“Have you thought of Al-Lāt and al-ʻUzzā 

And Manāt, the third, the other? “(28)

These are the exalted gharāniq, whose intercession is hoped for. 

To most Westerners The Satanic Verses conjure up images of Neolithic cavemen clamoring in the streets of Europe and the Middle East for the head of Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie, the author the 1988 novel of said title. There was that decrepit old man in a bathrobe Ayatollah Khomeini, looking ridiculously theatrical and issuing a fatwa, calling for Rushdie’s assassination and the British responding by giving Rushdie police protection and eventually knighting him. For the first time in centuries, Westerners got to witness first hand all that is truly ugly about Islam. 

What Westerners were not told is what the furor was all about. With his title Rushdie was alluding to what is now considered a heretical Islamic concession to polytheism, made by the Prophet himself and known by scholars to be as old as the Qur’an itself. The Satanic Verses consist of three lines. Surah fifty-three, verse nineteen and twenty, which implore the Faithful to think upon the three great goddesses of yore.  

After that and this is documentable through Persian historian Al Tabari on down to the time the Qur’an first appeared,Muhammad is reputed to have said: “These are the exalted gharāniq, whose intercession is hoped for…” 

Gharāniq is Arabic for crane, as in the cranes surrounding the swastika depicted on the Samarra bowl in the picture we began this essay with. Respectively al-ʻUzzā and Al-Lāt correspond to Athtart and her fearsome sister Anat in the Baal Cycle, earlier Ishtar and later the Punic goddess Tanit. Manāt, as the oldest of the three sister goddesses worshiped in Mecca at the time, corresponds to Aṯiratu in the Baal Cycle, the consort of Anu in Sumer. 

Muhammad was delivering his revelations in Mecca to a rather unenthusiastic audience, particularly the merchants who ran the yearly bazaar around the Ka’bah where all the Arab tribes annually met to intermingle and trade. Perhaps overwhelmed with the importance of impressing them he uttered those fateful verses, paying homage to their three great goddesses. It worked and many of them converted on the spot, prostrating themselves on the ground to the revelations of their new Prophet. 

But perhaps in the first ever appearance of Satan and “the Devil made me do it,” Gabriel later appeared to Muhammad, chastising him for speaking words that were not of the god of Abraham. It was soon worked out between Muhammad and his invisible Gabriel that it was that nasty new kid on the block Satan who put the Verses of Cranes, which is what the Satanic Verses were originally called, into Muhammad’s mouth. All was forgiven and Muhammad soon recanted, changing the wording that came after verse nineteen and twenty to its present day form. 

The Sura in which the verses appear is called An-Najm or the Star. It is the fifty-third Sura of the Qur’an. Verses one to eighteen of An-Najm are acknowledged by Islamic scholars to be among the oldest in the Qur’an, vouching for the antiquity of verses nineteen and twenty, if not the integrity. 

Verse twenty is followed by a misogynistic tirade that concludes with there are no female angels in Verse twenty-seven. There is a hardy endorsement of the Old Testament in Verses thirty-six and thirty-seven, which is a dead giveaway that what follows the Satanic Verses, is a later addendum. The original Qur’an was written before the eleventh century. 

The narrator of An-Najm then promises, as the Lord of Sirius, to raise the dead and bring about a Second Kingdom in Verses forty-seven and forty-nine…

I am writing this essay in Long Beach, New York. There are more real Jews here than in Israel. Right down the block is a Hasidic school and every morning, except Saturday, round about seven these young men stream by the front yard hastening to class. Wearing all black, from their shoes to their modified cowboy hats, they are almost all tall and slender and walk straight placing one foot in front of the other like a young man should, seemingly immune to the cold in their thin black overcoats. If you are out there with them they look you right in the eye and bid you good morning like they really mean it. 

One can’t help but love these kids who seem to be a throwback to a bygone era when American kids all grew up tall and straight but there is a problem. They think they are Arabs with red hair, freckles and pale White skin. As they see it they are Baal’s chosen people; Yahweh is one of Baal’s titles, dispersed from the land of Canaan long ago to share the fate of their Shekinah (World Soul) in never ending exile. 

In spite of the work of their own geneticists, like Schlomo Sand, who place their origins in an area above the Black Sea, in spite of what their own reflections in the mirror tell them, this absurd premise that they are Semitic is the guiding principle through all the days of their lives. Like all religions, this is what has been inculcated into their hearts since they were old enough to speak. They believe it so ardently that they have successfully petitioned the world to appropriate Arab land in order that they may return to “their homeland,” it’s called right of return.

It all might have been just one more theological fantasy to wile away the fleeting time allotted to human existence, but there is another group that shares their fantasy. All across America devalued farms and outsourced manufacturing have left a wasteland where all hope of a future is lost. All that’s left now for rural Americans is their eternal reward and in order to gain that reward, because Christians read from the same ‘good book’ that the Jews do, they must return Baal’s chosen people to the place of their birth. 

If it involves murdering an entire world to do so that is what they are prepared to do. In fact all the better! Because at the End of Days their god, Jesus “a Jewish carpenter,” will come swooping in on a cloud to whisk them off to paradise. The human race is going on a hundred years of warfare in the Middle East, with events there now threatening to escalate into an apocalyptic war that will end life on earth as we know it.

Archeologists have scoured the appropriated land for as long as there has been war in the Middle East, but outside of the Dead Sea Scrolls, found by yet another lost Sheppard boy, they have been unable to find one shred of evidence that the good book of the Jews and Christians existed before the eleventh century in Russia. 

Known for their blockbuster bestseller Holy Blood, Holy Grail Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, arguably the greatest biblical researchers of the twentieth century, wrote another lesser known book titled The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception

It chronicles how the Dead Sea Scrolls were supposedly “found in caves near Jerusalem in 1947, only to be kept a tightly held secret for nearly fifty more years, until the Huntington Library unleashed a storm of controversy in 1991 by releasing copies of the Scrolls. In this gripping investigation authors Baigent and Leigh set out to discover how a small coterie of orthodox biblical scholars gained control over the Scrolls, allowing access to no outsiders and issuing a strict “consensus” interpretation…” (29)

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a complete fraud, a hoax perpetrated in order to deflect attention from the Gnostic roots of the Abrahamic religions which were revealed with the discovery of The Nag Hammadi Tracts a couple of years earlier. The scrolls are a collection of fragments that could very well be used Phoenician toilet paper and were most likely tentatively pasted together in the basement of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1946… 

The Torah and therefore the Old Testament too, along with most of the Talmud and Tanakh are all “rabbinical lies that poisoned an entire world. Lies so effective that as Friedrich Nietzsche notes in On the Genealogy of Morality: A Polemic“the Jews are the most disastrous people in world history: they have left such a falsified humanity in their wake that even today Christians can think of themselves as anti-Jewish without understanding that they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism.”(30)

The truth is they made it all up. The only Jews native to the Middle East are either descended from Donmeh Turks, whom tenth century Persian geographer Hudud al-‘Alam referred to as “Turkic Pechenegs,” or Slavic slaves brought to the Middle East by “Khazarian Pechenegs.”(31)

Long before the inadvertent father of Zionism, Avraham Firkowicz, prowled the graveyards of the Crimea in the early ninetieth century changing the dates on tombstones by a thousand years so they would fit the fables of the Exodus, Jews have been forging a fraudulent history for themselves. There is a whole new crop of Russian Jewish scholars who will be the first ones to tell you. 

For centuries, on an industrial scale, Jews have been manufacturing “manuscripts, colophons, tomb inscriptions, as well as forged chronicles and “folklore” texts.” Forever, there is the signature modus operandi of presenting their fictitious works as “ancient. The authors created heroic epos (e.g. the Russian historians) or figures of great sages (e.g. the Jewish scholars).” (32)  

By the time the Arab traveler, for which the movie The 13th. Warrior is based, Ahmad ibn Fadlan wrote in his travelogue that “the Khazars and their king are all Jews…” there had to have been at least a Torah. But the Zuqnin Chronicle, written in Syriac obviously at an earlier date than the travelogue,calls the Khazars a race without a god and says that they were in fact Magians. 

Based primarily on archaeological evidence left by the Magyars, a rival Khazar tribe driven westward into Hungry by the Pechenegs, the traditional religion of the typical Khazarian clansman appears to have been Tengrism. The religion behind the Swastika; Tengrism incorporates elements of shamanism, animism, totems and ancestor worship. In Tengrism, the idea is to live an upright life and in doing so, one maintains balance between the three worlds of the Tree of Life and their own three souls.

Both the Norse Eddas and Jewish Qabalah are forms of Tengrism, whose narratives revolve around a Tree of Life. There are nine worlds on the Norse Yggdrasil, ten in the Sepher Yetzirah of the Qabalah but the ten is a zero in a closed loop going back to one. Both have a place in the highest heaven called Gimil and both are predestined to be destroyed by an immutable force; which the Norse called Lǽvateinn and the Jews; Leviathan. 

This combined with the archeological facts after a hundred years of extensive digging in the land once known as Canaan, there were no ancient Hebrews, makes it a foregone conclusion that the Qabalah existed among the ‘Jews’ before the Exodus was a twinkle in a Russian Rabbi’s eye. 

The Qabalah is the source of all Judeo-Christian eschatology and in it there is no such entity as Satan, not even close. Aleister Crowley, the foremost expert on Qabalah who ever lived, was forever trying to develop his unified field theory on religion. In Table IV in his Table of Correspondences he gives as, spelled in Hebrew, the Qabalistic equivalent of Satan or Moloch; Samael and his consort Isheth Zenunim. (33)  

This is why most Jews today, Conservative, Orthodox or Reform will tell you; to them Satan is just a litigator, a kind of District Attorney who prosecutes man before god. In Hebrew שָׂטָן (Śāṭān) means the accuser or adversary. He is not barred from heaven, nor does he tempt or torment humans, in fact in the Book of Job he and god appear to be drinking buddies. 

Some scholars have equated Satan with the Angra Mainyu or Ahriman of Zarathustrianism. But none can produce a linguistic progression even remotely plausible as to how Angra Mainyu or Ahriman came to be pronounced as Satan. They can be summarily dismissed. 

The irrefutable fact is the word Satan is derived from an Aramaic word Shayāṭīn a word that has its roots in the word š-ṭ-n, meaning distant or astray. Long before Islam the Shayāṭīn were invisible malevolent entities that roamed the earth in search of human victims. Islamic scholars generally agree; unlike the Djinn the Shayāṭīn are immortal and have no Faith. They are completely evil and will only cease to exist when their leader ceases to exist. (34)

Like the Synoptic Gospels the Qur’an traces its roots back to before the Abrahamic religions were conjured forth in Dark Age monasteries. By the time the thirteenth century rolled around they had already been making it up as they went along for over two centuries. Frederick II was the best friend Christians, Muslims and Jews ever had. He knew exactly what he was talking about when he said “the three greatest frauds ever perpetrated on the human race were Jesus, Mohammad and Moses.” (35)

Steeped in Sufism and Manichaeism, the hundred and fourteen Suras of the Qur’an numerically correspond to the hundred and fourteen verses in the Secret Gospel of Thomas, a Gnostic text which through the Nag Hammadi codices can be carbon dated back at least fifteen hundred years. That’s five hundred years more than the “old” testament. Scholars agree, even the Oxymoron’s. The sayings attributed to Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels are sourced to the Secret Gospel of Thomas. 

In the Qur’an Shayṭān and the Shayāṭīn are mentioned eighty-eight times. They teach Magick to Solomon and steal secrets from heaven. They are the opponents of god and at times, such as the case with the Satanic Verses, appear to be more than a match for him.

The Khazar-Nazi Anti-Christ: “In the Beginning” part I by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (jackheartblog.org)

Human Sacrifice among the Catholic Clergy I (the Khazar-Nazi Antichrist III) by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (jackheartblog.org)

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  1. Yes Jack, when a society drops fully into insanity, no rational solution can be applied.
    It is, doubtless, the death throws of a crazed system that for decades now has made a sport of attacking itself. 5G, only the civilian label for the roll out of weaponized wave and pulse technology that has been aimed at the "citizenry" for years. Thanx for mentioning this Jack, because when the psychopathy fires up their wave weapons, the pollinators disappear.
    It's really amazing that things have held together for this length of time. Whatever comes out of this, it won't be anything like today.

  2. It's astounding
    Time is fleeting
    Madness takes its toll
    But listen closely

    Not for very much longer

    I've got to keep control
    I remember doing the time warp
    Drinking those moments when
    The blackness would hit me

    And the void would be calling

    Let's do the time warp again
    Let's do the time warp again – Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Why don’t we take a little tip from John Lennon, guy the deep state hated so much they just had to kill him, lets just watch the wheel go round and round Mike. Horrible mistakes have been made in the handling of this virus. Mistakes even the agglutinations can see if pointed out to them. So far no ones doing a very good job of that, I got the Kaminski and Stone crew claiming there is no virus its 5G, I got VT which outside some of the stuff Mr. Duff has wrote is like the tower of babel and I got the MSM mindlessly spreading fear, sprinkled in with some happy horseshit about how their corporate sponsored public officials are diligently working to keep them “safe.” Meanwhile the Trump administration continues to bungle things. They need to test for it, you can’t stop what you can’t see but these morons will only use tests made in America, under FDA standards. So of course we have no real test yet. South Korea is banging out a hundred thousand test kits a day. I talked to the fourth largest medical supplier in the US yesterday. Their trying to bring them in but the FDA won’t have them. Meanwhile China who stopped the virus, have millions of surplus tests but as everything the Chinese make they are junk with a 50% accuracy rating. Better than we have available here which is nothing.
    Consequently this seeming slap in the face may have dealt a death blow to the empire. Wall street is in turmoil and the Turnips supposed bailout of Americans actually works out to 2 trillion for Americans and 8 trillion for Wall Street. Small businesses, whatever was left of them, are going to collapse and they are projecting a 40% unemployment rate the way they reckon it, which means it will really be about 60%. Basically as a National Socialist I can’t wait till they start nationalizing large corporations, which will be the inevitable conclusion of all this…

  3. What is especially interesting about this pandemic, is that which doesn't change. Looking up, the planes and rockets continue their war on the clear sky, spraying their grey goo. Indeed, it seems quite likely that it is via the areal spraying that the pathogens are introduced.
    There has been no change in the continuous, relentless wealth transfer, from those who produce to the parasites, if anything this process has been fast tracked to an unprecedented scale.
    Nor has there been any change on the continued attack on civil liberties, and unalienable rights…except again, for the speed and scale.
    The dismantling of the "American Experiment" is fully in sight, with the top heavy insanity that comes from a group that does everything it can to arrest development, and block worthwhile adaptation to a rapidly changing paradigm.
    Propping up the unwieldy mega corporations, guaranteeing that the super rich get richer, and forcing the form and function of the country to undergo jackhammer like punishment will merely ensure that there will be no normal to return to, or normalcy redefined a looming train wreck.
    We are entering the perfection of the condition of restriction that been with us most strongly in the last twenty years.
    The globalists, all of whom hate freedom and virtue amongst humanity, have declared again and again that after they destroy modern culture and society, they will still sit on top of it, corpulent and smug. Oh man, they missed their calling, comedy.
    This is a most fascinating time, one which carries with it a true double edged sword.

  4. Almost anything can be used as a screen. Screens provide a certain level of interference between the user and that which is screened. Tobacco has been used as a screen at least since the early 20th century, when the cigarette was heavily promoted.
    The problem with screens is that they come with a price, and it's a matter of careful discernment to find one with a price that's affordable.

  5. Copy and paste comment from a CoVid-19 video:


    "I gave up smoking 3 weeks before a hip operation. My anesthetist said it better 1 week before because smoking reduces picking-up pathogens. Go figure!"

    I recently purchased a 14 oz. can of Sir Walter Raleigh tobacco.

    I also heard a remark that tobacco can prevent you from getting flashed from electromagnetic mind disruption.

  6. Ye olde Black Knight satellite pays a visitation to San Jose in April 2011. This is the stabilized version with no video cam jiggling, and condensed, before the camera gets handed off to Rodney.
    I was recently looking for the October 1986 Saratoga, Ca. UFO report listed on the National UFO Reporting Center website for reference, and now it has been DELETED. I clearly experienced hearing strange electronic beeping tones, sounding like Morse Code, coming out of no wheres, at night all alone, for several weeks.
    I listed the web page address of this 1986 detailed report on this website several years ago, maybe in 2016.


  7. Yea Stan I've been told by some pretty heavy hitters the earth is quarantined, you can leave this atmosphere but you can't reenter it, I was shown JPL test films to prove it too. I don't know it was authentic but I've seen the same abbreviated film used by the MSM to show satellite placement, thing is if the film keeps going, and it has audio too, you see that its a JPL test craft attempting to reenter earth atmosphere and getting blown to bits, the audio laments the death of the pilot. As nine would say just saying…

  8. When we think of language, we imagine a collection of characters and sounds organized into a system that gives them meaning. Yet the truth is that no one has ever explained the origin of language, other than to label it as a feature that emerges early on in childhood.
    Furthermore, limiting language to the previous definition enforces a mental simplification upon the language feature that prevents access to the deeper aspects of language.
    All of this is understandable in light of western history, where the deeper aspects of human experience have been demonized and rejected by an oppressive and destructive control complex.
    If humanity is to regain it's capacities, it must move beyond the limits imposed by the so called leaders of this society. They are not your betters, they do not love you, nor do they wish the best for you, and the cognitive impairment they evince is there to enshrine their moral turpitude, not to guide humanity's unfolding.
    The first step in shedding the fetters is to realize one is unfettered. Once one begins to study with the traditional methods of philosophical and mystical exploration, one will naturally arrive at the point of this realization. One will perceive clearly the Nous, and begin to discover the many levels of cognitive experience. That which breathes will awaken then to a much wider world.

  9. MK…your many references to the degradation of today's language has made me stop and ponder the language I use on a day to day basis and further understand thus how use of language effects reality.

  10. The women of Vril, and of course Maria herself, were obviously gifted. The names Gudrun and Sigrun are very ancient, packed with meaning on many different levels.
    Today we are cognitively diminished. Most cannot easily grasp the green language, although it is there. Maria and her girls were fluent in it. Because the green language is not limited to three dimensional thinking, they were able to see and grasp that which is beyond the normal boundaries of human influence.
    Certain women have always been given greater latitude, upon demonstrating their power, amongst the Aryan people.
    Personally, I love the story that they boarded a starship, seen flying over England, before heading home to Alderbaran.

  11. The owners of the combustion based world economy will not permit the Vril energy to be introduced until these owners can maintain full control of it. The only method they want to reveal it and control it, is by way of creating a alien attack scenario, in which Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun (March 23, 1912 – June 16, 1977) referred to. So, other than that, expect nothing.

  12. Thanks MK for your wonderful analysis on Paul as sadly One must agree with it however, another troubling question is the energy issues as abrahamic science is based upon combustion and destruction vs Vril energy based upon the fullness of space all around us as in Stan`a video the Vril girls believed it to be a gift to humanity to stop our senseless wars as look around? All based on energy acquisition and burning and destruction! Just an observation.

  13. The rise of all four abrahamics can be clearly documented, and it in no way mirrors the fake history they all advance as truth. That this state of affairs was conscious and calculated is beyond any doubt. The murder of effective and vibrant traditions was fully premeditated. It was done to assure a political dominance, and to force an ersatz identity upon the populace. All these goals were successfully met. The abrahamics won, now take a long look around and see the piece of shit world this has left us, and wonder, what if our ancient traditions had not been murdered by a churlish collection of miscreants?

  14. Now we can clearly grasp why Christianity is immersed in an anti-intellectual touchy feely neotany that is utterly incapable of grasping that which it claims.
    We see clearly why the strongest aspects of Christianity are those socio-political aspects.
    So, to fully answer KMBs' questions, there is only a core of intentionally twisted devotional spirituality left in the political pageantry stitch up that is Christianity today.
    There is so much more to say, how the Christian Jesus never existed, how the early church fathers forged and plagiarized their most carefully crafted history, how they defiled beautiful and vibrant traditions in order to hide their thievery and perversion. Not too far from where I live is a sprawling estate where the church sends its hard core pedophiles. Outwardly beautiful, inwardly corrupted. Just like the religion it pretends so hard to be, epic fail.
    The real tragedy for this planet is the fact that frauds like Paul have free reign to practice their games of deception, control, and abuse. The damage done in the name of their God, the devourer of awareness, is impossible to even estimate.

  15. Every concept and construct within Christianity has it's origins outside of Christianity. But wait, because the best is coming right up!
    What Pauline doctrine does is demote Jesus into a pansy social engineer.
    Pauline doctrine is the dream of someone who wanted to be bigger than Jesus, and he got his wish.
    Thus, we can see quite clearly, that Pauline doctrine couldn't exist without a strong pre-Christian tradition to rip off and pervert.

  16. Pauline doctrine derives from, and distorts hideously, the ancient pre-Christian tradition of devotion. It also fuses in misunderstood concepts from Egyptian theology, specifically the resurrection, and as Jack and Orage point out here, elements from the earliest religious beliefs in the region, A' la sacrifice.
    We now have, thanks to tireless and well funded treasure hunters-aka archaeologists-examples of the gospels that predate Pauline doctrine, exhibiting clearly that such was a later development in Christianity.
    Pauline doctrine is so clearly a ham fisted murder of pre-Christian devotional paths that I find it amazing that no one sees this beyond moi.
    In short, there is nothing in Christianity that is Christian. There is no such thing as Christian mysticism, no such thing as Christian philosophy, no such thing as a Christian view of the cosmos. All of Christianity is a mind fuck designed to make you believe salient events and ideas are something else beyond perverted pre-Christian tradition.

  17. KMB had asked previously about Paul and the spirit. She wanted a perspective on the doctrine of Paul in light of genuine spirituality. It goes without saying that I find this topic similar to viewing a murder scene, where the murderer pretends to an ethical authority they neither deserve nor earn.
    So, what is the big deal about Paul?
    In short, the big deal is that the Pauline doctrine, not the gospels, is the church.
    Let's be brutally clear. The gospels are written in Greek. They were organized and codified in Alexandria, Egypt. They exhibit a strong Grecian influence, including a heavy dose of gematria. There is no doubt that Jewish culture, thought, and mysticism is heavily influenced by the Hellenes, some say it all actually emerged from Hellenic roots.
    Thus, the cosmic model of Judaism and Christianity are distillations, some say distortions, of ancient pre-Christian tradition.
    Paul, however, turned an aspect of the pre-Christian tradition on its head, and forced through a set of beliefs that are easily politicized, destroying all the attempts at peace between the ancient ways and the developing abrahamics. This in effect made the distorted Pauline doctrine the intolerant arrogant reining idiocy with its insane history of murder, torture, and repression.

  18. It very well could be that he is a 'insider' contracted dispenser, a reseller, and a wanna be university professor.
    When a few radio talk show hosts, now set on video, ask him what his upcoming appearance schedule is, he says that he has Not been invited lately to any future public UFO events, like The Secret Space Program Convention, in which he has appeared in before, as a quest in the past.

  19. Mr. Farrell is, I suspect, not entirely in charge of his own research. Thus a good portion of his research comes from other sources besides himself. From here it is a small step to employ sources that will not allow themselves to be cited. This opens one to being "Fed" various forms of "Information", without the ability to check and verify beyond a shallow level.
    So, one must judge the veracity of this information with intelligence and discernment.

  20. Lots of this rings true with our own research, now there could be three reasons for that. Whoever put this together has been closely following what we have written. Two that they are just as good at research as Orage and I, or three its true…
    Regardless of 1,2 and 3 Stan there are aspects of all this they are not seeing, the bridge between the living and the dead being of my own primary concern, that is why “I’ve come all the way from the ninth world…”
    Miguel Serrano is only one who has addressed the entire question that I am aware of.
    Part 3 comin up, this is right on point for that…

  21. I watch videos via the cable provider ComCast Xfinity on television, using the YouTube app. The videos of Dr. Farrell on the radio show hosted by Georgeann Hughes, called the Byte Show, can really get christianized. On one show he got upset with her and started pounding down some of his deep seated christianity.
    Dr. Farrell says: The 1947 Roswell crash craft was German, but NOT a field propulsion craft. The Germans did Not develop flying field propulsion craft in Germany, because there are No legitimate sources that reveal that, and only postwar neo-nazi groups in Austria and Germany state that, and that is Not considered evidence, and so therefore, not a conclusive fact.
    He states that the German military had formed relationships with radical Muslim groups going back to W.W.1, and that the NSDAP has been funding the activities of these radical groups all along, as the "Nazi International." I recall echos from 1984 hearing things like that from a local radio show called One Step Beyond, the main theme was about President Kennedy. Kennedy wanted to dissolve the corrupt banking system that handled NSDAP money.
    Dr. Farrell states that he is non-ecclesiastical, non-denominational, a hack, and just a hermit in S.Dakota.

    This is a video that will describe the creation and development of the
    flying field propulsion Haunabu and Vril craft in Germany. It states who the builders are and describes what the engine does and what makes it work. This is really an Excellent video.


  22. I did wish to point out a lost tradition in art, one which has been identified in Egyptian, and classical Greek work. It is lost because it was bulldozed by Christianity and the empire.
    This tradition used deep esoteric principles as the guiding structure to the creation of sculptures, painting, ceramics, and of course, architecture. Doubtless, these principles also were behind the performing arts, which we can infer from the evidence.
    Essentially, this meant that the highest creative expression of these ancient cultures followed the deepest principles of the cosmos itself.
    Art today is largely enslaved by a society that is indifferent to it, except for how it can inform its corrupt and base lusts. There are some exceptions, but they struggle at the fringes of the dying beast, following a love that most deny.

  23. If one is willing to assess the facts and events prior to WW2, one discovers a meme so overused, that it should be a tired cliche'. The fact that it isn't speaks volumes to the neotany of humanity, trusting the untrustworthy, and sleepwalking through life.
    This meme is the lone bad guy. Sandy Hook, the training exercise expanded into fake mass murder is a good contemporary corollary of the lone bad guy, another example; Saddam Hussein. The list is long, but the meme always identifies a single overt actor as responsible for egregious violations. Adolf Hitler is perhaps at the pinnacle of this complex, as the necessary scapegoat for the criminal behavior of empire.
    It's telling, actually, that the true butcher of WW2, the great Killer Commie himself, Stalin, is portrayed in a positive light.
    Someday perhaps, humanity will progress beyond the current level of dumb faith in the people and institutions that never have enough power and control over their lives.
    Problem is, it takes work.

  24. I watch videos via the cable provider ComCast Xfinity on television, using the YouTube app. The videos of Dr. Farrell on the radio show hosted by Georgeann Hughes, called the Byte Show, can really get christianized. On one show he got upset with her and started pounding down some of his deep seated christianity.
    Dr. Farrell says: The 1947 Roswell crash craft was German, but NOT a field propulsion craft. The Germans did Not develop flying field propulsion craft in Germany, because there are No legitimate sources that reveal that, and only postwar neo-nazi groups in Austria and Germany state that, and that is Not considered evidence, and so therefore, not a conclusive fact.
    He states that the German military had formed relationships with radical Muslim groups going back to W.W.1, and that the NSDAP has been funding the activities of these radical groups all along, as the "Nazi International." I recall echos from 1984 hearing things like that from a local radio show called One Step Beyond, the main theme was about President Kennedy. Kennedy wanted to dissolve the corrupt banking system that handled NSDAP money.
    Dr. Farrell states that he is non-ecclesiastical, non-denominational, a hack, and just a hermit in S.Dakota.

    This is a video that will describe the creation and development of the
    flying field propulsion Haunabu and Vril craft in Germany. It states who the builders are and describes what the engine does and what makes it work. This is really an Excellent video.


  25. Couldn't have said it better myself Mike, I always figured paid obscurantism, we sprinkle in the truth with their lies and earn a hefty salary from the lairs. I've been doing this for eight years now, bucking these cowards and simpletons that run things around here, if you think the good guys won WW II then to borrow a phrase from Mr. Duff you are too stupid to live…

  26. I've always been a bit leery of Farrell, someones buttering his bread for him and they ain't buttering mine. Whys that? I'm the better writer and Orage the better researcher…

  27. Mr. Farrell is a good researcher and writer. He loves to play connect the dots, and to his credit, acknowledges when the wheels of speculation are allowed to turn.
    I find many of his conclusions provocative, interesting, and informative. Despite all this, I can't escape the realization that his research into National Socialism is heavily tainted with what I can only refer to as the modern bias.
    The modern mind is held in bondage by a specific set of cognitive prejudices that inevitability lead to the inane belief that the so called "good guys" won the war. This means that any survival of any form of National Socialism simply has to be linked to the "bad guys". This prejudice prevents any effective research into laying bare areas that have proven to benefit humanity. Furthermore, it carries with it an unearned get out of jail card for the war criminals on the winning side. For example, the "good guys" raped and pillaged their way through France. The U.S. army was referred to by the more ethical of it's own soldiers as the rape army. Nothing like liberating a country with endemic criminal behavior, right "good guys"?
    The other issue I have with the perspective of Mr. Farrell is that he exhibits a typical Christian world view which by definition is hostile to more ancient explanations of causality, manifestation, and existence.
    I got to catch one of his more recent rants against Gnosticism, wherein he made it abundantly clear that he had close to zero understanding of the Gnostic way. If you're going to rip at something, it might be a good idea to at least have a basic understanding of what you are attacking, at least if you don't wish to look like an idiot. But then as the Christians who attacked on these pages proved, they are proud to be idiots.
    In history, context is critical, and various prejudices might help one to sell books, but they run the risk of misrepresenting those events that might be pivotal.

  28. That's exactly what it means Zen, there are kids in Kindergarten who can draw reasonable likenesses of human beings but from the "Dark Ages" all we get is stick people. Was there to much led in their drinking cups?Fomenko is a mathematician, I'm there worst fucking nightmare I know my history just as well as any Harvard professor, that's why you guys and girls all started reading me years ago with my Behind the Bush series, remember? I was just pointing out inconsistencies then, but they sent me Fomenkos work probably around 2014 and I shelved it because just like everyone else I loved my Roman and Greek history. When I finally did read it was like a bolt of lightning, all the inconsistencies suddenly made sense, that's what brings us here and now to the Khazar-Nazi Anti-Christ…

  29. Hey Jack since period x to y is fake, does that explain the drop in quality of art from greek until renaissance? Like all those crappy paintings were faked and lacked quality? Or maybe the untalented artists from the backwaters got their bad artwork retro dated by historians?

  30. There have always been those who willingly serve to advance empire. I've known a few of them. Some think they are really smart, that they figured out how to have their bread buttered. That they have made it,
    Servants of empire never seem to notice the price they pay for helping the slavers in their war.
    One can almost watch them hollow out, replacing their own native faculties with the ersatz justifications with which they have poisoned their own oxygen.
    The servants of empire will do anything that damages their own souls, telling themselves all along that they are not the stupid trained baboons that they truly are…Yes, remove the photos, block access, slow down older devices, fly the planes that spray everyone.
    The servants of empire burn the forests to death in order to save them, lie when they don't have to, just to keep in practice. The corrosion they so willingly unleash corrodes themselves, though they are blind to it.
    Their reward is not the twisted guarantee from their latest fantasy, it is the reward of the Kenoma: Ken No More.
    Hellas Hall stands in the depths of the murk. The serpents drip venom upon the denizens who earned this place. Gray desolation spans the unlit plain. No sustenance, no hope pierces the eternal gloom. Yet Hela herself offers but a pause in the journey for those who have earned time in her company. For those who have earned try in vain horror to maintain even this half life, as the venom slowly dissolves the bonds of their souls, and slowly they leak, insensate and dumb into the vast unconscious pith of the Ken No More.
    Stay on the path, dear reader. The time of the servants of empire is not yours, if you never choose it.

  31. Wow Mike I'm blushing, thank you and what a great assessment of this zoo we call civilization, they already sabotaged part 1 of this piece by removing all the pictures on VT and here, but we don't get discouraged there are actually intelligent life forms out there such as yourself who need our services, good enough for me, long as the bills get paid, part 3 will be up in a few days…

  32. Whenever one reviews current events, there are inevitability two primary perspectives used to make sense of them. The first, and by far the most common, is the trusting perspective. The second, which is almost never addressed is the questioning perspective.
    The trusting perspective is common because it is easy. The assumption is that individuals, institutions, governments, businesses, academics, all deserve the benefit of the doubt, and are considered benign. This trusting perspective finds little reason to consider or examine much of anything. Conclusions provided are conclusions accepted. Of course another lone murderer killed President Kennedy. Yes, Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack on the good guys. GMOs are fine because the news says so. End of story.
    The second, considerably smaller group, is the one that does all the work. The questioners need to find answers. These are the investigators and the skeptics. This relatively tiny group keeps the devious minded in key places hard at work hiding all those ill gotten luxuries that they stole and pretend are legitimate.
    There is a third group, of course, and that is those who know. Those who know view current events more as an indicator, find clues and bits of truth in the tides of disinformation, and develop a great respect for those who do tell their truth.
    The amazing thing about whistleblowers and truth tellers is that they continue to present that for which they are singled out, despite hefty obstacles.
    Those who have followed these pages have been treated to an up close and personal view of this dynamic.

  33. Enemy, O Enemy, wherefore art Thou, Enemy?


    Wendelle Stevens received 5 years in prison on a trumped up charge and conviction of under age sex. Jim Nichols states this was a result of Mr. Stevens finally publishing some Plejaren contact material that was being held back because he thought its public exposure would be sedicious.


    To date, there has been 23 assasination attemps on Billy Meier.


  34. Breaking slightly with the direction of this conversation, it is time to address a serious error in the understanding of European history. There are some who are fond of claiming that Christianity is the native religion of the European races. They look to the surfaces for their clues, and mistake the conquest of empire for that which arises from Source.
    First of all, Christianity is the story of empire. There was no Christian church before it was codified by the Caesars, and it's adoption from the start was an admitted hybrid between the new state religion-Christianity, and existing native traditions.
    The dispassionate observer, unmoved by stupid emotional statements advanced to support heart warming fiction, realizes that for the Christian pathology to form a hybrid, something had to pre-exist, and more, that something had to be quite sufficient, elsewise Christianity would not have had to indulge in repeated mass murder campaigns to assure its control.
    If Christianity was indeed the native religion of Europe, would Europeans have turned away from it once the oppression and murder finally eased up?
    Human psychology is a fascinating study, but we must be clear that Stockholm Syndrome is indeed an aberration, and if given the proper autonomy, the psyche will distance itself from abuse.
    Overwhelming evidence exists that Europeans had fully functional spiritual and religious lives long before Christianity was invented from Judaism as a tool of empire.
    Thus, no, Christianity is not in any way shape or form a native religion of Europe. Not even close.
    True European religion is ethereal, glittering, transformative…This we most certainly know.

  35. Tengrism, we are told, is a hierarchical religion. What this means is that there is an ultimate being, and a series of beings with descending power who participate in the pantheon. It also suggests that an established order exists that explains the cosmos from the Tengrist point of view.
    If we contrast this with the perspective of the ancient Germanic tradition, we find a general lack of hierarchy. Unfortunately the Christian view, which is a pandemic by any measure, has so contaminated the genuine religious expression of the ancestors that one requires tubs of borax and vinegar to remove the disease.
    An example; Odin, we are told, is the all-father, the Nordic Zeus, Jehovah, top dog in the pack.
    It sounds reasonable, to a mind thoroughly innured, that this would be so, but the problem is that all-father is a transliteration of Valfathr, not a translation.
    Valfathr translates as father of those killed, as in killed in battle. There is no association with being the pinnacle God amidst gods.
    Historic sources are clear, the God of the people was Thor. It was Thor who was the sanctifier of the male-female union, he who battled the implacable forces of the world, as the protector and warrior of those who struggled against eternal forces for their sustenance.
    Lest we then demand that Thor sit on the Kings' throne, Frey led the Sviar to such an unprecedented time of beneficence and plenty that people still remember the kind winds, beautiful weather, peace and fecundity that his time brought.
    If we are getting to the conclusion that each God had their area of expertise, their sphere of power, and that each sphere would interact with the others with no requirement for domination, we are recognizing an essential truth.
    Remember, that all the great warriors available to Odin could not defeat the Wanes. Remember Goldmight, thrice burned yet each time she rose full in life.

  36. Yes, Stan, a familiar picture. The abrahamics, i.e.; Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the new kid on the block, Scientism, all trace their origin to the traitor Abraham, and all share the same world view. Scientisms' no exception, the idea of the mechanical universe where probabilities decide outcomes is the worn out Christian notion, dues ex machina, that God put everything in motion, and then took a holiday.
    The Turks are pretty much Islamic now. The old Abrahamic playbook of abuse, destruction of knowledge, and tyranny is effective in forcing people to accept the plague.
    Once the pathology takes root, it behaves just like any parasite / virus infection, only this one does try to turn its host into a gibbering moron, with great success.
    Yes, the old Turk letters do have an affinity to Runes, but this is congruent with a number of overlooked archaeological discoveries in eastern Europe, and western Russia, where full Runic alphabets have been unearthed, unsurprisingly, with the swastika, as featured prominently here in Jack and Orage's work.
    However, the Germanic Runes were never just a simple alphabet. Even the worst scholars are beginning to admit this fact.
    Actually, this fits into the lore, as the Heimskringla, and the Oera Linda most notably trace Aryan roots to the east.
    I tend to think of Tengrism as a sort of proto-religion, in that it carries a core of beliefs and observations that are widely shared by a variety of spiritual and religious traditions. I don't necessarily conclude that these different traditions stemmed directly from Tengrism, only that Tengrism has continued with a core that finds resonance in other faiths, such as the traditional way of the Finns.
    The Germanic lore can also be perceived as participating in much of that proto-religion, however such cannot fully encompas the breadth of religious and spiritual expression.

  37. Copy und Paste

    Tengrists oppose Islam, Christianity and Judaism as Semitic religions imposing a foreign religion to the Turks. And, according to some ones, by praying to the god of Islam the Turkic peoples would give their energy to the Jews and not to themselves (Aron Atabek [ru]).[56] It excludes the experiences of other nations, but offers Semitic history as if it were the history of all humanity. The principle of submission (both in Islam as well as in Christianity) is disregarded as one of the major failings. It allows rich people to abuse the ordinary people and makes human development stagnant. They advocate Turanism and abandonment of Islam as an Arab religion (Nihal Atsiz and others).[50] Prayer from the heart can only be in native language, not Arabic.[87] On the contrary, others assert that Tengri is indeed synonymous with Allah and that Turkic ancestors did not leave their former belief behind, but simply accepted Allah as new expression for Tengri.[88]

    Aron Atabek draws attention to how the Islamization of the Kazakhs and other Turkic peoples was carried out: runic letters were destroyed, physically persecuted shamans, national musical instruments were burned and playing on them was condemned, etc.[89]
    The Blue Sky God, aka?: The Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, Youth of Sixteen Summers, The One Initiator, as names and definitions by way of transmitted impulse messages from Djwhal Khul received by Alice Bailey.

  38. When we discuss the spiritual and religious life of the old Norse, we find a very deep and category-defying experience. Yes, we can certainly find shamanic elements, and a vibrant Polytheism that interacted vividly with what today is referred to as Animism, yet the structure of that experience was first and foremost an immediate one, that combined with a highly developed and keenly honed quality of observation.
    This spiritual life of many currents does not lend itself to any familiar categorization. Thus I hesitate to call the old Norse religion Tengrism.
    The Finns, neighbors and sometimes more, held to a more direct perspective, where events occurred due to mighty spiritual forces, ruled by even mightier inner conditions, all essentially under the wing of the primal great spirit in a descending hierarchy, I believe have a much closer association with Tengrism.
    We should keep in mind that shamanism is in itself not a religion, because shamanism is focused on key figures who exhibit certain abilities to communicate and interact with spiritual forces, not upon the greater spiritual order. Rather, shamanism informs the existing religious complex, which can be Tengrist, but which is essentially an Animism. The threefold universe of shamanism, and the axis mundi all are nearly ubiquitous to Animism, yet any form of shamanism relies upon the quality of the figure of the shaman. As Knut Rasmussen documented, prospective shamans were subject to a rigorous and often lengthy training period, whereby they unlocked and developed their skills. This type of study held much in common with Tantric Buddhist practice exhibited in pre-Chinese occupied Tibet. Thus, shamanism could best be described as a form of spirituality, using the definition of spirituality as that which creates change in the mind. Spirituality is largely individual, whilst religion is a group effort.
    Further, Tengrism is focused on a hierarchy, whilst the old Norse saw too many nuances and exceptions to claim any clear stratified arrangement. The ancestors painted a moving image of transformation, where forces were capable of restructuring and deepening themselves in myriad ways.
    Let's be clear, this is in no way a condemnation of Tengrism. A truly ancient religion, able to fend off islamification is worthy of respect, and it speaks to a great strength. My point is that the ways of the old Norse ancestors all too easily escape a Tengrist definition.
    Perhaps the most important difference between the way of Tengrism, and the way of the ancestors was the individuality within the spiritual and religious envelope. There was no word for this experience. There was no phrase that expressed it, rather it was an intrinsic aspect of life, one which was unavoidable, yet one which held no guarantee of success. However, success carried with it benefits in what we will call manifest experience, benefits that at first seem impossible to explain.

  39. 3 sisters, 3 ships, 3 queens of 3 hives? Standing on the LION OF JUDEA? F*cking parasites. Buckle up shits getting real we will win this final battle and vanquish these parasites once and for all… much love jack/orage! U guys are awesome.. keep em coming!

  40. Here is a video of the German UFO Vril base in Brazil. I believe the voice speaking on the video is Dr. Bruce Maccabee, the optical physicist. You see photo's of 1940's German Vril craft next to what look like real Pleajaren beamships. It is stated in the "Meier Case," that the Plejaren retired the craft Billy Meier took pictures of in 1975. Did the Plejaren give the Germans that 300 year old beamer?
    Listen to everything the narrator says, I think it is a Big Deal.


  41. Lest one think that fraudulent history is reserved for events in the distant past, let us examine the charade that is "a day of infamy…" Yes it certainly is, because the only people surprised by the attack on Pearl Harbor were the public, those who didn't need to know, and those slated for sacrifice.
    We have plenty of evidence to back up this claim, starting with the fact that U.S. intelligence broke the Japanese code fully a month before the attack, so all of Japan's deployment for the attack was an open book, as they say.
    Then we have the fact that the Japanese task force was spotted as it steamed past the Dutch East Indies, and yes, the ambassador was ordered to alert the U.S. government, which he dutifully did. To no one's surprise, there was no action on this information.
    Let's not forget that years previously, naval command decided the aircraft carrier was going to be the center of any future naval combat, supplanting the dreadnought. By an amazing coincidence, there were no carriers anywhere near Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941.
    Then of course we have the hotly denied naval intelligence plan to draw Japan into war, all 8 points of which the U.S. followed through on, with the cessation of steel sales being the most aggressive, as Japan did not have their own native steel industry.
    We could also point to those phone calls between Churchill and Roosevelt, where the president explained that he had to have the American people in a state ready for war, before he could launch into war.
    So many weird little things collect to build the picture of an American leadership eager for war…In 1939, fully 2 years before the attack, Roosevelt issued an executive order ceasing all mining other than for war materials.
    Again, Roosevelt special envoy John Bullet, yes he was Jewish, interfered with German-Polish peace negotiations over conflicts in the Danzig corridor, urging Poland to adopt an aggressive pro war stance, with a refusal to meet with German officials. Bullets job was to keep the British and the French on openly hostile terms with Germany, and steer Europe into war. Pretty strange behavior for a neutral country ostensibly standing for peace, yes?
    The record of urging for war whilst pretending for peace is one long associated with the American tradition of near permanent war mongering. Pearl harbor was hardly the first orchestrated event, designed to bring the country to war, and it wasn't the last.

  42. Speaking of fake history, one of my favorite chapters is the official certified history of the final march of Christianity through the ancient Germanic lands.
    According to official claims, it was Christianity that put an end to the Viking age, having finally civilized the north. Apparently, some magic is associated with the year 1,000 because we are told that this was the year the curtain fell.
    Of course, officialdom also gives us their reason for the onset of the Viking age, overpopulation in the northwards.
    All this sounds reasonable, until one discovers that Viking style raids occurred well into the 14th century-just a wee bit longer than the official end at the dawn of the 11th, but hey, what's 300 years among friends, right? But wait, it gets better. Runes, those horrible pagan glyphs were employed in rural Scandinavia well into the 17th century. The Christian church felt threatened enough by Runes, that it launched successive pogroms upon whatever Runestones it could appropriate and destroy. So much for convincing the barbarian to submit to Christian ways by the magic year of 1,000.
    Possibly the best part, however, is that the Viking age began due to the maniacal genocides launched by Christian rulers. It had nothing to do with overpopulation, and everything to do with striking back against a inhuman enemy at their doorstep.
    Lost to time, Christians themselves were convinced that the Northmen arrived due to their own lousy behavior.
    Official stories of all stripes are just that, stories.

  43. I believe that the spirit is tied to Jack's and Orage's wave function and from the creator of this creation.

    All of course above my pay grade….

  44. Don’t worry about them Stan, as you must know already they are just distorted echoes from the past, as inconsequential as their pope or is it poop, same thing…

  45. The evidence is incontrovertible, the Abrahamic ideologies are pathological infections. The route of the pathology is to form a hybrid with the existing cognitive structures and impair them. Abrahamics despise innocence, despise purity, and work endlessly to corrupt, injure and destroy innocence. In doing this they destroy their last vestiges of humanity, becoming an evil destructive force to themselves and all they touch.
    Before Islam, the Arabs, who genetically are the true Semites, were clearly matriarchal in religion and social order. Mecca is known for its shrine, an ancient feminine artifact since rebranded.
    Yes, Judaism had its time of proselytizing, and it is from this time that Ethiopian Judaism owes it's origin, and East Europeans began to believe that they were Semites.
    The truth hurts, whence it has been rejected in favor of the lies of the hybrid.
    The gospel of Thomas is, unlike the Christian hybrid, exactly what it says it is, in as straightforward a tone as is possible. No polemic, no condemnation, no assertions of false moral authority. It is simply a key, and is clearly from a mystical tradition that is far more ancient and brilliant than any modern scholarship will allow you to know.
    Globalisation is the perfection of the Abrahamic hybridization, with all the chaos, destruction, and insanity inherent in the pathology that is the Abrahamic world.
    Truth will out.

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