“Vengeance Is Mine, I Will Repay…”


“There are some who walk this earth who understand just where this all began but they will not tell the others because they believe the knowledge to be a privilege that can only be passed on through the blood. The world has suffered their silence long enough. They are pompous fools that play at being descended from Pharaoh’s and Roman Emperors when in truth their linage can only be traced back to Dark Age whore houses. The only thing passed on through the blood is venereal disease…” – Excerpt from Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan

“And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years.” (1) This puerile Christian blasphemy against all which is proud and virile in life continues: “And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison.” (2) Accordingly, accounts will then be settled for all; angels, gods and humans.

Those are the words written in The Book of Revelations or The Apocalypse, a promise of eternal death and damnation for the entire human race. The epileptic tirade, supposedly the words of the abomination the Christians would dare call god, promises to mercilessly persecute the very Goddess who has given life to all, swearing unclean oaths of hatred and violence against “the whore” and vowing to “make her desolate and naked, to eat her flesh, and burn her with fire…” (3) 

For many centuries rejected in the east for reasons that should be obvious, The Book of Revelations was the last book accepted into the Christian biblical canon. It is if nothing else a vitriolic indictment of the victim by the perpetrator of the crime.

No one knows where Revelations came from. In fact, no one really knows where the bible came from. Archeologically, the bible itself is empirically untenable. Until the fraud of the Dead Sea Scrolls was perpetrated following WW II, the Aleppo Codex from the tenth century and the Leningrad Codex from the eleventh were thought to be the oldest existing manuscripts of the Tanakh or Hebrew bible; the textual source for the Christian Old Testament.

Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, the legendary researchers whose book Holy Blood, Holy Grail brought Montsegur into the light of this world, wrote another book titled The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception. The book chronicles how the ‘Scrolls’ were supposedly “found in caves near Jerusalem in 1947, only to be kept a tightly held secret for nearly fifty more years, until the Huntington Library unleashed a storm of controversy in 1991 by releasing copies of the Scrolls. In this gripping investigation authors Baigent and Leigh set out to discover how a small coterie of orthodox biblical scholars gained control over the Scrolls, allowing access to no outsiders and issuing a strict “consensus” interpretation. The authors’ questions begin in Israel, then lead them to the corridors of the Vatican and into the offices of the Inquisition…” (4)

But alas, just as they did with Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Baigent and Leigh allow themselves to be sidetracked by the masters of delusion. What was and still is at stake is the very foundations of Christianity and what now passes itself off as Judaism. The Nag Hammadi Tracts, the long-concealed Gnostic roots of both religions, had already been “discovered” near the Upper Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi in 1945. They would tell a very different story about the god of Abraham and the “Whore of Babylon” or the “Shekinah in Exile.” The Scrolls themselves are a complete fraud, a collection of fragments that could very well be used toilet paper and were most likely tentatively pasted together in the basement of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1946…

With a lot of help from the Jews, Christians have been writing their own version of history since the beginning of the Crusades. The chronology of these historical events of Immaculate Conception is contingent on the work of Joseph Justus Scaliger and Denis Pétau, who working in tandem refined the falsification of history to a fine art in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. There is just one problem. The dating of historical events outside the West arrived at by Scaliger and Pétau, using incomplete and unverified clerical sources like Eusebius of Caesarea and his mentor Saint Pamphilus, does not correlate with the dates given by ancient sources. Nor is it supported by the astronomical, archeological and forensic evidence.

There are even centuries missing from western history between the fall of Rome and the rise of the Carolingian dynasty. The missing centuries are somewhat appropriately called the Dark Age…

Noted German author and researcher Heribert Illig has proposed that the entire Carolingian period including Charlemagne is a fabrication. Illig and his proponents insist there is a “phantom time” from 614 of the Common Era to 911. According to Illig, two hundred and ninety seven years have been arbitrarily added to the first millennium of the Common Era in order to legitimize the papacy of Pope Gregory V and the reign of his cousin Otto III as the Holy Roman Emperor.

Doubts as to the veracity of the Scaliger- Pétau chronology are hardly unprecedented. They began almost immediately in the sixteenth century when “the Salamanca University professor de Arcilla had published his works Programma Historiae Universalis and Divinae Florae Historicae where he had proved that the entire history of the Classical Age was mediaeval in its origin. This is exactly the same point of view that was shared by the Jesuit historian and archaeologist Jean Hardouin (1646-1724), who considered most classical literature to have been written in monasteries during the preceding XVI century… The German Privatdozent Robert Baldauf wrote his History and its Criticisms in 1902-1903, proving that not only ancient history, but even that of the early Middle Ages, is a forgery of the Renaissance epoch and the subsequent centuries with the use of nothing but philological arguments” (5)

 “The eminent English scientist Edwin Johnson (1842-1901), the author of several remarkable critical studies of ancient and mediaeval history, gave some severe and serious criticisms of” (6) the Scaliger- Pétau chronology. The conclusion of “his many years of chronological research, was formulated thusly: “We are a lot closer in time to the Greeks and the Romans than what the chronological tables tell us.” (7) He ended by calling “for the revision of the entire edifice of the ancient and mediaeval chronology! His principal works were published in the late nineteenth to early twentieth century” (8)

Isaac Newton was also prominent among the critics of the Scaliger- Pétau chronology. Although, scion of Empire that he was, he never went within two centuries of the Common Era, preferring to deal with ancient Egypt and Greece where he felt the dates should be moved up at least three centuries. In Egypt he saw discrepancies of as much as two thousand years. “For instance, the contemporary consensual version of chronology ascribes the first years of reign of the Egyptian Pharaoh Menes to approximately 3000 B. C. Newton suggested that this event could be given a date as recent as 946 B.C.” (9) 


Anatoly T. Fomenko

But by far the man who has done the most damage to the Scaliger- Pétau chronology is the distinguished Russian scientist Anatoly T. Fomenko. Dr. Fomenko is the author of numerous papers on the Variation Principles in Topology and the Multidimensional Minimal Surface Theory. He is a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a full member of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences and a Doctor of Physics and Mathematics. His professional titles also include Professor, Head of the Moscow State University Section of Mathematics of the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics…

In short, Fomenko is a mathematician whose ability to ply his trade in practical applications is perhaps without peer since Jon von Neumann himself. He uses his mathematical skills to show exactly how mans vaunted “ancient” records of lunar eclipses, the backbone of academic arguments against Heribert Illig, have been falsified. 

Fomenko scoffs at the whole idea of a “Dark Age,” sarcastically pointing out that “The great achievements of “ancient” astronomy – the eclipse theory, the computation of planet ephemeredes, etc. – are reported to be completely forgotten. And the famous Cosmas Indicopleustes, who is supposed to have lived in the VI century a.d. and researched the movement of the Sun and the stars, honestly believes that the Universe is a box whose centre contains a flat Earth, washed by the Ocean and supporting the bulk of mount Ararat. Apart from this, the lid of the box is studded with stellar nails. There are four angels in the corners of the box that produce wind. This is the level of scientific cosmography of the Middle Ages…” 10

Fomenko stands as the voice of reason, the lone academic dissenter who points out the lie in the Asch Paradigm. He pragmatically reasons how unlikely it is that all the knowledge of the Classical Age could have been simply forgotten, learned treatises stashed away for a thousand years in monasteries while the human race wallowed in a Stone Age and then all suddenly relearned in the Renaissance. Fomenko quips “There was a very simple reason for it – this “extra thousand years” has never existed.” (11)

He points out the “the amazing parallels in events as well as statistics that identify the classical Trojan War of the alleged XIII century b.c. with the Gothic war of the alleged VI century a.d. that raged in Italy and the New Rome, as well as the Italian war of the alleged XIII century a.d.”12 Fomenko then goes on to say that the same uncanny parallels between ancient and medieval events that he is emphasizing were also noticed by the iconic German medieval historian Ferdinand Gregorovius in the nineteenth century. Gregorovius continuously points them out in his work but uneasily explains them away as the “law of historical recurrences…” (13)

It is most telling when “Gregorovius writes that “ever since the decline of the Gothic state the ancient Gothic rule came to absolute ruination. Laws, monuments, and even historical recollections had all fallen into oblivion” (14)

After a drawn-out war with the Byzantine Empire over the Italian peninsula that lasted almost twenty years the Goths were finally defeated in 554 C.E. and Europe collapsed into the Dark Age. Or so says conventional history. But the truth is the war that really changed Europe forever was the one between the House of Hohenstaufen, together with their allies called Ghibellines, against the Pope and his allies, called Guelph’s, that raged up and down the Italian peninsula for the first half of the thirteenth century. It ended in victory for the Pope, but it has never been forgotten by the aristocracy.    

“Long after it had passed into history the bitter taste of what could have been remained in the mouths of the Italian and German Ghibellines who supported the Hohenstaufen. Under the divisive eye of the Vatican, Germany and Italy would remain a collection of competing feudal states for hundreds of years…” (15)  

Fomenko believes that both the Gothic War and Trojan War are metaphors for the war between the Papal Throne and the House of Hohenstaufen. He concludes that “the outline for the global chronology of Europe was created in the XVI-XVII century, in the works of J. Scaliger and D. Petavius [Denis Pétau].” (12) What these scoundrels did was simply transpose events from eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth century Italy and duplicate them in “three chronological shifts of 330, 1050, and 1800 years respectively.” (13) Christianity now comes replete with its very own custom-made stratified history going back to the Trojan War. The only problem is none of it is true.

“We know nothing of the events that took place before the X century A.D….” 14

Above: “Ancient miniature depicting the “ancient” Archimedes as a mediaeval scientist. Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Urb. Lat. 261, fol. 1r.” 18

Above: “Ancient miniature allegedly dated XV century depicting the “ancient” Cicero and other “ancient” characters in a typically mediaeval setting. The modern commentary reads: “Lelius (on the left), Ennius, and Scaevola (centre); Cicero is seen composing his tractate On Friendship.” (19)

The genius of Archimedes, the erudition of Cicero, the glory and pageantry of Rome, the intellectual and martial traditions of ancient Greece, not to mention the buggery, all of it just the product of the fevered imaginations of celibate Irish monks. “Alexander the Great” is modeled after Otto III, a Saxon not a Greek. Otto conquered the Western World a millennium ago, not two and half. He did it by the time he was twenty-one when he died on campaign. Absent were the thundering chariots and glittering armor of a Cecil B. DeMille production.  The adventurous young Saxon king simply marched up an Italian peninsula long since given over to savagery with a band of warriors and occupied some centrally located old ruins. Then he set his Kazarian scribes to work creating a glorious past for the ruins, which they would call Rome after the twin son of a she wolf.  

They blended the ancient mystery school traditions from time out of mind with the newer Gnostic ones which were already sweeping over Europe with movements like the Cathari. From this populist formula they synthesized the Christian religion. Over the chimerical new “faith” Otto appointed his twenty-three-year-old cousin; a mystic named Bruno but soon to be known to posterity as Gregory “V,” Pontifex Maximus, which means bridge between man and god. For now on god would only be allowed to speak through the Pontiff.

With the new hybrid religion came a new god modeled on the old legends of Wōdan. They named him Jesus Christ. Julius Caesar, the great man to whom all kings aspired to be, was in actuality Jesus Christ with a sword, an invention of an invention. Francesco Carotta has it half right. The iron Legions of Rome, those inflexible men of yore to which we find so little archeological or anthropological evidence, fought their phantom battles with short swords. The Saxons take their name from the Seax; a short sword or dagger to which all their men folk famously carried to settle their disputes.

After the divine right of kings to rule by the authority of God was established under the new religion, European armies under the guise of Crusades were dispatched throughout the known world to erase all traces of what western man once was. The Inquisition followed. The mop up among the colored races would later euphemistically be called Colonialism.

Traditionally monastic Latin Italy does not rule the world and never did. Traditionally warlike Anglo Saxon Great Britain does and practically always has…   

“Hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new land.
To fight the hordes and sing, and cry.
Valhalla, I am coming.

Always sweep with, with threshing oar.
Our only goal will be the western shore.

Ah, ah.

We come from the land of the ice and snow,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.

How soft your fields so green. Can whisper tales of gore.
Of how we calmed the tides of war. We are your overlords.”

– Led Zeppelin: The Immigrant Song

Far to the north on a frozen island basking in the Midnight Sun, beyond the bloody reach of the Inquisition, Goth traditions had not “fallen into oblivion.” Iceland according to history was settled in the late ninth century. It is a place that produced an inordinate amount of literature of the highest quality throughout the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth centuries. That it was a community of artists and dissidents fleeing the new world order of their time is a far better explanation than the academic one which has tribal chiefs trying to impress and entertain their clans during periods of respite from foraging for codfish and clubbing baby seals…

The men of Iceland were formidable warriors all, but they were also the most learned men of the West for their times, from “here the courts of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England and Germany were supplied with skalds to sing their praises.” (20) The skalds were poets that immortalized kings and great deeds from bygone years, long forgotten or beaten out of the populace on the mainland. In the Sagas of the skalds the old gods are remembered.

Perhaps the greatest of these skalds was Snorri Sturluson. He and “Olaf Hvitaskald are the two names to whom the authorship of the Younger Edda has generally been attributed” (21) There are two Eddas. The Younger Edda dating from the early thirteenth century and written in prose is called the Prose Edda. The Elder Edda is a collection of poems, some of it fragmentary, recited in the banquet halls and from the prows of Viking long boats from time out of mind. It is called the Poetic Edda.

Academically it is an accepted fact that it is very hard archeologically to date things from the first millennium. Dr. Fomenko prodigiously proves his case in his seven-volume work. We have every reason to believe that the Iliad and the Odyssey very well may be just as fraudulent as the bible. Greek and Roman mythology would follow suit. Western man has been hit over the head with a Blackjack and has amnesia. The only memory he can be sure of is in the Sagas. 

There are three important parchment manuscripts of the Prose Edda. Codex Wormianus is dated to the mid fourteenth century and contains an edition of the Prose Edda along with the only version of the Rígsþula. A saga that purports to tell where Black and White people came from. Codex Upsaliensis is dated to the turn of the fourteenth century and also contains the Prose Edda.

Codex Regius (GKS 2365 4º) is the most important. It was written in the thirteenth century and originally consisted of fifty-three leaves; eight of them have been lost. It is the only source for most of the poems it contains.  It first turned up in 1643 when it was given as a present by the Icelandic Lutheran Bishop to the king of Denmark. Because it was deemed to be too precious to risk as air cargo it was returned to Iceland by ship under military escort in 1971. 

There is another manuscript of the Prose Edda that also goes by the name of the Codex Regius (GKS 2367 4º). It is made up of 55 vellum pages dating from the early 14th century. It was part of the same gift by the Icelandic Lutheran Bishop to the king of Denmark. It was returned to Iceland in 1985.

The Prose Edda contains its own version of The Apocalypse. In light of Dr. Fomenko’s work it’s no doubt older than the malevolent Christian fantasy rooted in resentment that is The Book of Revelations. The original ending to this story is far grimmer than it is hateful. It is an ending written only for the Strong. It’s called Ragnarök. 

Óðinn flanked by his Valkyries leads his forces into battle at Ragnarök. Painting by Peter Nicolai Arbo, 1872

The mark of quality in a good book is that you can visit the places it names in actuality.

The Eddas are now used as maps by archeologists to find old settlements. – Orage

Ragnarök I – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (jackheartblog.org)

Ragnarök II – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (jackheartblog.org)

Ragnarök III Loki’s Revenge by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (jackheartblog.org)

Ragnarök III Loki’s Revenge II by Jack Heart & Orage  – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (jackheartblog.org)


Cover Picture: The dragon and the sorceress by Carol Mylius

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    “In the southern end of the world is the palace, which is the fairest of all, and brighter than the sun; its name is Grimle. It shall stand when both heaven and earth shall have passed away. In this hall the good and righteous shall dwell through all ages. Thus says the Prophecy of the Vala:
    A hall I know, standing
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    Gimle by name.
    There shall good
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    Then said Ganglere: Who guards this palace when Surt's fire burns up heaven and earth? Har answered: It is said that to the south and above this heaven is another heaven, which is called Andlang. But there is a third, which is above these, and is called Vidblain, and in this heaven we believe this mansion (Gimle) to be situated; but we deem that the light−elves alone dwell in it now.” – Page 27, On the Wonderful Things in Heaven.

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  12. “Pharaoh was never a title for the king of Egypt. The well known and respected Egyptologist; Dr. Ashraf Ezzat maintains that in rare instances where the word Pr-aa does appear in a cartouche, such as in the Kalabsha temple, it is a fraud. The Kalabsha temple was renovated by the same Ptolemaic dynasty that employed the Hebrew scribes who perpetrated the Septuagint Bible.”


    Fits right in with what Fomenko is saying and for that matter what Isaac Newton was saying, the time lines all skewered. I had heard of Illig’s work from some Russian friends and watched a lot of film footage of archeological enigmas in Russia no one was supposed to ever see. I didn’t read Illig but I was impressed. When I started researching the history of the Khazars and the Norse in Russia I found that cities historically dated to the seventh, eighth and ninth century could only be archeologically dated to the tenth. I remarked to Orage that perhaps it was time to stop using dates earlier than the tenth century, but in the interest of not having to argue the point with talking chimpanzees we decided to use standard dating, that piece we didn’t publish yet, how fortuitous…

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  19. Thank you for this Detlef!!! That you are on our side literally makes my day; Caesar and Alexander the Great were the closest I ever had to heroes (I should have known right? What do they say about to good to be true?). I’ve had to throw all that in the garbage, not to mention the fact that the Sepher Yetsirah happens to be my religion and Orage has been telling me for four years it was plagiarized from the Sagas which I have to now admit is true. Fomenko made his case with me, I don’t even have to read Illig, these guys should be getting Nobel and Pulitzer prizes but they work for the human race not Schlomo so I guess they can expect the same compensation I get, LOL, maybe you can take all 3 of us for a beer one day Detlef…

  20. Salute, Jack and Orage for this wonderful piece of detective historic work.

    I already wrote the Germans book and also about Formenko in several articles. Illig is generally crucified for his groundbreaking work, mostly because they can't argue directly against him, but because he shutterded a formerly cemented and totally fradulent history fairy tale with his tremendous detailled work. Illig documented the constant and hidden fraud, perpetraited by agents (priests, moks, jesuits) of the catholic church.

    Fomenko, beeing a fabulous and intelligent mathematician and scientist, laterin life started to question the historic timeline from the antique till today and found horriffic inkonsistencies in them as well – as you wrote in your article – very specific evideces that certain parts of alleged history strangely where mirrored in a total different time. This all began when he started to deeply investigate the new Gregorian calendar of the catholic church and thereby found a much bigger motive behind all this, eventually leading to the current situation of a large chunk of "lost" history, fradulently called called the dark ages by the perpetraitors.

    In many international meetings with historians he tried to openly challenge the historic authorities, but was rebutted largely. It is astonishing that the counterarguments are mostly very thin and self contradictory, because historians are normally very bad and neglective for accurate numerics and especially for non fradulent arguments, based on historic facts.


  21. Patience Nine patience, Schlomo is going to to require his very own piece. Orage and I were just discussing this on the phone. let me load these pieces properly so unlike a comment they can't be picked apart, i promise you we will get to Schlomo, the Goths and the Khazar's are joined at the hip just like Siamese twins. it's going to require all my medical skills to separate them…

  22. Look it up, our oldest manuscript of Herodotus' Histories, is a tenth-century CE manuscript from the Laurentian Library … otherwise its nothing but a bunch of fragments glued together by academics who if they weren't gluing scraps of old Papyrus together couldn't get a job at the local filling station cleaning the bathroom.

    Are we beginning to see a pattern developing here Zen, because I sure do…

  23. It’s Fomenko that’s absolutely brilliant Heretic, we are just summing up his work. I would urge all who have a hard time swallowing any of this to study his work and try to refute it, I can’t and I certainly know my share of history or at least what Man’s overlords would have me believe is history. The Aleppo Codex, the Iliad, Tacitus, the manuscripts all date to the tenth and eleventh century. I see someone asked how you write something like the Iliad, well the answer is the same way you write any other good novel, you take the existing facts and you make up a story as to how they got there. This is called an etiological myth and that is exactly what our history is. The novel gets better and better too when you have a thousand years to embellish it. With that you add in a crack team of psychopathic genocidal sadists, call it an Inquisition or a Crusade, and murder everybody, their families and their dog, who doesn’t like your novel. Talk about a publisher, the Morris Agency looks like a children’s lemonade stand when compared to the Vatican. Something is very very wrong with our history, something is very very wrong with our world. If you can’t see that then you are right where you belong. Do us a favor and don’t read us and save your asinine comments for your obese wife over your Twinkie and Kool-Aid dinner. For those who do see it, it is our intentions to be your Titthakara. We hope to see all of you in Gimile and I will do whatever it takes to get you there…

  24. So, jack could you give us a primer on the star of the Bible Abraham?

    The chief lier to humanity as he is our dear schlomo personified!

    Look around at how people think and behave?


  25. Absolutely brilliant, Jack. Our entire "Syphillization" is built on an edifice of lies, deception, fakery, and mendacity. It is an artifice, crumbling more and more by the day. As Master Miguel Serrano said, "With the advent of Christianity, Europe lost its memory." When Ragnarök hits, even the Gods will die. That includes the false ones. You and Orage keep up the great work.

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