Miguel Serrano on Islam

Miguel Serrano on Islam, he says here that in Sanskrit “Allah is also ELELLA (HE-SHE), with Al being “EL ” (HE) and lah, “ELLA ” (SHE).” I can tell you that Aleister Crowley said something similar. If memory serves me correct it was that El means all and Lah nothing, all and nothing, truly making Allah the most perfect name for God. As for Islam itself, well let’s let Serrano tell you… 
Islam will also be affected in its Doctrine by the destruction of its foundational myth. If Abraham never existed, nor did his son Ismael, then, who arrived at the Mecca to find the Kaaba! And who was that woman, Shaiba, that Widow, who gives her abode (next to the Kaaba) so that in it the new religion of the Arvasthans (arabs) can be founded, under the condition that her descendants are forever remembered as “the Sons of the Widow”! Once again we find here the conscious and decisive destruction of Hinduism’s evident tracks. The Kaaba was a monolith, perhaps a meteorite, of immemorial antiquity, transformed into a Hindu sanctuary, in which the Sanscrit symbols and names of the Aryan Gods of Hinduism were inscribed: Brahma, Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha, the Elephant God, son of the previous, and of Indian Emperors such as king Vrikramaditya, who conquered those regions. The Queen of Sheba (Shaiba?) was also there. Sheba can also be the feminine counterpart of the Androgynous God Shiva, Ardhanasisvara. On the Pillar of Qutub Minar in Delhi there are inscriptions similar tothose that existed (do they still exist?) on the Kaaba, on the Black Stone of the Mecca, of Arvasthan (Arabia). Arva is a Sanscrit word for horse, and Arvasthan is “land of horses”. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkistan are also Sanscrit names, indicating that these lands, now Muslim, once belonged to the great Hindu-Veddic Empire. Of all the inscriptions on the Kaaba, Mohammed only took the one of Allah for his only God. Perhaps because it can be read either way. It is a Sanscrit term, an invocation to the Mother Goddess, Durga. Allah, Akka, are used in the Hindu chants dedicated to Shiva’s Wife and Mother. Allah is also ELELLA (HE-SHE), with Al being “EL ” (HE) and lah, “ELLA ” (SHE). 
Thus, in those pre-Islamic days, the Arabs, strangers to the peninsula, are civilised by the Veddic Emperors and converted to the Brahmanic religion and civilisation. In the Istanbul Library, Makhtab-e-Sultania, there is a valuable manuscript found at the altar of the Hindu temple of the Kaaba that makes an account of all of this. 

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The Kaaba was a temple dedicated to the sun and the planets, adored through fire. The Mohammedans, who try to erase those memories, put the waning moon in their Emblem. 

In their conflict with Jewish tribes of the region, the Muslims adopt the character of Abraham, made up by the Jews, being, furthermore, a pronunciation and spelling mistake of the Indian God Brahma. Truly, Islam, just like Christianity, is subtly penetrated by the Archetype of other beliefs and religions; by the Eddas, the Asen and Vanir sagas of the ancient Germans. From the Walhalla and the walkyries it has taken the Jannah and the Huries. The Ramadan reminds us of the fasting and asceticism on the festivities of Rama, the Ramayana. And the very name Islam can be broken into Is (the Goddess Isis, the Black; like Kali, like the Black Virgins, and the Kaaba itself), and Lam, the mantram corresponding to the Muladhara Shakra, of the sexual organs, pointing to a Tantric initiation now lost in Islam’s surface, although perhaps not in its depths, which could be indicated by the existence of the Taj-Mahal, in India, and precisely by the name Kaaba (Cave, Great Mother, Black Stone). Lam is also way. Is-lam originally would have been the Way of Isis, of the Goddess Isis, of the Tantric Initiation of “Shaiba”, the Widow; of the “Queen of Sheba”, of the “Sons of Sheba-Shaiba”, of the “Sons of the Widow”, of the Black Stone of the Kaaba, of Shiva and Kali, of Ra and Isis, all Black (Nigredo). Of the Kaaba Vimana (UFO). Because the vimanas were made of stone, and are thus described in the Ramayana and the Bhagavad-Gita. 

These profound secrets were known and kept by the Sufis (Muslim initiates, Manichaeans and Gnostics) while they maintained their knowledge. In India I met some Sufis worshippers of Krishna and the God Shiva. Perhaps the “Ismaelites”, the Hassasins, of the Imam, of the Elder of the Mountain, also had a similar origin. But the Mohammedans, like the Christians, destroyed everything by imposing a ferocious orthodoxy and, as in the Inquisition, stoned the transgressors. They veiled the feminine eternal, even on the faces of their women, and in contrast to the jewel of their Taj-Mahal, a poem in marble and precious stones dedicated to Eternal Love (the A-Mor5 of the Hyperboreans and Veddic Aryans), they have invented the purda and the harem, and also destroyed the most wonderful relics and sculptures throughout the world, like the millenary stone Buddhas in Afghanistan.

Just like in Christianity, the Jewish penetration in Islamism has been the invisible hand, guilty of also installing here its inventions, which by being publicly exposed as false today, leaving the Islamic world likewise helpless. The Arabs have also been penetrated by the Daggatum and Donmeh Jews, who have become among their people something similar to the Spanish Sephardim, Jews under disguise. 

Nevertheless, the Arabs of Islam, just like the Christians, but even more than these, are in the position to overcome this great crisis for maintaining – for a secret initiatic minority – of the Mystery of the Kaaba and the Initiation of the BLACK SUN, of the BLACK STONE, which was once the occult link with ESOTERIC HITLERISM, during, before and after the last Great War.
“ISLAM ” The SON of the WIDOWER. third. Chile : Ediciones La Nueva Edad, 2003. 33-36. Web. https://radicalrevival.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/the-son-of-the-widower.pdf

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    Funny thing is, just a few days ago I was thinking; "There's no way this guy has done this much research on his own. To put all of this together, in perspective, to dig up this much obscure historic scientific information you'd almost need some kind of team."

    What's the story?

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  4. "See beyond the walls within your mind,

    Look upon the truth that spans all time,

    Do you have the wisdom,
    Can you see her vision,

    What happens when you let the dream unwind?"

    1982 – timeangel

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  15. I'm late posting this,but I got pissed when I read that punk's Patreon comment above and I didn't have time to post. Those of you reading this blog who are not on Patreon are about as disrespectful as a person can be. I've been transfixed and thoroughly changed by the work of Jack and Orage since first reading them 3 years ago. The amount of time and heart these two men put in is mind boggling. And the information they are bringing into the light would be nearly impossible to get otherwise. I'm not kissing their asses here. They would both kick my ass if I did that.And I'm trying to be nice here without calling anybody out. I have a sketchy job and I'm raising two young kids and I make sure I have the money for my Patreon subscription. My only wish is that I had more to give them.

  16. Well Paul I think you answered your own question. Not quite sure why you are here or most importantly writing????…the show must and will go on though..thank you for stopping by

  17. I wish i could but my hand is killing me, i got nobody to help me so i gotta do it, further aggravating the hand, looks like a balloon, just trying to get it good enough so i can write the next piece, you all really gonna love this, particularly the Jesuits. I will say this much though, most of what goes on between the Jews, especially Israel, and Germany is game unbeknownst to rank and file Jews; who sometimes make the evangelicals look like Mensa with their rhetorical dogma. And you know what game is seeing as you just went Gangsta up there on Paul. By the way I love it!!!

    Check this out, this is really embarrassing to the stupid ones, the ones who thought they had a get out of work free card for the next two thousand years with that holocaust bullshit story, don't worry about Schlomo his chickens are coming home to roost…

  18. Let's talk about Israel as they are being set up for a fall and who would do that?

    Possession is nine tenths of the law Jack just like America's guns as come and fucking get them and did not he who must not be named set up said Jewish homeland in the first place as where is the god dammed statue he he

    And to our dear Paul who said I am crazy as I am and in person I will fuck u up.

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  19. I knew it. I was “attacked” by those entities. It came to a head last summer and it costed me dearly. They’ve left me be now their work done and my life in shambles. They are real and they feed off of misery. Still, they underestimate me. They’d love it if I checked out but I’m still here. Still a volunteer.

  20. Last comment today, you guys are killing my hand which mind you I aggravated again because it seems I am unable to do anything in moderation. We can paraphrase led Zeppelin here or even quote them. “The sky is filled with good and bad which mortals never know.” This world is permeated by disembodied entities, all of them trying their hardest, from raping your neighbors chicken to being Donald Trump, to get the incarnate to do their bidding. What Crowley was talking about was exorcising these entities so that when you perform an action it is of your own will and not theirs. In Scientology, a takeoff on Crowley’s teachings, they perform a process called auditing to achieve this. Crowley would never have approved of this. He wanted it raw, hand to hand, will against will and soul to soul, in the trenches, to the death. Like Nietzsche said about the incessant Christian proselytizing; “Do not tell me about what went into the fire! Tell me about what came out…”

  21. Remember what mr Duff said about croaking alone in a nursing home in a pissed soaked bed!

    At least they do what they want!

    Is that not what Crowley was all about?


  22. Jack,

    Who does'nt like the Stones as what else can we do in America?

    Let's throw a big party and the women will dress their finest and we shall hire a fine band!

    Fuck the agencies as we shall ignore you…

    I think that is allowed?


  23. Exactly right. I admit that I have a tendency to be a little “crazy” sometimes but at least I’m loyal and I care not only about the writers but also the other commenters who support this work. These are dire times we are traversing. Jack Heart has given us these truths free of charge. I don’t mind kicking in a small amount of cash if nothing else to express my gratitude. Furthermore, I think I’ve been dethroned as the craziest commenter of late.

  24. “I'm not a Patreon member – don't believe in it on principle”

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    We’ve been doing this for over four years now. I’ve seen movie deals with Jerry Cannon, TV deals with Meredith Fowke and book deals with John Lash’s publisher all squashed. What’s the latest? Nexus Magazine is no longer allowed to even communicate with me, let alone publish us. I didn’t even get my complementary copies of the June/July issue, or an answer as to why. Or maybe after Lucifer in the Temple of the Dog it’s assigning hecklers to our comment sections, most notable among them a semen swilling MI 6 agent and his more than half retarded boyfriend, and blocking any pertinent comments. And by the way Nines observations about how comments are censored on Patreon are right on.

    The only real news the herd is ever going to get is in our writings but till now they have been censored in every way imaginable short of completely wiping them clean from the internet. The only reason that’s not done is so mommy, crazy bitch that she is, can anticipate what’s going to pop into the collective consciousness next and try to spin it into goo goo gaa gaa; all the while instituting a plan of complete attrition in hopes that we will just go away, like I said crazy bitch…

    We aren’t going anywhere, its mommy that’s going to be taking a trip. The travel arrangements have already been made. Those who back us on Patreon are at least doing some part to alleviate the hardships brought about by taking on a world run by idiots and I personally am indebted to each and every one of them for showing that they really care about me and Orage. The rest of you, well you can comment all you want but just remember to paraphrase Jim Morrison, I am the one who holds the key to the universal mind…

  25. Now that you give us the segue, I don't know who's crazier, Tara, or your good self. With you I suspect it's the booze; with Tara, it probably gets a little more complicated. Makes for interesting reading, though. Kinda like word puzzles, although we're not quite sure that there's an actual reward, or even anything to be gained by working them out!
    Oh well, it takes all sorts, I guess. And I'm not a Patreon member – don't believe in it on principle, nothing at all personal – so who am I to be commenting?


  26. Jack,

    You just have to watch this on the biggest screen you have and more importantly your loudest sound system….

    And I thought which site should I post this on? As I like the blogger platform much better as one can post photos or music or video…

    Where Is our dear Tara?


    Jack you should play this for your mum….


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    One complaint against your patron site as I think they censor comments by how they are presented however, what is the alternative?

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    Or Alcohol in bottles and cans brewed locally sent to their fans course that would fix our American economy as who would stop that?

    well…questions are dangerous jack…

  28. Ptah was what the Egyptians called the god of the Hebrews (Hyskos if you are a sickly academic) Stan, he was the god of the pit and the forge, Samael to us Hebrews, a god of vengeance and wrath, a god of the finest steel weapons… Just like he's depicted in the old testament now but nobody asked him for much by prayer back then, just made blood sacrifice to him as Moloch (which means King in Hebrew)for help in killing their enemy's…

  29. Gee "fellas" was it something I said? Funny, after I posted this link up there the Human blog which averages between three and five hundred hits every day, had only three hits all day yesterday, Orage tells me that's impossible, but much like the SS now holding all the cards, it is…

  30. LOL, Naomie Watts, so funny you should say that, that’s the female in Twin Peaks who reminded me most of the female Twin Peaks is really about. There’s gonna have to be an intervention Nine; this place has been overrun by Zombies. The Black Fire is out of control and somebody’s going to have to call in the Fireman…

  31. Someone surely is intervening my dear jack…

    David Lynch is a fine man as he picks the finest women to star in his flicks!

    In twin Peaks season three he had Naomie Watts opposite to that crazy FBI guy and who played the role of a girl taking care of a very sick guy.

    Theater says this as the ultimate creator as all the worlds a stage and the finest actress on the planet is Watts and Lynch is a fine man…

    She is on Netflix as this media shall set us free and remember time for what it is that great equalizer of eturnity.

    If you wish to preach good news you must learn from the best!


  32. Very good, the Dogon of Africa do have a similar story to the Norse, although it’s a little different. In theirs the male Nommo is crucified to a tree and one day will return in human form for a short while before he reverts to his amphibious form to rule the world.

  33. “Politically there is not a solution, unless there is an intervention by the Hitlerists who survived the catastrophe of World War II, and who set up a new science and technology. We, the Esoteric Hitlerists, believe in that. It will be the magical phenomenon we await. But, that does not mean that we do not continue to fight to the very end for our Ideals, even if we are very realistic about the darkness of the near future.” – last interview; Miguel Serrano


  34. What I understand about history and archeology is that Abraham never existed in the first place!

    Organized religion always devolves to slavery and violence as look what they did to the native Americans and what Jews are doing to Palestinians!

    It does appear Hitler was right about schlomo….

    However, in our world it sure looks like schlomo will continue to run the show unless all of us can hitch a ride on that time machine Jack!


  35. Allah could also come from an African Alusi Ala in Nigeria, as far as I can tell. The "Odinani" customs may be connected to Odinism (look into the mythologies, like one eye symbolism). Sanskrit has been connected to Europe via Polish and other languages. It's also been traced to Syria, with the discovery of Sanskrit tablets there. "Ala" may go all the way back to Cro-Magnon times.

  36. Late in the year 1999, I experienced my first time on the WWW internet. The first thing I did, was to use the search engine, to see if there was anything online about the "Swiss Farmer." I saw that F.I.G.U. website was very well in use. And when I read about Eduard Albert Meier's lineage, I thought…. "oooohh ssshhiitt, this is not gonna fly well, at all." So the officials with the ultimate secrets must be glad about that, right?

    Don't worry I'm not here to proselytize with an agenda.


  37. Crowley said that in order to achieve Justice in the New Aeon we must smite the children of Ptah(the Egyptian name for the god of the old testament), I thought there might be some other way but I see now I was mistaken, game, set and match; Crowley…

  38. "Esoteric Hitlerism knew about the Kristian and
    Islamic Esotericism, and it was from that viewpoint that
    it related to the Mufti of Jerusalem and to the Pope Pious
    XII, who lived with a German nun at his side (his soror
    mistica), saw Hitlerism's Flying Discs and, surely, knew
    that "the virginity of Mary" was possible, having given
    birth to Jesus (just as Eve was, and how she gave birth to
    Cain) by parthenogenesis, telepathically impregnated by a
    Divine Being, a Divya, also his first Husband. That is to
    say, by the "gaze'" of Leonardo's Angel. Thus, the legendary
    Jesus would also be the Son of a Widow." – page 48

  39. Jack,

    Wahabe Muslems and schofield christians are the same…

    What son of Abraham made peace?

    Who would divide such similar religion?

    One with the same father?

    I am just like those American Indians as I believe that the spirit is great as my dear church lives and preaches the spirit lived life!

    Live and let live of course my dear Jack as when one has peace it is past understanding…

    We lost mum last year only one hundred and two

    What is that when we have eternity ?


  40. The Swisslanders state it was not the Pidgeon that impregnated the Virgin Mary, it was the human Plejaren named Gabriel (Gabrjel).
    The Islamic religion states it was Gabriel who appeared in the cave and said, "Today is your lucky day, Muhammed."
    They also state that Jmmanuel, swore to the Sanhedrin Pharisees that someone would appear in about 400 years, and give "you people," a big pain in the butt. What this means is Jmmanuel/Muhammed was the one and the same Spirit incarnation.
    The Plejaren found this Spirit again around 1939 living in Switzerland.


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