A few days ago, I received an email titled “Discovery of Ancient Torah Proves Jews Worship Satan…”  Knowing full well that in Hebrew eschatology there is no Satan I immediately without even checking the facts drove thirty miles to my storage to dig out my Ben Yehuda’s Pocket English-Hebrew Hebrew-English Dictionary, determined to translate the inscriptions. 

Upon examination of the film of the manuscript (it’s a manuscript not a Torah) I could not help but laugh at myself. It’s an obvious forgery with illustrations no earlier than twentieth century, more likely the twenty-first with most taken from a National Socialist web site, which we have written extensively on, called Causa Nostra  (1) and one of their sub-sites labeled the Baphomet Society (2). 

All the illustrations are occultic and have nothing to do, I am sorry to say, with mainstream Judaism as it’s observed by rank and file supplicants. Just like I am sorry to say they have nothing to do with mainstream Islam or Christianity as observed by rank and file supplicants. I am sorry because these credulous minions have been praying, most with good intentions, for a thousand years to a clumsily fabricated singular god which exists as an opiate to keep them sedate. And while they dream they are fed upon, both physically and worst of all spiritually, by a host of entities playing at being gods. 

According to Genesis 1:1“In the beginning ‘God [Elohim]’ created the heavens and the earth…” Since the very first pope crawled forth from a rancid pile of donkey excrement Biblical Scholars, an oxymoron a moron can’t be a scholar, have danced around the fact that Elohim is a Semitic plurality for supernatural beings with great power; gods. For century’s they were obfuscating, basing their conclusions on the same book of lies where the word initially appears. A book that’s origins can only be traced back to the Leningrad Codex, which dates to the early 11th century.  

Ugarit was an ancient port city in northwestern Syria, on the outskirts of modern Latakia by the Turkish border. It was accidentally stumbled upon by a lost Sheppard boy in 1928. Swarming archeologist would quickly unearth “the Ugaritic texts. Its ruins are often called Ras Shamra after the headland where they lie.” (3)

Ugarit, part of the Hittite Empire, was aligned with both Egypt and Cyprus which was called Alashiya at the time. Its heyday is estimated on the now thoroughly discredited Scaliger-Pétau timeline (4) to have been from 1450 BCE to 1200 BCE. It was likely destroyed by the mysterious “Sea People,” which are explained very simply as early Europeans in the Orea Linda. (5) 

Ugarit was a Mesopotamian culture. Archeologists generally agree that the precursor to Mesopotamian culture was Samarra culture which radiated out from what is now Central Turkey and is tentatively dated to 5500–4800 BCE. Sumer, the first great civilization, was spawned by this culture. Again, it is a given due to the very real science of archeology that Samarra culture came first but under no circumstances can the academic pseudoscience of dating these civilizations based upon the Scaliger-Pétau timeline be accepted by any sentient individual.

Samarra culture is known by its exquisite pottery like the bowl pictured above prominently featuring a Swastika in the center…

To date approximately 1,500 texts and fragments have been found in and around Ugarit. The most important of which are the Baal Cycle, the Legend of Keret and the Epic of Aqhat. Scholars have for years been using these texts to clarify little understood passages in the Old Testament and the Torah, which are obviously bastardizations of the texts. Even the most zealotic of the Abrahamic pseudo scholars must admit when pushed into a corner by real scholars that the Daniel in the Book of Ezekiel is the very same Ugaritic Danel in the Epic of Aqhat… 

The ignorance of Maimonides can be excused. Writing back there in Spain in the twelfth century he probably didn’t know any better. But the fact of the matter is now when biblical scholars tell their audience of drooling rubes that Elohim in Genesis means God they are simply lying. The word Elohim is derived from l-h-m which is repeatedly found in the Ugaritic texts and is used to denote the entire pantheon of Canaanite gods descended from the mother Goddess and the father God. 

Elohim is not used for Aṯiratu or Elat, the Mother Goddess, called Asherah in other Semitic texts where she is identified as the consort of the Sumerian god Anu by scholars. Nor is it ever used for the supreme deity El who is usually depicted as a bull and associated with Anu by scholars. 

What Genesis is saying is the same thing every other pre Abrahamic religion says, from the Vedas and the Norse Sagas to the Mayan Codex’s. Man and everything that is, has been created by lesser gods… 

Monotheism as it is practiced today by the Abrahamic religions is naught but degradation, a bastardization of polytheism. There is more evidence in the Qur’an. In Surah 18, verse 7-8 the dictators of the Moslem “Holy Book” say: “Indeed, We have made that which is on the earth adornment for it that We may test them [as to] which of them is best in deed.”(6) 

Seems the Muslim imams have always been too busy imploring their congregants to rape and pillage to notice the text of their “good book” says We. The power mad gods of the Qur’an go on with sadistic glee, promising to also destroy what they have created: “And indeed, We will make that which is upon it [into] a barren ground.”(7)  

In fact, god, singular, did not send the prophet Muhammed. They did. “And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds.” (8)

From the pyramids upon the sands of Egypt to the city of Angkor hidden in the jungles of Cambodia, from Baalbek to Tikal we are confronted by evidence of civilizations that surpassed our own. Yet we cling to impotent priests and a science that has enslaved us to our own technology. Quantum physics proves reality is indeterminate therefore nothing is absolute, and the texts of the ancients prove no god is either… 

A real Prophet once said, “the old get older and the young get stronger.” In the Baal Cycle, the most important of the Ugaritic texts, Aṯiratu and El may be the preeminent gods but they are by no means the strongest. They have chosen Yam, likely their oldest son to be MLK or Moloch; King of the gods. Yam’s stronghold is in the sea, the serpent is his totem and most of the other gods support him. But Baal, a very young upstart, has other ideas and wages war upon him for the throne of the gods. 

He quickly becomes disillusioned though when he realizes he is no match for Yam who commands the fiercest of sea monsters. He enlists the help of Kothar-wa-Khasis whose name means “Skillful-and-Wise” and is the craftsman of the gods. He is called Ptah in his home in Egypt. 

Kothar-wa-Khasis is resentful towards Yam because he feels he has risen presumptuously to his position. He fashions two Magick clubs and uses them to knock Yam unconscious after which Baal uses them to finish Yam off. Baal following instruction from the goddess Athtart or Astarte, often associated with the Sumerian goddess Ishtar by scholars, hacks him in pieces and scatters them about, proclaiming Yam is dead and he is now king of the gods. 

The Ugaritic texts are by no means intact, archeologists have done what they can. Major digs have been conducted in 1958, 1973 and 1994. But the text called the Baal Cycle remains incomplete. 

There is a banquet held in Baals honor and when the narrative next picks up Anat, Athtart’s fearsome sister, is slaughtering soldiers and guards, some her own and driving off the inhabitants of the city.  

When the text next resumes Baal sends messengers to Anat promising the secret of lightning and filling the sky with it at her request. They search for the secret together on the hill of Zephon. The text breaks off again and when it next resumes Baal, apparently younger than the rest of the gods, complains to Anat that he has no palace of his own like the rest of the gods and he still lives at home with El and Aṯiratu. 

Anat goes to El and threatens to turn his silver hair red with blood if he does not give Baal his own palace. The earthquakes she conjures cause El to be exposed from his chamber, but the text breaks off and when it next resumes her threats are unsuccessful. Baal sends a messenger to Egypt to again enlist the help of Kothar-wa-Khasis who builds beautiful furniture for Aṯiratu, in an attempt to enlist the help of his mother in getting his own palace. 

When the text continues Anat and Baal approach Aṯiratu by the seashore, Aṯiratu like her slain son Yam is closely affiliated with the sea. She fears they have come to kill the rest of her sons, the other gods, but they sit down together and her anger subsides when she sees the gifts he has brought her. 

Aṯiratu orders a banquet with the abundance of the sea but Baal is leery of the power of Aṯiratu, lest she should take revenge for the killing of Yam. Anat encourages him telling him to get close with her and he will have an eternal kingdom. Eventually Aṯiratu consents to support him in his bid for a palace.  

She convinces the reluctant El to let Baal have a palace which Kothar-wa-Khasis builds for him. The palace has no windows because Baal fears Yam will return from the dead and come for him. But after conquering many cities and towns Baal builds up enough confidence that he blows windows out in the palace with thunderbolts proclaiming himself the greatest of all the gods. He announces Mot, the god of death will kill his enemies for him, and he sends an invitation to Mot inviting him to a banquet. 

Mot sends word back that he hungers only for human flesh and blood and inviting him to feast on anything less is an insult. He threatens to break Baal into little pieces so he can eat him. Baal, afraid of Mot, promises to be his eternal slave, temporarily appeasing him. Secretly Baal tells El he is in danger of losing his kingdom to Mot. 

Eventually, advised by the sun goddess Shamash, Baal fakes his own death to escape Mots wrath. He sacrifices a young boy and a heifer to Mot, dressing the young boy in his robes and leaving him on the bank of the river of the dead to be found by the other gods. He himself hides in the bowels of the earth beneath the two mountains that frame the entrance to the underworld. 

Two gods find Baals body double down by the river and carry the news back to El and Anat who go into mourning for him. El goes around in sackcloth, shaves his beard and indulges in self-flagellation. Anat and the sun goddess bury the body double on Mount Zephon and Anat slaughters large numbers of oxen, sheep, goats, and asses as a memorial. Attar the brother of Athtart, associated by scholars with the morning star, attempts to seat himself in Baals throne but just as El had always suspected he is too weak and small. 

The text next picks up as Anat searches the underworld for the shade of Baal. She demands Mot restore him to her, but Mot mocks her, telling her when he found the body by the riverside he simply ate it. Anat knowing full well she has buried the body continues to search but does a slow burn till she erupts on Mot killing him and turning him into mincemeat in the process, which she feeds to the birds. 

She goes back and tells El she has killed Mot. El has a premonition Baal is still alive and sure enough Baal returns. In a short time, as the god of death is wont to do, Mot rises from the dead and complains to Baal about the treatment he has received at the hands of Anat. Baal ends up banishing Mot but tells him if he grows hungry he may eat the servants of Baal. This does not placate Mot and the two gods finally fight on the top of Mount Zephon. 

They fight till they are both exhausted and the sun goddess appears telling Mot it is useless for him to fight with Baal because Baal is now favored by El. If he continues to fight El himself will overthrow Mots throne. This scares Mot and he declares Baal king. 

Scholars interpret the battle between Mot and Baal as a metaphorical battle between seasons; Mot being winter and Baal being summer. If so the morning star attempting to replace Baal would, allowing three hundred years for a butchered timeline, fit in very neatly with Immanuel Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision theory. 

The exhaustingly researched 1950 book was wildly popular with academics until an inexplicable and orchestrated attack by mainstream scientists led by Carl Sagan got it banned from universities in what is still today painfully referred to as the Velikovsky Affair. Briefly what Velikovsky said was that Venus, ‘the morning star,’ was ejected from Jupiter as a comet and passed very close to earth causing apocalyptic calamities about thirty-five hundred years ago. 

Velikovsky himself had tried to correct the timeline with his Revised Chronology Theory going on the assumption, without any help at all from Anatoly Fomenko, that the conventional chronology of the Near East and classical world, based upon Egyptian Sothic and the king lists of Manetho, was completely flawed.

“In 1997, Walter Pitman and Bill Ryan of Columbia University proposed a controversial hypothesis: that the sea level abruptly rose about 7,200 years ago, due to salty Mediterranean water breaking through a natural dam across the Bosporus Strait and flooding the freshwater Black Sea” (9)This would account for the Story of the Deluge which the bible and torah pilfered from the much older Sumerian; Epic of Gilgamesh.  

There is an entire city seventy feet beneath the sea off the coast of Dwarka in India. A hundred feet beneath the waves of Japans Ryukyu Islands lay a step pyramid carved into solid stone. High up in the Andes sits Ollantaytambo, built on an impossibly steep grade with giant Andesite boulders, an extremely hard igneous rock, formed and fitted with precision that defies modern masonry capabilities. Ollantaytambo was destroyed by an unidentified cataclysmic energy just like Tiahuanaco a few hundred miles southeast of it.

At Tiahuanaco diorite blocks, harder than granite, some weighing in excess of 400 tons, are precisely cut and fitted like the pieces in a LEGO Erector Set. The seemingly indestructible ancient edifice has also been torn apart by some unknown catastrophic energy.

“Some of the original structures were buried in up to six feet of sediment. The altitude is over 12,000 feet and rain is practically unheard of in the area falling at the rate of less than nine inches a year.

The overhead soil erosion which would be necessary to cause the kind of emersion in the soil that Tiahuanaco was found in is physically impossible. Sea horses which are only found in salt water are unaccountably found in the fresh water of Lake Titicaca…” (10)

Oddly enough, some might even say its wyrd, the same Swastika found on the Samarra bowl and on the Asiatic steppes as the Temdeg symbol, the holiest symbol in Tengrism, is repeated high up in the Andes at Tiahuanaco. 

Scientists concur that the Sahara Desert and the Sinai Peninsula were once tropical paradises so densely populated that prime real-estate was impossible to come by. What lies beneath the shifting sands of Egypt and Saudi Arabia can only be dreamed of but in the still populated areas there are ruins. One such is Baalbek in Lebanon. 

Just like Tiahuanaco and Ollantaytambo, Baalbek was built with technology superior to our own. Baalbek comes with a Roman cover story for rubes. But stones cut at over a thousand, twelve hundred and fifteen hundred tons, which are beyond current capabilities to move, let alone the pope’s mythical Roman s, tell a very different story. Local legend has it that it was built by the Djinn. And just like Tiahuanaco and Ollantaytambo, Baalbek was destroyed by catastrophic force.  

In light of the revelations of Jean Hardouin, who also claimed all the coins and inscriptions have been faked too, there is no reason to believe Plato was anyone more than a cadre of monks attempting to embellish a philosophical bridge between Aristotle and  Augustine of Hippo. It’s also safe to assume that there were traditions, secret knowledge handed down from Egypt and Babylon. Secrets forbidden to only the very few initiated. 

At the beginning of Timaeus “Plato” acknowledges that the knowledge of Atlantis came out of Egypt. He makes it clear that Atlantis was not the only advanced civilization to be destroyed. Like a metaphor for Prometheus man is doomed to forever repeat the cycle. Because always just when civilizations seem to arrive at the pinnacle of their knowledge they are destroyed, sometimes by fire, sometimes by water. 

Plato tells us that Phaeton losing control of his fathers, the sun god Helios, chariot and bringing the sun too close to the earth was a myth that commemorated “a declination of the bodies moving in the heavens around the earth, and a great conflagration of things upon the earth, which recurs after long intervals”.

Meet the “Nazis…”

“By the time Germany hosted the summer Olympics in Berlin in 1936 it was the jewel in the crown of western civilization. National Socialism [“the Nazis”] had brought it there from the dung heap of Europe within a few short years. But the National Socialists had help. 

German technology was by some estimates a hundred years ahead of the rest of the world. When the Germans wanted to show off Baron Manfred von Ardenne had invented television so the Olympics could be broadcast live to Europe. As far as radio waves beamed into the expanses of the universe Adolph Hitler has a thirty-eight year head start on the Arecibo message.” (11)

These men were not only acknowledged by their peers as the greatest scientists of their day but they were all dedicated Nazis: Baron Manfred von Ardenne the inventor of television and the electron microscope. Werner Heisenberg; awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1932 when he was just thirty-one years old. Paul Hartek was the co-discoverer in 1934 of tritium, the heaviest form of hydrogen. Kurt Diebner was head of German atomic research at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute from 1939-42. Erich Bagge, Heisenberg’s student, who proved neutrinos do not exist. 

Winfried Otto Schumann for whom the Schumann Resonance is named is rumored to have developed Jenseitsflugmachine as early as 1922. Jenseitsflugmachine is German for “Other-World Flight Machine” or “Afterlife Flying Machine.” Later in 1937 he would work in conjunction with the occultic Vril Girls, for which the Causa Nostra and Baphomet Society web sites claim to represent, in an armaments factory called Antriebstechnische Werkstätten OHG in Munich. 

Schumann was brought to America under Operation Paperclip and held for two years at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio before finally being allowed to return to Germany. 

There was Otto Hahn who in 1944 would be awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the fission of heavy nuclei “in 1938”. Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker, in the late thirties was co-discover of the Bethe-Weizsäcker cycle which pioneered the way for nuclear astrophysics. Karl Wirtz joined the German atomic bomb research team in 1940. Horst Korsching worked with isotope separation under Wirtz and Heisenberg. 

Rounding out the list “was Walter Gerlach, noted especially for his work with Otto Stern, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1943 on the deflections of atoms in a non-homogeneous magnetic field.” (12)  This list is by no means complete and does not even include any of the great German mathematicians like Erwin Schrödinger, the father of wave mechanics.

Under Xaver Dorsch, the Germans mastered the construction of Deep Underground Bases with techniques brought to America by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and likely still in use by Bechtel today. 

Oskar Heil, inventor of the velocity-modulated tube which still is pivotal in microwave technology, was brought to America after the war to work for Bell. Heil had already been issued several patents for “transistor-like” devices before the war. By the end of 1947 Bell Laboratories announced the invention of the “point-contact transistor.” The transistor tube, the most pivotal invention of the twentieth century, would make its début for Christmas…

The October 1946 issue of Harper’s Magazine lists as booty brought back from Germany “a walnut-sized motor which spun a rotor at 10,000 rpm – so fast that originally it had destroyed all lubricants with the great amount of ozone it produced.”(13) This was the engine required to activate Viktor Schauberger’s Repulsator, an anti-gravity machine he built for the SS. 

Schauberger, who worked exclusively for the SS during the war, was the first man the allies went looking for after it. The Russians missed him in Vienna and after thoroughly inventorying his apartment, blew it up. The Americans ended up apprehending him in Leonstein and held him till March of forty-six, releasing him under the oath that he would never work on what he called “atomic” technology again.

Later when he was an old man American espionage operatives would bring him from his home in Austria to the Brookhaven Lab in New York, where the AEC has established its very own Frankenstein’s castle using German technology, and have him sign over all his patents. He died a few days after his signature dried on the paper…  

There was more, much more about anti-gravity, almost all of which ended up in the basement of Wright Patterson. “The Library of Congress Quarterly Journal of Current Acquisitions for August of 1946 estimated that between a thousand and fifteen hundred tons of German air documents had been collected. They go on to say the final “screened library” now at Wright Field is estimated to be two hundred and twenty tons.” (14)  

But in the name of manufacturing, with the Great Depression still fresh on their minds; America’s overlords were happy to let Harpers introduce: ultra violet lights for sterilizing milk and infrared red lights for night vision optics. There was a cold extrusion process that enabled a thousand percent increase in the production of small parts made from steel. Magnetic fields used to artificially produce Mica. A revolutionary German condenser, now called a capacitor, described in Harpers as “magic, double-distilled.”(15)

Long before Heisenberg first postulated his Uncertainty Principle, relying on experimental science carried out in the lab by men like Friedrich Paschen and Max Wien, the Germans had rejected Albert Einstein’s theories. They knew there was no determinate reality and how tenuous mans hold is on this one.  

“Hitler and all his legendary scientists did not believe one word of Einstein’s ‘relativity’ gibberish.” They lived in a different world, a transient world that could be and has been smashed by its own moon, time and time again. The Nazis believed in Welteislehre or the World Ice doctrine. “In the grim but startlingly plausible cosmology of Welteislehre, events in this world are based on an eternal conflict between the forces of Fire and Ice.”(16)

In Welteislehre, the product of engineering genius Hanns Hörbiger, the world is the result of a massive collision between a star of ice and a larger star of fire. Pieces of both stars were pitched into an endless sea of hydrogen forming that which we call our Solar System. The fire star pieces, like the sun, have a gravitational pull on the ice pieces. Ice will orbit and eventually be absorbed by them, and they in turn will eventually be absorbed by a larger fire star. The earth will be absorbed by the sun but before it does it will absorb its own moons, primarily ice, because it too, internally is a fire star. 

Because there is no vacuum in space and orbiting objects move against the resistance of the hydrogen sea we call space, all orbits are in declination. The earth has already absorbed several moons, all which started out as planets between mars and earth. These major extinction events along with glacial comets dissipated in the earth’s upper atmosphere as violent storms accounts for all earths’ water, which NASA cannot. 

The Nazi’s saw each collision clearly defined in rock “stratification, coal and petroleum formation” and in the “major gaps in the history of fossilization” (17)

Ostensibly an American, Richard Sharpe Shaver joked about being a Sharpe Shaver (SS) “get it.” As one of the most skilled and prolific “science fiction” writers to ever pick up a pen, he singlehandedly started the modern UFO craze. He was an ardent believer in the World Ice Doctrine. In his later years he collected rocks to which he said the past civilizations destroyed had been imprinted. His strange images of startlingly real merman and woman conjured from his rocks have caused quite a sensation in the art world where they fetch a steep price.(18)

A Merman (Brosterman Collection) 

Welteislehre would have been the crowning glory in the lavish planetarium the Nazi’s planned to build on Linz’s Mount Pöstling. “According to the structure’s plans, the ground floor was to centre around Ptolemy’s universe, the middle floor Copernicus’ theory, and the top floor, Hörbiger’s theory.” (19)

In the Beginning

For those who are bound to take the story of Baal more than metaphorically there is much precedent for the sacrifice of a prepubescent male child. Baal himself sacrifices just such a boy to the god of death in order to stave him off and Anat seemingly slaughters her whole entourage as a token of her love for Baal. 

Archeologically human sacrifice in the Canaanite religion is not easily proved. Scholars debate whether it ever actually occurred. A burial site found in Carthage has yielded urns filled with animal remains and others filled with the remains of infants, leading scholars to speculate that the Carthaginians were practicing both animal and human sacrifice. 

But the ancient graveyard is around a temple dedicated to the goddess Tanit, the principle deity of the Punic pantheon, likened by scholars to Anat and Athtart. Many modern cemeteries are found around the local church. Not many of those interred there were sacrificed. Other scholars have argued that the age distribution of remains at this site is consistent with the burial of children who died of natural causes, shortly before or after birth. (20)  

Literary accounts are useless. The Old Testament is no older than the eleventh century. There are no pyramids or sphinxes in it and whoever wrote it had obviously never stepped foot in Egypt. It’s doubtful whether they were ever in Canaan either. The bible and torah can be dismissed offhand. 

Considering the revelations of the iconic seventeenth century Jesuit scholar Jean Hardouin that “the only authentic classical works were Homer, Herodotus, Cicero, the Natural History of Pliny, the Georgics of Virgil”(21)and the rest were forgeries courtesy of the “Black Monks [Benedictine Monks],” no Roman account can be taken seriously by anyone of intellectual integrity. 

In fact Rome cannot be taken seriously until the British find the battlefields on which their national heroine Boudica waged her fabled rebellion against the Roman Empire. A tiny island with nearly a hundred million highly educated people crawling all over it yet no one can find these two thousand year old battlefields where tens of thousands were slaughtered? 

Rome is a myth perpetrated by the Vatican and maintained throughout the centuries by academia and now Hollywood in order to perpetuate their other myth of Jesus Christ. The reason Roman and Greek ruins look similar, as they also do to Mycenaean and the ruins of Baalbek, is because they are remnants of a culture long forgotten, a culture that wrote in as yet to be deciphered Linear B… 

What archeologists do know about human sacrifice in the region of Ugarit is its traditions stretch back to an eon before Samarra culture in an era long forgotten. A time shared with hideous beings that practiced rites so unspeakable that those that knew of them thought it prudent to erase the evidence and bury the temple. Göbekli Tepe, less than two hundred miles from Ugarit and unearthed in 1994 by yet another lost Sheppard boy, is just such a place. 

Built in the middle of nowhere, seemingly without tools, over ten thousand years ago; Göbekli Tepe should have changed all the foolish National Geographic notions of prehistoric hunter gatherers banding together into agricultural communities and acquiring civilization through trial and error. But thus far because of the tight lid kept on it Göbekli Tepe has had little impact on the academic anachronisms still taught to school children and peddled on television. 

The German archaeologist and pre-historian who led the excavations at Göbekli Tepe from 1996 to 2014 “Klaus Schmidt has labelled Göbekli Tepe “the first temple” and “a sanctuary of the Stone Age hunter”. “He sees the site as part of a death cult…” (22)

Famed anomalous researcher Phillip Coppens who quotes Schmidt here would die of an extremely rare form of galloping cancer at the end of 2012. Schmidt himself would suddenly and unexpectedly drop dead while swimming in Germany in 2014. 

Western central pillar of Enclosure D (Photo: N. Becker). Losing your head at Göbekli Tepe – Tepe Telegrams (dainst.blog)

Göbekli Tepe, if left up to the current crop of academics speculating on it, will forever remain an enigma. No one has even noticed the obsession with vultures duplicates the pre-Columbian South American obsession. With Ollantaytambo built around a vulture altar that was likely used in human sacrifice. Nor have any of these less than brilliant academics noticed that the alignment of the T structures duplicates religious Navajo Sand Painting. 

“At Göbekli Tepe, we can differentiate two layers which are completely different in the type of architecture appearing in them. Layer III, the lower and thus older layer, has the famous circular enclosures with the T-shaped pillars. Layer II is characterized by smaller buildings with rectangular ground plans. They sometimes also have pillars that are much smaller than the older ones however.” (23)

It’s safe to assume that all that came after Layer III was for the most part cargo cults, just as I suspect ancient Egypt was. The vulture also appeared side by side with the cobra on the crown of Egypt. There are neither animal bone tools nor any figurines that can be traced back to the original builders. The whole site was carefully cleaned up before it was backfilled, leaving only conjecture as to whom or what was using it. 

The T-shaped pillars themselves are highly stylized humanoids and viewed from the side one can see the arch of the back and buttocks of a man. “Evidence for this interpretation are the low relief depictions of arms, hands and items of clothing like belts and loin clothes on some of the central pillars.” (24

The pillars are decorated with animals represented in an elongated fashion that is reminiscent of the pictographs in Chaco Canyon  of Americas Southwest. Clinging to one pillar is a skillfully executed carving of a toothy reptilian creature that has no place here or in fossil records. The backfill has clearly been arranged with figurines in order to convey some message to those who are to come. 

So far a hundred and forty three have been found and of those forty three appear human. “The fragments preserved in the highest numbers are heads, not the often bigger torsi. The large number of broken off heads, and the regulated fractures, speak in favor of intentional fragmentation.” In all the painstakingly meticulous excavation of the site only one time has a torso actually been found that goes with a severed head. Academics joke about “Losing your head at Göbekli Tepe.” (25)

“The special treatment and the removal of skulls is well-attested for the PPN [Pre-Pottery Neolithic]. One of the most remarkable examples is the skull building from Cayönü.” (26)  The Aztecs, as did the other Mesoamerican civilizations, made walls of human skulls which they called tzompantli; these were kept to show off their sacrificial victims. At Cayönü “an analysis of blood found at the site suggested that human sacrifice occurred there.” (27) 

Another contemporary site; Nevali Cori which roughly translated means Valley of the Plague possibly could have shed further light on the original builders of Göbekli Tepe. Nevali Cori was also built around humanoid T shaped pillars but unlike Göbekli Tepe was actually inhabited. Many clay figurines depicting impossibly contorted humans were found during the few years in the eighties when it was excavated. Most notable according to academics is “the two humans dancing with a turtle…” Perhaps conveniently to some; the temples were lost when the Ataturk dam was established in 1991 and flooded the area.

Maybe it’s not considered polite to laugh at the retarded. But academics have also explained the other famous find at Nevali Cori, the humanoid with a snake on top of its head. That’s just a fancy haircut. With rubes like these getting paid to dominate the academic podium, one wonders why the people who put so much time and effort into excavating these sites don’t throw up their hands in disgust and go home and watch a football game. 

One of the heads excavated at Göbekli Tepe looks suspiciously like  Vinča relics found in what’s now Yugoslavia. Vinča culture, which has been dated a few thousand years later than Göbekli Tepe and its sister sites, stylistically has been linked to an Anatolian migration, making it an extension of Samarra culture, the furthest back archeologists can coherently get to Göbekli Tepe. There’s no mistaking Vinča relics for anything other than what’s now called a Grey, as in alien…  

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  1. What about Enoch? The first book of Enoch (The Ethiopic Book of Enoch)Interestingly that, "In 1773, rumors of a surviving copy of the book drew Scottish explorer James Bruce to distant Ethiopia."

  2. So, a useful method to understand something is to look at it from an opposite point of view. A story might serve well here, be advised that the names are left out in honor of those whose lives were touched by the events.
    At night one can see the lines from tracers racing across the sky. It all looks very pretty, except for the crescendo of noise, it's almost easy to forget about the promise of death they hold.
    Our man had seen this promise fulfilled on more than one occasion. He did as he always did, made himself one with the earth, one with the worms and the spiders. That funny sound one hears…that's the projectiles that have already flown by. It's the ones you haven't heard that are the problem.
    Our man was being shot at by a determined enemy. He didn't cry. He didn't break, but for the first time he really questioned whether he was going to live through his deployment.
    It was then that he became aware of a presence that was greater than anything he could describe. The presence spoke to him. "You will live through this war", it said.
    Our man couldn't ignore what had happened. When the engagement ended, he was not tattooed with enemy metal. In the days that followed, our man found himself in combat again. Brazenly, he moved across an opening when an enemy bullet whirred past his face. Shocked, he dropped to the earth, and directly addressed the presence that speaks" Hey, what gives, I thought you said I was gonna survive this war"!?!?!!!
    The voice replied, " Be Careful".
    Our man heeded those words, and made it through his enlistment relatively unscathed. Our man has no crisis of belief. Not now, not ever, as they say.

  3. MK,

    No crisis of belief when truth is presented….

    Jack has told us that we live on after death as the science that is presented in his work says so as how should one live is the question as Jack has demonstrated that for us with his work in Europe and in Virginia.

    Well, as Jack might agree its better to die in this world with ones boots on doing whats right as for me thats the best way to live…

  4. The crisis of belief is a very powerful state to find oneself in, one that can be used to deepen oneself, and can as some mystics articulate, be the doorway to genuine realization.
    If the abrahamics had any genuine capacity, rather than condemning those who find themselves at this doorway, they would have a valid, articulated navigational property to call upon.
    The rejection of those in this place belies their own terror and ignorance. A true path, informed by a vibrant mysticism, recognizes the crisis as a time of personal potential.
    Much of the madness and insanity of the abrahamics comes from their seriously unevolved puerile application of unworkable and oppressive conditions to deep psychic states.
    I find this lack of understanding makes them unfit for the positions they occupy.
    A good example here; the final days of Jacob Boeme. Boeme was as true of a natural, advanced mystic as can be found. The result was, of course that the church persecuted him with a vengeance that only abrahamics can muster.
    As Jacob Boeme began the throws of the death experience, the church sent one of their idiot bureaucrats to interview him. Discounting everything, the idiot was only interested in discovering if Boeme was a Christian. For whatever reason, the idiot decided that Boeme was Christian enough to be labeled a Christian, and left to let him die.
    This then is the essence of a political system that fraudulently asserts that it is a valid religion.

  5. It's funny that Jesus always has to be somehow removed from Christianity in order to save Christianity. Probably the reason why Jews outright reject him, and Islam busts him to the rank of corporal.
    People just cannot grasp that Jesus was never a political tool. Biblical Jesus has everything backwards, and this is a great CLUE to the crime, because the political rules do not an enlightened soul make.
    If we wish to find any validity in the figure of Jesus, we must eschew the political, and to do that we must understand the mystical tradition that Jesus belongs to, a tradition that predates the Abrahamic insanity.
    If we even begin to grasp the depth and antiquity of this mystical tradition, it's sophistication and it's brilliance, the pallid dementia of the Abrahamic political system is revealed for the fraud that it is.
    Thus, yes Jefferson the captain of a plantation, and president, recognized the political value of subjects who knew their place.
    To answer your question Jack, what I've discovered of Abrahamic, especially Christian beliefs, is that Christians don't know what they believe. Socrates explained that Philosophy was a preparation for death, yet the Christian response to the cold hard reality of death is condemnation of those who find stupid political rules insufficient to navigate the experience.
    This is not just pathetic, it's far worse.
    Yes, the extinction into the Kenoma was always there for their final reward. But Jack, I have to disagree that they would do anything to avoid their ultimate destination. After all, if they truly wished for a different fate, they would have to behave far differently from the way of vicious, sadistic control freaks with murder and abuse as their companions.

  6. Actually Mike they do not believe their own bullshit, not for a minute. Do you think they really think Jesus, a god they made up, put an end to purgatory? No they believe just as they did in Sumer, the souls of the departed go to the nether world where they will eat dirt and live in limbo forever more. They will do anything they can to avoid that, including dealing with entities which they know nothing about. Keep reading, Orage should put part 2 up today or tomorrow, but part 3, it gets personal…

  7. As Jack says we are no longer the meal of these entities as what the answer is of course is way above my pay grade.

    I have to laugh at Thomas Jeffersons bible as he cut out paul and the entire old testament and only had the teachings of Jesus which he said were perfect ethics to produce a good decent society and all the blood sacrifice nonsense was removed like the death and suffering on the cross.

    As any Christian will tell you there is no Christianity without the cross well, what would I know.

    Jack has made me a heretic LOL!

  8. MK,


    I always wondered about the Christian notion as to why there is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood and always back to the story of Abraham and isaac and the need for the sacrifice of the first born son.

    No clergyman has a suitable answer other than that "god provides" as I always felt uncomfortable with the whole notion of blood atonement.

    As usual our Jack comes to the crux of the truth since this ancient story is hijacked by the clergy and their bible.

  9. Let us now get into that essence of Christianity that Christians can never define. This article by Jack and Orage illustrates the act of human sacrifice in the seminal myth of the Abrahamic world.
    Not only is ritual murder portrayed, but it is an epic act of cowardice, bringing deceit, and dishonor. In the Abrahamic ascendancy gods die, and they will do anything to avoid death. Does that sound familiar, dear reader? Is not this entire seed idea of death as a horror enshrined in the very halls of this society, and epitomized in the actions of the global elite?
    If we remember that Christianity, and all of it fellow abrahamics are cognitive systems, we can closely follow the substance of myth from it's emergence to the present day.
    But wait, there's more!
    We are about to expose the artifact of sacrifice in the self proclaimed religion of the loving God. This artifact is essential to understand what KMB so eloquently refers to as the God of poverty.
    Examining this myth illustrates that the sacrifice accomplished the goal of prolonging the life of a desert God. It accomplished this through the act of murder of an innocent. A child who has yet to pass through puberty is the image of innocence in myth.
    In case one must be reminded, the witch trials resurrected this entire complex. Today, bohemian grove and "sacrificing a chicken to Moloch", the text in a Clinton email exchange, attest that this entire structure is still with us, all thanks to the pathology of the Abrahamic ascendancy.
    For those who don't directly practice ritual murder, the complex plays itself out via all manner of scapegoating and deception, which are now at the heart of this society, and are presently dealing it a death blow.
    Cowardice and deception are the order of the day in every event taking place on the international scene, be it the pillage of a country, the weaponization of mass immigration, weather manipulation, 5g, and the coronavirus, which certainly appears to be a biological attack, one consistent with the avowed goals of globalization.
    In future comments I will illustrate in greater detail how the seminal myth of the Abrahamic ascendancy shapes both its cognitive structure, and how that transfers in toto to the society which is directly informed by the ascendancy. Currently, however, it is enough to realize the true essence of all abrahamics, including Christianity are extensions and reinvigorations of a complex of ritual murder based on fear, cowardice, and deception.


    It is exceedingly rare to find a Christian who can truly articulate their perspective. Often, Christians list various attributes, as in a "we have more than you" comparison, yet upon actually examining the Christian perspective, one notes that even amongst its intelligentsia, the essence of Christianity is impossible to define.
    Why is this so?
    Well, one definite answer is that Christianity lacks any method for successful self examination. This lack of self observation is primary, in that the perspective carries with it an unshakable exoteric concern with a world of things. In Christianity, even God is seen as a thing, an item, a directly associable concept.
    What Christianity is then, what it truly is, is a cognitive system.
    Cognitive systems sort, order, define, and most importantly, assign value to a specific set of cognitive attributes. What a is a cognitive attribute? It is the very essence of mind, in that mind conceives, compares, and coordinates its invisible energies according to different structures. Sets of structures comprise systems. It was understood long ago that the mind will adapt to any condition it can not change, thus strong cognitive systems feature heavily entrenched cognitive attributes that the mind will occupy, and this in effect censors and directs all cognitive activity.
    Christianity is but one of four Abrahamic cognitive systems, yet it is the one that is provided with the most duplicitous of assumptions, in that it's cognitive system cannot accomplish what it's own tenets declare. This inability to ascend to its goals ensures that it fails in those goals, and this is where Christianity fails humanity.
    A system of things must create a permanent subject-object duality. When taken to it's current extent, this system divides all of life's experience into easily definable camps, yet that act of value assignment is a largely unconsciousness, and worse, political process that has absolutely nothing to do with higher spiritual principles.
    Yes, it is extremely uncomfortable, and difficult to bring consciousness to the value assignment process, yet it is in value assignment that the direction of a cognitive system is set, and when that process is left to the darkest, least evolved cognitive aspects, it cannot be a reflection, an arm, or a fact of higher spiritual function.
    What all this means is that Christianity is not capable of bringing a higher evolved function to the human condition, which amazingly is its stated goal.
    Now, Christianity is great for any number of positive contributions that involve political control and social organization. Indeed, this is exactly what we find, where communities can be served in positive ways that only the church could accomplish. However, it is a grave error to equate these contributions with spiritual mastery.
    Unfortunately, this exactly the error that is exhibit number one of how Christianity fails humanity.
    Please allow a personal story to illustrate this point. I knew a devout woman for many years. She put her biblical studies, and her church experience foremost in her life. She asserted with great veracity that she was on the path that was the will of God. Towards the end of her life, she had enough consciousness to know she was approaching her end. I observed the interaction between her and respected members of her church. It was all too obvious that her church was utterly incapable of providing the simplest of spiritual direction. One would naturally conclude that the sphere of the church would include the death experience, yet the prima facie explanation of death as represented by the church offered nothing more than one might get from a poorly informed and not very interested acquaintance.
    It is supremely unfortunate that modern society suffers such a dearth of spiritual knowledge, but this is the result of entrusting business leaders and politicians with something they can't understand, and don't possess.

  11. The play and interplay between Paul and Simon is a source of a great deal of copy and attention. Scholars love soap operas.
    Yet for anyone honest, the deepest principles of mysticism were in effect long before anyone wrote the Christian vs Gnostic script.
    Jesus was not the first advanced spirit to descend to the grey world of mortality, and the Gnostic was not the first to alert humanity to the existence of a brilliant heritage.
    So, in truth Gnosticism is and was a signpost along the river, and Christianity is but the force organised against the reading of the sign. Ancient story.
    The real problem we have today is the abuse of key energies in order to promote unworkable and perverted dead ends as fresh "alternatives". The act of distortion must be revealed for what it is, in order to disarm the March of insanity.

  12. There is not, and never can a Gnostic Christianity. If people who think a small shared set of terms and conditions makes disparate forces congruent, then they must see globalists as something other than what they are, which both increases and calicifies cognitive dissonance.
    The more honest scholars and theologians understand that the goals, aims, and methods of Gnosticism and Christianity are not interchangeable.
    Part of the war against Gnosticism was and is intended to make this condition evident, of course it was always intended to murder Gnostics as well.
    Paul is recognized both in standard cannon, and in the so called Dead Sea Scrolls. I know that to many he is the father of the church, and his life is portrayed as a morality play, that he supposedly destroyed the Primacy of Simon Magus, and that is given as a mythical endorsement for the assumed goodness of Christianity.
    Paul is interesting to me only as a case, a scenario that illustrates mythopoesis and the mythic imagination. When taken in any fashion as historic, i.e.; factual, we once again are forced to don heavy duty blinders.
    I'll give this much to the demented Jesuits and their ilk, they are correct in seeing Gnosticism as a threat to their hegemony. But then, so does any fantasy evaporate before the light of truth.

  13. KMB,
    Yes, American Christianity is a lapdog for Israel. Yes, Jews run America, and they are so full of themselves that now they want a sitting president. Yes the condition of one's country being hijacked by vicious special interests is that America is the idiot enforcer for globalists, bankers, and criminal regimes. This is not opinion, it is cold hard fact.
    The ruling classes in America are dancing for joy, because their war on the freedom and cognitive development of America is advancing along on all fronts. They have installed key politicians at the state level to advance their policies, and Americans dutifully get in line.
    It's not all their fault, they have been groomed since very young by programs invented by some of the most evil scum ever to don human form. It's always the same, inflict fear, arrange events, propose solutions that aren't, demonize those who won't fall in.
    I know that due to Jesus, most if not many conclude that Gnosticism is a form of Christianity. Some groups exist that hybrids Gnosticism and Christianity, and some believe that Valentinian Gnosticism is simply a form of Christianity.
    All this makes a nice picture that is pleasing to look at, the problem is that it isn't true.

  14. What of Paul of the new testaments war on Gnostic Christianity and how that view point is in every American Church which IMO is the key power center for the American empire as every evangelical loves the wars for Israel and policy that is against humanity itself as they love poverty and misery since they believe God is the God of poverty and war and human misery. American evangelicals are totally demented.

  15. The Jesus of the Gnostic gospels is an advanced spirit who descends into the lower reaches of mundane material existence to teach, correct and heal.
    His descent from, and subsequent return to higher spheres makes possible this path of return for all spirits, incarnate in myriad forms, unlocking the chains that bind them, allowing them to break the spell that holds them forever in place.
    The Gnostic Jesus instructs through actions, through riddles which are keys, and heals through returning soundness of mind to this level of existence. Thus through all this comes correction.
    The Gnostic Jesus is often impatient with the pettiness and stupidity of his closest followers. He makes it quite clear that his love for women is non negotiable, and that his time on the material sphere is short.
    The focus of the Gnostic Jesus is upon the inner spiritual workings, in a similar fashion to mysticism found in Hinduism, and Buddhism.
    It is clear that the figure of Jesus brought about many reflections, some of which, like Apolonius of Tyana, became the model for empire's stitch up.
    The new testament is in reality a textbook on gematria. The stories are given to numerical equivalency usually expounded in threes. Gematria is the experiential study of number as revealing significant truths about the cosmos. However, without any background in gematria, one would note the consistent use of number with no understanding. This is the reason why so many Christians are utterly obsessed with their debased biblical numerology. They know nothing of gematria.
    The Gnostics inspire hate amidst established Abrahamic ideologies for a number of reasons. Irenaeus, for example launched into his vitriol because Marcus the Magician stole away with all those gorgeous French girls and had them chanting prophecy. Yes, Irenaeus was the fun police.
    Alexandrian Jews hated Gnostics because Gnostics delighted in pointing out how the Jews had it all wrong. Perhaps the only critic that had any substance was Plotinus, and even he wound up adopting a Gnostic viewpoint to explain his concepts on matter.
    So, yes the wild Gnostic Healer has a very comfortable position in the Gnostic gospels.

  16. MK,

    Could you talk about the spirit in regards to the gnostic gospel of Jesus and that mystery that comes with true spirituality and how Paul hates that tradition in the new testament and how I call their Jesus jebus!

  17. Apparently I developed somewhat of a reputation from the days of dancing with the demented Jesuits. I should have heeded the words of the High One. In the Havamal we are instructed to refrain from arguing with idiots, because they are incapable of meaningful dialogue, and merely drag everything to the lowest levels.
    I offered several times to engage on more significant topics than illustrating their lack of acumen. Doubtless I sank to gentlemanly conduct during this exchange.
    The record stands that the Jesuits here have no mysticism to call upon, no humility in their spiritually barren allegiance, and are composed with a deranged morality that holds small things as huge, and huge things invisible.
    Their ringleader threatened to flood the board with links and proofs of Jesuit veracity, yet all he ever did was to drown out discourse with torrents of verbal garbage. Either they are frauds, or more likely, their entire posture is as empty as a perfect void, as I have demonstrated here and at VT over the years.
    I will not engage with them in that fashion ever again.
    Europeans have valid spiritual traditions, and true wisdom to call upon. Yet these are not to be found within the parasitic tendencies of Christianity.

  18. Today there are perhaps two or three distinct peoples, including the Druze and the Manichaeans who maintain a lineage dating to pre-Islamic times. Islam admits, during it's more lucid moments, that the Sufi existed long before Muhammad stacked up the heads of his enemies, and developed an insatiable appetite for very young girls.
    We are lead by modern society to invent an Islamic golden age that never existed, as the globalist digital tyranny finds value in the chains of servitude Islam brings.
    Islam is the third arm of the Abrahamic bacterial infection, and if anything, is even less subject to rationality than the previous two.
    The Druze, Manichaeans, and Sufi all bring lineages with strong Gnostic content. It is unclear what the fate of the Druze and Manichaeans will be, yet most likely the wars that ravage the Levant will list them as casualties.
    Many believe that the Templars began their road to Baphomet upon meeting this pre-Islamic tradition.

  19. Thank you either Regan or Domus, you girls can comment on here, Mike won’t bite you, maybe B might try but he has no teeth left so no worries. You will see nothing in this essay of the bible offered as proof of anything, it’s a complete fabrication thrown together starting in the eleventh century. That’s how the idea for this whole essay started. Mike asked whether Elohim is plural and singular in Hebrew, a debate that has lasted centuries with no clear winner. That’s because the points debated all came from the bible, throw out the bible and go to sources which we have done here and the answer becomes very clear…

  20. That comment by MK simply makes the most sense of anything I have heard for awhile as this article by Jack shows how everything penned by the "clergy" is lies and deception and true spirituality hard to come by and in Jack's article on patreon about the anger of the Jesuits makes sense as their Jesus is a plastic one.

  21. Yes Gurdjief, besides Crowley the only other mystic worth reading. Just think you get the best of both worlds here Mike; I know Crowley and Orage knows Gurdjief.

    The bible is being dismissed off hand for this piece; the only “Holy Book” necessary will be the Quran. Its antiquity and pedigree makes it a far more utilitarian instrument than the Old Testament. Of course by its authors own admission it’s been tampered with but it is written on Sufi traditions that are far more illuminating, than the dribbled plagiarism of the OT…

  22. Yes there is no other God but God, Crowley of all people says that in his Holy Books, and before that God I will bow, but that God is not here, only us Chickens and a bunch of Chicken farmers ain’t paid their taxes in years. Consider this an audit…

  23. It is very true that those who wish to make the Bible a historic document have no legs to stand on. The Vatican funded all manner of archaeological digs to fortify the theory of biblical history, primarily after WW2, only to come up empty handed.
    Recently, even Jewish archaeologists admitted that no corroborating evidence exists for the claims of the bible. For Jews to admit this is nothing short of monumental.
    Unfortunately, this unusual breath of honesty falters still when it comes to the Healer.
    There are literally thousands of pages dedicated to xtian iconography and lies concerning the savior, yet practically zero regarding the truth. Only some unknown mystics cover it. Most are daunted by the hate and violence of xtianity to the point they can only hint at it.
    The truth is closest to winning out in the words of Gurdjief. He wrote that at certain times remarkable beings incarnate to set forth circumstances and conditions, largely unseen and unknown.
    Jesus, Iasous, indeed set forth new conditions. His record contains the template for psycho-spiritual conditions to this day. Please note, his record does not exist in any of the thousands of pages penned by Christianity. This record exists only in the Gnostic gospels.
    I personally have identified myriad keys to wisdom in the depictions of the Gnostic Jesus, and his beloved Mary, whilst the Christian forgery is a thinly veiled exercise in disempowerment.
    The theft of Jesus by a cynical empire is a big part of the sordid fraud we are left with today.
    Again, the stories generations have been groomed to believe are unique unto a Judaic experience were in fact appropriated from their original source, and are not in any sense belonging to that people.
    The sad fact is that the Abrahamic experience is one of carefully concealed criminality. Diogenes would need several pairs of sandals and dozens of lanterns to brave this labyrinth.

  24. http://fotobolostoxotis.blogspot.com/2013/08/a-short-discourse-on-historical.html?m=1

    The EL are the Blue giants from the union of Human beings and the fallen 201 Elohim.
    BAAL is the pseudoprophet of samael satan lucipher. He is the baphomet nefelim.
    The maiandros symbol is found all over the globe as it was symbol of the EL.

    The Nazis got advanced technology by agreement from samael of the right hand path the illuminati and the left hand path of lilith lamasthu. WWII as it was WWI as it shall be with WWIII all started by agreements. Hitler was selected and presented and accepted by the parties at a meeting in Naivastan.

    Technology stolen from the EL is presented as their own.


    There is only one God the Father read Hermes Trismegistos and Pemandris (Paemen Andres Shepherd of Men i.e Jesus Christ) over 30000 years before the birth of Jesus.

    Understand that there was creation of Adam the 1st and then the fallen daemons under direction of samael tried to have a 2nd adam who had no spirit in him until there was direct intervention from ABOVE.

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