by Jack Heart & Orage

What follows has been largely excerpted and edited from a Shadow of Nemesis 4: NASA and The Prophet of Ascensionism(Black Sun Rising 66 part 3)originally published in early September of 2015.

Much ado has been made that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines are delivering messenger RNA directly into the genetic transcription process. Transcription is the synthesis of RNA from DNA. The Genetic information then flows from DNA into a protein, the substance that gives an organism its form.

Messenger RNA (mRNA) is fragile and “would be chopped to pieces by our natural enzymes if it were injected directly into the body. To protect the vaccine, Moderna wraps the mRNA in oily bubbles made of lipid nanoparticles.” Upon injection into their human host “the vaccine particles bump into cells and fuse to them, releasing mRNA. The cell’s molecules read its sequence and build spike proteins.” Moderna calls these “so-called spike proteins,” also naturally produced by the COVID virus, “a tempting target for potential vaccines and treatments.” (1)

Technologically we now stand at the threshold of the new man. The only question left is will he be Friedrich Nietzsche’soverman or a squid better suited to serve HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu. The council of nine, whom were referred to as the Nine Lords of the Night by the Aztec and were the Nine Gods of On (Heliopolis) in Egypt, would prefer the latter… 

Lords of the Night in Codex Borgia (1a) Tlaloc, (1b) Tepeyollotl, (1c) Tlazolteotl, (2a) Centeotl, (2b) Mictlantecuhtli, (2c) Chalchiuhtlicue, (3a) Piltzintecuhtli, (3b) Tezcatlipoca, (3c) Xiuhtecuhtli. The actual reading order of the panels is boustrophedon and begins in the bottom right: 3c, 3b, 3a, 2a, 2b, 2c, 1c, 1b, 1a. (2)

The council of nine first came to the attention of pop culture through the writings and channeling’s of Phyllis Schlemmer, a disciple of Andrija Puharich. If any of our readers still have any doubts that the Devil can and will incarnate in human form they need only examine what can be known of the career of Andrija Puharich. He is at the bottom of every rabbit hole in the new age movement and from just what can be proven was the original lead scientist for MK Ultra. (3)(4)

According to Puharich the nine were first conjured into the twentieth century in 1952, through telepathic experiments conducted by him. Using his inner circle, which seemingly included everybody who was anybody following WW II, Puharich would calculatingly spread the council of nine as a new religion with uncanny success. He said “the Nine presented themselves as a kind of collective intelligence or gestalt, consisting of nine entities or aspects that together made up a whole. Puharich said that the Nine are ‘directly related to Man’s concept of God’, and that ‘the controllers of the Universe operate under the direction of the Nine.” (5)

I don’t remember when exactly it was I first met Dr. J.J. Hurtak the successor of Puharich. It was somewhere in the aftermath of the events chronicled in my recently published book; Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan, available through Amazon. Like everyone else I didn’t get to meet the ringmaster till I took in some of the circus.

I was out on bail and in a wheelchair at the guest room of my mother’s house with my head being my only appendage not in a cast. My now ex-wife Michelle and my most loyal friend Geir were there with me. We had just got through talking to a psychiatrist sent by my lawyer Ed Wolf to evaluate my sanity. After hours of explaining the events related in the book to him he made it clear that he believed none of it. He thought we were making the whole story up and even said to me “little green men are not a legal defense.”

He had just left and we were looking at each other with disgust. Geir was convinced that he should have stabbed him to death right in front of my TV. I just resigned myself to the fact that no sub creature was ever going to believe the truth so why bother telling it to them anymore. Into the room tumbled the circus, my mother arm and arm with her boyfriend Marty Myers, Hurtak’s acting Court Jester at the time.

She’d been on again off again with Marty for a couple of years now but this was the first time I had ever met him. After discerning through the sublime powers invested in him by their guru; Hurtak that I was in tremendous pain Marty announced that he would heal me. He ran his hands all around me chanting while Geir growled in the corner. After what seemed like an eternity of holding back my laughter he gave up when I didn’t bounce out of the wheelchair and start dancing.

I wouldn’t take any of them seriously again till I met Preston Nichols; progenitor of the Montauk Project mythos about four years later. But for the next half decade Hurtak was always around teaching my mother and Marty the deepest secrets of the universe. I had no idea who he really was even though he told us bestselling author at the time Sydney Sheldon had written a book based on him. It wouldn’t be till in our investigation of the Giza Plateau I read the Stargate Conspiracy by Lyn Picknett and Clive Prince and talked to Dr. Collette Dowell on the phone that I would realize he was the supreme puppet master of the intelligence community and guiding light of NASA.

Unfortunately even though it was she who contacted me Dowell got me to sign a nondisclosure form before she would talk to me so I won’t talk about Hurtak’s role in the pyramids on Mars fiasco. But Picknett and Prince call Hurtak the “single most influential — but largely unknown — individual in this book’s investigation.” They introduce Hurtak as an “American polymath and mystical philosopher, and founder of a California-based organization called the Academy for Future Sciences (AFFS), at whose feet many of the movers and shakers in this story are happy to sit.” (6)

Hurtak was all over the Giza Plateau during the late seventies coordinating covert activities while orchestrating the maintenance of the narratives; both alternative and mainstream.  But Hurtak just like his mentor Puharich had already been in contact with the disembodied entities they called the council of nine for a long time when on January second and third of 1973, by Hurtak’s  own account, Master Ophanim Enoch, acting in the capacity of a liaison for the nine lifted him up in a Merkabah.

Hurtak, as have many would be Magi that have come after him, has his own definition of Merkabah. “Divine light vehicle used by the masters to probe and reach the faithful in the many dimensions of the divine mind.” (7) Ben Yehudas pocket Hebrew dictionary defines the ancient Hebrew word MRCBH, spelled Mem, Resh, Caph, Beth, Heh, as meaning chariot.

In the ensuing two days Hurtak would be taken by Metatron to meet YHWH (Yahweh) himself and be given The Keys of Enoch. Over the next few years he would formulate a commentary and publish it all in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch. The book features YHWH’s name emblazoned in gold in an English alphabet capped with decorative Hebrew style Yods across a white background. The four letters constitute the only thing written on the cover. Just as Hurtak intended when he wrote the book it has become the bible of the New Age intelligentsia and the source of much of its doctrines and lore.

Hurtak was given sixty-four keys of understanding and told by Enoch “the first fifty-four Keys are to be the foundation for the Ten Commandments – the ten final keys that will give the grid system of life and the resurrection and the respatialization of the collective humanity that will proceed into the universal I AM THAT I AM.” (8)

The Keys of Enoch foretell of impending dissolution for all that is and the preparations to be made for it. Those who have been chosen will carry forth the evolution of the collective consciousness — what in Qabalism is called Adam Kadmon — into a higher dimension of form, one that encompasses the previous one, one that is as god to the consciousness that it was.

Enoch goes on to tell Hurtak “the last ten Keys – the Ten commandments- are pyramidal grid structures of light coordinating the dynamic vibrations, the gravitational vibrations, and the vital cycles according to the Divine Plan of YHWH.” (9)

According to Master Ophanim Enoch, by way of Hurtak, the Judeo-Christian god’s divine plan is written in pyramids of light. On its way to a greater creation each lesser creation must pass through the eye of YHWH which dwells in the center of a pyramid of light that connects them.

The entire multiverse described by Hurtak is interconnected with pyramids of light. “This is a cosmological constant which enables every realm of intelligence to be reprogrammed into a higher level of creation when they can go through their pyramidal energy field of creation.” (10)

At the time of the formulation of his book Hurtak had not exactly gotten around yet to predicting a sphinx on mars. He does say in Key1-0-8 that there is a “Pyramid-Sphinx in the middle of the earth.” (11) He explains that the Pyramid-Sphinx “shows how the face of Higher Evolution is able to travel through our sun system and embody its consciousness in our solar evolution, in the body of our Lion-Sun.” (12)

In an addendum next to Plate 3 in the book, captioned “Enlargement of Elysian Quadrangle on Mars showing ‘Pyramidal Formation’ Mariner 9. – JPL/NASA,” Hurtak writes pyramids were established on Mars to be used as informational grids by “artificial intelligence. They were built for the gathering of information deciphered from the magnetic lines of force attuned with thinking servomechanisms or computers existing in our solar system.” (13)

It was 1973; nobody was talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) yet. It would be another twenty-five years before Colonel Corso introduced it into serious discussion with his book The Day After Roswell. There was Gene Roddenberry with Nomad the planet destroying self-aware space probe featured on episode two in the second season of Star Trek. After that there were comic books.

It would also be about twenty-five years till David Icke would first start ranting about reptilians, twenty before Icke held a press conference announcing that he was the son of god.Nevertheless, The keys of Enoch describe a battle for man’s soul between the dark extraterrestrial forces originating from Alpha Draconis and the Brotherhood of Light out of the Pleiades and Orion.

In the commentary for Key 1-0-9, Hurtak is already laying the groundwork for both Icke’s reptilians and the greater Israel of the neo-cons. “The Sons of Light, the B’nai Or, have established a light pyramid functioning on this end of the light spectrum in relationship to the Pleiades and Orion. Conversely, the Black Cube functions with Alpha Draconis for the Children of Darkness. (14) The Black Cube is symbolic of all the anti-matter which passes through our planetary system of creation. It shows ‘alpha and omega’ tracings of sub-atomic decay and dying star properties. (15)To save the peoples of the world who are under the energies of the Black Cube is to bring them the Torah Or, God’s program of Light.” (16)

Just so there are no mistakes as to who the children of darkness are Hurtak, on behalf of YHWH, writes in Key 1-0-9: “THE ANTI-UNIVERSE IS COMPOSED OF STAR FIELD ENERGIES REVEALED ON THE BLACK CUBE IN MECCA WHICH SHOWS THE FUNCTION AND DESTRUCTION OF THREE DIMENSIONAL UNIVERSES.” (17)

Apparently YHWH does not approve of Islam, and just so there are no mistakes about the way his son Jesus feels about Islam, Hurtak adds in the commentary “so we see in the Kabba, the key geometries of the anti power of life, the anti-Christos, and the anti-Zohar, we see this even in the very language of the Islamic scholars and leaders who gathered at the Kabba who bowed down to the Black Stone as they prepared to ‘liberate Jerusalem’, which is known to be the place of the coming ‘Pyramid Capstone of Light.’” (18)

Messianic ranting aside, Hurtak was talking about the 1973 Arab–Israeli War, taking place as he was writing the book. America would inexplicably side against her own corporate interests in what has become known as the October War. The Nixon Administration rushed billions in arms supplies to Israel shifting the balance of power in a war the Arabs were winning. In response Saudi Arabia declared an oil embargo against America facilitating the 1973 energy crisis. From that time on American prosperity began to erode and till this very day Israel has had America’s unquestioning support.

YHWH’s alleged revelation is militantly Judeo-Christian ascensionist, if not just a bit self referential. The human race will be passing through a neutral zone in the cosmos which will bring great calamity to the three dimensional world. Death is coming to all in this world that cling to it, particularly the Islamic multitudes that are toxic to Adam Kadmon; the universal human soul. “Xoikoi, the clay people” are hindering Adam Kadmon’s evolution into a higher multidimensional world.

According to the Council of Nine by way of their prophet Hurtak a new race must be achieved to carry forth human existence, a race capable of existing in the plurality of worlds that spawned this one. This will and is being accomplished by recombining and resequencing genetic codes in accordance to permutations of the letters in the Tetragrammaton.

The Tetragrammaton is any one of the twelve possible four letter combinations of the Judeo-Christian god’s name such as YVHH, the right way to spell Yahweh, or YHVH which would be Jehovah. Some of these permutations and the importance of them to the Qabalist, such as the one represented on America’s Great Seal, have been discussed in our previous writings.

The six pointed star, the “Star of David,” is naught but a cube folded into itself. If you lightly trace a perfect six pointed star on paper then draw a line connecting each of the points on the perimeter you will have a hexagon. Then draw diagonal lines internally connecting the right and the left points and draw a vertical line from the top point of the star to the bottom point. You will have drawn a cube.

According to the Sepher Yetsirah, god uses the letters in his name Yod, Heh, and Vav to seal the six infinite directions and create cubic space where Cartesian existence is possible. The infinite height is sealed with YHV, the infinite depth with YVH, the infinite east with HYV, the infinite west with HVY, the infinite south with VYH, and the infinite north with VHY. The Sepher Yetsirah is said to have been written by Abraham himself. So YHVH has long held the copyright on the cube.

Hurtak is talking about nuts and bolts genetic engineering to be performed by entity’s he refers to as bioengineers. Phil Schneider and the underground alien base in Dulce New Mexico dedicated to just that purpose were right on the horizon. It would be followed by the Human Genome Projectbut there is also the ethereal.

Hurtak writes “The primal face code is the Hebrew letters of the Tetragrammaton which are the fire geometries (i.e., thought geometries, not originally letters) triggering reactions within the DNA-RNA letter combinations. These letters from the image components which extend from the world of the Adam Kadmon through the world of negative mass, bringing the image necessary for the imprinting of the divine life upon the primitive units of the DNA-RNA.” (19)

With just a little tweaking of the DNA and RNA the nines newly engineered race of Zion will no longer require a sun. In fact they will be able to live on the sun.

Hurtak writes they will “demonstrate the ability to live in high frequency light radiations (i.e., waves that can go faster than the speed of light) and will exemplify the mutation of the physical form that is necessary for those beings that plan to survive the great changes in light radiation when our sun goes into an electromagnetic null zone.” (20)

Key 2-0-3 reads in partial “THE KEYS TO THE FUTURE BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMICAL GENETICS ARE GIVEN IN MANY DOUBLE HELIXES.” (21) But only those of Zion, the people of the light, will be transfigured. The “Pneumatikoi;” the few chosen to work with the light, “must begin to concentrate on the double helix pattern that expands towards death – where the magnetic repulsive force separates two strands of the double helix.” (22)

By working with the discorporating double helix forms”(23) and by altering the structure of the hydrogen bonding the helix itself, bodies can be evolved “that are capable of living in other chemical environments, including non-earthly environments consisting of ammonia, methane, and formaldehyde atmospheres.” (24)

The people of the light will be able to “grow multiple arms, heads, and organs necessary for life in other environments.” (25) They will come in stock silver and blue “or almost in any combination of color patterns desired for membrane coverage.” (26)

Hurtak speculates “a miniature specie can be evolved which can absorb less physical substance in interstellar flight or a gargantuan specie can be evolved which can have greater resilience to live in the atmosphere of the Jovian-like planets.” (27) Ancient Atlantis will have nothing on the new Zion whose elect will “live under water in different planetary environments where the Higher Evolution can build “cities” with special environments for the training of their offspring.” (28)

The nines crack team of subterranean “bioengineers will have the ability to use laser-like light projection (e.g. by optical rotation) to demodulate a complete physical form into an energy form which can be projected to a vehicle or an environment in the lower heavens where it can be remodulated into the same physical form. This is called biolocation.” (29)

“Specie forms can be created having an intelligence which is directly connected to a parent mind.” (30) Hurtak gives further clarification. “In other words, just as the higher mind can experience many worlds simultaneously, this new creation will also possess the ability to occupy these realms by multiple physical embodiments all connected with one mind.” (31)

In direct opposition to Hurtak; Miguel Serrano, in all likelihood the official spokesman for the breakaway German civilization that now occupies an interdimensional (32) area of the Antarctic called Neuschwabenland, (33) writes in his magnum opus : “Above, in the top floor of the North Tower of Wewelsburg, still not finished, would one day preside the Gral King, Monarch-Warrior-Priest, in the Siege Perilous, the number 13, from which he gave the order to begin the definitive attack against the extraterrestrial Demiurge, the Lord of Darkness, Jehovah with his galactic and planetary legions… (34)

Wewelsburg Altar of the Black Sun

Shadow, NASA the Final Insult… | Jack Heart on Patreon


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  1. The fucking Devil himself, in his prime. Does anyone want to explain how he reads all those books in different languages? Check out the military boots, that boy was in the army since he was seventeen; they paid for his ivory league education…

  2. The Spirit is Nine in number. Remember that.

    I shall name them for you:

    "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
    Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law."

    From the writings of Paul from the King James Bible.

    As you say the "Nine" have taken over our world? I agree….

  3. I think you're right on that one Jack. Although I don't know why (anymore) but the shadows have been provoking us all our entire lives, and to what ends? Most of us have forgotten other then we know they are. Walking blind is part of the game at this level and we must know ourselves and trust in ourselves even bad decisions we thought we made could actually be decisions we were supposed to make but we couldn't be aware of that in those moments because it would then give the enemy what it needs to sidestep. For those who played those games with that awareness it's truly exhausting and walking away never felt more free, after a lot of self-programming that is to keep me on the right path of course as a blind, deaf, and dumb fool with the rest of humanity.

    I say to those down on their luck watching the sand castle turn to muddy shit between their fingertips to smile. At the very least to not show the enemy weakness and that they are getting to you. If not with full confidence in the end then fake it til you make it and try and listen to folks like Jack and Crew who know the end even if we aren't here will be sweet and last far beyond what you can imagine. I know it but don't know it and neither do the enemy, not exactly what awaits outside their own destruction, and you can see their nerves are shattered right now not knowing where the magic bullet is going to come from.

    When this world keeps kicking you ask for more and when everywhere looks like defeat tell yourself that all you see is victory. Victory in every action taken, every move made, ever word spoken it all leads to triumph and it will. They say the end don't matter, but lets be honest we all wish we could be there. The journey though must be focused intent and willpower and let me tell you for 20+ years I never thought as many people would see what I saw in the Fuhrer since I was a teenager. If I died today I could do so blissfully knowing the mans greater mission will not be forgotten as Miguel Serrano worried it might be by future generations. For the only thing I asked the heavens as a child was to know the truth as impossibly large as it was it led me here and that I chalk up to destiny my friends.

  4. “Do not break that holding pattern until this shit plays out. I'm going to trust my younger self that once knew better.”
    No truer words have ever been written Greg. “Never count your money when you’re sitting at the table, they’ll be time enough for counting when the dealings done. But right now we are dealing, don’t try to play this game with us; you don’t even know what the cards are. Trust me my friends, we got a pocket full of aces…

  5. Hey now! Lets not knock on Love and Light! I'm all about that fathers love coming down and giving a truly righteous spanking right about now and I'm sure she agrees. After all there's only so much she can tolerate before she has to call in the big guns or she might just do it herself who knows. Show this world some tough love and show them the light by all means!

  6. Blessed be those who've never left the meat suit to see the true reality for what it is. They'll never grow, but they'll never know the true terror they're really in either and thus can continue living a "normal" life, something many of us whose never could even if we tried and our hearts desired it, but really our hearts desired something more. Something that this IS NOT. Only when you submit to your fears and entire the darkness will you know the light from this realm is barely a candle amidst the darkness that surrounds us all and when that light dims you better learn to activate that inner light which lies in the anagram of Earth because it's the only thing that will keep you from being submerged by the darkness that awaits, and goddamn it's hungry and staring at you nonstop every moment of your awakening and when you grow tired, waiting for its moment.

    But if you take the path you'll know there truly is something more. Something real. Something timeless and perfect in every sense of the word. Something that'll bring unimaginable peace and leave you in tears that it actually is and not something your heart only imagined but never could actuate in this reality. When you return from your journey the false light of this world will be realized once and for all and I'll be damned if anyone tells me its bright outside just because I'm standing in a room full of mirrors on the brightest summer day.

    So much trickery Jeff. Too much. Enough I'm damned tired of it all and know too much without knowing that it's going to come to an end and if you're unlucky they're coming to you because somewhere within your consciousness you know something that they don't and it frightens them. Those who have been running their tricks for who knows how long. I've seen numerous beings as a child and after awhile most gave me the stink eye, but they also know if they fuck around that I would fuck around back. All wanting something and then I started playing some tricks of my own. When you're strong feign weakness. I knew there was a reason I wanted to read Sun Tzu as a kid. Apparently that guy was onto something.

  7. When it comes to the UFO's my favorite critic on this has to be Tim Murdoch. If they start a coming with "Diversity is our Strength" run the fuck away and at this time I think all the smart folks across the board are following their inner guidance, and that guidance is saying "Hold fast". Do not break that holding pattern until this shit plays out. I'm going to trust my younger self that once knew better. When do I act? Well, you'll just know and I will leave it at that. That's my blind faith for you.

  8. Thanks Jack. I expect to have more time to read starting next month. I would like to subscribe to your Patreon, along with the website for Forum Borealis. That Norwegian guy has some awesome guests and topics.

  9. It’s a great idea Zen; problem is I don’t even have time to do what I must do. Without Phil Hunter I never would have got the book published and without my stripper daughters money it never would have got a professional cover…

  10. And thank you for the pertinent comment Jeff. This is the best comment section the Human has had in years. Hurtak merely took the reins from Puharich as guru, it was the nine who have been calling the shots for the Bormann faction since day one, and Puharich, the CIA and NASA are the Bormann faction. Any Jewish New York Times writer can tell you that. The nine are very real and we don’t see eye to eye. We never will. Bolon Yakte has but one categorical imperative and that is to bring blinding light down upon the Nine Lords of the Night. For more on their plans for you, I’ve just added; Shadow, NASA the Final Insult:

  11. Hurtak sounds like another false prophet, a la Jim Jones, provided by the deep state. The pied piper leading us all to take the jab, and if we won't, we'll, it's the machine gun for us. The planet is Jonestown writ large now.

    As far as genetically engineering people to live on the sun: gibberish. Nothing that remotely resembles a human is going to survive on Venus or Mercury, let alone the sun.

    The Gral King makes me think again of Lord Azrael in Pullman's His Dark Materials.

    Thanks as always for giving us something interesting to ponder.

  12. Hey cool cover. I probably wasn't clear with my last post. What I mean is, on sites like reddit, sometimes people post images. If you made an infographic of the factions, and at the bottom of the infographic, had something to indicate your site or book, that might be good advertising.

  13. If you stuck at the bottom a image of your book, it might help with promotion if the image got shared around. there are free websites that help you generate infographics and are collaborative, i think the site figma would be worth investigating.

  14. I mean a diagram would show hitler and say aliester crowley and say muslims and jews and women and there would be arrows showing say muslims beat women, hitler worshipped women, aliester crowley liked muslims, jews hated hitler, muslims hate jews etc. etc.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds this complicated.

  15. Pyramid Head is one aspect in the duality of the Red God – 5:00
    Pyramid Heads true name is Xuchilbara. In Nahuatl, Xuchilbara means Spear of the Flower. Xuchil means Spear and Bara flower – 5:49
    “I am the crimson one.
    The lies and the mist are
    not they, but I.
    You all know that I am one.
    Yes, and the one is I.” – The Crimson Ceremony – 7:54
    The Gods of Silent Hill (Part 1): Valtiel – Monsters of the Week

  16. I guess Superman's bizarro world was right: what is down is up, white is black….everything is inverted and inside out. When I was in my 20's which was 30 years ago now I had some 'visitations' by what at the time called themselves Pleaidians….not sure even to this day what the hell that was. However I did start reading all this love and light bullshit that was being written at the time….I spent hours in the bookstore trying to read all of it. And at the time it felt 'good' (I guess) but there was something really off about the whole movement. In reality, if one really wants to get real than ya better face the dark & murky waters….and that is what I have been trying to do the last however long. Thanks Jack and Orage….
    –the peanut gallery

  17. The UFO website for Christians

    Filer’s Files C/O George Filer
    222 Jackson Road
    Medford, NJ 08055
    They see the GOD OF ALL CREATION everywhere. Although it could have been possible the human Jehovah could have been in the mining business.

    Mars Mining with the mining area marked by huge signs at the upper right probably showing ownership. The symbol ý, like the Latin Y and possibly an H can be made out on the mining sign. A wild guess is that this could mean YHWH, “to create or Yahweh the national God of Israel.” these images were taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board European Space Agency’s Mars Express spacecraft, show the depression of Juventae Chasma and the open pit mine with an apparent sign, cut into the plains of Lunae Planum on Mars. Located 5° South and 297° East. ExoNews.TV at

  18. Pyramid Head, also known as "Red Pyramid Thing", "Red Pyramid", Sankaku Atama, and the Executioner.
    Red Pyramid Head flies to the Moon. In this video this object was seen at night in Australia on April 15, 2021. It has red color at night. On April 18, 2021, the same object is seen again from South Carolina, USA, during the daytime, where its shape is more defined as a Pyramid.

    Schumann Resonance ROCKED by Unknown Force | Something Mysterious Spotted Near the Moon!

    19,944 views•Apr 19, 2021

    Today this video shows a fleet of pulsing UFO's parked in the sky over Los Angeles for about 30 minutes. This video was made by a military/SWAT person who used German Leica binoculars and clearly observed they were disk shape craft spread out about 2 miles across the sky.
    I have started the video where Casper The Ghost walks across somebodies swimming pool at night.
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  19. Fuck Hurtak. My mother became extremely senile and we had to put her in a home. But before we did she wasn’t in the greatest health and on one of her stays at the hospital she had an episode where she swore the doctors and nurses were plotting to take her gonads. She escaped the hospital, to save her gonads, in the pouring rain and was luckily apprehended by security in the parking lot. Later I figured out what she meant by gonad because she didn’t even know what a gonad is. She meant genome, that’s what I’m talking about my friend, that’s what it’s like being the real life Rosemary’s Baby…

  20. Don't think it's a laughing matter at all personally although I understand how it's become marketable to mock consumerism. It is actually playing on deeper things buried within our subconscious that we forgot or fear addressing because the pain and often terror that comes with it. Media isn't all bullshit and propaganda and if you've ever seen through it the messaging that's for your that pulls you out of a trance state of, "what the fuck did I just see and hear?" you'll know how sly the tradecraft really is. More than just throwing in an interracial couple here or there it's a deeper messaging beyond that superficial trash. We love what we love despite the eye rolling attempts to build a superficial message because it hits on a code deep within us LOTR style. We already know the answers and for those who say the external is a reflection of the internal they aren't wrong, but the external isn't all bullshit and noise either (much of it is). The external IS helping us to remember what we forgot and it can be graceful or traumatic depending on how long we wish to keep our head in the sands of illusion to blissfully ignore what must be addressed.

    To put it bluntly Zen I think without a superconscious awareness it's likely impossible to make heads or tails out of any faction. The faint moments of that in my younger days led me to believe nothing, NOTHING is what you think it is from the human conscious understand at this level unless you're living and breathing in a superconscious awareness at all times. Too many games, deceptions, spycraft double/triple/quadruple reversal plays happening. Best I can do these days is follow what I feel to be right and know to be right through my own internalized process of judging the world around me.

  21. I wonder if Hurtak would like to see Billy Meier just disappear. It must been a complete shock finding out who and what Jehovah really was 44 years ago. Or maybe that information was already known or caught and he had conceive a narrative that would empower the Owners contaminated time manipulation for as long as they can keep it under their control.
    Always something new.

  22. Don’t laugh Zen A Song of Ice and Fire is a far more accurate representation of what went on a thousand years ago than anything your ever gonna see on the American Hebrew Channel or the British Bullshit Channel…

  23. Easy for you to say Stan while I sit here on the front lines and catch all the flack, I want the matter concluded, Pyramid Head is tired, time to kill everybody, go home and rape some mannequins.

  24. Pushing the narrative to conclusion, like there is some kind of deadline shcedule in time, only causes lots of problems and trouble from misdirection. Unless it is intentional and somebody gets contracted payment for doing so.