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Early on I learned to fear the night. The voices they heard when I was alone in my room in the dark were ignored. I told them about the hooded apparitions at the foot of my bed, the scratching inside my pillow and the incessant nightmares. My dog wouldn’t even go in that room. When I woke up on the floor with a broken collar bone I was taken to the doctor, put in a cast and sent to school.

Seduced by hedonism and lost in the labyrinth of materialism I would later forget. I became a landscape designer by day and a bouncer in the toughest bars in the New York City area by night. I met her there, the one the Jews call Lilith and the Pagans Freyja. As noted by no less a scientist than C. G. Jung in his prologue for Miguel Serrano’s book The Visits of the Queen of Sheba she’s very real: “clearly discernible, but the least similar to the spontaneous products of the Unconscious with which I am familiar…”

She is the muse of the sirens and the seduction of the flesh, the whore and the holy one of The Thunder, Perfect Mind. Cursed to wander through time in the brothels of man she carries with her the keys to the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell. As Jung said you cannot marry her and by her own admission she is cruel. She told me herself they call her a demon and curiosity kills if you can’t read the signs. Its twilight now, “shadows of the evening crawl across the years.”  Darkness falls…


  1. Hello sir. I have your book and cannot wait to absorb the knowledge within. Thanks for sharing your gift of wisdom with those of us who can handle it.

  2. Enter the ancient, out of fashion explanation for illness, not every specific illness, but ILLNESS. Because the allopathic system is very good at setting broken bones, but very bad at modifying the behavior that results with them.
    Health, therefore is not an absence, it is a presence. Just because you aren't currently dry heaving over the porcelain God doesn't mean you are well. True health is the complete energetic, the full Monty, the presence of soul.
    Yep, the fact that you aren't guaranteed a soul means there are more than a few who don't have one. You know who they are, they are the mechanical marvels that run conglomerations, and staff them, following the rules because, well because they're the rules.
    A very strong sign that you might not have a soul is when you worship all externalities that take your attention away from the wasteland you find within. But, I'm being nice here, because soulless-ness really manifests itself in an insatiable hunger to devour innocence, in an empty, stultifying predatory lust. The soul cannot be devoured and retained by attempting to digest it with moral turpitude, one would think this much would be clear, but alas, like so much music of the spheres, it falls on deaf ears ears.
    Thus our current condition of soulless-ness harmonizes quite well with our current initiatory illness and rite of passage.

  3. One might believe, that soul is inherent in all living things. It's a sort of spiritual Marxism, where unworkable utopian fantasies are applied to all things.
    But wait, modern thinking, if we can call it that, is that people definitely have souls, animals might have souls, but pretty much everything else is dead, inert, and might as well be paved over by non English speaking workers in yellow vests.
    Maybe more like a spiritual manifest destiny on too many GMOs.
    So, one could ask, what is the proof one has a soul? Is it really possible for the press of mankind to claim to soul?
    Well then, we must consider, that assuming life has purpose and destiny, life must be allowed quite a bit of leeway to explore possibility. It also must follow that the full gamut of life, from the most highest soul infused, to the lowest brutal expression utterly devoid of soul, must be allowed to manifest.
    The sages of old were fond of saying that matter longs for soul. Part of the reason for their extermination, because it shoots a big hole in the theory of spiritual Marxism, as well as spiritual manifest destiny.
    Uncool, bro…Uncool.
    However, the condition doesn't state that you can't attain soul. It just says that you aren't guaranteed it.

  4. Perhaps my favorite thing about the corporate controlled internet, is the autocorrect feature, which cannot be disabled. Autocorrect will indiscriminately add words, for instance in my above commendation for globalism, my use of the word 'we' was doubled up, apparently for effect. In other cases words are omitted. The same sentence was written as…We will get to see…but to the towering geniuses who decide what appears online, We we will get see is what appears. Evidently, we are dealing with programmers who never outgrew the language of infancy, and now demand that all of us participate in their crippling neotany.

  5. Our new puppy patting Prez is perfect for the dead, beached whale that is the USA.
    I have always known that when She sets her mind to something, there is no possibility other than to live through it. Equally, however, I realize that she offers myriad possibility in how to live through it.
    Unsurprisingly, America chooses to go through it led by their nose rings by those who despise them.
    Your great leaders are planning a return to the kind of adventurism that characterized republicrat regimes of the past, where the circle of power is a great degenerate criminal escapade. A veritable federal version of George in the jungle, where the intelligent simians struggle in vain to save the homosapiens from their own stupidity.
    We we will get see the witch hunts in better detail soon, as the largely illusory evil trumpsters are going to be hauled out again and again as the scapegoat for the complete faceplant we will see at its first true test…
    Because attempting to reclaim the halcyon days of corporate overfeeding, with stupid crooks advised by monkeys just cannot end well.
    When someone gets their posterior kicked, they run back to the tried and true, which in this case is neither, but hey, perception makes reality, right???
    In a world where some have souls, the strength of Her will is largely unseen. It is easily observable, to those with some faculty, but don't go looking for those with such faculty in halls of power today.

  6. Today the sun shines, glinting across the last stretches of snow. Infernal combustion engines vibrate and rumble, moving giant metal boxes indiscriminately across the land.
    Only a few clouds in sky, a society too exhausted even to spray their omnipresent chemtrails, looking mainly at each other, twitching, terrified.
    Few here realise the fate of what once was their country. Some are secretly gleeful that it's gone, but that's because they can't see where they're going, and wouldn't want to, if they could.
    We could have a funeral, a eulogy, a moment of silence. Nah, let's just celebrate having no where to go.
    Buddy Guy please, Mustang Sally…

    "All you wanna do
    Is drive around Sally…"

    So true.

  7. There is a rather strange idea circulating in society, that through manipulating perception, one creates reality. Thus, the leading fixtures in society today spend an inordinate amount of energy to convince you that the perception they want you to adopt is the only right and good one.
    However much these efforts damage the perceptive function is the measure of their success.
    Whilst these types of attacks are fundamentally evil, they have zero effect on reality. If one has enough red paint, one can paint an elephant red. The only thing that's changed is the application of paint. Intentionally distorting the perception is just painting elephants.

  8. Those in the know used to offer all kinds of definitions of black magic. After all, it is a sensational term. Even the Carl Sagans of the world are motivated enough by it, to attempt a rather tepid refutation of it.
    However, the black magic of today is woven through your media, your politics, and your abrahamic psychology that from the very first was weaponized against you. Don't believe this? Where did consumerism come from, dear reader?
    One less gracious just might claim that debasing our most holy of rituals, Yule, into a paradise of grunting retail excess, is hardly natural, and could only be accomplished by those so thoroughly innured into destruction and devastation as to worship those corrosive principles they so eagerly unleash.
    Of course this all runs contrary to the correct flow of energy.
    The purpose of black magic is easily observed in the wreckage of what was once a brave attempt to develop a society dedicated to human potential and achievement.
    It is a weapon aimed at you, to turn your attention to lower impulses. Thus fixated, the attention looses all interest in truth, honesty, and becomes corrupt, untrustworthy, and lost.
    Black magic interferes with perception, twisting it into a mirror in a hallway of mirrors, dominating perception with vicious policies of hate and division and blame.
    Black magic doesn't create reality, it inserts itself into the perceptive field in order to distort the apprehension of one's condition, in order to destroy the ability of that perception to function healthfully.
    Black magic is alive and well in the world today. It is hastily devouring innocence, and gnawing away at the few foundations left that support this world.
    It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

  9. Ultimately, it doesn't matter how we think about our current condition. It is of no significance whatsoever if we see the huge pandemic as fact or fiction. It matters not if we prefer to educate ourselves about it, or if we abandon ourselves to the TV. It matters not, because it is the condition, not it's characteristics, that define the initiatory illness of humanity.
    The condition of imprisonment is the circumstance, regardless of our perceptions surrounding it. The condition is particularly intolerable to those keyed in to an apparent objective reality, where interaction with apparently objective forms and rules apparently fashion a semi-understandable existence revealed by information.
    Since this is western society, in a nutshell, the condition forces upon it a change.
    While it is obvious that the Covid condition is useful for a wide cross section of criminal interests, it would be a great mistake to place the agency of this moment into their hands.
    Things are going to change, and hugely for life upon this sphere. The changes are going to be so sweeping that they will bring this world into an unrecognizable state.
    The guiding lights are gone, and leaving, meaning humanity will sink or swim on its own. Right now, it doesn't look good for you. Take this initiatory illness to heart, and learn to work in line with these great forces. Your survival literally depends upon it.

  10. There are many who seek to make sense of the current display of human insanity, but of them, a miniscule number are aware of the right of passage affective across this entire sphere. This condition is about a shedding, as well as an establishment of new potential, new skill.
    No one can place Covid into this context, and so even those with a spiritual bent are still searching for the rudder.
    What Covid really is, falls into description from the ancient Shamanic tradition, a worldwide phenomenon centered around, as Mircea Eliade wrote…technicians of the sacred.
    Shamans were made through having to face crushing personal disaster. If the would be shaman succeeded in integrating these powerful forces, they would go on to serve the community.
    The nature of this crisis often manifested as illness. Such illness was so common it came to be referred to as the initiatory illness.
    The reason for Covid on this global scale, is because this rite of passage is on a global scale. All initiatory illness has the potential to kill those infected. It must be so for the condition to be serious enough to marshal the deep transformation, and ride it through to health.
    In order for humanity to discover it's deeper potential, it must overcome the madness, rage, angst and ennui of this Covid condition.
    Covid is the initiatory illness for humanity.
    Taken as a force of consciousness, consciousness itself must rally.
    This one is for all the marbles.

  11. My ancient 'puter won't play the reel, Stan, but that hardly matters. Hopefully, at least some will realize that the tales of money merely being energy, that they were force fed by some of the most repugnant examples of humanity, at the very least require a reexamination.
    Until then, the question is…
    Does a dead banker bounce?
    Yes, some will say, if you stuff them with enough money.
    Laughter makes for a good day.

  12. If your Michelle called him a pervert I like her already!

    That guy is just creepy kinda like the movie Dark City I watched last night and the creeps that ran that place.

    Even a woman that works as a stripper has every right to do or be with what she pleases. The Lopaz film Hustlers really demonstrates what pigs the wall street types are and as a true story I am glad these women robbed them blind.

    Nichols? From the same ilk. LOL

  13. Perhaps it is worthwhile to examine a suppressed aspect of history, to illustrate the inherent worthlessness of currency outside of the context it operates in.
    The Bronze age in Europe required far more copper than was available, bronze being an alloy and all. In order to obtain this copper, Europeans staged numerous trans Atlantic voyages, one in particular documented in a rock art panel in present day Nova Scotia.
    Despite the current antihistoric obsession amongst self described historians…apparently what makes historians today is the political game rather than accurate research, overwhelming evidence exists to support the truth of these voyages and this trade. It is quite clear that the means of exchange were settled upon according to the needs of both the Americans and the Europeans, and that copper was mined by the local inhabitants.
    No currency has ever been recovered with the artifacts of this exchange, nor was one ever mentioned in any records. Yet the Bronze age flourished.
    Quite clearly, archaic man could build equitable trade, transform material culture, and document this activity without the burden of abrahamic coin. Now that western civilization is on the skids, it might be time to recognize this once again.

  14. Modern history course for neophytes / Refresher course for Earth Graduates.
    PLANET ROTHSCHILD: The Forbidden History
    of the New World Order (1763-2015)
    VOLUME 2 of 2 / (WORLD WAR II – 2015)
    WORLD WAR II (Part 1) P. 9
    WORLD WAR II (Part 2) P. 65
    1945 – 1960 P. 117
    1961 – 1980 P. 169
    1981 – 2000 P. 213
    2001 – 2015 P. 245
    FOOTNOTES P. 309

  15. The horribly misnamed "Austrian School" of economics, oft quoted by well heeled proponents of money talks, bullshit walks deep thinking, has told all of us plebians that money is wonderful because it is mobile and beyond the reach of dead bankers and their whores.
    Wow, just wow.
    So, currency has been a means for standardization of trade since it was first invented by Mesopotamian civilization. It was standardized because it was taxed, and taxation was the primary format used to assign relative value to that trade. Exactly how currency specific to a particular locale/politico-social structure is mobile is anyone's guess. Apparently, it has something to do with debts defined as assets.
    As for the assertion that money prevents the immediate participation of those who issue it has definitely not been paying attention to current events over the last 400 years.
    Slavery Days.
    Laughing below the chemtrails,

  16. The political whores fulfill the critical role of separating the energy of people from the return of their work. This is necessary for dead bankers to create fictitious currency. Together, the whores and corpses engender a system of the utmost value to parasites on the living. Like the hideous mockery of humanity, Soros, these parasites thieve away the life energy of vibrant activity to keep their rotting corpses animated.
    Money is nothing more than the means to separate you from your activity, so that some reprehensible undeserving "leader", "philanthropist", dead banker ass clown can be, as the Rastas say…"Vampire".

  17. Speaking of money and dead bankers, it was the crusade to free the Iberian peninsula which indirectly provided us with this mockery of an independent monetary system today.
    Aaron Lopez, cryptojew and father of African slavery in this country, was but one of the gifts to the world the crusade bestowed. The other cemented the alliance between Venice and the core of what was to become the international banking clan. The clan, roughly presented by about 48 families, is the direct beneficiary of deception so intrinsically abrahamic, that it lays bare any notion of currency, money having a destiny of it's own. That is the assertion that debts are assets. From here, currency was created by creating as much debt as possible. We see what they had in mind today, where dead bankers have shackled the world with many times more debt than the economic activity, and it's reported value, of this entire world. This is, of course, nothing but a bald faced control strategy launched by dead bankers and their equally dead political shores.
    Scientism never answered the question, how does one get life from dead matter. The answer is, you don't.

  18. Personally, I'm ready for the inauguration of the straw man. It will be amazing to watch. I can't off hand recall any time in history where the crowning of a new leader heralds the end of the system he is supposed to lead.
    It's actually funny, all the piranha that line up behind their wicker man, red eyes eager, to bite into the corpse of America.
    Our straw man has many hiding places. Do you think they will save him from the pitchforks and torches?
    I have to laugh.
    Wicker man's time is short.

  19. David Paulides is a former police officer who is now an investigator and writer known primarily for his self-published books, one dedicated to proving the reality of Bigfoot, and his Missing 411 series of books, in which he documents the disappearance of people in national parks and elsewhere. Wikipedia
    Nationality: American
    Education: University of San Francisco
    Profession: Detective, Writer
    Movies: Missing 411

  20. Grosvenor inherited the money after his father died, alongside his title and estate in Belgravia and Mayfair. Despite his wealth, he reportedly did not have to pay billions in inheritance taxes, as much of his fortune was passed down through family trusts.Apr 16, 2020

  21. I'm not going to presume to comment on what I know nothing about but I do know how it worked out. It's in the book: "Napoleon once said that if it weren’t for religion the poor would kill the rich. The poor need a new religion." We got Jeff Bezios, Bill Gates and Sheldon Adelson, speaking of Shelly I mentioned him twice in the interview and dropped dead on very same day. No wonder Paulides got so hysterical when I wrote about him. I shall have to do more interviews, no?

  22. Baron Benjamin de Rothschild, president of the board of Edmond de Rothschild Holding SA, died on Friday, January 15, from a heart attack.

    In a statement to AFP on Saturday morning, his wife said: “Ariane de Rothschild and her daughters are deeply saddened to announce the death of their husband and father, Benjamin de Rothschild following a heart attack at the family home in Pregny (Switzerland) on the afternoon of January 15, 2021.”

    The Franco-Swiss group headquartered in Geneva specializes in private banking and asset management and has no connection with the Franco-British investment bank Rothschild and Co.

    I wonder if the Black Ipsissimus Tim Tony Stark Rifat will claim an involvement, he has been vowing pay back vengeance for a long time.

  23. No, the problem with the abrahamics is not their denial, it is their assertions.
    A world view is built from the visible, a power structure requires it's visible element.
    The reality is not built from perception. Perception is it's tool, but such is only one half of the answer, the key word is consciousness.
    This society, and the people in it have their opportunity right now to shed the conditions of the past, take
    Her hand, and step into the wilderness. The trap of money, and an artificial reliance on the senses will only make this step impossible to take.

  24. So, you believe I am in error regarding the statements I have made concerning money, and in truth this is no surprise.
    Wasn't it Tom Waits who sang, if we can call it that, about the God money? Where is your creative spark in regards to his precise perception?
    If your perception is what creates reality, then reconcile his.
    There is no ultimate principle to money. Those who have it quickly become accustomed to the power and attention money commands. They like this so much that they convince themselves that money has an authority beyond the desire to render it as something wonderful.
    Those who worship this God are hardly aware of the extent that their lives are controlled by it.
    The trend in western society for decades now has been comodification. Supposing that money is the result of a creative spark, then such should be reflected in the growing body of items, actions, and conditions subject to the status of money.
    Do we see a society of vibrant creativity?
    Don't make me laugh.

  25. MK,

    The science says that perception is what creates this world and keeps it running. We are the creators as you misunderstood my comments regarding money and its creation. Money or lack of comes from a creative spark. Money is a score card of sorts that has gotten way off kilter as the worst now have the most.

    The grand problem with the Abrahamic religion is there denial of who actually runs this universe as that principal is feminine in nature as you are saying that is being reasserted. That in itself is a demonstration of the wave function explained to us by scientists such as Von Newman and others. Even that disgusting pig of a man Nichols has his place.

  26. The modern abrahamic world perceives itself as the creator, the inventor, the the determiner and the evaluator. This is a great deal of hubris, for a group that can't come to terms with it's own appetite for destroying innocence.
    The rush to devour innocence sits in judgment of what is allowed to have significance, what is allowed to matter. This leads to unhealthy obsessions, with what a more aware intelligence would call the unnatural.
    That this society is thusly fixated is obvious.
    The Dark Lady returns at a time where this fixation has pushed all of life out of balance, and this most certainly concerns the spiritual life.
    We shall use an abrahamic name for Her, since the abrahamic construct is so present here, but She could also be referred to with other, pre-abrahamic names, such as Victory, Secret, and Warswan.
    She returns the killer instinct to the feminine principle. Her martial aspect, united with her deep, mysterious nature evokes a protection and a willingness to kill those who threaten Her and Hers.
    We shall remember her as Lillith, Queen of the wild places, untamable, fierce, and she is moving now through hearts of men and women alike.

  27. The book is number 1 in kaballah section for amazon australia. maybe you could do a twin peaks tarot deck, and a book explaining how the tarot works. like one card could be that weird light bulb tree, another card that lady who takes off her face etc.

  28. Anyone who might "think" that the monolithic corporate complex is here for your benefit really needs to catch up to the current condition. There are less than 150 corporations that completely control the world economy, not through competition, but through symbiosis.
    The efforts of this corporate structure interfere with and define your relationship to information, communication, goods, services, travel, transportation, medicine, nutrition, entertainment, and education.
    On the last thread an arrogant and dismissive voice advanced the tired slogan "money talks, bullying walks". This is the world the shallow adherents of this mentality have brought to you.
    The old system is dead. People are crazy. They cannot do the correct thing, because they are the success stories of the system that profits from thieving your self mastery.

  29. The combined wealth of U.S. billionaires has surpassed $1 trillion in gains since March 2020 and the beginning of the pandemic, according to a study by the Institute for Policy Studies. ~ Institute for Policy Studies, December 9, 2020

  30. Enjoyed the interview Jack! Thank you as always. Off topic but California continues to burn….a wildfire broke out near me at 1:16 am in the morning in an area that had snow 2 weeks ago. Not one person asks how it started. I'm so tired of this.

    As far as the powers that be, media, the vaccine, all of the above–if kharma isn't a thing then I don't know what the repercussions are for bringing such horrific experiences to humanity. Surely there are some repercussions beyond death. Turning this world into automatons (which I think are still able to have emotions) minus the soul is one of the most wretched things I've experienced. MK I need to heed your words more than I do–I have so much chatter of the daily dose of horseshit that we are dealt with daily. Time to shut off all my devices and get quiet.

  31. Kali is gaining a certain degree of popularity in the modern mind, as the forces of destruction wax to the point that very few can ignore them. The modern mind is captivated by images of the power of nature.
    This could all be written off as passe', except for the fact that the human mind is characterized by the need to understand this world via narratives.
    The return of the Goddess should be reckoned with Fatima, where she arose amidst those who understand her the least, and it is from this moment that Her wheel began to turn again in the psyche of her expression.
    Thus the current fascination with Kali is anything but a pop culture fad, it is a genuine wave in the waters of consciousness.
    Much ink has been spilled over the decades concerning the divine feminine, and this is usually placed at the doorstep of the abrahamics. Yet the abrahamics are done. Their power and significance belong now to the quickly fading light of the completed cycle.
    It is time to leave the anger and rage, and step through the growing darkness. This is the rebirth of the Dark Lady, the one whose home is in the most recondite of wild lands. It is the return of the double aspect to the single one. Those called by her will find their consciousness illumnes her mysterious form.

  32. I was able to catch the majority of the interview, but not all of it. From what I gathered, it was focused on providing background information for the book, but the topics seemed to come and go quite rapidly, from the Bormann Faction to the business end of strip clubs. The air of the interview was practical, more of a survey than a delving into a specific area of study.
    All in all, something worth listening to for anyone who would wish to have a wider context within which to place the book, and the body of work that is the journalism of Jack Heart.

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