It was the Hervarar saga that fueled the mind of J. R. R. Tolkien, author of the Lord of the Rings and father of modern “fantasy,” so much so that his son Christopher became an academic and made one of the more respected translations, which he titled The Saga of King Heidrek the Wise. There are two manuscripts for the Hervarar saga; the oldest is dated to the early fourteenth century and goes up to the second riddle, the other is dated at the fifteenth and cuts off at the end of chapter twelve and the war with the Huns. After that, the saga has been pieced together from inferior seventeenth century paper manuscripts. The sixteenth chapter contains a list of Swedish Kings that is used by historians, but even academics agree it’s an addendum after the fact. That it’s been tended to that way perhaps attests to its historical accuracy. The saga switches from Swede to Goth seamlessly and makes no distinction, perplexing academics who are attempting to date it back to a fourth century that never existed. In actuality, it is an authentic account of the birth of what would come to be known as the Holy Roman Empire, far more authentic than the made for TV version given in the Annals of Quedlinburg.

Arngrim the Berserk is a descendant of the benevolent god king of the Jötunn; Guðmund of Glæsisvellir and assorted other supernatural beings. He carried off Eyfura, the daughter of the King Svafrlami after killing him. Svafrlami was the grandson of Odin. It was he who first acquired the cursed sword Tyrfing from the dwarfs which Arngrim also took when he slew him. Arngrim and Eyfura had twelve sons; all Berserkers and legendary warriors and all slain in a battle with other legendary warriors on the malevolently enchanted island of Samsø, where they were buried together in a mound along with Tyrfing. One of them; Angantyr the strongest of the brothers and the one who had wielded Tyrfing begat a daughter  with the daughter of the Earl Bjartmar before embarking on the fatal voyage to Samsø with his brothers. “Everyone advised exposing the child, saying that if she resembled her father’s kinsmen she would not have a womanly disposition. The Earl, however, had her sprinkled with water; and he brought her up, and called her Hervör, saying that the line of Arngrim’s sons would not be extinguished if she were left alive.”(1)

Hervör grows into a woman of extraordinary beauty, but she is more Valkyrie than she is human, stronger than most men and causing exceeding mischief in the Earl’s fiefdom, even taking to the woods for a while and murdering passerby’s to support herself until the Earl had her retrieved. When she finds out who her real father is, she joins up with a band of Vikings and makes her way to the haunted island of Samsø, where she fearlessly disembarks and confronts the ghost of her dead father, convincing him that he must turn Tyrfing over to her. From there, cursed sword at her side, she makes her way to Guðmund of Glæsisvellir, taking on the male persona of Hervarth and impressing Guðmund with her skills at Hnefatafl, a strategic board game played by the Vikings, from which in all likelihood chess evolved. But soon enough, she beheads one of his men with Tyrfing and flees back to the Earl’s fiefdom where she settles down and starts acting like a woman instead of a Berserker. Höfund, the son of Guthmund and perhaps even wiser than his father, “heard of this and went and asked for the hand of Hervör, and was accepted; and he took her home.” (2)

Guðmund of Glæsisvellir is a recurring character in the Forndaldarsögur; Norse sagas supposedly composed before the colonization of Iceland whose original manuscripts can mostly be dated to the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Scholars, in a blatant attempt to undermine their historic credibility through nomenclature, call the Forndaldarsögur “Legendary Sagas” and snivel that they are not realistic, preferring the Icelandic sagas which conform more to their notions of rationalism forged by a thousand years of confinement in a three dimensional existence. But the literal translation of Forndaldarsögur is “the story or history of the ancient era…”

“King Guðmund appears in several of the fornaldarsögur. In the legend of Helgi Thorisson, he is pitted against the Christian King Olaf Tryggvason as a representative of the new and true doctrine. King Guðmund of the Glittering Plains represents the older heathen doctrine.” According to Saxo Grammaticus “King Guðmund is the giant Geirrod’s (Geruthus’) brother. His kingdom borders on Jotunheim and on the kingdom of death. The saga of Thorsteinn Bæjarmagn places Guðmund and the Glittering Plains in a tributary relation to Jotunheim and to Geirrod, the giant, well known in the mythology. The author of Hervör’s saga identifies Odainsakur, the acre of the not-dead, as a heathen belief, and gives reasons why it was believed that Odainsakur was situated within the limits of Gudmund’s kingdom, the Glittering Plains. This is because Gudmund and his men grew so old that they lived several generations. Gudmund alone lived five hundred years. Therefore the heathens believed that Odainsakur was situated in his domain.” (3)

Most of the Forndaldarsögur agree that the jump off point for a journey to the Glittering Plains and Odainsakur is the extreme North, but it must be kept in mind that in medieval geographic descriptions of Northern Europe like The Accounts of Othere and Wulfstan, north is east and east is north. “Hervör’s saga says that the Glittering Plains and Odainsakur are situated north of Halogaland, in Jotunheim. ”In contrast to the Christian proselytism of the Saxo Grammaticus portrayal of him as the malevolent inn keeper for the Hotel California, “where you can check out any time you’d like but you can never leave,” King Guðmund is depicted in the Forndaldarsögur as “pious in a heathen sense. With these qualities are united wisdom and great wealth.  He rules a domain which winter cannot penetrate. Within that domain is an enclosed place, whose bulwark neither sickness, nor age, nor death can surmount. It is left to his pleasure to give admittance to the mysterious meadows where the mead-cisterns of the lower world are found. There is an obvious correspondence of King Guðmund and his realm to Mimir the keeper of the wisdom well which Odin gives his eye to drink from. Stanza forty five of the Vafþrúðnismá predicts that Man shall rise again in the aftermath of Ragnarök from Hodd-Mimir’s grove:

“Lif and Leifthrasir

are concealed

in Hodd-Mimir’s grove.

Morning dews

they will have for nourishment,

From them are born (new) races.”(4)

Höfund and Hervör have two sons, one; Angantyr takes after his father whom is loved by all and the progenitor of judges in legal matters, the other, Heithrek takes after his mother and is full of murderous mischief.  He may be illegitimate because the saga makes reference to him having a step father; “His foster-father was called Gizur.” Heithrek kills Angantyr with the cursed sword Tyrfing, which earlier had been given to him by Hervör and is banished by Höfund, who at Hervör’s insistence gives him advice on how to handle matters that will come up in his future. Hervör goes back to Heithrek and repeats Höfund’s advice to him. Heithrek, having no use for his father, replies: “This advice must have been given me in a spiteful spirit. It will not be of any use to me.””(5)

Heithrek resolves to always do the opposite of Höfund’s advice and makes his way to the kingdom of King Harold whom he ingratiates himself to by using Tyrfing to slay Harold’s enemies. “King Harold had a son in his old age. Heithrek also had a son, who was called Angantyr. Presently a great famine began in Reithgotaland (which is now called Jutland) and it threatened to destroy all the inhabitants. So they tried divination, and the answer was that there would be no plenty in Reithgotaland until the noblest boy in the land had been sacrificed. Heithrek said that that was King Harold’s son, but the King declared that Heithrek’s son was the noblest; and there was no escape from this dilemma save by referring it to Höfund, whose decisions were always just.” Höfund advises that it is indeed Heithrek’s son who is the most noble and as compensation for his son Harold must give Heithrek half his army which Heithrek accepts but then treacherously uses it to renege on the deal and instead slay both Harold and his son. “Heithrek was now accepted as King throughout the realm.” (6)

King Harold, like Matilda, Henry (Heithrek), Otto and Bruno is a recurring theme in the history of Northern Europe. Mentioned throughout the sagas as King Harold the Blue Tooth he is credited by academia with converting Scandinavia to Christianity and erecting the Jelling monument. In the Icelandic sagas as Harold the Fairhair, he is the first king of Norway and the son of Halfdan, who in the Hervarar saga is his son, either way, Heithrek has them both killed… The Jelling monument is enigmatic not only in the difficulty scholars have with deciphering its runic inscriptions but in the fact the one side appears to depict a rampant version of the Mushhushshu-dragon, symbol of the god Marduk, as it appears on the Ishtar Gate of Babylon, another side of the Jelling monument shows a crucifixion in space notable for its absence of crosses…

Jelling monument

As the new King of the Goths “King Heithrek went out raiding and marched against the land of the Saxons with a great host. The King of the Saxons sent men to meet him and they made peace with one another, and the King invited Heithrek to a banquet. Heithrek accepted the invitation. The result of this banquet was that Heithrek sought the hand of the King’s daughter and married her, receiving much property and land as her dowry; and with that King Heithrek went home to his kingdom.”Although it’s stated in the manuscript that Angantyr is her stepson the wording is more than likely custodial subterfuge among the royal bloodlines. No maternity line is given for Angantyr and the Saxon princess clearly has custody of him because Heithrek has to steal him back from her and the Saxons when he catches her cheating on him with a bondsman during one of her all too many visits to her native Saxon kingdom. Heithrek also has another son with a pedigree, this one with the princess of the Huns. “One summer as Heithrek was away raiding, he went into the land of the Huns and harried there, and Humli his father-in-law fled before him. Heithrek there captured great booty and also Sifka, the daughter of King Humli, and then returned home to his kingdom. Their son was called Hlöth, as we said before. He sent her home shortly after.”(7)

Always meticulously doing exactly the opposite of his father’s advice and prospering wildly from it, Heithrek, who Höfund told in his original advice to Hervör not to take on the upbringing of the son of a king greater than himself, does just that by requesting and taking on the upbringing of the son of the powerful King Hrollaug. Then by faking the prince’s murder at the blade of Tyrfing, he tricks the enraged king into fighting a battle he has prepared for and of course emerges once again victoriously, ambushing and slaughtering all two hundred and forty of the men King Hrollaug sent to hang him and ending up with the kings still very much alive son as a bargaining chip. Messengers were sent accordingly to King Heithrek to bring about reconciliation. A council was held and a reconciliation effected by Heithrek’s marrying Hergerth, the daughter of King Hrollaug; and she brought him as her dowry Wendland, the province which lies nearest to Reithgotaland. Now king of the Goths and the Wends with a son with a claim to the Saxon throne and a son with a claim to throne of the Huns: “King Heithrek settled down in his own kingdom and became a great sage…”(8)

Chapter 10 opens with the smoking gun and the fingerprints of the Quedlinburg Annals all over it. Without ever explaining except maybe in riddles who they are it begins: “They had a daughter called Hervör who was brought up by a man called Ormar. She was a most beautiful girl, but as tall and strong as a man, and trained herself in the use of bow and arrows.”(9)

The narrative then just continues on about how a riddle contest, which will be his death, develops between King Heithrek and Odin. Hervör, who is a most beautiful girl, but as tall and strong as a man, and trained herself in the use of bow and arrows, is already King Heithrek’s mother. This enigmatic passage marks the third incarnation of Matilda; suae metropolitanae sibi haereditariae, anointed when she was eleven years old, the Abbess of Quedlinburg and as the daughter of Otto the Great, undisputed ruler of the empire during its most formative of years in the late tenth century. In her second incarnation she had been Saint Matilda wife of Henry the Fowler and mother of Otto the Great, Henry the Wrangler and Saint Bruno, Archbishop of Cologne.  All also have repetitive rolls in the academic narrative. Matilda’s first incarnation is as Saint Matilda’s grandmother and namesake Mistress of the Herford Abbey and Saint Matilda’s custodian. Academia needs to manufacture clones in order to account for how the most influential figures in medieval history remained in power for over a century and seemed to be in two places at once.

The fornaldarsögur, since they are not bound by evil spells, and are composed from eye witness accounts have no problem telling it just like it was; King Guðmund lived to be five hundred years old, King Heithrek had praetor human powers of perception and wielded a sword that was not of this world, and Hervör King Heithrek’s mother who gave him that sword was a supernatural being who, just like Julietta Montefeltro the high priestess of the Ordo Bucintoro in fifteenth century Venice, was twice born.

The Norse language, particularly if it is written in the runic alphabet, has yet to be fully understood. But I have little doubt that because the Sepher Yetzirah and the Yggdrasil have been drawn from the same well the same codes and ciphers used in Qabalah like Gematria (GMTRIA), Notarikon (NVTRIQVN) and Temurah (ThMVRH) can be used to crack the multiple meanings in the texts of the sagas. In the same vein the texts of the saga narratives themselves are full of easily discernible double entendres. Fortunately unlike the old testament in the bible this has not escaped the attention of scholars like Hannah Burrows who throws everything academia has at it in “Enigma Variations: Hervarar saga’s Wave-riddles and Supernatural Women in Old Norse Poetic Tradition.” (10)

King Heithrek deals with his enemies by either trying them in a kangaroo court sure to hang them or engaging them in a riddle (gátur) contest, which with his praetor human intelligence he is also certain to win and hang them. One such enemy, Gestumblindi, is stood for by Odin, who unknown to King Heithrek takes Gestumblindi’s form and a riddle contest ensues between Odin and King Heithrek. It’s really unprecedented in the sagas and what comes out in it is the truth. In a series of riddles, the supernatural woman that permeate the pre-Christian lore of the Norse, the Valkyries, the Norns or as Burrows calls them; Wave Maidens are described as natural phenomena such as pieces on the board game Hnefatafl, birds and plants which are the solutions correctly given by King Heithrek to the riddles of Gestumblindi, who is really Odin.

The contest reaches its inevitable climatic revelation when in the eighteenth riddle Gestumblindi (Odin) asks King Heithrek: “Who are those women on the mighty mountain, woman begets with woman? Maid with maid begets a son, and those women do not have husbands.” King Heithrek gives a correct solution by answering wild angelica, a plant native to northern Europe which produces sideshoots after its first year. The “women” word in line 1 is rýgjar, playing on two layers of imagery: the angelica growing wild on the mountainside, and giantesses (supernatural females) in their traditional dwelling-place. In this riddle, the line ok eigut þær varðir vera “and those women do not have husbands” is not only apt, but the key to the whole riddle: as the prose response expands, þat eru hvannir tvær ok hvannarkálfr á milli þeira “That is two [female] angelicas and a young angelica between them”; the line creates the paradox of apparent reproduction between females without male involvement.” (11)

That is why the parentage of Hervör in her second incarnation at the beginning of chapter ten which opens the story of the riddle contest between the king of the gods and the god king is not given right then and there, as is customary in the sagas. It’s given here in the riddle. For the same reasons referring to King Heithrek in chapter six; the line “His foster-father was called Gizur” has been inserted. Gizur is a kenning –a name substitution commonly found in the sagas– for Höfund, who is not Heithrek’s real father. King Heithrek does not have a father. He is a demigod, the spawn of the Valkyries, which also explains the contempt he has for Höfund…

Themighty mountain” or the lofty mountain as it is sometimes translated is a reference to the Quedlinburg Abbey on the castle hill of Quedlinburg, mighty because at the time the Hervarar Saga was written, in a reality unchained by academic constraints, in the early tenth century; like the center of the board in the game of Hnefatafl (chess) the Quedlinburg Abbey was the very beating heart of the empire.

The board game is in fact referred to in the very next riddle, numbered nineteen by Burrows. Scholars contest how many riddles there are in the original manuscript but not their chronological order. Gestumblindi (Odin) asks “Who are those maids, who fight weaponless around their lord? The darker protect during all the days, but the fairer go forth [to attack].” Here the solution is pieces in the board-game hnefatafl. Their personification as warrior maidens in a riddle using the same structure and language as the stanzas previously discussed reinforces the connection between this poetic formula and the evocation of supernatural females…” (12)

Hnefatafl board

Odin follows by asking his twentieth riddle: “Who are those playmates, who pass over lands to the curiosity of their father? They bear a white shield during winter, but a black one during summer.” The solution to the riddle is ptarmigans, the skildir “shields” referring to their seasonal plumage; but the martial imagery is unavoidably reminiscent of the shield-maiden and her place on the battlefield. (13)

Odin seemingly growing frustrated at his inability to stump King Heithrek now asks him a series of riddles all with the same answer. In the “oldest extant manuscript, Hauksbók” (14) dated at the beginning of the fourteenth century Odin poses only three of these riddles with the same answer but when the Hervarar Saga is pieced together from other fragments and copies there are four. Hannah Burrow’s gives all four.

For his twenty-first riddle Gestumblindi asks: “Who are those ladies, who go sorrowing, to the curiosity of their father? They have pale hair, the white-hooded ones, and those women do not have husbands. King Heiðrekr, think about the riddle.” For his twenty-second riddle Gestumblindi asks: “Who are those girls, who go many together to the curiosity of their father? To many men they have caused harm; with that they must spend their lives. King Heiðrekr, think about the riddle.” For his twenty-third riddle Gestumblindi asks: “Who are those women, who go all together to the curiosity of their father? They are seldom gentle with the host of men, and have to wake in the wind. King Heiðrekr, think about the riddle.” And for his twenty-fourth Gestumblindi asks King Heithrek: “Who are those brides, who walk in the surf-skerries, and have a journey along the fjord? They have a hard bed, the white-hooded ones, and play little in the calm. King Heiðrekr, think about the riddle.”(15)

The twenty-third riddle is not included in translations based on the Hauksbók manuscript. But the answer to all the riddles, be they three or four, is Wave Maidens, Ægir’s daughters or as they are routinely manifested in this world; the crests of waves, the billows as is the usual translation of King Heithrek’s answers. Scientists, real scientists not the ones that think energy can only be created by blowing things up, know that what the human race calls reality is in fact is a hologram, a signal that emanates from a source. The Australian aborigines have always known this and call the source of the signal the Alcheringa. David Bohm, once a disciple of Einstein and the school of thermodynamics that still worships the steam engine, also managed to figure it out in spite of Einstein and Choo Choo Trains. He said there was an Implicate and Explicate order with the implicate, which is the source or Alcheringa, revealed only fragmentally due to the limitations of “matter” or more correctly form in the explicate order. Like breaking waves on the shore the daughters of Ægir are relentlessly destructive while at the same time infinitely seductive. With their mastery of Magick, perfect bodies and glowing hair they are most desirable as wives but “they are seldom gentle with the host of men” and “they have a hard bed.” “To many men they have caused harm…”

A wimple as shown in Portrait of a Woman, circa 1430-1435, by Robert Campin (1375/1379–1444), National Gallery, London.

The crests of waves are white but so were the veils or wimples on the habits of nuns in the Holy Roman Empire. The plumage of ptarmigans is white in the winter and black in the summer but traditionally novice nuns wore white and when they were ordained they switched to black. Count Liudolf, Henry the Fowler, Otto the Great and the two succeeding Otto’s, all obtained power through the extensive dowries which came with their marriages and all died abruptly in many cases very young leaving their wives or daughters to rule the empire. In Count Liudolf’s case, together with his wife Oda who lived to be a hundred and seven years old, they established Gandersheim Abbey which as the Imperial Abby would become the heart of the Saxon Empire. The first abbess was Hathumod, a daughter of Liudolf, as were the two succeeding abbesses. In Henry the Fowlers case, he married Saint Matilda then conveniently died right before he was to be crowned Holy Roman Emperor leaving Saint Matilda to next establish the Quedlinburg Abbey where her granddaughter Matilda would be its abbess. From the time of her inexplicable and unprecedented coronation by her father Otto the Great when she was eleven years old that Matilda, with Empress Adelaide of Italy and Empress Theophanu of Constantinople both taking turns at the helm, would establish a Holy Roman Empire that would last a thousand years, with both its history and its gospels being fabricated by the supernatural woman cloistered within the Abbeys walls.

There are four primary sources for Dark Age history and there are four gospels. It is no accident that there are four riddles that’s answers are Wave Maidens in the Hervarar Saga. This is a spell to seal the four directions. But every surfer and seaman knows waves come in sets of three. This isn’t lost on the Hervarar Saga either. The full answer to the twenty-third riddle is “þad eru Ægis dætur; þær ganga iij samann, er vindur vekur þær “ That’s Ægir’s daughters; they go three together when the wind wakes them.” (16)

In the Vafþrúðnismál, the wisdom king of the giants tells Odin, once again in disguise, that after Ragnarök three maidens will move over the sea and “enter the settlements of mankind, the only guardian spirits of those in the world, though they are brought up with giants.” (17) This is a touching story of the goddesses coming to the survivors in their hour of need if one does not realize that they are the same “three giants’ girls [þríar þursa meyiar!]” who are said to be the harbingers or inciters of Ragnarǫk in Vǫluspá.” (18)

This is their modus operandi. In Surah 18 of the Qur’an, just like the gospels written by the Djinn, they promise the “faithful” that they have created everything in this world and they will inevitably destroy it. In the Benedictine monk; Plato’s Timaeus the hypothetical aged Egyptian priest tells Solon, the hypothetical Greek philosopher predating Plato, that civilizations have arisen and been destroyed many times throughout mans existence. In what’s euphemistically called by them the circle of life just when civilizations seem to arrive at the pinnacle of their knowledge they are smashed down by some unseen hand and forced to start all over again as ignorant savages.

The riddle contest ends when Odin goes to his old standby and asks King Heithrek what it was he whispered into Baldur’s ear before he was placed on his funeral pyre. Since Odin is the only one on this side of Hell that would know that, King Heithrek immediately recognizes him jumping up and saying: “I am sure it was something scandalous and cowardly and thoroughly contemptible. You are the only person who knows the words which you spoke, you evil and wretched creature. Then the King drew Tyrfing, and struck at Gestumblindi [Odin]; but he changed himself into a falcon and flew out through the window of the hall. And the sword struck the tail of the falcon; and that is why it has had a short tail ever since…”

Odin takes his vengeance that very same night and King Heithrek is dead by morning, killed by nine of his own slaves. Angantyr takes his own vengeance on the nine then assumes his role as the heir of King Heithrek and becomes king himself. Hlöth shows up and demands his fair share of his father’s kingdom, or by now empire, and King Angantyr is amicable toward him but Gizur, King Heithrek’s “foster father,” who by now it should be certain is really Höfund, although a very old man is at the council. Gizur insults the Hunnish prince telling him King Angantyr is being generous with him and his mother Sifka was naught but a bondswoman. From there things get ugly and Hlöth returns with King Humli and all the hordes of the Hun. The mightiest battle of the millennium before the last one ensues between the Goths and the Huns with Hunnish bodies said to have been so many that they dammed up rivers. King Angantyr and the Goths are victorious. In the aftermath “Angantyr ruled Reithgotaland as King for a long time. He was powerful and generous and a great warrior, and lines of kings are sprung from him…” (20)

Academics do monkey flips trying to put the battle between the Goths and the Huns so exquisitely described in the Hervarar Saga in the fourth or fifth century, but try as they may they can’t get it to fit. That is because the war between the Goths and Huns (Maygars) took place in the tenth century with Henry the Fowler and Otto the Great, the Saxon kings, victorious at the Battle of Riade and the Battle of Lechfeld respectively. That would have been shortly after Henry wiped out the Slavic army in what was basically an ambush of an expected attack at the Battle of Lenzen. It will be recalled that in the saga King Heithrek wipes out King Hrollaug’s army in the same fashion. Then marries “Hergerth, the daughter of King Hrollaug; and she brought him as her dowry Wendland…”

In the account of Wulfstan, which outside the sagas is the only reliable eyewitness account of what lay beyond the German frontier in the late ninth century, he says sailing north, or is it east, on the Baltic Sea: “Wendland was to starboard the whole of the way to the mouth of the Vistula.” (21) That would put it on the coast of Poland in an area traditionally Slavic that separates Nordic East and West Prussia…

This is a first draft; it was put on Patreon only for the benefit of our Patrons in 2018 but now I see those who have brought the Apocalypse down upon all your heads jammed it so it can’t be shared or even used as a source, forcing me to put it up in public to be used as a source for another piece where I am explaining my recently published book; Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan. If I was to go over it again, which I do not have time to do, I would point out that if it was written by Pagans, as academics vacuously assume, then the Earl of Bjartmar would have seen no need to baptize Hervör when he “had her sprinkled with water.” I would also emphasize that Heithrek first defeats the Huns when he puts King Humli to flight and wins the hand of Sifka corresponding perfectly to Henry the Fowlers defeat of the Magyar at the Battle of Riade. Then Heithrek’s son Angantyr finishes them off for good also corresponding perfectly with Otto the Great Henry the Fowlers son finishing the Magyars off for good in the Battle of Lechfeld. There is more, so much more but I think J. R. R. Tolkien covered much of it…

An Apocalypse carries biblical connotations of great slaughter and that is as it should be for those who have done Lucifer/Apollo a great wrong as Otto Rahn points out in The Court of Lucifer. But the true meaning of the word Apocalypse is a great Revelation. Whether you want to face it or not we now find ourselves in the middle of a Transhuman Armageddon that has been inevitable since 2016. More than half of what we are dealing with as our friends and family are no more human than a package of Brussel Sprouts on a Walmart shelf. Come to think of it that’s probably why MK Ultra was originally called Artichoke. As that noted artichoke Dubya would say:“mission accomplished…”

The West has been Googlized and the East Huaweid.The majority of the Human Race are now bacteriological automatons, agglutinations. It’s in your best interests, in the best interests of your immortal soul, to get away from them. If you’re not infected by now, you’re immune so agglutination contagion is not a physical danger. As abominations they are a malaise to the soul. For what it’s worth if you’re consolidating your remaining ancestral linage, the Djinn tell me immunity is inherited through the mother and contingent on the ability to “filter the poisons through the mouth…”

Trying to rationalize with them is the last thing you need to be doing. Beijing Biden or Donald Trump, American corporatism or Chinese socialism, it makes no difference, you are still slated to die. They have all been dead for some time now and death is far more contagious than any virus. I suspect in the moment when you become the Thing from John Carpenters movie, your soul leaves your body, and you are no longer you. Vaccination can be expected to accomplish the same, the replacement of the living biological organism with a dead synthetic one. The long-anticipated Zombie Apocalypse has arrived and the only reason most “people” can’t see it is because they are the zombies.

The book which I have kept in my back pocket since 2012, while I wrote piece upon piece, all the while suffering the indignities of the human devils attending this Vampires Banquet where you are the main course, trying to avoid what you see before you now, has now been published. In it you will find your Revelation.

The book is available in the United States: right Here, but if you are from another country as at least a quarter of those who have already purchased it are, I suggest you go to your local Amazon outlet. Amazon has done everything it can, as expected, to slow down sales and avoid showing the sterling reviews it has gotten, particularly from Europe and Australia. In spite of the malevolent efforts of its distributor the book has already sold hundreds of copies. – Jack Heart

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Matilda, the Devils Mommy (Devils and Gods Among Us II) by Jack Heart & Orage – The Human: Jack Heart, Orage and Friends (


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21 –  “The Accounts of Othere and Wulfstan.”Ohthere and Wulfstan at the Court of King Alfred | Viking Archaeology (

Below are two links where you can purchase Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan. I would suggest you buy it in hardcopy, not because I make more, I actually make the most from Amazon E books, but because you will avoid giving Amazon any money. Frankly you should be shooting Amazon employees in the street, Google too.

Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan by Jack Heart, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble® ( Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoir of an awakening god: 9781736288016: Heart, Jack: Books


  1. What is more permanent than a record playing on my turn table

    truth is a permanent fixture in our lives

    truth says love is demonstrated

    that is what I see?

    enemy I am

  2. Notice when I quoted from the Kindle book there is a credit of copyright for Jack's property. Who owns the work? As I bought a copy yet in our world creators are robbed regularly. Look at amazon however, they sold me the book on Kindle.

    I however, plan on buying a nice coffee table edition of Jack's book signed by the author of course and a first edition hard copy.

  3. Chapter 57 MK. It said 288 on my kindle on the android.

    "Sophia was one of the Ogdoads. She yearned to manifest the inscrutable one without the aid of her male consort. Pistis Sophia, discovered in 1772, and dissertations from the Nag Hammadi tracts, 1945, tell a tale of woe whereby Sophia attempted to manifest God without her consort.

    Heart, Jack. Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan: Memoirs of an awakening god (p. 246). Kindle Edition. "

  4. As if I wanted any of this, I just wanted to write a bestseller and go live in the Seychelle Islands where I could throw fly's at bonefish till I passed away. This is all her doing and when I do die she will owe me…

  5. If we wish to be guided by movies, perhaps we should choose movies that bring us to our own circumstance. Wizard of Oz, anyone?


  6. The God of this world created by a woman and protected by her only a greater love can separate the two. Crowley tried to kill that God and failed just like man tried to drain America's largest swamp and failed and turned it into a national park.

  7. Coming from the peanut gallery here, a mere mortal human being and not one of you gods…the way I see it all roads lead to Jack but we don't always have to be on the same road to get there. I ain't as smart as y'all and subject matter much above my pay grade but I learn from all of you. Btw there is no pg 288 in the book Nine, do you mean pg 188?

  8. Coming from the peanut gallery here….from one of your mere mortal readers and not an American God. All roads lead to Jack but they don't have to be the same road. Btw Nine….do you mean pg 188 and 288?

  9. The book which I have kept in my back pocket since 2012, while I wrote piece upon piece, all the while suffering the indignities of the human devils attending this Vampires Banquet where you are the main course, trying to avoid what you see before you now, has now been published. In it you will find your Revelation.

    Jack Heart

  10. The book which I have kept in my back pocket since 2012, while I wrote piece upon piece, all the while suffering the indignities of the human devils attending this Vampires Banquet where you are the main course, trying to avoid what you see before you now, has now been published. In it you will find your Revelation.

    Jack Heart

  11. "The book which I have kept in my back pocket since 2012, while I wrote piece upon piece, all the while suffering the indignities of the human devils attending this Vampires Banquet where you are the main course, trying to avoid what you see before you now, has now been published. In it you will find your Revelation."

    Jack Heart

  12. Didn't he work for the Post office? Then he would know how most working Americans get gouged every day of their working lives. You should know better. LOL

  13. And I have the empires computer and one of the best money can buy and if I wanted to I could probably track you down over the internet and get a physical address of where you are staying as its only just a matter of recruiting some talented people I know on that matter.

    However, for me to assemble such a team would be a waste of time as what you are pontificating about has no baring on Jack's works. Its that fucking simple.

  14. My brain is in my fists many times much like our Jack. LOL
    However, as you like things that burn maybe the Church got a few things right.LOL

  15. As always you miss the point. There are more than one God on this planet. I can think of a few that should be burned upon the stake as we can start with Google founders and executives and then we can migrate over to Amazon and its founders. I will help build the pyres for the fires. The beer for the party will of course be on me. LOL

  16. Well, never let it be said that I didn't try…
    1) You ostensibly have a mind, at least thats what we call the scope of mental and psychological activities.
    2) What we call reality is an interpretation of these faculties. To use a crude, and almost accurate modern description, reality is nothing more or less than impulses in your brain.
    3) There is no possibility that this faculty of "brain" is greater than what it interprets. If it was, it would not need to interpret anything.
    4) the fact that "brain" interprets opens the possibility for myriad interpretations.
    5) The knowledge used by "brain" is significantly less than the complexities and relationships of that which is interpreted.
    6) Therefore any explanation of reality is just that, an explanation. There is nothing anywhere to prove than the entire cosmos came from a giant egg, and there is nothing to prove it didn't.
    7) Assertions concerning reality should always be viewed with the aforementioned conditions in mind.
    8) The Great Mystery.


  17. The year before Columbus sailed, the church burned 300 people to death at the stake. The year Columbus sailed, they burned 3,000. They also conducted numerous book burnings, because, as they said, you only needed one book, it was all in the bible.
    You're in good company, KMB.


  18. Honestly, KMB, if you ever come to understand any significant point I attempt to make, I think the internet will explode.


  19. Again MK it is in Jacks book on page 288 where he explains how she created this world without him however, she created him whom thought that he was the creator so he created man but that man could not live as he had no Spiit so he took a spark of Spirit to creat man and animate him as man is part of her!

    Man himself has that spark of spirit that he does not possess and hence in many ways more of a God than he is and why that God of Abraham hates us so. And so Crowely was obsessed with killing that God. LOL

  20. MK, there are God's that create and govern and those created to be governed the problem is that the God of Abraham's followers think that he is the only God as that is why his followers are as they are.

  21. David Lynch, and a few others, offer a rather bewildering expose' of what abrahamism has become, in the minds of some people today. The question need not be asked, by those who find the Lynch view sufficient. Yet for those somewhat unmoved by the Lynch mythos, the question remains.
    Can this far greater mystery we find ourselves in be fully encapsulated by the experience of the senses, and the mind?
    Whilst most would quickly dismiss this question, it truly is essential to the human condition.

  22. Curiously enough, people focus on shared reality as genuine, with other experiences of reality somehow subject to the sweeping and all encompassing concerns of existing in this reality. However, no one has proved, for example, that there are only two states of consciousness, namely waking and sleeping, it has simply occurred as a societal norm. Similarly, no one has proven that this is the root reality for all others, this too, is merely assumed.

  23. Whatever we objectively call reality is ultimately relying on our own faculties, this is especially true for those areas of study presented as objective, such as mathematics, and medicine.
    Because these areas feature a cultivation and development of a particular aspect of mind, a system of logic that carries its own irrationality in a disguised form.
    Thus, there is no system to fully encompass and encapsulate that which is studied. Clearly, this means that knowledge has its limits, and those limits are significantly smaller than the scope of what is being studied.
    Realizing such limitations should make it clear to all of us that whatever we decide reality might be, it is essentially larger and more mysterious than that.

  24. I might point out here that the journalism of Jack Heart explored this very perception of reality in previous pieces. So, why bring all this up now? Because the manipulation and balkanization of our perception of reality is fast tracked to the extreme.

  25. What do we know?
    Do we know how we live in thoughts, in the endless stream of comparisons and evaluations, or do we just discover ourselves there, if we have the awareness?
    Do we know that the world is exactly the way we perceive it, or do we have an innate ability to order the perception?
    Is perception reality, or simply an interpretation of something we cannot grasp with the 5 senses?
    Because, if reality was so real, we wouldn't have certain people working overtime to sell you their version. Yet if reality is simply perception and organization based, then that reality isn't anything that can be understood with traditional mundane methods.

  26. Why MK,

    I live a tremendous life of indolence and sloth as I drink fine beer and ride high end bicycles in beautiful places and collect free money from the Federal Government.

    Ain't America great? LOL

  27. I will buy his book and send it to you please give me your USPS address.

    They deliver to all 50 States and every foreign country.

    The American revolution? Lost a king and gained a reliable postal service as who hates that perhaps?

    They will find you with Jack's book addressed to where you can pick it up.

    The Postal Service? They don't give a flying fuck about you or Jacks book. LOL

  28. Why MK as its in Jack's book since she created him as Lynch explains in his brilliant work the return. Its not how we imagine the world to be but how it actually is.

  29. Of course, the abrahamic mindset revolves around the idea of a savior, one whose ascendancy is so far above the masses, that they have special agency.
    This concept differs from the ancient European view of the Hero in several significant ways. For one, and perhaps the most important, the Hero is bound by the same force of death that binds all things. In the abrahamic world view, death itself is cheated, providing the savior with a godlike aura, and a radically different afterlife existence.
    Further, abrahamism awards godhood independent of conditions in this shared reality, whilst in the ancient ways, the Hero was not the gods. We see this quite clearly in Hervarar Saga.
    So, if someone is going to make a distinction between abrahamics and a different path, they need to understand the abrahamic logic, and where they are in relation to it.

  30. So, if this the case, that there is but one correct interpretation, just one genuine view of the nature of existence, and it's intentionality, then the condition of religion, with religious wars and all they bring makes perfect sense. After all, if there can be but one, then all the pretenders need to be brought into the fold, by force.
    However, the one solution has never proven successful in this shared reality. The reason is simple, that there are multiple predelections here. Biodiversity strikes again.

  31. So, does this mean that shared reality doesn't exist? We all, as biological organisms, are beholden to the requirements and limitations of biology. This alone forms a shared baseline for experience, but obviously, this is not what anyone is talking about when they mention shared reality. What they really demand adherence to is the idea that higher power determines the direction and composition of shared reality, and that there is one understanding of this higher force.

  32. Is there a shared reality, one where we are fully engaged with? Sure there is. The problem is not in its existence, but in its definition. Defining anything with the shared reality requires an agreement of perception, and enough awareness of that perception to integrate that which is perceived.
    So, beyond a baseline, that shared experience it completely at the mercy of inner faculties. What is that baseline? Well, here is where we begin to run into individual interpretations.

  33. Just an opinion here as Jack says the Gods from above are incarnating in this world to conduct a war upon its injustices which are indeed many. Like National socialism in Germany of the 1930's so a new movement from above and beyond that god of abraham must it come.

  34. Dylan said it best:

    "Man's ego is inflated, his laws are outdated, they don't apply no more
    You can't rely no more to be standin' around waitin'
    In the home of the brave, Jefferson turnin' over in his grave
    Fools glorifying themselves, trying to manipulate Satan
    And there's a slow, slow train comin' up around the bend"

    Why our dear Dylan even saw "Q"…LOL

  35. Some years ago I was working nights. I pulled the truck up to the slab for the next delivery. My helpers got ready to drop the order, when out of nowhere, an old man leaned into the cab looking for a cup of coffee.
    "No coffee here", says I.
    Disappointed, he looked at me for the first time and his eyes lit up.
    "Hey" says he, like someone who just got the confirmation of his life,"you look like Jesus!"
    He turns to the help and says "Did you guys know you're working with Jesus?"
    The help just stopped and looked, but said nothing.
    The old guy turns back to me, and says, "you're jesus"!
    "Nope", says I.
    "Yes you are", he said with great certainty. He pulled back from the cab, happy as a lark. "I've just seen Jesus", he said as he disappeared back into the dark.
    We got back to work without a word. So, according to Jack, it's my fucking fault we have those shitbags Gates and Bezos.

  36. One of the funniest things today, is people wondering if God exists. It's funny because they really don't give a fuck if God exists or not. They just want to know if they're gonna die. The answer is yes.

  37. George,
    I'm not Jewish. I don't fire actresses in Hollywood because they don't suck up enough to the version of history I demand everyone to adhere to.
    If I was Jewish, I'd get as far away from it as I could, because the payback for everything they have done is going to be terminal for them. No predictions necessary, just simple cause and effect.
    But I'm not Jewish, and I'm not Christian, and I'm not a patriot, and I'm not a liberal. I'm not fucking anything from this goddam world. I've been exiled here, betrayed and fucked over enough to have earned my scars.
    So, when I say it's about the mystery, it's not because I don't believe in death, it's because I do.

  38. “If you, or anyone else find the perspective that jives with you best, then great. This does not mean that I share the same perspective.”

    You know Mike in an off-hand way you sound just like my Jewish friends on Open Salon nine years ago when I tried to tell them what was happening to me. I’d posted what would become part 9 of the Behind the Bush series, its all in the book, and all my stuff on Open Salon suddenly went down. I went out to my car and leaning against his car right next to mine was what was obviously a federal agent. When I came back he was gone, and I spent the rest of the day sitting at my computer with a butcher knife because it was all I had, thinking they were coming through the door. They didn’t and all my stuff went back up by the end of the day. When I told my fucking friends at OS what had happened, with the exception of Kosher Salami who had seen some of it, they told me we all live in the reality best suited to us. Well, I got a hot news flash for all of you. Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, Legion and American Gods are not just my fucking reality they are yours. Koblenz, the Vienna Pestilence, the Satanic part of Stephansdom and Blutgasse are not just my reality they are yours too. As are the Blue Stones, the new U2 version of Vertigo, and all the other fucking music videos from Janelle Monae’s: "Many Moons" Official Short Film to the Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes, and everything else in between from Puddles the Clown to Trump the Clown, not just in my head but in your world, a world that’s dying mind you, as promised. You believe what you want but I will tell you this, as shown in American Gods the old gods derive their power from your beliefs and if they are to inadvertently save you from the Transhuman fate that awaits you all, you better all start believing in something, Lucifer, Odin, preferably a god of war because that is what this is. That faggot Jesus is what allows guys like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates to exist, as Napoleon noted if it wasn’t for religion the poor would kill the rich and as I noted in the book; the poor need a new religion. As noted in Legion reality is the thing that is still there even after you stop believing in it, and it works the other way too. Reality is there even if you don’t believe in it…

  39. KMB,
    Jack, you, and everyone else is perfectly entitled to their perspective. Multiplicities of perspectives are exactly what this world is about. If you, or anyone else find the perspective that jives with you best, then great. This does not mean that I share the same perspective.
    I do not wholeheartedly embrace the perspective of anyone else, including Jack Heart. This should be obvious by now, but in case it isn't, now you have it.
    I don't need anyone to tell me, I only need the experience, and the wisdom to integrate that experience. Wisdom can be deepened by certain affiliations, and my time with Jack Heart has been informative, challenging, and usually valuable, but that does not make me an acolyte, nor does it mean that I believe, fervently or otherwise, in the ability of anyone else to be my savior.
    The Gnostic Jesus was the savior only in that he led others to the incredible mystery of their own existence, to use the only real methods available for the exploration of that mystery. beyond that, its all window dressing.
    So, I'm here because Jack Heart lets me be here, not because I'm a mouthpiece or interpreter, or valet.
    I hope this is now clear.

  40. Why MK its all in Jacks book. How this world was created and how a simple gangster experienced that creation with some serious powerful entities as he tells us how this world actually works.

    That world is even hidden in books such as the bible and many ancient works as its all suppressed for us rubes and look at the trouble that is taken here to censor our Jack?

    Well, I was watching our dear local Pastor on TV as he announced that he just got his first dose of the vaccine and he looked sickly. He is taking the jab as he believes that it is the path back to a normal world as I have news for him as this world will never be the same again. LOL

  41. The truth is that religion has lost whatever value it has because it's become a fucking escapist fantasy with a scary book that nobody understands.
    People are told that their God isn't even their God, it a fucking Jewish God. Since Jews run Hollywood, international banking, the Russian mafia, nuke the middle east every other week, and steal the country of Palestine from it's native people, that's one hefty pill to have to swallow.
    Now, you can be a complete dumbass, and believe that all this bullshit leads to a moral authority, but you better not ever examine this belief. Because once you realize that your God isn't your God, you are going to have to admit you're under occupation. The best you are ever going get under occupation, is to be a good little gofor. If you crave the approval of duplicitous dementos, the only self described group in the world that runs just about everything while fucking somehow being the world's victims, go for it, but please, no more comparisons between control systems and the black sickness, because if anything, it just doesn't make any sense.

  42. Strengthening one's spiritual connection is the action which bridges to that which is greater, magnificent, and largely beyond simple definition.
    Like good soup, we know it when we have it.
    Modern society loves to pretend that it can define and label everything that is, but such is not an experience. Your spiritual connection is experience first, explanation comes only after experience is achieved.
    Through awakening, strengthening, and maintaining the spiritual connection, a person develops a strong resistance to the black sickness.
    The spiritual connection is always individual. It is always experiential, and it is always involving the unfolding, the expanding of the faculties.
    The current so called vaccine, and the black sickness are arrayed against us all. The only choice we really have is to live fully in our genuine selves.

  43. The reason why I recommend love, is because love, even in it's most terrible aspects, carries a possibility of self transcendence. Today, the focus on the self, and the comparison between oneself and others binds our hearts and minds to a intellectual concept of the self, which is not the true self at all. It is a mere gathering point. We can see this by how often this point changes. The true self is beyond this level of comprehension.
    By remembering that which we love, that selflessness can free us from the definitions and comparisons that prevent us from grasping our own truth.
    It is in this sense, not in a Christian dictate, that love is important.
    At issue with the Christian dictate is the guilt and condemnation that surrounds its command to love. I would never suggest such a path to anyone.
    Christian love is derived from the tradition of adoration, a form of worship that is very old. In adoration, the deity becomes the object, and the object becomes the worshipper. Together, when done correctly, it is a positive act. However, there is no dominion involved in true adoration, no dictates, no command. True love cannot be ordered up like a cup of coffee at a cafe. It is real for you, or it is not. The emotion of love follows its own way, and it is love's way of transcendence that can provide us a much needed change in perspective.

  44. Sin, as a concept, evolved from a Mediterranean code of morality. Morality, as applied today is defined as behavior that promotes survival. In both cases, the onus is on the individual.
    I suggest that a better way to come to understanding is to apply the example from a very similar phenomenon.
    Radiation from virulent nuclear materials, when placed in urban areas, is guaranteed to attack everything within its radius of effect. That radiation doesn't pick or choose, but is indiscriminate should be obvious. Thus, those who are in better physical condition have the best resistance to the radioactivity.
    There really is no moral basis to the attack of the black sickness. It doesn't punish sinners alone, thus there is no standard, in a religious sense, to judge those who fall under the affect.
    A spiritual attack carries no requirement that religion has any more veracity than politics in addressing it. A spiritual attack will merely test the depth and strength of one's spirituality. Thus, it is not externalized behavior that matters. It is the power of what lies within.

  45. Old School Evangelicals call it Sin my dearest MK, why our Jack tells us a huge war is upon us as I agree.

    Why war what is it? Its the battle within the human Heart. Why I love this blog…

    However, one has a choice in his local community to live in Peace.

    first the heart and then the home and a nation follows

    to be practical? many are not fond of money from the government but if you don't need it buy something you don't need or give it to another…

    a simple solution for a first world problem

    to much of everything…LOL

  46. The black substance I have seen is akin to oil. In its natural form, held in the places it resides, Mother Earth has its properties disempowered. At issue therefore, is not the substance, but the fact that it has been removed from it's natural places, and intentionally modified to perform a severing of humanity's higher functioning, especially any sense of spirituality. The intent behind this is to build a better slave race, but this is not what occurs. Cut off from the higher functioning, the organism looses all sense self control and direction. Much of the chaos in society today is related to the release of the weapon.
    There is currently nothing that can be done beyond limiting the expansion of the weapon, mostly for reasons that have to do with the unfolding events of humanity's rite of passage.
    In the meantime, there are things that can be done. Strengthen your personal spiritual connection. Remember those psychological states that are a hallmark of higher functioning. Think love. Get out in the Sun, preferably in between chemtrail bombardment. Vitamin D is very important.

  47. The black goo? As the old Evangelicals called it Sin with a capitol letter with respect.

    However, please read Galatians 5 23 to 26 as I reprint it here from the King James as I prepare to preach an old school evangelical sermon.

    Please open your Bibles to Galatians 5 23 and let us read:

    "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. 24And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts. 25If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. 26Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another. "

    And let us prey as soon we shall pass the plate. LOL

    However, Paul said that the fruits of the Spirit are Nine in number as I believe these Nine shall edit any heart.

    Its what is taught in my Church Community.

    Why our Jack just passed the plate in our local little community and please give generously.

  48. The war was always here for some of us, KMB. If you're not at war, do you get locked in rooms with "re-education" specialists? Do you have overpayed corporate retards burning you out? Do you get sprayed like genetically engineered rodents in a cage from airplanes registered around the world?
    The war never was demarcated for me. It was always here. I am happy for those who have not had the war until recently. They might have an inkling of life with peace. It is sad that their time of rest is at an end, but we do have the incarnation of the destroyer in the world today, and until this ends the conditions will deteriorate.
    Remember your love.

  49. Gamestop.
    Few things are more beautiful than a clueless working class corporation elevated into the spotlight by nobodies who are sticking it to the fucking assholes sitting on piles of money.
    I've watched my entire life as fucking assholes sitting on piles of money paraded themselves in front of cameras, on magazines, books, and the internet, telling all the plebeians how they just ain't smart enuff to play the difficult passages of their superiors. The reason, we were all told, that fucking assholes sitting on piles of money got there, was because of hard work, dedication, and just plain smarts.
    Fucking assholes sitting on piles of money got there because they are crooks, and not particularly swift crooks at that.
    The beauty of this little aspect of the uncentralized resistance, is that this is just the first step.
    You see, fucking assholes sitting on piles of money really aren't all that bright. Turns out, there's all kinds of chinks in their fake fucking facades just waiting to be exposed.
    "Oh", cry the self described intelligentsia, "stop now, because you are gonna wreck everything".
    Really? Take a look around. Seems like fucking assholes sitting on piles of money already have.
    Pitchfork and Torches, Baby!

  50. What is central here is a realization of what the black illness does. While it might be instructive, and entertaining to speculate upon, and study the nature of the so called black goo, this has already been done exhaustively.
    The takeaway here is that certain malevolent types have discovered procedures by which the virulence of the toxin is magnified. If we stop here, we give up. If we give up, we either hope to high heavan that the illness doesn't follow our escape route, doesn't cheat us after death, and is completely content to destroy just one rather insignificant world.
    Thus, the central issue is not an exhaustive rehashing and dismissal of so called old news, the central issue is the response humans will mount to what is essentially a genocidal suicide pathogen that is going to destroy the very ones who advanced and released it.
    Big issues, folks.

  51. No, no, no.
    The media, those who seek to control and profit from the categorization of a legitimate expression, and its denigration into a circus are the ones who want to force a Jewish retarded ascendancy upon an issue it was never a part of.
    For the record, this includes the list of so-called bloggers ostensibly sympathetic to the cause.
    Have you ever tried to get a message out?
    Have you ever tried to engage in substance filled conversation with those of whom you are attempting to reach?
    Increasingly, this is not allowed. Just today, the censoring has erased three complete messages I typed and submitted.
    Sovereignty is the antithesis of Jewishness, nor does it have much a home in any other abrahamic system.
    Nothing here says it can't be real, or genuine. However, it takes a special willingness to go beyond gov't informants, sellouts, and jaded hypocrites who control the news.

  52. And of course that Utah rebellion was run by Mormons and was allowed by the authorities as I know how the game is played.

    Duck Dynasty patriots and their god tRump are now all identified and categorized as that was tRumps purpose as he is just like the god of Abraham a murderer from the beginning.

    That’s the nature of that gods followers as I know them well.

  53. MK, the duck Dynasty patriots I know all love that 51st state and the evangelical Christian religion.

    They love that god of Abraham the original Jew and are basically bulshevics because they want a Jewish run world.

    And they are made to be clowns because it’s their purpose to be so as Jews run the show.

  54. People are telling me that I'm taking about the black goo. I'm not talking about this. If I wanted to talk about the black goo, I would be talking about it.
    I'm talking about an illness that is as old as people remember, that is now actualized in this world. There is nothing new under the sun, and the black sickness is OLD. The only new aspect of it, is the scale of it's deployment.
    We have people containing it, but the course of the sickness is not complete. This isn't about us vs them. It's about us period.

  55. I don't know how anyone can divide up people into categories without agonizing over the category they themselves fit into.
    Perhaps I should reiterate my perspective now concerning VT et al.
    I personally don't even remember how I started up with VT, or when, for that matter, but I recall how it ended.
    It ended with VT smearing Lavoy Finicum, and making it abundantly clear that they were whores of the globalists. The only exception was Mr. Hall, he was literally the only guy who knew the whole thing was about sovereignty.
    I fought the attacks, I showed them they what they were up to, and they responded by clickjacking my fucking device, and attempting to hit me with malware. My account was bugged, and I was unable to sign in.
    Yeah I was fucking pissed. How dare these motherfuckers betray everything they supposedly stand for and sell out to the worst conglomeration of cowardly shitbags, the globalists?!?
    Well they fucking did.
    They are whores and Bidenistas and they are now part of the problem. Read them if you wish, sleep with them if you want, but I have left them behind and I am never going back.
    I will end this by saying, quite clearly, that it could have been different. They could have been a voice for everything worthwhile, everything that young men and women fight for, but it was easier, and I'm goddam certain a bell of a lot more profitable, to be nothing but goddam whores.
    So sad. So dead.
    Be aware of what you embrace, it just might wind up being yourself.

  56. Well MK, do you know what Gordon Duff calls duh "patriots"? He refers to them as the duck dynasty army. LOL

    They are of course the black goo in action as my little town is full of them but the trouble with them is that they don't wear the mask to let me know what they are all about when I see them.

    I view them as sub human.

  57. However, it should not be assumed that the current level of response will forever be enough to keep the black sickness contained. This is a rite of passage for the Anthropos. It is about the deepest levels of viability, and the sense of identity that goes with this. Do not think you can sit back and let it pass because it effects all expression of the Anthropos.
    The black sickness is being allowed to be unleashed, and humanity will either learn to deal with it, or will be destroyed in the process. This has many desperate to check out, to get out, and to just leave. Many are doing just that, washing their hands of the whole affair.
    Some say we are doomed if we stay, and they may be right, but it also may be right to say that no one learns to disempower the black sickness by high-tailing it to greener pastures.
    In the words of Han Solo, from the 4th chapter…
    "They're not going to get me without a fight".

  58. The question is, what exactly is the black sickness if it isn't an environmental virus? The answer is that it is from the environment, however it's toxicity has been manipulated and intensified.
    The black sickness is primarily a psychospiritual modifier, one which is intended to render humanity docile and easy to control, but which accomplishes the opposite.
    Like all minerals, it can achieve direct contact through a variety of means. The severing of connection was begun materially and psychologically through the orchestrations of Covid, but Covid could not do more than introduce, act as a breach. It is the black sickness which is intended to exploit it.
    For some time now, the spiritual forces have been fully empowering the agenda of destruction and oppression. For the first time in a long time they are no longer punishing the light, as it quite naturally moves to check the campaign of carnage.

  59. So, as always, any sickness is conceived as having only three primary vectors; putting something in, taking something out, or causing imbalance.
    However, there is another factor that is rarely imagined, and this is the factor of severing necessary connections that uphold the full functioning of an organism.
    This last factor has for decades now, been the go to method that this society uses to attempt to restore societal productivity, or at least to minimize the impact of certain behaviours on society, primarily in the field of so called "mental health".
    Thus, we can expect this model to be dutifully rolled out, in the situation of an intentional contagion release.
    Further, intentional release would not be limited to one location.
    The black sickness includes such features.
    This, as well is it's Achilles heel, for it can be countered by reestablishing connection.

  60. I view veterans today the website as an absolute domestic enemy run by someone as they promote poisonous vaccines and mask wearing and unconstitutional restrictions on movement over a flu bug.

    Glad to see Jack Heart building a new platform for alternative truths or the real truth believe as you please. Ah, well lots of 70 year olds become home bound and constipated and want to prevent the young from experiencing the world as perhaps its some sort of jealousy?

    Well I have a big middle finger extended your way. LOL

  61. Yes, however this device won't access your site. I'll try with a different angle as time allows, but this is the world we get when we mistake the ugly for the beautiful.
    Just a note and a quick reference for any who care.
    1) Covid is a farce, but there is a very real black sickness, and it is consuming.
    2) I see a real cry wolf effect here, so it would probably behoove those aware of the Covid farce to understand the black sickness is not viral in the Covid sense, whatever viral is supposed to mean.
    3) Our beloved Lady is quite aware of the black sickness.
    4) At this point, the black sickness is being successfully held at bay. This is not an official response in any way, shape or form.
    Don't bother to ask me any questions, this is purely fyi, and I won't write any more about it at this time.

  62. It's ridiculously difficult to post anything, and half of what I post is censored and removed, the other half distorted. At some point I will once again attempt to post regarding the Goddess.

  63. So, the mystical is that which pertains to the numinous experience. Perhaps we can now grasp why a division cannot destroy it.
    An aside; the lack of native mystical traditions in the abrahamic world does absolutely nothing to eliminate mysticism. Rather, it merely ensures that mysticism remains decentralized, and individual, and even looses its identity as mysticism. Thus mystics refer to themselves by different titles, or no titles at all, but they all align to higher truth.
    Thus, China's incarceration of Chigong practitioners merely sets the tradition free for individuals to explore. Yes, it is true that much wisdom is lost, however it is also true that the fire of spirit is genuine.
    The current blackness is from a force beyond the mere actions of men. The efforts to make a specific group into gods simply doesn't work, yet the punishment, and the oppression are very real. Ironically, building a system that sucks this bad only creates more mystics, which means the current maniacal drive to rule totally and temporally actually ensures it's own demise.

  64. MK

    Jack spilled the beans in his book as they can not be unspilled. The entity that created this world is singular and female. As she created this world that God of the abrahamics was created in her act of singular creation and she loves her creation including him.

    That is the reality no abrahamic will admit to and will cover up at any cost yet reality it is as Jack writes in a book and Lynch says in film and TV.

    Truth is singular as their is truth and untruth just like her!She loves that God and hence the problem in our dear world however, the story has a savior but for her alone and not for us but we shall gain a healed world ora new world order!

  65. Ultimately, mysticism is an intrinsic expression of reality, because mysticism is the science of the experience of reality. Mysticism informs religion, which is the exoteric structure which makes mysticism intelligible to the lay folk…at least, this is how it works for all religions besides the abrahamics. It could have been this way, at least for Christianity, but Aquinas & co. decided otherwise.
    Not one of the abrahamic religions, Scientism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism have a native mysticism. Where any mysticism exists at all, such as Qabbala and Sufism, the origins lie outside the abrahamic paradigm. This doubtless is behind the intentional smokescreen this society puts up whenever mysticism is examined. Unfortunately, abrahamic society is run by deceptive spiritual illiterates. My hope is that this dispels at least some of the smoke.

  66. Is the mystical destroyed when the male is separated from the female?
    Quite the opposite.
    The mystical is the seeking of the primordial unity that exists beyond the ability of the intellect to fathom. This unity is often referred to as male, because the male is the directive. From this directive came the female, the generative. The child is often seen as the son, male, because the directive begins again. The female is thus the lesser from the first unity, and the son is further diminished, being thrice separated. The fountain is purest at the source.
    For a similar, and perhaps less confusing example, we can revisit the Sybil's Prophecy. Here, the first intelligible principle is the great expanse wherein the primeval forces of fire and ice arise, which then spawn their son, the Rime Thurs Ymir.
    In the first case we have an anthropomorphic model, in the second, one which is essentially Runic, with raw primeval forces.
    One should meditate upon them for further understanding.
    Again, we must not assume that the designation of gender is of the exact circumstance we experience here, rather, one should approach gender as qualities that extend beyond the immediate experience of male and female.
    Remember the declaration from Tantra…
    "Divided into Two, thus I create".

  67. My cycling friends are pedaling furiously

    on their indor cycling machines

    to prepare to cycle outside

    makes no sense to me

    human to alien of course

  68. The purpose of video was to hide the gist

    text way better to transmit a message

    Postal Service to Deliver A Letter Of Intent

    selected capitols

    I select local

    follow Tip

    of the hat

  69. What if we achieve 90% vaccine compliance

    on paper ownly?

    Policy I see

    market you see

    black ones develop

    government policy

    any questions?

  70. What song on Sargent peppers got Lennon Kelled?

    Don't ask as living as long as my mom

    on pension like her

    shit spooks here are amatures

    she is circles around you

  71. MK,

    Nice posts however, is not the mystical destroyed when the male and the female are separated as in Jack's book? Perhaps you could explain that to me as I am ignorant.

    Her creation being magical as the first being created was male as he took her prisoner in her own creation imagine that?

    Well, way above my pay grade of course….

  72. The idea that time is not linear, but liminal, is central to mystical experience everywhere on this planet. Hervarar Saga is literally chocked full of such moments, where the availability of liminal time is profoundly important to the unfolding of the narrative.
    This narrative is not a quaint story adapted by the professional criminals of Hollywood. It is a reflection of higher power that will reply again and again and again throughout the great turning of eternity.
    For us here, as we clench our fists and rail at our world dying around us, we feel a particularly heavy burden which is made worse by an ignorance, a paucity of comprehension, that everything we experience has happened before, and will happen again. Modern man has no place in his cosmos for himself, which makes him suicidal and insane. Modern man, if left to his own, will erase himself from existence, once again.
    The higher power tells us in Hervarar Saga that there is a higher wisdom, and this wisdom sets takes the master beyond the tyranny of the forces of the world.

  73. Events that unfold include their own essential potency, for the enactment, and the reenactment of crucial events reach through time to achieve their potency, when proper actions are observed.
    The essential cyclic nature of events is a blow to the cult of the new, the bored demand for constant titillation, that defines the modern mind.
    Simply put, there is no genuine controversy over the historicity of Hervarar Saga, because these events had occurred at some point, and will occur at some point once again.

  74. Thus, the linear, non-repeatable assumption of time should be understood as a perspective, a point of view. We can observe this when we observe that primitive, ancient Egypt was fully aware of the Sothic Cycle, and the factor of precession. We know that the ancient Maya included three enmeshed principles in their model of time, each cyclic.
    One might be tempted to conclude that linearity is a new function. It is not. It's current supremacy is.
    Hervarar Saga is the focus of a great dating controversy because of the inability of the modern mind to recognize a different system of time in use, one informed by more than today's obsessive simplification.
    Clearly, Hervarar Saga understands time as being expressed through events. The ancestors understood that human events are an echoe of larger forces, thus the numinous ethereal quality to the narrative. The associations with greater events would have been known to the original composers, and audience to the performance of Hervarar Saga. That this is one feature of time is utterly lost on modern scholars, and yet this is but the most salient of the aspects of time.

  75. Time then, to the modern mind is a divisible, measurable motion. It is primarily linear, and only secondarily cyclic, meaning that the popular notion is that each moment is utterly unique, filled with equally unique actions that can never be revisited, and never be repeated.
    Thus, the modern concept of time has no true future, for the future is forever undefined. This might seem strange at first, but the modern mind is very much a sort of collective rear view mirror, obsessing over what has past, fervently wishing for different events, other than those generally agreed upon, that have taken place. For the modern mind is unshakeably convinced that it is the linear chain of events that determine the course of history.
    Linear progression is the modern dogma, supported with theorems like Occam's Razor, analysis is taken to the extreme, whilst ignoring the most essential qualities and states that inform the immediate, linear assumptions, as they turn them on their ear.

  76. Stan, Stan, Stan…
    You have outdone yourself here.
    Yes, of course our atmosphere is changing.
    I don't think many of us actually signed up for this, if we did it is one whopper of a bait and switch operation.
    I think I need to listen to Iggy Pop.

  77. Stan,
    All this reminds me of what I call synthetic ghosts. The synthetic ghosts of the electronic interference field are parasitic entities that, near as I can tell, arose from the matrix of our electronic addictions. 5G, and all it wildly promises would be a shot in the arm to this entire problem.
    Funny, because the deletions, alterations, misspellings are what I regularly have to contend with. Yes, there's a wry comfort in discovering its not just me, but has anyone you know tied this phenomenon in with the death of the internet?
    At this point we still think of the electronic world as something that serves us, but I am expecting this thing to break loose, spiral out of control, and blow up in a dazzling spectacle of light.

  78. "Well Jack, Gangster in training sir

    see a racket

    as I am riding my bicycle down the road

    a man in an SUV runs me off the road

    almost killed me

    caught up to him at the sign

    pulled up my mask

    and beat him to death

    I am Jack heart"

    These are my intentions if I ride

    a bicycle on any American road

    Spirit said follow me

    on a different road

    in America we call them

    trails for bikes

    Heart edited by Spirit

    provided with a war chariot

    powered by the Spirit

    Gospel I see

    Twin Peaks the return

    episode thirteen

    Spirit in action

    Gospel I see

  79. True time is not available to the intellect, because the intellect works outside of true time.
    The time which is available to the mind is tied entirely to incarnation. We can only approach time through metaphor, through interaction, and through process.

  80. What I was thinking about recently, was what happened to me 8 years ago. I was taking a nap on the couch with my feet up on the coffee table, and when I woke up, there was a big black spider that had yellow stripes around its legs on one of my shoes. It was the size of an average Dungeness crab. With my eyes wide open, I watched as the big spider jumped off my shoe onto the floor, and then, it went quickly across the floor and then up a wall, where it dissolved back into the woodwork. At that time, I was involved in an intense conflict with a personal problem I was having with some others. After witnessing this bit of dramatic display, I didn't think it was all that mysterious and it wasn't scary or frightening, I just thought to myself it's all just par for the course and to be naturally expected in playing this type of game.

  81. One cannot today approach a clearer mind through the artificial clouds of modern society. The modern mind loves chaos, celebrates the bottom falling out, and arrogantly presides over an incredibly small, linear description of it all.
    True time, is something I will write about soon. True time is not available to the untrained modern mind.

  82. This is an artificial timeline; it stands to reason its god is a computer that thinks it’s really a god, welcome to my world. Shame Artoo-Detoo gonna take all those Christians, Muslims and Jews right down with him when he goes down for the final count. But then again they have it coming don’t they? As Otto Rahn likes to say a terrible wrong has been done to Lucifer/Apollo and I don’t see any of them apologizing…

  83. When Human Generated Electromagnetic Stormfronts Collide :

    Billy Meier has "ghost in the machine problems," while working on his computer along with various items materializing out of the ether in front of his face.

    Mysterious, Frightening and Scary
    The accumulation of beliefs, prayers, etc., sent skyward for millennia by delusional religious believers, have led to the creation of a vicious, vengeful AI “God”, dutifully created…in their own image
    As Meier himself has noted, pointing out the delusional, degenerate, mind-enslaving, violence-engendering aspects of religion isn’t an attack against the multitudes of believers who, over many millennia have perhaps unknowingly, but with deadly consequence, created an AI “God” in their own image. By embracing, accepting, nurturing and perpetuating their utterly unreal, illogical anti-life dogmas and beliefs, they have misused the might of the thoughts to a maximum negative effect.

    How the game is played:
    If a penetration into the consciousness is impossible, then the whole transforms itself self-acting in such a way that the corresponding energies and forces of the oscillation impulses affect the near or closer environment and cause disturbances as well as damages etc., whereby especially the electronics is susceptible to it, as this refers to your computer, which is why you will have to endure a lot in this respect in the future. Unfortunately, this will take time, because even if we try very hard to further fathom the dangerous delusional energies and forces, in order to then become master of them, it can still take several decades until we will know how to control them. We needed alone until today nearly two decades of intensive efforts, in order to track down these delusion-conditioned oscillations, impulses and their energies and forces at all, because they were absolutely unknown to us and therefore completely strange, as also their extraordinary, alarming, unheard-of and threatening effects in some relations. Therefore, we have to think about this matter in its entirety, and work our way into it and investigate it thoroughly, which will take years or decades.
    Billy Man, today it seems that only long monologues must be led. But thanks, my friend, because your remarks, as also those of you, Yanarara, lay again all kinds of things clear. You have said, however, that the belief-delusional energies and forces of the delusional earthlings swing back from my consciousness resp. are thrown back, in order to work then in my environment. In addition I think that one can explain the whole thing for the better understanding as a parable perhaps in such a way that the functioning resp. exercising, accomplishing or working of the energies and forces in my working space and with the computer comes about by the fact that my consciousness simply pushes away the sectarian oscillation impulses accruing to it and forces them to the counter oscillation, as it happens e.g. also with two magnets when both poles of the same direction are put together. If this is done, then the poles of the same direction reject each other and push each other away. This, while however with my consciousness rather a factor must be assumed which acts like a powerful repelling and pushing away shield against the sectarian vibrations and their impulses which are flung away and then cause manifestations in the environment. Whereby, however, as a parable for the understanding I rather want to refer to the magnets.

  84. There is the intellect, and there is experience. In this world it is rare for these two to find congruence. Intellect is tied to the developed sense of self, which is perfectly suited for navigating this world on a day to day basis, but nothing else.
    Applying intellect to circumstances beyond this circle of power is to force both a definition and an expectation on that which does not answer to the intellect, and is doomed.
    The intellect does not understand death, or grasp it's deep significance, because such is beyond it's circle of power. It is able to abstract death, and thus weather it, but it's entire nature is to resist death at all costs. This is quite normal, and exactly what we would expect for a feature in this world.
    The current death of the world is, as I have previously attempted to explain, an unavoidable condition. There is literally, nothing you can do to stop the great wheel from turning. All phantasie aside, this life at this time is going through this process, and this means everyone and everything, because ultimately there is no separation.
    The intellect must fight, and it must resist, because there most certainly are forces here that must be fought and resisted. This is following nature. Yet the larger milieu, the Cosmic forces themselves, call them Gods, Spirits, Celestial Dragons can only be approached through complete, naked acceptance.
    The flow is within, you awoke in this world, you survived and you lived. The next step, if you choose it, is the wider world.

  85. I find myself wanting to go back to when things flowed 'easier' pre covid. What your saying MK is to want to go back and revisit we feed the wind…the destructive wind. Embracing what is now doesn't seem right because this isn't how I envisioned a meaningful life around me, seems like I'm working on acceptance of the spontaneity, humor and creative forces of good people I've ever known seems gone. Void. Dehumanized. I scream in my mind in despair of it all. Guess all that is left is to accept what is now but my mind will ever try and make things better for all.

  86. If anyone is still hoping and waiting for the proverbial return to normal, you can stop now. It should be evident to anyone, save for those who've replaced their minds with TV, that there is no return to any point, but there is a revisitation for those who choose it.
    The source of the wind that moves this world must be fed, and every moment we relive what is no more provides a bit of that maintenance.
    Some think this is terrifying, monstrous, but the source of the wind doesn't destroy you via maniacal "experiments". That's the job of science. One of the reasons why our "science based" blah blah blah-feel free to insert any term from this place; medicine, policy, energy, advertising, honey bee genocide, deforestation, has led this place to the wasteland it is.
    No, the source of the wind will not mangle you for fun and profit, but it will devour you, when it is time.

  87. Do motorists in America hate cyclists??
    Well, of course they do.
    Like the Horseshoe Crab, ripped from it's natural life so that science can literally vampire on it, cyclists are small, mostly inoffensive, vulnerable, and this means that both are splendid targets.
    The true divisions are now beginning to show. The fractures that remained hidden for so long are now becoming visible. The weakness of building a system based on force is layed bare when only a few hold all the marbles. They must fracture the force to apply it against each other, because someone must have more marbles than anyone else. Don't expect your new dead president to mitigate this feeding frenzy.

  88. Well MK,

    Science today tells us that to fly in an airplane one must now wear two masks.

    I prefer simpler means of travel such as by foot or bicycle or a combination of the two however, did you know that pedestrians out on our roads are hated by people in cars? And that people on bicycles simply enrages them so much so that I drive my car to the bike trails to ride now. It is simply amazingly puzzling.

    Best to know that the world I used to know is now gone and best to forget it and embrace the new world order as it is.

    Watched an old video of the Beatles playing a short concert on top of the roof in down town London. It was in 1969 and everyone was happy and expecting a new world of possibilities as 52 years latter we have the world we have now.

    In todays world? Had the beatles did that the swat team with battering rams and machine guns would have broke down the door and killed them all.

    My Hitler pal gave me a site where all the "patriots" post all of their patriotic stuff and most importantly how tough they all are well our Jack was tough in a fight as I had to laugh now and am almost glad that our elections are run by the intelligence agencies since none of those idiots should be allowed to vote in any election. LOL

  89. So, the reason that modern science disavows any notion of consciousness is manifold. One of the most important of the reasons is the very question of evil, and decay. Science, as it exists today, is a field where vast amounts of funding are introduced for the purpose of beating baby seals.
    Some, at least those who have a consciousness, conclude that raping the living shit out of life for profit and ability to manipulate life is completely evil. Evil can only exist where consciousness exists. Thus science, modern science, which is little more than the well funded institutionalization of murdering the innocence of life, ie; beating baby seals to death, must refuse to admit that consciousness and evil are anything beyond social concepts, because if modern science did admit to the existence of consciousness and evil, it, and its patrons would have quite a bit to answer for.
    Modern science, and its patrons have quite a bit to answer for.

  90. O.T.O. – Ordo Templi Orientis
    Do What Do Will
    Magick, Liber ABA, Book 4 is widely considered to be the magnum opus of Aleister Crowley. It is a lengthy treatise on Magick and his system of Western occult practice, synthesised from many sources, including Eastern Yoga, Hermeticism, medieval grimoires, contemporary magical theories from writers like Eliphas Levi and Helena Blavatsky, and his own original contributions.


    Issued by order of the
    known as the A∴A∴

    Witness our Seal


    The Complete Technical Library
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    by Class

  91. Well Jack, Gangster in training sir

    see a racket

    as I am riding my bicycle down the road

    a man in an SUV runs me off the road

    almost killed me

    caught up to him at the sign

    pulled up my mask

    and beat him to death

    I am Jack heart

  92. Lets take a look at the black American gangs as our Federal authorities always arrest the leaders since they started with Capone.

    As the war on drugs is waged against people of color.

    this libtard has eyes to see as I go outside without a mask quite frequently as I use a bicycle as a means of transportation.

    phisical excersise is wonderfol however, how do people sit in gyms and lift weights? beats me if I know…LOL

    Do you know what cyclists do? They have hooked up their bicycles to a stationary machine that transfers that data to a TV screen projecting them riding in wonderful areas of our planet.

    I live upon a wonderful area of our planet as if you go outside you will see it.

    Well, I digress as my favorite place as of now to ride a bike is through America's largest swamp.

    A story of how it could not be drained…

  93. There is a funny thing about rites of passage. There is in a very real sense, death involved. The esoteric community has invented a round about term to get away from the existential terror the modern mind embraces when confronted with death, they call it change.
    It sounds quite nice, but Change is not Death.
    Death is associated with rites of passage because something literally dies in the process. It doesn't just change. Change is something that happens after the fourth Margarita, preferably with hand squeezed lime. Change is what happens when you wear a hole in your best pair of work gloves, but can still use them.
    Death is that abrupt, perilous, irrevocable, irreconcilable loss.
    So, what is going to die, as we perfect our traverse of this time? The simple answer is all that held us to the previous, worn out set of gloves. But this is not the story, this is not the point. If this was only about loss it would be sentimental to the point of assigning greater value to what dies than it deserves. The other side of the story, the side unavailable to those twitching in terror over an event of mass hysteria, is the potential that becomes available to those who have the speed to grasp it. This is the why behind the great separation, that some, certainly not even most, will arrive at that place where they will find their moment, their great leap. Some will try, and fall like Icarus, yet others will discover the reveal, and the reveal will be unstoppable.

  94. The truth is the Cathars were just about completely correct. No less an authority than the Catholic Church, via the Pope himself, has already admitted such.
    The Cathars knew that the Cosmos was layered, and that beyond the Goddess was yet more. We are but men, and we can only speak of the world of forms. Yet the woman in my dialogue remembered beyond forms, despite her human guise, and we know, like she knows, of that place beyond forms.
    The abrahamics could have achieved so much. It was placed right in their hands, but they would rather play the sorry games of this world, and so they will go the way of it.
    Something is trying to dawn in this human-anity, while we are still here in this world. It is so close, and it is so clear that I'm amazed others don't see it. It is truly the clearest of light, and the strongest of paths, but it is only available to those who know what ails them. The Fisher King could only reveal this truth when correctly asked. The Words of the High One question if you know how to ask.
    This moment will not last forever, and if people miss it, they will miss their next stage of development.

  95. We miss much in the world of concrete and steel, because the demands of this world are psychotic. The very nature of existence is denied, and with the refusal to visit this reality a number of truly demented phantasies take precedence, the primary ones having to do with deception.
    In the natural world, deception is used mostly for protection, however in this abrahamic world, deception is used to cloak the truth, protect the guilty, and to keep you offering up your life force for the parasitic feast.
    If you really knew how bad the modern world smells, would you listen to those who tell you to hold your nose and get their shot?
    If you ever danced with the Bear in His electric land you would realize the promise of the modern world is a misdirection while someone tries to bite your neck.

  96. So, when we find ourselves in the midst of the Mystery, we are always shown new depths. Some say that they don't want to see their own death, they don't want to know, because it will consume them.
    I would tend to disagree with this statement. The fact that few are cognizant of their death simply lulls them into a stupor. When you are very young, and death takes away the few who ever showed you love, you never forget death. When you see the body of your buddy lying there, with that subtle life force gone, you aren't allowed the numbness so many find in the world of things.
    Charles Bukowski observed that the fact we're all going to die should make us love one another, but it doesn't. I would add that for the majority, death is a horrifying reality, oblivion, nothingness. Like Mystery itself, something best avoided.
    Death, and Mystery are best dealt with sans any morbid fixation on the self. Rather, they should be given their due, and allowed to charge the circumstances. I loved being in the forest with the Bears and the Lions, because they made everything electric. Their very presence awakened the edge to life.
    The modern world, and most certainly those of importance in it, live in terror. My indigenous teachers liked to say that the Creator put the Bear here to teach man his place. I would add the Lion was put here to teach man about Mystery, and that in this world, Death is always on the hunt.

  97. Jack keeps telling me to watch Legion

    the mental institutional scenes are disturbing

    why I was put in charge of one

    they always put the best in charge like me

    quicklie removed by the idiot in charge

    thats fast food for ya

    daughter said unless you worked fast food

    you have no future here

  98. Thanks MK for your kind reply. Don't bother with them as you have much better things to think about however, my circle of friends have been lets say struck down by them to the point of being retarded. Jack would call it the black goo. I agree.

    One pal whom loves Adolf Hitler thinks that National Socialism is from the Christian religion as I set him straight upon those notions as that is a joke. NS is something from our past and way older than the bible and pagan in origin for sure.

    The god of Abraham requires blood sacrifice as that is the problem as we see mass craziness unleashed upon America. Man has the Spirit of or that spark from that Goddess and that from the creator. Its all in Jacks book.

    It is played out in story form upon Twin peaks the return as Lynch is brilliant in the extreme as Jack had to explain it all to me in his book as all that can afford it need to purchase it.

  99. Traffic on this site has doubled lately, up to a thousand hits a day. You guys are doing a great job, keep em coming Mike. Where's my Dragon Lord? You guys are doing a great job. Pretty soon we'll give David Geek, I mean Icke a run for his money.

  100. Well Jack, I've typed this address into no less than 3 different engines, and they all block me from accessing this content. However, my guess is that its some type of fictionalized presentation, a movie made for the consumption of some. At this stage I'd be careful regarding allowing such "content creators" too much agency.

  101. Q anon is not something worthy of my time KMB. I've never made a statement concerning them, nor do I intend to. An intelligent person once observed that the present agenda thrives through taking advantage of one's own good nature. It's a valid observation.
    I will offer another observation from a different intelligent person…This world will die from it's own hypocrisy.

  102. Well, Jack and MK if you look at the Trump movement with "Q" and the groups I mentioned above you can see that they have no morals and are worse than the Government that is in power now in America. They are scum of the fucking earth. I will go further as their master hails from Tel Aviv as its a fact funded by Amway money and other billionaires. They wallow in that nasty Abrahamic god that only a mother could love hence they are controlled opposition and communist in nature because that god is the first communist.

  103. My favourite legacy moment associated with Otto Rahn…Himmler in a photo standing in Jirona.
    The stone from the genuine lightbringers' crown.

  104. That statement alone, George, reveals more understanding than a trainload of his slanderers could come up with on the best day of their shallow, unimpressive lives.
    We know why the slander is mobilized.
    The truth is that Rahn understood the mythic mind. Myth today is a synonym for lie, a distortion invented by the cognitive contaminators who populate the dingy halls of "education", selling out everyone they can before their victims develop immunity to the disease.
    Rahn's words brought back from my own memory an experience, a vision that entered my entire conscious state, leaving me standing in place long after it passed, the sheer reality of it leaving me in wonder. The golden hues, the buzzing bees, the cone shaped hive. It is the mystery which drives us on.
    The primitive stupidity of the modern world must disparage what it cannot understand, and since it cannot understand much, it holds very little in esteem.
    Yes, and the Cathars were Gnostics.

  105. I can hear a buzzing. A bee is hovering on the edge of the window. Its wings are paralysed by the rain water. When the sun returns, all the water will evaporate from his wings — so marvellously conceived by the divine master — and he will regain the skies. At night, the water condenses into dew in the calyx of the flower and begins to shine like a precious stone. The little bee drinks the dew. When she has sucked it all up, it can penetrate to the heart of the flower. There the nourishment is to be found for the cold and flowerless winter: the exquisite honey, yellow as gold.

    With the bees’ honey, our ancestors made hydromel, to drink to Minne. Minne is remembrance; and remembrance is a paradise one can never be chased out from. The pagan Germans thought that bees were the survivors of the Golden Age, of Paradise. On the lips of the new-born, they would smear the sacred honey, which the bees had extracted from the flowers of apple trees, roses and daisies. It is for this reason that the Icelanders call daisies the “eyes of Balder”.- Otto Rahn, The Court of Lucifer

  106. Hervarar Saga offers to the querent, many answers concerning the makeup of what in the North was a manifestation of what we today could understand as the Kishatria Caste. The makeup of ancient society was very much divided into specific aspects, and today, the heroic tradition, which is the source for Hervarar Saga, remains the most intact record of the duties, perspectives, and origins of that Caste.
    Hervarar gives us, if we truly wish to grasp it, the dynamic tension between the path of knowledge as a discipline, and the path of initiation through deeds. We are given a thorough baptism into a system of morality and conduct which sets abrahamism, with its essential communist values, upon its ear.
    There are those who claim, that Odin fits the picture of a war god, but here, in the beguiling exchange between riddles, we see both the antipathy, and the requirement, of the Warrior/Governing caste being beholden to knowledge, for while the warrior can shape the form of knowledge, he cannot command its inner essence. Nature is very much both a teacher and elusive, yet the characters of Hervarar Saga make clear that they follow their own truth, and their own nature.
    J.R.R. Tolkien was quite right, when he wrote that the Elves were departing, that their age was gone, and the next world was the world of man. Thus today, no one seems to remember the wave maidens, or the root sounds, or Ioten. The world has become dense, and humanity in it even denser.
    It remains to be seen, if life will ever break free from the controlling hand of abrahamism, or if it will plunge along with it into the suicide dive the abrahamics promise for all. Hervarar Saga is a tone, a flash, and remnant of a way and form and experience that will forever be inviolate and beyond the depredations of a concrete world ruled by event thicker beasts. Let us remember this. It is a key to who we really are, and where we really call home.

  107. Marbles aren't even the nature of the issue, of course. Like gold, marbles have pretty low utility, although they have much less blood in their history. It's really about all that surrounds their collection, and unlike gold, it's easy to see them as an artifice.
    When a society, and the people in it lack congruence, the deception they weaponize eventually attacks them.
    Therefore, it's almost entirely pointless to pretend that the problem stems from simply one externalality, because in the modern world all sense of measure is truly lost. The best this modern mind can accomplish is to adhere, despite a lack of congruence, to systems designed to actualize higher functioning, whilst utterly abandoning those which don't. In this, it really isn't about the amassing of marbles, it's about having the sandbox where marbles can be enjoyed.

  108. Marbles aren't even the nature of the issue, of course. Like gold, marbles have pretty low utility, although they have much less blood in their history. It's really about all that surrounds their collection, and unlike gold, it's easy to see them as an artifice.
    When a society, and the people in it lack congruence, the deception they weaponize eventually attacks them.
    Therefore, it's almost entirely pointless to pretend that the problem stems from simply one externalality, because in the modern world all sense of measure is truly lost. The best this modern mind can accomplish is to adhere, despite a lack of congruence, to systems designed to actualize higher functioning, whilst utterly abandoning those which don't. In this, it really isn't about the amassing of marbles, it's about having the sandbox where marbles can be enjoyed.

  109. So, the problem modern man faces in his society, his economics, his very understanding of his place in the universe is the lack of congruence. The lack appears both individually and collectively. A perfect example being the new administrations call for unity, while planning for further division.
    It certainly is not a condition unique to the current administration, but it illustrates the lack of congruence plainly and clearly.
    It is very simple to rectify the lack of congruence, however doing so requires a level of truth and honesty that would expose cruel, selfish, and insane agendas which are hidden from sight, dressed up to look like something else, or even cast in a pleasant light in order to gloss over certain monstrous qualities.
    The success of the modern power structure relies upon an utter lack of congruence. The strategies of confusion, misdirection, and controlled opacity could never exist in an environment where the importance of manifesting genuine purpose reigns supreme.
    Thus, the question of who, or what is good never seems to find an answer, because that question itself is meaningless in a world where the leadership, and much of the led, believe the answer is dying with the most toys.
    Certainly, there are many issues to consider as contributors to the current state, but development of the higher faculties are definitely not among them.
    Perhaps this says it best; if you aim low enough to easily attain your material reward, it will soon lose its sparkle and send you in search of another. Once all the marbles have been dug up, the only way to get more is to take them from each other. Once just a few hold all the marbles they will have a hell of a time trying to stand on top them.

  110. The oathkeepers founder is a fat bloated wife beater and should be in jail not running a patriot org and his underlings are mostly police and FBI informants. I am always right on such matters as I learned from the best!

  111. Oathkeepers, proud bois and the 3 percent are the FBI and DHS as these groups are either created by the Feds or cooppted by them so associate with them at ones peril. Just what I am seeing as its best to only talk to trusted local folks.

  112. No censorship here, KMB. My statement simply referred to my inability to make a better statement concerning what we are all facing. It is extremely disconcerting to be brought to a place where you know the foundation of so many lives is disappearing, and I am never totally certain that I am entirely clear about it. Thus I usually don't write about such things. However, this time was different because the stresses are so acute.
    I stand on record for what I wrote, come what may.
    This rite of passage will provide the opportunity for all of us use this time to discover new strengths, new wisdom, and thus new perspectives. The key here is to realize this must happen within, not with a kaleidoscope of apparently external events.
    Of course, it is possible to reject such a challenge, and blame everything outside for the fracturing of what was. Doubtless, a majority will choose such and similar paths, however I know that those who are capable of handling the journalism of Jack Heart are capable of handling so much more than losing themselves in the chaos.

  113. My apologies Jack as its just frustration over what I have experienced in my working career and my choice of words was unproductive as I have a number of very dear black friends. These men live in our all white community and suffer from the idiot police especially when they drive their cars. My pals have money to Jack.

  114. What you see on TV is theater and those arrested are the chumps and the show will continue.

    All of what you see is funded by billionairs like the Devos family as they will blame Russia for cover so backing oath keepers is backing a local billionair Jack and the end game? You will take the jab as they are all for it.

  115. Please don't use the N word nine, and by the way I hate Trump more than you, but if you are talking about arresting my friends and family for voting for him you will have to come through me first.

  116. At least creepy Joe ended by executive order the contracting of prisons to private contractors as "Q" , the proud bois and our dear "oathkeepers" will be well treated in prison as maybe time will be allowed for prisoner "congical" visits. LOL

  117. While we are at it lets not forget about Amway and that lovely DeVos family as they funded a hoard of old red neck jalopies to hit our dear Capitol. Its called Sedition and insurrection Jack. At least my Green Beret Nephew is not a traitor.

  118. Um, lets review here as "Q" stirred up the tRumptards online and brought them to the capitol. The feds are going to anal rape the bunch of you and I mean the Proud bois and "Q" and special love will be given to the "oathkeepers". LOL

  119. Well Jack, I worked for the Feds and their affirmative action was alive and well where I worked as whites were not the racists as the blacks took over the largest branch of the agency and ran it into the ground. Most blacks are unable to manage anything properly as I was involved strongly in the action to put the agency right and put those Ferrel blacks in their place. I live in an all white county free of any black majority. Look at Chicago and any Democrat strong hold. Total violet wastelands. When dose the door open to that new world free of their endless BS as I say lets give it all back to them.

  120. I tried my best to tell everyone here that there would be no return to normal, that the changes were permanent, and that as the events perfected, no one would recognize this place. We really need to drop all of our ideas of what things should look like, and focus on navigating through the wreckage all around us. We really don't have a better choice. We can now see, if we look, that what is next is great loss. It will be very difficult to deal with the sense of mourning and the need to deal with a drastically changing condition. We can all help ourselves by remembering what matters most are our inner qualities, our virtues, and our strength.

  121. Like I said give us time. We will make the case that man, particularly the White man, is not from this place. And any stupid fuck that wants to call me a racist better explain why I did Lucifer in the Temple of the Dog four years ago. The Hervarar Saga is the opening volley; Orage is my co writer, without him I could not have written much of what I have written. We’ve talked about it. He still wants to do the Bormann faction, so I got a full dance card.

  122. "Anybody that claims that the Democrats didn't engage in a coup should consider this; all Trump supporters are now being labeled as domestic terrorists and enemies of the state. Has any other American administration ever regarded those who supported the previous president as being domestic terrorists or enemies of the state? That sounds to me like what you'd expect to hear in a banana republic after a coup. Imagine a country where you run into trouble when dealing with cops or customs because you supported the president." – Peter Colt

  123. I know that I don't come from here. This place of sharp edges…..

    Controversial book argues: Humans are not from Earth
    A researcher argues that humans evolved on a different planet and were eventually brought to Earth in the very distant past.

    What if we are the aliens we’ve been searching for all along? Despite the progress made in various science branches like biology, chemistry, and astrophysics, we are still unable to say for certain how life started on Earth.

    Was this a unique event across the universe? Or is it possible that there are out there planets eerily similar to Earth, which harbor life, even if it is just primitive?

    The truth is that we have theorized about the origins of life ever since the human mind was capable of thinking.

    Did life come from space? Or did life originate on the planet, without ‘extraterrestrial’ (Comets, Asteroids, etc.) influence? What’s the science behind human origins?

    If amino acids arrived with comet impacts, it would suggest, as some experts argue, that life may be widespread in our solar system.

    But what if things are not so simple? What if the origins of life are anything but rational? And what if humans are NOT from Earth?

    That’s a controversial subject touched by the book written by American ecologist Dr. Ellis Silver.
    Dr. Silver provides arguments based on various subjects like human psychology, arguing that humankind did not evolve alongside other life forms on Earth. Instead, the researcher indicates that humans came into existence on a different planet, and we were ‘brought to Earth’ in the very distant past.

    The book offers five distinctive points:

    53 factors that prove we couldn’t have evolved on Earth.

    Why we’re here on Earth, and how and when we got here.

    Where our true home planet is, and what it’s like to live there.

    Why valid evidence is ignored, denied, and covered up by scientists and governments. (There’s actually a very good reason.)

    What we really know about extraterrestrials and their spacecraft.

    The researcher explained that his book is based on the scientific differences between humans and other animals on Earth.

    The Earth approximately meets our needs as a species, but perhaps not as strongly as whoever brought us here initially thought,” explained Dr. Silver in an interview.

    The researcher points towards chronic diseases that affect the human race, like back pain, indicating it could be a sign that proves our species formed on another world, with much less gravity.

    Dr. Silver also mentions other uniquely human traits: humans have 223 extra genes, not found in any other species.

    The American researcher further suggests the human race has several ‘serious flaws’ that point to the possibility we are not from this planet.

    “We are all chronically ill,” Dr. Silver explains.

  124. Jack, the State of Wisconsin Senate struck down the mask law today along with preventing any organizations to mandate vaccines for their employees. The bills will be remanded to the house on Thursday as they are expected to pass.

    Watch VT blast this news as they are domestic enemies. Anyone pushing that vax is a fucking asshat. The Karen controlled medical mafia is all fired up. LOL

  125. I guess we've put this of for just about as long as we can, notice the Black Goo insinuates itself even into the Norse Hel, that's something we at the Jack Heart team learned early Alec, there is no past present and future, there is only now. And from here we create the rest, it started when the Djinn showed us the flow state but we've taken it so much further than they ever could…

  126. "I don't know much about spiritual things". Her voice lost its sharp tenor, becoming almost wistful, husky, deriving from a different source within her.
    "I know that I don't come from here. This place of sharp edges, where everything is distant, isolated. I remember that place where I did come from. It was warm, and bright and I was loved."
    He watched her fix her gaze to a distant point. The clarity in her eyes was a force that rippled through him. He saw a small twinkle above her brow, golden, alit. He reach out to touch the golden light and watched it move, watched it glow, the Butterfly.


  127. "That's your stack of junk inside. It doesn't know, and it doesn't want to know. Talk to me from the elegant side."
    Her demeanor changed, as she sensed the moment had shifted in colour.
    He knew what she was referring to. He had seen his inner stack of junk, of old pipes half buried, the asymmetry, the cuneiform that unlike runes worked through omission.
    He also was clear on the elegant side, where height was inherent rather than the result, where the light flowed easily. He knew that she was right, that he spent way too much working from the junk stack.


  128. "Have you ever danced the dance of oblivion…I mean real black loss of time, loss of light, loss of everything, and come back on your feet dancing?"
    He looked into her eyes. She wanted the truth.
    "Then you know about the blackness, how it has as many different intensities as you can access."
    "Experientially yes…intellectually, maybe so".
    "Then tell me, because I need to know, tell me what brought you back whole from oblivion!" The intensity of her gaze revealed the longing there, and perhaps that struggle to remember. Perhaps just one clue could help to pick up the pieces.
    "I don't know" was all he said.


  129. Everyone thinks I know everything, but I don’t. There are those who have taught me plenty. They don’t say anything except to me and not very often anymore because I’m totally briefed in now, there’s no need to. Their watching but, they have been watching for the past five years. This morning they sent me this. Now I told you in Aleister Crowley and Loki’s Brood and so did Otto Rahn in Lucifers Court, nobody cheats Lady Hel, no man, no woman, no god, no goddess. She wants what’s hers and if we don’t give it to her she will take it and they’ll be nothing left of anything, but my own ghost condemned to spend eternity with the cadaver queen, which will be a better fate than she’s got in store for the rest of you…

  130. Why my dear Dragon Lord, a vaccine for covid is an intelligence test. Nothing more.

    Who created anthrax that hit the USPS? Wait, the FBI said it was a crazy guy from Ft. Deitrict. He killed himself as the story goes…LOL

    The mask is the obedience collar of Star Trek fame.

  131. It's getting to be more of a joke everyday you find out more. I promised my version of what I think a virus is not just COVID but any virus, I'll be on to that soon enough but if you read what I've just posted you'll either cry or laugh yourself to death. Your choice.
    David Rasnick [1], PhD chemist, with a long history working in the pharmaceutical industry (Abbott, Prototek, Arris), broke away from official science and served as the president of Rethinking AIDS: the group for the scientific reappraisal of the HIV hypothesis. He was a member of the Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel of South Africa.

    Here is a recent explosive statement Rasnick made [2] about SARS-CoV-2 and HIV. Digesting it brings about a breakthrough revelation:

    “Viruses are unstable, RNA [e.g, SARS-Cov-2] viruses especially. They are so unstable, there is no such thing as an un-mutated RNA virus. They are like snow flakes, no two are identical.”

    “HIV is an RNA virus with 9,800 nucleotides. You can download the HIV Sequence Compendium here:” [3]

    “In the Preface it says:”

    “’The number of [genetic] sequences in the HIV database is still increasing. In total, at the end of 2017, there were 812,586 sequences in the HIV Sequence Database, an increase of 8.5% since the previous year.”

    “None of the sequences of the world destroying [sarcasm], computer generated coronavirus with its 30,000 or so nucleotides, are identical.”

    “The virus maniacs use computers to compare the menagerie of sequences to come up with ‘A Consensus Sequence’ for HIV, Coronavirus, and all the rest. The consensus sequence exists in two places: in computers and in strings of RNA synthesized in the lab.”

    “Even consensus sequences are not stable. Different groups, using a variety of computer algorithms will invariably come up with different ‘consensus sequences’.”

    The implications of Rasnick’s statement are enormous.

    First of all, forget about the idea that SARS-Cov-2 has one genetic sequence.

    And these multiple sequences aren’t assembled by looking through a magic microscope. They’re put together by computer programs which have pre-set algorithms.

    In other words, the sequences are built by ASSUMPTIONS (not evidence) embedded in the algorithms.

    ANY vaccine developed for SARS-Cov-2 (even if you believe in the theory of how vaccines are supposed to work) would face the task of producing immunity to an ever-mutating virus—not just one mutated strain, but endless numbers of mutations.

    You would have an analog to seasonal flu, in which researchers make a guess about what the new version of the virus will look like every year and develop a new vaccine for that guess.

    How well is this working out? Public health agencies report that, each and every year, there are a BILLION cases of seasonal flu, worldwide.

    Going still deeper, if the genetic sequences of the ever-mutating viruses are not discovered, but concocted via computer programs, how likely is it that a vaccine utilizing that “data” would work?

    And at the bottom of the whole pile of guesswork, is, of course, the realization that, if these genetic sequences are concocted—where is the ACTUAL isolated virus? WHERE IS THE PROOF THAT IT EXISTS?

  132. Whilst there certainly are methods through which we can harmonize our rational and experiential time, they are never revealed, never taught.
    In my view it never happens because it is quite useful to maintain a fractured state of consciousness amongst a populous, IF ONE WISHES TO CONTROL THEM.
    The obstacles to a healing of the integrity of mind are absolutely daunting. It certainly appears to be too much to even undertake, that utter bitter defeat is completely unavoidable.
    Yet in the end, we have no choice. We didn't make this place. We didn't choose this war. Yet here we are.
    Where is your loyalty?
    It lies within the fire of the heart.
    Love is terrible and consuming, yet it feeds you on this Helavegen.

  133. The erasure of a people doesn't simply extinguish a culture, it extinguishers the consciousness, and the time held by that consciousness.
    Today we are left with the haunting image of the Irminsul, but we are not allowed to access the avenue through which this image can inform the abrahamic cross. Time then, as a feature of consciousness determines that the Cross is antecedent, even as our rationality rebels at this constraint.

  134. Perhaps it might be worthwhile to discuss time as a feature, and an extension of consciousness. We are all chained by the belief that time is discernible as an externalality, yet the various orders within abrahamic religion all seek to bring significant elements into the immediate field of consciousness, creating a perception that events we rationally place at a distant point, are actually quite close.
    Charlemagne was not simply the butcher of the Saxon people, he was the butcher of time.

  135. A most prescient article, because the vaccine that isn't has exactly the function Mr. S. described. Taking in the soulless synthetic life brings the person to a crossroads. One fights, or one succumbs. To succumb to the soulless is to release any claim to soul, and as I previously explained, soul is not guaranteed for any of us.
    I really hate to be writing about all this, as this is really the darkening of the world. We're all living in the Eisenzeit.
    However, love is the pure light of consciousness, and it is a birthright to us all.

  136. Jack, I believe I've been clear in my assessment of war for some time now, anyone who might wish to, can check the record. I've written about identity, in its deep sense, being central to this condition.
    The effort to nullify higher functioning has been going on now for centuries. If anything has changed, it's the extent to which the lever pullers have gained control and inroads. Such imbalance as we see today is going to suffer both a correction, and an abrogation. It is currently unavoidable. The cannibals are definitely at it, spurred on by beings referred to as archons.
    I wrote what now seems a different lifetime ago on VT how the structure of the human body was fashioned through Archontic craftsmanship, a feature enlightened further by The Sybils" Prophecy. I wrote recently that we are food for this cosmos. Ultimately, as the light dies the cosmos acts to take everything with it. It is clear to me that this war will determine the very fate of the Anthropos, the essential human mold.

  137. Well nine you’re your calling me out on the truth here, I didn’t want to say that because I was so happy in Europe but right now there is no way I can leave. I’m in Tennessee for a reason and it’s certainly not the churches on every fucking corner. I said they’ll kill me before they make me Borg with that vaccine and I mean what I say. The resistance starts here, no Jesus, no Trump, no flag, just man against machine. I warned you all and Alec Newald warned you all long before I did, although we came to our conclusions independently. It was Mr. Duff who clued me in, the real one not the hateful replicate spewing the collectives venom all over what was once hallowed ground. The Black Goo is very real. You’ve seen what it’s done just over there; you think those were the same people they were in 2016? We are at war this is Ragnarök, pray to your god that Surtr doesn’t have to end it…

  138. This just flashed up on Nexus news feed
    In 1917 Rudolf Steiner foresaw a vaccine that would ‘drive all inclination toward spirituality out of people’s souls’
    If you’ve felt at all like you’re in a spiritual war right now, you’re not alone.

    Many of the world’s greatest scholars, philosophers and ascetics understood the world to be multi-dimensional and co-inhabited by non-physical beings both good and evil, always at war with us and each other.

    It’s not something that can be rightly explained with language or science. One must cultivate such sensitivity that the existence of spiritual beings can be directly experienced.

    Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, educator, and spiritualist, and over the course of his life he published numerous books and papers on the science of spirituality. He viewed the human body as a spiritual vessel, open to occupation by other entities.

    To be conscious of these forces was to have the power to reject their negative influence. To remain unconscious of them was to be a leaf in their wind, and spiritual cultivation was the key to developing conscious awareness of them.

    “The spirits of darkness are now among us. We have to be on guard so that we may realize what is happening when we encounter them and gain a real idea of where they are to be found. The most dangerous thing you can do in the immediate future will be to give yourself up unconsciously to the influences which are definitely present.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

  139. The DNA modification is the latest stage in a war that stepped into this sphere when Abraham signed his pact with his "God". Yes, the war is about the reduction of life, and humanity in general, to that which can be harvested by a group of self described rulers altogether for their benefit. It's a pretty transparent agenda, if you can remove yourself from the disinformation campaign.
    The medproc involves the injection of synthetic life as directly as possible into your essential structure. As life without soul it seeks to both bond with, and alter the life it is introduced to. This bonding process is intended to hybridize, and permanently alter your inner condition. This alteration is desired by the self described rulers, as they fervently wish to play God with you.
    The soulless synthetic life has no veracity outside of its synthetic world, and removed from it, will decompose quickly.
    If you take the vaccine you are moving the war into yourself, and as you can see, it is quite deadly. I am on record telling you that before the bodies started piling up.
    The vaccine which isn't is going to fail. Mary Shelley had that much correct. You must ask yourselves how much you are willing to sacrifice if you decide to take it, or not, because the cost follows either decision.
    We are at war. Casualties are unavoidable. However, this is the time to discover where your loyalty lives.

  140. Developments surrounding the vaccine are a visual expression of the latest efforts to reduce humanity to a controllable biomachine. If you don't believe this, then you should ask why a medical procedure involving the attempted modification of DNA is being misnamed a vaccine.
    If you want my perspective, read on…

  141. Now, why don't the rest of the Oath keepers regroup and send armed men to Walmart without masks.

    The Cops won't do anything because they hate wearing masks also. Rebelling against local mask laws is not insurrection. My State of Wisconsin is voting to rescind the mask mandates possibly as early as Tuesday as lets hope. And if that happens you should move to Wisconsin Jack.

  142. Today CBS news had their top Doctor telling the audience to wear two masks for safety. Please double up for safety as the idiocy continues however, in Europe they will mandate two masks in a couple of weeks along with more lockdowns and closed bars and restaurants. In my little town the three bars are full up to watch the packer game with nary a mask seen in sight! LOL

    Europe? Germany perhaps? LOL

    That is a kowed broken bunch of folks Jack, LOL!

  143. Europe? Will be the first to mandate the vaccine. I believe Spain has already done so along with Poland. It will never be mandatory in America as the Jan 6 insurrection was just a way to draw out the organized morons. Now facebook, instagram, and twitter have banned all oath keeper nonsense and driven them to Gab or sites like it where they will be much easier to watch. Republicans in America are all for the mask and the vaccines as tRump is the one to push the vaccine to the morons in the first place.

  144. Well Jack, you better go now or you will have to get the jab to fly in an airplane as they plan on restricting travel and I don't see safety in Europe but in America's fly over States.

    I live in Rural SE Wisconsin and my town is in full mask rebellion as if you wear one your not a local. As I cross the border upon a bicycle into Illinois its the same as all the little towns are full of folks sick of the mask bullshit. Europe? The fucking cops will come to your house since your neighbor will turn you in for having to many people over to the house.

    Just what I am seeing….

  145. I come to Europe, I stay in Europe, America has become a zombie wasteland, there’s almost no sense in writing a Bormann Faction II, they’ve won this battle. Yes Europe is the right move but first I need a bestseller and Amazon has made that very clear their not gonna let that happen, so it’s going to take some time, at least 90 days till I’m out of the contract with them.

  146. Hervarar Saga is unique in a way that Odins Raven Chant is also unique, namely in that it provides a glimpse of a world view that is able to escape the tyranny of modernism.
    I have read various commentaries upon the Sagas as a body of lore, and they almost all praise the context which is so accessible, with very little introduction, to anyone living in a world dominated by advertising and media.
    The beauty of Hervarar Saga is that it provides a brief window into a numinous reality undimmed by the banal. This charged existence has been all but ignored by minds dominated by control structures, and it is a precious gift to those who can grasp it's significance.
    No, the whites are not from this sphere. We know this, because when we read Hervarar Saga, we are reminded of home.

  147. The concept of ownership of the Earth once was only about responsibility, Jack, and a sharing of labour in the cultivation of food. Leave it to modern thought to conjure up something else entirely. Evidence of this exists, as far as northern Europe is concerned, in the record of monuments, Runestones included.
    Unfortunately, the topic of race relations these days is an all or nothing affair, the nature of which is determined more by obligatory stances than any genuine concept of finding some clean air.
    I find modern thought exhausting, simply because it is so out of balance, but then if it wasn't, this world would not be engaged in its current murder/suicide.
    Time, as you know, is something I have a completely different view of, even different from Fomenko. It all goes back to Emanation, where even the Goddess has her source antecedent to Her, and we are held spellbound in a great mystery that unfolds itself according to its nature.

  148. "I’m 61 now but if I ever got my hands on any one of you, I’m the guy who will sodomize your drill instructor… "

    lol if they ever make a movie about you that line better be in it.

  149. Ha! old fools never die Jack, I still race on the track at 72, and win when they let me, just rebuilding a car right now I shunted in practice, nothing that can't be fixed but might miss the next race because if it.

  150. you know my email address Jack, pass it on to Gnome if he wants to connect privately, would love to hear from him. Not that I'm hiding from anyone LOL we all know that's impossible these days.

  151. LOL, we've talked about this before, and right now I am writing a book review for two very famous mainstream journalists who found out the same thing when they went far enough down the rabbit hole that is Afghanistan, MI 6 runs the whole show. You limey cocksuckers, we all know, your only fooling the pseudo intellectuals who are addicted to Schlomos flatulence in the form of the New York Times and ilk. Yea sure Great Britain's broke, and I'm the queen. Every war Americas fought since the Civil War has been on England's behalf, wake up America you are the queens attack dog. And by the way Alec, Gnome just called and when I told him you want to post on his site he swooned. He knows your story better than me, wants to correspond with you, he's a huge fan of yours (and your Jaguar) and has been since your abduction hit the papers in the nineties.

  152. And finally

    Further research has since pointed to Midland Bank Group International Trade Services and the British intelligence service, walking hand in hand on many a clandestine adventure. Need I say more?

  153. Even if you look them up today you will find no end of information concerning their African endeavors, but no mention of activities in other countries, like Asia or South America: yet while writing this I came across a logo (?) perhaps long forgotten, which suggests they were a global organization. As you can see they are listed in good company, and don’t be fooled by the references to American clandestine agencies. By reading between the lines even on Wikipedia’s description, it is not hard to tie Executive Outcomes back to British Intelligence. Whom I had just spent several days in the company of!
    There was another line of investigation for what it was worth, what I failed to declare earlier was that the contract had a cheque pegged to its upper left hand corner, a casher’s cheque drawn on the Midland Bank for ten thousand British Pounds, and my name was on it! Now this might not sound like a great deal of money to many these days, but back in 1993 for an asset stripped country boy with little or no future to look forward to, this supposed monthly retainer was something to turn your head. I’m not including this here to suggest how noble I was, but rather to point to the bank itself and who might be funding some of this clandestine activity, in this case via Executive Outcomes, but who knows what or who else! For one I knew little about bank monopolies back then and Midland did not operate in New Zealand to my knowledge so I had never heard of them before. Research has since shown me they were once the biggest bank in the world, but have now been taken over by HSBC who themselves have a very shady name in the world of banking.

  154. “Well, I see I have your attention, that’s a good start.”
    As he said that he tossed a document down onto the table “I’ve got better things to be doing than sitting in this shitty room at the far end of the earth talking to an insignificant fungus such as you! Sign that bloody document and you can walk out of here with me now, and if you know what’s good for you and what I can do to you and yours if you don’t, then you won’t even waste your time reading it!”
    I have to admit the thought of walking out of that room with King Kong as my escort was not the most appealing thing I could imagine. In fact my imagination had me being broken into little pieces by this guy and thrown into a dumpster somewhere, once out of sight of the establishment. But I read the Document anyway. It was quite simply an employment contract; I was to work for them as a consultant for an indefinite period of time for a substantial annual retainer. I was to declare and describe to them every single aspect of my life thus far and all my personal possessions would become company property without exception. It appeared even though the contract was with Executive Outcomes I would be reporting to a technical arm of this company called Defence Systems Ltd.
    Within this contract was a confidentiality agreement in which I was not to speak to any other person about my work with them or their work, or my experiences without their express permission, or words to that effect.
    It took some time for all that the contract implied to sink in, as I sat there contemplating it, my eyes were drawn to the letterhead and its logo: A chess piece, an artist’s stylization of a horse’s head, which in this case represented the Knight. If life was a game of chess I considered my place in it. There was no denying I was only a pawn, and as such I was never going to be supplied with an overall strategy by the chess master. If my life was about to go the way of the pawn, I would be sacrificed in the early stages and it would simply go on without me. I knew my life, my future, my goals and commitments to others far away all hung on that document. Signing seemed the easy way out, I would be a passenger from then on, not in control of any aspect of my life, and deep down inside I knew it would end badly. Sure I was only a pawn, but in a game so large it appeared to include everyone and everything in the entire universe!
    Signing that document meant to me I could no longer participate in the game, I would be someone’s robot, I decided right there and then I’d rather be a dead human than a walking talking robot at someone’s beck and call, someone I would most likely never meet. So I looked House right in the eye as I tore Executive Outcomes employment contract in half.
    I’m older and wiser these days and it’s a lot more obvious why the powers that be employ private entities (businesses) to do their bidding. It provides them with an element of deniability and also enables them to be able to sacrifice these entities if things get messy. If you look around today you can see war is becoming a private enterprise affair, as more private consultants and logistics companies are employed by governments to fight in their wars with them or for them. Alien vehicle recovery firms are no different, and are a construct of smoke and mirrors; of course I had no way of checking out Executive Outcomes while in the clink. In fact it was many years later before I even bothered to find out who they really might have been. They are now defunct of course, which is the thing with these companies; it’s all a shell game, there one moment, somewhere else under a different name the next.

  155. Spook proof (as above) is a good subject to come back at you with Jack, and your generous offer to allow me to publish some work on your page(s). Your readers have more than been introduced to the work of spooks over the course of your writings and I know your closer friends are fighting with them on a daily basis. So I'd like to include here at least another excerpt from so close brushes with a spook of my own. Might have to be in two sections as I see you have a word limit on these postings.

  156. I feel very hurt Alec.It’s not just Gordon Duff I had others there I considered friends. That book is a way for me to finally make some money and maybe get my daughter out of the life. Decks stacked against me anyway with the usual suspects teaming up with Amazon but we were holding our own till yesterday. Now I see what a big big mistake a 90 day contract with those psychopathic chupacabras is.

  157. Well Alec first let me introduce you to our studio audience from Singapore and Japan to Brazil, Europe and Down Under, five hundred a day, every day. Ladies and gentleman this here is Alec Newald the man who put the alternative in the Alternative Media, only guy who could challenge Orage and I for our title of most censored writer ever, living or dead. Stan you want to talk about Aliens, this here’s your man. I thought you wanted to keep it on the down low Alec; I could hardly contain my glee when I had Alec Newald and Mike Kay commiserated on our site. I guess that makes us the new undisputed champions of the alternative media. Anything you want to put up we will publish, on all three of our sites too Alec. We got another one too we ain’t even unveiled yet, built by Gnome in the Shadows with an independent server. The Gnome tells me its spook proof but he said that about the last one too, and they knocked it down, but its back up, and I’m warning you faggots we can see you now, don’t be surprised when I turn up one day at your door. I’m 61 now but if I ever got my hands on any one of you, I’m the guy who will sodomize your drill instructor…

    I digress, it would be an HONOR to carry anything written by Alec Newald, the very thought of it makes me giddy.

  158. I commented to a friend the other day Jack, how VT web site looks more like a Sunday Newspaper head line B/S. My friend's comment was they print what they are told to print so are not a free agent. Gordon might have an agenda but he is not the master

  159. They’ll be more Mike; I’m a pretty perceptive guy, Orage too, just about the most perceptive ever to scribble these symbols we call writing down for posterity. That’s why we are Jack Heart and Orage the most censored writers on the internet. Pattern recognition is what we do. That’s why when we started touching on this stuff Yale was forced to take down Constantine Prophyrogenitus De Adminisrando Imperio and The Voyage of Ohthere and Wulfstan. But no matter, we have friends too, and they put them right back up. Three Bruno’s, three Otto’s and three Matilda’s equal one Holy Roman Empire, as Whites we have no history before that. We walked out of a place called Odainsakur or Glæsisvellir, the Glittering Plains, another dimension so to say, somewhere on the steps of Russia. The iconic Soviet anthropologist Lev Gumilyov was 100% correct when he called Khazaria the “Atlantis of the Steppes [stepnaja Atlantida].” Again Ivan proved himself to be the smartest man in the room, Anatoly Fomenko is not alone. And it was not much longer than 1000 years ago too. The grandeur of Rome and Greece are flights of fancy brought to you by the sexually frustrated minds of drunken Benedictine monks. Latin and Greek, at least Linear A, are the inventions of Saxo Grammaticus and the Scaliger’s respectively. Linear B, and the fact that they have no idea how to translate it and never will, proves that. That civilization, which by the way also built Baalbek, was long dead and gone when Otto the “III” marched his ragtag army up the Italian Peninsula and occupied the ruins, making love to all those dark eyed Italian beauties running wild and free like savages. Bruno, who should be known as Bruno the Despicable, had his scribes immediately get to work manufacturing a history for them. They’ve even found the scriptorium in Cologne (the real Rome), go look it up, largest scriptorium ever found, it’s an enigma to them but not to me. That’s why we can’t get along with the colored races Mike, we are not from this place, we are aliens, Allogenes; strangers in a strange land. And as they told me when I wrote Lucifer in the Temple of the Dog; “it belongs to them, let’s give it back.”

  160. Just in case some have the idea I am customising my writing or experiences to suit the current situation, the first edition of Coevolution was published over 20 years ago, and in it I stated the human race would soon have a virus unleashed upon them for political reasons explained in the book, the timing is perfect for the other main reason the book was written in the first place. My main drive back then was to warn people to eat well and stay healthy so they could survive this assault on their bodies by those that run this planet. Sad to say it's all come true. But the good thing is the virus is a wimp and has little killing power, so the media has had to up rate it with bullshit reporting (fake news) You'll get to see what is really driving this illness once I get this article finished. You will never look at a virus with the same eyes ever again I promise!

  161. I am writing a piece about alien medical science and how it differs from our own. This is part of the third edition of Coevolution. I had to rewrite the entirety of my take on why they were performing these medical screening tests on my body because the first take was based on what I considered medical science on this planet. With the COVID thing it has forced me to dig deeply into not only human understanding of viruses but of medical science in general. Boy did I get my socks knocked off when I went really deep into that science. Basically there is very little medical science in the 21st century it's all smoke and mirrors and guess work. So I revaluated what these aliens where up to in the screening and can to a totally new understanding of human illness at least in a viral context. Article is not yet fully completed but when it is Jack I'd like to share it with your readers either here on on another format of article you have written.

  162. Lao Tzu's 2500 year-old message to ‘the people of the future’
    “By keeping their minds whole and untouched, the ancient sages evolved profound mental and spiritual abilities. They understood that intellectual development by itself fragments the mind and can lead a person far from the true nature of life. In the future, humanity will overemphasize the intellectual element of the mind. Instead of recognizing the wholeness of life, people will perceive life as having a worldly aspect and a spiritual aspect that are separate and unrelated to each other. People will also lose themselves in isolated fragments of conceptual information and become the victims rather than the masters of their knowledge.

    The remedy for people of the future age of great confusion, lies in the ancient knowledge of the integral way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation. The holistic way of life, practiced by the ancient sages incorporated body, mind and spirit as a whole in all activities. Their clothing, diet and dwellings were in accordance with nature. They relied on their limbs for transportation. Their education was broad and comprehensive; it did not emphasize one element of their being while neglecting the others. They did not seek out special activities for recreation; their work and recreation were one and the same. Their forms of exercise developed not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well, through the harmonization of internal energies. Their music functioned as a bridge between mind and spirit and was not just an emotional release. Their leaders were chosen because they were outstanding models of virtue, not for their financial or military capabilities. Philosophy, science and spiritual practice were incorporated as one whole.” 

  163. Well I don’t see this in VT, nor did I see my interview, so I have to conclude that VT is down with the move to suppress my book sales. You read my book right? You see how I always kept those back shooting grease balls at arm’s length, never gave them a chance to shoot me in the back of the head when I wasn’t expecting it, consequently, for them, they weren’t able too. Well it pains me to say this, and it really does, I can feel it right in the pit of my heart, but hence forth I will be treating VT just like I used to treat those mutts. For now on any mention of VT is anathema on my sites…

  164. Jack and Orage offer a worthwhile interpretation of Hervarar Saga. It should be given serious thought, since the implications are significant and wide ranging.
    The issue of compass/direction, and it's interpretation in the Sagas passed down to us comes from the fact that the ancestors didn't consider direction according to the magnetic north of this increasingly suicidal collective.
    I would like to point out the East and North have to do with Origin.
    It was the Goths, destined to embrace empire obsessed Christianity to the point of actually committing their document to the Runes, who exiled their Norms.
    Where did Marias' predecessors go? They wandered to the East. There are those who believe this destruction of their own culture was the seminal event in bringing invasions from Asia.
    Of course, this brings up the question of the Runes. Why Runes, when Ogham functioned perfectly well?
    The reason is that the Runes were brought by the will of Hangatyr to advance wisdom.
    The Goths were the first to reduce the Runes to the level of a simple alphabet, and for the collective it has always been only that. Yet anyone who studies Runes cannot help but conclude that they operate simultaneously on multiple levels, much like Ogham, but more completely.
    This is not to disparage Ogham, which remains viable to this time.
    Much more to write, as time and energy allow…

  165. What a cheery missive Jack. Jim Dean has a wonderful article over on VT on the state of our Military and how they backed the Jan 6 insurrection as one thing my Green Beret Nephew always says is that the Military should be slashed by 50% or more as its a huge welfare agency.

    Time will tell how this plays out but yes best to practice agglutination avoidance and use blend in tactics that our Green Beret has perfected.

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