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https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2xyhgl GD on Coast to Coast with George Noory

VT:  When I agreed to go on network to discuss UFO issues, after years of retirement from (name withheld for reasons of personal safety) I received a bit of a startle soon afterward.

“Please don’t do that again…”

The questions:

  • Is there a secret space program?
  • Do aliens have bases under the Pacific Ocean?
  • Are the Chinese allied with an alien race?
  • How many alien races plague earth?
  • Is Men in Black real?

Would have been nice to fish out someone in the comments who knows what time it is.

Hovering ‘Craft’ Swarming US Navy Vessels Possibly ‘Coming from Underwater Base’

A stunning 18-second clip allegedly from July 2019 of “spherical” unidentified craft swarming a US Navy destroyer, the USS Russell, at night had earlier been sent anonymously to filmmaker Jeremy Corbell. The footage was supposedly part of a classified briefing led by the Pentagon into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell claims that some of the mysterious so-called Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) captured in grainy images and shown ostensibly swarming US Navy vessels over the years could be coming from the Earth’s oceans.

Furthermore, the possibility that many of the objects are manifestations of “transmedium” vehicles, which are able to operate both in the air and underwater, has been discussed between US Navy officials, he claimed in an interview for the Daily Star.

“They can move from one medium [air] to the next [sea] with ease,” said the filmmaker, adding:

“As you would have an embassy in a foreign land, it is possible that there’s a congregation or a station or a location underwater, where UFOs could be transiting from once they’re here, wherever they come from. That is a possibility that UFOs are transiting from a localised place underneath the water.”

The Los Angeles-based mixed media artist believes this theory of such a potential underwater base might be true in relation to the now-famous “tic-tac UFOs” and other enigmatic “craft” captured on footage “swarming” US Navy vessels over the years.

The filmmaker, who in 2015 launched his investigative film series titled, “Extraordinary Beliefs presented by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell”, made it into the headlines after releasing the now-famous “pyramid UFO” video, ostensibly taken by the crew of the USS Russell off San Diego in July 2019.

Furthermore, he made public images of an object seemingly hovering above the USS Omaha before “descending into the water” in the same month.

Corbell published the images, confirmed by the Pentagon as genuine, on his website extraordinarybeliefs.com.

The footage echoes similarly authentic videos of encounters by USS Nimitz fighter jets in 2004, as well as sightings of unidentified craft in 2015.

Referred to as the “Pentagon UFO videos”, the visuals are recordings of cockpit instrumentation displays from United States Navy fighter jets based aboard the aircraft carriers USS Nimitz and USS Theodore Roosevelt in 2004, 2014 and 2015, which were leaked to the public.

The three grainy, black and white videos created a furore in the media in 2017.

In September 2019, a Pentagon spokesperson confirmed that the videos were made by naval aviators and were “part of a larger issue of an increased number of training range incursions by unidentified aerial phenomena in recent years.”

Subsequently, the US Department of Defence formally released the videos in 2020.

Seemingly feeding into Jeremy Corbell’s current claims is the fact that all of the leaked UFO videos confirmed as genuine by the Pentagon have occurred over the sea.

The filmmaker refers to the USS Nimitz encounter, where Commander David Fravor, a fighter pilot from the strike group, first witnessed the so-called “tic-tac” shaped object hovering above an “ocean disturbance”, or “boiling water” on 14 November 2004.

“There was an object under the water and it appeared to be cross shaped. And it was right under the water where the tic-tac UFOs were descending to, and they were dropping in from above 80,000 feet, all the way down to sea level in less than a second without a sonic boom,” said Corbell.

He cites witnesses of the encounter as apparently describing the “craft” descending and “docking”.

“They were docking somehow informationally maybe with whatever was happening in the water or under the water,” points out the artist.

According to him, other explanations have also been offered by officials in an attempt to figure out where they are coming from, such as “another planet”.

“That’s one of the options that’s definitely on the table. But importantly, there was this implication that there might be a base or location like an embassy that they could go and maybe fuel up their starships… who knows I’m speculating jokingly, I have no idea,” concluded Corbell.



  1. 686. With these war-experienced ones and leaders, stemming from many different planets, and together with the robots and weapons built with the help of governments, and with the androids, Nokodemion constructed a multinational peacekeeping troop, so veterans instantly appeared everywhere, and fought the criminal conquerors, or imprisoned them, where these led their conquering campaigns.
    687. Within fewer than eight years all of the criminal peoples were in the custody of multinational peacekeeping troops, deported to a distant planet that was hermetically barricaded and guarded so that nobody could escape, even if anyone possessed flying machines capable of space travel.
    688. In conformity with the law of logical force, Nokodemion issued the decree that both sexes of the peoples were ordained to sterility in a lawful and humane way.
    689. And thus the order and decree was passed, through the engagement of the Arahat Athersata level, that those who passed away in the course of time to a natural death should not be ordained a reincarnation, rather that their spirit-forms had to stay as long in the realm of the other side until they, one day, through a new decree of Nokodemion, could again find an existence in human bodies.
    690. However this had to continue for a very long time and, in addition, led thereto, that almost all knowledge had to escape out of the storage banks of all personalities, and new personalities were created through the collective consciousness block.
    691. Thus this process of exhausting the greatest part of all the knowledge stored in the storage banks continued for almost 4,000,000,000 years before Nokodemion, with the help of the Arahat Athersata level, again called the aforementioned spirit forms, and newly ordered them into human bodies, and indeed in his newly engendered and created peoples who found their origins 8,000,000,000 years ago on LASAN.
    692. That, my friend, is the answer to your question, yet that may all indeed be known to you.

  2. Nokodemion/Nokodemjon : Human exterminator on a planetary scale.

    Two Hundred and Thirty-eighth Contact
    Saturday, 18th May 1991, 00:55 hrs

    677. That was 12,000,000,000 years ago.
    678. As he had to recognize his peoples’ lack of understanding, he decreed a logical use of force, because the people were so degenerate that their senses and aspirations were, with all murderous means, only after boundless power.
    679. Uniformly, as one, the peoples had the audacity to violently spread out in the universe, and, autocratically and usurpingly, named themselves representatives of Creation.
    680. An insane idea that they had already tried to actualize, in that they attacked foreign planetary systems, bestially murdered millions of people or clapped them in chains and enslaved them.
    681. Thus Nokodemion was faced with the choice of leaving his peoples to degenerate into universal monsters or command a halt to their murderous and power-hungry deeds.
    682. Naturally he decided to command a halt, accordingly he issued his decree.
    683. This was based on his sense of justice and his loyalty to Creation. Accordingly he sought a solution which was anchored in the powers of the creational laws and commandments.
    684. First, in the course of only a few decades, he established gigantic armies which were of an exclusively android nature. Then he armed them with all conceivable weapons and robots, whereby hard-hitting armies arose, sworn singly and alone to Nokodemion's high command.
    685. The single leaders of the individual armies and troops finally were taken over and managed by the leaders and war-experienced of the different planets, whose governments united and were able to defend themselves against the criminal and unhesitatingly murdering conquerors.

  3. They have all taken the chemtrail jabs Stan and as Jack says perhaps just waiting and watching the show is the thing to do?

  4. If the Target refuses to change their ways, like any typical run of the mill Psychopath will not, the strong Black Magician will then say "Call it, heads: brain tumor; tails: pancreatic cancer."

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  6. I have my moments of hopefulness for man usually followed by bouts of absolute destruction towards them. Feelings of you reap what you sow hung gently on my conscious like a wreath of blissful release towards what I'm forced to bear witness to. Part of me knows you're right, but the soldierly aspect of me refuses to quit until death and even then inked on my body is a reminder to get back up so at this point I don't know if I'd be alive or dead just to keep fighting. But fighting for what anymore does anyone even know? The truth in a world that denies its very existence? A world that's fallen that not even I can see a way back from? Maybe like the rest of us we're just somehow addicted to the fight itself. Maybe that's when I broke my hypnotic trance and saw others stupidity was not of their own doing entirely I felt pity. Perhaps pity is another trick and fools errand.

    Woe to the faithful.

  7. I am always amazed at the insight of this group. As for tuning of the senses, it is much easier when one places limits upon manmade electromagnetic energy. Literally distancing oneself from major population centers cuts EM clutter greatly. Finding the wave that is of the creator opens one to the truth of the war few, other than Jack Heart readers, even know exists. When one has control over the clutter it is much easier to reproduce the experience of truth and communicate that truth and how it was arrived at.

  8. Hi, Jack – [10/26/2014]

    I don't know if you read my posts on VT, but I have read yours off and on. This morning I faxed The Return of the Titans to Ernst, who is still a political hostage in Germany. He thinks the article is absolutely brilliant.

    I thought that might make your day.

    Ernst has been into UFOlogy for most of his life, and he loved how you tied all the threads together into a comprehensible whole.


    Jack – [11/1/2014]

    This is private, please.

    I don't know how much you know of our story. Ernst is still in Germany, forbidden to come here, because he is deemed to be a "criminal of moral turpitude" for speaking Truth to Power. Imagine!

    We have appealed the consular decision and hope to get an answer by the end of this month.

    In anticipation of Ernst's return, I am building a small meeting room holding about 80-100 people, and we will have PRIVATE monthly meetings for a while – at least that is the plan. We will focus on UFOs because a lot of Ernst's artwork is UFO-related.

    We will have distinguished speakers. I am compiling a list.

    Would you be available – and if so, what would you charge? Where do you live? We do have a very nice guest house where you could stay, even with your family if you have one.

    Please let me know.

    On Nov 1, 2014, at 9:47 PM, Jack Heart wrote:

    Dear Mrs Zundel

    They say behind every great man there is a great woman and you are exhibit A Mrs Zundel. The very last thing the Zionists will want to see when he gets here is me by his side, that's why we must do whatever is necessary to make that happen. You would have to pay transportation and take care of housing and food, outside of that I require very little else. I am a soldier and the only thing I must have is victory. It would be an honor. Your husband is holding markers they have nightmares about paying and I am just the guy to cash them in! I live in West Babylon NY but I have nothing tying me here, my daughters are grown and i see all the possibility's with the arrangement you propose. if you can meet my requirements count me in…

    yours Jack Heart / George Esposito

  9. So sad, so sad indeed for the human race, this inverted reality they live in. As we’ve already told our readers this is Otto Rahn’s doing and I’ve received confirmation of that from the highest rung on the ladder out of this Hell. But truly Greg, looking around, the human race is not worthy of anything else. Perhaps my army, as you call it, will never attack and will just kick back and watch the same IG Farben that betrayed National Socialism in WW II turn these already vacuous creatures into the robots they yearn to be. They can live forever in an artificial netherworld, with artificial brains and artificial hearts to wonder why they are here yet feel nothing. It would make an interesting interdimensional zoo, no?

    Yes of course everything revolves around WW II, WW II never ended. Perhaps it never even began; perhaps this is a clash of ideals epitomized by National Socialist individualism, as espoused by Nietzsche and Bolshevik mechanization as espoused by Thomas Hobbs. The possibilities are almost as endless as the pain but the results are always the same, nothing ever changes in this dreary grey world and nothing ever will.

    I see Veterans Today suddenly wants to talk about UFO’s. Maybe somewhere in the far off distance someone has heard the steel of Pyramid Heads great sword dragging on the tiles of the cold hard floor. I so want that to be true, if only for people like you Greg and the rest of our readers. They followed this up with an old article by Ingrid Zundel, since it doesn’t mention us and talks about Stan’s 2016 swastika crop circle, it was written long after they broke off communications with us, warned away just like every other major venue that’s approached us. The list is long and heartbreaking for the souls marooned in this place and if for no other reason at all, it is reason enough to fight just for vengeance. I include the VT link and, seeing as they are now both dead, like so many others, some of my correspondence with Ingrid…


  10. Pastor at my local church just turned 90 years!!!

    Always taught that the Church was always Spirit led.

    I have this absolute tremendous hope for the future…LOL

  11. Greg, perhaps you don't know but the Spirit was sent by him a very high level being as he released the Nine. They are Nine in number as they are fruits of the Spirit. They are demonstrated amoung real humans. I belive it was paul that informed us of these facts. However, Rome had other ideas about the writtings of paul. Decided to get rid of him…LOL

  12. You get it. Takes a lot of effort to do something as simple as doing a walk with no effort. No purpose to burn calories or listen to an iPod but just to walk and enjoy each step. Everything in the world of our 5 senses works tirelessly to consume our energy making it take a concentrated effort like meditation to get back to our authenticity. A good example is people trying to be good. If you were your true self there is no such thing as trying to be what you are you simply become as you truly are without the attachments because you know and simple are. Distractions come into your field and you throw them at just as quickly as they enter disregarding the 5 senses and standing in way more accurate ones. Those 5 still exist the closer you are to your body but they're so much more muted.

    A simple tip would be for those still on the journey to remember that your 5 senses are like raw power lines exposed to the elements of all creation. Your energy is wild, impure, and overloading your circuitry. It's dirty and the slightest metal foil can toy with the entire goddamn machinery. In other words. Your 5 emotions on that human powerline need to be sheathed, buried underground, heavily insulated and finely tuned before you can play with the other knobs and tune into something else. Those very sense if not tamed are prone to tampering by a floating nano particle of aluminum otherwise and that is how so many around us are literally puppets. They're puppets who need a master to play their tune because they refuse to tune themselves and take ownership of themselves. If you don't do it, well, someone else is going to tune you to their particular play and you're just going along for the ride. Just to further push you into madness, if you tune yourself you're still going for a ride because there's no getting off it one way or another.

  13. The UFO thing is that topic that's just so tiresome at this point. On one hand having spiritual experiences as a kid it never even registered of interest with me until a few years ago ironically following my passion for der Fuhrer to vindicating the man and those loyal who were representing Truth to Power in its very earthly conscious reality version of history. When you read up on history you cannot avoid seeing the pattern that literally everything past, present, and future is tied in with the Third Reich under Godwins Law in some way, shape, or form. I thought for awhile the projections of the enemy were true that we became fascinated, hypnotized even unable to move beyond in some weird Freudian love craze, but it took awhile to figure out why.

    Under the circumstances we find ourselves in and what we are witnessing now globally, everyone is stuck on WW2. History died along with the world and the Third Reich killed it and I wont belabor the point further other than to state Hitler, Germany, WW2, the "Nazi's" and what have you is on everyone's mind, all the time. It owns them whether they want to admit it from Jew to Gentile. From Christian to Hindu to Buddhist to Pagan to Muslim. It owns blacks and it owns whites. Your mind and entire existence in this physical plane that we're sharing is ruled by the Fuhrer and you're going to have to deep dive your consciousness to understand why. It's why Conservatives pretend to be race blind rather than state hard truths and become what they were meant to be, the future light bearers of National Socialsim under Western Civilizations greatest champions that unlike Jesus we know lived and there's proof as Serrano would say. It's why Liberals see Conservatives as the goosestepping SS whether real, imagined, or projected. They know the cure and see in their enemy you're one step from becoming the righteous fury that'll destroy them once and for all. The funny thing you realize is the other side is in a war they're not aware of and doesn't see their end and ultimate potential that they will have to rise to or perish. Nobody gives a damn if you choose to perish, but it'll be that small number you can't stop from rising that will rise that frightens everyone. I'd have to imagine from a higher perspective looking down, knowing the enemy as it is, you have got to be smiling right now because you see not only future victory at the game being played, not only potential across the board, but an army that's ready to rise up Game of Thrones style (just for you Jack) and kill their masters, metaphorically speaking.

    The pincer move my friends is from not only above, but from down below and you're it. The great game is never easy and we don't always know our role or see the end through the forest, but let me ask you does it not feel like a pincer? Does not one party feel like they're in someone else's pincer and yet they can't tell why? Some of us feel a lot more at ease than others do despite the circumstances and we have to wonder why that is. A force guides us and knows more than we do. You aren't fighting blind, you only think you are and whatever "deception" Werhner von Braun warned of have you not asked yourself how he knew and who he was really warning? Was he warning a fake alien invasion by the government to trick us into a NWO or was he telling the big guys they know your game before you even pulling it to. Or was he telling you to chill the fuck out it's above your current pay grade.

  14. Perhaps anon is correct as the Native peoples have always taught in their stories that Spirit is in everything even the rocks and mountains and trees ever watch the movie Avatar Jack? When space humans invaded their world for raping its energy reserves they were defeated by the Spirit that was the energy of the planet as it united the Native peoples to defeat the invaders and even the space humans came over to the side of the Spirit as they knew that what they were doing was wrong. Just an observation Jack but I think your poster is wise and Spiritual indeed.

  15. The UFO topic is a minefield of misinformation. Most of this subject that is handed down to us is simply a distraction. While I don't discount alien life from distant worlds, I believe the UFO phenomena is earth linked at its root.

    We are coexisting with an earth lifeform that is spiritually and technologically far superior to the rest of humanity. It has been around far longer than mankind has existed, and it is the checks and balances for the planets well being.

    It can utilize the earth's energy grid to communicate psychically, manifest from interdimensional, and take on any appearance. The UFO phenomena is about spiritual evolution, and what can be described as godly like encounters once you are connected.

    Let go of all the clutter and connect with nature with good intent and personal responsibility, and the unbelievable will begin to manifest.

  16. Mr. Duff was complaining that he couldn’t get a coherent comment on it in Veterans Today Stan, I told him I’d put it up here with you in mind. I ain’t saying anything of this importance outside of our pieces; my only comment was they’ve been warned according to Karmic Law, Twin Peaks, the Silent Hill games and back to Twin peaks…

  17. This is the site just off the So. Cal. coast always shown as the alien under water base.
    According to the website of a California-based radio program, “Fade to Black,” this may be “the Holy Grail of UFO/USO [unidentified submerged objects]” that researchers have been looking for over the last 40 years./ Church then asked graphic designer Dale Romero to capture as many angled images of the anomaly as he could.






  18. From what I know Jeff and underwater base off Catalina Island was incinerated in mid 2016, along with another one off Saint Augustine Florida, now whether they were alien or not I leave up to you…

  19. I wouldn't think any of this would "leak" if the Pentagon didn't want it to. Why don't we see releases of civilian video of similar objects in the sky and sea? Operation ET invasion? Operation second coming? What fake bullshit is coming next?

  20. Why is Duff pushing the vaxx Jack? The US government is pure evil and I hope these folks running these craft destroy that military. Ask my all dead Vietnam War pals about that evil .gov as the cancers killed them all and how about Golf war syndrome?