Without the benefit of the modern internet, or at least a Wikipedia styled encyclopaedia with hyperlinks, Preston Nichols could not have written The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time. It’s doubtful that any of the best science fiction writers today could, let alone a neophyte author in the beginning of the nineties. He made a few unintentional mistakes, insignificant ones like calling wavelets wavicles but any real errors are deliberate. There are rules.   

Nichols begins with an old standby of conspiracy hucksters; placing the genesis of Stealth Technology in the so called “Philadelphia experiment” which supposedly took place in 1943. According to lore, promulgated by Hollywood and the rest of the CIA’s disinformation outlets, during an experiment based on the work of Albert Einstein a ship was made to disappear from the Philadelphia Naval yard and appear at the Norfolk Naval base hundreds of miles away, then disappear there and reappear back at the Philadelphia Naval yard. There is not one shred of legitimate evidence for that story, not even the flimsiest of circumstantial evidence…  

But from there Nichols suddenly turns real and adroitly adjusts his course right through the heart of the labyrinth. Canceling Einstein’s Philadelphia experiment Nichols puts von Neumann at the helm of Project Rainbow exactly where he would have to have been. In Norse mythology the Bifröst is a Burning Rainbow Bridge that reaches between the realms of the gods called Asgard and earth called Midgard. After suspending Project Rainbow to work on the Manhattan Project, von Neumann resumed the experiments after the war, under direction of the Brookhaven Lab, as the Phoenix Project. The Phoenix is a great raptor that rises from the ashes of its own destruction. It is the coat of arms for the German Empire and seven hundred years before that the Holy Roman Emperor; Frederick II…

Coat of Arms of Frederick II, the feathers equal 777

What von Neumann was working on was nothing less than Godhood itself. The fulfilment of prophecy made by the Goddess to a German order of the Knights Templar at the gates of her most ancient city of Nineveh during the reign of Frederick II, over seven hundred years ago. Later during Frederick’s reign she appeared repeatedly at the foot of the Untersberg Mountain. In the shadow of that mountain the Goddess made her Vow. A mountain many including Hitler, who had his vacation residence the Berghof built overlooking it, believe is the doorway to other worlds. A mountain that during his pilgrimage there in 1992 the exiled Dali Lama called “a sleeping Dragon” and “the heart chakra of the world…”

There at the foot of the sleeping dragon she promised the Lords of the Black Stone or Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein, or very simply the SS… that the Black Sun would one day rise to pierce the darkness of the Tyrants prison freeing Man to become the immortal “wanderer over the ridges of the worlds”5 that he is “destined to become”6 in the Age of Aquarius…    

We can create our own artificial reality. In Nichols own words: “The Rainbow technology turns on and creates what can be called an “alternate” or “artificial reality.”” 7  The experimental subject is enveloped in an electromagnetic bottle removing it from the space-time continuum and rending it invisible. It was this “”electromagnetic bottle” technology which eventually resulted in today’s stealth fighter craft.”8

When Gabor’s math is applied to the Schumann resonance, using high-frequency technology honed in von Ardennes’s Batcave, not only images can be projected but entire alternate realities. The historical elite of the German, Anglo-American and Russian empires who hide behind pop culture politics, all had this technology by the end of WW II. They were sharing it. That is why von Neumann, the best of the best, came to America first, then Heinz Schlicke after a world war in the forties which Aleister Crowley had planned in 1904. That is why Oskar Heil and Agnesa Arsenjewa were bouncing between England and Russia before the start of that war and that is why Manfred von Ardenne and Gustav Hertz went to Russia after that war. 

The problem faced by von Neumann after WW II, which the elite look at as the fulfilment of the Egyptian prophecy of a second battle between Horus and Seth, was people placed within the electromagnetic bottle, or artificial reality if you will, were afflicted with what Nichols calls “transdimensional disorder.”9 This state of permanent madness is due to the extreme disorientation of consciousness which results from its inability to anchor to a timeline in an artificial reality that doesn’t have one. According to Nichols because the human “soul” is born with one it must have a “”time reference” point.”10 Referring to the Schumann resonance Nichols tells his readers that this time reference point “actually resides within the electromagnetic background of our planet.”11

After ten years of extensive experimentation and research von Neumann solved the problem by using computers to “generate an electromagnetic background (or phony stage)”12 and “feeding into the “bottle” all the natural backgrounds of the Earth — at least enough to convince them of a continuous stream time reference.”13 Even according to academia’s incompletely sourced narrative, above all his other super human achievements; John von Neumann was to computers what Jimmy Hendrix was to the electric guitar…

 Before Hollywood invented The Matrix, there was the Montauk Projects…  

Among Nichols’ circle of friends his story was taken so seriously that John Ford, the president of the Long Island U.F.O. Network and three of his friends were given lengthy prison sentences after being implicated in a 1996 plot to poison then Suffolk County Republican Chairman John Powell, Suffolk Legislator Fred Towle and Brookhaven Conservative Party chief Anthony Gazzola by exposing them to radium.

The Matrix released in 1999 was only just the beginning. A still thriving cottage industry has crawled forth from the Montauk Project’s to flood the alternative media with bad science fiction. “Super soldiers,” apparently genetically engineered to look just like accountants to blend in, are giving interviews to anyone gullible enough to listen. Crackpot purveyors of dangerous disinformation like David Icke, who claims he is the son of god, make millions a year embellishing on what Preston Nichols brought to the table with the Montauk Projects. Oddly enough Nichols never really capitalised himself. He didn’t advertise and he wasn’t looking to sell books. Soon after publishing, he made his way like a guided missile right for his target…

I had been away for a couple of years. When I got back in 1992 I had twin two-year-old girls and a trophy wife who was a part-time mother and a full-time gangster. Money, which had always come in piles I didn’t bother counting before I spent, was now hard to come by. I found myself working two jobs just to make ends meet. One of them was at a car wash by the intersection of Hempstead Turnpike and Route 109, probably the most heavily trafficked intersection on Long Island. The car wash was part of a parcel of buildings that included Total Health; a one-stop nutrition and occult store that was the hub of Long Islands thriving New Age movement. From there the most avant-garde Aquarian lectures were coordinated all over the island and New York City. Marty Myers, my mothers on again off again boyfriend till he died a few years ago, owned the whole block. He was the Jewish brains behind the “mafia” gas tax scam Michael Franzese is always on TV bragging about.

 Marty and my mother were very close friends with Dr. J J Hurtak the man who was covertly calling the shots, in behalf of NASA and the NSA, on the Giza plateau for the last twenty-five years of the twentieth century. I think it was through him I met Richard Hoagland; NASA’s pyramids on Mars guy. When I wasn’t wrestling dirt bags for a full share of the tips in the car wash I was in the store rubbing elbows with just about everybody who was anybody in the New Age movement. I think it was Deepak Chopra that I once told he reminded me of the swami from a Frank Zappa song…

With what I’d seen and done I was hardly impressed, especially with Hurtak, his pigeon Hebrew and “coming beings of pure light.” Which he assured them all would be arriving momentarily to take over the planet and guide the human race to a new and greater destiny. They were all attending study classes on his book; The Keys of Enoch. I remember when my mother gave me a copy. I smiled and thanked her; feigned fascination, took it home and threw it in the garbage. It was a very expensive book but it reminded me too much of my copy of Aleister Crowley’s Holy Books which had nearly killed me a few years back. The covers were almost identical. Besides it was payback for an English translation of the Gospel of Aradia that I had managed to obtain while I was away and sent home. Somehow my mother had got her hands on the extremely rare at the time Witches bible while it was at my house and thrown it away; claiming it was evil.

Into this circus of the strange, seemingly… bumbled Preston Nichols. When I saw him in the store I immediately recognised him, having seen him once a few years ago in the strip clubs where I had run security. He was morbidly obese and dressed like he was trying to define the word nerd. Yet the night he walked into Bogart’s bar is etched in my brain. He was arguing with a skinny guy about the same age as himself over rock bands. He stopped in front of me and pronounced U2 to the skinny guy like something had been decided. He was like that, what he said in spite of a comical almost disgusting appearance and an unassuming voice, stuck in people’s heads like a traumatic life-defining event. He had them snake charmed in Total Health before he walked out the door on the first day. A week later I was given his book by my mother or Marty and told I just had to read it.

First thing I noticed was Nichols story revolved around Camp Hero where my father had been stationed during the Korean War. My father was 101est Airborne; Screaming Eagles, a golden gloves semi-finalist, captain of crazy Joe Gallo’s Brooklyn kiddy gang the Gremlins and about as gung ho as John Wayne. All his friends from boot camp and he had a lot of them, had seen active combat. I had always wondered why if the army wouldn’t parachute him in he hadn’t swum to Korea on his own. When I asked him he was always a little vague but it turned out he was one of the best shots in the army, even then if he couldn’t centre a bullseye at 300 yards “the scope needed adjusting.” He would adjust all his friends’ scopes for them when he was a hunting guide. So what he told me, that he had been kept in Montauk to shoot for the 101est in military competitions seemed plausible.

Fleeing the Brooklyn heroin epidemic during the Vietnam War he had moved out to Long Island when I was eleven years old. I didn’t like killing animals much but fish didn’t bother me in the least so he quickly acquired a captain’s license to run up to ninety ton charter boats. I spent a lot of time as a teenager out in Montauk working on those boats. The sound of the wind whistling through outriggers and water lapping boats at dockside late at night is even now vivid in my mind. There had been a very strange incident involving the abandoned base on the fourth of July when I was turning eighteen but other than that I had never noticed anything unusual about Montauk except its physical beauty. Life itself gets no better than trolling for stripers at night in the Tournament of the Full Moon, the inky darkness pierced by the lighthouse above and water roiling with phosphorescence below.

The giant radar dish was to the west of the lighthouse and my father had always been adamant that there could be no such things as flying saucers because they never picked a single UFO up on it during all the flying saucer hullabaloo of the early fifties. But my father had also always insisted that people made stuff up about dreams. He said he had never had a dream in his life…

In one of those funny little coincidences that aren’t coincidences, I had met my wife’s grandfather about the same time I met Preston Nichols. Her father, his son, had never been right in the head and was practically a ward of the VA. He had seen something that had to do with UFO’s when he was stationed in the Aleutian Islands in the early sixties. By the time he blew his brains out in the late nineties, he swore he could see the mothership waiting for him in the night sky over Patchogue. Her whole family on her father’s side was military.

Her grandfather was the patriarch and specialized in setting up radio towers, had one in his back yard for his ham radio. I had only gotten to meet him because stomach cancer had gotten the better of him in Southeast Asia. He thought his son was a blithering idiot but he couldn’t wait to see his great granddaughters so when he got stateside he immediately commissioned me to relandscape his North Babylon home while he and his wife watched the kids for me. I winced watching three year olds frolic on his stomach and moved to restrain the girls but he just wouldn’t have it. The man never even showed signs of pain as he sat there dying yet grinning approval at his fourth-generation progeny using his disease-racked body for a trampoline.

Nichols had been talking a lot about microwaves and oscillating frequency’s and my wife had let slip that her grandfather did a lot of top secret work with radio signals for the military but he didn’t talk to anyone about it. At the time I knew nothing about quantum physics and even less about radio waves and frequencies so the only part of Nichols story that made any sense to me was the part about Einstein and the Philadelphia experiment…

We were spending a lot of time over there so I brought Nichols book over his house and asked him naively whether any of the stuff in it was possible. He told me to leave the book with him so he could read it. When I saw him a day or two later the book was by his side and I asked him could any of it be true. He said nothing, he didn’t have too the way he looked at me and handed me the book back like he had just touched something that he shouldn’t have…

He never said another word about that book. When he finally died his funeral procession closed 231, the main road east and west on Long Island for about half a million people, and jammed it with hundreds of fire trucks and police cars. I have never seen anything like it; it was as if the president had died…

My life experiences till then had already left what the uninitiated call reality broken and shattered in pieces behind me, so the synchronicity of its current events hadn’t escaped me. I was always looking for explanations for what I’d lived through and already had run the gamut from aliens to Magick but had always kept Marty, my mother and Hurtak’s Team Tinkerbelle at arm’s length. I began paying much closer attention to Preston Nichols. When he came out with his second and third books which put Aleister Crowley at the centre of it all, I knew I was being set up. Crowley was at the bottom of my rabbit hole too.

Besides when I first met Nichols my ex and I lived in a place called La Bonne Vie in East Patchogue. It was an upscale apartment complex filled with mostly young married people and singles. Some of the wives there had told her they had a neat way of making fifty dollars cash for an hour’s time spent listening to music in what is now the Hampton Inn in Brookhaven, about five minutes away. All they had to do is sit in the auditorium and listen to different music as it was played over headphones and press a response button whether they liked it or not. Since she used to go up there with about a half dozen other woman from around our courtyard I never questioned it. She was always back in an hour with the fifty dollars. One night she was overdue and since I didn’t have the kids I took a ride up there. When I got there the auditorium was just clearing out and she was getting up to leave with her friends. Preston Nichols was sitting at the podium in the front; obviously the man from the Brookhaven Lab giving the tests. I said nothing but when I saw him a few days later he claimed he didn’t remember and that kind of stuff was always happening with him; it was what originally inspired him to write the Montauk Projects. I never trusted him after that. The same thing was always happening to me too…

As far as I knew I had been in prison for two years, but there was something about my memories of it that just weren’t right. When I got home the first thing I did was have sex with my trophy wife. When we finally got done we were both lying in the bed naked and drenched in sweat. She suddenly got up and started rummaging through the closet for something. She came back to the bed holding a lightweight camouflage jacket and threw it at me. I asked her “what’s this?” She told me a customer, she was a barmaid, who had been in the gulf war had given it to her because he had been so disgusted with the army. Curious, I examined it and could see it was full of discoloured spots on the fabric where the patches and insignias had all been carefully removed as if by razor so as not to rip the jacket. I thought that was a lot of trouble to go through for a guy who was disgusted with something. So I asked her about it. She just shrugged and said “I don’t know, maybe he didn’t want anybody to know who he was, I haven’t seen him in a while and I never got his name.” She could do that, tell you the most outlandish lie imaginable and then never budge from that lie despite all evidence to the contrary. I didn’t bother asking her anything else, I knew that would be futile but I did keep the jacket, mostly because she hated it and hated it even more when I wore it…

Around the beginning of 1995 we moved into a condo in West Patchogue. If things had been a little strange at La Bonne Vie and they were, this place made it look like Mayberry. Unmarked black helicopters periodically hovered at no more than a couple of hundred feet over the buildings, sometimes for fifteen minutes at a time. The noise was deafening but nobody ever seemed to notice or care. Guys from the Long Island Lighting Company or LILCO; Long Islands notoriously shady power suppliers, prowled the grounds non-stop with hand held devices that looked to be detection meters for underground power leaks. A feeling of general uneasiness permeated the place like something wasn’t right in the atmosphere; a feeling in the air itself that usually occurs as the aftermath of a very powerful electric storm.  

The courtyard was dominated by five couples, my wife and I being one of them, all in their early thirties and late twenties and an attractive woman, the same age that lived alone. Her I never talked too even though my kids ran in and out of her condo at will, which was encouraged by her. I was told she had a very important job with the government involving security by the other couples but with me she always kept her distance. We were the only ones with kids and everybody partied very hard. Nobody even bothered locking their doors and we all walked in and out of each other’s condos, most of the time without even knocking. It was like a commune only everybody had money and nobody ever seemed to work much for it, if at all, including me. Of course, my wife was making a lot of money selling big eights (eighth of a pound) of cocaine right over the bar in the strip clubs where she was the most highly sought barmaid on the circuit. So even though I never approved or participated, outside of testing the product for quality, I didn’t really have to work anymore, let alone two jobs. The sad part was she had been dealing all along, she just didn’t tell me when I first got out because she “thought I would get mad…”

There were all night keg parties in the courtyard and on sultry summer day’s family outings to Cory beach. Preston once told me how he liked to go to Cory beach at night and test out his homemade electromagnetic pulse weapons by shooting down UFO’s…. He told me they were commonly seen at night over it but I never saw one in the daytime, the only time I ever went down there. There is a scorching summer day we spent there that is still vivid in my mind, one of those days where the heat actually turned the air hazy and the beach, even though it’s only on the bay, was packed with young married couples accompanied by their rug rats and dragging along anything that would float. As we passed by the concession there was a very strange looking older man by the tables who was talking real loud to no one in particular. You could hear him all the way d own by the beach as he gave an historical recount of all Americas presidential administrations since Kennedy, finally concluding that HW Bush was the only one that was any good and how HW was the greatest American who ever lived. At the time I agreed with him. I think everybody on that beach did. Couples were making love right in the water with their kids building sand castles on the beach. It was like something right out of Woodstock. M. and I waded out to chest deep water and went at it next to a very attractive blond and her husband doing the same thing a few feet away. I think we all climaxed at the same time but nobody ever spoke a word to anybody but their own spouse. The act itself was almost mechanical but intensely pleasurable… 

We had two neighbors named Joe. One was married to a girl who was partially paralyzed from cerebral palsy. He was a military man who had been shot in the head during a training exercise, leaving him with a golf ball sized crater in his skull and a full disability pension. One night we were all sitting around drinking beer, neither military Joe or his wife did cocaine. We were watching TV as the biggest forest fire Long Island had ever seen engulfed the Pine Barrens around the Brookhaven Lab, threatening to take out the lab itself. Miles upon miles of scrub pine were burning out of control and every fireman available on Long Island & in New York City was already there. The local news stations were asking for volunteers among able-bodied men and we guessed we were their guys since neither one of us had to work. Daybreak we headed east on Sunrise highway both wearing our camouflage jackets. On the 20 mile drive there I saw sections of pine bordering the highway suddenly just burst into flames a hundred feet high. The radio was explaining that this was because the pines were so dry and when an ember hit them they were like kindling but I have never seen anything like it before or since.

Somehow and I really don’t remember, we ended up in the middle of a very large open field with the woods burning around it. Smoke made it impossible to see much further than a hundred feet. Above us was a blue and white helicopter which I at first took to be a police helicopter but it was too big. It looked to be one of those luxury models. It wasn’t moving and just hovered about five hundred feet above us, the backwash from its propeller clearing my field of vision to it. A white Bronco driven by a very hard looking man about the same age as us pulls up from out of the haze and the guy, with an exasperated look on his face, starts talking to me like he knows me. He gestures with his chin up at the helicopter and says “that’s Pataki up there in the helicopter” then he drove off looking disgusted. George Pataki was the governor of New York at the time. A figure emerged from out of the swirling smoke wearing what looked to be a long flowing kimono like they wore in ancient China. He was oriental and looked to be a hundred years old. He got to about forty or fifty feet away and our eyes met briefly. I could see in his eyes a look of disappointment like I had betrayed him. Then he looked down again. The helicopter was still overhead and the smoke abruptly lifted so I could see for a couple of hundred yards. At the outer perimeter of my field of vision about half a dozen more figures, also wearing flowing gowns were slowly making their way toward the oriental Methuselah in front of me. The helicopter took off and so did Joe and I making are way back to the car which must have been a mile away. I don’t recall us ever having done any work or even how we knew where the car was but it all seemed normal to us. On the drive back we never even discussed the oriental people dressed up like they were from the eighteenth century. When I did finally think about it when I got home I told myself a Chinese restaurant must have been caught in the fire. Even though I knew there were no Chinese restaurants in the middle of the Pine Barrens…

I was still troubled a day later when I attended a lecture above Total Health. I didn’t even know who was giving it I just needed to get away from Patchogue and those people. The look the Asian Methuselah gave me still haunts me till this very day. It was a small crowd, maybe two or three dozen people. The classrooms above Total Health didn’t fit much more. Preston Nichols just strolling in was pretty much the equivalent of Paul McCartney popping into the local pub. People like Nichols, Hurtak and Hoagland were booked in the lecture hall around the corner. I wouldn’t know if they charged.  But nobody had seen him in a while and everybody wanted to know what he’d been up too so the podium was immediately yielded to him. He was wearing a cast on his arm and began with a yarn about how they had tried to assassinate him with a pulse beam weapon causing him to crash his car. He seamlessly shifted to the fire, all the while looking at me while he was talking about it; saying much of the underground beneath the Brookhaven lab had been taken out in a military action by the United States that had declared war on the rest of the world. After the lecture, I pulled him aside and told him what had happened. It was the first time I ever really talked to him in private. He told me that he had always suspected that I was part of the Montauk Projects and that he thought he knew me but it was useless to try to remember what you had done on another timeline because the laws of physics made it impossible. After that, we started to talk in earnest.

He started to come around Total Health far more often after that. Above the classrooms on the third floor were offices that we would hang out in. One night M. was up there with us while he and I discussed what really could only be described as a paranormal storm that settled over Long Island. With Amityville, what I had seen in East Islip twelve years earlier in 1983, what I had taken part in in eighty-nine and now La Bonne Vie and the condos off Waverly in Patchogue I pretty much had figured out by then that I was in the eye of the hurricane. I asked him, the guy who claimed he was shooting down UFO’s off Cory Beach at night, whether he thought there was anything we could do about it. He starts talking about some Orgone machine he had built based on the orgasmic energy concepts of Wilhelm Reich and looking at my wife and I like this is what he had been waiting for. Then he says “you two can close the portals with it but I will have to be in the room to operate it while you have sex.” She suddenly sprang out of her chair at him screaming in his face “you fat fucking pervert!” Then she bolted out the door, down three flights of stairs and out into the middle of traffic where I had to chase her and carry her back to the sidewalk.

Considering whom my wife was, a second generation strip club entrepreneur, her mother had started as a barmaid in a Babylon strip club and ended up owning her own in Miami, I had seen M. manufacture cups of urine in the bathroom and sell them to patrons for a hundred dollars to be greedily consumed at the bar, this was not an appropriate response. Especially since her and I had been practicing sexual Magick since the first time we slept together. M. was also by her own admission, at the very least, a second generation Witch, not a Wiccan either. From what she had said to me in trances, she was a Daughter of the Owl, the spawn of Lilith herself, but according to M. she never remembered what she said or did in trances. 

During that year alone in the Condo we had opened up portals repeatedly, paranormal phenomena so real I had ejaculated blood. Another time the condo shook so bad we had to call up my mother to come get the girls out of there. It went on for hours; like a train shakes a subway platform but without the noise except for the rattling of household items. When my mother got there we sat on the couch for a while and watched the cat chase weasel like shadows around the room. My mother who had never seen anything like it before saw that neither M. nor I was alarmed, other than me wanting my daughters out of there. She asked me whether the source of the disturbance was me or the house. I couldn’t answer her, but I knew it was a little of both.

M. and I had opened a portal one night which illuminated the far side of the darkened room in a deep purple hue. We were both overcome with ecstasy in its presence and I wanted to go into it and see what was on the other side. But M. ran in the bathroom, turned on the light and started gauging her arms with a nail file and sneering at me “it’s too late; you’re not coming through. It’s closed.” It was too; it was gone by the time I disarmed her. Afterward she claimed to remember only the part about opening the purple portal and the intense euphoria emanating from it. But her arms were scarred for weeks.    

Besides I can’t even count how many times I had stopped M. from dragging various characters into our bedroom, not always successfully either. The fact that Preston Nichols had even brought something like that up to us, of all people, was enough to sell me on the idea of trying it. I have never mentioned anything like the account just given, to Nichols or anyone else. Nobody knew what we did, let alone my mother and her friends.

When I had met M. back in eighty-nine her hair sprawled below her ass and had the disconcerting habit of slowly rising straight up when she channeled an entity purporting to be Lilith. In the darkness you could see tiny blue sparks dancing from static electricity as her hair rose into a halo over her head. Mirrors were used to communicate with praetor human intelligences in alternate dimensions. I had watched M. argue into those mirrors most unflatteringly about me like she was with me because she had to be and she didn’t like it.

One afternoon the sun was shining through the windows on a brilliant summer day the room abruptly appeared to grow ten times brighter than it already was. M. scrambled over me and jumped out of bed. She had a panicked look in her face. With her palms upturned and her arms slightly extended in front of her toward the mirror on the floor, she said “But I didn’t tell him anything!” The light in the room grew even brighter and she fell to the floor. Her eyes rolled back showing only the white. She began to froth at the mouth. I jumped out of the bed to help her. All the while the light grew blindingly bright. I was suddenly seized by overwhelming fear. I ran out of the apartment and down a flight of stairs to the door of another apartment. I banged on it and a woman about my own age answered. I was naked which did not at all seem to surprise her.

She ushered me inside, opened the door to her bedroom and went in shutting the door behind her. She came out repeating the procedure of closing the door behind her and gave me a pair of sweat pants. She asked me what had happened. I told her my girlfriend was having a seizure. She went in her bedroom and closed the door. She came out a couple of minutes later, closing the door behind her again and told me she had called the police and they were coming. She told me to just wait there. She then went back in her bedroom and shut the door again leaving me in the living room by myself. The whole situation unnerved me all over again and I bolted from her apartment. I ran down three flights of stairs and into the street and began running north on Peninsula Boulevard. I jumped on the roof of a car that was passing me and held on. The car accelerated up the road till it came to a light where it had to stop. I jumped off and kept running north. I repeated the procedure a few more times till I passed Southern State Parkway, about four miles north of where I started. Finally, a van-style ambulance pulled up with a six-man emergency crew.

The guys convinced me to let them take me to Mercy Hospital right down Peninsula Boulevard. On the way there they complained of being interrupted from their weekend barbeques. They told me my condition was the same as they had seen in some Vietnam Vets. I said “I’m too young to have ever been in Vietnam.” One of the personnel said “let us just put this wet wash cloth over your eyes. We have found that light exposure will trigger the panic. It will relax you.” They put a warm wet wash cloth over my eyes. Having the light shut down from my perception relaxed me a great deal. They took me from the ambulance by gurney into Mercy Hospital to a small emergency room where I was the only patient. They repeated the same procedure with the wet wash cloth. I heard a voice saying “does anyone know who was with him when this happened.”

A frantic effort ensued in the seemingly makeshift emergency room to locate my point of origin. In about a half hour M. arrived. She was dressed very sharp. She walked in like she owned the place, calling me by pet names she had for me as if nothing unusual had happened. She told she had been looking all over for me then she turned to the two doctors that were there and said “is he alright to go?” They answered in the affirmative and we just left. I never saw a cop. The same thing would happen a few weeks later at Sayonara Hotel on route 110 in Amityville, again there would be no cops and just an ambulance ride to a half hour stay in Brunswick Hospital.

Even with M. hurling herself into traffic and carving herself up in the bathroom I still didn’t get it. I did not know about the supernatural woman called liliyyoth in the Great Isaiah Scroll. I only knew of Lilith who ruled over Arabia as the Queen of the Night. But I have learned all about them in last four years. 

The Norse knew them well and knew they were part of the wave function. They knew “wave-maidens are desirable but Dangerous” The Norse knew that among them “Woman begets with woman”15 and Girl with girl begets a son.”16 They knew “those women do not have husbands”17 because they prefer their men dead.

The Valkyries only come for warriors slain in battle and a Norn attaches herself to a man in his cradle and cast her spells on him till his grave. I have known their Queen since I met her in East Islip in 1983 when Project Phoenix culminated with a hole being ripped through the space-time continuum.18 The National Socialists knew her as Maria Orsic and her entourage as the Vril Girls; they are shape shifters. The Lords of the Black Stone or the SS knew her as Ishtar and it was as Ishtar she was known in Babylon. She has had many names. Long before she introduced herself to the SS, the Norse called her Freyja. She is different from the other Norse gods. She is a Vanir, a sorceress and the spirit of nature…

© Jack Heart 2017


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Valkyrie – https://vikinglegends.files.wordpress.com
Top picture – http://de.web.img1.acsta.net/newsv7/16/05/24/14/53/126257.jpg

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Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan by Jack Heart, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble® (barnesandnoble.com)

Amazon.com: Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god: 9781736288016: Heart, Jack: Books


  1. Joe you and Christopher and all the rest of my supporting cast get an honorable mention in part 3:
    'By the summer of 2013 assorted gremlins and spooks had begun to tumble out every window I opened on the internet. From the things I saw them doing, manipulating Facebook like it was some kind of video game and indeed the internet itself, they were professionals of the highest caliber. They were showing off and briefing me in the same motion, all the while pushing me to write for Veterans Today (VT).'

    yea Joe I'm at my best in a first person narrative, that's the way the book is written because that's the way it was, look at it this way. We had to lay the foundation before we put up the building

  2. I told you making it "personal" was the way to move folks. Maybe you did it in your book they won't publish?
    You should stick with this format unless you only want to impress detail nerds (no offense) Great job!

  3. Serenity,
    You are a beloved friend and have been of indispensable support to me here. These boys can be hard to hang with sometimes. I've often thought that many human ills could be attributed to the improper balance of the male and female energies in this realm. Notice I said improper balance rather than imbalance. I believe this has been exploited both subtly and overtly by the merchants of death. I'm not using the word demon anymore. They know where they can find me 😉

  4. MK,
    I missed your earlier comment about the buses and the demons. I'm really sorry. I lost track. Was that literal or figurative? I think I'd be a good candidate for that. Not the buses. Let me know cause I'm on it.

  5. Thank you so much for clarifying this, Orage. It was so confusing!

    I really appreciate your reply…

    With Respect,


  6. Tara, I replied this morning to your heartfelt comments above early this morning. However, when I check back to this site, I find my comments have mysteriously disappeared. when I further comment as to their disappearance, they suddenly reappear. So this is my last attempt to reach you on this blog as well as other readers. If this, to, is removed, I will conclude that I am no longer welcome to comment on this blog.

    Thanks also to Jack, Orage & Mike for their many contributions.


  7. Serenity,
    Awesome. I get so much out of what you magnificent ladies have placed here.
    You are so right about the divine feminine, and the imbalance of a male only divinity. There are several philosophers today who are wrestling with this phenomenon, but they don't post on sites like this because of the noise they get from detractors like banger & co.
    Looks like the board is creaking, so I'll keep it short,

  8. Ha, Tara, you are together!
    That was beautiful, concise, articulate, and instructive.
    My hat is off to you, lady Tara.

  9. Nothing hanging in the auto spam detection, Serenity, perhaps this simple blogger software can't deal with the amount of comments, Don't worry, new opportunities to post will arise soon.

  10. Well Danny, enriched and related are distinct. I'm sure you can follow that. Distinction creates separation, yet separation does not require that which is distinct to operate in isolation.
    The All is Mind.
    I think we're even. I found your assertion of the Conquistadors protecting the people to be completely incomprehensible.

  11. Again, my reply/original comments to Tara published here at 7:54am today (as well as 2 short comments a half hour later) today have once again "disappeared". Please restore…


  12. Jack, My reply to Tara's comments above was published a few moments ago. However, it now appears to have been totally wiped out.


  13. Tara, Thank you for so openly sharing your heartfelt Wisdom! As you may know, when Hagia Sophia, Holy Wisdom in Greek, was translated into Latin, the Divine Feminine was wiped out with the stroke of a pen, thus becoming the male Spiritus Sanctus. As a result, the "so-called" Holy Trinity became totally masculine which has led to a great deal of imbalance still operating pathologically in Western "organized" (mind-controlled) religions.

    I agree that there is often an unique quality of innocence in young children that tragically gets "programmed" out of them through education. I was naturally drawn to the stories of the mystics when I learned to read at an early age. At age 4 my son Michael asked, "If God made everything, how did he make himself?" He often used the word "infinity" which neither his father nor me taught him.

    In Man's Search for Meaning Victor Frankl says, For the first time in my life I saw the Truth as it is set into song by so many poets, proclaimed as the final Wisdom by so many (great) thinkers…the Truth that LOVE is the ultimate and highest goal to which man (humans) can aspire. Then I grasped the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: The salvation of man (humans) is through LOVE and in LOVE."

    As a nurse I've helped people through their death transitions, and the last thing they care about is being intellectually "right". Instead, they care about matters of the heart, forgiveness, & making amends.

    The tyranny of the intellect over loving-kindness and compassion speaks for itself. The schizophrenia of a church hierarchy that burned Jeanne d'Arc at the stake for heresy & then many years later canonized her as a saint speaks for itself.

    While philosophers cannot seem to agree on the meaning of Truth, we humans must trust our own direct experiences & open to that which is sacred right inside us. The Christ is purported to have said, "Love one another as I have loved you". The Path of the Heart is not necessarily an easy one, but it is so very rewarding in opening us in the search for Wisdom/Knowledge.

    Love to All


  14. Friends: Are not Faith and Reason two sides of the same coin? Which faith, what reason, what faith, which reason, of course, and in a manner of speaking. Be careful of specious arguments such as those of the above which draw away from these bare bones. Be careful of drawing rash conclusions in hissy-fits after gnashing your teeth throughout the night. You are all better than this.

    In Xto,

    Benedict XVI (but just call me Joe)

  15. Y'all need to quit that arguing right now, although I am pleased to see a lot more civility of late. I'm just kidding. I've gained immeasurably from these interchanges. Please, if you can see your way clear to cut me a little slack. After all I don't possess a man's mind. I wish to share something with you that you may find of interest. I know something about Dr. Jung which is very personal to me. I think you're both right. If you weren't I'd be dead. Go on, shudder the thought of missing out on me 😉 Dr. Jung's actions set up a series of events which afforded me the opportunity to access indispensable knowledge that I needed so that I could implement that knowledge in a very important endeavor. That endeavor was to go out on a limb and ask Christ to intervene on my behalf. I called it Christ at the time. Later, I've called it other things but it really doesn't matter because Christ doesn't get it's feelings hurt over stuff like that. I think it likes Jesus jokes better than anything else and I got a million of 'em. It doesn't condemn those who seek it because it was already there the whole time anyway. Due to religious indoctrination I had rejected it. Fortunately for me I was able, with the doctor's contribution and the facts and knowledge made available to me by that contribution, to divine it right out of the energy field and it came to me and delivered me from the clutches of that which threatened to consume my life and kill my body. Like I say, I divined it fom an energy field that I was a part of but my mind had rejected. Religion in it's present form destroys the spirit of man which is the spirit of Christ. It's the same exact thing. The people who welded this bastardized Christianity and have abused it and used it as a weapon are to be pitied after they are terminated. That termination part is just my opinion and you know what they say about those. They've missed the point. Christ is real. It lives inside me and it protects me. In fact, it always has. The problem I had was that I couldn't access it successfully because the only education I had about it was from people who feared their own minds to such an extent that they tried to bottle it like a patent medicine. I think they feared their own minds both analytical and imaginative because the human mind can come up with all kinds of cray cray stuff. So, in a desperate effort to put a fence around knowledge and imagination they were willing to commit any atrocity in a destructive attempt to protect themselves from themselves. I believe all the rest is a byproduct of that type of insanity. I'm certain that I had the knowledge, imagination, and faith which was all melded together in the proper balance at one time possibly at birth but my guess is at conception. Later, it became corrupted by the beating it took from being exposed to the lunatic asylum that this reality happens to be at present. Later still, I was really lucky. I have Dr. Carl Jung to thank for that. Now, I have my imagination, faith, and knowledge and they are to be used in tandem. I think that's what the Christ is about. That's all it really wants for me personally. I can't speak for anyone else. The key is balance and they are not giving those keys out at the church house. It's not that damn easy. Humans have a tendency to abuse anything they can get their mitts on. Christ doesn't do that. It knows better than that. I can't even imagine its grief as it feels and witnesses how it's been decimated. Then again, it probably doesn't sweat the small stuff. I'm very grateful. I'm grateful that I suited up and showed up. See ya around the campfire.
    I wish to add a very special thank you to the man who keeps that fire burning. Thank you, Mr. Heart.

  16. Nice, buddy. I'm looking forward to reading more.

    I still say that you guys are nuts, though!! Still his lordship, Sir Banger (is he an Earl?) is right about a sense of humor. He has that in common with Mr. Heart.
    As you say, catch you later in the next essay. It's great material despite all the hot air from you nutters, LOL


  17. Danny my main man, much of what MK-47 says is shaky and can be left open to interpretation if yous could be bothered! But he does take a certain philosophical position, in fairness. It just happens to be the incorrect one, mostly. But we're more interested in his other errors, really. Namely his shaky and incomplete knowledge of the xian tradition. To attempt an answer to the Faith Reason question above is quite amusing, given that the greatest minds have grappled with this question for centuries. And MK-OK is most definitely not one of those great minds, he is a grinder tho it must be said, lol – but the magic touch just isn't there unfortunately for him.

    Maybe he's a reincarnated Templar Knight coming to whack us all into oblivion with his big sword!(hmmmm, maybe not actually haha real templars probably werent so tetchy!! i say he's either John Lamm Lash or the other guy from Gnostic media, Jan Irvin. Go figure but remember that ur a no-nothing side kick at the end of the day haha peasant! or is it monkey? gets confusing.)

  18. im no philosopher guys history is more my thing but how can something be not related to something else and yet enrich that something else at the same time? MK's definition of related is also shaky and open to interpretation. Banger rightly leaves related open to other interpretations.
    but the argument at hand is as old as the hills: faith v reason and all that
    sorry MK, you haven't convinved me
    Good luck, all


  19. B, save your energy because this guy is locked and loaded in the left brain. I can practically hear him grinding away.
    Let's Jung his ass off in the next installment of Jack's current masterpiece. Now that's a right side man if ever there were.
    More fun, too!

  20. there you go again, Mikey. ASSuming what my definition of a word is. You do that a lot with everybody; and you probably do it in yer two-bit, amateur night mystery school, also~

    You really do think along such narrow lines. But I warn you, we are now in Blue Sky territory.


    Soft, I've already bid you au revoir, until Party Three~ but I'll leave you with this to google: it all depends on what your definition of "related" is.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll bid you Good Day; I have a promise to keep!

    (And rest those fingers!)

  21. Faith, banger, is a condition of belief.
    Knowledge is independent of faith and belief.
    You are claiming that one can increase one's knowledge within the condition of faith, or increase one's faith within the condition of knowledge. In order for this to be, faith and knowledge must interpretate each other. They would have to have a dependency with each other, similar to the condition of faith and belief.
    We can observe this is so through the contemplation of the word related. That which is related shares similarities, characteristics that defines that which is related.
    Now, let us examine faith and knowledge.
    Faith sets forth a condition that requires no proof. What faith requires is fealty. Fealty is adherence. I'm certain you can recall when you, or someone you knew had faith, and this faith gave you, or them, the resolve to see through a difficult time.
    Most likely you interpreted this as evidence your faith was valid.
    Thus, you also likely categorized this experience as knowledge. However, it is impossible to assess the level, quality, or degree of faith. Yet it is entirely possible to assess the level, quality, or degree of knowledge.
    Thus we find an important distinction.
    Faith, and belief, cannot be corrected through the application of either reason or fact. We are constantly discovering that this is the case. Thus faith is not improved or diminished through knowledge. It is it's own thing.
    Knowledge does not depend upon faith to function. Knowledge increases with the correct application of memory and fact. Without either, there is no knowledge. Thus knowledge exists independent of faith.
    So the answer is they are not related.
    Now, if you had asked, can they enrich each other? The answer would have been yes.

  22. Wrong again, idiot.
    The figure you point to was created by A.L.C., aka Eliphas Levi centuries after the annihilation of the Templars by your murderous spiritual fathers.
    Gawd you are stupid.

    Your teacher,

  23. oh, Mikey – hadn't you ever stopped to consider that the two are indeed related? Knowledge AND faith?

    But finally, begad! You are on the right track. We'll share that common ground yet!

    Soft, now – let us withdraw, tend to our wounds (sniff!) and regroup for Part III

  24. How about this one, you arrogant cretin
    "Our age wants to experience the psyche for itself…knowledge instead of faith"
    Stick to gibberish, banger.
    It's the only thing you're good at.


  25. Tara, I'm sorry – but this is not meant to be a safe space.

    If you need that, then allow me to suggest that you stay at home and lock all the doors.

    Perhaps in your case a private correspondence about matters of the heart would be more appropriate?

    As an old teacher of ours used to say back in formation:

    Be careful who you share good news with.
    Be careful who you share bad news with.

    Nevertheless, We are grieved that you have come to feel this way.

    We shall withdraw and give you a chance to recover your mojo.

    Beware, though, the soothsaying charlatans, and you know what they say: a little bit of education is a dangerous thing. For when it gets in to name calling and pejorative epithets/foul language? Their cause is indeed lost.

    And we are patient.

    (Bit like the Chinese, really!)

    Soft, and in sooth,

    Your friend, B.

    p.s. never give up!!!!!

  26. no, MK-OK, we are not here to harass you. Au Contraire, my good fellow!

    We are merely here to point out your errors and misconceptions about our One, True Faith! Thou art blinded, by the Light!

    It happens~

    Gadzooks! Thou truly art a defensive creature! Thou tyest thyself up on mere trifles!

    Call it not flattery; nay, 'tis, in a sense, honest and sincere appreciation~ For we are all nothing in the face of the Infinite Alllll…

    Go to bed, rest awhile, and don't forget to breakfast on protein and fats! It'll do that mood of yours a wonder of good.

    See you in Part III~

    (C'mon, you know you want to!)

  27. Ah banger, you so love to take everything out of context. I know, it makes you look like you know what you are talking about.
    Nice try.

  28. You flatter me, banger.
    So you and your sidekicks are solely here to harass me. Well, I must be far more important than I thought.
    You possess an amazing arrogance for one as ignorant as you have proven yourself to be.
    So far, your record of correction has been a failure, unless you consider proving yourself incompetent regarding ancient language, psychological concepts, philosophy and spirituality to fill your goal set.
    Like above, you cover your lack with swaggering nonsense.
    You are nothing, banger.


  29. "Well, the deputy walks on hard nails and the preacher rides a mount

    But nothing really matters much, it’s doom alone that counts

    And the one-eyed undertaker, he blows a futile horn

    “Come in,” she said, “I’ll give you shelter from the storm”" – Bob Dylan

  30. Tara, Please do not lose heart because the antics of a few. Your presence here is very much appreciated.


  31. Paroxysms of release! Emotional dysfunction! Repression of the shadow!
    By Jove!
    Or maybe it's just that we like to bug you, Mr. All-Serious-n-Smartypants.

  32. Watch the Sun as it melts and floods the sky in yellow saffron light, the Eternal Youth of Summer has come, descending on a big cracking current, that passes through my coil, until I glow and burn, like the torch of Baphomet, forever now blazing across my brow.

  33. MK, old chap, please!! control yourself! Keepest thou on point!

    We are most definitely NOT interested in saving Western Civilization, because Western Civilization has seen off disaster before and will do so, again. It's what we do, y'all~

    Moslem hordes, bedamned!

    No, all we on this right here thread are interested in doing is pointing out your errors and mistakes.

    Simple as that, my good fellow.


  34. p.s. for anyone who is interested, what Jung said was: The soul is naturally Christian.

    I beg thee, ponder on this awhile, MK is blinded to this truth. Again.

  35. Orage, soft! Pray let bygones be bygones, indeed – let the dead look after the dead…and the smelly, the smelly, we shall withdraw, anon. And make ready ourselves, in sooth, for part III


    Now look, here. MK-OK, my good man, at no point on this here thread did anybody make the claim that Jung was a Christian. You are drawing your own conclusions, again, as the uninitiated are wont to do when treading new turf!

    Let it be said~ one really needs to consider one's operations before posting such a blasphemy!

    and also, keep yourself on point! You're veering off, as the self-educated are wont to do in their enthusiasm.

    Peace, soft, and be still~~~ blessings to you all~

    Banger, and friends.

  36. As the proverbial saying goes, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king. Let us see what he gained in knowledge for giving up his other eye. It is time.

  37. Thank you Timeangel,
    I wish I could be calm like you are. I can hardly stand this place. Actually, that's not true. I like it here. I just can't stand to be around most of the people. This was a nice place until they ruined it. I'm trying to come on here too much as much and post comments cause it gets me aggravated. I wanted to make sure to thank you for your thoughtfulness.

  38. Doubtless, however, Banger and his anonymous sidekicks will save western civilization by launching incomprehensible tirades, personal attacks, and inarticulate jeers.
    Doubtless to them, this represents the functioning of christian spirituality, the kind of achievement christianity supports and cheers on.
    Yes, banger and the replicants will save us all from invasion through their ignorance,just as they do so effectively here.

  39. One should ask the question; how exactly does a political institution, like christianity, function?
    Of course, it functions primarily through controlling the finer faculties.
    Yes, so when one's faculties are under a challenge, can one rally these faculties when they are tightly controlled?
    The answer is no.
    Thus, if one does view the current Islamic invasion as a threat to culture, society, and the arts, then they must admit that christianity is worthless to support, nurture, and protect the culture currently suffering invasion.

  40. Further,
    We discover that this claim as a fence against invasion cannot articulately explain the agencies, conditions, and groups behind it.
    Similar to any attempt at conversation with christians here, there is nowhere any articulation of exactly how christianity is supposed to act as this fence against invasion.
    You are supposed to just believe.
    Haven't we been down this road before?

  41. Christianity is currently attempting to clean up its image. Its latest iteration is a disingenuous posturing as a bulwark against the current Islamic invasion.
    To christians, who will tell you that their crimes happened a long time ago, and should be forgotten, they claim to be this fence partly because of their religions' age.
    Dear reader, if you find this hypocritical you are not the only one!

  42. Jung = great man.
    He reopened an ancient path with unparalleled significance to the modern condition.
    The christians cannot do this, their way never caught the imagination of humanity, which is why modern Christians cannot speak or write coherently, which we observe directly here.
    Above, I demonstrated that Christians are either ignorant, lying, or both when they claim to have a spirituality, a spiritual path. The morality of the slave, the descendants of murder and systematic repression, Christians today use words they cannot understand.
    The aggression and arrogance of the christian stems directly from the divine redeemer complex. It creates a cognitive juxtaposition with the act of subjugation, an elated, emotional dysfunction where fear, exclusion, and lies transform into a bridge that both repressed what Jung named the shadow, and leads to paroxysms of release.
    We see all this on this board by the anonymous Christians.
    No genuine spirituality produces this brand of arrogant dysfunction. One will not find this demented behavior outside of the abrahamic sphere, just as one will not find the kind of unforgivable crimes, in number or degree outside the abrahamic sphere of control.
    The christians want you to forget their history. They don't want you pointing out that genuine spiritual paths do not behave in this manner.
    Christianity cannot proffer an effective effort, it can only cannibalize and distort, as it's sordid history and it's current vacuity of content demonstrate.
    Jung was no christian. If he had been, he would have been stopped in his contribution. Christianity kills mystics like Jung. He was a smart man, he knew this.

  43. Anon., how you have grown, my son. From a cute li'l grasshopper into a fearsome preying mantis. In sooth, what a transformation. 'Tis alchemy, I tell thee~ before our very eyes!!!

    MK-No-Kay doth indeed practice dissimulation – the only difference being, unlike Jung, that MK-No-Kay ist fair clueless that he doth dissimulateth~ for we have ventured into new realms here, to be sure.

    Soft, my child, rest anon. Once more unto the breech…at a time of our choosing.

    I bid you well

    …..for we have indeed departed the hot and fusty air that marked the old and stale realm, Mikey an' all, and to which we may never return~ (Thank Grud~)

    emanation, of a sort, the stinky sort, no that's not quite the word: ya know, kinda like flatulence?

    I beseek thee! Conserve thine energy~~~ it fair reeked, thither~

    Mark you me!!!!

    Let's break this down later, I'll permit you to read me~~~ m'kay?

    No really, it's no problem, I insist on enlightening you! Honestly, you are okay~


    ….want more? I really don't want to get into stuff I've droned about already, but if you really want to……

    FOOL!! you won't understand~~~~~~~

    Oh, okay – but only if you promise to clock me in 2moro morning. I'll be up 'til all hours trawling the internet for stuff that'll make me sound clever, you see.

    that and plotting the destruction of anybody who gets in our way~ bwaa-haaa-haaa-HAAAAAW

    ahem, only jesting!

  44. I think I already told you about trying to fill that hole with drugs or alcohol, it don’t work. Don’t you think I would know? What’s a monster anyway? People see threats, especially the threat of something completely overwhelming, as a monster. I love my monster, he sleeps under my bed and I know I have nothing to fear, from mine or yours. Monsters get lonely too, and the thing about Monsters is they have no self control. Sometimes I feel like the song, “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it…”

  45. Aha, thou dost tease us, Brother Banger.
    Pray tell thee, what was so important that you had it removed from us?
    Aha, Brother. MK-OK-No-KAY has ventured into the unknown – his unknown, hast thou marked his error (again)? but he tries to mask his uncertainty, perchance, with fine and illustrious vocalizations, machinations and operations before bed-ee-byes. And reveals much in his haste. He is on shaky ground.
    Patience, Brother, for we have uncovered the roots of his own undoing as he slumbers in his dark and sultry lair.

    "Tickets please, ladies and gentlemen, your tour is about to depart. Party-poopers and know-it-alls (well, not really) are most definitely not welcome."

    Ahoy, Ahar, and bon voyage in that dinky little Taurus, Mikey. 'Cos we is cruisin' in our Mesa Ridge, baby. And you won't see us for dust, you old dinosaur!

  46. I would say this

    I could write country music about being overwhelmed

    I have the perfect story about becoming awake

    Trouble is someone erased my computer

    Who could or would do that

    So I must be an enemy

    Tough truth

    Someone said one must love his enemy

    Till I look in and see that monster there



  47. Jung was vilified by the Jewish community as a Gnostic.
    If its possible, Jews actually hate Gnostics more than Christians hate them. Qumran cell, which used coded allusions to disguise identity, explicitly named Gnostic groups as their sworn enemy.
    Jung denied he was a Gnostic.
    He was smart enough to know that he had to play the game. Smart men practice dissimulation when their lives are at stake. So he became the christian man to the casual observer, and forever changed the field of psychology. Yes, he explained how Wotan lives in the German psyche. He still instructs us on that which is beyond the rule set of this cosmos.
    Only a few confidants knew the truth.
    We all know it now.

  48. Master! Brother! What hastest thou toldest me about jousting with Hufty-Tuftys? Has the teacher become the student? And the student a teacher? Soft! 'Tis a funny old realm, indeed. Aye. Let us withdraw, anon., and bide our time well.

  49. that's indeed a pretty sorry state of affairs, love, in sooth! Trump truly is a Lord of Chaos – whether he a-knows it, or not

    Soft! But don't take it out on me!! sheeesh~

  50. aaaahhhhhhhhh~ now we are talking; the king is dead, long live the King! (don't worry, MK, that's just a figure of speech 🙂
    I am looking forward to hearing the rest of this one. Thank you J.G. and Jack. I sense more fresh air, rather than those old, stale, farts in the wind, of late.

  51. You say to me: What good is it then to talk about this, since it has been said that it is useless to think about the Pleroma?
    I say these things to you in order to free you from the illusion that it is possible to think about the Pleroma. When you speak about the divisions of the Pleroma, we are speaking from the position of our own divisions, and we speak about our own differentiated state; but while we do this, we have in reality said nothing about the Pleroma. However, it is necessary to talk about our own differentiation, for this enables us to discriminate sufficiently. Our essence is differentiation. For this reason we must distinguish individual qualities.
    You say: What harm does it do not to discriminate? Then we reach beyond the limits of our own being; we extend ourselves beyond the created world, and we fall into the undifferentiated state which is another quality of the Pleroma. We submerge into the Pleroma itself, and we cease to be created beings. This we become subject to dissolution and nothingness.
    Such is the very death of the created being. We die to the extent that we fail to discriminate. For this reason the natural impulse of the created being is directed toward differentiation and toward the struggle against the ancient, pernicious state of sameness. The natural tendency is called Principium Individuationis (Principle of Individuation). This principle is indeed the essence of every created being. From these things you may readily recognize why the undifferentiated principle and lack of discrimination are all a great danger to created beings. For this reason we must be able to distinguish the qualities of the Pleroma. Its qualities are the PAIRS OF OPPOSITES, such as:
    the effective and the ineffective
    fullness and emptiness
    the living and the dead
    light and dark
    hot and cold
    energy and matter
    time and space
    good and evil
    the beautiful and the ugly
    the one and the many
    and so forth.
    The pairs of opposites are the qualities of the Pleroma: they are also in reality non-existent because they cancel each other out.


  52. to think about the Pleroma, for to do that would mean one’s dissolution.
    The CREATED WORLD is not in the Pleroma, but in itself. The Pleroma is the beginning and end of the created world. The Pleroma penetrates the created world as the sunlight penetrates the air everywhere. Although the Pleroma penetrates it completely, the created world has no part of it, just as an utterly transparent body does not become either dark or light in color as the result of the passage of light through it. We ourselves, however, are the Pleroma, so it is that the Pleroma is present within us. Even in the smallest point the Pleroma is present without any bounds, eternally and completely, for small and great are the qualities which are alien to the Pleroma. The Pleroma is the nothingness which is everywhere complete and without end. It is because of this that I speak of the created world as a portion of the Pleroma, but only in an allegorical sense; for the Pleroma is not divided into portions, for it is nothingness. We, also, are the total Pleroma; for figuratively the Pleroma is an exceedingly small, hypothetical, even non-existent point within us, and also it is the limitless firmament of the cosmos about us. Why, however, do we discourse about the Pleroma, if it is the all, and also nothing?
    I speak of it in order to begin somewhere, and also to remove from you the delusion that somewhere within or without there is something absolutely firm and definite. All things which are called definite and solid are but relative, for only that which is subject to change appears definite and solid.
    The created world is subject to change. It is the only thing that is solid and definite, since it has qualities. In fact, the created world is itself but a quality.
    We ask the question: how did creation originate? Creatures indeed originated but not the created world itself, for the created world is a quality of the Pleroma, in the same way as the uncreated; eternal death is also a quality of the Pleroma. Creation is always and everywhere, and death is always and everywhere. The Pleroma possesses all: differentiation and non-differentiation.
    Differentiation is creation. The created world is indeed differentiated. Differentiation is the essence of the created world and for this reason the created also causes further differentiation. That is why man himself is a divider, inasmuch as his essence is also differentiation. That is why he distinguishes the qualities of the Pleroma, yea, those qualities which do not exist.

  53. I would like to thank all the participants in the comment section, what makes Jack Heart is the people who read it, you all more than proved it here and since you boys are talking CG Jung, Orage and I have some stuff stashed that’s pretty good, maybe common ground even, who knows but I’m throwing this out here

    C.G. Jung – The Seven Sermons to the Dead (Septem Sermones ad …

    Jung kept the Red Book private during his lifetime, allowing only a few of his family and associates to read from it. The only part of this visionary material that Jung choose to release in limited circulation was the Septem Sermones, which he had privately printed in 1916. (Click to see a page from the original printing) Throughout his life Jung occasionally gave copies of this small book to friends and students, but it was available only as a gift from Jung himself and never offered for public sale or distribution. When Jung's autobiographical memoir Memories, Dreams, Reflections was published in 1962, the Septem Sermones ad Mortuos was included as an appendix.

    The dead came back from Jerusalem, where they did not find what they were seeking. They asked admittance to me and demanded to be taught by me, and thus I taught them:
    Hear Ye: I begin with nothing. Nothing is the same as fullness. In the endless state fullness is the same as emptiness. The Nothing is both empty and full. One may just as well state some other thing about the Nothing, namely that it is white or that it is black or that it exists or that it exists not. That which is endless and eternal has no qualities, because it has all qualities.
    The Nothing, or fullness, is called by us the PLEROMA. In it thinking and being cease, because the eternal is without qualities. In it there is no one, for if anyone were, he would be differentiated from the Pleroma and would possess qualities which would distinguish him from the Pleroma.
    In the Pleroma there is nothing and everything: it is not profitable

  54. Aye, Master. The Qlippothic do stalk these realms, in sooth. The Lords of Unbalanced Powers are strong.
    But soft, We are stronger.

  55. I got part 2 from Jonathon Glassel

    " Replicants, Reality Bubbles and the Gathering of the Elect.
    There is good money in sin. Without sin and its second cousin guilt, the Pope, Joel Osteen and many a Baptist Preacher would be living in a "van down by the river." On the other hand, Gnostic preachers were not allowed to charge for introducing to you that which cannot be taught, but can only be learned.

    According to Didymos Judas Thomas, if a person solves 50 some brainteasers, they will not taste death. If anyone could properly interpret these sayings their brains would become as large as Mt. Everest.

    For the Gnostics knew, that rather than by faith or grace one could only truly be saved by acquiring knowledge, by expanding their brains and accepting true salvation which is escape from this “matrix,” created by Satan himself. We have served our “three days in Hell” and the time for our redemption is at hand.

    As Jack Heart explains things, we are perpetually stuck on the “eve of destruction,” existing on the "edge of forever," constantly nearing the event horizon of our salvation only to snapped back into a new timeline by the Demons. The cycles of time manipulation are getting shorter. Once they lasted thousands of years, now they occur every 33 years or so with the next on overdue.

    The Demons would have you fear the Event Horizon, making us terrified of the only path home. We, the Elect create this reality for them, the Demons, the Authorities and the Archons. They know they cannot survive on the other side and we fear that we cannot survive without the bastards.

    All the world's a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances,
    And one man in his time plays many parts,

    As Jack points out, we exist within a story whereby the audience participates in the multilevel drama.
    It is we, the solitary, the Elect who power this story, perhaps to the bemusement of the higher gods, for we know not what we do nor what we are capable of doing. We have forgotten that Gnostic Christ (Heart Consciousness) provides the power within that makes the illusion come to life across multiple levels and multiple timelines.
    The time has come for you to remember who you are and the power you possess by unlearning and rewriting the script, unlearning to the point where you can absorb the truth of these things.
    A good many of the ancient scripts including the Bible can provide great insight. However care must be taken to differentiate God from Satan. If “God” is acting like an asshole, he is actually Satan. If God is acting in a wise and fair manner, the message is coming from the All, the One or the Entirety, the Field of Quantum Neutrality, home.
    Gnostic Christianity predates Judeo Christianity by tens of thousands of years. The New Testament is largely derived from Gnostic sources. The Apostle Paul was most likely the Gnostic missionary, Apollonius. http://www.truthbeknown.com/apollonius.html
    Unfortunately, that which was meant to free man became the tool of his enslavement.
    Although the ancient rituals of Gnostic Enlightenment are largely lost to history, these folks http://www.gnosticq.com/az.text/glos.af.html… do a really good job of defining the Elect, how we came to be, why we are here and our purpose in the “Big Show.”
    Are we doing this to keep ourselves amused, distracted from what we really need to be doing?
    Is this kabuki Theatre of our own making? Not quite done with this. I still have to get to the Replicants, Reality Bubbles and the Gathering of the Elect,"

  56. Well banger I have delt with your elk in real life like in a bar.

    I see a bar brawl a coming and you are of course a pussy.

    Course Catholics are dumb as fuck as I used to be one.

    You are the enemy in me that someone once said I should love.

    Love says you should stick around and keep reading.

    Course I am having a party with a beer poured and The Who telling it like it is on my cheap stereo.

    My generation became trump supporting republicans of course I tip my hat to our handlers.

    Much lov


  57. ssssshhh, anon., you dolt! Don't reveal who we really are~

    You are supposed to know nothing, remember?

    (M'Kay likes it that way, you see~~~)

    How dare you nod…cursory like…..in our general direction!

    I fart-eth in yours!!!


    I am sorry, Brother…

    …They are not ready yet for our final Coup de Grace~

    MK has been Kissing the Hare's Foot for weeks, egad!

    In sooth, before this series is out, he shall feasteth on the Bellytimber of the one true LLLAAAAWWWWWWWWWWDDDDDD!!!


    *cough*, er, I mean, "Hail Caesar!"

  58. He's on the back foot, now, Master – err, I mean Brother.
    Fair torrents of words affect us not, for we carry the umbrella of the True Lord. Mayhap he will soon EXPERIENCE the True Light through his murk. Rather than being all angry and shit.
    The Sun will Shine.

  59. p.s. we'd rather Banger and friends' Party-Bus than your boring lecture tour, ANY FREAKING DAY, sour-puss!!

    For soft, it is the journey that matters

    In sooth, the destination is but an illusion

    aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh~ is that not wondrous?

    Step abroad, y'all – because when ol' C.J. starts prowling this right here thread on our behalf, MK-0K's gonna be left behind in a big belch of stinky oil-smoke…then we'll see who knows and who doesn't, you Wind Sucker!

    eeewwwwwwwwww~ wouldn't fancy THAT now darlins'

    AND we've got the deluxe model, y'all~

  60. facepalm! are you gonna REALLY hit us with the kiddy-fiddlin' priests line, mannolo?

    That's schlomo's doing – you just wait and see!! Good luck with promotin' his lies n' mistruths~

  61. p.p.s. For let it be known, faith and reason are but two sides of the same coin – the best of ancient Greek thought, melded perfectly with the early modern tradition~

    You, sir, are blinded because of your emotional investment in a particular…..way…..

    It is YOU who are treading in deep water…..we are going to expose you. MK-OK-ULTRA-47..

    Then, we shall…….forgive – for we love you….

    You, sir, shall be enlightened~~~~ the Viking warriors accepted our Way….egad! you shall too, before we are through~

    Certes! it is Wondrous~~~

  62. p.s. At least you've managed to refrain from the foul language! Progress is being made, my son.

    You might be a cad, but you're particularly learned and can quote John Lamb Lash to beat the ban – we'll give ya that!

  63. Another operative? Terms we don't understand?

    Gadzooks, Sir~ I threw down my glove. Now we'll let Jung do the talking on our behalf, you cad!

    More later.

  64. Thanks for your kind words, Mike. As a long-time holistic nurse who has studied many healing methodologies, especially those that transform one's spirit & clear deep emotional trauma, my compassion for others has grown exponentially over the years. Years ago I was a consultant/confidante to my dear spiritual brother, Ron Hering PhD, a psychologist who dedicated his life helping men (especially Vietnam vets) heal their wounded hearts/spirits, and was himself tragically murdered by a deranged Korean vet. Despite losing a precious friend, I've felt his loving presence many times since then.

    From my perspective, one of the greatest lies perpetuated among humanity is the lie of separation. We are inter-connected as well as inter-related while remaining unique beings. That does not mean we must be alike or agree upon what we call "reality". However, the Path is available for ALL those who sincerely seek the Truth…beyond words & philosophical debates.

    Yes, humanity needs a great deal of healing! I remain in service to those with whom I share this sacred journey of awakening…

    With Compassion,


  65. Serenity, Timeangel.
    First, thank you both for engaging your own faculties. This is quite rare.
    Timeangel, perhaps my intention is misplaced. I can't escape the impression that you possess a wonderful innocence, and it is my failing that I would like to see you preserve this precious gift. Foolish of moi, and an indulgence.
    Serenity, I believe that you truly understand the intelligence of the heart…so rare today.
    There is so much to be healed, one gets overwhelmed. I must always search for perspective, and in the shifting colours of this reality all too often I retrace my steps, to be able to start off again.
    Best wishes to you both,

  66. Danny, I'm not sure what your sources are, but I've studied with Mayan Elders who have a long oral tradition as their source. Remember, history is corrupted by the writings of the victors, not by the "conquered" indigenous peoples.


  67. Banger,
    You arrived here on your self proclaimed mission of personal warfare, crowing incomprehensibly for most of it.
    I'm certain your Christian friends cheer you on in their lust for revenge over traumas they never suffered, but if you haven't figured it out yet, your arguments are so worn they have no tread left.
    The old "we are the real christians" excuse now dates to several hundred years. Its been used by Catholics to justify their slaughter of the Celtic church, and has been deployed ceaselessly ever since.
    Christianity cannot escape it's crimes through blaming them on on "other Christians", any more than gangsters can blame lawlessness on other gangsters.
    Personally, I find the grandstanding, the threats, and the wild claims of christians all very much the same, despite you all babbling about who are the real christians.
    I do wish you would refrain from using terms you don't comprehend in a manner that makes you appear to be clueless, it just makes it that much easier to chalk you up as just another operative, and ignore your pops and whistles.

  68. Mike, It is indeed up to us to keep the path alive! Your enlightening discourses here remind each of us who are committed to be fully open to that "essence that shines invisibly" and is deeply felt. Again, thank you most sincerely for being the Guiding Light.


  69. wrong! the conquistadors actually protected them from their totally corrupt overlords who ate them and sacrificed their tanned lil' asses. The so-called "torture chambers" you have erroneously been referred to were probably for those guys (because we did things differently BACK THEN!!! geddit? B-A-C-K-T-H-E-N).

    The current grasping after old, silly and dead traditions by the poorly educated young local folks is at the instigation of Schlomo and his minions, and is designed to destroy already tottering and very shaky democracies all over South America (and Africa – by breaking down social cohesion based on centuries of European rule, for good or ill – this cohesion WILL NOT be changed overnight, thus chaos will ensue – schlomo's are of expertise) in preparation for the coming Total War against all that is Right AND Good. The 3rd world is an easy place to begin for schlomo – Europe, and Europeans,are a tougher nut to crack. Obviously.

    C'mon, did a little deeper, would ya? Your comments have been pretty good so far.


  70. p.p.s. and we don't mean the Society of St. Pius X, 'neither! They're jes'nuther, more sophistumucated branch o' them thar darned fundy lunatics. anyhoos~


    it is…..wondrous~ soft

  71. p.s. let alone the "papacy" in Rome – they have been compromised ever since Paul VI was swapped out back in the early '70s, don't ya know~ and probably since well before that.

  72. that is exactly my point, MK. If you think that Catholics – serious, enlightened and aware Catholics – actually take the bible stories literally; and believe that we think Jesus was some pathetic artisan jew walking around the desert in freaking sandals proclaiming the "good news" (whatever that is) then you are sorely mistaken.

    Tar-est thou not all with the dastardly fundy brush! Paint-est thou not with such broad n' crude strokes! Seek-est, and thou shalt find!

    More later~

  73. Thank you, MK. Twice now you have warned me to be careful and I do appreciate and consider that.
    Tara, you have asked some really important questions and much like you I wish we had more answers. It seems we don't always get to choose what we know.
    The convergence here and diverse exchange of thoughts has truly presented substance and value that is rare to find anywhere these days… good salad/food for thought.
    Thank you,

  74. Tara,
    I really don't want to get into Masonry and Rosicrucianism on this thread. If you wish to read sympathetic accounts, many are available from several authors who are very good writers.
    This all fits together in a kind of pre-enlightenment millieu, as both a response to rather intolerable conditions, and an attempt to set the direction for the western esoteric tradition.
    Elias Ashmole, no less, published an impassioned letter stating his case for inclusion in the ranks of the masters.
    The unfortunate truth is that today, the symbology, The systems of numerology and 2 dimensional geometry simply cannot provide the breadth of experience required for dealing with this paradigm.
    If you are called in this direction, then by all means explore it, yet keep in mind that anything done today is simply a recreation of a recreation, so if it doesn't vibrate with life, it won't lead anywhere.
    Yes, clearly, Jesus was the last avatar of the light for the last of the Gnostic groups. They knew their time was short, they saw the ranks of crazed abrahamists lusting for their next kill.
    Thus, the teachings of the Gnostic Jesus are all about that sacred marriage with the numinous, all about that essence that shines invisibly, all about the setting of course to the Treasuries.
    Anyone who has felt that stirring knows what I am saying here. They know with the knowledge of the Heart about the Holy City, about the pilgrimage, and about that exalted place.
    The great seers are there now. They have the way, its up to us to keep the path alive.

  75. Timeangel,
    There is not going to be any great coming together. If you hug a rattlesnake, it will bite you.
    The time of the abrahamics is already over. Their world is doomed. Like most wounded killers, the abrahamics are still very dangerous. Israel bombing Syria, Islamic state launching attacks in Europe, pedophile priests.
    There will not be any great awakening amongst humanity, not until after the last movements of this symphony are played.
    It is not apples and oranges when one is concerned with true vs ersatz spirituality.
    There are going to be millions of clueless people who are going to look for answers among those who enslave them. To them I say, good luck. There are only going to be a comparatively few who are going to look for their answers elsewhere.
    The bus drivers are prepped and ready to take you to the revival. For those who want this path, please, go now!
    I write only for those who have the courage to stand in the wind and dark, who are courageous enough to face the demons, and dare to fight them.
    For those who cannot summon the resolve, their bus is waiting.
    For those few others, another destiny awaits.

  76. Timeangel,
    How do we do that? Get the act together. I'm not going in a garbage disposal. They are. I will hang onto the edge and watch them gets chewed to pieces. I hope I'm not the last one who can't get it together and is causing problems. That's all.

  77. MK,
    That's what I thought Christ was. Avatar. Hijacked by lunatics. It's that bacteria that controls people's minds. I guess if I'm still here I still have stuff that needs doing.
    I'm just thankful that I never believed much of anything anyway. This is the most real and true stuff I've ever found. You know it's true if they don't want you to know it. This world the way they try to make you believe it to be is nonsense. I mean, gold? Give me a break. The fallacy of scarcity is what I call it. They are flying around in space ships. I know good and well they are. Here we are living like animals burning gasoline. That stupid religion and the tv and that bacteria is what keeps everyone in line. The sun is mad as all get out. It's putting out so much juice I can barely stand to be in it.
    Get this. Even that word spiritual is tainted now. I've heard a bunch of people say "Oh, I'm very spiritual." They wouldn't know spiritual if it bit them is the ass. If a person is spiritual they don't go around bragging about it.
    I need to keep my damn mouth shut. I don't have any problems, really. I have no reason to complain about anything. I just can not stand to think of living out the rest of my life in this fun house mirror full of lies. Thank you again M. I'll read about those plates myself. I was trying to read it on this phone and it's so tiny I'm about to go blind.

  78. I see mostly apples and oranges in the comments with a few coconuts thrown in to this salad to kick it up a notch. And gefilte fish not mixing very well. But if we don't get our culinary act together at the table soon we could all wind up in the garbage disposal.

  79. I don't write these mini-essays for the bangers of the world who are going to drive the bus to pick up the faithful and save their souls while the world they abuse dies.
    I write these essays for those who are held in the grip of the murderous machine, and require some help, some support in freeing themselves from it.
    I show for the seeker that there is no spirituality in christianity, and the claim that their is, is a lie.
    I could write entire books on this, illustrate clearly how the abrahamic mind virus has brought only pain, suffering, and division to humanity, and widespread death to the world.
    There were no death camps until the abrahamic mind virus infected the people of that time. There were no religious wars, no genocides to erase another people's vibrant spirituality.
    So banger wants to drive the bus, and proclaim to everyone his joyous message of bondage and superiority. Sorry, boy, but I have above shown you a little glimpse that it has occurred already, and it isn't just a figment of the past.
    Here's some more for the carriers of the abrahamic mind virus; There is no historic record of this character Jesus ever having existed. Jesus, as an avatar exists, speaks, laughs, in the Gnostic literature alone. The sufferers of the mind virus quite apparently stole Jesus from the Gnostics, and thanked them by murdering them en masse.
    Whatever you want to believe is an object of faith, not fact. Belief itself demands fealty, an excuse for an unbroken record of crime and viciousness that continues to this day.
    For the seeker, you can extricate yourself from the grip of the carriers of the mind virus. Only you can do so, only you can be the path that leads out of the dying world of the abrahamics.

  80. It is said that reason why the Plejaren Gabriel appeared in that cave to announce Mohammad's lucky day was all for countering this exact kind of developing christian activity.

  81. MK,
    Religion sucks. It's a prison for the spirit. Anything that murders like that and continues to do so every minute needs to get lost. I don't know how anyone can continue to defend it. It's been misused as a mechanism of control and the people, if you can call them that, who use it seek to extinguish everything. That Abraham is bad news and his demon buddy needs a life sentence in maximum security or it needs killing ASAP.
    It seems like maybe there may be some value in the notion of the spirit of the Christ before these jerks got their mitts on it. What about those D.O.M.A plates? That looked pretty good. It looked natural to me. If you go against natural laws it ruins everything. That's exactly what this reality is. They are trying to exterminate humanity by the mechanism of the termination of the natural course of the spirit of man. What do you know about those plates? Do not address me if your name is not MK. I am talking to him.
    Let me just add this: the only value I can see in it is that maybe it's human nature. Sometimes people have to get so disgusted and saturated with what they don't want that they become willing to risk everything so that they have the will to risk everything to try to attain what it is that they do want.

  82. Stan, Worse still than their "Hell", when the Spanish Conquistadors invaded Central & South America, they built a jail (or torture chamber) next to their churches for forcing (ie cutting out their tongues & worse) the "heathens" among the native peoples to convert. The resulting psychic trauma to their ancestors still psychologically affects many in the indigenous communities.

    I live among the indigenous here in Mexico & have heard their tragic, heartbreaking stories. Today their younger generations are seeking to restore their lost heritage with sacred ceremony & re-learning their native language & the stories of their Elders before they pass away.


  83. I sent an email explaining Jack's 1:12AM comment to another of this number a couple of days ago. Many are the minds on the same wavelength. What an individual is, and does, their needs and wants, are totally their own, period, full stop. This timeline existence, is as MK has said, which I totally agree with, the work of consciousness ours' and the others who are using all the means at their disposal to destroy the condition of life which we call human.

  84. Every thing MK says about Christan history is spot on truth.

    It is not what is said it is what is done that matters.

    What MK is saying is that ultimately Christian thinking is a system based upon slavery and that knowledge sets one free.

    You are free to believe as you please as I am free to ignor you of course with the help of that 2A for protection of my person as history clearly shows is needed.

    Much lov


  85. Grasshopper, child, thou hast filleth my breast with (sinful, ahem!) pride.

    Thou art Ready~ but be careful with whom you enter into contract, for we must choose our battles wisely. We must choose our opponents with great care in order that example is made thereof…

    I pray you prithee! Choose wisely, Brother…Hufty-Tuftys are in sooth tempting, but are not fair game~

    flagellate thy rotten hide, sinner!!!!

    er, I mean, rest well, brother, for we do battle upon the morrow.

  86. aaaaaahhhhhhh, what dost thou mean by 'Christian'? THAT is the question.
    Meanest thou fundy lunatics?
    Perchance, thou art confused, deary.

  87. It is always best not to provoke a true believer!

    I ignor them as all should and hence the American 2A for the truly unrepentant morons who always need force to further their views.

    I would suggest that true Christian's should skip Jack's work and return to VT.


  88. yeeks!! Convert all, thou sayeth, egad!!??

    Not likely good sir, for we are in sooth fair choosey~ although, thouest seemeth to us no fair Nose of Wax….

    Perchance upon the morrow we'll know more.

  89. Woodness, Master! Keeks! Forsooth, we are pitchkelled by these blasphemies. I look forward upon the morrow to gorging myself upon thy bellytimber.
    (Err, in sooth, though, I am not worthy. forgivest thou my?)

    'till anon, so


  90. Ye shall all convert to the Holy Roman Catholic Church or I will obey gods command and snap thine little eternally damned pencil neck and deliver you straight to HELL.
    Like a column of smoke by day and a pillar of fire by night let it burn until nothing is left except the whitest ash in the chalice of the triple flame.

  91. Soft, child, be still now…

    I beseek you, control thy itch…Forsooth, we are afeared that the agents of the Schlomo are active on this fair thread…the tainting of the Good with vile language, insinuations, accusations and untruths…of late….

    So, We have taken it upon ourselves to prepare the rebuke of all rebukes…

    …the sacrifice, that is at the heart of all human progress…will be made upon this alter…

    we are……the all that is the was that is the is that is the coming…. and will be….forever

    MK-OK will be forgiven, for he knows not what he does…..or says…

    In sooth, it shall be so~






  92. Master, o wise one. I am truly overwhelmed by the exuberance of your verbosity…

    I am the grasshopper, to your solar lion
    the worm, to your snake
    we are the lumbering supply division, to your special forces
    all are the Montgomery, to your Patton…

    Hail, Cardinal Banger!! we bask in ur Light

  93. Verily, my son,

    M'kay doth make the age old (hail, oh enlightened man!) mistake of assuming that Christianity is science for stupid people, or savages of some kind.

    (I mean, facepalm! are Xians gonna have-ta suffer forever for the rape of frikkin' Hypatia??? Okay, they made a mistake. A criminal mistake. But whaddya expect? The actual killers were a bunch of ignorant peasants put up to it by somebody who really should've known better – Hell, but they weren't the only ones a-rapin and a-pillagin at the time though surely, now, were they~~~? Let's have some perspective, here…)

    MK-OK doth confuseth his historical "facts" with contextual "situations."

    To reduce everything and everyone to ANY ONE THING is a mark of a weak mind.

    Jung: "the soul is naturally Christian"

    Let that sink in, anon., my child, and then ask why Jung would say such a thing?

    Would it not profit MK-47 to ask why a great thinker, verily, such a Carl Jung would make such a statement? Instead of dexterously exercising himself – and G*d knows, us – with his ramblings about the historical corruption of human institutions; in this particular case, Christianity (although he seems vague as to which denominations, moreover, and seems unaware of the distinctions between same: THEY ARE ALL MURDERING SCUM…….

    …ahem, of course, Mikey….whatever you say, dear~)

    MK-47 loses sight of why Jung would make such a statement because he is emotionally blinded and thus intellectually incapacitated…..

    MK-OK would have us believe that he knows more than Jung~


    he is…….estranged.

    aaaaaaaaaaaah~ he hath no idea.

    he knows nothing at all.


    More later, wenches n' wretches.. we're not done with Jung, yet~

    MK? I suggest you start a-googlin' your loquacious arse off, my good man~

  94. aaaaaaaahhhhhh, Sir Banger, sooth, The higher the sun rises, the less shadow it casts…When repressed the shadow lurks like an angry dragon locked up in a dungeon….

    MK ultra is self-educated along very narrow and particular lines, in sooth…but confuses contemplative practice with contemplative praxis, with a way of acting in the world

    As the godless are wont to do

  95. In conclusion then, christendom must renounce its claim to a spirituality, a spiritual path. It's record of incredible crimes alone must disqualify itself.
    We don't herald murderers as humanitarians, and we don't offer deference to an apparatus that has no history of even the slightest adherence to anything close to a genuine spiritual life.
    The system of requirements of belief and faith do not allow for free and open exploration and determination, only for an internalized congruence with an official party line.

  96. meh! sounds to me like you're living too much in the past, mannolo.

    Hey! It's a little bit like this – people are strange when you're a stranger. Faces look ugly when you're alone, m'kay? Women seem wicked when you're unwanted, Certes! Streets are uneven when you're down, in sooth.

    You're too biased, man~ Let the past be the past – or be straaaaaayyyyyy-NNGGEE-UHH!

  97. Want more?
    We'll hypothesize that an untarnished record of the most vicious religious behavior ever, a fact all descendants of Abraham share in, can be overcome by a spirituality within this tradition.
    Now, let us test this hypothesis.
    The unfoldment of consciousness requires both a drive to discover, and a freedom to test this discovery. The drive to discover unfolds personal, inner experience, perception and awareness. The seeker builds their spiritual vocabulary through a series of experiential events that both build a living image and then transcend that living image again and again, always expanding beyond previous limits, always challenging the current living image.
    The Christian method in contrast, involves study and acceptance. Christian myth, the narrative, practices, and an internalization of them are essential.
    Thus, for the christian method, a subjugation of oneself to the external structure, and an adherence to the tenets of that myth are central.
    What we have then is faith, and belief as guiding principles.
    Neither faith or belief allow open inquiry, discovery, or the freedom to test this discovery. Faith and belief require an unproven, untested and untestable adherence to an externally derived set of expectations.
    See for yourself. First, choose a symbol that you find fascinating. Play with it in your mind, discover it's properties, it's hidden significance. What you find is your inner nature leading you on.
    Now, choose a christian symbol. You will find quite a bit already written about it, including detailed instructions on its meaning. You are not free to see the Virgin of Guadalupe, for example, as an Aztecan seeress who participates in a long tradition of interaction with numinous consciousness. Doing so moves you outside of the christian method, especially if you discover she wasn't a virgin!
    Thus, the christian method is not, and cannot be a spirituality, or a spiritual path. At best, the christian method is a path of religious discovery within the envelope of a contemplative practice.
    One can argue that a contemplative practice is a method, but one cannot lay claim to the essential nature of spirituality, of the spiritual path.


  98. Well, you say, this was all history. Certainly by the time christianity exterminated all serious rivals, they were on better behavior?
    Hmm, let's see, well, there was that little crusade against the Cathars, a Gnostic sect. Few things are more guaranteed to ramp up that Christian war machine than Gnostics. We have a famous saying from this episode…kill them all and let god sort them out!
    Damn fine example of the spiritual path.
    Oh, and if you want to pretend none of this occurred, you'll have to explain why there was an official apology issued on the last anniversary of happy genocide.
    From here we "progress" to the reformation, the inquisition, the witch trials…The record is clear that supremacy did nothing to moderate the record.
    By now, if you're still convinced that christendom offers a spirituality, a genuine spiritual path, you clearly have no idea of what a vibrant spiritual tradition is. At this point some serious study into the Vedic tradition, Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism, how they spread, cultivated their tradition, and have survived are in order. The Vedic tradition is approximately 5,000 years old. Until recently, it didn't have to contend with religious wars, which never existed before old Abe made his pact with his demonic entity.

  99. Is there such a thing as christian spirituality?
    In other words, does organized christian religion offer a genuine spiritual path?
    To answer this question, one would have to know what spirituality, the spiritual path really mean.
    Essentially, spirituality is the unfoldment of consciousness, and the spiritual path is the way for this unfoldment to occur.
    So, does christendom protect, nurture, and promote this process? Let's review the historic record first. Christianity was legalized in 314, ten years later made the official religion by the Caesars of Rome. Following both these events, christians celebrated by launching into orgies of murder and destruction against those who held traditional beliefs. By 354, christians added burning libraries to their repertoire, and by 359 had established the very first death camps. There is no use protesting this record, it continues unabated for hundreds of years, is celebrated in the christian record, and is thoroughly documented.
    I don't care how you choose to justify these acts, they have nothing to do with nurturing, protecting, and promoting the unfoldment of consciousness. Not an auspicious start for a spiritual path.
    But hey, maybe it gets better. Let's see what happened when a mighty christian king, ruler of a vast domain, decided to convert a comparatively small tribe of Saxons. Oops, maybe we shouldn't. Unless betrayal, weaponized rape, mass murder and intentional genocide are christian crimes easily forgiven in the unfoldment of that grand christian spiritual path.
    Ok, so the spread of Christianity was marked by continual psychotic explosions of mass murder, genocide, extinction of knowledge, widespread destruction of historic buildings, and intentional erasure of viable, vibrant native spiritual traditions. All this is documented fact, inarguable. It's impossible to build a case that Christianity spread by peaceful, enlightened, or spiritual means. Thus, throughout it's history of expansion Christianity did the exact opposite of what a spiritual path, a spirituality, actually does and offers.
    By any sane definition, christendom neither offered or spread anything close to a spiritual path. Unless, that is, murder, repression, and violence on a vast scale are "spiritual".

  100. Anonymous, As Jack Heart says so clearly above, "Those of you who are of praetor human intelligence do not flatter yourself too much, as Mr. Kay has proved & will continue to prove; there are Men who can keep up with you"…Nothing more to add…

  101. forever at odds…..forever fighting…..forever living in the dastardly realm of elevated cortisol levels….prematurely aging. Quick to anger…..vulnerable…..

    Change the channel, matey – and this is what Jack's writing has been about since day 1.

    And lighten up!!!

    p.s. you are dead wrong – again – about Christian life opposing talents, abilities, etc.

    Ergo, you obviously know nothing about real Xian spirituality.

    Ergo, you are casting judgement on a public forum against something you obviously know nothing about

    Ergo, you have been intellectually compromised by your emotional responses to something you know nothing about

    Ergo, you shouldn't be commenting about things you know nothing about

    Ergo, quod erat demonstrandum – at least in your case – hasn't been


  102. Mike,
    I am awestruck and honored by your willingness to share of yourself in that manner. "We are our own paths." That is the insight I was seeking on this day.

  103. Tara,
    Perhaps at some point I'll write a bit more about my personal journey, yet right now I can't. It would just be an ego trip, because truthfully, I'm only beginning to understand it.
    I wrote about engreifen, about being profoundly in a kind of unbreakable grip, and yes, you are correct, I just recently managed to extricate myself. You are part of it, and Serenity, and so many others…well, I believe you get the picture.
    The most significant questions are the ones casually dismissed, covered with banality, mocked.
    I find myself searching through them, getting to a level, then looking up to see the answer lies higher. When I get to that answer, I see a greater significance higher still. And so it goes, shifting, changing colour, turning about.
    You are your path, we are our own paths. It's the way.
    Embrace it.
    Best wishes

  104. Tara, Keep on being "authentically" YOU! No need for judgments or comparisons here; we are all uniquely ourselves sharing a sometimes very outrageous journey. Humor helps lighten the load.

    When I first discovered Jack & Mike on VT (seems like a long time ago), I immediately felt a special, inner connection. I knew I would learn a lot from these gentlemen.

    Right now there's a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world where laughter is a great antidote. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross, who wrote "On Death and Dying" and helped many people facing their transition out of body, had a banner on her office wall saying, "Laughter is the highest form of spirituality".

    I love laughing with you…


  105. Thanks MK
    Like I said before, your intellect is amazing. Fixations are part of my charm.
    Doing what I love? Making people laugh and setting them at ease. Maybe, giving them a hard time 😉 How am I supposed to do that anymore, M? I don't know how to be anything but authentic so I'm pretty much screwed. I just can't keep up with you crazy kids.

  106. And so I love country music

    Like the movie animal house

    We are going down so let's have a party

    At my party everyone would wear a kangaroo mask



  107. certes! Soft, and in sooth….Timeangel……my sister………we have never departed.

    You may be permitted to know that we are in good…..spirits.

    Moreover, this latest barnstormer by Duke Jack hast momentarily rendered us fair twain speechless….and, pray, how could we possibly add to the quality commentaries and lamentations of this fair thread, thus far?

    we are……….at peace…

    we acknowledge your presence with a…..cursory……..tilt of our noggins~

    you may……..give deference~

    we love you all ~~~~*

  108. I could give you any one of a million and one slick little answers, thought about a lot of them, but let’s save all that for the text when I do the Norse. I need her, what anyone or anything else needs is of no consequence to me. You all are gonna have to figure that out for yourselves, where you stand in all this, because if you are not AI or a bacterial entity you must be standing somewhere. I wouldn’t suggest sitting down there’s a storm coming…

  109. Jack,

    really interesting commentary about your fine story.

    Course could I ask who is this Goddess?

    do we need her?

    Still with Tara…course what is it mean to be chosen?

    Lets look at the land of the choosen.

    You know that land one can not at in the least criticize?

    I have the same problem with my dear evangelical family and friends and it is this the saved and the lost.

    I don't believe in lost I believe in found.

    Much lov


  110. Hath Sir Bangar and Prince Sidekick returned? We waiteth on the edge of our seats in eager anticipation for thy wit and pun-tifications. How art thou?

  111. verily, mannolo, I say to thee: there are indeed physiologegomaniacal differences. They doth swing from simian treetops (especially created for that purpose); have limited vocalizing ability (ya know, like grunting, and s**t?); and aren't very intelligent.

    Oh, and they also watch too much Better Call Saul!!!

  112. I can definitely confirm the AI part. I've only seen the first Silent Hill movie. I really like this song from it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShmyBBgO06M

    How do you know what is AI mind control via remote sensing technology and what is magic ???

    And quick question is voodoo dolls and the "as above so below" based on holograms? Like if you change on part it changes the others through some kind of harmony process???

  113. Tara,
    I used JGs terms mostly because I found some humor in them.
    Honestly, there has always been a sense, in traditional cultures at least, that no such thing as equality truly exists. Terms we use here probably mean less than the act of rebellion it requires to simply conceive of this, a polarity of human capacity.
    I realize that championing this polarity creates a potential for a rather unhealthy fixation. However, we can free ourselves from this trap through focus on our qualities, what we bring to the world.
    I am forever at odds with the abrahamic mindset, because it is so destructive. It is the demented fixation of the I, brought to us by a degenerate Christianism, which prevents a healthy focus on talents, on abilities, on qualities that bring purpose and meaning to life.
    Think about it Tara, do you find quality of life through imagining what you might be, or through doing what you love?

  114. M,
    I'm so sorry. I'm not trying to bug anyone out. It's just this. It's what bothered me. It's the way that word hit me "elect." It stuck me wrong. It's my personal crazy mind. It sounds like more special than someone else. I get it. Maybe it would help someone else. It means elected. I elected to be here. It was a conscious choice even though I don't remember doing it. I just remember some cult talked and if I remember correctly they used that word too. I think it was those door to door ones. Not the mormons the witnesses. I have schooled them a few times. The Choosers. I guess I was pretty damn choosy. Cause it's a lot of things but not boring. Anyway. I hope that doesn't make you mad cause that's the last damn thing I wanna do.

  115. PS That devil google voyeristic peice of dog shit won't even let me delete my account. You should see how these machines are acting. It's enough to almost make me want to take a hammer to the goddam computer.

  116. Anonymous,
    If you wish to engage in a search for knowledge, you must sign your posts. I will not take the time to engage those who do not do so, beyond a cursory nod.
    There is, I believe, a great truth to this myth. One worth the time to meditate upon.

  117. Okay M,
    I have been worried that I might be one of those demonic entities. That's not right. My best friend doesn't hang around with demonic entities. Still, it's a little confusing. I have been very upset all day. Orage said to me "I know you know." What do I know? Not a damn thing obviously but if somebody messes with my friends they are gonna get some. At this point I don't think anybody wants any of it. Thank you, again. You are so smart. I thought I was smart. I have to read what you say like three times. I think I get it now. I am so sorry for being such a bitch to you before. When I first got here you would be so furious. I mean, even before I got here I noticed it. Now, you seem much calmer and happier. I know it's totally stupid but I flatter myself and I hope that maybe I had just a little bit of something to do with that. Germans have long words for stuff and I've got that spring fever thing. I'm so tired I feel like I'm gonna die. Plus throwing temper fits and crying like a baby. Every day is different, right? I'll feel better soon. I will try to become more eventempered. You are so great. I still think you are an angel cause nobody is that damn smart. Please don't bother yourself answering me, okay. I just wanted you to know.

  118. Clarification;
    First, understanding of the law.
    Second, working with the law
    Third, Transcending the law.
    We can be slaves of the cosmos, or we can learn to navigate it.
    We can give ourselves over to the shackles of restrictive belief systems, swear fealty to them, relish in their wealth, and forgoe our destiny, or we can embrace it.
    The choice lies within.
    Are you a replicant, or an elect?
    Only you can know for sure.

  119. MK, with respect, I refer You to Jack´s comment above. Also, I´m not wholly in agreement with Your description of the Norse gods. After all, I grew up with what remains of the stories about them. This is neither the time, nor, although it MIGHT be the place, for THAT particular discussion.
    Although I might ask You, Ask and Embla was made, before the gods gave them purpose. What do You make of that?

  120. Demiurgos, the conclusion.
    In our short review we have demonstrated that the cosmos is regulated, that this regulation is intelligible, and the intelligence behind this regulation was perceived and named by cultures as diverse as Egypt and German.
    We noted the Gnostic tradition, that it identified the god of the jews, xtians, and later muslims as a lesser Demon, who came to be identified as the Demiurgos.
    BTW, the pact Abraham made with his evil power is a classic deal with the devil; wealth, power, land in exchange for everything one is. The world has suffered immeasurably from this evil for 4,000 years.
    There is much that needs correcting in the current depiction of the Gnostic movement, not the least of which is the hamfisted attempt to jam a visionary ecstatic record into a marxist material reductionist phantasy envelope, but this would require a book.
    Suffice it to say that Gnosticism brought the Demiurgos back into human awareness.
    I submit this awareness provides those so able with actionable insight.
    The cosmos is consciousness, and consciousness follows the organiser in a similar manner to a river choosing it's course. What this means is that there is a cosmic codex, a set of laws by which consciousness reveals itself.
    The point then is, allying oneself with these laws puts one in harmony with the flow of the moving image of eternity.
    Thus the actionable insight is the choice to ally oneself with a demonic entity, or to understand and transcend it.

  121. Anyway after all that comes the real subject of the book; an attempt at the performance of the Babylon Working in 1989 by an assortment of bikers, mobsters and strippers all under the direction of whom else but the “Whore of Babylon” (Sophia, Ishtar, Isis, Lilith, Freya etcetera… I know her by a different name), which I didn’t know at the time or even when I wrote the book. I knew who she was. I just didn’t know that she knew who she was better than I did. She has gradually explained herself to me over the last four years through various means resulting in the writings of Jack Heart. She revealed herself to me again in her physical incarnation last year when I went to Florida and the DoD attempted to detain me probably to put me in Guantanamo Bay for publishing the second part of that Paint it Blue piece. It did not go well for them…

    Apparently Silent Hill& Silent Hill Revelations are her doing; a message to me. She thinks I’m Pyramid Head. Although I will defend her with everything I got I think something different which is why I’m writing Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head for the reading of a very select few; her seven partners. Seven plus her, plus me, that’s what nine means Zen. Your government and indeed the entire world is being run on prophecy, nothing of what you believe is important, not a word, that’s the pig slop they put in the trough for the farm animals. In the end nine entities will make the decision on the final fate of all those souls marooned on this timeline which has been overrun by an AI plague of their own making. Two have the power to overrule the other seven but not each other, welcome to the real world…

  122. Yes I’ve seen the trailer for Schlomo’s homosexual version of Ragnarök; featuring Jeff Goldblum as the Grand Drag Queen, Zen, disgusting but that is Schlomo’s middle name. Isn’t it? My novel contains many graphic sexual descriptions from someone who actually had them and knows how to write too for a change. That will not get you published when you have the enemy’s I have, or I should say you have. Because I have no enemy’s of any significance anymore.

    Peter Pan Meets Pyramid Head has been practically dogged right off the internet by Google. VT has been knocked down multiple times and the Nexus Magazine news feed was put out of commission for practically a week all because of what you have just read in part 1 and 2 and will read in part 3. As it is now Google has frozen the hit counts on part 1 and 2 in VT. That is to insure they do not make top 10 or even 50 which part 1 had to be removed from to even get VT up and running the last time. They, the ruling elite, don’t want anyone reading this but them and us but I care nothing about what they want anymore.

    The book goes into far greater detail naming the names that Orage has restrained from doing here. It was finished by the end of 2012 and was about my life spent with only one foot in this world. I have seen and been a part of so much supernatural phenomena that I could and indeed I have slept quite soundly through the equivalents of a reenactment of Poltergeist. It begins with the real story behind the Amityville Horror and continues into an account of what happened when the Montauk Project was culminated with “a hole being ripped through space-time at Montauk in 1983” as Preston Nichols lies about it. The hole was ripped in East Islip as noted in part 1 of this essay and the description it is linked too on the blog. I believe Nichols now confirms this on his web site but no worries I probably knew him better than anybody else did.

  123. Thanks for your "concern", Anonymous. I've studied most major religions over many years as well as other philosophies. Nor do I "follow" gurus. My "discernment" tells me "this guy" is not only authentic in his teachings, but is also a man of integrity. What one takes away from his writings is up to each person to discern. No "garden path" here to follow. However, time is of the essence in becoming awake & aware…


  124. Zen Master,
    Hello and where have you been? You are cool. That may piss him off though. Maybe not. I don't think Jack's book is about Freya. It's about his own personal experience and no one wanted anyone to hear it. That's the worst and it's a good story too at least the little bit I've read. That Freya, she can be a very bad girl can't she? 😉 I never saw that 50 shades movie. They were flocking around those crappy books though. I mean I can't even imagine how he feels when they will publish trash like that but they won't publish his book. That 50 shades crap was embarrassing to the female sex. That book sucked. Some lady gave me a copy. It sucked. I couldn't even read it. Then in the movie that guy looked like I could have beat his ass. You'd have to stick tooth picks in my eyes to make me watch that. If you're into it. Ann Rice cooked up a crazy story like that a long time ago. These kids can't get enough of vampires and junior scholastic end of the world stuff. I haven't seen a movie in a long time though. There are muses. They take a lot of juice to fool with. They drive some people straight off the pier crazy. You have to be strong to mess with them. You like Harley Quinn? You see what they did to her? Jared Leto? Give me a break. Then they wouldn't even let him be in the movie. I guess they want to see some bad ass woman hanging out with outlaws talking about Good Night. I can personally attest that it takes a lot of energy to hang with them sometimes. This world is sick in it's head. They are going to kill all of us. They are going to try to anyway. They won't get by with it. Not if these boys have anything to say about it. Jack is a man of principle. He refused to self publish his book. He's stubborn too. I like that. I like a man who's crazier than me and that doesn't grow on trees. That's why I'm still here. I guess if they are putting out a movie like that maybe those cosmic organizers are trying to break it to us gently. They may not even be real for all I know. Angels are real. I've seen them in the flesh at least once. Maybe more. That's funny you mention Tarot. I saw a card for the fool recently. Dude had a cat. I was like whatever. My cat follows me all over the place but he's not stupid enough to walk over a cliff with me. You gotta take that walk alone, I guess. I don't know what we're going to do about these demons. They are pitiful. Even after how damn nasty they are I actually feel sorry for them. I still want to kill them but I'm not so sure they can be killed. Something has to be done about this horrible mess. You got any ideas?

  125. It looks like the top pic is concept art for the new Thor Ragnarok movie. In the trailer, that's Hella about to fight the army:


    Do you have thoughts on the real purpose of art? Some say it is just our brain that produces the art, other say a muse helps (for example revisions). What are symbols like in the tarot? What do they do? They can be used in art too.

    You could have written your info as a smut novel maybe they would've published it. 50 shades of Freyja?

  126. Yes, it is ridiculously late, and I mean this on multiple levels, but is JG willing to answer a question?
    I wonder if his take on the bifurcation of humanity is purely in the sense of Spirit, or if he sees a physiological difference as well?
    I don't mean to imply a superiority, rather, a sensitivity. Could it be that the replicants are immune, or at least significantly less susceptible to environmental toxins, microwave bombardment, gmo's, etc due to a profound lack of sensitivity, and could this be reflected in physiology?
    If so, then would it not follow that the elect are more susceptible to adverse reactions due to these stressors?
    If he declines to respond, I will not hold it against him.

  127. Jack, I think perhaps I was unclear in my original comment above. I was referring to the sickening video link posted above…not your article posted here…


  128. Let those replicants not distract you from living, breathing women. Yes, they are different from men. Besides, why divide when joining is the path, as Jack even drew you a picture. Your resentment here doesn't become you, after all you chose to be with these women, so show some responsibility for what you attract-create.

    Discernment and rule of self are but foundation. If you don't have that place to stand on, you can not strike, let alone know what to strike. But you know that, as your other link on Pele gets in on.

  129. Yes, becoming aware of how thoroughly we've been indoctrinated hopefully begins a deep inner search for Truth by those who have the courage & fortitude to care enough to even try. What helped me in the beginning of my search was spending many hours alone in the mountains & wilderness of Wyoming. Being in the natural world was/is a tonic for my soul! I learned to be comfortable in the Silence & to consciously breathe & let go of a great deal of "programmed" fear.

    As I continue to view your "wisdom words", Mike, I read them over & over again; each time I sense something of great value in between those (living) words…resonating & awakening me further still…moving me deeper into my "deepest self"…little by little…with awareness & fine-tuned discernment.


  130. PS
    If anyone has googled terrageist you may find a video made by some catholic singer lady who's dancing around in snow looking like a witch cradling a Rottweiler in her arms like it's a baby. That was an innocent mistake on my part.
    This is me, okay.
    Tara Lyn Wallace
    I tried to fix it last night but the machine didn't seem to want to cooperate
    I hope that's not too many calories short of happy meal 😉

  131. That's right, Men. Women have a tendency to be unpredictable. Sorry about that if it gets anybody offended. That's the way I believe. Not bad or good or anything like that. Just unpredictable. That's why it's our prerogative. Let's say most of us. My mind is made up. Whatever it takes. It seems whatever it takes is to find a man with some goddam sense and trust what that what he says is right. That's what I'm doing anyway.

  132. Those of you who are of praetor human intelligence do not flatter yourself to much, as Mr. Kay has proved and will continue to prove; there are Men who can keep up with you. Jonathan Glassel is another such man:

    “The Way I Got It Figured
    Two types of humans exist, the Elect and Replicants. There are about 1 billion Elect and 6.4 billion Replicants in this reality. The Replicants, Archons, Authorities and Demons have souls but no spirits, the Elect have souls and spirits, the power of creation (the Christ) that the higher gods tricked Yaldabaoth (basically, the Old Testament God, Baal, Satan) into “blowing” into the Elect man.
    Consequently, the Elect power this illusion, creating this reality. However, much of their creative powers are used to maintain the Replicants. Quite naturally, this pisses off Satan, the Archons and the Demons as they are a jealous and greedy lot, wanting everything for themselves.
    Hence, the bad guys figure they can kill all the Replicants and 1/2 of the Elect and still have enough Elect to maintain a reality more to their liking. Agenda 21 and the newer Agenda 30 are attempts to manipulate the creations of the Elect into killing off 95% of the humans in this reality.
    A Replicant thinks they have been taught everything of relevance. The Elect pursue knowledge that cannot be taught, knowledge that can only be learned, deeper knowledge provided by collective consciousness, the All, the One.
    My wife, whom I love dearly, is a Replicant. When I speak of 911, the Sandy Hook Hoax, the faked moon landings, flat earth or simulation reality, I look into her eyes and realize that, quite sadly, no one is home.
    Does this create ill feelings? It shouldn’t as more than likely, I created her or more correctly copied and pasted her into my reality from a reality where she is of the Elect and I am the Replicant.
    Someday, as with the reunion of Sophia and Christ, I will join with the Elect Bonnie and we will blow the freaking roof off of this place.
    These are the secret sayings that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas recorded.
    1. And he said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death."
    2. Jesus said, "Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed. When they are disturbed, they will marvel, and will reign over all. [And after they have reigned they will rest.]" – Jonathan Glassel'

  133. Dominatrix? Really?
    That gave me a laugh!
    Jack, you are correct, that from what remains of the record, The Gods walked the Earth, and were the divine ancestors. This is all over the lore, no doubt about it.
    Here, though we find ourselves at a familiar crossroads, with an age old question-can we inform a record by drawing from other records, that came from other peoples? Obviously your response is yes.
    For whatever its worth, my impression is that gender is defined very early on in the process of cosmic organizing. In Norse thought I believe a detect both models of human organization; The sacrificial and the Fecund.
    Eliade did a great deal of very persuasive research into the sacrificial mode, its origins, and its link to metallurgy, but it was Marija Gambutas who first developed the fecundity mode as a form of civilization.
    Freya, and her promiscuity, her love for beautiful adornment, and her Falcon aspect all play as character traits of the Fecundity mode.
    Matriarchy, or at least some variants upon it, lingered in the Norse consciousness for a very long time, and still sees expression in the festival of St. Lucia.
    Ultimately, this entire record feeds into the cave paintings of ice age Europe.
    I should point out that the Fecundity mode did not rule out a martial aspect to society. Thus the war between Aesir and Vanir, thus the final realization that Odin and the sacrifice mode could not attain total victory.
    There really are no good books on pre-christian European myth, lore and spirituality. The remaining record is left for each individual to find their own way through, and certainly we no longer have the keepers of the lore to instruct us on the finer points.

  134. Correction typo; the name of the Khazar warlord was Ziebel; this according to the Byzantine and Persian sources. Academics, citing only their coke bottle glasses as a source try to make a case that Ziebel was a Mongol named Tong Yabghu Qaghan, but you are not supposed to know that there was a Khazarian Empire, so don’t tell Schlomo I told you…

  135. Not only is it more correct in our “current cultural context,” it’s more correct in hers Anon. Her feelings toward Men are a mess; a little Wave Maiden told me that but she didn’t have too. The Jews call her Lilith and fear her, knowing that not even Yahweh can protect them against her. They place a scroll in the entranceway of their home respectfully asking her and her sidekick to stay out. She could never have been happy with Adam whether he was on top or bottom during sex and of all the great Human Heroes only Gilgamesh was wise enough to know that no single mortal man is enough for her. She is a Goddess who pines for a God. From the fragmented Norse sagas and their most ancient warrior traditions Odin does not start out as a god, he is mighty warrior, a Man named Svipdak, beloved by her who is turned into a sea monster by the other gods, perhaps out of envy. Freya searches all the worlds for him crying golden tears of sorrow as she does and when she finally finds him and sees what they have done to him she flies into a rage and promises to kill all the other gods in Valhalla if they do not restore him to his original form and make him a God… Thus it was their fear of Freya that enabled Odin; a man to become a God…

    She may very well be a Lady but she dam well is the Alpha Wolf in the pack! The ancient Greeks wisest of all the races of Men, called on Her in times of war as Pallus Athena; the warrior goddess, never born but sprung in full battle armor right from the shoulder of Zeus. When the Byzantines were besieged at the very walls of Constantinople by the Persian Empire and their alliance with the Khazars and Slavs threatened to topple the last bastion of western civilization they called on her from the parapets of its walls. That day the Persian and Slav naval fleets were both annihilated in separate engagements and a Khazar force of 80 thousand was repulsed at the walls by 12 thousand men; shortly thereafter the Khazars, as they are prone to do, switched sides and leveled the Persian Empire in her honor. There new covenant with her made manifest by the promise of the Byzantine princess Eudoxia Epiphania’s hand in marriage to the Khazar warlord; Eudoxia Epiphania…

  136. Serenity,
    I believe one of the most significant challenges we have today is becoming aware of the world view we are subtly and not so subtly indoctrinated to accept.
    We can only move to different levels of comprehension through transfiguring our current level, and this means from our deepest self.
    Jack Heart lets me post here, and his generosity has allowed me to put together levels, and transfigure these levels again and again. I'm glad you find some value in these words.

  137. Timeangel,
    I believe it important to keep in mind that all you will discover is not beneficent.
    Just like in waking reality, where one must respect cliffs, poisonous reptiles, and the human capacity for viciousness, the other realms require a certain competency for successful interaction.
    Yes, for those like yourself who see far, it can be a wonderful and surprising experience. However, don't forget your maps and your discernment.
    If I've learned anything through all this, it's that things are not always what they seem, and rarely how we wish them to be.
    Best wishes,

  138. Actually, the translation, and meaning, is "herskerinde", which roughly translated is mistress, or, probably more correct in our current cultural context, dominatrix …

  139. Jack, Thanks for your reply. I do understand what you're saying & know there is a dark side to the above. To be sure I do not have any affinity for "others, educated at Harvard & Oxford or maybe more for my approval". Nor have I accepted the extremely divisive tenets of "feminism". Having many loving, lifelong friendships with men, I've always believed ALL of humanity needs liberation.

    Needless to say, Jack, I've always loved your down-to-earth, nitty gritty writing. I will continue to respect whatever you have to say & to learn from you & perhaps disagree at times. This latest post of yours reminds me of the Grateful Dead song, Truckin'…& the line, "what a long, strange trip it's been"…I can say that applies to my journey also…


  140. We attempted to perform the Babylon working without neither of the key participants having a clear understanding of its implications beyond anything but their own selfhood, it was a disaster and now you are all living in it…

  141. Wow Serenity out of all people; coming from you that may hurt a little …not really. Must have hurt a lot of people to read this, seeing as VT and Nexus News feeds both have been knocked down for carrying it, VT multiple times. You ought to ask yourself why and I’m not even done yet. You ought to appreciate the fact Serenity that there are others, educated at Harvard and Oxford maybe more to your approval, who can give you the theory behind all this stuff. But I am the only one who can give you both theory and practical application which is why I am the one writing it and they are the ones still eating your children. Don’t worry Peter Pan will be back but Pyramid Head is not yet done having his say…

  142. Jack, As you know, over a considerable period of time I've had a great deal of love & respect for you & your writing. This was painful for me to see…


  143. Jack

    I once told you that I would put Jews in charge of any narrative

    You asked me a question about the forces gathered about us

    Did she gather them or is she restraining those forces?

    My personal opinion is that it's both so it's up to us

    I am old now and tend to not care

    You have smart people here so I am an observer

    Much lov


  144. The ancient European mind saw the cosmic organizer as beyond the idea of simple good and evil. The World Tree, or in its more abstract form, the Irminsul, was the mythic expression of this principle.
    In this model, what is organized is not simply a thing, rather a range, a polarity. This actually works much closer with the quantum as described by Jack Heart.
    As each polarity manifests, it follows that fewer potentials exist. Thus each polarity manifests with a shorter set of options than the one which preceded it. We can call this the principle of emanation.
    With the increasingly limited option set comes an increasingly limited distinction of consciousness. Thus the sharpening of the subject-object distinction, and the growing multiplicity of shapes and forms. The ancient sages described this as the abyss, where the cosmos becomes dense, a coagulation of smoke, darkness and the introduction of corruption, Death.
    Thus, to the ancestors, the Demiurgos was not truly a God. Gods traversed the realms of the cosmos as recognizable intelligible energies. They both revealed and were revealed through the flow of the primeval force that flowed through the cosmos. They had congress with men, and men with them. The Tree, the Irminsul are far more inscrutable, far less interested in the subject of man.
    Here the Demiurgos is not evil. Evil arises naturally as the outflow of emanation becomes increasingly dense, as limited option closes in to narrowly define a tightly confined resonance.
    In the final part we will attempt to arrive at some conclusions for this modern world, of what this cosmic organizer means for us.

  145. "Tuned" being the key word. I think you're on to something here, MK… can't think of a better description for some of the most significant cosmic forces at work in our system as we speak. Much more than machines. Though it may have had nothing to do with their arrival, while pondering our approaching dilemma with Elenin, I made a "call" for assistance. Surely there were like-minded others doing the same. Can't help believing they "answered" and for that I am very grateful.

  146. The meat and potatoes of the Demiurgos is the subject of evil.
    Judeochristian "thought" begins and ends with their monogod. They blame a certain entity for evil, completely ignoring the fact that this is impossible.
    If one God creates everything then that God also creates evil.
    Thus, the judeochristian, and later muslim god cannot possibly be good since its the source for evil.
    Since the desert monogod is widely equated with the Demiurgos, the Demiurgos is generally perceived as evil as well.
    Thus, at least in Gnostic times, humans were seen as cursed, chained to a world created by a demented deity, for the purpose of serving as it's slaves.
    This particular world view is still quite popular today.
    Yet it is not the only perspective.

  147. I talked to an older lady who lived on a certain Hawaiian island.Most people would laugh at her.She was speaking truth to me.First person account of a meeting she had while serving up the last pack of Ramon noodles to a very aged native elder mother.Or, so she though.On that island this is a reality ( http://www.sacred-texts.com/pac/hlov/hlov06.htm ) S.R.M.

  148. Anon!
    So, what exactly is a cosmic organizer?
    We have seen that it is essential for the cosmos to have organizing principles. Consciousness acts in surprising ways, yet is itself the manifestation of a coherent creation, one which operates on different levels, according to different laws, thoroughly without the need of its participants to even be aware this occurs.
    The Sun charts it course, the seasons progress, life is born, dies, born anew, choices are made, the entire image ceaselessly moves.
    We are trained, according to Judeochristian sensibility, that all this has been set in motion, and continues on quite mechanically, but does it?
    The ancestors were polytheists. To them, the idea of the monogod was utterly stupid, for they knew that the Earth, the entire cosmos was teeming with intelligible entities, brimming with magic, and capable of manifesting the numinous anywhere, anytime. Creation itself was pervaded by mystic forces, and these forces flowed through everything that was.
    To the ancestors, the Demiurgos was referred to by different names, but that entity in question had a living presence. This was beyond question.
    The modern assumption that there exists some cold mechanical principle finds no congruence in the minds of those who discovered the cosmic organizer.
    Thus, the Demiurgos is a principle, yet also an intelligence, intelligible, yet also veiled in the motion of the cosmos. Not truly a God, for reasons we will explore next,yet not exactly a great philosopher either, a condition which will be made clear.
    Stay tuned,

  149. One thing for damn sure, is that I will not go charging into battle with just my little shooter sticking out of my hand, not until backup arrives, like squadrons of Huns coming out of the Sun on that Bright Summer Day.

  150. Hi Maurice,
    I always keep cat's. No man no dog. That's just me. I always figured I should have a man around to train a dog properly. That one should probably stick with a hamster. They may not be such good company but the way they run on their little wheel is at least something to entertain the shallow minded 😉

  151. for those who have ears let them hears and eyes let them see! If Jack's and Orage's writings do not resonate in you and with every fiber of your being.. why dis the comment section with negativity? You need more attention I suggest get a dog. :O)

  152. Really?
    A "hook" you say?
    Hooks are for fish and most of 'em ain't the sharpest knife in the drawer. If you had one speck of sense in your cowardly brain you'd be able to follow it. Stay on the porch. This here's for the big dogs. You ever see a wolf tear a sheep to shreds? Me neither but I have a really good imagination.

  153. This narrative, designed as it is to suck in the readers on the traditional "hook" is in a popular modern style, the writer has done a great job constructing a story that is nearly impossible to follow however worthy it may be.

  154. Yay To be Continued,
    I remember how aggravating that used to be on my favorite show when I was a kid. It sure gave me a reason to be excited and intrigued and to come back for more. Which angel was Micheal? I don't remember but I think he was definitely a badass 🙂
    Every day is different… You rock MK. I got your back. I mean, I know you're straight and you don't really need back up but a gal likes to be humored 😉
    We'll be back.

  155. I did promise to fill in the image of the Demiurgos, and thus will continue to do so here. We explored the nature of the Demiurgos only briefly, now to return.
    At first, the idea of a cosmic organizer seems strange, alien, yet in truth this world couldn't possibly exist without one.
    We have already determined that the cosmos is consciousness, and that which is beyond consciousness is unknowable. However, the mind of man simply cannot solve the problem of how the cosmos arose. Practical philosophers have for thousands of years summed up the unknowable as simply that, unknowable, and left the question open, with a supposition that somehow this unknowable could be a fathomless eternal ungraspable first principle, yet this creates a dilemma and an unsolvable riddle.
    Ancient European and Egyptian mythology postulated that there was always something conscious in manifestation. For as Parmenides and Zeno offered in their proof, there is no comprehensible path by which the unknowable becomes knowable.
    Yet, it is evident that this consciousness self organizes in complex and ingenious ways, and so, if it did not create itself, because there never was a lack of consciousness, then it must have organized it. We see this in operation most clearly on the quantum level.
    Thus, the desert God moved upon the waters. The great pretender didn't create, he organized!!!
    This is the main reason Christians and Jews, and Muslims once they came upon the scene, hate the old ways. They just can't stand the logic that their almighty creator is just a lesser deity.
    The Demiurgos is found in mythic and philosophical thought from Egypt, across Greece, into Germany and on into Scandinavia. Whilst the Gnostic movement is today most noteworthy for it's delight in reminding Christians and Jews their God was a demon of the outer dark, the realization of the requirement for a cosmic organizer is far older and far wider than just the scope of Gnosticism.
    But wait, there's more!
    2 B continued…

  156. Well Tara, for some a little foreknowledge is actually a comfort. For one thing, the fall of abrahamic supremacy is definitely a bright spot on the horizon. Just imagine all the intentional lies humanity will finally be able to jettison!
    The transformative power here is immense.
    I think any astute reader realizes the traditional path is just going to earn the enmity of Christian, Jew, and Muslim. This is nothing new. How old is this war? Let's choose a highlight…
    Skythopolis, Syria, 359 AD. Christianity established the first death camps.
    Yep, Death Camps.
    Were they for Jews? Absolutely not! Nor for Islam-it hadn't been invented yet. It was for those people who kept to the traditional ways.
    Oh yes, another reason to loose no sleep over the doom of this world.

  157. Ten to twenty years from now, though a very short time away, may not matter if we do not address the immediate concerns.
    Actions speak louder than words, and there you may find the evidence of their work thus far, with Elenin and also the moon.

  158. Phenomenal,Jack, I hope there is much more to come. Your comment on the lady you were involved with (wife I believe) who could tell the most outrageous lie and stick to it despite all evidence made me grin. The vast majority of American women are like that by my experience, the caucasian ones at least. Master Miguel Serrano said that with the advent of Christianity, Europe lost its memory. Of course he was referring to the insane, Roman Catholic "Church". Serrano makes frequent references to esoteric, Aryan Kristianity. Yes, our pagan forebears did not grovel before their gods and goddesses and they reveled in the fact that their deities did not constantly interfere with their lives making endless and irrelevant ground rules for them. Keep punching Brother. Hereticdrummer

  159. There’s not all that many humans left in this room, is there now KB? I walk these cyber corridors and all I find are gods and machines; all intermingled together like vomit and drunks on skid row. The humans are not even allowed to read Jack Heart, thanks to Google and all the rest of the abominations the farm animals willingly share their barn with. Take a good look at the picture on the top KM, I do nothing without a reason and I added that picture. Is she holding back the forces of Ragnarök or is she summoning them. You tell me. I still can’t tell…

  160. MK,
    "Fidelity to higher principle" That's the only way to live. I'm grateful I came from that stock and although I had adventures I stayed true to what I am. A German, who I am convinced is a representation of a higher form, told me once, "the road narrows." This choice doesn't win very many popularity contests sometimes does it? 😉 As far as what's coming, I try not to go there M. I have to fight my mind over it sometimes but it's not as bad as it once was. Is there is a reason why I should concern myself? I'm serious. I'm not trying to be smart. I tried to be a prepper once but I totally suck at it and I've lost all interest in material things for the most part. I even threw out my make up. That's a gal at the end of her rope. There is a thing one thing that I'm able to hold onto and as disconcerting as it can feel at times it makes my existence bearable and gives me a sense of wonder if not hope. That simple little thing is that every day is different.

  161. Jack

    "Did not debase themselves and shiver before the Gods." Sign me up 🙂
    I like that, MK.
    Thank you,

    I think therefore I am with Tara…


  162. Dr. Jack

    No meds for your near fatal PTSD attacks?

    A cold compress and out you came.

    I would say this about your experience. Are these entities human or anti human?

    What is human?

    Just a wonderful and at the same time a totally disturbing story.

    And so I just might add this and so do we need these machines to be human?

    Nichols said it himself that the USG declared war upon the whole world.

    Are we simply puppets upon a string or controlled by a microorganism?

    Sadly it could very well be…



  163. Tara,
    Few people realize that the desert religions are not the native beliefs of the European soul. There is a cozy narrative of dumb natives flocking to the light of Christianity, and like so many cozy narratives, it's best suited for drunks and idiots.
    The true European nature is ethereal, multifaceted, and transfigured through noble deeds and the exercise of free will in the face of adversity. Thus, in the words of the High One, even a blind man has value, as long as he challenges his limits.
    The traditional path demands that you use your own free will, and take responsibility for it though fidelity to higher principle. The Gods want to see you achieve.
    Contrast this to the Christian society, which is essentially the morality of the slave.
    Slaves are not going to do well in the times ahead, no matter what they think.

  164. Timeangel,
    The true character of the European people has been trodden upon and domesticated, yet it remains very much alive beneath the trappings of a vacuous modernity.
    The Old Gods breathe life into this character once again.
    It is my belief that we are very much in need of this new breath, for the strength it gives us, to face what is coming.

  165. Ahh, yes, the very advanced ones we have been wondering about for some time now who communicate with no one, not even the Gypsy Germans as you call them, yet they know our every thought and intention. This is merely speculation… I call them the "celestial engineers" here to provide advanced technical assistance during the passing to help minimize damage. Yet I believe we are to transform our civilization by eradicating the corruption that has oppressed and suppressed us for centuries, and kept us from evolving in to the advanced race we might have otherwise already become, and that if we continue on our path toward world war, they will remove remove their giant machines and allow the passing to continue its natural course, thereby destroying most all life on earth.

  166. It's been 5 or maybe 6 years now, since the people in Switzerland made the statement that the earth is now under surveillance by an "unknown group", that has divided the earth into 4 observation quadrant sectors. The Plejaren also said that they have been unsuccessful in trying to make contact with this group. I suppose that if the Swiss announced one day, that the Gypsy Germans have returned in their flying caravans, and then explaining what that's all about, would result in a big crash for their book and CD sales; or even receive a visit from a bomb disguised as a jet liner falling out of the sky, and then it would be goodbye Semjase Silver Star Center. Maybe this why they are keeping their mouth's absolutely shut.

  167. MK, what you state here rings true for me on an ancestral level, given what I remember of my kind and demure grandmother, who was closer to being Vril than she would ever tell.

  168. Thus, understanding the Gods requires at least a modest understanding of the perception of their people.
    Yes, of course there is a terrible facet to the Gods, and a generous one, and an evolutionary one as well.
    The Norse did not debase themselves and shiver before the Gods. This is most important to comprehend.

  169. Freya = Lady as in a sense of Nobility. Her sibling Frey = Lord. It is a Norse tenet that the Gods arose from the primeval, and are the founders of the folk.
    Divine ancestors.
    Valkyries today are understood simply as "choosers of the slain", yet their true role involves the hierarchy of the numinous, and the knowledge of the shaping of the primeval force.
    The modern concept of the person cannot be transferred into a Norse milieu, thus the traditional relationship with the numinous cannot be easily understood. The Norse personhood was far less concerned with the development of the ephemeral, artificial self the modern world holds dear, and far more concerned with attributes and powers intrinsic to the person.
    To the Norse, the Gods are not something akin to a book on a shelf, they are closer to the modern idea of light, vitality, force.
    The dull dead world view shaped as it is by a degenerate Christianism is difficult to overcome in that it is pervasive and unquestioned. Suffice it to say it has almost no congruence with the weltanschauung of the ancestors.

  170. And on that note, Sandpainter, I suspect for many, many years those "read in" in our USG were mislead to believe we made a deal with the benevolent ones while the SS was working with the malevolent ones. As it turns out the opposite may very well be closer to reality. Thankfully, many are waking up now.

  171. I believe the machine was dismantled and moved a few years back, not due to any media exposure, but because the ley lines had shifted so significantly.

  172. Jack,
    As usual, you read like a gritty detective novel on science fiction. Just as an aside, Freya translates to "Lady".
    More later

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