The Thunder, Perfect Mind

Why then have you hated me, you Greeks? Because I am a barbarian among the barbarians? For I am the wisdom of the Greeks and the knowledge of the barbarians. I am the judgement of the Greeks and of the barbarians. I am the one whose image is great in Egypt and the one who has no image among the barbarians.

Ishtar spoke to her father, Anu, saying:
“Father, give me the Bull of Heaven,
so he can kill Gilgamesh in his dwelling.
If you do not give me the Bull of Heaven,
I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld,
I will smash the door posts, and leave the doors flat down,
and will let the dead go up to eat the living!
And the dead will outnumber the living!”
Anu addressed princess Ishtar, saying:
“If you demand the Bull of Heaven from me,
there will be seven years of empty husks for the land of Uruk.
Have you collected grain for the people!
Have you made grasses grow for the animals?”
Ishtar addressed Anu, her father, saying:
“I have heaped grain in the granaries for the people,
I made grasses grow for the animals,
in order that they might eat in the seven years of empty husks.
I have collected grain for the people,
I have made grasses grow for the animals.”
When Anu heard her words, he placed the noserope of the Bull of Heaven in her hand.
Ishtar led the Bull of Heaven down to the earth.

Epic of Gilgamesh: Tablet VI – Ancient Texts 

The knowledge of the barbarians revolves around the concept of Kenning. Remembering. The bards help in this with aural-oral frequencies. The task at hand is realising Point A, if we are to reach Point B. Requires little movement, but it is a dynamic, creative event of choosing. Paradox.
Re-member. A part of, apart, again. – Orage

There must be some kind of way outta here
Said the joker to the thief
There’s too much confusion
I can’t get no relief

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  1. Stan,
    I missed that comment. I hope you come back on here and see this. I sent it through the translator. What does it mean? Those things are coming back aren't they? Those people are wrong. There is something out there flying around. I hope they are doing what I think they are doing. Help a sister out.

  2. Hi Orage,
    They took down the Thunder Perfect Mind video claiming copyright infringement. That can't be true. I thought about it later. It didn't make me sad to listen to it. Maybe someone else already said this but it seems to me that the poem speak to infinity. Like M said you can get close but no cigar when it comes to infinity. Those dichotomies are on the very top of a hill that we can only stand close to. I don't hate Ish. I never did. If that poem is talking about her it's no wonder she's irritated and confused. Thank you for everything you do and I hope you are having a fun birthday.

  3. Werte Geneigte und Freunde unserer Sache,
    das eine oder andere Interessante gibt es in der aktuellen Mai-Ausgabe.
    Und auch an unsere Lichtkinder wollen wir wieder appellieren:
    !!! Viribus unitis !!!
    Die nächste Gralsrunde findet am 10. Juni um exakt 19.00 (7pm) statt!
    Viele Grüße

  4. Stand a chance to do what? Allow this infernal AI to bleed into the multiverse and infect the entire creation? CERN has been checked, but it won’t stop trying, it’s a virus and a virus is not happy until it kills its host. I sure hope I got a plan somewhere in the back of my mind because you don’t…

    All I can do is give it my best and that's what I'll continue to do until a higher authority decides that is not enough, then we will all cease to exist together, right here and now, just like one big happy family. Are you not pleased with yourself? Goodnight.

  5. The human race is under attack and has been since WW II when these assholes bioengineered the popes bacteria in hopes that it would strengthen their grip on power they had no business possessing in the first place. 85% and that’s a conservative estimate, of your friends and family are replicants. You’re going to have to face that fact just like I have too. This is a war between man and machine and the machines have a running head start. There is no room for well meaning ineffectual do gooders. In fact there is no room for politics at all. Do you think Patton or Rommel put things to a vote? The machines are slow, stupid and limited to a single dimension, they can be had, but not by half measures…

    and I don't know about your love, all i know is mine is very real or i wouldn't be here…

  6. Jack

    What if someone's heart was in that right place and tried to do right in a corrupt system?

    Smart folk connected to the system read Duff course I know.

    Where I used to work we preferred our bosses to have outside interests so we could get down to business running Americas oldest institution.

    In such a system one must expect if one does what is right to suffer at the hand of corruption and courage simply carries on.

    Much Lov


  7. The only good politician is a dead one, preferably filleted and gutted just like a fish, I only wish i had enough hands. I would do them all myself, I'm entitled to some fun after all this…

    If what is left of the human race does not rise up and kill their politicians then their politicians will kill them, its really all just that simple

  8. America's domestic enemies are concentrated in the Republican Party if you follow Duff closely.

    Way worse than the Clintons.

    Course that's what the fake news is for.

    No? Ask Mr Duff then if you doubt me!


  9. Gordon Duff posted an article today on VT today from 2010 that is just as relevant and on point now as it was then. …Perhaps even more relevant now. Some of the players may have changed but sadly the endgame has not. Timeangel

  10. A line from the movie, "The Devils Rejects" : "Did you really think I put bullets in that gun? It's all about mind control, you dumb bitch!"
    Your TV, your computer, your phone, your electronic dildo, your car, your Rx prescriptions all monitored-B U L L S H I T
    I know something better, I know who is monitoring them, and it's not their employer.

  11. Stan,
    Abuse and indignity is now inverted to exalted status, not only in the UK. None of this is by accident.
    Charles Bukowski was a master at it.
    I have revised my position, I will not be posting my piece on Iasous, Jesus.
    I will simply state that the genuine Jesus defeats the principles of all organized religion in the western world, including those who feign to honour him.
    Part of the inversion.
    It's all a huge psyops, one only you can free yourself from.
    Viel Glueck!


    Woof! Woof! Tally-Ho, Master – We're at 12 o'clock high and 'dem 6 o'clock sweet 'n low-downs are in our sights!!
    heheheh there goes MK-Ultra down in a f**king GARGANTUAN ball of flame…


    (Baron Von Richthoffen, he ain't! But did you know he was Thule Society, yah?)

    AWESOME flying, M'lud

    C U in Part III you veritable Chuck Yeager, you xxx

  13. sniff~ But it's no fun without Mike-eeeeeeeeeeeyyy (Imagine, if you will, a whiny, bitchy little voice as I speaketh those words)

    Has he "sent us to Coventry", do you think?

    That cad! He starts an argument and then runs away and hides? Anon.??? Release the hounds forthwith – we shall have to show this Bounder what's what~

    G*d forbid, we shall mayhap be forced to engage our very own Stan the Man in a bit of dextral fencing, although his Attaques au Fer do seem a bit lame to be honest – not to mention the vulgar, racial slurs~ ugh


    And what's that old Prussian saying: Never open a war on two fronts! It may well be Stan's piddly lil' streams o' homely piss to Mikey's mighty Niagra lexicographical Falls – but the maxim still holds this fact notwithstanding

    …in sooth~

    Au revoir, my children – we shall party again in Part Three when Mikey'll be back on tip-top form.

    We hope!

    We love you all~

  14. A few years ago I watched the RT program from Britain "Going Underground." The quest was discussing how the children in Britain are now observed as experiencing the same conditions of stress levels as the children in Palestine. He said that cause of all this, is that a large population of the kids in Britain relentlessly pursue all manners of abuse on a victim nonstop online or off, and nobody knows why. What in earth nigger psychotic hell is going on over there? Do they learn that from their rotten punk ass parents? To many bitch slaps and ass whippings, or is it purely genotypic? Banger?

    Status Report Update: the infighting is in full flame mode, congratulations, the little nigger and his crew did it!

    Apophis O Apophis, wherefore art thou Apophis?

  15. I am a fully lit third grader coming on 40 years now this July. It is expected that graduating to the fourth be achieved in the same lifetime. Human but not necessarily human anymore.

  16. Paul, I am inexplicably fond of the mischievous band of Brothers as well. Can't shake the feeling they truly are quite chivalrous, and in some alternate dimension they deserve our gratitude.
    MK does present an impressive argument. He has made many brilliant points that have passed unnoticed. I particularly liked his recent statement about fear. From my outside perspective I can't completely dismiss the possibility they may yet find common ground.

  17. Interesting read at the annunaki papers (http:// wespenre. com/discussing-anunnaki-papers.htm )Tongue of the Ocean,Bahama,late '80's.Hours of film showing flying disks landing on the water,submerging,headed into this area.Filming distance,100'-200' approx.Shown on Fla. TV stations.Sentinents unknown.Tunguska,1908.A big ass meteor(??)incoming!! If it had hlt,Europe would have kissed its ass Good-by.Fortunately,an alien installation had its weapon systems on-line. Natives said it was a hell of a show(1960's research).Whole area is strange.(www. astrologycom .com/yakutia1.html)Maestro,a little music for the bored (https:// m ).S.R.M.

  18. The inter-planatary phenomenon unit. A passed on friend of mine worked their as guard. He was not interested in ufos and did not read any books, but he described the unit as being a long way down below the ground and secured with a big vault door that sealed off the unit. One night he observed red lights fleeting around up in the sky. He stayed drunk most of time after all that. He got into trouble with the law back in the early 70's and chose the military rather than getting locked up, and became an MP in the USAF. He told he guarded nukes on a ship off the coast of Vietnam.
    The Plejaren refused to reveal to the Swiss what really happened in Roswell in 1947, "for their own protection." I am now thinking that a German Vril crashed there.

  19. In sooth, guys, methinks MK doth fail to grasp the fair, and wide sweeping aspects of reality which you lot if I might say represent! This is normal for left-brain Yingers. Thus, please go easy on him. His world is facts and figures and is built on a foundation of such. You Pranksters are on a level unknown to these particular members of our society but they do have a role to play, regardless.
    Who do you think does your accounts and builds your public utilities?
    Certes! 🙂
    They don't do the mysteries beyond this 3/4-Dimension of ours very well – only in essay form as we have already seen.
    Have a good un.
    Looking forward to more high jinks, haha

  20. Thank you, Sir Banger. I was a bit "shaken, not stirred".
    As for the UFO phenomenon… I had encounters years ago that were definitely not fairies, demons or holograms so I find the topic very interesting. They were advanced and civilised way beyond our primitive nature and I was honored to meet them.
    And in more recent times as I watched Elenin's approach and recalibrated course it became apparent to me how small and yet significant we are to someone, at least significant enough to deter Elenin from colliding with our earth. I don't believe AI was guiding those giant machines.
    Hopefully there is room somewhere in your belief basket for these types of events without throwing them in the new-age'y basket. Not all of the reports are fake.
    Peace out,

  21. Timeangel, in sooth, this chap believes that the Playdians are gonna warp n' beam our arses into the glorious never-never.

    The Galactic Council are assembling in the Hyper-Dimensional War Room as we speak!!!

    The War Brains are a-ready~ A.I. of inestimable intelligence guide them!!

    Negotiations are right now also taking place in Roswell, New Mexico.

    In sooth!!

    (Not to mention those UFO videos, LOLLL~~~ they are the advanced guard, don't-cha-know!)

    If you're seeking out logical links, m'Lady – He ain't yer guy. Mark us~

    At least Mikey lives in this world, Stan seems to fly with the fairies (of Alfheim, that is).

    He is a classic example of what happens when the West's great Spiritual and Educational Institutions go into free-fall courtesy of Schlomo; epistemological orphans like Stan here are formed.

    Sad. And verily so.

    But we will rise again, Phoenix like, from the ashes in order to rescue his arse. And every sorry, new-age sucker, besides~

    Caveat Entor, Sister – there are intellectual dead-ends a plenty out there~


  22. this is but one example of Mikey's epistemological egregiousness, Child~ He plays too hard and fast with Sacred Truths as far as we are concerned.

    Aye, let us turn his bellytimber of falsehoods (for the most part, in fairness – he does hit the target occasionally) into a dose of the s**ts!!


  23. Remember Master, we are in sooth mere oafs against MK-Ultra's vague notions of how this reality is constructed. In sooth, perchance this may actually be taken as the very highest form of praise?
    Verily, this serf is very, very confused: His good, our bad; his oaf, to our frikkin' epistemological Zenith.

    is that not wondrous?

    p.s. Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Let it be known to all that this MK-serf sets himself up as the font of all knowledge in this realm and the next (and wtf knows wherever else?) and yet at the same time, while claiming that Faith and Reason are totally "separate" (even though we're all MIND: error #1) and distinct from each other (sic.); Faith and Reason also ENRICH each other. (Error #2)

    So, go figure. MK-noKay likes dictionaries, as you can see. And uses this fact to construct a tiny, little, imaginary world of the "all". Whatever the frack THAT is.

    And Lame!

    Maybe we should start calling you Forest. Nice but Dim, that is.
    More from Banger, later.


  24. Verily, Anon., my child and student, my very own lil' Grasshopper (to Mikey's worm~) it truly is only Mikey who could be "dim" enough and unschooled in the ways of the real world to confuse "victory" with a mere cessation of hostilities in order that HE could have his arse wiped by his mummeekins.

    What a goof-ball, in sooth. But a lovable one! WHAT would we do without you Mikey; our resident tortured soul and genius (wellll~ we're guessing an IQ in the 115 region – so not really genius-genius~ more like idiot savant).

    Enough!!! let us withdraw until a suitable time…..

    Talk soon, Mikey~ and remember: KEEP IT REAL, m'kay? No getting all huffed up and puffed up or we WILL take you down a notch again. Remember what happened last time? Tears, my man, and paranoia – ugh~ poor show, old chap.

    Very poor show~

    p.s. You're not really gonna start hittin' us with that old turnip the "Jesus didn't exist" story now, are ya??


  25. lol, only you can command those essential concepts and connotations through your very fertile, but narrowly focused, imagination, MK-noKay, because they are built on verrrry shaky foundations that only you seem to have the blueprints for!!
    As His Lordship, Sir Banger has pointed out time and time again.
    Get ready for exposure, my main man. Because your "arguments" have got more holes than me grannie's old fashioned cheese-grater.
    You really ARE a funny guy, hahhahahahhahahahahahahahah


    Now, as Banger has said, don't be getting all ahead of yourself, Raymond – because we is gonna Charlie your arse.

    i.e. That's from Rainman – you are the Raymond (the retarded guy) to our Charlie (Tom Cruise!!), obviously.

    p.s. Go on, Mikey – you know you love these sound thrashings, old boy!! Are you bluh-bluh-blubbing again, yet? You seemed a bit delicate last time we had an exchange. No? Maybe Stan and the ladies can cheer you up. Who knows.

  26. Jack,
    There will be no further carrying on from this corner. They have already demonstrated that they cannot command essential concepts and connotations. Apparently, they are also too dim to understand when they have been defeated, which guarantees them the fate they deserve, and makes engaging them an exercise in wasting time and energy.
    I will save my efforts for more productive pursuits, like correcting the record on the big guy, which is up next.


  27. Yes, Orage.
    We have to work in a fashion that always cycles from foundation to loftiest heights, and back again.
    Getting beyond fear is not the only challenge, but it's intrinsic to modern life, and I felt it needed to be addressed.

  28. Terra: knight templars=faction 2=U.S. Navy.The mid-90s;a site I monitored for years.The traffic/info was most interesting.Haven't been over to it for a while so,first, some mood music.( https://m. youtube .com/watch?v=b11-37Me_a4 )The site ( www. rumormillnews .com/ )S.R.M.

  29. Stan: area 51 has a fleet of electro gravitic craft ( ufo's).They were building them there back in the '80's.Just add GMOs and voila! ( https://m. youtube. com/watch?v=G-FKq_1Lr4s ) S.R.M.

  30. I do not know which of your statements regarding the target to believe now and thus it may require deeper investigation.
    If you stand against those who would turn society in to trash along with their plans to take dominion of the earth then I stand with you. I am not as quick or as learned to determine who they might be, and I am learning much here now. We have not yet heard the entire argument.

  31. Your licence has no real permanence. If you have a problem with humanity's right to freedom then you have a problem with me. I don't appreciate your insane death threat, by the way.

  32. Stan, I appreciate your sentiment.
    However, you might want to keep in mind that you are on a board that loves these darlings of deficiency, and encourages their mindless presence.
    Frustration is understandable, but outcomes must not be ridden by expectations. I fought them, they are oafs, anyone who has a functional intelligence can see that.
    We must release expectations, because we cannot bring comprehension, among other things. Proof? After all the evidence I've played out over many years, I still get comments like KMBs above claiming an active conflation with Gnosticism and Christianity.
    I've been waiting for the right time to set the record straight on the big guy, and this is it.
    Next up Iasous the Pagan healer.
    You may know him as Jesus Christ.

  33. Jokers never seem to get it: For every action, there is an opposing reaction that can blow up in their face. So, offensive? Offensive? Offensive compared to what? Players like me have a permanently stamped license to play anyway with anything that crosses me or anybody I choose to stand with. You are a target, and someday a beserker just might have to appear out of nowhere to deal with that ugly inconvenience. That image of Minerva I put up last week, what is that face shield all about?

  34. With all due respect Bangor, and I do love you and your wing man’s comments, nobody’s telling me anything anymore, those days are over. I am the one who has stood at the edge of the abyss and looked long and hard into its gaping maw, and yes as Nietzsche warns it did look back. I am the one of the two who must cross it first and as Jim Morrison once said “I am not afraid…” But I am always open to new information and I know that in the realms of the Sacred there is no one size fits all for human spirituality. Whatever serves to disengage the human soul and its consciousness from this material trap serves our purposes well; whether it is Esoteric Christianity, Gnosticism or the Old Ways; they are all Messianic Judaism to me because that is what works for me. But as I said from my very first essay I fear I am the last messianic Jew left on earth so it’s not working for anybody else, not when lying Rabbi’s, Priests and Academics are given the podium unchallenged by the facts to vomit their poisonous bile on all those within ear shot. This is a sinking ship, and it is everyone’s job here who can to teach as many as possible how to swim. The back and forth between Mike and you guys seems to be accomplishing that objective better than just our essays alone could ever have hoped to do. So as my British bosses at the Hudson Bay Company used to say; “Carry on…”

  35. Huginn, Muninn, go find the banger, and then I will decide what to do with this pathetic little earth nigger that speaks out his ass. The level of contamination is beyond damage control, so tell the crows they will soon have some fresh trash to pick. This shouldn't take long.

  36. In sooth, My Lord – you truly are the Yang, to Mikey's Yin.
    The Leben-Rune, to his Toten-Rune(n).
    The King, to his Clown.

    We look forward to your pronouncements. Verily.

  37. Verily, Brother~

    Let us All-Father this guy's arse once and for all. Forsooth, we shall have to show him what we are all REALLY destined to become. AND in front of everybody, face saving, be damned!!!

    Hint: It ain't frikkin' Rain Men.

    And it ain't Sonnenkonnige, neither.

    ….At least for most people. (Regrettably!)

    "Mind", pffffft~ What nonsense. Are you a half-arsed Buddhist, or summit', Mikey??

    (Hey! 'is birthday's coming up, though: OMMMMMMMMMMM~~)

    Jack? Orage? There is another way. Let us tell you~

    Respectfully Yours,

    B., and Companeros.

  38. p.s. just quoting Arnie outta Commando in case you start getting paranoid that we're all out to get you again. We love you, M'Kay? We just hate your silly, misinformed "ideas". As we said before you have obviously been damaged by menacing superstition and hardship in your past (Baptist? Pentecostal, even? Unlucky you) – and we wanna put that right.
    We need to cast a wide, theological net in order to do that, for sure, but that's only because little, self-taught fishee guys like you are many and slippery. But we are patient.
    Free your Mind, indeed.
    Well, quit thinking in clumps then, DUHH!!

  39. Master, we await your instructions. Certes! It seemeth MK-47's celebrations have just been a teensy, weensy bit…..what's the word?
    Ah, yes: a teensy, weensy bit premature.
    Time to get the gloves off and reveal this two-bit huckster what is what, and who is who, in this right here Realm.
    Defeated indeed. You're a funny guy, MK – and zat's why vee are goink to keeel you LAAASSSSST…
    Very Sincerely Yours,
    The Merry Pranksters
    veee FAAAART in your general deerection.)

  40. You haven't defeated anybody, Mikey, old boy~ We've just withdrawn in order to give you a chance to recover your centre a little – you did seem to be getting all emotional, and all.

    Don't f-f-f-fool yourself, as we have said many times before, we're gonna call out your sorry, damaged arse at a time and place of our choosing.

    ambush? defeat? rip?

    Sounds like you've been playing too many computer games, mannolo.

    And you haven't won shit, either, creep.

    Let the bar-fight recommence.

    In sooth!


    p.s. and don't be getting ahead of yerself.

  41. Solid advice, MK. Many avenues to this baseline assessment of oneself, which programs are currently running oneself. Self-awareness, discernment, what are the buttons and triggers, and then over-write the virus-bad code with new instructions that serve and resonate with true North. Everything needed already exists, inside. Just have to re-member. As Jack said, laying the foundation of foundations, before one can even contemplate any more advanced stuff, let alone Sacred Marriage.

  42. Breaking free from indoctrination is central. We accomplish this through asking the big questions. However, what is it that can stop these questions from getting asked?
    What is it that keeps people doing what they hate?
    What can we point to that keeps the blinders on?
    The modern world is drowning in fear. Fear of Trump. Fear of terrorism. Fear of death. Fear of change. Fear of job loss. Fear of illness. Fear of disapproval. Fear of personal economic ruin. Fear of global economic ruin. Fear of the government. Fear of God. Fear of loneliness. Fear of nuclear war. Fear of Fear.
    We are encouraged to be afraid all the time. The threat level is orange! Killer Tornadoes! Islamic state is coming to your town!
    Fear is a great weapon to force compliance.
    Fear is powerful because it's linked to survival. Fear tells you not to jump off tall buildings, not to wave down cops and call them assholes, not drive into walls.
    Fear, however, is blind.
    Fear doesn't know if what triggers it is real, or if it's something that should result in a fear response.
    In a society fixated on what it considers external and objective, the obsession with fear is largely unrecognized. This means fear operates with little conscious modification. It also means the pathology of fear goes unchecked.
    In order to free our minds we also must free ourselves from the tyranny of fear. Several methods are proven effective in loosening the grip of fear, yet the most important first step is the mindfulness to know when one is experiencing fear.
    If people develop this awareness, they will improve their detection of fear being used against them, and be resistant to it. They will suffer less, relax more, and find a deeper reality to themselves. The big questions will get asked, and what's more, there will be a genuine discovery of answers.

  43. Maybe we will do it in a slight country motiff, Timeangel has been known to do some singing, but right now I just got tunnel vision on finishing this, or at least setting the stage too, which is what part 3 will do. I'm beginning to think I may just do a part 4, seems like as good a time as any to do the Sacred Marriage, I mean that is the label von Neumann and company have on their little bottle here that you have all convinced yourselves is a universe…

  44. Jack

    I am going to tell you that the gnostic traditions are hid in the evangelical church in America .

    No? What church has been hijacked by that fine Republican Party?

    Our American taliban and I am telling you how things stand in my local community and I am far more concerned with them than our dear Feds course believe as you please.

    I have a live and let live about religion.

    They say that Jesus was a fine republican and that there is war on peace.

    Course what would I know except what the internet tells me now.

    Traditional media the enemy now.

    I smacked an evangelical upside the head and provoked a war inside his head.

    I simply enjoyed that fine poem you posted here

    Much love


  45. Stan,
    That guy looks like he's got enough Braveheart to go around. There was a time wasn't there? I learned all about it here. That was back when you didn't have to be so sad because you could feel truth in your veins. It reminds me of a Led Zeppelin song. It's a pretty song but one of the lyrics tells the whole story of what I'm witnessing in these desperate and soul crushing times. The song is a message to a woman who has no self worth. This particular lyric is not on all the recordings of it. It goes: "Does anyone remember laughter?"

  46. Those who have followed most of my recent posts, and haven't thrown their phone into the street have seen an image emerge. The image has provided a correction to the cruel distortions of Christianity.
    Each mutation of the abrahamic infection provides its own unique contribution to the destruction of human potential, yet for us in the west, the overwhelming condition is Christian.
    Christianity, and it's deranged parent, Judaism, continue to shape and direct the assumptions, attitudes, and perspectives of western society to a degree that can only be described as oppression.
    Descartes couldn't completely describe the mathematics of his forefathers. He recognized that they used a different method of evaluation, but he didn't know what it was.
    This is the example to comprehend the tragedy of abrahamic infection, where views and perspectives that enriched us, that provided for a level of coexistence with the natural world and with each other have been so utterly ruined that we look at it today without the slightest clue of how they managed it.
    No one with the slightest degree of honesty would call this society, this manifestation, capable of long term existence, yet the ancestors crafted ways of life that stretched over vast cycles of time. What changed?
    The abrahamic infection.
    Those few who have read and understood my posts, who have constructed their narrative based on discoveries revealed here have been given a path to extricate themselves from this infection.
    If you have followed, and watched the ambush, then you observed me defeating the carriers of infection again and again. You saw clearly that these carriers could only rip at my person and deny, deny, deny.
    They had no valid insight to offer, no profound reveal of truth, no honest refutation of any significant point.
    Those of you who find yourself ready to shake off the infection, you have seen it offers nothing but lies. It is the disease of misapplication, of somnolence, of personally approved shackles.
    I fought this fight so you who are there could see this. But mostly, I fought this fight for the ancestors who with everything they had preserved the Gnosis so you don't have to go nuts like Descartes. I fought for their memory, in a world that blithely assumes a superiority over them, but which is truly suffering a great deficiency. I fought for them because their voices must be heard. I am their hand.
    Do not waste this moment.
    Free your mind.

  47. Or if I misinterpreted Orage and you really want me to attempt to do it justice it would be my honor.

  48. Stan,
    I was able to read it. That's cool. I wonder what they were doing. I have my own little theory. I'm sure I'm correct in my assessment. It's a gut feeling. You know how I said I like those Vikings. And especially those Templars. Those people know how to get the job done. The way I feel about those templars now is a phrase a wounded friend with plenty of scars on his spirit liked to say, "Nonody beats me." He's a character. Such a sweet heart in that one. World jerked him back and forth so hard it liked to kill me trying to pull him back from the abyss. Man, I finally had to throw in the towel. I'd fight for him though even though he could be be very hard to deal with. I loved that man like the sun rose on his head. He's over there wondering in the violence and despair. It hurt me when I saw his picture. There are some things worth the fucking cost. Looks like you're a man who can relate to that concept. I like people like that. People who don't screw people to the wall and then sleep well because when they were handing out hearts they thought they said heats and they said oh no thanks I'll just stay right here in the AC.

  49. To the unsung heroes who keep our oblivious arses safer than we know while taking a lot of flack… Much, much gratitude.

  50. MK, what you say about the description of a person being the choice of the community and not the person sadly rings true. On this side of the aperture, this plane of existence it seems there are as many different views as there are people, and people tend to view you through their own jaded lens. And some even go further; try to pull you in to their own drama as if they were intentionally trying to derail you, or control you, or even speak for you. There are possibly as many motives as there are conspirators. Often the wind and the bird's songs have more important things to say, and offer quiet repose from the constant endless chatter of all who would drain your life force.

  51. Jeeze,
    I cannot shut up can I. I know you probably didn't see that movie. You need to know after the wolf chilled those people out. He wasn't alone. He went out to breakfast with a friend. It was pretty cool. He had a fast car. It looked like there wasn't anything he couldn't do.
    I've thought that this whole rodeo is a paradigm shift. If you are an angel it looks like your the top one whose large and in charge. That's not one who needs to be stuck alone and miserable. They say it's lonely at the top. They say a lot of nonsense though. All is the mind. My mind says nah we can do better than that.
    I'm going to get off this phone.

  52. Not least it was supposed to be *best
    I'm going to have to walk around in this place today and sometimes I wonder if I'm walking around with a bunch of dead people. Who knows? Wow, Madonna lucky star song just came in my head. I don't really like her that much I like that song Material Girl. I'm glad I'm not hung up on stuff.
    I'm glad you're still here. I say I'm not hung up on stuff but I'll reach for the phone in a quick minute to see if anyone is still there.

  53. MK,
    I was convinced that I had developed something like scar tissue on the inside and that I had it so that I couldn't feel hurt as acutely. I thought I had hit the jack pot with this awesome new process for getting rid of it recently. A therapist told me that what I had done was called emotional numbing. I told you I didn't know who you were and Jack was distressed over my cool putting you in your place paragraph. He said words can kill etc. I determined that being a commenter would be really hard if people were attacking cause you're sitting there alone and there's no friend there to give back up and go "Oh, no they didn't!" Then give real IRL (in real life) support. I was determined to be here. I was going to get my man no matter what. I couldn't figure out why you didn't just ignore those attacks and continue. I even came in for the assist by giving hell to big Banger. No one attacked me so I shouldn't say. I really wanted to shake you loose I guess kind of like I wanted my invisible scars shaken loose. I wanted rid of it. I felt like I was pretty self centered. Then recently I would get upset and take things onto my mind that were really "out there" concepts. Like worrying about lots of people's souls. I didn't want them to take scarred memories away from here with them. I kept thinking they are getting out here. I said I would stay right here and be the last one out. I was waiting and I said I was not going because I was expecting company then the weirdness dial got ramped up. I don't know about what you could do with your mission or how it would work but I'm still willing to be the last one out. I mean, if any of the story I told myself was true. I mean, there are little children souls I thought yes there are operations under way and they all are getting out. I was determined to get that boyfriend and I thought that I was on a two fold mission at that point. I was told something about someone going lifetimes alone. I was like that is not okay. Intolerable and unacceptable to me it was. Imagine me, I was like something's going to be done immediately if not sooner. Talk about taking oneself too seriously. I'm still determined. Now, I'm like I've come this far what do I have to lose? I feel like my soul is intact. I can take it. I can see whatever's coming and I'll be okay. I guess I'm still on a need to know basis. I have nicknames. I used to say Tara spelled backwards is a raT and I'm not jumping ship. I don't want to be alone. That's a bad feeling. I don't like the idea of anyone else having that feeling. So now I'm wondering what memories are with my spirit. What may I have seen to make me like I am. There's no telling. As I said, I'm prepared to see it to the end. Plus, I still think there may be something I can do to help and I still have faith in Jack. I guess I better start taking better care of myself. I'm not going to be of any use to anyone if I don't. It's so quiet and peaceful down here. Yesterday it was eerily so. There was something making noises around me and it was disconcerting. I'm in it to win it MK. Please let me know if there's anything I can do so that it works out with the least possible outcome for everyone. Don't forget to put yourself at the top of the list.

  54. You all have daddy issues Tara, you should remember, all of you should remember, that no matter how much you hold her in contempt, no matter how much you hate her, when you look in that mirror, it’s her who’s looking back at you…

  55. No one knows that better than Orage and I, I am now inclined to believe that Google is the worst enemy the human race has, which puts me in line with what Gordon Duff was saying two years ago. They are in a full court press to stop as many of the living as they can from reading this series. My friends from Denver International call me at 3 in the morning and tell me it’s the AI, I don’t think so, I think “The Lady dost protest to loudly…” The AI is too stupid to have singled us out, no, someone or something is pulling the levers and pressing the buttons and there will be a reckoning. I promise them that…

  56. Tara,
    Perhaps someday I'll explain.
    If I told you now you would need the whole story for it to become meaningful, and that is simply too involved.
    There is an old concept that the description of a person is the choice of the community, not that person. As you have observed, I've been called everything under the sun. If you wish to refer to myself as an Angel, such is your choice.
    Just remember, words have meaning, and Angels complete missions for a power higher than any found in this world.

  57. Or if I misinterpreted Orage and you wanted me to attempt to do it justice it would be my honor. It is a beautiful work.

  58. Thank you for not telling… I agree with Orage. The male voice adds another aspect that deepens interpretation.

  59. Mike
    Okay, I'm really tired. Exhausted is more accurate. I am discusted with the world possibly not as deeply as you. I was started to turn away from news of it. I was lonely. I thought I could find some way that I wouldn't have to be lonely. Now I just feel kind of used up. Maybe, I know how the world feels and maybe I'll end up feeling exactly like you feel listening to that wind.
    Presently I fear there may be worse fates. I guess we'll see.

  60. Timeangel is the professional, you would know her work if I told you who she used to sing for…

    You all are giving me ideas, let me consult with this Sage dude I know…

  61. MK,
    I could listen to it and I know I would not grow disgusted with the world. I'm a little disgusted with myself at present but I'll shake that off. I'll suit up, and show up again just like I always do. I've heard that the mind is something best left alone without supervision at times. This is what I'll tell you now. No woman's voice no matter how haunting could change me or make me disgusted with something like the state of the world dying or otherwise. Your desperation and the thought of you feeling that way while knowing how decent a being you are. That's something that is haunting. I'll be fine but the image of that situation and your description of how you feel is something which has already changed me. It wasn't just your statement about how you feel today. It was getting to know you through your writing and the entire experience of knowing you and witnessing how you fought so hard to get your message to me that has changed me. Finding out that your sorrow has not abated even slightly no matter how much I cared and now appreciate your actions is something that I consider to be more life changing that any man made recording could ever be. I felt passionately about the people I met here. Even if it turns out that I placed my trust sorely and deluded myself I wouldn't trade the experience of knowing the people I met here. I felt very deeply. I wish there was one thing I could do. Maybe for just one moment to relieve your sorrow. That is outside the scope of my will. I will have to accept it.

  62. Timeangel with the save 😉
    Thanks for coming back and in the nic of time too.
    Silly me. Sometimes the heart wants what it wants no matter what.
    I guess that's part of being human.

  63. You believe how many bad, computerized versions of this I listened to? I chose a male version, just precisely waiting for someone to call for a female voice to read this. Yet they are barely there, in self indulgence. Stand up, and be counted, be part, apart, a part. Thanks Mike

  64. Tara,
    I'll give you a small clue about Thunder, Perfect Mind.
    There is a branch of Buddhism, Zen, which is famous for its koans. A koan is a riddle, a puzzle, an enigma. They cannot be solved with logic, they can only be solved through what we call right brain thinking.
    Thunder, Perfect Mind takes us on a magnificent journey from what is known to what is unknown, and back, always cycling. Once, I found a video, a weary and hauntingly beautiful woman's voice read the poem. I almost fell over.
    You can't listen to the poem with some stuffy bastard reading it. It can only be read by a woman, a woman whose voice echoes with all the desperation and loss of a thousand haunted eternities.
    Then the enigma, the associations assemble themselves.
    Then you begin to know Her story, and then it is your story, but beware, for from here you can never be the same.
    Better to not listen, for if you do, if you hear, you will grow disgusted with a dying psychotic world making stupid excuses.
    You just might go to the High Lonesome just to listen to the wind.

  65. I once met a man with empty eyes,
    And an endless diatribe of secrets and lies,
    Who wanted to lead me to paradise,
    Though he had absolutely no idea where it was.
    And so I ran for my life.

  66. Hi Stan,
    I hope that's the one I can drive to. I heard there's one North of here. I'm not real interested in going to an airport. I love the templars. I hope they are not quite as pissed off as they have a right to be.

  67. MK,
    You are a beautiful writer. I said you must be an angel before and you didn't deny it. Who but an angel could construct that piece of writing in such a way that someone like me could I'm not going to say understand. I don't really like that word because it says stand under. We don't we embrace it as we embrace each other on this hour and through this process like you and I did here on the blog. You were willing to go to any lengths and suffer indignities in order to prove this to me. There's no better friend than such. That is or may be the true message of Christianity before it got corrupted so badly. You know something? I didn't even know the whole corrupted story. I got mentally ill. What would happen sometimes is I would get upset like for Christs mom and family over the myth. That was only sometimes. They gave it a name. It was called religious ideation. I can't follow all the history to a tee like you have educated yourself to do so eloquently. That what's I said to you when I first got here. You know I think I remember I don't it seems maybe I got the impression we're in some little dust up. Whatever don't try to make sense out of that. I was arguing with you too. I was like I'm going to fire him up good. I went for the juggler too. I remember you said, "All I can do is laugh."
    You could have handed me my ass too if you'd wanted to but you didn't do it. You didn't do it. I guess you were like okay we'll see. Well, we see don't we. We see eye to eye. I used to say. Well, if I were Jesus. I wouldn't come back to this place. I didn't believe those myths or I wouldn't have talked that way. The thing is I actually did ask myself. If it were true would you really leave people hanging out to dry that you went to such trouble for in the first place? I said no, Tara. You would never do that. Then I thought well wait a sec? Something like that you'd never know until it was your decision. I don't where I'm going with this. It seems like circular logic or something. I thought they were fighting over Christianity and terrorism over here. I'm supposed to be busy here something. I came back to listen to that Jimi Hendrix song up there. I was getting nerved out. I woke up like at one and wrote that long comment back. I was proud of it I read it over and over again. You said that thing about that boy needs a vacation. Then where would he go. This place is looking like toast. I thought we should get people together at my house. They even quit flying those planes over here. I was concerned. Then I thought everyone is all over the dang place. I don't really want to go through the hassle of an airport. You would wouldn't you. If you had to to try to keep a light on and to help us keep up that fight for our minds. The wind huh? Okay MK. You are a trip. There's no finer commenter on this board like you told me. I have like a sliver of battery left. I remember thinking when typing that long message. One of those heckler got through but he's not going to pay any mind to that now. I guess we win this one. I'll be back. Maybe Serenity will come back. I hope she's chillin like a villain right now. I better hit send on this or I'm gonna run out of juice. There's a lot of mistakes on this one. I was glad you came on here. I almost choked laughing at myself over that easter bunny and Ishtar comment.
    I was still pulling for her.

  68. We have already seen that the mind cannot know God.
    God, in fact, is a much older significance than the abrahamic confusion. The ancient seers were not united in their evaluation of the Significance. Some tired of the state one had to access to find congruence, they saw it as impractical for navigating this life. Others believed without the Significance, nothing achieved destiny. It was like forever chewing your food and never swallowing. Regardless, there could be no image of the Significance, for the seers agreed the Significance encompasses the all.
    Thus it was, for cycles of time so extended that this dying world is but a blink, but then came the deal of Abraham.
    When the last of the Mystery schools were being destroyed, one of the last of the priests lamented before he was murdered, this was the dark time of the mind.
    Of course the murderers, the Christians, celebrated. They even painted icons about it, depicting the destroyers with halos. Some things never change.
    Yet some things do. We have seen on this board that Christians lack the capacity to comprehend that the cosmos, including ourselves, is organized, and that this organizer is both conscious and a principle, and that The Organiser is not a creator.
    For we can trace, in Christian thought, the development of the arrogance that they know God's will, that they have some unique inside Intel that will get you right with God.
    Thus as they gleefully murdered, their brutal simian minds attempted to comprehend the Pagan deviltry of the Significance, without success, thus they took what they could grasp, which wasn't much, and fused it with the Organizer.
    To the simian mind, this solved all those silly problems those horrid Pagans couldn't solve. Why, they concluded they were geniuses! All of a sudden, with simple conflation, God, the Demiurgos, is comprehensible!
    It is even possible to discuss the means by which creation occurred! Oh sure, it doesn't really work, but no matter! Through destroying libraries and schools wherever they were found, murdering scholars and priests, and throwing informed lay people into death camps, folks could be dumbed down to the point where they accepted that conflation as gospel truth, and b'gosh, it WORKED!
    So now we get to hear the descendants of the simians carry on about their buddy Iggy getting you close with God.
    This is how it happened, that beautiful open knowledge got corrupted and distorted to uphold a great lie.
    The Demiurgos follows the higher power. The higher power is unknowable, and worshipping the Demiurgos is like worshipping the funnel that directs the water into your flask.

  69. I'm so embarrassed disregard my comments about Ishtar. I think my timelines are kind of miscued between her and the easter bunny. I'll never figure that gal out.
    Thank you,

  70. O & J ,
    What's up with that?
    I thought Ish was like that because of the stupid easter bunny. She has daddy issues? What a jip. That is so lame and ordinary. I mean, you know for a goddess? Everybody has daddy issues of some sort. I worked mine out. I got in my dad's face and it didn't go well (for me). I would never threaten him now. I will not waiver in my faith in her ability to get this worked out for herself. Besides, she's scary. I get the shivers when I look at her horn hat photo. These gods are evolutionary. M said that. He's solid.
    Okay, let's move out of the problem and into the solution. I personally vow that I will chant the re-member line which is posted there for safety's sake until it comes true. That's the first multi syllable word I learned how to spell. I used to draw it in the sand in the driveway over and over again with a stick. I guess none of my neighbors were down with it at the time.

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