I got a real good one here from Kaminski, but it’s important for you to remember we are the band on the Titanic just trying to entertain you as your ship goes down into the dark icy depths. It’s not like I endorse any of this, just because Sympathy for the Devil is my favorite song it does not mean I endorse Lucifer. You needn’t worry anyway Elon Musk will be moving you all into space shortly, to make room for the New Atlantis his masters will be building here on earth. As Musk gleefully explains very few will be allowed to stay here on earth. You should trust Elon Musk, you should trust Klaus Schwab, you should trust Bill Gates and above all else you must trust Dr. Fauci. – Jack

Death by jab

Ultimate betrayal by doctors:

Society imprisoned by the state


By John Kaminski



We are no longer citizens. We are prisoners of the state, commanded to accept fatal torture. We don’t need protection from a phantom disease that so many experts have proven does not exist. We need protection from the state.

Nightmare medicine. Bribed government maniacs flushed and excited by their own demonic declarations, so certain of their unchallengeable power, sneer with a lurid leer, “Take this shot that might kill you if you want to stay alive.” And they always forget to say: “We’re not sure if it will actually work.” Ordinary knaves by the millions, trusting in their own conceited leaders, fall down and die. 

Doctors all over the world deceive their patients by telling them to get the jab. These doctors should be charged with murder.

Like a decaying cow skull at a poisoned waterhole, people dying who once bragged that only cowards refused to get jabbed serve as a ghoulish reminder to those who resist the government’s cynical death prescription.

The new government rationale imposed on a world population of semi-conscious media addicts, is “Killing people to keep them alive.” This is very much like Orwell’s ‘war is peace’. Remember that riddle, “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” from the long ago Vietnam war, which like the current epidemic has never been satisfactorily explained nor ever really understood.?

No more liberty and justice for all. Now it’s take the jab or you can’t go to work or buy groceries. And semiconscious people, those fools who won’t stop watching TV, keep saying, “It’s just a little mask, what’s the big deal?” The big deal is hospitals jammed with bacterial pneumonia and a host of other diseases, notably suicidal psychoses caused by locking down children isolated from their peers that in the natural order of things have always kept them healthy.

There is still no definitive proof that anyone has actually died from COVID, because what they’re calling COVID has never been actually isolated nor purified in a lab, according to hundreds of doctors from around the world. 

As the death toll from the jab are tallied by VAERS (the government’s much-maligned Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), one must remember the Harvard Pilgrim study which assessed that the VAERS system records only ONE PERCENT of all vaccine injuries and deaths. Which means VAERS reporting a combined total of 30,000 vaccine deaths from the U.S. and Europe actually means that THREE MILLION people have already died from these nightmare experimental unapproved jabs.

So, all over the world now, they’re putting people in jail for a disease that has not been proven to exist. In Northern Australia, they’re rounding up the aboriginals by bus, preparing for their mass extermination. In Slovenia, you can’t buy gas without a COVID passport. Millions of people in Canada who have quit their jobs rather than take the jab now face starvation and/or freezing to death as their supply lines are cut off by asymmetric weather warfare. They all will stay in the hastily constructed camps until they take a shot the state says will keep them alive, but statistics show most likely will kill them, soon if not sooner.

If they don’t accept the jab, apparently they will stay there forever, while ghoulish bureaucrats ooze joyous power from their satisfying satanic grins declaring their sadistic lies that turn joy into terror and freedom into prison. This is truly medical witchcraft, a fatal disease that cannot be cured except by shots that do not work yet are ordered by officials who are bribed by the Jewish companies which manufacture these demonic poisons and count their billions in profits while the population twitches and dies.

All over the world now people who have been deprived of their right to live and thrive take to the streets to protest this demented decision to kill off most of the population by insisting everyone is at risk from this phantom disease. Those who are supposedly cured by experiencing this fickle flu are ordered to take the jab anyway, even though their immunity is established to this disease that doesn’t exist.

But it’s the cure that’s the disease, and this deliberately devised state of fear that has been created by the state itself that is the true danger from which people need to be protected.

Why would so many people leave their jobs rather than take the jab? Because they’ve seen the evidence, the spasmodic patients forever injured by this devil’s concoction, or whose luckless lives end on a moment’s notice, as some, even teenagers, drop dead immediately after taking the shot in order to go on vacation.

Yet the average person doesn’t see much of this. They are lulled into their deluded sense of security by mass media morons who dutifully regurgitate Big Pharma propaganda. In fact their very jobs are kept secure by the Big Pharma advertising that sponsors the evening news. What would you expect them to say?

With each passing day reputable doctors find new ways to expose this sham menace, but at the same time inflexible authorities tighten the noose around the human spirit as they jab little children with a substance still largely unexplained except for the massive injuries and undeniable deaths they produce.

It’s almost like the psychotic government is saying you must die in order to live. At that’s about the truth of the so-called vaccine, as healthy people drop dead on soccer fields that never would have happened had they not taken the jab.

Overall you have to think this pandemic is not about a disease at all, but about political control used as an excuse to reduce the population, which some say will spin out of control and kill everyone with a manufactured disease that cannot be stopped at any point.

People who already know this much (which is most of the people of the world) are nevertheless apt to forget the central point of the plot that is deliberately destroying world society in order to remold it into a prison system in which everyone will be totally controlled by a central source. 

They are apt to forget the one telltale aspect that connects the medical profession, the media, the politicians and the vampire vaccine makers, and that is their Jewish programming which aims to conquer all the countries of the world into a single unit run by them. 

By their control of the worldwide money supply, which enables them to control all media and all politics, they have now established their de facto one world government, which is why they are succeeding in killing off everyone they don’t like, which in point of fact likely includes you.

This is the overriding fact that must be addressed if we are ever to escape this barbaric tyranny that has turned the world into an execution chamber for all those who refuse to think and act. Without this thought and these actions, our doom is unavoidable.

The witchcraft of this woeful pox was obvious from the beginning when the ugly authorities advised people who got sick not to take action right away but to wait until they got worse and then go to the hospital, where they could be properly injected by poisons that made their kidneys swell, whereupon they could be put on ventilators that would drown them with their own fluids and make their lungs explode.

History will remember this as the Cuomo Technique, after the pervert governor who was removed from office for molesting women as he watched patients die as the consequence of his deliberate decision.

The actual contorted logic in all this is that the elite are killing off all the detritus drecks so they can live comfortably for a few more years on the dwindling food and fuel supplies calculated to be unable to support eight billion people. They’re fooling themselves that they can stay alive on Bill Gates Insectburgers as they block out the Sun with their toxic gases and poison the population with their Glyphosated canola salads and plastic bodysuits.

The one gift they’re giving to all those people they’re killing — all those nonessential useless eaters — is that real people won’t have to live in the monstrous world they plan to create. In part that’s why you hear so many people saying these days, “I’m glad I’m old. I wouldn’t want to live in this world they’ve made very much longer.”

This pleases Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and their legions of paid off politicians, doctors and news readers. It is exactly what they had in mind.

Dr. Vernon Coleman: Medical proof COVID jab is murder


An impolite message to those who got the COVID vaccine

(excellent overview)


Dr. Zev Zelenko: This video might save your life


John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

John is apparently on fire, must be the holiday season. Here is his post-Thanksgiving Post. Me, I’ve cosigned myself to the fact that most of you are going to die and rightfully so. Maney times in my life I’ve been so busted up that I would not have lived to see the next sunrise had it not been for the intervention of my fellow man that always came in the form of emergency personnel, medical attention and good Samaritans. Because of that bearing witness to your execution has been extraordinarily painful to me, I know there’s humanity in almost every single one of you. But and this is a big but, bigger than Oprah’s, I cannot fight for you if you will not fight for yourselves. Peaceful protests belong in Walt Disney movies and on the New York Times bestseller list, they are the fantasy of useful idiots. In real life they never got anybody anything but a sore throatMahatma Gandhi was a tool of the globalists, which is why he’s drilled into the heads of school children just like Einstein who never even performed a single experiment in the lab, nor had any of his debilitating dribble proven by experimental scientists. Without Gandhi the Indians would have taken their land back by force and the Indian subcontinent would have been lost to the globalists. In short, he was a British spy of the very same ilk who have brought you COVID. Gandhi will live forever on the tip of the tongue of every born coward because as noted by Nitzsche; the greatest river of alms is the river of cowardice. When somebody is out to murder you and your children if you want to live you fight you don’t cry… – Jack 








Out to lunch

in a tricky universe

What you think you know

you absolutely don’t



By John Kaminski



Pretending you know something you don’t is about the most dangerous behavior in the world, and those who practice it — which is the vast majority of any population — are going to get exactly the nasty surprise they deserve.

Hello newshounds! You’re about to get tested — and schooled! — on what you think you know. And just when you thought you had it all figured out. Sorry about that. What you think you know is likely all wrong. And of course that’s the way they had it planned. 

A fatuous old fart named William Casey once said that the controllers of society will know they have succeeded in their diabolical plans when everything everybody believes is false. Well, they have succeeded beyond their wildest demographic projections.

Especially — but not only — if you are an avid devotee of mainstream news, everything you now know actually IS false!

Where do you want to begin? How about something simple and recent, like 9/11? Arab terrorists? Forget about it. When five guys from Israel went on TV and said they had been sent to New York to monitor the event, the Arab story bit the dust, though the big newspapers still dissemble to the max to cover it up.

So that means all the wars that followed were false maneuvers as well, with cooked-up terror groups that were all connected to the CIA, Mossad and the Wall Street Jews who were and are direct descendants of the Communist mass murderers who plundered Russia for almost a century.

All American presidents have been liars, but that Bush gang was particularly smelly, and still is.

You want more recent and more obvious examples of your own uncanny idiocy? How about the media-wide frenzy that Kyle Rittenhouse was a racist premeditated murderer who went to Kenosha to shoot people? Or that fentanyl addict George Floyd deserved a statue in Hoboken or a mural at Catholic University depicting him as Jesus because he was such a hero to black people when he was only a hero to criminal drug addicts of all races.

Then of course there was our recent presidential election, in which Sleepy Joe Biden stayed in his basement throughout the campaign but managed to get a record number of votes that propelled him into a White House surrounded with barbed wire and National Guard troops. 

A few Americans actually were dumb enough to believe he got 80 million votes. Oh yes, Time magazine and its Big Media co-conspirators praised the wisdom of America’s savvy voters without mentioning the middle of the night shutdown of the voting process and hastily counted Xeroxed vote totals that typically showed Joe typically outpolled his opponent 2000 to 2 after 11 p.m. when polls were closed, which is a statistical impossibility the spinmeisters cover up to this day.

Of course the real snow jobs involved America’s overseas adventures in randomly murdering luckless peasants, and the coverups began a long time ago, beginning with Abe Lincoln violating the Constitution (and in fact killing the Constitution) by invading the South, which had a Constitutional and moral right to separate itself from obvious and oppressive Northern aggression.

The history not reported by the billionaire-owned mainstream press shows World War I was only possible because of the sleazy passage of the Federal Reserve Act and a bogus fear campaign which has become the hallmark of American media prior to every military adventure, especially the defamation of Adolf Hitler who only wanted to escape the worldwide grip of the Jewish bankers prior to World War II. 

Since then we’ve watched as a demonic Holocaust religion crushes every explanation by the innocent Germans, who continue to be tortured by Communist leaders spearheading the move to flood Europe with Africans and eradicate every vestige of Western white cultures that is now being destroyed by people of color, a category that includes Jews.

As Americans continue murdering luckless peasants overseas, the traitor psychos in the White House have turned their lethal weapons on their own people in the form of needles and lies. So have most of the leaders around the world, savoring their limitless power by killing their own citizens with provably poison inoculations.

And after all these lies forced down the throats of gullible Americans who always relied on the integrity of their famous journalists, the corrupt press corps has come up with the biggest lie of all, even greater than the 9/11 lie, the World War 2 lie, or the lie that America ever got free from Britain in the Revolutionary War.

Which is the COVID lie, the poison jab for a disease that never existed, which has locked down the world and fatally injured most of its victims with a bioweapon satanically masquerading as a vaccine. 

That’s right, Bunky. COVID does not exist, has never existed and will never exist, except as a false excuse for the wholesale elimination of people and societies now taking place all over the world.

This sordid story is now two years old. Yet a suppressed group of patriotic and honest doctors have been telling anyone who would listen that the COVID bug was never properly isolated, purified or identified, and therefore did not exist. Even the CDC has admitted this. Dr. Andrew Kaufman was the first one who I heard explain it and Dr. Tom Cowan was right behind him. 

And those two were followed by many more doctors, all with new and more disgusting revelations that revealed the crimes of the homicidal maniacs Gates and Fauci and their simpering sycophants urging the gullible goyim to take the fatal jabs.

Those doctors still telling the truth but ridiculed and censored by our polluted mainstream media include Sherri Tenpenny, Carrie Medej, Simone Gold, Zev Zelenko, Byran Bridle, Charles Hoffe, Peter McCullough, Stefan Lanka, Brian Ardis, Vernon Coleman and many more courageous individuals, most of whom were banned, sanctioned and penalized for telling the truth by corrupt bureaucrats who run hospitals and medical schools, plus the billionaire bozos who control the world’s information streams.

These physicians are the real medical heroes and they have been mostly excoriated and fired by their corrupt employers who remain quite content to take government money for unnecessarily killing and mistreating millions of people. But the brave doctors have been significantly outnumbered by the cowards who kept their mouths shut, told people to wear masks, vaccinate their children and lockdown like prisoners while they jabbed them because they were afraid of losing their jobs.

There is no other way to describe it than murder by lying doctors, and they all need to be prosecuted for malpractice and mass murder.

The majority of doctors and hospital administrators around the world, as well as the psychotic politicians acting like airport security sociopaths, also need to be jailed in the worst penitentiaries for their very visible crimes against humanity.

In the meantime, the gutless and brainless population that could save itself continues to be gulled by the insincere voices they hear on their electronic devices, and they still don’t know that they won’t be coming back from the lunch they are permanently out to.

Global Research guru Michel Chossudovsky puts it more succinctly: 

I have investigated this matter extensively since January 2020 and have come to the conclusion based on relevant definitions, the history of the corona crisis as well as the official WHO “estimates” of “Covid positive cases,” that there never was a pandemic.


If you need further convincing, see this:


And now you have my permission to get properly irate. All those people have died and are still dying for absolutely nothing. They died for nothing  . . . nothing except the diabolical plan of rich men with no conscience who thought they could control the world by taking advantage of people’s perpetual gullibility.

This needless mass murder continues because of our own pathetic inaction, our own lack of common sense and our witless dependence on media authority figures who are telling us what they are paid to tell us instead of telling us the unvarnished truth.

One more item that should finish the job:

Dr. Tom Cowan: 

The Nonexistent Virus

and the COVID cult



John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.









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