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It is said in the Eddas that Loki has been restrained in an unknown cave somewhere in the Nine Worlds, bound to three rocks by the entrails of his own son. Above his face is secured a poisonous snake, drooling venom which is caught in a cup by Loki’s faithful wife Sigyn. Periodically, Sigyn must remove the cup shielding Loki’s face to empty it, when she does “the venom drops onto Loke’s face. Then he twists his body so violently that the whole earth shakes, and this you call earthquakes. There he will lie bound until Ragnarök.”(75)

“”I thought it was crazy,” she said.”“I didn’t see how we could have that amount of heat and still have ice on top of it.””(76) This was said by Hélène Seroussi in reference to the heat being generated below theWest Antarctic ice sheet. She is a climatologist specializing in ice research for Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). NASA, in spite of their lofty Qabalistic pretentions and scientific theatrics, is nothing but the entertainment division of JPL. 

JPL is looking for a plausible explanation as to why something gigantic beneath Marie Byrd Land in the Antarctic appears to be breathing, “forcing the ice surface thousands of feet above them to rise and fall by as much as 20 feet” (77) 

They believe this is caused by the rapid filling and draining of vast hypogeum lakes. In order for the volume of subterranean melting to occur that would cause the phenomenon at the magnitudes observed, the heat flux level would have to be at about “150 milliwatts per square meter. For comparison, in U.S. regions with no volcanic activity, the heat flux from Earth’s mantle is 40 to 60 milliwatts. Under Yellowstone National Park — a well-known geothermal hot spot — the heat from below is about 200 milliwatts per square meter…” (78)

“There is the story –with overtones of a H. P. Lovecraft tale– about Buzz Aldrin. The Apollo 11 “Moon astronaut.” It’s being said that during his late 2016 trip to the Antarctic the aging entertainer extraordinaire “tweeted: “We are all in danger! It is evil itself!” Aldrin was then evacuated from the Antarctic and put in quarantine.” (79) 

In the summer of 2017, President Donald Trump — one-time wrestler and reality television star himself— gave a speech promising to renew America’s exploration of space, as he signed legislation “reinstating the National Space Council.” (80)Right behind him stood Aldrin, pantomiming incredulous faces for the press core. It was perhaps the most bizarre breach of political etiquette ever filmed. “As Trump prepared to sign the executive order, he turned to Aldrin and asked: ‘There’s a lot of room out there, right?’ ‘To infinity, and beyond,’ Aldrin quipped as others laughed.  But it seemed like the joke referencing Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase in Toy Story soared right over the president’s head…”(81)

Days after Trump’s surprise triumph in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Secretary of State John Kerry hopped a military cargo plane to the Antarctic. Riding most of the way in the cockpit, Kerry became the highest-ranking U.S. government official to ever set foot there.

Earlier in 2016, head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill following his historic meeting with the pope in Cuba after a thousand year estrangement, immediately made an inexplicable detour to Russia’s Bellingshausen Station in the Antarctic. The station on King George Island of the South Shetland Islands is connected by road to the Chilean Base Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva, the Chinese Great Wall Station and the Uruguayan Artigas Base…  

Patriarch Kirill is on record as having recently warned Vladimir Putin and the rest of the world that the Apocalypse is upon it.

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At The Mountains of Madness is a 1931 H. P. Lovecraft novella that puts a face on the horror seemingly stalking the human race from the South Pole.  After finding peculiar fossils “near the Queen Alexandra Range” (82) in the Antarctic, a team of investigating scientists plunge “deeper and deeper into that treacherous and sinister white immensity of tempests and unfathomed mysteries which stretched off some fifteen hundred miles to the half-known, half suspected coastline of Queen Mary and Knox Lands.” (83)

After contact is lost with the planes from the first expedition, the narrator, a 54-year-old geologist named William Dyer, leads a second one in to find them. They find the planes and the massacred scientists on a vast and unknown mountain range, “silent pinnacles whose ranks shot up like a wall reaching the sky at the world’s rim.” In one of their last communications, the doomed first expeditions “theodolite observations had placed the height of the five tallest peaks at from thirty thousand to thirty-four thousand feet.” (84)

Upon the rescue planes approach to the camp of the annihilated first expedition in the foothills, Dyer describes the mountains beyond as arising “grimly into the western sky, allowing us to distinguish various bare, bleak, blackish summits” whose “stark nightmare spires marked the pylons of a frightful gateway into the forbidden spheres of dream, the complex gulfs of remote time, space, and ultra-dimensionality. I could not help feeling that they were evil things – mountains of madness whose further slopes looked out over some ultimate cursed abyss.” (85) 

Danforth and Dyer take a plane on an exploratory flight over a pass through the mountains of madness and come upon the long-dead city of the Old Ones frozen in time “at least five hundred thousand years, and in all probability even longer” (86) The interior halls of the cyclopean ruins are decorated with “omnipresent mural carvings” (87) which Danforth and Dyer use to deduce the history of an unimaginable epoch.  

How the star-headed Old Ones “able to transverse the interstellar ether on their vast membranous wings” had come down into this world. “They had lived under the sea a good deal, building fantastic cities and fighting terrific battles with nameless adversaries by means of intricate devices employing unknown principles of energy.” (88) 

The Old Ones had invented life under the sea, first for food but after they had annihilated their cosmic enemies, they manufactured “certain multicellular protoplasmic masses capable of molding their tissues into all sorts of temporary organs under hypnotic influence and thereby forming the ideal slaves to perform the heavy work of the community. These viscous masses were without a doubt what Abdul Alhazred whispered about as the “Shoggoths” in his frightful Necronomicon…”  After enough Shoggoths had been bred the Old Ones “allowed other cell groups to develop into other forms of animal and vegetable life for sundry purposes, extirpating any whose presence became troublesome…” (89) 

The Shoggoth “were normally shapeless entities composed of viscous jelly which looked like an agglutination of bubbles, and each averaged about fifteen feet in diameter when a sphere. They had however, a constantly shifting shape and volume – throwing out temporary developments or forming apparent organs of sight, hearing, and speech in imitation of their masters, either spontaneously or according to suggestion.” (90)

They initially became sullen and rebellious and about a hundred and fifty million years ago “a veritable war of resubjugation was waged upon them by the marine Old Ones.” Many of the Old Ones were killed in uniquely horrible ways by the shape-shifting bacterial agglutinations, but the old ones prevailed “using curious weapons of molecular and atomic disturbances against the rebel entities, and in the end had achieved a complete victory.” There was a long “period in which Shoggoths were tamed and broken by armed Old Ones as the wild horses of the American west were tamed by cowboys.” (91)  

The Old Ones were eventually driven from most of the land by the star-spawn of the interdimensional Cthulhu and after R’lyeh, the city of Cthulhu, sank beneath the ocean by a fungus-based life form called the Mi-Go, the Tibetan word for Yeti. Just like the spawn of Cthulhu “the Mi-Go seem to have been composed of matter more widely different from that which we know than was the substance of the Old Ones. They were able to undergo transformations and reintegrations impossible for their adversaries and seem therefore to have originally come from even remoter gulfs of the cosmic space. The Old Ones, but for their abnormal toughness and their vital properties, were strictly material, and must have had their absolute origin within the known space time continuum…” (92)   

The Mi-go forced the old ones to retreat into the bottomless depths of the sea and pushed them back to their ancient Antarctic stronghold and the stygian sea beneath it. The Shoggoths built underwater megacities but were never allowed to adapt to land, although they had demonstrated the ability to do so during their rebellion. Due to their own tenuous hold on it, the Old Ones would have never been able to control the Shoggoth on land and they knew it. “The ultimate blow, of course, was the coming of the great cold which once held most of the earth in thrall, and which never departed from the ill-fated poles – the great cold that, at the world’s other extremity, put an end to the fabled lands of Lomar and Hyperborea.” (92)  

Guided by the murals, Danforth and Dyer resolve to explore the entrance to the sunless sea beneath the frozen cadaver of the Old Ones great city. In the dark corridors, which lead to the unknown ocean, they are taken aback by the sudden decline in the artistic quality of the illustrations. They had already noticed the inferiority of the newer work. “But now, in this deep section beyond the cavern, there was a sudden difference wholly transcending explanation – a difference in the basic nature as well as in mere quality and involving so profound and calamitous degradation of skill that nothing in the hitherto observed rate of decline could have led one to suspect it.” (93)

Then they come upon squawking six-foot tall blind albino penguins and the corpses of the reanimated Old Ones who had slain their previous expedition. Aghast, they realize the Old Ones had tried to make it to the subterranean sea just like they were doing, in the hope that some of their kind survived. They had all been killed. Danforth and Dyer then flee through the hypogeum labyrinth stalked by an all but unseen menace. But as the all-pervasive mist momentarily lifts, they do manage to glimpse their pursuer.  

“Formless protoplasm able to mock and reflect all forms and organs and processes – viscous agglutinations of bubbling cells – rubbery, fifteen-foot spheroids infinitely plastic and ductile – slaves of suggestion, builders of cities – more and more sullen, more and more intelligent, more and more amphibious, more and more imitative! Great God! What madness made even those blasphemous Old Ones willing to use and carve such things?

And now, when Danforth and I saw the freshly glistening and reflectively iridescent black slime which clung thickly to those headless bodies and stank obscenely with that new, unknown odor whose cause only a diseased fancy could envision…” (94) 

The intrepid scientists do escape to their plane, flying back through the pass in the mountains of madness. Danforth, perhaps suddenly realizing, goes completely insane; shouting a strange mantra as Dyer takes control of the plane from him. “South Station Under – Washington Under – Park Street Under – Kendall – Central – Harvard …” (95)

Dyer attributes Danforth’s permanent madness to the Shoggoths resemblance to a train filling a tunnel as it squeezed through the passages after them. “It was a terrible indescribable thing vaster than any subway train – a shapeless congeries of protoplasmic bubbles, faintly forming as pustules of greenish light over the tunnel filling front that bore down upon us, crushing the frantic penguins and slithering over the glistening floor that it and its kind had swept so evilly free of all litter. Still came the eldritch mocking cry – “Tekeli-li! Tekeli-li!” (96)

As Dyer points out in the ensuing sentences, the Shoggoth are mimics. Everything they are, including their cry of Tekeli-li which they repeat like parrots is imitated from the Old Ones. What Dyer doesn’t point out but is implied by Lovecraft’s story is the truly unspeakable horror, perhaps the source of Danforth’s madness. 

The Shoggoths were content to farm penguins for food until the expedition, as long as they were the dominant life forms, copying what they could of the lost civilization of the Old Ones and quarantined from the rest of the world by a seemingly impenetrable frozen wasteland. Now cognizant of the human race, the Shoggoth may soon enough be farming them and commuting to work on the subway, shopping at Walmart and sitting across the dinner table from someone whose loved one they have recently dined on and replaced. The Shoggoth are shapeshifters. They can become the duplicate of any organism they come into contact with. 

The paranoiac premise is plainly articulated in iconic horror film director John Carpenters 1982 cinematic classic The Thing. In the movie, the shape-shifting entity is an alien from outer space marooned in the Antarctic for a hundred thousand years. When it’s thawed from a block of ice, the Thing wipes out a Norwegian and American base, impersonating and killing the hapless scientists one by one. Once its slime gets on the victim, it assimilates them, leaving an exact duplicate of the victim, including their personality and memories.  

The duplicate can be a colleague or even a sled dog, indistinguishable from the original and easily infiltrating the remaining crew. Regardless of what organism it appears to be, the alien organism can turn into a grotesque arrangement of human body parts, snapping bear trap jaws and whipping tentacles in moments. In the end, the Thing is left marooned in the Antarctic, only in need of a ride to begin assimilating the entire human race.   

Although Carpenters movie is a faithful adaption of the 1938 novella Who Goes There? At The Mountains of Madness, a novella of the same genre had been first published in Amazing Stories just a couple of years earlier in thirty-six. To say Lovecraft is the most influential writer ever of his genre would be an understatement. 

As if to ensure posterity would make no mistakes about where the “Madness” came from, Carpenter directed and scored the 1994 horror film In the Mouth of Madness. The title is a play on Lovecraft’s title At The Mountains of Madness. The story, a tribute to Lovecraft himself, features a phenomenally popular writer named Sutter Cane writing a series of books which, as they are read by the public, open a portal to let through the spawn of Cthulhu putting a nightmare ending to both his stories and the human race.

The Shoggoths ominous piping call of Tekeli-li Tekeli-li is a word borrowed from Edgar Allen Poe’s only novel The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, which winds up in the Antarctic. Throughout his story Lovecraft hints “at queer notions about unsuspected and forbidden sources to which Poe may have had access when writing his Arthur Gordon Pym a century ago. It will be remembered that in that fantastic tale there is a word of unknown but terrible and prodigious significance connected with the antarctic and screamed eternally by the gigantic, spectrally snowy birds of that malign region’s core.” (97)

Lovecraft also mentions the paintings of Nicholas Roerich about a half dozen times throughout the narrative. It is difficult to believe that Lovecraft is not talking about himself too when he mentions access tounsuspected and forbidden sources…’ 

He calls the mountains of madness and the even higher peaks beyond them the dreaded Plateau of Leng, a place he describes in his writings as where different realities converge. In George R. R. Martin’s, A Song of Ice and Fire, adapted for television as Game of Thrones, Leng is an isolated island inhabited by a culture dwelling in the subterranean ruins of an ancient civilization and worshiping the Old Ones. 

In At the Mountains of Madness, the narrator prays no one else will ever again go to “their dreaded summits” in the heretofore unexplored eastern Antarctic. “There are protecting hills along the coast beyond them—Queen Mary and Kaiser Wilhelm Lands—and I thank heaven no one has been able to land and climb those hills…” (98) 

Lovecraft is referring to the elevations now known as Bunger Hills on the coast of what used to be known as Wilkes Land. The mysterious interior of Wilkes Land was featured ominously in the 1998 movie The X-Files. In the movie, FBI Agent Fox Mulder must go to the Antarctic to save his partner Dana Scully. She is being held against her will in a lab beneath the surface of the ice. The lab is processing a sentient Black Oil which in reality is an alien entity that has survived underground in petroleum deposits since the Stone Age. It can take over an organism by entering it and with the assistance of a powerful cabal from the West, that have their own interest in creating a human slave race, it is seeking to colonize the earth and eventually the universe…   

The hills had only been sighted in 1912 from a distance of forty-seven miles at the time Lovecraft was writing. In 1947 “Operation Highjump personnel were first to view and describe the Bunger Hills area” from up close. What they saw and photographed from their airplanes was “a large ice-free area” that was “dotted with multicolored lakes.” In 1948 the follow-up Operation Windmill would land helicopters at several points, establishing a base on “Thomas Island and making other scientific observations that supplement and confirm information derived from Operation High Jump.” (99) 

The area was actually called the Bunger Oases or Bunger Lakes after David Bunger the navy pilot who landed a Martin PBM Mariner seaplane on it. The event was filmed with snippets of that film still available on the internet. According to the narrator Bunger is flying over “rugged mountain ranges as far as the eye can see. Bunger leans forward in amazement. His eyes have caught a sudden and unbelievable change in scenery. The universal white has tuned to chocolate brown dotted with blue.” From the air they film “three hundred square miles of land without snow, land that might be in New Mexico or Arizona.” Upon landing the Bunger expedition “finds the water fresh and the temperature thirty eight degrees Fahrenheit. On the shores are vast deposits of coal and of minerals of the utmost importance to civilization…” (100) 

Since the Antarctic Treaty went into effect in 1961 with all its ensuing subsequent agreements, access there has been severely restricted. In absence of hard facts, speculation is rampant as to the true nature of the Antarctic. There is a persistent rumor that Operation Highjump was in reality a rebuffed military action against a Nazi stronghold beneath the ice.  

There is an equally resilient rumor from the other side of the Antarctic that the Falkland Islands War was fought over the sentient Black Oil. The X Files movie was a heads up and the ‘Black Goo’ as it is now known in the alternative media has already been introduced into the general populace. What has only been dreamed from the pinnacle of Synarchism since its days began so long ago has now come to be, a true slave society that exists only to serve the whims of the elite has been achieved. 

Looking at the West, where it has long since passed the point where the media manufactures consent and now actually manufactures the people to give their consent, this is not difficult to believe. Facts mean nothing in the face of the left-right paradigm, and the automatons kneel stupefied at the altar of their chosen cybernetic god ingesting lie after lie like they were taking Holy Communion. 

Any and all attempts to rouse them from their zombie-like stupor will be ignored if not laughed at and met with threats of violence or actual violence, even as their world crumbles around them. War after war fought only in the name of environmental plunder and death-dealing oil. All the while a seemingly unlimited supply of life-giving fresh water sits frozen and untapped at the earth’s northern and southern extremes.   

This empire of the living dead was not created by accident. The few left that are cognizant know this is the work of the covert intelligence operation MK Ultra. Unfortunately, very few of those tormented souls even know how to spell it. A proper reading of Admiral Stansfield Turner’s testimony shows the CIA gave only partial disclosure of one hundred and forty-nine MK Ultra “subprojects, many of which appear to have some connection with research into behavioral modification, drug acquisition and testing, or administering drugs surreptitiously.” There were thirty-three “additional sub-projects concerning certain intelligence activities previously funded under MKULTRA but which have nothing to do either with behavioral modifications, drugs or toxins, or any closely related matter.” 101

Outside of that statement by Turner those not at all coincidental thirty-three additional sub-projects were never mentioned again. But there are indelible clues as to what they were; one of them being the abrupt landing of the CIA’s lead bacteriologist onto the Seventh Avenue pavement in Manhattan, after a short flight from the thirteenth-floor hotel room above he was sharing with his boss. The CIA’s very public execution of Dr. Frank Olsen in front of Madison Square Garden at the end of 1953 is a signpost on a road that leads from WW II Germany and Dr. Kurt Blome into the gaping maw of a twenty-first century Zombie Empire peopled by bacterial agglutinations. 

The primary organic substance in all organisms, including humans, is bacteria. Without the guiding hand of bacteria, Evolution is a farce. It is the Horizontal Gene Transfer of bacteria that allows organisms to respond within a few generations to changes in their environment and is the driving force of Evolution itself. Horizontal gene transfer is the transference of genes between organisms by means other than asexual and sexual reproduction.” (102)

Dr. Kurt Blome was acquitted of all charges at his 1947 Nuremberg trial, even though he was perhaps the sum of all fears of the mad Nazi genius and his war crimes made the hangedHermann Goring look like Oskar Schindler. In fact, Wolfram Sievers, Reichsgeschäftsführer or managing director of the Ahnenerbe, was hung just for what he knew and from his diaries obviously didn’t like about Blome. 

Two months after Blome’s miraculous acquittal “four representatives from Fort Detrick and the CIA’s biological warfare program showed up in Germany to interview him. What he told them about biological warfare no doubt made them swoon, but because of the statements he made to Alsos, he was “inadmissible for immigration” to America [Blome bragged about his prowess in bacteriological warfare to practically anyone who would listen]. Instead, after all legal wrangling failed; Blome was put to work in 1951 for the Army Chemical Corps as the lead doctor at Camp King.” (103)

It was Dr. Frank Olsen’s role as a courier between Fort Detrick where he was based in America, to Porton Down in England and Camp King in Germany and what he witnessed Blome still doing to captured Soviets, whom Blome always hated, now with the blessing and assistance of the empires intelligence agencies that he never had from Hitler, that launched Olsen out that thirteenth floor window in fifty-three.   

It’s known from an April 18, 1944 entry in Sievers diaries “that Blome was carrying out experiments in neutron radiation. An April 26, 1944 entry shows Blome was also contemplating human experimentation with bacterial pathogens although it doesn’t say what pathogens nor does it give any details as to exactly what Blome was doing with the neutron radiation.” It can be deduced however from the rest of the facts that Blome was mutating bacteria and it is known that “during his interview with the agents from Fort Detrick, Blome recommended the use of Serratia marcescens.” (104)

S. marcescens through secretions has been shown to be able to hijack the bodily functions of even the most vigorous of other bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, an organism that dines on crude oil and high explosives and use them toward its own ends. In another word, it uses other bacteria as its surrogate. 

S. marcescens also produces an endonuclease that is an important tool of geneticists in gene splicing and its appetite for DNA is so ravenous that it is routinely added into weaponized bacteria as a “suicide gene by certain nefarious bacteriologists that would murder the world and call it a job. After a set period in time the gene will not only automatically obliterate the weaponized bacteria it’s been inserted in it will also destroy any recombinant DNA plasmids as well.” (105)

Even before the war there had been experiments in America involving the mutation of bacteria for military purposes at the University Of Wisconsin (UW). It would carry over to Fort Detrick and Porton Down during the war, with UW in all likelihood supplying them both with a mysterious strain of Bacillus subtilis now called the “Mil-Spec” strain (ATCC 9372). ” Where it came from and what they did to it will never be known. The “original records describing in detail the maintenance of the strains during the period 1942–1955 were destroyed…” (106)

The “‘military strain’ can only be distinguished from B. subtilis by its greasy black color, reminiscent of the sentient “oil” in the X Files…” B. subtilis or common grass bacillus is “found in the gastrointestinal tract of ruminants like cattle; an animal that in America for the last fifty years has been turning up with alarming frequency dead and surgically mutilated. Nobody has ever been caught doing it and the animals usually have their blood, various internal organs and their anuses removed…”(107) 

“In September of 1950, a navy minesweeper drifted silently a couple of miles off the coast of San Francisco for six days. It sprayed clouds of Serratia marcescens into the city’s fabled fog, both mingled together and rolled inland to saturate its unsuspecting residents.” Operation Sea Spray as it was dubbed was not to go unprecedented. “Until 1966, America’s armed forces are known to have biologically and chemically attacked its own citizens at least 239 times in eight American cities” (108)

“Not to be outdone by the antics of the colonies, Great Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) had unleashed the madmen of Porton Down right into their own living room. One sixty page report alone issued at the turn of the twenty-first century lists a hundred such attacks – always euphemistically called experiments – by the MoD on British citizens.” (109) 

The American and British attacks on their own citizens were usually carried out using both S. marcescens and their special military strains of Bacillus… 

Howard Phillip Lovecraft did not begin his career as America’s most influential author of fiction. His early work reads like a cheap imitation of Edgar Allen Poe and Lord Dunsany. Eventually, he would overshadow them both. In one of his early efforts; Fungi from Yuggoth he first mentions the Shoggoth, calling them a fungus but saying little else. In At the Mountains of Madness written over a decade later he calls the Mi-Go a fungus-based life form that unlike the Old Ones or the Shoggoth are from a world endlessly distant from here and not bound to Natures laws. Like the spawn of Cthulhu, they exist in the ethereal and are truly monsters, unlike the Old Ones whom Lovecraft calls Men, even though he describes them as walking vegetables.  

In describing the Shoggoth, Lovecraft twice uses the word agglutination. Lovecraft was an avowed racist and anglophile, a true believer in the doctrine of racial hygiene. Student of science that he was he was no doubt acquainted with the work of Max von Gruber, one of the founding fathers of that doctrine. The brilliant German bacteriologist and his equally brilliant British student Herbert Durham had recently coined the word from the Latin; agglutinare to describe the clumping action of bacteria when exposed to a reactant…  

It was Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, a Russian officer in the Imperial Russian Navy of Baltic German descent, who first sighted the Antarctic mainland on January 27, 1820.  The station visited by Patriarch Kirill is named after him. Von Bellingshausen, along with a host of other intrepid men, most notably Charles Wilkes for America and James Clark Ross for Great Britain, would map the coast in the ensuing years, but no one penetrated into the vast and unknown interior.

After the doomed 1845 Franklin expedition to the Arctic in which both the celebrated British polar ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, the ships used by Ross in the Antarctic, were crushed by the ice with the loss of their entire crews, there was a lull in polar exploration. George von Neumayer, a German explorer, would lobby tirelessly for further exploration of the Antarctic for over thirty years but it was a lecture given by Dr. John Murray entitled “The Renewal of Antarctic Exploration” given to the Royal Geographical Society in London in late 1893 that would kick off what is now known as the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration. 

Murray’s assessment of what could be gained would launch in quick succession four major expeditions. The first being the Belgian Antarctic Expedition of 1897 to 1899, followed by the British Antarctic Expedition of 1898 to 1900 known to posterity as the Southern Cross Expedition and The British National Antarctic Expedition of 1901 to 1904 known as the Discovery Expedition. 

Carsten Borchgrevink, an Anglo-Norwegian who led the Southern Cross Expedition, became the first man to penetrate the inland ice pushing a sled to 78O latitude south “to the vicinity of Enderby Land in 1898.” Borchgrevink was about fifteen hundred miles above Bunger Hills using Cartesian coordinates. Under the personal direction of Kaiser Wilhelm II and his imperial government, perhaps anticipating the coming half-century of internecine war between the Saxons, Germany’s Gauss Expedition would set sail for the foreboding east coast of Antarctica on “August 11, 1901.” (110)

“The leader of the expedition, Erich Dagobert von Drygalski (1865-1949), was a geographer and had two successful Greenland expeditions” (111) early in the preceding decade. His ship the Gauss was named after Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss the great German mathematician and pioneer in the fields of Fourier Transforms, non-Euclidian Geometry and the mathematics that spawned the already growing German expertise in Electromagnetic Science… 

The Gauss had been custom built for Drygalski and when sold to a Canadian company in 1904 as scrap could not be taken apart and had to be left out in the shipyard to rot. He would run it into the ice and freeze it solid for a year at the foot of the untamed beast that is the Antarctic’s east coast. They were about three hundred miles above Bunger Hills using Cartesian coordinates. “Thirty-two participants were involved in the expedition.” (112)

Forgoing what was quickly becoming the traditional long expedition over the ice claiming land that could only be inhabited by bacteria, fungus and penguins, the Gauss Expedition used balloons “and Drygalski was able to make the first aerial photographs in the Antarctic. On March 29, 1902, he saw a dark point, which he identified as ice-free land in the distance. Soon, a sled team reached this point which was 80 kilometers away from the ship. It was a 371 meter tall extinct volcano.” (113)

“The volcano was called Gaussian Mountain and examined before the winter, and again in the spring.” Although overshadowed in the world’s press at the time by British theatrics the Gauss Expedition would end up publishing twenty volumes of serious scientific data on “geophysics, magnetism and meteorology” (114) at the South Pole. 

The magnetic abnormalities in Wilkes Land are now well documented. Using Cartesian coordinates the true magnetic South Pole is estimated by compass or rather a compass failure to be about a thousand miles below Bunger Hills on what is now called the Adélie Coast. Extinct volcanoes like Arizona’s “Agassiz Peak, Freemont Peak and Doyle Peak in the Kachina Peaks Wilderness” 115 and Australia’s “Mount Yengo” in the Blue Mountains are known for their exceptional anomalies since time itself began. 

According to the Grímnismál, a poem in the Poetic Edda that predates any reliable history the “Yggdrasil has three main roots: one planted in Midgard, the world of mankind; one in Jotunheim”(116) the land of the Frost Giants, a land of ice and cold that borders the known world.The other is in Hel, the “homeland of primordial darkness, cold, mist, and ice…”(117) 

The Well of Mimir to which Odin sacrificed an eye to drink from and gain its wisdom is beneath the root of the Yggdrasil in Jotunheim. Perhaps the Germans knew exactly what they were looking for and they made a mistake… 

Penguins, seals, and seabirds live on the coast of the Antarctic continent but life in the interior is limited to bacteria, lichens, algae, and fungi. As an endospore bacterium is practically immortal, particularly Bacillus subtilis which is the world champion of Sporulation; the process by which endospores are produced. Recently professor Anatoli Brouchkov “head of the Geocryology Department at Moscow State University” injected himself with Bacillus that had been frozen in the Siberian permafrost for three and half million years. He is convinced that he has found a tonic of youth. In an interview with RT he is quoted as saying “If we can find how the bacteria stay alive, we probably would be able to find a tool to extend our own lives…” (118 ) 

Ecosystems are “based on what are known as ‘primary producers’: living things that turn inorganic chemicals and energy into living matter, or biomass. Most of the time this involves photosynthesis, using sunlight to convert atmospheric carbon into sugar.”  Last year in Wilkes Land scientists found bacteria “that can survive on air alone without the sunlight or geothermal energy that powers all other known ecosystems. The discovery may change our ideas when pondering the forms extra-terrestrial life might take.” (119)

Academics estimate life to be four billion years old. For the first three billion, bacteria —a unicellular organism with no defined nucleus— was the dominant life form.  Man need not look to the stars to ponder alien life forms. In a five and half foot tall, one hundred- and fifty-four-pound man there is approximately thirty-nine trillion bacterial cells. There are approximately thirty trillion human cells. In the 1938 novella, the surviving scientists wonder if they will even know when they are no longer men and have been assimilated by the Thing. 

There is good reason to believe that gut bacteria already dictate behavior in their “human hosts that will more likely result in the bacteria getting its required nutrients.” (120) Bacteria communicates by using quorum sensing. Its methods work so well in orchestrating a communal intelligence they have been adapted to Robotics and Nanotechnology. Like Lovecraft’s Shoggoth, bacteria was in all likelihood the first “cell group.” A bacterium usually exists as a unicellular organism. But when conditions are right in order to increase feeding efficiency bacteria can also group to form larger multicellular structures like myxobacteria or slime bacteria…

Some 100,000 Myxococcus xanthus cells amassed 

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Ragnarök III Loki’s Revenge by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (

Ragnarök III Loki’s Revenge II by Jack Heart & Orage  – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and friends (


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  1. Jack,

    Was watching regular tv today PBS in particular and on this afternoons program they had a documentary about Al Capone and man was that an eye opener as he had total support of the local population in 1920's culture and was a very powerful influential man for example: black jazz musicians playing in his network of speakeasys nationwide which financed jazz music in America! The races mixed as he could care less about "high" society!

    This was pre labor union as I would rather be a Capone gang member of that era than a factory worker as that is godd dammed for sure….

    After the '29 collapse the business community came together and declared Capone public enemy number one and I wonder why?

    Why? Because Capone made a joke of the alcohol laws and the laws about prostitution and the laws about gambling and it was that days evangelicals that past prohibition as its another reason to throw out our current Republican party.

    It was an education about criminal enterprise as I was educated. Like the bankers and defense industry are boy/girl scouts? Capone? far more trust worthy than any banker or politician and that's why they brought him down just an opinion.

    Capone's show trial and what a joke as they nailed him for tax evasion and never ever proved he had a source of income and then convicted him with a surprise second jury. They put him in prison.

    Before his arrest? The saint valentines day massacre and no evidence or motive for Capone to do this as they used this in post collapse America to bury him as a violent threat to society as he became very powerful kind of like Adolph Hitler.

    Well Jack, the greatest respect to you and your former gangster pals but like on VT and that comment section and blame da joos…..go figure.

    And to that St. Valentines day massacre the lone survivor never talked about who did it.

    I respect that…..


  2. Transmission impulses by the Petale, received by Eduard Albert "Billy" Meier.

    Ashes to ashes

    A meteor from space-comet-like,
    races close and crashes in the big pond,
    the air it burns up as a glowing ball,
    in the year of the three value, with terrible sound,
    with gigantic howling, gigantic power
    death-missile crashes on the Earth.
    As concentrated power racing through space
    it brings a deadly destroying seed.
    Mountains, they crash and live, it is;
    a death monster, which now spoils much,
    loud cry the people all together in one voice
    their misery together upward to Creation in heaven
    They scream and cry and plead to
    for much blessing and love from now on
    but they never thought about the great law
    about the love request, which they broke
    They lived along, passing Creation by
    because all the while love what all the same to them
    Only the punishing power of the highest one
    allows a few to find their way back to the greatest one.

    Saturday, January 31, 1976 @ 01:05 AM.

    Dust to dust (translation version one)

    The Earth is most evilly up-raising an growling
    The land of the boat (boot) severely it will be death hit
    because the people faithfully hope from the Pope
    Their error belief will now become their destruction
    their very own fault, that Italy read like that in shatters
    that the land tears apart and in the ocean sinks
    and the decaying life to heaven stinks
    Italy, the nation of those who make their own Creation
    want now, finally, into miserable destruction
    because the sinking of the ocean
    The coasts of the ocean rise up high on the mountains
    and the dying ones have no need for coffins
    because the flood now are grave and coffin
    the ocean creatures, they find food in plentiful order
    The mountains of the north want to, dying loudly scream
    Bethink oh man for this only you carry the the blame
    and nature has had it to long
    ah, but now she's destroying you and beats you down
    with gruesome death and with some terrible pain
    The beginning of evil, search, it begin in Rome
    under the roofs of the dead-murdering Vatican dome
    there lies the greatest quilt of all destruction
    Consider mankind this very wise teaching.

    Wednesday, September 15, 1976 @ 18:04 PM

  3. It was back in 2011 or 2012, there was a story in Veterans Today about the American and Chinese Navies that were exploding nuclear devices on protoplasmic acid secreting alien blobs living on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Yes, I do remember that.

  4. In the Mathis PDF on Manson there are declassified crime scene photos. There is one of the allegedly slaughtered Sharon Tate, lying on the floor covered in blood. I swear Jack, if you look at it very closely you can see a grin on her face. According to the article after being "murdered" she was sent over seas. A few months later, a tabloid rag in England, I think it was the "Mirror-Sun" had her on the front page with the headline, "Sharon Tate spotted in London!" Classic intel "camouflaged disclosure". They knew she'd be seen sooner or later so they come out with it in a format that subjects it to ridicule and disbelief. The Intelligence Services of the Cryptocracy have always owned the tabloids, here and abroad. It's all entertainment, right? Look at all of those photos and videos of the interviews done with Manson over the years while he was allegedly incarcerated. He is wearing jewelry, earrings, amulets, wrist bracelets etc. and has long hair. These things are strictly forbidden in California maximum security prisons. The purveyors of this must have laughed their asses off. Manson was definitely an Intel Operative. I totally agree with you about cats. In ancient Egypt, anyone who harmed a cat was put to death. That is how it should be here but it will never happen in the Jewnited States of Scumerica, the Devil's playground. People that hate them are pathological, demonic, and should be exterminated. Case closed on that. Keep punching Buddy.

  5. While I am at it I want to thank MileHighLife and Johnny America over in the VT comment sections for plugging our Patreon site, guys like you two are the reason I’m still doing this. Thank you my friends.

  6. His stuff on Manson is dead on Heretic, I don’t even need all that to convince me. Even though I read that shill Vincent Bugliosi’s book and loved it when I was a kid. But hey I also loved Papillion, another piece of fiction masquerading as a true story. A Facebook friend of mine recently asked me to examine the facts of the Manson trail in light of the fiascos that have been pulled of recently with all these shootings that never happened; France being the worse, Sandy Hook was not even close. When I did it was like being struck by lightning; pure fucking Hollywood right down to Manson’s beady little eyes and these beautiful woman that were at his beck and call. Manson could have been a James Bond villain; in fact it would not surprise me if the intelligence agencies purchased the rights for him from Ian Fleming…

  7. A great piece of writing, as I have said on more than one occasion Mr. Duff is the most enjoyable read on the internet, no one expresses the anger and frustration of the still cognizant with the diseased brains of these bacterial agglutinations we must share this world with. To top it all off he loves cats, show me someone who does not love cats and I will show someone with something to hide, cats can look right through us and the human mind instinctual knows that. Both Lovecraft and the Egyptians believed they can be our best friends or our worse nightmare when we get to the other side, Mr. Duff has friends…

  8. Thanks Banger, I will delve into this further. If Miles W. Mathis is indeed an intel op out of London, which ultimately means Israel, then it is for the most part a higher grade psy-op, limited hangout, gatekeeper project. The Net is filled with them but a benchmark of the better ones is that they convey kernels of truth here and there to ensnare and corral the seekers. I mean kernels of truth the mainstream cryptocratic outlets ignore or suppress. Sorcha Faal is an example of such a gatekeeper site. Regarding Mathis, I read his/its 81 page PDF on Charles Manson and the alleged massacres by his "family" which was well documented with photographs and gleanings from "official" sources and it was quite revealing. I recall the Manson era well and the psychotic furor it engendered against "Hippies" meaning any hard legs that wore their hair long (yours truly among them) with concomitant violence directed at those against the Vietnam War. It was very real, despite the two things not always mutually inclusive. (Long hair and anti war sentiment). Diabolically clever by the archons and their human sycophants, I realized in retrospect. Again, salutations and respect to Jack and Orage.

  9. Just watched smokey and the bandit with burt reynolds once again from when I was young.

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    was he Jewish?

    If he was he was totally cool imo…

    I believe this as in a sea of lies many tell truth as the most truth on the internet is on Netflix originals….

    How much does truth cost?

    If you love Jack as I do you will go over to Patreon and put in a pledge to support him.

    If you love America you will go over to Netflix and subscribe as the most truth on the net is on "flix" as it were….

    that is an opinion

    the most personal it can get


  10. Well jack,

    The internet alt right is a total creation of Richard Mellon Scaffie the creator of Donald tRump from the grave all to bust the unions and lower wages and vote in slimy evangelical republicans.

    Scaffie funded the religious right and funded a huge network of think tanks and all those Hitler videos on YouTube? Got ya you dumb asses! All those political videos about the Clintons? Got ya dumb asses and fucking dumb if you are a white red neck! Got ya!

    Add in the gut critters and the microwave towers and I tip my hat to them and to that "truth" movement what a joke.

    You got had if you believe the net as it's the same as any other media as it's creators intended and the trump alt righters absolute retards!

    Muslims and evangelical's cut from the same cloth as they all got had by the same folks as got ya!

    That is the truth!


  11. passed it on to my cousin Banger, he and Sofia a very tight (I thought they were gonna get married), very interesting but all those guys fail to take into ac count the colliding realities we got going on here, he wants to know where the Kennedy's went, well they might very well right in the next reality, right next to Parsons, I myself have always wondered why nobody ever retaliated for the Kennedy's, they were no joke, Marilyn Monroe got dead fast enough. Seems kinda fishy, but when all is said and done I don't look at the other guys and neither does Orage, who cares what in the review mirror…

  12. Yea but that CB dude is rolling over them nine layin down pearls among the swine I guess, Tara and others want me to go back on there but I can't not when the last time I was on there the "managing editor" spent some dozen comments accusing me of writing a war criminals book, then has my comments toned down, dude if i was drinking in a bar with somebody that dense…

  13. Jack,

    Got a filthy Muslim troll over on VT.

    My Green Beret nephew killed scores of them like that one.

    Next, we can add the slimy evangelicals and then a few schlomo's to cap it off.

    Abraham followers as a rule are dumb as absolute fuck…

    Created in something's image…


  14. I believe VT is a place that flushes out trolls so that they can be identified however, no one in the us gov can or should be trusted as my decades with the Feds? Pure survival mode as they are scum truth be told.

    Look what they did to f Olsen if you doubt what I say as once your usefulness is used up so are you and gone you are!

    Look at our Jack as he should be as rich as Burt was god bless him as he passed on yesterday!

    Hey when he married loni he put 40k onto a card and she blew through that in 45 minutes he he!

    Anyway I like Duff as to trust? Not a chance as trust no one and if one needs a pal get a ffucking dog or a god dammed cat! truth!

    Just an opinion..


  15. Banger!
    I have missed you so much. You are too cool for school. Way! This piece is the cat’s pj’s. It’s all coming together and I didn’t need a PhD in microbiology to follow it. You mentioned MK. I don’t think he’s ever coming back. That sucks because watching you all go was high drama. I remember I got in the middle of it once or twice. Good job calling out the trolls. I heard tell that some comments were getting edited over on VT which ruined it for the rest of us. This neighborhood can be a distasteful place at times. It’s good to have you back.

  16. We're not done Geoff, the Fenis brood is in a forest called Ironwood, they will come with Loki as will the Midguard Serpent, the great Goddess Hell and her army of the dead…

    I think when Loki (Lucifer) killed Baldaur, he killed the good part of himself but we shall explore that…

  17. I'm inclined to agree with Bangar Heretic, i trust no one anymore except my own clan. But no doubt Lovecraft is not who they say he was. We went over that in the Temple of the Dog. Perhaps he was a Schlomo, that would certainly explain how he knew so much about the Necronomicon. We don't have the goods on Lovecraft but we sure got them on Poe, that's in part 2…

  18. Seems to me the Germans tried to leave this Thing in the Antarctica nine, it was the empire that thought it would make a fine pet. Blome he supplied the German engineering to the prototype model of the Old Ones…

    Keep reading part 2 gets even better, we had to cut this baby in half, we didn't want too..

  19. Control the thirty nine million bacteria cells and you control the thirty million human cells with their accompanying transition from B to Z DNA where this very reality is conjured Bill. Right now they think it’s all good because all their towers allow them to manipulate as they want but as over a hundred newly created gods incarnate become more and more self aware control of those towers and this reality will be rested from them, they must either give it up and let the guard change as the Dylan song below tells them, or Loki and the girls, and Surtr and Sinmara will do their thing and just like Nomad in Star trek; “sterilize, sterilize…”

  20. I think we all owe a great deal to the pioneering work of Alec Newall over at Nexus Magazine and his Co evolution stuff Dragon, I don’t know how he lived to be 70, they nearly took me out this week and I’m still about as strong as a Man can be…

  21. Well, well, lads and lassies, another humdinger by the man Jack, and already the trolls are a-yappin' as we can see from the above mind farts. I suspect this is our old friend Frank; I can jes' tell by the smell~ All we need now is a guest appearance from MK and mebbe even Greenhalgh; old saggy-tits hisseff. What a goofball, to be sure to be sure….but unlike MK (aka Joe 90), Greentits doesn't know shite from shinola so I wouldn't concern myself about him….that dude's firmly trapped in the material realm.

    Greetings, Tara, to you – and thanks for your kind message on the previous post. It's been a busy summer and I only noticed it recently.

    Heretic Drummer? I'd be very wary of Mathis – Check this out and discover what a genuine dude (Weisbecker) has found out about those guys…because Mathis is not one person; he is a bona-fide intelligence outfit straight outta London (Weisbecker checks out, Mathis doesn't); don't say we didn't warn ya!

    Jack: Greetings to you and yours~ and our one big regret this summer is not accessing the Patreon blog…we're tied-up on that one, unfortunately!!

    Nine? I suspect that Kahalid Twat-it is the reason why many folks have quit commenting over on the VT boards….that f***ing troll is obviously unemployed, and sadly brainwashed beyond redemption…he's like a bad smell lurking around any remotely interesting post…gobshite.

    Love to all~ we missed you!

    Tally-Ho and all that~ the Hun is at 9 oclock high – and those fuckers NEVER miss. Right? We know that from experience. Big Man Francis is about to find that out, and soon he'll be like Trump, an impotent has-been…they got rid of the prof Ratzy-baby, the next guy won't be such a pushover (check out the Lausanne Group for anybody interested in some real dirty cakeholes…)

    Off topic? Hmmmmmm…maybe. Right?


  22. This in from Scott on an island somewhere off the coast of Scotland…
    “Hey Jack,
    I hope you are doing better. I just went through a couple of hospital stays myself.

    Great article as usual thanks for the effort.

    Do you think there is a link to the theme in your article and the drug resistant strains of infections which are occurring now?

    We seem to like some of the same music. Here is a remake of an old Dylan song. It is better than the original IMO.

    Enjoy, Thanks again


    The Gaslight Anthem – Changing Of The Guards

    Sixteen years,
    Sixteen banners united over the field
    Where the good shepherd grieves.
    Desperate men, desperate women divided,
    Spreading their wings 'neath the falling leaves.
    Fortune calls.
    I stepped forth from the shadows, to the marketplace,
    Merchants and thieves, hungry for power, my last deal gone down.
    She's smelling sweet like the meadows where she was born,
    On midsummer's eve, near the tower.
    The cold-blooded moon.
    The captain waits above the celebration
    Sending his thoughts to a beloved maid
    Whose ebony face is beyond communication.
    The captain is down but still believing that his love will be repaid.
    They shaved her head.
    She was torn between Jupiter and Apollo.
    A messenger arrived with a black nightingale.
    I seen her on the stairs and I couldn't help but follow,
    Follow her down past the fountain where they lifted her veil.
    I stumbled to my feet.
    I rode past destruction in the ditches
    With the stitches still mending 'neath a heart-shaped tattoo.
    Renegade priests and treacherous young witches
    Were handing out the flowers that I'd given to you.
    The palace of mirrors
    Where dog soldiers are reflected,
    The endless road and the wailing of chimes,
    The empty rooms where her memory is protected,
    Where the angels' voices whisper to the souls of previous times.
    She wakes him up
    Forty-eight hours later, the sun is breaking
    Near broken chains, mountain laurel and rolling rocks.
    She's begging to know what measures he now will be taking.
    He's pulling her down and she's clutching on to his long golden locks.
    Gentlemen, he said,
    I don't need your organization, I've shined your shoes,
    I've moved your mountains and marked your cards
    But Eden is burning, either brace yourself for elimination
    Or else your hearts must have the courage for the changing of the guards.
    Peace will come
    With tranquility and splendor on the wheels of fire
    But will bring us no reward when her false idols fall
    And cruel death surrenders with its pale ghost retreating
    Between the King and the Queen of Swords.

  23. Magnificent work by Jack and Orage, earth shattering in its implications. On topic, I don't know if anyone is familiar with the works of Miles Mathis but he is an investigative writer who focuses on the esoteric aspects of the fake matrix we dwell in by pointing out the artifice of the System and how so much of what it presents to the masses are lies, particularly famous people, their backgrounds, and events concerning them. I've read a lot of his work, it's very entertaining but I by no means believe all of it. Synchronistically, just the other day I was reading his research on H.P. Lovecraft. Delving into his background, Mathis concludes that the "Anglophile" Lovecraft was not only a Jew but also a homosexual. I'm not saying it's true but it's worth an examination. Again, I salute Jack and Orage.

  24. One more observation,

    As to Kurt "B" as the "empire " just let him loose as even Hitler had him on a short leash? What does that say as Hitler must have understood where this was headed personally, "B" should have been hung…

    Whatever evil is it now runs our most "exceptional" nation Jack…..


  25. Jack Orange Geoff and friends,

    This fine article is up on VT and the editor over there just did a bang up job on this incredible presentation and folks are starting to comment especially the Muslem fellow of course, he was shut down by one of the intelligent posters over there.

    Personally, of the three Abrahamic religions the Muslim one is the worst and all manipulated by you know who called Schlomo and does that virus get its needs met through that "faith" ?

    Native American peoples believe in a great spirit that animates both people and the natural world as even that is hidden in the Christian traditions as the teachings on the Holy Spirit.

    One has to wonder who or what is pulling the strings as the major religions seem to be the same with their notions of "choosennes" like the American notion of "exceptionalism" as all these various entities work against even their own basic interests as this world spins to chaos and death and the "controled lumps" just go with it all.

    Great work Jack and crew!


  26. Moron. Body dysmorphia is when you see your body as a different shape than it is. Tattoos have been a part of warrior culture from the furthest reaches of time. From the Aryan people, to the Maori, up to the present time. If you want to throw insults, at least be brave enough to sign your real name. It's easy to spit on a dead man's grave. Hiding behind a keyboard is the only way people like you.can.ever insult a person like me. You would never and could never have the cajones to say it to my face. You know that wouldn't go well. That, my friend is body dysmorphia. Believing you are a big,tough guy hiding behind that keyboard, when in fact you lack even the slightest amount of true courage.

  27. Well I'm sorry, but those ridiculous tats you sport reveal another aspect to that Nordic Warrior persona you so avidly cultivate: more like body dismorphic disorder if you ask me. Hardly Hammer of Thor stuff now is it, comrade?

  28. Guys, you've done yourselves proud with this one. As we've spoken of before the bacteria run the whole show. The multidimensional aspect of humankind's spirit is the only thing that will allow for a reset. Will the others follow, likely they will try. I found this to be a very well referenced conversational piece. I will say it again that I think the death of the bacteria is going to be through retuning all the transmitters across the planet to a freq that will eliminate them. Is that the purpose behind the towers as it is, eliminate the bacteria of humans for easier access? I await the next installment of this series, your best and I think most important by far.

  29. Now we are really on the same page Jack and friends, the monster of myth comes to life. Well done my friend not finished reading all this yet but I sure could add to what I've read so far. Those that know the truth rarely get the chance to write it up without large rocks descending on their heads. Lets hope we both escape with only minor bruising my friend.

  30. Hahaha! Nice one Nine! And to whatever bozo wrote that above, my worldview is quite alright. I have the worldview of an Aesir who found himself on unstable ground. Took a minute to adjust my angles of attack to the new "local" environment, but I'm good now. This whole shit show is one big bar room brawl, and anyone who's been around here knows that I wouldn't rather have anyone at my side than Jack. And if I could throw in some of those "Wyrding Way" Norseman, that'd be great. Still want to know where my brother Balder is.

  31. Greenhog lives in his dad's basement with no source of respectable income nor any job or experience in any government as his only accomplishment? Duff likes him.

    Duff takes pity on that poor sub human as should all of us here.

    Truth be told history is a farce and everything one was taught is bullshit as greenhog is a pussy as he would get his arse kicked in a bar brawl.


  32. It’s interesting to note how art including film and science converge and intermingle in this reality construct. I enjoyed reading this one. Thank you Jack Heart, Orage, and friends for all of your hard work and devotion to setting our minds free while our bodies are trapped in the hologram. I am especially pleased by how user friendly this one is. See you on VT soon I hope.

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