comes to your multiple accusations above. Seems to me that you just don't like being disagreed with.

    Nobody's attacking anybody, Mikey~

    Nobody's harassing anybody, Mikey

    Nobody's disrupting, Mikey~

    Nobody's a professional attacker, Mikey~

    you flatter yerself~

    In sooth~

    We're just having a larff, and you're the party pooper.


    We'll call off outta respect for the big Jack, as you seem to be getting all emotional. Not to mention paranoid.

    Oh, yeah! and for such an enlightened guy you sure do have a mouth like a sewer!

    Later, grouchy – say hello to the All, for me. We have us a much more personal place of refuge…

    ….and remember, stay cool~

    pussy cat (small 'p')

    Your friend, Torquemada~

    er, sorry, *cough*

    …I mean Banger

  59. Well jack

    Told you a bar fight was brewing.

    Gordon Duff always tells his trolls to go back to Tel Aviv and so must I.

    According to the Bible Jesus is Lucifer and brought a sorwd to the fight. He came to divide humanity and so a smart person can let Abraham go.

    I would say this the fight is already here and I have been threatened in real life by a few "Christians" when I tell them what they can do with that bible.

    Their time is done


  60. Well, oh Danny boy… just hold yer peas 'till yer taters cool, soldier…
    I certainly hope Sir Banger is a Knight… of course I miss my dear departed friend. He was a Knight in the Order of St. Catherine.

  61. Mike, If you wish to contact me, you have my permission to get my email address from Jack or Orage. If that isn't possible, Tara also has it, so if she is willing to share it with you by permitting you to send her an email per her address listed above, that is another way.

    Harassment & abusive tactics have gone too far…


  62. develop and unfold?
    Sounds to me like you're in the process of doing the exact opposite, MK. That's what happens when you have nothing only your own ego to guide you. Take the queen away from the hive and watch what happens. (HINT: Queen is a metaphor for the One, True Holy Church – and not some bible thumping douchebags in a wooden shack from Whereversville) Bangar and company are no sweaty house-wives working out of Haifa on Schlomo's payroll, I can assure you of that. LOL, if only everybody we disagreed with in this life could be dismissed as some kind of paid disinfo shill or whatever.
    Lame, guys. Lame. I'll stick to reading and learning from Jack – you commenters are way too fond of your own hot-air.


  63. Mike, I've wondered about what you are referring to as well. The mean-spirited, relentless energies behind the attacks are there for all to witness, & they are more than sickening. This is quite obviously no ordinary "fight". Unfortunately, it has already compromised the work…

    I wish there were another way for you to share with those of us who sincerely appreciate your enlightening & evolving teachings. Is it possible to create a "safe space" or a closed group (blog) to study with you without the chronic harassment? I will be happy to support you in any way to do so.


  64. Serenity,
    What we currently have here is, I'm now certain, a professional attack.
    This doesn't arise from ordinary people with a different point of view.
    The aim is to disrupt the board and to silence a strident voice.
    They have succeeded in accomplishing the former. I won't offer any speculation as to why those who run the board are content to let this happen, other than to say as Jack has previously stated, he enjoys a fight.
    Frankly, Serenity, I have had some truly inspiring transmissions, whereby it was made clear that the abysmal, so aptly championed by banger and his lackeys, is losing their grip.
    All this is bigger than me.
    I'm not a paid professional psychopath, like the attackers. (Actually, you can prove this point to yourself by observing the formulaic nature of their tactics).
    Ultimately, they have already lost.
    The only question is how much disruption they cause along the way.

  65. Thank you for sharing that link, Stan. Sad that people are paid to spread disinformation, oblivious to the ultimate consequences spreading so much darkness will bring upon them.

  66. Mark Twain, by golly! He's but a mere whippersnapper!
    Spins a great yarn, though, in fairness.

    "What devils work is this, Anon., you wretch?
    I beseek thee – waste not my time with such monstrous follies!!"


    Now as His Lordship has said – let us withdraw anon and let wounds be licked.

    p.s. MK-no-Kay? You wouldn't know a real Conquistador if He came right up and kicked you in the arse.

    Old chap.

    (Let alone a Teutonic Knight, lol)

  67. Mike, You know how much I appreciate ALL of your Wisdom teachings, & I look forward to many more. Please continue your erudite writing for those of us who see beyond the "ego games"…

    There are too many on this planet who suffer from deep-seated terror re breaking away from their "religious programming". It does take tremendous courage & strength of will to "open the doors of perception & pass on through", but the enduring rewards of such freedom/consciousness are worth more than words can say!

    Sadly, I've experienced rejection from some members of my own family as well as former friends for "passing on through…those doors of perception". I've made my peace with it,& there's no going back!!!

    Wishing You ALL the Best,


  68. This is what happened in July 1952, in Washington D.C., after the Antartic Germans found out the U.S. was going to nuke them. This flyover was a demonstration to prove and convince these people that they could deliver the same likewise, anytime anyplace.

    And after these pictures were seen by the public, the public began asking questions and started forming UFO study groups, and so that is why Cointelpro {counter intelligence provocateur} was created.
    How to spot a cointelpro agent:

    Somewhere in cyberspace, there is an image with a caption which states: "90% of the people who you argue with online are paid israeli agents."
    After they gradually become totally insane, they self incinerate.

  69. Tara,
    I admit to finding this all pretty ridiculous.
    These fuckheads from planet luv have made a point of attacking me, and they've made a career out of it. It won't matter what they do, or if they bury me in bullshit. All these dumb fucks are doing is playing stupid ego games.
    You know, Tara, that the mystery of life is so much more. Serenity knows, and a few others who actually get something out of what I write. Like you I've been to Hell, and I think there's something more to life than getting on my knees and crying to some fucking demon who thinks he's God.
    I don't give a shit what banger and the monkeys do. This is all so much bigger than these puny words.
    I hope for those who give a shit enough to read what I've written that they find the courage to open those doors of perception, and pass on through.
    The very fate of humanity depends on it.

  70. IMHO..Honorable, even heated debates can add to the main pieces, but continued ad hominem attacks do at times distract from Jack's excellent writing. A modicum of respect for differences goes a long way.



  71. of course not, my Sister in the LAAWWWWWWDDDDDD~

    'tis but Pagan nonsense

    Soft, aye~ Perchance, however, the grouches of this realm fair wish it were so?

    For All is Love – not Mind~

    Fare thee well, for we'll be over the hump in the 'morrow!

    i,e, Wednesday, that is!!

  72. Really, Tara? I was starting to feel that it was taking something away from the main pieces, themselves!

    Sooth! Let us withdraw, as promised, and regroup in the name of all that is Holy and Good~

    Name calling and tet-a-tets for the sake of 'em are indeed beneath us…

    …All of Us~

    From now on, we shall let our learning do the talking, and Jung~


  73. Sheesh! Tetchy much, Good Sir?

    ….but I'm afraid you're no Teutonic Knight, either, Mikey old bean. That's a whole different order of chivalry, right there!

    (Or maybe I've been reading too much Sir Walter Scott!! – you should check Ivanhoe out, it's got great Knight, and jousting stories, an' s**t~ )

    Now, as we have said earlier, more later (was that a tautology?Sorry, let's keep on track), you might find yourself pleasantly surprised!

    You are on the right track, yourself – if you weren't so blinded to the Truth, Mikey. Pity~ I always seem to have to repeat myself with you.

    Prepare to be…..deconstructed…..sympathetically, of course – which is more than I can say for you, you old grouch, you~

    (Only joking~)

    For the All is the All that Was and Ever shall Be~

    and We – u, me, effereebody – are Part of That, is that not truly wondrous?

    Peace Out~


    p.s. I hope you have your surf engine maxed out – because we is gonna have you a-SEARCHIN', babee~

  74. I like the way you guys are arguing now. It's more better. Banger doesn't think he's Mark Twain anymore and Iron Mike's got the gloves off. This is the best display on the internet. Don't say no one cares M. We have the rapt attention of all the kings horses at the very least.

  75. In an alternate universe, where the lost Shakespearean Plays are to be found, one line from the Court Jester, in that infamous and last spoken line, after the Jester's fateful joke insulting the King, has spread across all the dimensions of time and space, which is well known to all comedians which, in plain English is: "Help, I'm die'in up here."

  76. No banger, you won't.
    All you can do is put the brakes on matey, and your brake pads-or maybe you call them shoes where you're from, are friggin smokin.
    Well guess what, this is way bigger than I. You're wasting your time playing monkey games with a nobody like me, because all this is beyond my puny sphere.
    The jig is up pony boy. Consciousness and it's destiny is out of the bag.
    The Old game of the abrahamics is to silence the exploration of consciousness, close it off, lie to people that the tingle and fear they get when they step outside of your control apparatus is something to avoid.
    You've been supporting a dead paradigm all along, and you still are.
    I don't have anything to do with it. Nobody but you hardly even give a shit about what I write, but I will say this much, by fighting with little ol me, there are dozens of others who are extracting themselves. Based just on your vicious personal attacks, they know your Christian luv in is a stinking heap of horseshit.
    You know, banger, I personally don't give a Fuck if you want to lead the Doofus brigade to the revival.
    I just want you to know that your vaunted religion stands in the way of the unfoldment of human potential.
    Screw you.

    Respectfully yours,

  77. in sooth! this is quite a list of disdain….we look forward to picking it apart piece by piece~

    Thou canst not build a mansion of words and ideas on shaky ground, Mikey, my good fellow~

    More later~

  78. egad! We've heard of the Gotterdammerung and fair tremble at its very mention, in sooth!!

    But hell hath no fury like the MK-dammerung~


  79. Fuckin A Mikey,
    Spit it. Thems fightin words. I like that. Rock it out. I hope the organized religious wanna be human beings are getting the drift. As in drift wood. You can make crafts out of that stuff but it burns real good too. I'm not trying to threaten anybody. I was just joking around you know? It's a figure of speech 😉

  80. Thank you Orage,
    You guys are setting the bar pretty high for the rest of men everywhere. That's another reason I wanted to be around here. I could smell it when I first started reading this blog. I didn't know I'd ever run up on whole group of men who honor and revere women like this bunch does.
    It's refreshing to say the least.

  81. Have kept my long hair, though it is not always stylish, largely for the reason Stan described above.

  82. Ultimately what is it that Jung was working with?
    What was it he was exploring, mapping?
    Some might say, "the mind", well what the fuck is that? The mind has is a word with too many definitions to make sense anymore.
    So Jung went to the abrahamic creeds, and since the people he was dealing with came from this big box store of shaping their minds to conform with certain precepts, of course he used them, because, what the fuck is the mind?
    So, he talked with Jews, who labelled him a Gnostic and attacked, instead of even trying to fucking understand what he was trying to do.
    I know, they couldn't help it, that pact with the demon from the outer dark. But it was even more than this. I believe their there is a very good goddamn reason the fucking jews hate Gnostics, and that is because the Gnostics can put them out of business.
    So, Jung didn't turn to christianity, or become christian, or fucking preach christianity, he used the fucker to construct a working model of MIND.
    Jung basically was saying that he needed a model that had congress with the features and functions of the cognition he was struggling with to heal. Didn't mean he loved it. Didn't mean he thought it was right, for chrissake!
    If we are honest enough to question what the fuck is the mind, and we are also honest enough to admit we don't really fucking know, then the next question is, can we work with it, and as we have proofed before, we need a model to work with MIND.
    Its really that simple.
    For Jung, his model didn't include some disembodied transcendent God. Read the fucking literature, his christian theologians demanded that he accept their vision of the cosmos. He didn't because he wasn't a fucking christian.
    Jews, christians, and now Muslims want you to shut up about consciousness. They want to tell you that they answered this question, and you goddam better get in line with it. Fuck them, they had their time, and the record is there for anyone who has the stomach, and the fortitude to wade through some of the worst chapters of human history.
    I don't give a good goddam for the bangers of the world because they are the ultimate cowards. They don't want you to understand that your purpose is to develop and unfold-to evolve, and not to submit to a political system that will tell you everything it thinks you need to know.
    So, its consciousness, people. It about asking the big questions and not being content to have someone just tell you, but to find out for yourself.
    Organized religion is death. It is the decision that you have all you need, and you don't need anymore, but organized religion is in direct opposition to the motion of consciousness, and consciousness is whole fucking deal Folks.

  83. Tara, if you want a different working haircut, you have all the needed information straight from the source already. The ladies had quite some battles over haircuts among themselves, and a split occurred… Not going to spell it out for the lazy nor spoil the fun.

  84. Stan,
    That sounds really great and we should all get down on our knees and thank them right now because long hair is beyond aggravating. I'm glad they did it so I don't have to. I'm fixin to get mine cut tomorrow because I feel like like I have a dead animal hanging around my neck. Plus it makes me look old and it's out of style. You are a very informative person and I appreciate it. Plus, I like that Viking picture because those people knew how to handle stuff. I'd like to meet one them so I could hear all their good stories.

  85. Terra: A woman should never cut/trim her hair.That is her psychic connection,her bridge to the unseen/spiritual world :-).As for us men (www. sott. net/article/234783-The-Truth-About-Hair-and-Why-Indians-Would-Keep-Their-Hair-Long ).The 188 ley line,NYC, is active (https://m. youtube .com/watch?v=gGEcZ1HkfeE )

  86. MK,
    You've just brought tears to my eyes for the second time. I owe that man my life and now I know that I paid him back. I'm not a good liar and I never was. It wasn't until he reached me from his grave and in a round about way that I was able to get honest with myself. The only reason I did it was to save my own life and believe me it was no cake walk. I had a lot of help from people with unflinching character. I found a lot of those people right here. There were plenty of others who most people look down on like they are trash but those people were equally important to me. Mike, after reading that message I can honestly say that if I don't take another breath after my next one it will have all been worth it.

  87. Stan,
    Bless your heart.
    Thanks. I like them. They were smart. They found a new location. Sometimes you gotta pack your pots and push. They probably left cause they were too good looking. They help people. That's good. I'm gonna start talking to them right now. I think they are here cause there's something very strange going on in the sky. Good help is hard to find. I don't how they stand that long hair though. I'm so happy that you told me that. I owe you one.

  88. "T-t-the that's right Danny boy, you're ok in you bullshit rewriting of history, a-and we love your turning murderers and psychopaths into protectors and saviors because that's what we're all about here, a-a-and it all happened a long time ago, and we are all over you fighting with MK, because we are demented doofuses as well mate luv nuttier, all of us wallowing in the one true faith of murder and slavery, cuz cuz cuz"
    -Banger and the Nutters

  89. Tara,
    All intended in a good light.
    Carl Jung accomplished the amazing. It's almost impossible for us, in this dumbed down wasteland of modern society, to understand what he achieved, but out of anyone on this board, your honesty illustrates exactly the kind of journey to healing I believe he was writing about.
    In that your sharing has instructed us all.

  90. No, I really don't think the Vril Damen roll like that. They are the ones the Plejaren connected via mental thought transmission. The break away civilization, the travelers of both time and space. Now it is said they are back. Go outdoors and watch the sky, day or night, they can be anyplace at anytime, they are everywhere.

  91. Stan,
    That dude in that black hood looks like somebody you don't wanna hang out with or mess with. One of the two. I'm not trying to judge him. I like that red symbol he's got. He looks like one of those Templar people. I like them. I'm not into kneeling down in front of statues and he needs to lose that outfit. That's all I'm saying.
    Thanks for those photos. I like that. Trying to read all this stuff drives me half crazy.

  92. Stan,
    That's a nice picture. It's a little out of focus on my phone. I guess that's in Germany. That's a nice place and they were very cool to me when I was over there. It sounds like they are still trying to ruin it letting all those crazy people in there. I'm still kind of sketchy on those Vrils. If they're the ones who helped those boys turn on this reality machine then they should have never listened to them to start with. That's just my opinion. I'm sorry. I'm having a little trouble keeping up. I have a lot of information in my brain and sometimes it doesn't gel.
    You don't have to answer me. I'll figure it out. I always do.
    Orage, if I say anything too crazy please take it down. I'm not gonna get my feelings hurt unless I get in trouble with him. So help a sister out 😉

  93. Serenity,
    Email me girl if you get a chance. Here it is. terrageist@fastmail.com This is for Serenity. Anybody else don't bug me out.
    I like that lady Tara thing. Everybody can call me that from now on. I'm just kidding don't do that but feel free to think it in your head 😉 Anything, I put up here was taught to me by people way smarter than me. They went out of their way to do it too. It's pay it forward and nothing more. That was a pretty good book but the movie sucked.

  94. go on, Danny – you know you had him, now; don't be modest!! Your knowledge acquisition style is fluid, MK-no-KAY's is crystalline, kind of forms in clumps.
    Keep up the good work.
    Later, my main Main, we're looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts on Jack's latest.
    (If thoughts exist, that is. Or for that matter – hearing, too! tee-hee! Who knows, anything is possible with this MK-47 guy 🙁

    Rest well, aye..


  95. That sounds fair and square to me, my liege (LOL). Everybody is entitled to his or her opinion in my (picture) book. Even though I must say that MK seems to be the quintessential tortured soul, genius would be a stretch (haha only joking MK) But whatever floats his boat. Let's not detract from the source material at hand, meaty stuff to get through later for me!!

    And just to say thanks a lot to Jack and Orage for sharing their world and allowing us lesser mortals to comment away to our heart's content. No censorship is the way – and folks seem to behave themselves in general. I have learnd something from each and every person on here for sure. Even though I'm only an unworthy goofball, LOL ah well, tnx again guys. As Bangar says, a little education is a dangerous thing…etc, and all that jazz..

  96. Danny….Boy……M(k+m) doth fair struggle with those who do not share in his Mundus Viewus. (A.S.D. cases usually do~)

    He gets…….obstreperous~ but he means no harm, in sooth

    Spare thee, soft~ for we have already developed suitable callouses on our foreheads!

    (ya know, brick walls, heads, and all??)

    And a-sport thimbles on our finger-tips…

    (snappy….snap-snap! for it is…..begriefen)

    Leave this dragon (small 'd') to us, Fair Prince~

    …and Fare thee well, oh Valiant Soul….

    …..but do keep reading for we are not done with Rain Man, yet~ and we have promised to Halt Klappe, anon~

    We are….the Tom Cruise
    To it's…..Dustin Hoffman


    and remember, you really do know nothing! 'Cos, ya know, MKUltra has cornered the market on knowledge….and faith~

    …in his mind, anyway…

    …and that's all that matters…..

    (but the Ritalin helps, sssshhhhhhh~)

  97. "For me a shrine of stones he made
    And now to glass the rock has grown
    Oft with blood of beasts was it red
    In the Goddesses ever did Otter trust"

    From the Eddas.
    I wonder, who are the beasts?
    4 U Jack Heart

  98. You're right, d, you're no philosopher.
    Unfortunately, you're also clueless about history.
    And you're right, we're not even.
    Not even close.

  99. MK, your comment below:

    Well Danny, enriched and related are distinct. I'm sure you can follow that. Distinction creates separation, yet separation does not require that which is distinct to operate in isolation.
    The All is Mind.
    I think we're even. I found your assertion of the Conquistadors protecting the people to be completely incomprehensible.

    Going by what you seem to believe, bud, I'm not surprised you find my comments about the Spaniards in S. America incomprehensible in turn.
    And you are the one drawing a distinction between related and enriched, not me. You're choosing words to fit your specific arguments as people have been pointing out already. Enriched and related are different according to your dictionary definitions, alright, but only in a certain sense. You aren't aware of the other possible senses it looks like to me because they don't fit your own world view. but as I said I'm not a philosopher.

    Even? Sorry MK, you are the last person on this thread I'd enter into any sort of bargain with in the first place to be honest! I prefer my nourishment a bit more livelier and fruitier!


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