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Much of what we have been writing lately, indeed much of what Miguel Serrano wrote, heavily references the Cathars. You should not get the wrong impression and start thinking that authentic references to the Cathar belief system are readily available to academics. When the pope erases something from history, it stays erased, that’s power, raw power…
Most of the information we have about the Cathars has been pieced together, painstakingly by true believers, most of them French; with the Jesuits, an organization originally founded for just this purpose, running interference, dissembling with every available tool, going on 500 years now. 
Although they may have been influenced by eastern esoteric doctrine, the Cathars were by no means some praeterhuman secret society of Magi working from the ‘deepest darkest shadows of Luciferianism…’ If they were, the pope never would have defeated them as easily as he did… That would be the Knights Templar, the true guardians of the secret, who had far more use for the Cathars than they do for the pope…
We are going to be discussing Otto Rahn, maybe the most important man in history. Again it’s no accident most have never heard of him. Rahn was not only an archeological detective whose work even surpassed Heinrich Schliemann, he was a great writer, just as good as  – dare I even say it – Hermann Hesse. His work should be included in every academic curriculum higher than chimpanzee, right alongside Der Steppenwolf. Rahn wrote two books linking Montségur and the Cathars with the ‘Grail…’ Kreuzzug gegen den Gral (Crusade Against the Grail) in 1933 and Luzifers Hofgesind (The Court of Lucifer) in 1937. The first book was distinctly Christian reformist in its intentions; the second was just as Luciferian as anything Miguel Serrano would later write. 
Both Serrano and Rahn were schooled in mysteries and traditions far older than the Pontifex Maximus, who himself goes back to before the founding of Rome. It’s obvious from his books that Rahn learned these secrets in the years following his discovery in late 1931. It was a discovery of something that could create alternate realities, something transcendent of time and something hidden since time out of mind in the caverns of Ornolac in the Sabarthes beneath Montségur. 
Before we tell what can be told about Rahn and of course Lucifer and Lilith, it would be good to dispel some misconceptions our readers may have gotten about Catharism. Catharism is Christianity, not a schism; Catholicism as the Cathars contended is the schism. There have been only two real authorities on Catharism, one is Rene Nelli Serrano’s expert, and the other is Antonin Gadal, his predecessor and Rahn’s expert. Below is a link to a detailed synopsis of Antonin Gadal’s work.
The section titled The Source sums up four hundred years of French archeological and scholastic research on what was the Cathars or the Albigensian Heresy, as the pope likes to depersonalize his victims…

If we often hear the words: Catharism, Grail, Gnostics, Brotherhood of Love, Templars, Rosycross, it is because there is a secret link between them that must be progressively brought to light. And this in order to discover to which reality it is connecting us and what should be accomplished.

Gadal once said:
‘Amidst an enormous amount of old papers – as erronous one from another – about “these poor Cathars” – so rich in Spirit! – I wanted to part with my long silent work in order to restate this question.

Doctrine, Gnosis, Pyrenean Grail, Druidism, the Sabarthes, a little history, the Inquisition tribunal of Pamiers, all presented that beautiful Kingdom of Love, which provoked the bloody hatred of the corrupted clergy of the Middle Ages and which Rome annihilated with a pitiless hand.

It is not a call for hatred or revenge, as I have often written or repeated. We cannot be a Cathar if we are not able to forgive: “God is Love!”… It is the summary of that “path of the Holy Grail”, so beautiful, so long and so difficult, which leads to the sanctification in Christ, goal of any initiation, supreme way to Goodness, Beauty and Love.

What does matter are the sources, not the numerous councils held by Rome to fight ideas or men who would not submit to “dogma and to a faith without insight”.’

THE SECRET GLORY (2001) is a documentary (With English subtitles) about the story of SS officer Otto Rahn and his search for the Holy Grail. “Otto Rahn was born in the small town of Michelstadt in Southern Germany on February 18th, 1904. A solitary, introverted boy, he assimilated the bare bones of German Romanticism through avid childhood reading of Greek, Roman and Nordic myths and legends. In addition to this, all around him the romantic spirit was alive and well in the Rambler’s Associations and Mountaineering Clubs which began to flourish around this time. For Rahn, this generalized affinity with romanticism became refined into an all consuming obsession with the legends of Parsifal, the Holy Grail, Lohengrin, and the Nibelungenlied. While attending the University of Giessen, he was inspired by his professor, Freiherr Von Gall, to study the Albigensian (Catharism) movement, and the massacre that occurred at Montségur. Rahn is quoted as saying that “It was a subject that completely captivated me”” THE SECRET GLORY

The books of Otto Rahn in translation on

Crusade Against The Grail

The Court Of Lucifer

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  1. Nine, you are correct, but I would add to be weary of what one is being transformed into. To recognize the Christ in the self would be not so much a transformation but I would dare say, an Apocalypse. An unveiling of the true nature of the Kryst-aline Consciousness at the core of awareness. Represented in the Aryan Kristian traditions as the Hagal rune. The rune that combines the life rune Man, with the death rune Yr. A resurrection of the self within the self, that occurs when one dies to this reality, this dream, and awakens anew as the creator of a new dream.

  2. Geoff

    All faith traditions have transformation as the goal as Paul said not I but Christ within me as I die to self and transform and Christians call it resurrection…..

    A new reality..


  3. You’re right A. I was just hoping that the internet is getting better. That’s all. In light of the fact that everything Heart and Friends does is online I determined that my comment was threadworthy. Also, I’m pretty that sure those Jack Heart Sage of Quay interviews are having their hits frozen-in other words censored. I think the younger generation is turning away from Facebook. Now Facebook is under investigation which I’m sure will come to nothing but it’s still bad PR. Thinking that the internet is changing is probably just me whistling in the dark. I can’t help but to wonder what it is going to look like in five or ten years. Furthermore, even though my comment may have been happymealish your response did afford us the above comment from Jack so I don’t regret it. I support this work and I think pointing out that the Patreon comments are not to be missed can do no harm.

  4. Thank you A; let’s get that straight right here and now. Don’t expect your loved ones to one day come around to lucidity, once you’re gone there is no coming back. It was Gordon Duff who first clued me in about the black goo. My reaction was he’s gotta be kidding, c’mon now the X Files Mr. Duff? But then I began researching the matter, and with a high enough IQ to understand microbiology it was not hard to pick up the thread. The boys in the trench coats have been playing with the nasty little beasties since before WW II in hopes of creating the perfect slave society to better serve their masters. You are told that LSD was invented by Sandoz lab in 1947, a crock of shit. A guy named Leo Perutz wrote a novel about it called Saint Peters Snow all the back in 1933…

    It just goes on from there. Endonuclease, the tool by which bacteria splices and dices the RNA and DNA of all biological organisms was first isolated in Bacillus subtilis all the back in the early sixties, you are told it wasn’t till the end of the eighties. They have lied through their teeth about it, all of it. Even while I was figuring it out for them, they were pressuring me to blame it on the “aliens,” if not then the Nazis, who are indeed more than partially responsible. It was Blome that showed them the way, good old fashion German engineering…

    But in the end they are the ones who put the plan into action with Operation Sea Spray and all that followed, the Rand Corporation and god only knows what at Porton Down. They have murdered an entire world, all so they can have stripper girl friends that won’t throw up on them when they turn the lights on. Look at Donald Trump he is their flagship poster boy. And for you and everything you ever loved there is no cure. We, by some mitochondrial quirk perhaps best described to me by a Dine shaman as the original DNA of the Sun being unalterable, are the last survivors. The Zombies will turn on us sooner or later, make no mistake about that…

  5. Tara,

    One more comment as what did Jack write about?

    A horrible pathogen released upon our earth yet only a fraction of what our dear military calls full spectrum dominance.

    Look at the internet and the folks around you who are attached to Facebook and social media.

    As Orage said they made us wage slaves as who would do that?


  6. Tara,

    " I’ve been with my parents. They believe what comes on the TV. My mom thinks that Assad poisoned his own people. I told her that he didn’t do it. She said how did they make the foam come out of the little boys mouth. Soon everyone who believes the main stream news will be dead and maybe these assclowns will get their just desserts. I don’t wish death on my mom but these are the facts."

    The facts are that family is all that matters in the long run as I would drop the subject of "conspiracy" around them and come here to indulge your fancies….

    Much lov…


  7. Tara,

    We are discussing the Vatican and her agents as the Jesuit's refer to themselves as the society of Jesus and to who runs the"V"?

    Ask Jack or better Mr. Duff…


  8. I’m so glad to see Ringo and John. Although I don’t think Nine is anybody’s bitch. Shout out Nine. I want a number. Maybe I can be six cause I got your six. I’m with Skid Mark. Who is V? Orage’s latest VT comment is off the chain. Now I’m trying to keep up with the comment threads in 3 different places. It’s exciting. Each one has its own flavor. I watched all ten of The Secret Glory videos and I can hardly wait for the new installment. At first the last five videos weren’t showing up and I was afraid they had taken them down. I know they’ve been taking a lot of stuff down from YouTube. Is it just me or is the internet changing? We’ve got DTube, Mix Cloud, and now this new thing called onstellar. I think just like the Library of Alexandria burning the internet as we know it is in the process of a slow burn. This is making way for new platforms like Patreon. I’ve been with my parents. They believe what comes on the TV. My mom thinks that Assad poisoned his own people. I told her that he didn’t do it. She said how did they make the foam come out of the little boys mouth. Soon everyone who believes the main stream news will be dead and maybe these assclowns will get their just desserts. I don’t wish death on my mom but these are the facts. Thanks guys. I’m really enjoying these comments. Never a dull moment at Heart and Friends.

  9. America's founders distrusted democracy my dear Orange as fascism seems to make the best sense in global terms.

    Why? Truth about how the world really works has been suppressed and only those who have a grasp of truth can make such decisions as my former employer promoted from within as I appreciate the education…

    One of our senior pastors of the mega church I attend is SJ..


  10. Athanasius Kircher, SJ was called the first information clearing house, having access to reports SJ members from all over the world. He decided what was to be shared with the profane and in what form. Some interesting works came from it, if ever in LA, there's a neat little museum on Pico Blvd. but that's beside the point. SJ were outlawed by monarchs and even a pope. With their focus on "getting them while they are young" ahem education, it makes for a global network of "agents" in various forms. One does not have to read the diamond merchant's account of SJ as "Vatican's Assassins" nor "19th century bigotry" in form of Saussy to score SJ as adherents of synarchism. Synarchism was at the core and there from the very start. Welcome aboard, discuss, ramble, enlighten; but please no brow-beating without substance. Exceptions made for when it is funny in delivery.

  11. John is obviously high, again. But I too am curious as to the meaning of 'V'. Any of these clever people care to enlighten a soul? Unlike MK, I for one am willing to profess ignorance about something and learn!

  12. V? V? Who the f*** is Veee-Heeeee? Ah yoo thinkin' o storming the Leonine Walls, are yah, our Jack? Skorzeny style, as it weh'

    Now, then—Now, then—maaand if aahh bang-gg outta toon, lads and lassies?

    Heah wee go now: Women, ahh, cain haaa-haaaa-haaaa-dlee eggs-PLAEEEEEEEEEEN~

    ahd cough up a few bob if aah had summit to mee nayme, boys. Poh-veh-tee an' all tha' Ah gotsta get a receipt for a fookin' fish supper, I do.

    aaah, wood. Honest. Jack's the dogs bollocks, so 'ee is.


  13. Well then, I defer to you both respectfully and with anticipation. But the only connection between the Jesuits and Lucifer would be a large telescope in the American desert seeing the stars for how they really are.

    After all: Rem tene, verba sequentur

    Sometimes assumptions have to be sowed. The only question is, in which furrow?


  14. Tupper Saussy, didn’t Mike bring him into the conversation a while back provoking a similar response from you guys? Don’t worry Tupper Saussy is not on our list, right now we are doing Otto Rahn, here we cover the players not the commentators. From my understanding Rahn has much to say about the Jesuits in the Court of Lucifer. I haven’t read it yet but I will be, right now I have all I can do transcribing the relevant parts (most of the first half) of The Secret Glory. I like eyewitnesses, academics usually just repeat what they have been told. As far as Nine being bigoted I don’t see that at all. Nine is just reading the material we are providing and unlike everybody else wasting peoples time with their Youtube pus and excremental scribbling we are being very very careful to bring you all only the most factual material available. Just like everybody here, myself included, Nine is being enlightened. Nine also seems to be aware that by refusing to shill for anybody, besides being censored by those who cannot survive the Truth, we have put ourselves in a financial bind that is all but intolerable. There are those reading this that can fix that with one check, yet they do nothing. I have to wonder…

  15. No, I don't watch TV, and especially not 'Netflix'. I don't like being mesmerised by jews with overactive imaginations and budgets equivalent to those of small nations. Although I have heard from trusted associates that viewing material of late in many instances reveals 'what's really happening' in this twisted little Realm of ours. One'd hardly know that we're at the centre of all there is.

    No one gets out alive? Nothing new with that reveal, however—I think Neanderthal Man must have figured that one out right after he realised that Pam and her 5 friends liked to party.

    Yours in good faith,


  16. Do you watch Netflix?

    One has to pay to play over there as I was trained by the finest…

    Wait, Jack says no one gets out alive…


  17. Well if Tupper Saussy's ramblings are dots for you, matey; you're going to come up with a very confused picture. And it's his writings that are bigotry in a modern form, don't be so defensive—it's not all about you; but if you pass them on without bothering to check whether or not they're true or false, then yeah, you are a bigot. And it matters. A lot. But when the lies are pared away bit, by-oh-by-the-lord-jaysus, -little bit, the Truth will remain. But thanks for revealing to all and sundry the mountain that still lies ahead.


    And don't ask me for money on behalf of somebody else, mate. Are you his bitch? But for the sake of politeness let's just say here that it seems you are trying to change the subject.

    Again, nice try.


  18. I see no anti Catholic bigotry in anything I posted as I was brought up in the Church…

    Me Thinks that I will let Jack tell the story as Evil rules Evil and why not as they are the best at the game and look around you is the world getting better or worse or staying the same as it were and so someone has to be in charge.

    I am not recommending anyone to read Saussy's books as my quotes were only examples of dots to connect as if any of it matters anyway….

    You got five bucks to help out Jack?


  19. Tupper Saussy? Really? T.S. developed and expanded upon 19th Century, anti-Catholic, protestant propaganda which first appeared in a series of 'Punch' cartoons in British newspapers in the 1850s. This was in response to the Catholic Emancipation Act, which permitted Catholic prayers and worship in public places for the first time since the 17th century. The authorities in Britain at the time were shitting their pants, as Royal Houses all over Europe were collapsing in the face of popular movements, from early 'Marxism' to grass-roots local politics, and revolts. In other words, ordinary people were waking up, and the Catholic Church had a serious power base amongst these kinds of folks. Still has.

    Tupper Saussy is a lunatic, (albeit a clever one) and according to him, 'Jesuits' run the U.S.A. as an imperial fiefdom on behalf of the Black Pope in Rome; Fr. D'Sousa, a Venezuelan.

    ???????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    C'mon, man. Have some respect for the readers, would you.

    Ask yourselves, is this even remotely conceivable? Sure, pre-internet, when Saussy first began his ravings, folks were gullible enough to lap this stuff up—bigotry plays in deep-seated human prejudices, after all. But now, with all the information we have literally at our fingertips?
    Please, Nine. Let's have something more original.
    T.S. was an early cointelpro operation; a test if you like; along the lines of, say, Stan Deyo.

    His job was to focus all of your (short?) attention on the right hand, whilst the left hand—sinestra—rummaged around in your smelly Y-fronts.

    You've been had, my friend. But nice try. His book was thick enough to strangle a fucking crocodile. But as short on the facts as Space-X.

    We'll await something more meaty. And remember:

    Non teneas aurum totum quod splendet ut aurum.


  20. The Jewish god is the one cain sacrificed his brother to as he had no shame when he faced that other more caring entity who put the mark on cain instead of killing him course mearly speculation on my part jack!

    The Jesuit is merely evil ruling evil as a son of cain! who would do it better or as they say better the devil you know!

    They serve a purpose if you care to look around and they have my respect!


  21. In evangelibot circles the question asked as they wish to get back to first century faith is who is Jesus?

    In revelations also by John Jesus is Lucifer the morning star as the Bible is a grand work of propaganda and good propaganda must contain truth…

    The jesuits whom I have a great deal of respect for have to govern this evil world and of course look around you?

    Well what would I know …


  22. Nine you have done your reading, sometimes you do make me smile, not an easy thing to do lately. Rahn and the SS have their take, I have mine. The Jesuits are the only obstacle on this course that can bust a grape in a fruit fight (excuse my V pun) when it comes to Magick, that is why I treat them with respect, I'm not Mike, I do not underestimate my enemies and I do not start unnecessary wars…

  23. The Cathars hold the Gospel of John as the most sacred of scriptures, I do not share their enthusiasm, not for anything christian, not for anything of the Jewish Pharisees. I acknowledge Revelations and the Secret Gospel of Thomas as sublime, not much else Stan. We have already presented the facts as to the true savior and messiah of the New Testament being Lucifer, in fact it was the first thing i laid out in writing all the way back in 2011
    for the Rabbi's
    They admitted my argument is unimpeachable but have never raised one finger to help me spread the truth, as you can see now I don't need them…

    The Knights Templar are what they are because they know the truth, in the end they will be the last ones standing, the Truth always is…

  24. Rahn in Lucifer's court refers to the Jesuit
    As a son of cain and that power that rules evil.

    " Cain demanded protection from possible assailant in his exile. God graciously accommodated Cain by "set[ting] a mark" upon him which made Cain seven times more powerful than any mortal competitor. The mark served as the very "powers and insignia of kingship" Annu had granted Marduk. It empowered Cain to rule all human beings likely to challenge his protective mark…"

    Taupper Saussy

    As what our Stan above is talking about as Jesus told the truth of what the Jewish God really is all about and that is why they erased the Cathar's from history!


  25. Why the Templars separated from the Catholic Church.

    Copy and pasted with Stanley's super glue
    Russian to English:

    From the book of knowledge templar vril!

    The story of the templar would certainly be completely different, and most likely that they would have no meaning in the future in their history if there was not a huge treasure found in the ruins of the temple, with which the knights did not know very well that (what) to do. What they found could not have been there before the beginning of the first century n. ER., when the construction of the temple was started and no later than 70 when it was destroyed. Consequently, the range of burial time was about seventy years. Found in the qumran "Copper Scroll" – sworn so because it is truly etched on sheets of copper says that the community buried its jewels and sacred books under the temple shortly before 70. Now the answer to the question of what the templars found was clear. This means that the templars have acquired the most valuable and most "Pure" of Christian texts, much more important than some gnostičeskie Gospels! These were remnants of the Hebrew manuscripts, only small pieces whose content was soon meant to completely change the meaning of the knights and all the subsequent history of the order. These pieces of texts were handed over to vysokoobrazovannomu Etienne Harding, who served at the time in the order as an interpreter. And that's what triggered all the follow-up events. The findings were no more and no less than the fragments of the reports Jewish Éšajmin (Scouts) who, on the mission of the žrečestva, were reports of the activities of " cursed mamzera (son of a whore) of Jesus " and his " crimes against God Israel ". what could be there. To Read, completely contrary to all the popular teachings! Jesus Christ, it turns out, spoke of God Jews "Jehovah" as Satan, accusing the Jews of what they made their only God of the devil himself. Clear traces of this can be found, by the way, in the gospel of John in the New Testament, where Jesus says to the Jews: "you are from your father, devil" (John, 8:44). So there must have been a strong distortion of the true teachings of Christ!

  26. One more comment Jack,

    Did you know that young American run away women are trafficked at truck stops to provide sex for lonely sex starved young Truck Drivers as the solution to this is simply let a Robot do the Truck Driver Job….

    So the Mob stops progress as Mr. Duff says.

    Only Robots Drive Trucks Mr. Hart…..

    I was in the shipping industry you might say as my office had over 2000 trucks a day 24/7 out of my office…

    I supervised and assigned work for several hundreds of these incredibly stupid mother fuckers….

    A basic national income and robots to drive trucks is a very good solution to prostitution my dear friend.

    What woman would sleep with a man if she had food, clothing, shelter, transportation and good education?

    Our current republicans hate that the most…


  27. Jack

    I need some really basic landscape design but I don't think I could afford you.

    I will provide the labor….

    You know neo-suburban

    I live in a all republican supper wealthy enclave on an acre next to a Forrest as I am in low income housing….

    They start at 300,000 and go up from there…

    Would love to sell by owner and do the gangsta thing on the broker he he….

    When my kids were growing up our house was the ghetto cool house where all my son's friends hung out at and their parents referred to our street as the "icky" part of town….

    The clientele? White, wealthy, Evangelical, republican, trump supporting mother fuckers….

    Its a bubble economy and its time to sell high and let the suckers buy…


  28. 🙂 Right you are Jack Heart. I think I meant something for the sheeple although I think you would agree that you and Orage are too much for the CNN crowd. The comments on Patreon lately are sizzling thanks to you and the regular crew.

  29. I ain't go no Wisdom Bill I got friends like you and Orage and in this world Information is far more useful than Wisdom…

    Othalla…I guess you were looking at that in BSR 1 at the same time I was Orage? I like the flowers of evil quote too, its between those two for our next piece, we'll see after its written.

  30. That’s what we need Stan. Something to bring this to mainstream consciousness. I’m still aggravated that I never learned about any of this in any of my history or religion classes. You think they bothered to tell me about any of this? My education was designed to keep me chewing my cud with the rest of the cattle.

  31. “I became free of the illusion of the reality of material things.” I did that but in this reality it just ain’t gonna happen en mass. I love Crowley. When he says “He has been sold so many pups that he flinches at the “watchdog’s honest bark” about Americans I think that pretty much sums up what’s going on in this reality hologram/construct. This as evidenced by censorship and dirty dealing when it comes to those who dare speak the truth. Crowley said he remembered his past lives. I do not. I know that I wish to be in Valhalla not in heaven with Jesus. I only hope that finding this information this time around will afford me that opportunity. For now I must continue to press forward for those answers which enlighten my human condition during this somewhat painful incarceration. Thank you for that link Jack. It speaks volumes about our current American dream or should I say nightmare.

  32. Bill, the fog is lifting. When you truly look at Othalla,you have all this in one symbol. She-He, He-She and the offspring. We'll have to bring this path to its conclusion, and not start the circle anew. "“We inherit ourselves. —
    ”Othala – “Oh-thall-ah” – Literally: “Homeland” or “Ancestral Lot” – Esoteric: Inheritance, estate, noble

    Rune of anscetral spiritual power, divine inheritance and earthly estate.

    Psi: ancestral spiritual power

    Energy: ancestral spiritual power, inheritance, heaven on earth, “The gift of Ing”, paradise, utopia"

  33. Your take on evangelicals made me laugh out loud this morning. That view of the swirling plugged up toilet full of turds and them all enjoying the ride….

    As always the readers and comments add much to the conversation. The raising of each of our ability to discern truth and experience that which is not of time is enhanced by your research and commentary on the wisdom of those who have gone before.

  34. In a way nine the Evangelicals are the only ones who got it right. They just got it backwards, they are the ones who will be left behind, swirling around like the turds they are caught in the vortex of a flushed toilet, still clutching their plastic Jesus…


    "Immigrant Song"

    "Ah, ah.

    We come from the land of the ice and snow,
    From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.

    Hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new land.
    To fight the hordes and sing, and cry.
    Valhalla, I am coming.

    Always sweep with, with threshing oar.
    Our only goal will be the western shore.

    Ah, ah.

    We come from the land of the ice and snow,
    From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.

    How soft your fields so green. Can whisper tales of gore.
    Of how we calmed the tides of war. We are your overlords.

    Always sweep with threshing oar,
    Our only goal will be the western shore.

    So now you'd better stop and rebuild all your ruins.
    For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing.

    Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh
    Ooh. Ah.
    Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.
    Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh."

  35. V? That fucking misogynistic homo? Maybe if he and that British drag queen would stop sodomizing each other with their crucifixes for just a day or two we could actually be of assistance to some of these lost souls, including our own. But alas these aberrations of masculinity are determined that history will repeat itself. They are in love with their own Mandela’s, not to mention each other’s anal passages…

    “I found it impossible to persuade even the most intelligent people who came to me to take the first step — that of clearing the ground of their minds of every preconceived idea. They yearned for me to fill them up to the neck with any ridiculous rubbish that flattered their vanity, fed their folly, doped their dread of death and damnation, and inflated their idle fancies, intoxicated their inane ideals. I simply hammered away with cold common sense. I drenched them with douches of doubt. I pricked their bladders of bluff; I tapped their dropsical sentimentality and applied a clyster of candour to the constipation of their respectability. By this simple expedient I drove them all away. I made myself enemies everywhere. The crowd of charlatans were particularly annoyed. They were eager to hail me as their master and even to give me the lion's share of the swag. It hurt them horribly when they found I would not play the game, or even take the trouble to hail them to my barn door. Every people has the prophets it deserves; the credulous cowardly ice-cream-soda idealist is best left with the illiterate illuminati, rascally Rosicrucians, magpie mediums, parrot psychics, and cockroach clairvoyants with whom they feel at home. One cannot initiate imbeciles…” – Aleister Crowley

    I would suggest that every American who is not interested in what a drugged up game show host has to say read the whole link, you Russians too. After all you do have a better chance than the Americans and Crowley will tell you exactly why…

  36. Jack,

    patron censors simple as that my friend….

    suffice it to say that truth is the finest treasure as our dear "V" can not hide it forever….

    The spirit guides all who seek onto truth as its the only Evangelical I could be …


  37. All fixed. When the computer acts up on your stuff I tend to immediately think it’s big brother trying to keep secrets from me. I’m not your most astute reader but I’m trying to keep up. Your efforts to educate me are greatly appreciated.

  38. “It was a discovery of something that could create alternate realities, something transcendent of time and something hidden since time out of mind in the caverns of Ornolac in the Sabarthes beneath Montségur.” This is fascinating and I’m dying to know what it was that he discovered. I’m getting an error message on the first link about cartharism. It’s frustrating because it’s my understanding that there is no sense reading main stream academic writings about the Cathars.

  39. “‘While Lucifer, ambitious and arrogant, full of immoderate desires, was cast out of heaven, when falling from heaven, he chipped the corner of a star: which fragments rolled within space and were stopped by the earth. Stone from heaven, pure and perfect stone since it fell from heaven; it was the Lapis ex Caelis of the Grail!”

    This is why Antonin Gadal could not find the Grail, nor the “Table of Solomon [Emerald Tablet of Thoth],” and Otto Rahn could, even though they looked in the same places. As for Mary Magdalene and her entourage settling in the Sabarthes, that is why the Norse called the Wave Maidens the ladies of the mountains. She is the Grail, and Lucifer the Spear. We are talking about sexual organs my friends. Something the Christians chose in their ignorance is bliss state of mind to know nothing about…
    You should Understand that when you call Lucifer ambitious and arrogant, full of immoderate desires for only wanting what is his, then you have given his enemy, or more correctly the Agent of his enemy; the pope, permission to barbecue you and everything you ever loved alive. This is why the Templers could not defend the Cathars like they later did the Scots under Robert the Bruce in the Battle of Bannockburn…

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