A Child in Virginia, Richmond 2020, Martin Luther King Day…
By Jack Heart & Orage
The wolf shall dwell with the lamb,
and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat,
and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together;
and a little child shall lead them.– 
Isaiah 11:6
The speaker, a sheriff from one of the many counties which rejected Virginia governor Ralph Northam’s attempt to undermine the constitution, couldn’t be heard outside the East German style fence erected by Virginia’s double digit IQ’ed State Police and their Richmond counterparts. 
The latter; physically as motley a collection of real life mutts as any make believe cast from Hollywood’s Police Academy, looked scared to death as patrols of armed militia men, obviously better drilled in street warfare and crowd control than they are, patrolled the perimeter of the hundred thousand plus crowd. Communication between militia units was carried on as per “Phil’s” recommendation; with two way radios. When moving through the crowd they held on to each other’s backpacks to prevent separation which would weaken the units combat effectiveness.  
The sound of the overhead helicopters drowning out the speaker was deafening and when I tried to count them I gave up at six as they swooped in and out of view. One came so close that the people around me were laughingly speculating that it was Mike Bloomberg. The blue and white luxury models being used certainly were not media. 
They were unmarked and not one overhead photograph of the crowd has made the internet. Perhaps that is so the ridiculously low estimates of twenty-two thousand by Barney Fife and the Richmond Police Academy misfits would seem more plausible. Sean Hannity estimated sixty thousand. I who have been to more big ticket concerts, including the Who at the Meadowlands, than Hannity and Fife combined estimate the crowd to have been more like a hundred and fifty thousand…
Not even close to a tenth of the crowd bothered to file through the gauntlet of metal detectors and idiot cops frisking people. Although a whole block of them were set up outside the Stasi style fence there were no porta potties inside it. Even cigarette lighters and matches were being confiscated. Many people were armed, some better than the Israeli Defense Force and nobody was giving up their weapons to the lackeys of a pasty faced globalist coward like Ralph Northam. 
That seemed to be the whole point of the thing; to let them know they were not in control and never will be short of using nuclear weapons on their own people. In fact, that is the point of the second amendment. Contrary to the obscurantism presented by a media that has reached such unprecedented levels of corruption that the president himself has labeled them “Fake News” it is every able bodied Americans patriotic duty to keep themselves just as well armed and skilled with weaponry as the most highly trained Special Forces Opp. Although useful for those who do, guns are not for hunting deer. They are the great equalizer. They are for meeting Force with Force…    
Also, as per Phil’s recommendations, a very lively campaign outside the fence to collect signatures “to recall radical Ralph Northam” seemed to be drawing more attention than the podium inside Northam’s contrived area of protest. Men with clipboards worked their way through the crowd collecting signatures and contrary to the narrative being spewed by the paid liars of media, there was a very appropriate representation of all Americans in attendance; Whites, Blacks, Asians and Hispanics.
A Hispanic woman carried a huge sign saying, “Do I look like a White Supremacist?” A well-dressed White man along with his Asian wife addressed the crowd saying “I’m an accountant and she’s an immigration lawyer. Where are the White Supremacists?” Everywhere people were giving impromptu speeches. An articulate young man named Jason Alexander Roberge, who was running on the Republican ticket for the seventh district congressional seat, was telling anyone that would listen that he was pro second amendment and pro legalization. The pro legalization of marijuana made him very unpopular with the other republicans, but he added adamantly “I’m for states’ rights…” 
I made my way through the crowd, which outside the fence was packed like sardines for blocks, trying to remain as anonymous as possible. As I got up towards the wrought iron fence that is part of the park proper, my way was barred by some steel partitions set up by the would-be Stasi. I was trying to take pictures of the crowd in Northam’s cage, but all I was really getting was the wrought iron fence.
Some men who looked like they were in charge noticed me, I don’t know how with all those people around me, many taking pictures with their iPhones just like I was, but they did. As they came over to me, the crowd parted for them as the Red Sea supposedly did for Moses. About four or five of them shoved the Stasi’s partitions aside and told me to go in and take my pictures through the wrought iron bars. 
As I did, I remarked to them what a wonderful job they were doing keeping the demonstration peaceful. I said “this is the worst possible scenario for Northam, not even a single fist fight. He needed violence and instead he gets Woodstock with machine guns.” A man laughed and said, “but that ain’t the way the fake news is going to cover it.” I answered him “well I write a little myself and that’s the way I’m going to cover it.” 
I recently read a Huffington Post article a friend of mine posted on Facebook joking about four hundred pound fat men waving around assault rifles while riding around on adult scooters. I did not see any four hundred pound fat men. What I did see is a lot of twenty and thirty something, six foot plus rednecks who could beat nine tenths of the type of metro “men” who read the Huffington Post to death with one hand tied behind their back, no need for any kind of weapon at all. 
For the diversity of both political views, color and ethnicity of the people in attendance, it was a miracle no fights broke out. In fact, I have never felt safer in my life than I did walking around that crowd. I have been to both Yankee and Met games where I was compelled to watch my back. The only one who seemed to want violence was Alex Jones, who had a black military style truck there with six people in camo fatigues hanging off the back. The truck, emblazoned with the Info Wars logo, was circling the crowd perimeter like an angry wasp. A man who was obviously a professional orator implored the crowd through a megaphone to rise up and take back their country. The whole thing looked like something right out of the Road Warriors…   
Jones, just like his shadowy globalist handlers, was expecting violence. They needed violence. Northam did everything he could to facilitate a bloodbath. No one in their right mind would attempt to lock fifty thousand people from Antifa and various factions of militant Black activist groups in a steel cage with a right wing militia and not expect a melee of biblical proportions. But the wolf, the lion, the lamb and the fatted calf all lay down together, much to their dismay. 
I drove the eighty miles back from Richmond to Stanardsville grinning like the cat who just swallowed the canary. There’s a new sheriff in town. The introduction to the 1963 television series the Outer Limits comes to mind: “There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur, or sharpen it to crystal clarity…”  
Photos Courtesy Of Lift 3.0 & Chris Bakker

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  1. Accursed I be! The jig is up, exposed at last! Yes! I am a full blown and avowed

  2. Why the theme of "actor/player" is not and cannot be interchangeable with the theme of co-creator…
    As I have tried to explain previously, in this existence one must have the root of all potential. This root mathematically can be understood as the essential set which establishes the basis for all operations.
    The ancestors had a name for this; Ginnungagap.
    Pythagoras demanded his students understand this via the development of number.
    The Gnostics saw this as the infinite polygon.
    It is here that the template of existence is formed, and it is through this template that all actors/players are given their predilection. Thus, actors/players are the result of the defining abilities of the template.
    Even the demiurge, Ymir, is subject to the definitions that are inherent to the essential set.
    That which is forged is not that which does the forging.
    Thus when Hervor and Voelund wed, they begat Heime. It was neither Hervor nor Voelund who established the ancient order, it was their offspring, yet it was through them that this potential was realized.
    If you study this, you will arrive at an understanding of Emanation. It should be said that all abrahamics are hostile to Emanation, because it renders their transcendent model of the universe null and void.
    Yet Emanation explains the order of consciousness, the nature of duality, and the definition of things in a thorough and consistent progression. The transcendent model is a fantasy of Empire.
    Put in another way, a connecting rod is essential to the operation of a piston engine, but it doesn't co create that engine.
    Remember, the game of globalists is to destroy language, and one path to that goal is to wreck the meaning of words. Let our language be precise.

  3. “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in ‘Black-Projects’ and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity.”
    Rich also added that, “Anything you can imagine we already know how to do."
    “But like Eisenhower, in the last months of his physical decline Rich came to the same realization that the "international corporate board of directors" secretly dealing with the [UFO] "Subject" could represent a bigger problem to citizens' personal freedoms under the United States Constitution than the presence of off-world visitors themselves.”

    So here’s the dis-connect… to preserve the status quo of national social stability, the black-ops community directly involved with ET science has become so far removed from mainstream Americana that it has evolved into a separate, high-tech civilization unto itself—an elitist hybrid civilization literally ‘dis-integrated’ from its parent civilization. As well, spin-off technologies that could easily benefit the mainstream population appear to be deliberately withheld.

    • Richard Dolan states, “The basic idea of the ‘breakaway civilization’ is simply that you have a secret group, a classified group of people, with access to radically advanced technology, radically advanced science, and they just don’t share it with the rest of the world. One scientific breakthrough leads to another, and that leads to another and so on. So the next thing you know, you have a separate group of humanity that is vastly far beyond the rest of the world."

      I should think that members of the breakaway civilization might despair of ever educating the rest of humanity on what is going on. Their own reality is probably so far beyond our own, they may rightfully ask, how can they bring us up to speed without causing a worldwide psychological meltdown?”
      As such, this issue is perhaps the most profound Exopolitical dilemma immediately facing our social order. What future does this technologically superior ‘black-ops’ civilization plan for antiquated mainstream Americana now that it has become technologically irrelevant?

  4. Any comment that can even be remotely construed as a personal insult, like calling a man a girl, will be removed. Disagreeing with a commenter is just fine, if you wish to engage them in open debate, and say why you disagree with them. And please no more whining emails, I’m not your fucking friend, in fact I’m your worst fucking nightmare. It didn’t have to be this way but it is now. Now you all know who and what I am and you let this happen anyway, which makes you even stupider than you look…

    • I thought things were looking pretty good there, for a while. To myself Co-Creator and Player can have the same meaning

  5. Ah, the co-creator: Mythopoesis and the modern mind which unfortunately means a fragmented mind.
    A true story: I lay in a worn out hospital bed, drowning in an ocean of pain. Mistress Death brought me a vision. I knew it wasn't of this world, the speed and complexity made that clear. I will not speak of the vision itself, because such would only detract from this point-I personally had no power to modify, or effect this vision in any way. When I attempted to separate myself from it, I would find myself back in the flow of events.
    When we study ecosystems, we discover that the organisms all play specific roles in circulating energy. Indeed, there are key organisms upon which much complexity can rest, yet despite these roles, not one of them creates an ecosystem.
    If we assign the role of creator to those within the current globalist digital tyranny, then this role becomes a cynical debasement of both human potential and the behaviour of consciousness itself.
    Consciousness in this reality comprises both itself and its compliment, unconsciousness. One finds that through both, a Hegelian spiral of complexity and evolution occurs.
    It is the avowed goal of globalists to reduce humanity to their personal slave race. Claiming we are all co-creators provides this unholy ascendancy with a boost that perverts the actions of consciousness.
    The organism does not create the ecosystem. The ecosystem existed before it, both in potential and in condition. The organism can advance the action, can build depth and complexity of the system that provides it the realm to reach fluorescence, yet this is clearly not creating the ecosystem template.
    I did not create the vision at the doorstep of death. I couldn't alter its affect.
    No, we are not co-creators of our circumstances. This again is a sadistic Abrahamic tool of deception.

    • Not co-creators of our circumstances a lot of times but can't we affect the wave function which ultimately is creative?

    • The key to this question is "wave function".
      Wave function can mean many things, yet what we are often conceiving is a system whereby energy takes various forms, and effects such as changes in those forms occur, yes?
      Consider then that this system of energy and form is the template, and that all interplay between energy and form exists as potential, and that all potential is realized through the structure of this system. In such a case, the ultimate creativity lies in the manifestation of the energy/form system. Since all potential has already been accounted for via the definition of that potential, then whatever explores the limits of the possible has in a sense, already been made possible.
      Thus, whilst different forms will come and go, anything assumed to be creative is already contextual.
      Since we already have our model of true creativity, that which occurs within its context is indeed something else, of a smaller and more finite scope.

  6. It's true what we know, and what a lot of others profess, which is: humans are connected with the Creation as players of Co-Creation. But, there are those, "the elites," who actively play out their wants to maintain THEIR power and control. So just be aware of all their tricks and machinations and simply deny their influence, and the spell dissolves and always realize you are the POWER, as a Co-Creator.
    They KNOW that everything they do is being watched by the Earth's human ancestors, especially their travels into Space.
    Is there infighting going on with these people, the one faction that follows THE CONTRACT with the "Grey" type ets, who object against the faction who want to cooperate with the Plejaren? All that is based on the meeting in February 1955, where the Commander In Chief Eisenhower, had a secret conference at Muroc Air Force Base in Southern California involving the "Nordics" and the "Greys." The meeting with the Plejaren Nordics may have been in 1954. This is a very important point regarding the present day status of this world today. There are a lot of people who are credible witnesses who can put together the details that this is a true event and NOT a psyop myth.

    As it goes: Turned On, Tuned In, and Crossed Over.

  7. Whence reviewing a philosophy of individual actors, one inevitably must ask some very uncomfortable questions. A very good example of this is the question of evil.
    Evil certainly is a part of this reality. The concept of evil directly informs the Abrahamic world view. Thus, a quick review is in order to illustrate the mind bending insanity inherent to the Abrahamic condition:
    1) God is good.
    2) God created everything.
    3) God created evil.
    Are we laughing yet?

  8. It may seem unfair at first, to hold western society accountable for the conditions of the world. The examination which reveals a strong Abrahamic thread in every institution, in every pattern of organization.
    Nothing is perfect, one might say. After all, aren't we really discussing human nature, and isn't the socio-religious structure just a catalyst for that nature?
    In other words, then we would be agreeing with the Gnostic view of the world. In case it isn't clear yet, Christian/Muslim/Jews, and increasingly, Scientism-ists hate everything Gnostic.
    So, in deference to their mindless howling denial, we cannot use a definition of society that makes it a reflection of higher power. Therefore, the self admitted pathologies have to apply according to a world view of fully operational individual entities comprised of free will, who thus must assume full personal responsibility for the Epstein crime, for Syria, for gigantic floating islands of plastic garbage in our oceans, for promoting endless solutions to problems that don't exist, and exploiting real problems as avenues to prosecute increasing tyranny, to name just a few.
    Thus, the Abrahamic approach makes it very clear that the problems created by their society are a result of their own inability to live up to their standards.
    In such a condition, it is thus not only correct to shine a light on corruption, it is a duty, so that society will clean itself up, get its act together, behave with integrity.
    Except, society never rights its wrongs.
    Epstein, after all, is only the latest example of a condition that is quite endemic.
    No action is being taken to clean up the plastic, rather industry has doubled down on its efforts to encase ever more products in plastic. The free will of humanity fares no better, as globalist actors invent new restrictions, New penalties, and new ways to mine their people.
    Indeed, the Abrahamic system carries with it a set of assumptions that when examined appear marvelously insane.

  9. Stan,
    The group in control is far less in a condition of mastery than it would want you to know.
    Consider, if you have mastered the motor vehicle, you recognize how the vehicle operates, you maintain it, and doubtless depend on it for certain tasks.
    What you don't have is a sense of hatred for the vehicle because it has capacities you lack.
    Those in power have no mastery, they exhibit none of the characteristics of mastery. From this it follows that their control is rooted in establishing subsets of conditions, and by abusing the human need to live together.
    There is an internal state to mastery, it expresses itself through actions. Control is merely an application that is forever in terror of losing it's grip.
    Now take a long look at the state of politics, economics, media, and daily conditions. I submit that a control complex certain of their position would have no need to attack its people in such a way that they respond as they did in VA.
    What this means is highly significant and telling.

  10. Researcher/Author Richard Dolan states…

    I also agree with Richard Dolan that UFO disclosure is both impossible and inevitable, but disclosure ultimately lies in the hands of the extraterrestrials themselves and it would require some kind of mass global event that no agency of this Earth could possibly deny or cover-up.

    Once accomplished, such an event would likely precipitate a good measure of uncomfortable social, political and economic restructuring, but it may finally break the “bankster” stranglehold that keeps civilization from maturing into a responsible social order that has earned respected welcome into a broader galactic community…


    • A slight copy und paste screw up. Comment should start at the 4th paragraph of today's first comment.

  11. I suspect that full UFO disclosure would reveal, not so much that an ‘alien’ reality would spark mass public panic, but that international bankers, petroleum industries and multiple defense industries that have kept the human race in virtual economic slavery for more than a century, now possesses quantum technologies to exploit the natural resources of any planet in the galaxy. Full UFO disclosure might reveal what a threat Earth humans have become to the rest of the universe!

    The fundamental science of free energy and interstellar space travel was fully described by Nikola Tesla in a New York Times article as early as 1908. In 1995 Aerospace engineer Ben Rich revealed defense contractors have since mastered those technologies and in 2001 whistleblower Gary McKinnon revealed those same defense contractors have deployed their own space fleet called ‘Solar Warden’… a fitting name for guardians of a prison planet.

    The technological skill to fashion the very fabric of time and space into nuclear weapons can also fashion the means to deliver such weapons anywhere in the cosmos. And now these skills are in the hands of the most lethal predators on our planet—humans! The question remains, will extraterrestrial civilizations meekly permit earth humans to exploit any planet they wish across the galaxy?

    Human et's with German type craft visiting earth from Venus? The Plejarens state he made his photo images on glass plates. George Adamski wae a CIA Op, I now get it, thanks to Jim Nichols.

    I suspect that full UFO disclosure would reveal, not so much that an ‘alien’ reality would spark mass public panic, but that international bankers, petroleum industries and multiple defense industries that have kept the human race in virtual economic slavery for more than a century, now possesses quantum technologies to exploit the natural resources of any planet in the galaxy. Full UFO disclosure might reveal what a threat Earth humans have become to the rest of the universe!

    The fundamental science of free energy and interstellar space travel was fully described by Nikola Tesla in a New York Times article as early as 1908. In 1995 Aerospace engineer Ben Rich revealed defense contractors have since mastered those technologies and in 2001 whistleblower Gary McKinnon revealed those same defense contractors have deployed their own space fleet called ‘Solar Warden’… a fitting name for guardians of a prison planet.

    The technological skill to fashion the very fabric of time and space into nuclear weapons can also fashion the means to deliver such weapons anywhere in the cosmos. And now these skills are in the hands of the most lethal predators on our planet—humans! The question remains, will extraterrestrial civilizations meekly permit earth humans to exploit any planet they wish across the galaxy?
    Meanwhile the mass media which is owned and operated by the ruling elite endlessly promote xenophobia; marauding aliens attacking the earth, the truth may in fact be the exact opposite!

    The ‘disclosure-dis-connect’ lies in the obsession to preserve the status quo of social stability, the National Security State that sequesters these quantum technologies has become so far removed from mainstream Americana that it has evolved into a separate, high-tech empire unto itself—an elitist hybrid civilization literally ‘dis-integrated’ from its parent civilization. As well, spin-off technologies that could easily benefit the mainstream population continue to be deliberately withheld.

    This includes the present day German NSDAP faction.

    So, more than the cultural shock of an extraterrestrial reality, the economic shock of disclosing free-energy quantum technologies would likely precipitate a global meltdown of the dominating petroleum-based geo-political infra-structure.


  12. A comprehensive review of the human condition across what is generally referred to as the West reveals only a few possible conclusions. One, which we will call the Abrahamic approach, due to the cultivation of this perspective by the big four ideologies, is that humanity faces primarily external actors. In this perspective, everything from politics to education is a zone of conflict between separate forces vying for control.
    The second, which we will call the Gnostic approach, contends that these external forces are mere game pieces being played by much higher powers. In the Gnostic approach few realize that they are not in charge, and even fewer ever will realize this fact.
    Finally, we have what we will call the Simple approach, whereby one discovers challenges, limitations, powers and abilities, and uses them for primarily personal aggrandizement. Here the essential philosophy is what a man can do, and what a man can't.
    The dominant world view in the West is the Abrahamic. We find this in the imposition of various institutions, and the rigid dogma associated with them. Characteristic of the external Abrahamic approach is the contention that everything and everyone is available for constant mining, harvesting, profiteering, and denigration-especially those entities perceived as outside the group.
    In the western world, this view repetitively leads to pogroms, tyrannies, and parasitism on vast scales.
    Abrahamic institutions are characterized by consistently applying erroneous debts upon their underlings, and offering "solutions" that cannot possibly address the identified issues.
    Thus, Abrahamic ideologies ensure that neotany and evil are given full opportunity to exercise their potentials.
    We are currently living in the logical conclusion of the Abrahamic ascendancy, where the purported solutions have now been long exposed as fraudulent. Unsurprisingly, such frauds are advanced with an overcharged urgency, supported by memes that are so stupid that they have widespread use.
    The genuine expression of consciousness cannot find its ultimate conclusion in a flat earth fantasy of separation.
    The best way currently to overcome this tyranny of idiocy is knowledge, and it is for that reason that genuine knowledge is so hard to attain.

  13. The intersection between the attacks on the Bill of Rights, and the savage treatment of those who attempt a deep examination of UFO phenomenon, is that one can't take two steps without tripping over a plethora of government/military types.
    I'm not talking about the young gal who just started at the motor vehicle department, and I'm not talking about the guy who put his brain in neutral for the last four years to hump for general Who. I mean the types who are always involved in some sort of undisclosed quasi official capacity.
    If anyone wonders, I don't think model railroading gets the same attention.
    Whenever there is an agenda of surrendering freedom and the open exchange of information, one must ask a direct question: WHY?
    This should lead to investigation, rather than simply adopting the popular memes of the moment.
    Wilhelm Reich was and is correct to this day, the UFO phenomenon deserves a thorough investigation. What has been proven is that those involved will never allow that to occur.

  14. I find the UFO community, meaning the organisations, media, and personalities, to have a religious bent. Encounters with UFOs are by their nature, numinous. Numinous encounters form the basis of UFO "research", and thus lend themselves to a religious approach.
    Once a religious perspective is set, usually by those who have never had any experience, the approach of the community becomes rigid, unable to adapt to changes introduced through new experience and information. Usually, this is due to various fatal misunderstandings becoming codified as official dogma. In other words, it's one thing to have the experience, and something else entirely to build a movement upon it.

  15. Two Judeochristianislamicscientists locked in a deep conversation…
    1) We will use our Abrahamic math to measure that which doesn't exist!
    2) Yes!
    1) If only we could paid for that…
    …oh wait, we do!


  16. The Billy Meier – Plejaren Case : Rejected.

    The truth is too much to bear for those who only seek to profit, mislead and disinform

    You read that correctly. My (Michael Horn) upcoming presentation of “The Billy Meier UFO Case: What the UFO Cover-up Is Really All About”, in Kansas City, has been cancelled because of pressure put on the organizer and promoter, Margie Kay, by MUFON and other members of the UFOCI.

    Margie also told me that these parties tried to convince her that they had “irrefutable evidence that some of the photos of the supposed alien beings are actually photos from a Dean Martin episode in the 1960’s”, which I was able to quickly refute with this information.

    Throw in the preoccupation with techno-toys, the relentless pursuit of escapist entertainment and unreality, the degeneration of consciousness, rational thinking, etc., and we find ourselves in the midst of what Meier calls “phantasmagoria“. Is it really any wonder that the members of this UFOCI, many of whom came from religious backgrounds, don’t want their little make believe bubble burst by the harsh truth, as they are already getting an inkling that at the core of the Meier material is that rather uncomfortable requirement for complete self-responsibility – and self-honesty – that has nothing to do with chasing lights-in-the-sky?

  17. When that big snapping, cracking electric sound comes down and turns the clear blue Summer sky translucent yellow, leaving you with a permanent sigel across the center of your brow, we can talk about it.

    Big Basin Redwoods State Park
    Santa Cruz County, Ca. USA
    July 7, 1977

    • Stan, this is an extaordinary experience–I've had a few myself that were kinda in the alien territory. I've read thousands of stories over the years of all different types of beings people have seen on earth from a shimmery man, shadow people, bigfoot, dogman (most interesting), winged humanoid, etc etc. And now in the latest Jack does refer to what typically we'd refer to the greys in days way back in our history…so what gives? There are UFO's, aliens and malicious entities all over the place. Maybe some of them helpful to us–to that I would hope but I really don't know. There are so many different beings here it is mind boggling and why does it really matter? Seems there are portals all over where entities are coming through. I love the idea of Plejarens (Pleiadians?) and of Alderbarran–hopefully a good place I can go back and visit when I'm out of the forsaken place.

  18. I read Billy Meiers' philosophy of life statement, and found an accurate description of the human condition.
    If there is anything truly universal about human spirituality, it is the deeply experiential nature of this aspect of our being. To know it is to live it.
    However, I personally find the prophets of early fertile crescent civilization to be focused primarily upon the structure and control aspects of their civilization, rather than upon any balm for that human condition.
    Whilst modern thought largely credits these civilizations with starting it all, from money to bureaucracy, laws to religion, there is quite a significant difference between a path of liberation, and a path that affirms the imposition of a social, economic, and religious order.
    Some years ago, I was drawn to the numinous cosmic mountain as a significant living artifact of consciousness. I spent enough time and energy to verify for myself the authenticity of this artifact. That which we refer to as the Ziggurat was an attempt to materialize the cosmic mountain artifact, and employ it as a directional and organizing force.
    In other words, it was an effort to harness power.
    Some of the results of this effort remain with us today, from the seven levels of the underworld, to the myths that populate the bible. Yes, all those stories moderners assign to Judaism existed intact long before they were appropriated by that group of people.
    However, rather than celebrate the attempts to make cosmic force serve the civilization complex, and place them in a zone of high regard, one should in my view carefully examine the impact and the resulting fallout from these efforts that have come across time to ourselves.
    If our job is to free ourselves from the binding constrains of a society that seeks to harvest our life force for its own purposes, then we must be very cautious about what we are going to hold as prominent. Choosing examples from the earliest incarnations of that society will just bring us to the nascent stages of control.

  19. Contact #254, 11-28-1995.
    Start at # 38.
    Here is the Plejaren explanation of that time when they were involved in transmitting thought impulses to two German scientists who then obtained these plans and brought them into development at that time in German history.
    What is concerning the current situation that has, and is, taking place in South America will NOT be mentioned, it is secret, and it is REAL.


  20. It is perhaps telling that readers over the years have desperately searched for a kernel of goodness, of integrity, of redemption, in the Abrahamic structures that comprise society.
    After all, no one finds it heartwarming to discover the depths of usury, murder, coercion and lies with which their self-proclaimed good institutions are entwined.
    However, if one is going to reach a level of functionality as a human in this life, one must cease playing the tapes to themselves that the abrahamics have recorded.
    I have stated here that Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Scientism are all political control mechanisms, and while this is true a much deeper aspect to this condition is eminent.
    Today we have very little of the writing left from Hypatia of Alexandria. That she was a woman of awesome insight cannot be doubted, and that she left us with a powerful insight into the child mind cannot be ignored. I direct those readers of Jack Heart to her words. Even with the sorry state of the English language, the translation of her instruction remains concise and clear.
    Modern Christians are entrained through this cognitive process. That it entails abuse, conflict, and the activation of deep survival impulses should be clearly understood.
    What this exposes is the deepest truth concerning the abrahamics, one which puts Hypatias' brutal murder by a Christian mob into a perspective that illustrates the true character of Christianity and it fellows.
    The game being played today is the same game that has been played for over 1,000 years, yet the heat has recently turned up. The attempted murder only looks like an accident.
    I have written extensively here, on Jack and Orage's blog, and also on VT, concerning the complete fabrication of the history of Christianity. I've covered the manipulation of language, the dearth of corroborating evidence, the genocides, the death camps, the appropriation of Jesus, all but the sordid abuse and extermination of Master Dionysus, and I couldn't cover that, and still can't, because of the depth of the cowardice and betrayal involved.
    Violence has always been the go to card the abuse complex of the abrahamics resort to in order to maintain their empire.
    Krishnamurti lied when he claimed Christianity was a valid path. How could he have made that statement? He made it because he could not overcome a mighty obstacle on the wisdom path, that of power, and like all tripped up by the seduction of power, he admired it.
    There is great temporal power in the ability to force an immense fiction upon generations of unsuspecting, trusting people.
    The politicians currently attacking the last of American guarantees of freedom are wholly owned subsidiaries of empire. Empire has decided that now is the time to perfect their bid for their totalitarian slavery state, reinvigorating that invention of Constantine.
    Heed the words of lady Hypatia.
    Free yourself while you are able.

  21. Questions regarding mysticism must be addressed by first understanding what we mean when we apply the word, and in that perhaps a bit of an explanation would serve to clarify things.
    First and foremost, mysticism is a path of uncompromising truth. Truth is a feature that reveals, and this revealing unfolds knowledge. Together they forge wisdom. Thus, mysticism rarely conforms to any standard definition. The ultimate goal of mysticism is return to Source, yet this is the natural tendency of all things.
    Mystics do not merge with God. I have explained this previously, and so will not repeat myself here other than to point out that anything conceived of by the mind, in this case God, is not the source, but a reflection of it.
    Central to this, the English language has been under assault for nigh a century. The elites have unleashed pogroms upon pogroms to annihilate its higher function. This intentional elevation of idiocy has effected them directly, whilst truncating effective communication. The cure is to use words within an understood context.
    Considering all this, I will ask the querent whether they find evidence of the elites practicing mysticism?
    The Gods and Goddesses are themselves unique expressions of power that shape, maintain, and direct the flow which is existence. Polytheism then recognizes an intelligent and animate dynamism that is Plato's moving image of eternity. Contrast this with the endless efforts by the abrahamics to build a static temporal empire.
    Genuine mysticism remains underground, at least in the West, because it must in order to function. The general grunting stupidity of life in the western world must be set aside for any progress to be made. That said, there is much that must be dealt with, and the intensity of that action takes up a great deal of one's time and energy.
    Let us sum things up with a few essential points. First, mysticism has always been a feature of the Western mind. Second, mysticism is a path of truth, of wisdom, it will not lead to any form of Empire. Finally, no religion can claim to offer anything of spiritual value without a vibrant mysticism. Jack is right, the abrahamics do good when they practice kindness for its own sake. After all, the central role of humanity is to manifest that which is not included in the template of existence. Mercy, kindness, compassion, three qualities humanity must exercise to be human.

  22. So the mysticism went underground to be used by only the elites (or others?) and never to be taught to the villagers for fear that any sort of mysticism might actually empower people. So create all the jargons, rituals that keep everyone in-line and enveloped in their power structure. I guess the question I have is….is there anything good and just that religion is based on? When you say 'mysticism' I take that as the only possible good and just thing that religion has to offer. Definition of mysticism is becoming 'one with god' however which god are we talking about….or maybe that should read 'one with the Goddess'? I still say 'Thank god' when something good happens, I don't know why I say that because I don't believe in god however the jargon is all around us.

    • As long as churches, synagogues and mosques confine themselves to acting as communal meeting centers and focus on doing works of charity they are a good thing for their respective communities. But as soon as some fucking asshole priest rabbi or imam never even had a fight in the schoolyard or did an honest day’s work in their lives starts defining morality, what is right and what is wrong, bam, a bullet right in the back of the head. They have crossed the line that even angels dare not tread. That is for each individual to work out in the course of their lifetime, that is the raison d'être for existence, it is not to be hijacked by dogma…

  23. The role of religion is to provide succor for the lay folk whilst creating a space for genuine mysticism to flourish. One could understand this dichotomy as a natural expression of the need for group rituals, and the requirement that the religion is informed and energized, which can only occur through a vibrant mysticism.
    However, in the case of the 4 Abrahamic additions, political power is substituted for mysticism. Where mysticism exists at all, it is a hold over from pre existing practice which was absorbed into the religion. This creates an uneasy relationship between the goals of that mysticism and the goals of the enveloping religion.
    One only finds this disquiet in the abrahamics.
    Of necessity, mysticism in abrahamics went underground. Rather than informing the religion, mysticism exists separately, and in spite of the Abrahamic ascendancy.
    Thus, the religious structures become calcified; dogmatic assertions, and empty pageantry provide a substitute for genuine wisdom, whilst political control , and with this economic drives assume a place of primary importance.
    It is within this sphere that lay folk are taught the mores and concepts of the religion. They learn the jargon, and the expected exchanges. It is very much a case of an individual assuming a societal position, where the most accomplished are those who best ape the requirements.
    Thus, the political control of abrahamics is won through a conformist, not an achievement, wisdom, or insight based structure. By its very nature, conformity requires the individual to regurgitate memorized rote learning. We find evidence of this everywhere, dogmatic certainty disorder, as I call it.

  24. i'm not schooled in any religion whatsoever except what i've gleaned from this blog and my own research…one thing that does stick out to me when dealing with folks who are believers is that they are really quick to go right to the normal religous jargon….just to make things ok and convince themselves they or their world is ok. They don't think. They say the mantras they've been taught and believe that that's all the work they need to do….and presto! Their world is alright! When its not. It's fairly depressing to watch and observe. And zero wisdom on the horizon anywhere….

    • Nothing like muttering platitudes anon, to convince these primitive savages that think the answers are in a book written by entities that by their own admission are overwhelmingly hostile to the human race even going so far as to drown it in the not too distant past, that everything's gonna be all right. Well it's not and all those that hitched their wagon to these vile entities will suffer consequences what has not been forgotten, along with them. Keep reading, for our next series we have chosen, or rather Kerry Cassidy has chosen, the title of the Khazar-Nazi Anti-Christ. Now it gets good…

  25. Excellent read, Jack.
    The lore is the map for the journey.
    Saxo Grammaticus illustrates directly a very important point, that far from bringing any enlightenment, the unhappy triumph of Christianity brought abuse of the wisdom tradition, and an abandonment of the original depth and complexity for a simplistic morality play.
    Thus the hybrid of Christianity and the old lore creates a dysfunctional condition whereby methods of developing wisdom are interfered with and subverted. This is the foundation of the bombast and misdirection inherent to all forms of Christianity today.
    The proof that this is the case can be found within the narrative of Christianity itself, should anyone dare to look. Christianity overwhelmed the ancient ways through a top down enforcement and rape campaign that created the largest example of Stockholm Syndrome in the historic record.
    This is why the Christians who appeared on this board chose the tactics of gibberish. Everyone has seen children clamp their hands over their ears and scream nonsense to avoid hearing what they don't want to hear. Faithful Christians are so deeply inured, that they must reject any challenges at hand. The hybridization of Christianity and the ancient ways leads directly to the condition of neotany.
    The wisdom was buried, but it is, like Life, and Longing for Life, undying. The wisdom tradition is as much a true European religion as Christianity is a true temporal political organization. The record is quite clear.

  26. Indeed, major events are in store for this world. I daresay those who live through them will be challenged to go beyond current limits to comprehension, awareness, and integration of all the elements of life. Doubtless, this will create a paradigm far different from this current one.
    The old gods and goddesses never died, never became the marginalized demons as was claimed. Christianity and it's bedfellow abrahamics delights in such lies.
    Jack, you are well versed in Hebrew. Doesn't Elohim refer to gods, as in plural? If so, then a more correct translation of Genesis would read …"In the beginning, the Gods created heaven and earth…"

  27. Jack, demanding the truth from the control complex is the greatest of demands. Yes again, I did miss much, as I lay dying in the hospital, my condition a mystery to my doctors. My recovery was as much of a puzzle to them. You should have seen the looks on their faces, Jack. When the lead doctor shook my hand upon my release, he wished me good luck, in the fashion one might wish well to a man about to embark upon an impossible journey.
    Death is a strange mistress, Jack. She is fully willing to show many things, but movies and tv shows are not in her library.
    I can't speak for others, but I'm here only because I have more work to do. For me, the Treasury of Light remains in the West beyond the sea, and the Vanadis' songs are heard only in deep silence.
    So, Jack, I'm here visible again, exposing the lies and duplicity of those who pretend to be spiritual leaders, contrasting this corruption to the genuine spirituality.
    I imagine we're both after truth, Jack. Perhaps that explains why we are here, now.

    • It does not surprise me that they tried to finish the job on you, and She intervened. You should have seen what her lovely sister, whom you know from this comment section, did to me. She saved my ass too, much as I am at loath to admit it. She (together with her sister)is the strongest among us as you of all people should guess but there are others whom the Sumerians and Chaldeans called udug or utukku that have great powers too. It will now be settled in the Year of the Cat…

  28. Well gents, it seems the object of your ire invited you in if you played a little ball, which you attempted to do, only to find you were barred from the kitchen.
    I find this less than surprising.
    There are some who believe that opportunity can arise through playing along, that amazing things can happen, that all the abuse will be doled out to others while they get to the fine pastries whilst they're hot.
    Sure, happens all the time, that's why the world is in such a grand condition.
    Let's face it, the systems of control, which are intimately interrelated, from economic to political, military, and religious, gain their power through holding everyone else down.
    Why would you think you should be an exception?
    Why would any of us think such things?
    The crime of Christianity, and by extension all abrahamics, is that human potential is harvested for the purposes of temporal power and control. This is the practical joke of the self described sacred orders. They just can't resist unleashing their inner evil on all those willing marks.
    Entering into the ballgame with these types might fill one with dreams of possibility, but if they don't find you tasty enough, they'll keep you close enough to watch you, and far enough that your mouth will water from all those munchies they have cooking.
    Consider yourselves fortunate that you didn't have enough fat on your bones for them.
    There is a force in this reality, a force which gorges itself on the awareness of those who die. We all know this terrible truth, it's a big reason for the deep fear of death. The abrahamics have a hilarious way of dealing with this truth, they call this force GOD.

    • Your being presumptuous Mike, I want nothing from them or their transient world except for them to tell the Truth. Their table, as you call it, is in my house. I don’t need to sit at the kitchen table when I sit at the head of the Dining Room table. You missed a lot my friend, most notably David Lynch’s heroic attempt to clarify things for them in Twin Peaks 2017, I wish you’d watch it, then maybe you would Understand what I need…

  29. Since you mention your book publication and your statement concerning the cleaning lady, I think it would interesting to relate some experience Billy Meer had concerning the first attempt to publish his book, The Talmud Of Jmmanuel, and the matter of the clean up necessity. I can't isolate the English translation and separate away the German text, the computer scan wants to pick up both which causes to much uptake of space. So I have given the page address long with the numbered sequence of the the contact conversation:


    # 7-21. The publication screw up

    # 666-694. Hitler pulls a Nokodemion or the similarity of Hitler and the hyper-ancient Nokodemion. The cleaning lady's trans-galactic job is never done. The Pine-Sol sanitizer (Pineal-Sun). The intra-galactic, inter-galactic Peace Keeping Force.

  30. Jack,
    The work of Fomenko is groundbreaking, as the saying goes, but he is not alone in debunking the official timeline. There are others, who have less standing in scientific circles, who have solid rebuts to the accepted historic sequence of events.
    Yet the issue is that timelines are but one part of the assassination of genuine history. Scandinavia told history of place via Runestones. So, since Christian times, Runestones have been removed from their locations and hidden away, supposedly for study, to the extent that they can no longer remind the people of their heritage.
    Here, in the USA, active campaigns of repression of knowledge are regularly and persistently waged, in a cognitive war to keep you ignorant of genuine history. Look at the lives unjustly ruined over the Kensington Stone.
    I was not aware that the insipid morons who took over the board were Jesuits, but this makes sense considering their outlandish claims and complete lack of substance.
    The method of the church is to lead into a false certainty, through providing answers which are not subject to any form of inquiry. Thus, their blanket assertions, founded on rote learning rather than experiential activities. This also explains why they created a self congratulatory circle, with periphery members celebrating their vapid posts.
    Christians have a long record of assumed moral authority they never earned. Wherever they go, they must bring along their cheerleaders, and their moderately intelligent hangers on.
    The truth is that all Abrahamic ideologies are at best, farcical. Christianity itself is such a mockery of genuine religion that it's philosophical leaders harangued and rejected the exact mysticism they themselves had long adopted, once it was brought to them again in fresh form. Now, most would consider such actions at best, mentally unstable.
    I however, see this as direct proof that Christianity is no religion.
    If they possessed a true spiritual path, they would never have had to resort to the puerile tactics they deployed here. It's only due to their own absence of the sacred that they could have zero respect for the search that this condition naturally spawns in the clear light.
    Their history is a proven mock up of artificial events forged by the best they could muster, which wasn't enough to hide their stitch up, and now it's there for anyone who cares to look.
    Yeah, I understand why they launched their assassination campaign against the voice of truth, because they love their lies, they eat their lies, they make love to their lies, and they demand you do the same.
    Hervarar Saga is the story of the development of wisdom, an experiential narrative, one of such potency that it requires no edifice or dogma, only knowledge, only that which Christianity has warned against since it sprang from the corrupt fantasies of the Caesar and his Jewish confidants, the Flavians.

  31. Right, many, many characteristics we see exhibited today stem from imbalances within identity.
    Fomenko aside, we can trace a significant shift in human consciousness within the last several thousand years. Much of this shift has been a development of an isolated sense of identity. Isolated, in that this cognitive construct acts as a separating force, creating a powerful sense of ME, which is assumed to be utterly distinct from, and superior to everything deemed outside of ME.
    One can observe quite clearly that cave art throughout Southern Europe, and the Megaliths came from a consciousness which found its root in the reality in which it thrived. The poem, or if you prefer, song, of Amergrin is a document arising from a profoundly connected consciousness.
    Contrast this with religions, literature, and visual arts from the most recent millennia, and note how the essence is no longer one of great connection, but one of ever increasing alienation.
    Since the advent of the Abrahamic ascendancy, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the latest full fledged member, Scientism, all are enamored with ultimate extinction, the colder and the more hideous the better.
    Through magnifying individualized lusts, modern advertising capitalizes on this sense of loss, lack, and alienation. This is why advertising is a form of psychological warfare, normalized lies that damage the basis of truth and trust required for a healthy society.
    The next question is, what are we dealing with in this identity dysfunction? This question lies at the root of the philosophy of Jean Gebser, one we must consider to even begin to address the issue.

    • We cannot just say Fomenko aside Mike, or we open the door to the popes lies. Russian scholarship has already proven that their entire history has been fabricated by the Russian Orthodox church. Western scholarship is an oxymoron, we have no scholarship. As Nietzsche warned us. Beware the fish eyed scholar, he is dead from the neck down. Why do you think Hitler warned the Ahnenerbe not to go digging around too much or they will find our ancestors were wearing loin clothes and eating each other? He knew, because he was schooled in the deepest darkest secrets of synarchy. Western History does not extend past the tenth century when Henry the Fowler founded the Holy Roman Empire and Matilda Christianity. Bruno, a pathological liar, was the first pope, and it was his bloodline that would eventually rest control from the hands of the supernatural woman that founded it and put it in the hands of ordinary men, with pretensions of supernatural power. The closest thing we have to a real history is the Orea Linda and the sagas, most importantly the Hervarar saga. I can prove everything I say here, some of it we already have much to their consternation. The rest of the proof has already been published in the rough on Patreon. But before we waste our time writing it up for the public I require removal of the same Jesuit pestilence that ran you off this blog…

  32. Fundamentally, like paranoia, reality-estranged-naivety is characterised by a particular sensitivity regarding rejections, bearing grudges, being easily aggrieved, exaggerated mistrust, and so forth, whereby still to add to that is an inclination to interpret that which is experienced in the direction of tendencies which are hostile towards oneself. The reality-estranged-naive human being rebels, through a deep-reaching might-demeanour and through all kinds of similarly directed modes of behaviour, and often also through revenge machinations, against everything which does not correspond to his/her view and opinion construct, whereby, in this form, he/she exerts might over fellow human beings, which happens in extremely insidious form and is not realised by those human beings who are involved in it. A further thing to say regarding that is that a reality-estranged-naive human being, just like a paranoiac, defines neutral and friendly actions of others as hostile, pejorative or disparaging, whereby in this way these impulsations are also experienced by him/her in a thought-feeling-based form. Thereby, also a delusional jealousy emerges which is directed against the views, the opinions and might of others, who are deemed to be adversaries if they do not conform to his/her own reality-estranged-naive modes of behaviour. As a rule, the whole matter of the reality-estranged-naivety also leads to unjustified suspicions in regard to an incapability of those fellow human beings who are viewed and considered to be stupid, and, in regard to intellect, rationality and the ability to make decisions as well as the ability to act, are viewed and considered to be without intellect and without rationality, and consequently, in line with the delusion of the reality-estranged-naive human being, ‘must’ be dictatorially taught, ‘correctly led’ and ‘guided’ through his/her ‘intellect and rationality’. That is the actual might-behaviour of the reality-estranged-naive human being, who is additionally also stubborn and quarrelsome and brings this to the fore in such form that the fellow human beings, who are directed and suggestively-dictatorially led by him/her, do not perceive that they are steered selfishly and imperiously through the machinations of the reality-estranged-naive one. Human beings with a reality-estranged naive personality disorder are controlled by a false and inflated self-worth delusion and by a greatly exaggerated self-centredness delusion, as well as by an insatiable egoism and by an insistence on being right, whereby, under certain circumstances, the reality-estranged naive state can also be associated with a paranoid schizophrenia and an actual paranoia. Basically in every case a reality-estranged naivety concerns a psychical disorder, in which, significantly, also psychopathic influences are present; consequently therefore a reality-estranged naive human being is without doubt, in a certain way, also a psychopath. This is a fact which, naturally, as a consequence of the perfect acting skill, the psychopath knows how to conceal outwardly so much that, as a rule, at least lay-people, as well as very often also experts, are not able to perceive and therefore also not recognise, not define and not understand his/her personality-disordered disposition. Consequently also the might-filled decisions, actions and modes of behaviour of a reality-estranged-naive human being are not recognised, which leads to the reality-estranged-naive one – who, as a consequence of his/her psychopathy, has a pronounced acting capability at his/her disposal – being able to transfix the fellow human beings, deceive them and win their unjustified trust, which often leads to quarrel and strife as well as to far-reaching unpeace among the human beings with whom they interact.

    • And wars frequently arise, and acts of revenge and retribution as well as hate and destruction, if reality-estranged-naive ones stoke the corresponding embers long enough until they become a blazing fire and inextinguishable conflagration.

      So Stanley, what in earth nigger hell are you thinking?

    • Don’t you know Stan? I read the whole thing, the part about Ptah being the spiritual leader twice, that’s pertinent. Psychoanalysis of the those who would attempt to be our enemy, not so much. They have been given seven years, counting the book they would not let us publish with the Morris Agency, maybe a little more. They have only gotten worse. Their little girl shrieking gives me a chronic headache and the Jesuits with their hatred of heterosexuality, and their thinly veiled misogyny celebrated with the glorification of their own homosexuality which they will now extend right into Sesame Street (https://twitter.com/sesamestreet/status/1222877700018274311) makes me want to puke. Looking at them is like looking at the bottom of over used Porta Potty. It’s time to clean it up, and frankly we tried, they won’t let us in their narrative, so I don’t care what the cleaning women uses, and I don’t care what motivates them, I just want them gone now…

  33. Uh huh, confirmation, as if I needed it, the operatives came here with destruction as their goal.
    Review the bigger picture, and this clearly is an aspect of everything real in current events. Once the decision makers of a people decide they hate their people, all this naturally follows.
    It's important to understand that VA is but one front of a multiple front war. I've said for years that we are at war, and if mandatory medicine, widespread drugging of children, high atmospheric spraying-including via rockets, and the division of the populace into static polarized groups isn't deemed war, then war doesn't exist.

  34. Jack, over the years I've gone to bat for you and your efforts more times than I can count. I've taken a good share of abuse for this. I've told you before that if I just visit VT, any device I use winds up with malware and I have to fight through the click jacks. It's ok though, because they betrayed us all with their vilification of Mr. Finicum, and their siding with the globalist empire.
    I know you laughed at the antics of the haughty tag team that trashed this board, I watched as much of your new circle, male and female, cavorted and giggled over the entertainment value of hundreds of posts of childish drivel. This was my thanks for going to bat for you Jack.
    We can discuss perspectives on what insulting really means.
    Now, here, the same forces of destruction represented by gibbering morons who once showered you with a sickening obeisance are arrayed to advance their takedown of a people, the same empty, nihilistic forces that VT betrayed us to advance, are set with their crowbars and dynamite.
    Et tu Brute'?
    I hope you learned something from dancing with self described lunatics who stupidly assert that they worship the ultimate without the slightest grasp of what they claim. I wish I could say I learned something, but unfortunately for me it's just Pete and Repete. I've been down this road with arrogant morons so many times I refuse to do it again.
    It's better to have no discussion, than an endless array rotting malignancy, launched from those who haven't earned the right to sit at the table during a review of conditions, truths, energies that are truly directive.
    I'm not the one to spark dialogue with the deranged beneficiaries of empire, with them there is nothing more to be said. They are so certain that they have achieved position, such hubris, I almost fell sorry for them.
    So, Jack, if you wish for a review and a decoding, for the challenges of the Mystery, for a point of view that is not completely congruent with your own, then we may have some ground to cover. Conversely, if you're crafting another stitch up with empire lunatics, I have better things to do.
    Time is short. As the Hopi have said, everything that is, is going to be ruined, and after that, the hunting times begin.

    • Stan,
      Please be advised that I always believed your voice to be one of the few earnest ones.
      I personally have long been working with the poem of Amergrin. There are some, native to the UK, who have taken this research to true magnificent depths. Most are women, and they are locked in a constant struggle with the Time Bandits, or if you prefer, Empire. Currently, academia is advancing "new" translations of the poem. As a multilingual man yourself, I'm certain that you are aware that a so called literal translation from one language to the next is impossible to achieve, yes?
      What then, is the change academics hope to enact?
      The effort is to erase the culmination of the poem. It is the culmination which ties together the advancement of the Fire in the Head.

    • Very true Mike you always did defend me with your acerbic keyboard. But the rest of what you say… well lets just say there are things going on here I can’t explain to you. Another Jean Hardouin or Athanasius Kircher would have justified all this scribble, scribble scribble. But obviously they were only out to ruin the comment section by running you off it. As soon as you stopped commenting so did they. So, taking that into consideration any future comments by them will be deleted, rest assured. They had their chance and they proved themselves to be gutless worms not worthy of carrying Hardouin or Kircher’s bible. I only write now to torture our enemies, its death by a thousand cuts and in our case the target audience really is the target. Right Stan? I suspect Stan has had been a very bad boy, but again that’s on them, it didn’t have to go down this way. Anyway, Mike you pretty much got the run of this comment section. I’m gonna rap up some final thoughts on Richmond, then we are going go full steam back into the occult, you might want to have a looksie at the Vienna Pestilence. Right Stan?

    • You're bloody well roight Jack, and roight again. But then again the contaminated sociopath engineers that have been employed, designed in the bad is good and good is bad label, if you make trouble for them.
      When these aggluts make trouble, they make a big mistake because their backup fails to operate, then they declare themselves as the victim.
      You are dealing with damage beyond damage control now.
      About 2 months ago I did a search for "Jehovah" on the Future Of Mankind website and this was there:

      Billy Meier: What will happen when I am gone?

      Ptaah: The old gods will begin to speak up.


      I will say this Mike, your backup is beyond humiliation, all the way.

  35. It took seven years before I found any correspondence that could describe the event I personally talk about, in the Summer of 1984. It was found the in the book "Initiation:Human and Solar," by Alice Bailey. It's described how the Third Eye becomes fully activated and the simple term, the "light in the head" is used. A force particepates in the process described as Sanat Kumara- the planetary logos, the one initiator, the youth of sixteen Summers. The power is electric.
    Concerning these books, the ones published in the 1960's and earley 1970's have not been tampered with from deleteted information. I hear that Lucis Press is owned by the Rockefellers as is the building and land where this publisher exists.
    I will not use the language descriptions in these occult books because all this has to updated in the language attempts of the new German Physics, which is not exactly easy, and symbolis poetry tries to relate to it. When its all figured out and genuinally experienced by the human, that will be the real Spiritual Genius.

    Stanley "third grader" Del Carlo

  36. Jack, I don't expect you to understand, yet the time of which you write had far more occurring, of a far greater significance, than dealing with the evil idiots you were walking down the boulevard with, hand in hand.
    I understand the goals of Sabbateanism, you convey them poetically, with skill. I also understand that the neotany of humanity rarely allows for the fine distinctions you make.
    Let's face it, Jack, this board had devolved into a playground of pointlessness. Anything worthwhile was being destroyed in total by an assassination campaign. Considering the pointlessness of attempting to reason with dumbstruck acolytes of the Cult of Arrested Development, time, energy, and focus that were sorely needed elsewhere had to be reorganized.
    Those goals set through this reorganization have yet to be fully realized, however, in the words of a wise woman…"consciousness develops slowly".
    Jesus, Iasous, the Healer, Krist, is not the figure of popular Xtianity. The exoteric Jesus figure is a political simplification, an expression of a political organization, an excuse for a paralyzing weakness that is at the core of a system of control.
    Over the years I have taken pains to illustrate the depths and complexity of the esoteric Jesus vs. the overt steamrolled artifact of empire.
    Unfortunately the Cult of Arrested Development takes great delight in obfuscating this truth. Doubtless the deeper realities of archetypal organizing energies escape them.
    I will read those pieces I have missed, as time allows. Hopefully, this won't take months to accomplish. Personally, I think you're better off not having the champions of neotany posting here. After all, haven't the rest of us already graduated from Kindergarten?

    • Mike I have no control over the Jesuits, yes they’ve named their observatory Lucifer, but that seems to be the last coherent thing they ever did. They are sick just like the rest of the human race. Hand in Hand is insulting, they have never given us the time of day, I did hope admittedly they would take a stand but obviously that dog is too sick to fight.

      Correction on the ‘Of Freyja and Lilith, Goddesses and Demons & the Lie of Judeo-Christianity II.’ This is the proper link; the pictures have been lost in other places where it was published on the internet and in this case every picture tells a story…

  37. I would not be so quick to lump the Sabbatean-Frankist’s in with the clinically insane Calvinists and Transhumanists Mike. While yes Schlomo gets to do just what he wants and act out on his hatred of the human race, his reasons are more than theologically sound, if not ethically. The idea behind Sabbatean-Frankism is Shemaphoresch, to open the eye of Shiva and fully activate the messiah, who is born into every generation, so that he may destroy the current order and bring about a new one where pain and hunger, death and wanting no longer exist. The motives are quite noble, its just that when translated into actions, particularly by Schlomo I suspect, they appear hypocritical. I’ll tell you one thing Mike, in our endeavor to simply tell the Truth it has been Orage and I against the whole world outside the support we have gotten from them and the puritan faction of National Socialism, yes you can read that has SS.

    So yes, give Kerry Cassidy and the Camelot Project a big Cupie Doll; I guess I am the “the Khazar-Nazi Anti-Christ” and I couldn’t be Prouder. Jesus is an abomination born of the Goddesses overestimation of her White Magick against the popes Black Magick. We’ve covered all this Mike while you were vacationing and I would have loved to have had your input; while the same characters whom you let chase you off here, harassed, obfuscated and censored us every fucking step of the way.

  38. I recently followed a wry German commentary on America-it seems the only outlet open to Germans is to develop a wry fatalism, at least for those who wish to publish observations on America-with the conclusion that the USA is thoroughly and utterly Calvinist.
    Calvinism, as we should know, was all about the abdication of personal responsibility, with a blithe assumption of a saved status independent of one's actions. We won't talk about the flip side, since it is painfully obvious.
    What is little known, and never connected by historians of any stripe, is the near perfect dovetail Calvinism exhibits with Sabbateanism. In case people don't know, Sabbateanism advocates a position of complete evil amongst its adherents, and has for hundreds of years been a popular aspect of Judaism.
    We may prefer to think, if that word can be applied here, that all this is a fun little connect the dots exercise, until we awaken to the growing reality of the Digital Tyranny.
    One need only review the actions that have gone into establishing the Digital Tyranny to reach meaningful conclusions regarding the purpose behind its inception.
    Wasn't it Leonard Cohen who sang …"democracy is coming to the USA"? Implicit in this observation is the realization that there is no democracy in the USA. Democracy, a synonym for self determination, which is an essential aspect of freedom, is absent without leave in Calivinist/Sabbatean/Digital Tyranny modern America. Thus, the only recourse left is citizen noncompliance, which we observe on an ever increasing scale.
    Since the advent of Abrahamic ideologies, and they are ideologies, the tendency towards tyranny has been strongly awakened in certain humanimals. We observe this phenomenon most acutely here, in the events unfolding across VA.
    The paths to follow that still have heart are few, and becoming fewer.

  39. There are several important truths lost in the current of the politicized take down of a people. The first truth is that the targeted people are a real and present danger to the aims and ambitions of those targeting them. The second truth is that the real perpetrators will resort to any means available to them, and the third, from Saul Alinsky, the mentor and father figure of one Hillary Clinton, is that the perpetrators will accuse their targets of that which they themselves have done.
    Of course, there are more resolute truths, which are undying despite the best efforts of the orchestrators, yet the three above hold a special place in human relations.
    I surmise that arms will never again be voluntarily relinquished to the authority, because the authority has destroyed its own position of trust and respect, through the copious abuse of the three truths touched upon above.
    It is clear that force is in the works to deploy against the targeted. It may, through political action, be delayed, but not averted. It is simply impossible for the Abrahamic soul to behave in any way other than the road it travels.
    Of course, there are some very large obstacles looming ahead for the Global Digital Tyranny, obstacles that force cannot mollify. These obstacles contain the seeds of doom for the Digital Tyranny, sewn as they are by the tyranny itself.
    We all are bound by the energies of our time, as Heraclitus described so long ago.

    • Your comments have been sorely missed Mike, for some reason they feel compelled to answer you. Whereas with me they maintain strict radio silence. Can’t say I understand their strategy there, nor do I care…

      Obviously criteria one is met and demonstrated in Richmond. A body of people as well armed, organized and most importantly unified, for as the Orea Linda says “there is strength in unity” (4:45 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxEOlsPsjfg&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR2hQQUBRDisIO8Sr4n3ffgIwR0HwlH2_kBfd1621IFORzNfDSWal8ML6ug), is a ‘real and present danger’ to the empire.

      That they have no honor, no moral compass, and no empathy for anything but themselves has been repeatedly demonstrated over the years. The empire can and does resort to any means necessary regardless of consequences. Because those that sit at the pinnacle of the Synarchy that drives it have never been held accountable for their actions. There are no consequences for them, at least until now.

      And as the high priest who mentored the Wicked Witch of the West who would know better than Saul Alinsky?

      Externally we have the ever evil Nazis who dared to reject the international monetary system. We know the Nazis are evil because, of course, they murdered six million Jews and believed themselves to be the Master Race, making them racist White Supremacists just like all the people pictured above…

      In reality, not to mention the closest military ally of National Socialism was Asian and their theological mentors Indian, the Red Flag laws will be used to disarm Black people first. No less than Michael Bloomberg himself stated all the way back in 2015 that Black people must be disarmed for their own good (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/feb/8/sughed-michael-bloomberg-suggests-disarming-minori/?fbclid=IwAR09W_amtGYdYkw_ktAkBvlWQDqZGjJ8M_cPzuQJ250u4ZLsuARH5krdgR8).

      Internally, in the Implicate Oder of things using David Bohm’s system, He, the archetypical man is Lucifer the Prince of Darkness. Lucifer’s greatest sin was refusing to bow before god. Metaphorically pride the most sublime of masculine virtues is the sin that caused the fall. She, the archetypical woman, is Lilith, Isheth Zenunim, the whore of Samael, a sorceress and the mother of all demons. That’s why woman are so suppressed in the Abrahamic religions, with Islam making it a point to cover their hair from which their dark powers emanate.

    • In reality it is they who so vainly state, through their holy books, that they are the one and only god. “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me (Exodus 20:2 and Deuteronomy 5:6)!” And through this transhuman apocalypse initiated by them that is now and always has been the only logical conclusion to their materialistic agenda first articulated by Thomas Hobbs, they have stolen the collective soul of Western Man.

      Again, using Bohm’s system, in the Explicate Order, externally, the assault on Europeans is being led by the Vatican and the Throne of England. They are and always have been one and the same. That’s documented in the Popes Hell, a book which contains the diaries of Innocent III. There are eight hundred year old treaties still very much valid today. What is the Throne of England’s is the Vatican’s.

      They are very close now to a perfect slave race that will exist only to serve the elite of the elite and the parasitical disembodied entities they serve. They are one step, really just an insurance policy against the consequences of system failure, from the perfect organic automaton controlled just like a character in a gaming program. However, they will not be completely safe until they disarm Americans.

      They had been preparing for Richmond for at least three years. Charlottesville, which fugitive from justice Ralph Northam kept bringing up, was a total false flag and everybody familiar with it knew that. The girl supposedly killed, a waitress in Ruckersville, was given a private funeral at an undisclosed location and her mother who worked for the sheriff’s department now runs her own federal agency. We know for a fact that the military were running “jamming exercises” in all their nearby bases and I suspect the helicopters were part of that.

      The people pictured above were expected to slaughter each other giving the Orange Fat Man, also a fugitive from justice if he doesn’t watch his fat ass very carefully, the excuse he needed to declare Marshall Law and begin gun confiscation in earnest. Except they did not respond to prompting, in fact they exhibited an inordinate amount of love and tolerance for each other, Woodstock with machine guns. Somebody, or something had over road their program.

      Its been done before, how do you think the Orange Fat Man beat Hillary? But it has never been done to them on this scale. I told them we would eat their children. I lied for dramatic effect. That’s disgusting, their children are as revolting as they are. We shall make them eat their own children…

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